March 6, 2006

Incest mother and daughter pictures

My name is Melanie. I’m a 39 year old wife to my second husband and the mother of a 19 year old daughter who is away at college. Most people say I’m not bad looking. Medium length blondish hair, rather long and slender legs, and 34C breasts which are now drooping a bit unfortunately.

I was having lunch recently with my girl friend Helen who is the single mom of an 18 year old son who just recently started at the local junior college and still lives with her. I’m not sure you could say that Helen is any better looking than me, but I’ve always thought she was a bit sexier or “hotter” to use the current term. Part of it was her manner of dress. She wore her skirts a bit shorter and sometimes split up the sides, her blouses were cut a little lower to show off her cleavage, also about a 34C, and she favored strappy high heels to show off her nice legs. She has brown medium length hair streaked with blonde at the hairdresser’s. A pretty good package for a 38 year old woman, but she hadn’t had much luck w

ith men after her divorce six years ago. They were all married or there was some other problem, and she had been pretty busy with her responsible job and raising her teenage son.

Anyway, she was telling me something about the son. Apparently he had almost gotten some slut girl pregnant. She was very late with her period, but finally started. Helen was complaining about his choice in the girl. Despite the fact he was a good looking young man, he was shy and had never dated that much until recently with this girl who was pretty worthless and careless with her birth control among other things.

Then she said something half jokingly which shocked me. She said, “I might take care of him myself except for the incest thing. It might take solve some of his problems as well as my own.” I just sort of laughed, and then she asked me something we had never really gotten into. “I know my sex life is lousy. How is yours with Tim after seven years of marriage?” I answered that it could definitely be better, and I wondered if he was getting that seven year itch I had heard about. I went on to say that I knew part of it was my fault. Tim was a hunk by most standards and a few years younger than me, but I had been somehow restless the last few years. She said she knew his obvious charms, but she shocked me again when she asked how he was hung. I told her he was better than average, about seven inches and fairly thick. Then Helen said that she had only seen her son a few times when it was soft, but if that was any indication it would be at least eight inches and thick. No wonder the young slut was fucking him.

I noticed she kept coming back to the subject of her son and I wondered what was going on with that. I didn’t know, of course, but suspected that Helen was pretty hot in bed. I used to think I was too, but this restless thing had cooled my fires, so to speak. When Helen and I parted, I mentioned to her that as far as this sex thing went, maybe all of us needed some kind of new spark. She said, “You may be right,”and we laughed and went on our way.

About a month later Helen called me, and I could tell she was upset right away. She said her son was supposed to have dropped the young slut she had told me about, but she had come home yesterday and interrupted their love making just before they got started. “Incidentally,” she said, “I just got a quick look but enough to confirm he’s about eight inches and thick. The girl is a scrawny little bitch, but he’s caught the scent of pussy now and is going to be hard to turn.” Then she said, “Let’s get together tomorrow, because I want to talk to you about something.” We met the next day, and what she wanted to talk to me about floored me. She said, “I’m going to get right to the point. Do you think fucking an 18 year old boy for a while might put some spark back into your sex life and cure your restlessness? The 18 year old boy I have in mind is my son.”

I stuttered and stammered at first and asked her to give me a minute to sort of digest this. On the one hand it just seemed unthinkable, but my mind was playing tricks on me as I visualized some young stud plundering my pussy. At that age he might plunder it several times in one evening too. Was I even up to the task? Then I thought of the practical side and pointed out to Helen I was a married woman, and a young guy like that would need it more than occasionally. I asked her how you could even work out the schedule and the where and so forth? Then she hit me with the rest of it. She said, “It sounds like Tim could use some spice in his life too, and I definitely do. What if we worked something out where I would fuck him while you took care of my son’s needs? Do you think you could handle that? And remember this would only be for about six months or so until my son’s confidence gets built up and I can get him pointed in some better direction.” There was no doubt in my mind that Tim would fuck Helen if she was willing. The question was whether I could handle that and would it indeed provide some spark in our otherwise mundane sex lives.

