December 21, 2005

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The Late Show With Cass and Big GuyBy Nathan LaplumeCassandra Elliott was fuming. Her assigned hours for subject research had been switched to the graveyard shift because of Dr. Fitzgibbons, an ambitious Assistant Professor who casually appropriated Cass research subject, Big Guy, a 12 year old Mountain Gorilla and her assigned lab time. For two years Cassandra had been working with Big Guy, teaching the great ape over 600 terms and expressions using Special Sign Language. She had gotten a journal article published about her achievement and had learned a lot about how the great apes think. Sometime Big Guy seemed almost human in his emotional responses-for good reason: he had been hand raised by Cassandras parents at the Fullerton Primate Center and had been reared like a little brother. As a child, Cass had held and fed him at her parents home and lab.She was lucky to find such a domesticated and sociable gorilla for her Doctoral Research Project in Cognitive Science. In her Research Proposal, she had postulated a gorilla could learn over 1000 terms in SSL. Cassandra was happy to be reunited with her old friend– she knew him to be gentle, intelligent and sensitive. Cass was certain that Gig Guy would easily learn more than a thousand terms.The problem with using mountain gorillas is that they are an endangered species. Less than a hundred remain in the wild due to poaching, loss of habitat and war in their tropical African habitat. Though Big Guy had never lived in the wild, he had reached sexual maturity and his progeny would make a valuable addition to the gene pool. That was, if he could be taught the gorilla version of the birds and bees.That is why Cassandras research time had been compromised. Big Guy was a possible mate for Gertie, a 17 year old semi wild Mountain Gorilla that the Indianapolis Zoo had acquired from a facility in Germany. Each day at 10 a.m., Asst. Professor Fitzgibbons and some graduate assistants from the School of Veterinary Medicine and Zoology took Big Guy from the Primate Learning Center 50 miles to the Zoo for acclimation in gorilla social behavior and courtship, leaving precious little time to learn sign language.The plan was to gradually retrain Big Guy to be a gorilla. Since he had had no exposure to females in the wild, and likely thought of himself as a human, videos were used to gradually expose him to a gorillas sex life on a big screen TV. Explicit scenes of humans making love were shown him first, then more and more scenes of gorillas copulating in the wild. Time was of the essence, since Gertie was due to come into estrus. Unlike humans and other apes, such as the Trogladae (chimps), gorillas are at their most fertile period during estrus, that is, during the menstrual period. Males are very sensitive to female odors during this time when the females genitals swell and change color. While in season, females can be aggressive in their desire to be with a suitable male.It was nearly five when they brought Big Guy back to the Learning Center, and Cass was irritable, since she had started her period. Though she was not prone to severe PMS, the sight of Dr. Fitzgibbons had been especially irritating to her this week. Youll never guess how lover boy did today, chortled the insufferable Dr. Fitzgibbons. His voice was more irritating and nasal than usual. The Grad Assistants were laughing as they herded Big Guy into his home- a 14ft x 20 ft enclosure with an easy-to-clean plastic yard shed that served as his house. Yeah, he really sucked as a stud lisped Adam Weiss, Grad Assistant. He would know, thats for sure, thought Cass. Adam was gay, and a typical Dr. Fitzgibbons sycophant, who had spent weekends at Fitzgibbons condo in Bloomington. Cass knew from sad experience, that Dr. Fitzgibbons bedded all of his Grad Assistants, male or female-unless one wanted to go elsewhere for graduate school.As it turned out, Big Guy was put into the Indy Zoo enclosure with Gertie way before either primate was ready. He sniffed the air and showed obvious signs of arousal when confronted by the in-estrus Gertie, but when he tried to mount her she bit Big Guy and chased him away. Big Guy seemed glad to see Cass, but retreated into his house in the caged enclosure. Better let him calm down, Cass thought, so she fed Big Guy a smallish helping of Ape Pellets and apples. He ate the apples first, seeds, stems