February 15, 2006

women with dogs

Part Two(Mostly true, but part fantasy.)Life was getting me down after college. I had an OK job, but my love life didnt have a spark, and the payments on my student loans consumed most of my disposable income. I was lonely and coming home to an empty apartment was depressing. The best thing in my life was my Grandfather. His house was about a two-hours drive away, but I visited him almost every weekend. Grandpa Bill was 78, and his arthritis was bad. Hed show me old photos and tell me about grandma, and asked about my life and how I was doing. I listened to what he said, cleaned his house, took him shopping and cooked for us. I bought him a microwave so hed be able to do for himself when I couldnt be there. He had a spare room; it had once been my Moms, where Id spend Saturday night once or twice a month.My weekends were pretty free as I was dating less and less. I couldnt seem to connect with the men who asked me out on an emotional level. Once in a while I go out on Friday night with a girlfriend and we hunt for sperm together. As long as there was no specter of a commitment, I could find a guy to spend the night with. Some even called up for another date later. But I guess I was needy and after their urge to do me was dealt with, theyd vanish. There was a guy I did dated for four months. But he dropped me when I mentioned I wanted to get married, some day. I might have been hinting, but I dont think so.Two years ago things changed. My Grandfather, Bill, died and left me his house and a little money. I thought I would cry forever. He was my only relative that bothered about me and was my only male friend. It turned out that I was the only one whod visited him since my Grandmother died, about five years earlier. Hed been very sick and in a lot of pain before he died and I tried to see his death as a release, although I will miss him until I die. My parents were not nice about the will. Seems they thought they were going to inherit his stuff. I wanted to move out to Grandpas house, but the daily commute wasnt workable. Then my office reorganized and my boss asked if Id be willing to telecommute, only coming in for meetings one day each week. He said the company saw me as dependable and were trying to save money on rent, phones, furniture and all. That meant I could move into Grandpas house. I agree right away. Later I found out that Id been changed from an employee to a person working on contract. That was OK with me, except the buying my own health insurance part.Nevertheless I started smiling and telling everyone I was moving to the country, like Id just taken a happy pill. One of my girlfriends, Deborah, went out to the house with to help me get it ready. The house was a remnant of an old farm. Grandpa had sold-off all the fields to the neighboring farmers. The house had a nice fenced yard, but the closest neighbors were a good quarter mile away.While we were exploring the attic Deborah looked at me and said, This place seems kind of lonely. Youd better get a gun or a big dog. Youll be so alone way out here. Maybe consider getting an alarm system too.Well suddenly, all I could think of was the big white dog Id given my virginity to before college. I knew it would be impossible to find him, but I had a house, and a yard I could have a dogDeborah and I talked over a dog verses a gun, and she pointed out that a dog was safer.You wont have to learn to shoot, and it will be there when you need it. Shed pointed out. Unless you carry a gun with you all the time, when you need it, it will probably take a while to get.I knew that without my glasses I wouldnt know where to point a gun, especially at night. That settled it. Part of the plan was to find a pet to live with me.I paid off my student loans with the money Grandpa had left and had a little left. Two months later I was living on the farm and it was being worked for another three months. I had a high-speed satellite connection put in. With the exception of a few items that reminded me of my grandparents, the place had been cleared out and everything either sold, given away or sent to the dump. Every room had been painted, along with the houses exterior. Everything that I could find that needed fixing had been fixed, including new wiring and plumbing; mostly done by my girlfriends and me. We read books and took on things like wiring. The county building inspector also gave me a lot of help. I did hire a contractor to do the drywall work. My savings were near gone, but I had work, and I liked working at home. The extra room had become my home office. I also took on other clients. Some of the folks Id done work for referred their friends to me directly, and not to the office I did contract work for. My old boss didnt mind a certain amount of that, since it helped them prove to the IRS that I wasnt an employee.Of course, the best thing was my puppy. Id picked him out at six weeks, right after Deborah had suggested the idea, and brought him to live with me at eight weeks, when I moved in. He was the cutest thing Id ever seen; a show quality full-blooded brindle Mastiff. I named him Hector, with a little help from Deborah whod majored in classics. He was a roly-poly ball of fir that kept me laughing so much I didnt think turn on the TV. It would have interfered with playing with Hector. By the time the work on the house was done hed grown a lot. His head was up to my hips and he was all legs with a huge head and giant feet. Wed worked through some trying times with housebreaking, but at six months he was good as gold. Every morning wed take a walk, and another at lunch. There was a creek nearby with a path along it that was very shady and cool on hot days. I talked to my neighbors and they didnt mind my walking through their farms along the creek as long as Hector was