Helen and I talked about two more hours. We went over all the arguments and benefits and drawbacks. By the end of that time what seemed unthinkable at first now seemed quite possible. She admitted she had already talked with her son about it, and he was willing if she could work it out. He agreed the girl in question was pretty much a loser, but she was humping him and the pussy was hard to turn down.

I decided the best approach was to just be direct. The next evening I told Tim bluntly, “Helen wants to fuck you.” Now it was his turn to be stunned. I told him I had thought it over carefully and was okay with it. Then I went in to some of the reasons behind my decision including our mundane sex life the past few years, but I quickly admitted this was probably more my fault than his. Then I told him what had brought all this up in the first place, and said we had agreed that I would fuck Helen’s son as part of the deal. All this led to another two hour discussion, but Tim was more agreeable than I had thought he might be. Apparently he wanted to fuck Helen and didn’t consider the teenaged boy much of a threat. When I described Helen at the beginning I used words like hot and sexy. Obviously Tim agreed. I reminded him the arrangement was only for about six months and told him Helen and I had worked it out that I would fuck the son here and they would fuck at her place. I told him that because of the son’s situation with the teenaged slut we wanted to start right incest mother and daughter pictures

I called Helen a bit later and told her it was a go. She said, “Great! Give him a ride Melanie.” She could have been referring to a certain sexual position, but I thought I knew what she meant. She wanted me to give him the full range of sexual experience, maybe even anal. Tim was much more experienced than Bobby (her son) of course, but I had a feeling her horny pussy was going to work him over pretty good.

A couple of days later I was waiting for Bobby to arrive. Tim had left shortly before, and I had put on a short, low cut, silky robe, no bra, some very skimpy panties, and a pair of strappy high heels. The heels seemed to be a turn on for a lot of men, although it was a bit awkward crawling around a bed with them on. I hoped my total look was a good contrast to the “scrawny bitch” as Helen had called the girl.

I let Bobby in, and he did seem impressed. He was in street clothes of course, but Helen had given him some silk boxers to bring along, and he changed quickly in the bathroom. When he came out I was propped up on my elbow on the bed and had opened the robe to show even more of my tits. I saw the boxers already starting to tent from his erection. I invited him to get on the bed with me, and I brought his hand up to stroke on my tits. Then I moved it down to stroke my pussy through the thin panties. I decided to test the waters, so to speak, by reaching in the boxers to jack his cock. It was rock hard as I expected, and I pulled down the shorts to get a better grip. It was eight inches and thick as Helen had said.

I had already decided I was going to deep throat his cock until he came in my mouth to “take the edge off” his youthful lust. I started by licking up from his balls to his cock head, circled the head a couple of times with my tongue, then took just the head in my mouth and sucked hard with a smacking sound. Then I pulled backed a little and drooled a mixture of precum and saliva on to the head and went back down and sucked it clean. From his reactions I wasn’t sure he was going to last long enough for the deep throat part, so I started on that, going down to take as much of his eight inches as I could and sucking hard as I came back up. I repeated this several times and then felt his balls tighten and knew I was going to get a mouthful. The first spurt hit the back of my mouth hard, and before he was done it was drooling out the sides of my mouth and on to my chin.

I sucked him clean and then cleaned up myself. We relaxed a while, but I pulled off the panties and had him stroke my bare pussy lips to get him ready for the next round. It didn’t take long. He was soon rock hard again. I asked him what he wanted to do and almost giggled when he said, “I want to fuck you.”

I said, “Let me get on top, and we’ll do it that way, okay?” My pussy was very wet now, so I quickly engulfed his whole length in its folds. I rocked back and forth on his cock for a while and then leaned forward and rubbed my tits on his chest and raked my nails across it. I put my hands down next to his chest and picked up speed and leverage. I was tossing my hair and moaning as I felt the heat rising in my pussy, and I gasped as his hot cum hit my pussy walls triggering my own wrenching orgasm. As we wound down, I was thinking, “Perfect. I think Helen would be proud of us.” I remembered to thank and praise Bobby as he left, and he and his big cock deserved it.