and all, and then sat down to munch the ape pellets one at a time. He learned best when Cass gave him grapes as a reward for appropriate behavior, and she didnt want him to be too full for the SSL learning lab. She got a bunch of large, purple Concord grapes, Big Guys favorites, out of the fridge before going to the womens room.Cass peed and removed her Tampon, letting it sink into the toilet. She checked her purse, but didnt find another, so she put some change into the wall dispenser and pulled the handle. Nothing. Dimmit, she shouted. It was late Friday afternoon and there was nobody left in the Center to hear her. The panty shield dispenser looked like it had some product, so Cass put in some coins and pulled the handle. To her relief, a pad came out. She cleaned herself up as best she could and put on the panty shield and some folded up toilet paper for extra protection.Back at the big computer monitor, Cass prepared a lesson for Big Guy. Due to Dr. Fitzgibbonss interference, Big Guy now had some control issues so Cass made sure that the great ape understood his limits. She was confident that, despite the change in training routine, they would continue to make progress. She unlocked the enclosure and called Big Guy out of his house.Come on, Big Guy, called Cass. The big ape came to the door and looked around, focusing on Cass. Guy want grapes? Cass signed. Grapes yes the gorilla signed to Cass.Big Guy came to his seat in front of the computer monitor and Cass sat down next to him, her petite body dwarfed by the lumbering ape. She brought up the learning program and offered Big Guy a couple of grapes, which fell off the desk onto the floor, and as one might expect, rolled right under the desk.Cass bent down to recover the grapes, and when she sat back was startled. She almost sat on Big Guy, who had placed his down head on her chair. Big Guy sit up, Cass signed. The great ape sat up, but seemed distracted during the rest of the session. Cass brought out some colored markers, since Big Guy loved to color. He made a few marks on an easel, but seemed restless, even irritated. Big Guy threw down the red marker, his favorite. Cass bent down to pick up the marker, when Big Guy suddenly grabbed her hips. She felt his nostrils flare against her butt crack and she pulled away, startled. Nooo she shouted. Bad Cass tried to turn around to sign to Big Guy when she felt him make a grab under her skirt. I said No she shouted, and tried to pull away. The great ape had his thick, hairy fingers on the waist band of her panties and the elastic stung as it parted. Cass pulled away, her torn panties hanging loose under her skirt. She cried out for help, but there was nobody around. Campus Security made rounds every eight hours and Cass knew she had to get Big Guy into his house. Big Guy, home she signed emphatically. Home now She pushed Big Guy toward his cage and at first, Big Guy retreated at her aggressive move. You house and love you, signed Big Guy as he retreated into his cage. No and Big Guy house signed Cassandra. She was shaking in fear as she pushed the massive ape into the cage. Big Guys blanket, his favorite and freshly laundered, lay on a shelf near the cage door. Cassandra turned for a moment to throw the blanket in with Big Guy, when he grabbed her leg just above the knee. She threw down the blanket and tried to spin away, gripped by white hot fear. Help me Help me she shrieked, but there was no one to hear her cries. Big Guys arms were thick, thick as Cassandras leg, and he had enormous strength. He dragged her into the playhouse like a toy.Cass tried to get away, but Big Guy pushed her into the corner of the shed and she landed face down hard onto the wood chips that served as bedding for apes in the Learning Center. The room was still going around when he grabbed what was left of her panties and tore them away. She couldnt believe that her little brother, now 325 pounds, had become aggressive. She began sobbing, as Big Guy sat near her, sniffing at her panties and her period soaked panty liner. She shuddered when she saw his turgid penis jutting out from his furry torso.Cass had seen gorillas copulating before, and Big Guys penis, typical for the species, was not large, considering his overall size. The male gorilla had a penis which was smallish and thin, with a longi foreskin when flaccid, but seven or eight inches long, purplish-red when erect, with dark veins that