on a leash, and I cleaned up after him. Easy.Hector liked being in the yard and playing with the tennis balls my friends would bring him. It was my job to through them when I was outside, but generally he was with me inside and six inches from me. I loved being able to reach down and pet him as he rested or slept while I worked. When I cleaned house, he was right beside me too. It took longer, but was more fun. I loved Hector, totally. My girlfriends would come and visit from time to time, but it was a long drive and they were all seeing someone, or trying to. But when Deborah or one of the others were visiting we fussed over Hector until he was silly happy. They knew Id been kind of loser in the man department and left me alone about my not having ant dates. Of course, I thought about sex with Hector, but wasnt sure when hed be old enough. In the mean time I resorted to my fingers, and a vibrator Id ordered off the net. When Hector was a year old I started trying to interest him. Id go around the house naked, or only wear a shirt and set by him with my vulva exposed. Hector would sniff at my sex a little, but lost interested quickly and made it clear he wanted to play. I got a lot of pleasure out of rolling around on the rug with him, hugging and petting him and feeling his nice fur against my naked legs. But he didnt seem interested in more.Thats when I started spending more time in the net, and found the forum and some other good sites. I lurked for a long time before I worked up the nurve to post something. I loved the stories, but could tell they were mostly fiction. But the how two sections were great. I printed out all the how-to stuff I could find. Then Id go over it and over it.In the evening, when Hector and I were relaxing together in the living room, I started to try the things Id learned about. He was about sixteen months old when he seemed to start taking interest in me while I was stimulating myself. I monitored my temperature and tempted him during my fertile period, remembering that Id thought that was what had attracted the white dog to me. By then he was up to my waist when standing, and starting to fill out. He outweighed me by ten pounds and his Vet said he was no-where near done growing. I found that just looking at him was a pleasure, but I hoped for more. I also tried putting peanut butter on my vulva. Hed lick it off me, with enough enthusiasm to give me a nice tingle, but when it was gone he seemed to not want to keep at licking. I tried jam and maple syrup too. It was the syrup that seemed to do it. Or maybe he was just getting more mature. At 18 months I offered him syrup-alla-vulva during my fertile period and he really went for me. I was in heaven as my dear Hector gave me the pleasure Id been longing for. I moved from the floor to the couch and offered him my sex and I was thrilled when his big beautiful head pressed between my thighs and he continued pleasuring me. I loved his big tongue on me. As Hector probed my inner lips and anus I climaxed. It was a better orgasm than any man had ever given me, but only two had ever been wiling to use their tongues down there. One had made me beg for it, after Id sucked him dry, before consenting to pleasure me that way. The other had been my four-month boy-friend. Hed had talent, but didnt have the tongue to match Hectors. He also wouldnt touch me vary clean, perfumed and powdered bottom, although he liked me to lick him there.I was watching Hectors sheath and saw that he was showing. I wanted him to take me in the missionary position, but decided the first few times I should help him by giving his instincts submissive bitch signals. I returned to the carpet and raised my rear high and lowered my head to my folded arms and smiled and called to him while wiggling my bottom. I kept smiling at him and saying encouraging things; Good, boy Your Momas good, Hector. Come mate with mama, Hector.Hector returned to licking my vulva and I felt my pleasure mounting. I thought about maybe putting some thick socks on him, but didnt want to stop for that. I hoped the heavy sweatshirt I had on would be adequate. At that moment I wished I had a partner their to help me get him on me, but my lust for Hector was my darkest secret. When he did mount, Hector would thrust a couple of times and then dismount. He kept doing that and at one point did get the tip in, but again pulled out.I realized I needed to be patient, so after a half hour of tantalizing but not satisfying sex play, I sat up and hugged him, praising him and petting him in all the areas he liked. He was still aroused and I had him lay down and then worked my way to his shaft. The knot was still in his sheath, but I began licking and sucking on the shaft, not the tip, but the exposed part of the base. I heard Hectors breathing quicken. I continued licking and lightly sucking on the base of his shaft and added giving gentle caresses to his sheath with my hand. I was rewarded when his knot emerging from his sheath and I felt the tip of his shaft spurting onto me. I wanted to move my mouth and drink his seed, but I contented myself with moving my body to let as much as possible land on my abdomen and thighs. After a while he seemed to want to stop, so I kissed his knot, as tenderly as I could and rolled onto my back. Hector began licking himself clean and I used my hands to scoop-up as much of his liquid as I could off my skin, and then licked it off my fingers.I was a little frustrated, but I was also pleased. Hed wanted to mate me I was sure in time wed be a couple. I cleaned up the living room floor, and pulling my sweatshirt down around my hips sat next to Hector petting him and hugging him as he rested. We went to bed a while later. Id been letting Hector sleep on the bed with me since he was housebroken (sort of a nasty term, I