All this time I hadn’t really thought about Tim and Helen together, but now I let myself imagine their sweaty bodies thrusting against each other as they came. I reminded myself it was just fucking.

Before next week’s fucking session I had a chance to think about Bobby, and somehow that took me back to when I was his age. That led me to some thoughts about what he and I could do. I wanted to make it as pleasurable as I could for him, but I had some selfish motives and wanted to be satisfied as well. I realized I hadn’t thought about sex that much between Tim’s and my routine sessions which had dropped down to about twice a week, so this was a definite improvement.

The weather was mild right now, and slowly I began to hatch a plan for my next meeting with Bobby. I borrowed a couple of things from my 19 year old daughter’s closet and bought a miniskirt much shorter than any I had. I completed my outfit with a pair of flip flop sandals, cotton panties, and a bra that unsnapped easily at the back. Nobody was going to mistake me for an 18 year old girl, but the effect was pretty good. Then I put a low watt bulb in the garage, and I was all set.

When Bobby arrived he was a little shocked by my appearance, and maybe more shocked when I told him to just keep his street clothes on. We were going to get in the back seat of my car in the garage, and I wanted him to see if he could seduce me, but I told him that shouldn’t be too difficult. He was still pretty confused but followed me anyway. I turned on the low watt light, got some soft music on the radio, and we climbed in the back seat.

I immediately put my arms around his neck, and he got the idea and started kissing me. Tentatively at first and then more urgently as we began to tongue fuck each other’s mouths. We were breathing hard, and he started unbuttoning my blouse and then felt up my tits through the bra. I pushed his hand away gently, but he came right back and was feeling for the strap on the back of my bra. It came loose. And my tits spilled out. He quickly leaned down and started licking and sucking them until my nipples were stiff and hard. Then he started feeling up under my miniskirt, and I gently pushed his hand away again. By this time we were kissing and groping pretty frantically, and I brushed my hand across his crotch and felt his raging hard on. He went back under the miniskirt, pushed the panties to one side, and got one and then two fingers in my pussy. I humped back against his hand and then unzipped his pants, pulled his cock free and started jacking it. He then started trying to get the panties down, and I helped him and threw them aside. We started working on getting some of his clothes off, and soon he had his cock sliding against my pussy lips. I had my legs spread with one foot on the floor and the other over the seat back, but I pushed him away gently again. He went right back and nailed my pussy with one stroke. It was okay, because it was dripping wet by now.

I had decided I wasn’t going to suck him this time and instead let him cum in me quickly, figuring he would be back soon for a slower fuck and maybe even a third one. It was a test for me in a way, incest mother and daughter pictures
because nobody had fucked me that much in quite a while. I wrapped my legs around his ass as he pounded his cock in my pussy and moaned as he came what felt like a bucketful. “You are hot, Melanie,” he gasped.

“I sure hope so,” I gasped back at him. We stroked each other and kissed for a while, and then I felt him rising against my pussy lips. I jacked his cock until it was good and hard and then pushed forward until it was all the way in. He started a slower fuck, but I had gotten pretty close the first time, and now I was on fire. I wished we had more room, but I humped and moved my ass around in a circular motion as best I could. I felt that ecstatic sensation in my pussy and almost shouted as I went over the top to orgasm. Bobby was right behind me, and it felt like he spurted almost as much cum in me as the first time.

We went back in the house and decided we might not have enough time for another fuck. I had my outfit back on minus the panties, and he was stroking my pussy and French kissing me until right before he went out the door.

The next morning my car reeked of pussy, cock, cum, sweat, and fucking. I had forgotten about that part, but somehow it wasn’t that unpleasant and made my pussy tingle with memories of last night. Even so, I aired the car out and sprayed it down with air freshener. Helen called me that evening. We had agreed that nobody would talk about any of this, and so far we hadn’t, but Bobby had let slip a comment to Helen, “Mom, that Melanie is really hot,” or something like that, and then remembered and shut up.

Helen’s curiosity had gotten the best of her, and now she wanted to know if we had done anything special. “Oh, just a little fantasy I had cooked up, but it did work out very well,” I said.

