December 26, 2005

women doing dogs and horses

WillowMy boss Zelda took me to my first dog show. It was an AKC sanctioned show and I couldnt believe how many people were there. I had never owned a dog before, but my family did have an old mutt. I didnt really have much interest in the dog show; I just went to please my Zelda. Actually I thought it was pretty boring, that is until the Hound division started, well one particular hound anyway. I dont think I had ever seen an Afghan hound before, not in real life, just pictures of them. They were absolutely beautiful with their long silky hair and they seemed so regal. I thought then that it was time I got a dog of my own.So I spent the next few weeks studying about Afghan hounds and how to raise and take care of them. I seemed that it would be a lot of work and commitment, but I thought I was up to it, having no husband or children to take care of. In my research I discovered that Afghans were native to Afghanistan, which kind of put me off, until I accepted that it wasnt the dogs fault were they were from. I learned also that the American Kennel Club described the Afghan hound as an aristocrat. That his whole appearance is one of dignity and aloofness with no trace of plainness or coarseness. That he has a straight front proudly carried head, and his eyes gaze into the distance as if in memory of ages past. I also discovered that they were hunters, chasing down antelope and gazelle, and that they needed large spaces in which to run.I told Zelda that I planned on getting an Afghan and she was excited for me. She asked me what I was going to get, a male of female? At that point I hadnt decided yet.Well if you get a bitch you can breed her and sell the puppies, she told me. Or you can get a male and get stud fees. But you get more money either way if your dog wins at shows, trust me.That was something I hadnt thought about either. But it seemed that it would be better to get a male rather than having to take care of a lot of puppies.I guess a male would be best, I told her. But I dont know about showing him. I dont have any experience with that either and I would have to take time off work.Dont worry about it, she told me. I happen to be a big sponsor of the Westminster Kennel Club dog show, so whenever you need time of just let me know.Thanks Zelda, youre the best boss.I know, she said smiling, anything else?Well, I read that Afghans need a lot of room to run and I certainly dont have that kind of room in my apartment.This must be your lucky day. I was just saw in the paper this morning that there is a small piece of land, about two acres I think, just out side of town for rent.By the next week I was moved out of my apartment and onto the little acreage. I hired a man to come in and clear the ground and fence in an area about the size of a football field and plant it to grass. I knew it would take time for the grass to grow but I got keep the puppy in the house until then. I already knew what kind of puppy I wanted, a blonde or golden one so it would match the color of my own hair. I talked to several breeders within all the surrounding states until I found just the right one. He had a golden male, just six weeks old with a good pedigree. It took me three hours to drive there but once I got there it was worth it. I fell in love with the puppy as soon as I saw him. The breeder handed him to me and he immediately started licking my face. The breeder gave me all the papers to get him registered with the AKC and all his vet records. He told me I could name him what ever I wanted but many people used the dam and sires name somewhere with the puppies name. So I spent the three hour drive home coming up with a name.The sires name was Kalemayor Kaldon, which made no sense to me at all. And the dams name was Willowoak at Zanavar. She was a champion, best of show in three major events. Her name made even less sense. So I just combined the two names, added my own and called my puppy Ellens Willowoak Kalemayor. Thats the name I put on the papers I sent in. I just called him Willow.Willow and I spent the next months getting to know each other, getting to know the local vet and the dog trainer. Although I think it was me that got most of the training. Once the grass had grown in the fenced area I had the exterminator come out and spray for ticks and fleas, then a few days later I let Willow run in his new home. He was exuberant, running and prancing about; he was so beautiful it took my breath away to watch him. His long silky hair would flow behind him in golden waves, his head held high like he was the king of the world. In my eyes he was. I soon discovered though, that when I thought play time was over, he usually had different ideas. So I would just ignore him and go back into the house, in a few minutes he would be lying at my feet.I took great pleasure in bathing him and he seemed to enjoy it as much as I did, standing steady in his own little wash tub that I had installed on the back porch. I hadnt planned on showing him until he was at least a year old, so I used that time to learn how to bath him properly. After bathing and rinsing his coat, I would dilute half a cup Neutrogena body oil and the same amount of cream rinse in one gallon of water and work into the his coat. This made his coat luxurious and shiny. It was during one of these bathing sessions that Willow gave me my first surprise.I was working the crme rinse and oil down under his belly, around his shaft and ball area like I had many times before. But as I worked it into the hair around his shaft he began to hump my hand. Before I knew it, his cock was unsheathed and in my hand.Willow, what are you doing, I exclaimedIt didnt take me but a minute to realize that Willow had reached maturity and was ready to breed. I didnt know what to do, so I just stayed still whiled he continued to hump my hand. I felt his cock growing and soon the knot came out. I knew all about the knot, how it tied the male to the female so his sperm would stay inside her and how a better chance of impregnating her. What I couldnt believe was how big Willows cock and knot where. I pulled the hair back on his side so I could see it, mostly out of curiosity. It was huge in my hand, bigger than I would have imagined. It must have been 7 or 8 inches from the tip back to the knot and another 4 inches from there back to his belly. The knot was as big around as a small orange. He was bigger than any man I had known, which wasnt saying much.Oh my, arent we a big boy, I said half embarrassed.Willow just continued to hump my hand. I wasnt sure what to do, take my hand away and just leave him in this state? No, he needed relief and I would have to provide it for him. He was after all dependent on me for everything, why should this be different? So I started working my hand back and forth along the full length of his cock, up and around the knot, causing him to hump harder. I had jacked-off more than one male cock in my life and was sure this one wouldnt be much different. He cock swelled in my hand and turned a shiny red color. I knew he was going to cum any second, so I continued to pump him faster. In a second, cum came spewing from his cock, spattering against his belly and dripping into the wash tub. Streams of the thin whitish liquid shot from his cock, all over my fingers and hand as I jacked him off. His hips stopped bucking and I knew he was done cumming, but I continued to fondled his cock. He turned his head and tried to lick himself and my hand. He finally laid down in the wash tub pulling his cock free from my grip.I was so horny now I couldnt believe it. It had been well over a year since I had had a date and couldnt even remember the last time I got laid. To my surprise I could feel the wetness in my panties. I turned my back to Willow so he couldnt see and unsnapped my blues jeans and unzipped them, stuffing my hand down into my panties. But as my fingers worked over my clit I had to look back at Willow licking his beautiful cock. I brought myself to a tremendous orgasm watching him lick himself clean.To be continued.if you want?Next installment: Willows first show.

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      Comment by dogboy316 — December 26, 2005 @ 6:26 am

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      Comment by doglover45 — December 26, 2005 @ 6:44 am

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