think). I put on a flannel nightgown but didnt put on panties. But that night I got out an extra comforter and instead of getting into the bed I slept on top, hugging Hector and using the comforter to help keep us warm. I hugged Hector all night and he seemed to like being so close to me. But as I held him the guilt hit. I was doing a forbidden act and in my state it was illegal. I cried a little as my mind swirled, but I kept hugging Hector. After a lot of tears and some soul searching I calmed down. I tried to keep focused on the fact that I loved Hector, wed both wanted each other, and he loved me. The next morning, after Id let him out to take care of things, I fed him and again, feeling a little brave, I offered him my vulva with a little syrup on it, sort of for dessert. He didnt hesitate and seemed to really want more. I moved to the rug, arranged some pillows and presented my bottom to him in as enticing a way as I could. My sent seemed to be driving him to want to mate, so I encouraged him to mount me, speaking very soft and warm to him and moving my bottom back and forth. Hector mounted after a while, and with a little help, he was able to find my opening and trust into me a few times, then he dismounted. We did that a few times and when he stopped I moved to his shaft again and lovingly ministered to it. He seemed to be grinning at me as I gave him pleasure, very pleased with our new game. I was too. Of course every night when I slipped into bed, next to my lover, yes, he was with me between the sheets now, I had to fight the guilt. I kept reminding myself that there was only love involved, even if I was a sexual outlaw. Gradually the sense of guilt lessoned, although not enough for me to come out to my friends. Even though I thought at least Deborah might understand.I continued wearing flannel nighties and oversized sweatshirts around the house and at least once a day I offered Hector my vulva. I experimented and was pleased when he began going for my sex, even without the syrup. I was more pleased when he continued to want to lick me when I passed out of my fertile period, Each time, after Id had a nice climax, Id assume the bitch wanting to be breed position. Hector learned quickly what was being offered and seemed increasingly eager to mount. Our mating began to change and he was thrusting into me longer before dismounting after a week. After two, he seemed to want me all the time. I loved it, but realized that I didnt want him helping himself to me any old time. Every week or two a friend would visit. Sometimes theyd bring a boyfriend, and I wanted to keep the best part of my relationship with Hector just between us.Training him proved easy. Being naked from the waist down became the signal that I was willing. That avoided temptation on our walks, when we might be seen, and when company was at the house. I wasnt getting the great breeding I craved, lots of good climaxes and Hector was getting closer to making me his mate every week. My sides and hips had gotten scratched up some, in spite of heavy sweatshirts and flannel nightgowns. I added to our routine putting thick socks on his front paws. By then Hector was eager enough for our sex game that he was just great about letting me put the socks on him, as soon as he figured out what it was leading to.One weekend when Deborah was visiting she commented that I seemed happier, and had a look about me of a girl who had been well taken. I blushed bright red, but disappointed her by not being willing to tell her all about it. I was so glad Id trained Hector. He was good as gold all weekend. I rewarded him ten minutes after I saw Deborahs car drive off on Sunday afternoon.At that time Hector and I had been playing our sex game for two months. I was ovulating again, and Deborah having been there all weekend had left my boy horny. Hector was more aggressive when we got down to it. When he mounted me I knew it was different. Our bodies had gotten good at finding each other, but when he pressed into me he grabbed my waist tighter and pressed deeper than ever before. Then he stayed in. I climaxed when I realized how different this was. With each thrust his shaft grew longer and thicker. I was really being breed by Hector and I felt like we were consummating our commitment to each other. When I felt his knot getting bigger with each as stroke he pressed into me I climaxed again. Then I was aware of the knot pressing into me and growing to a size that I could keep in. Id been a good girl and had worked for months to build up my PF muscles so that I could hold Hectors knot in me when the time came. It felt so big, and so warm inside me that my sex started to contract around Hectors shaft. Then I felt larger amounts of his warm seed shooting into me than ever before. With the extra lubricant my body contracted again and I felt his shaft pressed beyond my vagina and into my womb. I pressed back into Hector, trying to get it farther in and as it slide deeper, he lowered his head and very gently bit my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around his front paws and pressed back farther and felt his warm seed filling me then I had an orgasm that seemed to go on and on. My weight was held off the floor by my knees, his shaft sheathed in my body, my hands on his forelegs and his mouth holding my shoulder. I laughed, and cried for happy as we coupled. I wanted it to last forever and I knew so did my sweet Hector. When he softened, I relaxed, and let Hector slide out of me. I saw the clock on the mantel. Wed been making love for two hours, although I figured wed been tied for less than half that time. I collapsed, exhausted and my wonderful lover began cleaning up the flow of liquid that poured out of my sex. Then he lay down on the rug and I cleaned him up, using my mouth, doing it as tenderly as