stood out. His cock was throbbing visibly and looked to be about two inches thick.Cass tried to crawl away, toward the back of the playhouse, but it was no use. No No No she screamed. Big Guy grabbed her thigh and pulled her toward him, then flipped her over, like a rag doll. He sniffed her pussy, then licked at it a couple of times, inhaling deeply of her estrual musk.Cass tried to crawl away as the great ape climbed over her. She could feel his cock throbbing and thrusting at her butt crack as she tried to crawl away. Big Guy tried to thrust into her over and over, making first contact with her rectum. Cass panicked, trying desperately to stand, but could only pull herself up on her hands and knees. Big Guy grunted as his cock found her inner labia. As he penetrated deep inside of her reluctant body, he let out a long gutteral scream.Big Guy hurt Cass a little as he clutched her girlish waist and thrust his full length hard inside of her. Despite the menstrual blood, her vagina was tense and dry from fear. She tried to pull away from his thrusts, but there was no where to go. Her head forced into the wood chips in the corner, thudded into the plastic shed wall with each thrust. She was sobbing in shame and fear as Big Guy rammed away, steady for awhile, then faster. As the great ape approached his orgasm, he thrust much deeper, hurting her a little more. He shrieked like a wild gorilla, as jet after jet of his semen filled Cass vagina and overflowed her pussy. Shaking uncontrollably, Cass remained as he left her. She was too exhausted and frightened to escape. Rivers of his semen mixed with her menstrual blood streamed down her thighs. After a moment, still in shock, Cass rolled over and looked at Big Guy. Her lover was by the doorway, inspecting his deflating cock. Fascinated by the jism oozing from the tip, Big Guy lay on the floor grunting softly to himself.Suddenly overwhelmed with shame and disgust, Cass bolted for the door of the shed, but Big Guy grabbed her arm, and spun her around. She shrieked and landed on top of him as he lay on the floor. He stroked her hair and pushed her head into his chest in a comfort gesture that she had used when Big Guy was small, only this time, she was the small one needing comfort. She sobbed, her tears falling on the thick hair of Big Guys chest and shoulders. Big Guy moaned softly and held her tightly, almost too tightly and, after a while, Cass fell asleep, exhausted.Cass awakened sometime later, her exposed legs and backside freezing in the darkened enclosure. She tried to get up, thinking she might sneak out, lock the cage and go home,but Big Guy stirred, pulling her down onto the pine shavings next to him. Cass lay still for awhile, waiting for Big Guy to go back to sleep. She tried to slip away, but she lay between Big Guy and the wall of the shed. Shivering, Cass found Big Guys blanket, pulled it over herself and snuggled her cold backside against her hairy friend for warmth.Laying on her side, Cass felt Big Guy stirring, then sniffing at her hair. Gently, almost lovingly, he touched her breast. Cass stretched, trying to move away gently when she felt the giant apes cock, swelling against her butt crack. This time, Cass lay still, her heart pounding with fear and maybea little excitement. Big Guy obviously hadnt meant to hurt her, she thought, and as Big Guy felt her stiffening nipple, her fear abated.Big Guy touched her butt and Cass lifted her leg a little as his fingers probed for her vulva. He gently touched her crack, brushed over her labia and into the entrance to her vagina. Cass felt heat rising in her body even before he touched her clitoris. Bringing his fingers to his face, Big Guy inhaled deeply of her scent. And in the darkness, his cock grew ever larger and throbbed against her naked bottom.Big Guy was fully aroused again, and he probed and thrust his penis against Cass bottom, almost penetrating her rectum twice, as Cass herself grew hotter and hotter.It was obvious that Big Guy was too inexperienced to take her like that, so Cass pulled herself up and over a truck tire that served as a chair, her butt in the air, arms crossed in front, protecting her face from the wood chip covered concrete floor. Cass was hot, and she rubbed her nipples as Big Guy probed around her back end with his cock in the darkened enclosure.Shaking with desire, Cass grew impatient and reached back, between her legs, to guide Big Guy into her