July 30, 2006

women having sex with dogs

Its been quite a while since I posted anything on this site. Been away from the sceen for a while. But after moving to the Denver area I finially have adopted a new companion. His name is Cole and he is a year old siberian husky. he has a beautiful soft fur coat. He is very friendly and playful, he is really energetic, he wants to go run all the time, and thats not the only thing he wants to do all the time. The first night I had him home he was a little uncomortable with the place but he finially got comfy, and I was already horney so I got dressed up in a sexy pair of heels and thigh high stockings a short skirt and bra and top and no panties. I was just wondering how much incentive it would take but I got on all fours down to his level and just started to rub him down and it didn’t take long at all for his poker to come into view. I turned around to see if he would mount and he did, he wrapped his paws around my hips and he started to hump the air. He took a bit of time to find the prize. And when he found it he just assaulted my ass. He just took me and made me his bitch and I was his for only him. At least that is what I thought. There was a knock at the door and then it opened . I had forgoten that my dad was coming to town. And he stood there just wide eyed and it was too late to get away and hide Cole had buried himself into me and we were tied together. My father had known that I like to dress up in womens things. He has even asked me if I would dress for him and now he saw me all dressed up and getting screwed by my dog. He quickly closed the door, and asked me if I was having fun. My face was burning red and I couldn’t look at him. He just knelt down in front of me and was talking to me how sexy I looked. He started to rub my back and my legs and thats when I noticed the huge bulge in his pants. And thats when it hit me like a tone of bricks, I was so turned that I couldn’t even say anything when he asked me to suck his cock, I just nodded and he started to undo his pants. He pulled out the best looking cock I have ever seen and put it to my lips and I opend my mouth and accepted it. I sucked him sweetly for about two minutes and dad started to f my mouth. He had his hand in his hair and he started to just screw me and I was loving it. He didn’t last long until he cum in my mouth and I swallowed every drop. By then Cole pulled out of me and his cum was running down my thigh and into my stockings. Dad helped me up and said to take a shower and as I walked into the bathroom he asked where I kept my womens things. Not thinking anything about it I took a shower with my mind racing on what had just happened. I got out of the shower just to see a nice clean outfit to put on. He had even layed out my makeup and wig, I got all dolled up and he escorted me to the front door and we went out as a couple. We spent the night talking about what happened and how long I had been doing it with the dogs . We then went back to my place and we went to bed and it was the first time my dad f my ass. We both loved it. But I got up after we did it and went to the living room and dad followed. I got to Cole and he was happy to see me. He heard the screams that were coming from the bed room. I layed on the carpet and he walked over and I slid his sheath back and started to blow him. He stood there and loved it sometimes he woud thrust and his tool would hit the back of my throte. and then I felt a hand on my hard cock and then I felt my dads lips wrapp around my dick. I sucked my dog and my dad sucked me. and then they both f me again. By the time my dad had to leave that week we all were both well worn out, and I was so sore that I was even walking funny. My dad calls me and talks dirty to me still because of those couple of days. And he is coming back on vacation again. I hope he comes alone again and we can all have some fun. Well have a good day you all. Let me know what you all think. Its not the best story but It is surely true

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    1. WOW – great storyHope to hear more of your adventures in future.

      Comment by essellbee — September 14, 2006 @ 9:29 am

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