I could. That night in bed Hector woke me up by nuzzling my vulva. When I realized what he wanted I became as eager as he was. I built up the pillows, and presented myself to him, ready for breeding. The soft bed was a different footing and when he entered me and started moving I realized we could use the beds springs to add to the intensity. At first Hector wasnt sure but I could tell he was liking the extra bouncing after wed tied.The next morning I had two problems. One, the bedding was a major mess, and two, my sex was very sore. I changed the bedding and did the laundry, but I realized that my sex needed a little time to recover. Of course Hector wanted me again again by lunch time, I loved him for it but I said no. He looked pathetic and I almost gave in, but I knew I needed to maintain control of when. I made him wait the two days before I felt up to it. This time though I was going to try for the missionary position. Hector was horny and I wanted to wrap myself around him as we became one. First, I arranged a stack of pillows that I could lay down on that brought my vulva up to the right height. I wanted to feel his fur pressing into my breasts so I decided to go with just the socks. When the socks went on Hector and I swear he grinned. But he looked confused when I took the new position. Still when I spread my thighs and offered myself to him he came over and began treated me to his wonderful tongue. I had a nice climax, and then seeing that his penis was out, I gently coaxed him forward until his head was above mine, and his shaft was near my opening. I reached down and guided him to me, as Id done many times. He smiled at me and moved with my hand until he felt himself pressing into me. I brought my hands up and wrapped them around his neck as he began moving into me. I felt him growing and petted his head and cooed at him as he began to fill me. When the knot was well inside and I was holding it tightly within me, I wrapped my legs around his back. This motion pushed him deeper into me and I had a contraction deep within as the end of his shaft entered my womb. Even there I could feel the heat of his shaft and the warm spray of his seed as he made us one.Looking up at him I saw what he needed, and pushed my hair away from my neck. He leaned forward and lightly bit my shoulder and neck, holding me firmly as he worked his maleness deeper still. I lost the ability to think for a while as we coupled, reduced to experiencing the wonderful feeling of union with my mate. At one point I realized I was off the pillows as we moved together, almost holding still but both enjoying the flow of his seed into me. My nipples were more extended than ever before, and the slight harshness of his fur against them was wonderful.We lasted a long time before Hector began to soften. Somewhat reluctantly I opened my arms and legs when his mouth moved off my neck and shoulder. For a moment I was blissfully happy and contented. Then I began to cry. I wanted to give him young, to nurse the product of our coupling at my breasts, and I knew it was not to be. I fought the guilt again that night. But Hector and I won. At slightly over two years old, my guy is a hunk, 185 pounds of solid muscle. Thats fifty pounds more than I weigh and he’s still filling out. He is very good about letting me decide when we are to mate, but then I decide to do that almost every day. We are happy, and my friends adore him, although they might not if they knew how close we are.A few weeks after our session in the missioner position someone came to the door. I opened it and saw it was my Dad. He had a nasty look on his face. He said he needed money and I smelled liquor on his breath. But I didnt know if the drinking was now an every day thing, or if hed done it to built his nerve up enough to hit on his daughter for money. Id kept him at the door, but he wanted to come in. I said, No, Im working. He took a step toward me, clearly angry and suddenly there was Hector. Right by my side and growling.Dad stepped back.Hector took another step, placing himself between him and me and sat down right in front of me and looking at Dad and growled again.You shouldnt keep a vicious dog like that around Hell maul someone and get you in a lot of trouble. His words are easy to remember.Reacting to the tone in my Dads voice Hector growled again, but got up ready to defend me.I told Dad that Hector was a lamb with me, and with everyone who was nice to me. But that he was there to protect me. Then I called Hector inside and slammed the door.I watched from the upstairs window in my bedroom as my Dad drove away. When I was sure he was gone I hugged and kissed Hector, praising him and caressing him for a long time. Of course soon clothes came off, and socks went on, and we were joined and happy again.Yes, Im happy now, with my guy. He loves me and wouldnt leave me. The only thing that could make me happier is to feel his young growing in my body. But lots of girls and their mates find happiness without children. I dont see why we shouldnt. Ive had a gold medallion made that I wear at all times on a soft braided leather necklace. Its the same size and shape as Hectors license. On the side facing out it says Susan Michelle. On the other side is says If found, return to Hector, and gives our address.

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    2. Really good story. I like the inner details of your thoughts and feelings, which are the sexiest part. Your desire to become pregnant by the dog is a real turn-on too, albeit fantasy. The need to keep control of his developing desire for you and the potential to lose control of “when” is also very sexy. Would love to read more of your experiences.

      Comment by dofgleve — February 15, 2006 @ 10:22 am

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