steaming hole. He grunted as he found the mark and his first few thrusts were forceful indeed. Cass frigged her clitoris, and grew more feverish in her desire, as Big Guy whaled away in her pussy. She was thrusting back against his motion, working with her lover, as she reached her climax. Big Guy emitted loud, guttural shrieks, as his come gushed, again and again, into Cass wanton box.Big Guy was motionless for a moment or two, gasping and grunting behind Cass, his phallus deflating within her. As he pulled out, Cass felt his cock brush down her thigh, followed by a stream of jism, mixed with Cass menstrual blood. Cass half rolled, half pulled over by Big Guy, off the truck tire, atop his massive body. Warm in Big Guys furry embrace, Cass lay quietly, her heart pounding in her ears, thinking over her situation.Putting aside the implications of what had happened, what she had done and was eager to try again, Cass worried about being discovered with Big Guy. It would be light soon, and a Grad Assistant might come in early to feed the animals. When big guy was fast asleep, Cass slipped out of the shed, exited the enclosure and locked the gate. Stepping out of the Primate Learning Center into the empty hallway, Cass looked around. The place was still deserted, so she crossed the hall to the Faculty Womens restroom.Cass stared at herself in the mirror, startled by her disheveled image. Anxiously, she straitened her clothing, brushed the pine shavings out of her hair and washed her face. Sitting on the toilet, Cass peed again, and used paper towels, wetted with warm water and soap to clean her privates as best she could. Her bush was matted with dried menstrual blood and ape semen. She was aware of a musky odor, but could do nothing about the smell until she got home.Cass hurried across the parking lot to her VW Jetta. The lot was deserted, with steam rising from manhole covers in the chill November air. She found an old issue of Cosmo and laid it on the drivers seat to protect the fabric from her secretions. She drove up North Jordan Avenue to her apartment. When she got out of the car and trudged up the stairway, Cass realized how tired and how sore she felt. Big Guy had given her a real pounding, and Cass needed a long, hot shower to feel clean. But something stirred within her, a shocking desire to get down and dirty with Big Guy again, the sooner the better. She shampooed her hair and rinsed under the healing, comforting spray. She used some shampoo to wash her bush, vulva and butt, and used the shower massage setting to rinse her aching vagina.She enjoyed the pulsation of the warm water on her vulva. She held the sprayer close and the jets beat against her clitorisand her thoughts turned again to Big Guy and the nights events. Her daydream ended with a sudden rush of white hot fear. My underwear Its still in the enclosure The thought that a Grad Assistant, especially a weasel like Adam Weiss might find her blood and semen soaked panties in the cage with Big Guy filled her with horror. She dried off quickly as she could, inserted a new tampon and pulled on a pair of jeans. She pulled an old University sweatshirt over her still wet hair, grabbed her shoes, keys purse, and ran to the car. The drive back to campus seemed to take a long time and Cass hoped that the Grad Assistant would not make it to work early on a Saturday. but There was no time to lose.Cass stopped at the Hwy 46 Bypass light and pulled on her shoes. The heater on her still cold VW barely warmed the air and Cass shivered against the, chill, peering ahead through the clear spot made by the defroster. The University Learning Center lot was still deserted, except for a Campus Security car. She watched the officer get out and check the doors to be sure that they were all locked. When Security left, Cass entered the Primate Learning Center, sliding her faculty ID card through the security scanner to gain entry.She entered the learning center and found things just as she left them. The Grapes were still on the counter, and Big Guy was still in his enclosure, snoring away. Cass grabbed the tray of grapes, just in case she needed them. The Great Ape was sleeping, half in and half out of his plastic house. Cass turned the knob on the dimmer switch for Big Guys cage, and saw her panties, and the panty liner, laying near the back of Big Guys house. For a few moments, Cass considered how she might sneak in to remove the underwear