“Good girl,” she said.

I replied, “You mean bad girl, don’t you,” and we laughed and chatted a minute before hanging up.

One of the problems we had talked about in planning our little arrangement was the schedule. Other things had to go on, and we agreed we would be flexible and work it out as things came up. But we also agreed this once a week thing was barely enough for young Bobby anyway, so we would give that some priority. Something did come up before the third session. Tim was very busy at work and would be out of town on business on our scheduled night. No problem, we thought. Bobby would come over as scheduled and arrange to out of Helen’s house when Tim came over a couple of nights later.

Helen called me two days before Bobby and I were to meet again and came up with another shocker. She said, “I know our agreement was not to talk about any of these things, but we never said that someone couldn’t watch. I’d like to watch your next fuck session with Bobby, and I’ll tell you how we can work it out without Bobby knowing. I’d like to see what progress he is making, and while I can’t do the incest thing right now, I’d like to see his cock drilling someone else’s pussy.”

I said, “I don’t know, Helen. I’m not a porn star. Something like that might make me too nervous.”

She said, “Don’t worry, you won’t be able to see me, and once your pussy starts juicing you’ll forget I’m there. Here’s the deal. I’ll leave for your place before Bobby and just tell I’m going out for the evening. I’ll park around the corner, and then I’ll hide in one of the bedrooms. You make sure the hall is darkened and there’s a light weight chair handy, and when you close the door just leave it open a few inches. Simple.” I had to agree it was and said okay reluctantly.

I thought about it later and remembered she said she couldn’t do the incest thing “right now”. What did that mean? Also I had to face my curiosity about Helen’s and Tim’s fuck sessions. Was she doing anything I could learn from? One reason I had agreed to this was to improve mine and Tim’s sex life. Did I dare make similar arrangements to watch Helen and Tim after he got back in town? Could I handle it emotionally? I’d just have to think about all this.

Helen arrived at my house before Bobby as we had planned. We embraced, and she said, “Thanks, this is something I really wanted,” and hurried off to her hiding place.

For this session with Bobby I dressed in the sexiest teddy I had and skipped the heels. He started getting hard as soon as he saw me in it and we hurried back to get started. I had decided to skip the cock sucking again except for a lick or two. This time I wanted him to go down on my pussy and really learn how to eat a woman out. I moved his hand down to stroke my pussy lips which he had done before. Then I moved his head down and showed him how to use his tongue on my clit while fucking me with one finger and then two. He learned quickly and soon I rose up on my haunches and gasped and moaned. My pussy was juicing heavily and I realized Helen had been right. I didn’t care who was watching. We continued for a little while, but I knew his cock was aching for release, so I licked it a couple of times and then pulled it into me. He thrust forward all the way in and fucked me hard. He came quickly with a grunt and a moan, but with the extra stimulation for me I exploded in orgasm also with my legs straight up in the air. There was so much cum it mingled with my juices and leaked out on my thighs and coated my ass. I decided the nastier the better and just left it there.

Once again we waited and stroked each other for a while, but his cock got hard quickly. I turned around and got on my hands and knees and signaled I wanted him to take me from behind. He did, and soon we were in a rhythm with his thighs and balls making a slap, slap sound against my ass as I pushed back against him. I tossed my hair and moved my head up and down as my tits swayed back and forth. Helen should be getting a good view of his cock drilling a pussy as his strokes were long and forceful. Never mind Helen I thought, my “moment of truth” was almost here. I was saying, “Yesss, Yesss,”and almost babbling as Bobby’s cock jerked in me and started cumming, and I went over the edge with a thrilling orgasm.

It took a while for us to “come down” from the experiences. I hoped Helen was away from the door, but I would peek before opening it. I suspected I would find traces of a juicing orgasm if I looked on the floor or chair later. I didn’t blame her. Those were some pretty hot scenes in my humble opinion.

Helen was gone. I kissed Bobby goodbye and then thought back over the events of the last three weeks. Talk about putting some spice back in your life! This had to take some kind of prize.

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