and sanitary pad. But Big Guy stirred. Hi buddy, signed Cass. Give clothing, she signed. Big Guy took a moment to orient himself. Give clothing Cass signed again. Me Need. Big Guy blinked a couple of times and looked around. Big Guy understood, on some plane, the Homo Sapien need for cover and tried to offer Cass his blanket.No, give pants, Cass signed. Big Guy acted confused. Cass pointed to the torn panties and signed Big Guy get pants. Casss pants. Big Guy picked up the panties, his nostrils flaring as he inspected them. Cass watched as Big Guys penis rose in slow motion. She offered him a few grapes, signing again, Give pants. Please.Big Guy paced in his enclosure, then sat down, looking at Cass. Cass come, he signed. Big Guy, give pants, Cass signed. No, Big Guy signed back. Cass come. His penis was erect, throbbing, and Big Guy held her panties to his big nostrils, inhaling deeply. Cass looked at her watch. It was 7:40 and the Grad Assistant was due in at 8:00. Time was running out.Big Guy come here, Cass signed. Big Guy came to the enclosure door and shook the bars violently, startling Cass as she knelt down. Cass touched Big Guys cock, pushing the foreskin back. She could tell that Big Guys pulse was racing as she grasped his throbbing tool. Cass tasted the globule of precum at the tip and slid her lips over the head. Big Guy snorted and pulled away, agitated. Maybe hes afraid Ill bite him, Cass thought. She glanced at her watch again, then pulled the sweatshirt up over her breasts off of her head and kicked off her shoes. She dropped her jeans and panties, stepping out of them. Cass laid her clothes over the back of the chair where her purse lay. She made sure that the inner door was bolted, and pulled out her tampon, wrapped it in some paper towels and put it in the trash.Cass unlocked the enclosure door and stepped inside, naked. Weve got to hurry, lover, Cass said. Big Guy walked on his knuckles, sniffing her butt as he followed her into his house. Cass scooped up the torn panties and the discarded panty liner before laying down atop Big Guys blanket, parting her legs. Big Guy put his face against her pussy, inhaling deeply several times, then licked away some of the oozing menstrual secretions. Ooh, that feels good, Cass gasped. She looked down into Big Guys eyes and signed, Big Guy no stop. His big tongue slid across her clitoris and the top of her vagina several times and Cass back arched, thrusting her hips into Big Guys face. Cass was burning with desire and Big Guy almost smothered Cass as he hunched over her, his throbbing cock searching for and finding her now amply lubricated vagina. His first few thrusts were too deep and hurt a little, so Cass pushed against him with all of her strength. Big Guy let up on her, but continued thrusting at a frenzied pace, going on, it seemed, forever. Wave after wave of toe curling orgasm washed over Cass and she shuddered with the intensity the sensations as her muscles clutched Big Guys cock. The huge apes tension built toward his own orgasm and Big Guy roared, thrusting deeper as jet after jet of semen filled Cass willing cunt. Cass eased her grip on Big Guys hair as her orgasm subsided, and she gasped as the enormous ape withdrew his dripping phallus. Big Guy slumped back on the pile of pine shavings, looking blankly at Cass. She used the panties to wipe her vulva, signed Cass love Big Guy, and left quickly, locking the enclosure behind her. Big Guy lay still and his brown eyes closed sleepily.Cass pushed open a toilet stall door and sat down, taking a moment in this sanctuary to calm down and clean up again. She peed, rather forcefully, and inserted a fresh tampon before dressing. She wrapped her torn and stained panties, the panty liner and Tampon wrapper in some computer paper and pushed it way down into the trash can. Cass dressed and was just leaving when she saw Adam Weiss at the door, fumbling with his key card. Cass opened the door, and looked at her watch. It was 8:20. She smirked a little as Adam stammered an apology for being late for work. He had been Working late with Prof. Fitzgibbons. Cass looked him in the eye. Look, just be an angel and clean out the monkey cages before you go home. It really stinks in there. Oh, and make sure that Big Guy gets some extra fruit and Ape Pellets, she said. Ill be back tonight, and I want him to be in top formThe End

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