September 3, 2006

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Hi Alice here.Kind Readers of recent postings have asked about me and my background. Please search for postings with alicealice as the author. My stories describe my life and true personal experiences or of people whose experiences I believe to be true. These are not “slam bam porn” stories but try to relay the beauty and advantages of canine love between women and their dogs. I doubt that these relationships will ever be legalized but it would solve many of the issues that plague women. I’ll get off my soapbox. Jen introduced me to canine love and she related her introduction to me. Jen was raised with labs in her home. They were her “big brothers” who were her playmates and protectors. Their long attention spans and ability to learn complex behaviors made these labs more than pets. Sadly labs live for only 10 to 12 years. Early in life, Jen felt the heartaches of watching her friend age. Her mother brought home a second lab and for some years, Jen had two playmates. But the sad day came for the last trip to the vet. The pain and suffering was becoming too apparent. Tearful goodbyes and hugs and they returned alone to a home with one less friend. Soon a small wooden case with his ashes joined the small collection kept by her mother. Much later in life, Jen would learn that women would have their cases hidden in the lower portion of their caskets to be with them forever. Jen was taught sex education in school. She learned morals, ethics, and the benefits of delayed gratification from her mother and father. Her mother is a very successful real estate agent and her father is a senior executive of a high tech company. It would have been very easy to be spoiled. Jen learned REAL sex education from her classmates. Several had to leave school with unwanted and unexpected pregnancies. Others with “enlightened” parents who provided prescriptions to the “pill” or even abortions found painful lesions on their pussy lips and vaginal walls. Herpes has no cure and is a life time sentence. One classmate became infected with HIV/AIDS; he died several years after graduation. The lessons for delaying gratification were very clear. Jen had many friends and some boy friends but they all knew that she was “saving herself”.Babs is a younger real estate associate of Jen’s mother. At that time, Babs was in her late 20′s and starting her family with her husband’s career on a fast-track. Babs became an older sister to Jen. While Jen and her mother were very close, there were subjects like boys and sex that Jen could not share with her mom and Babs was always there for her. Babs told Jen that when she is mature and of age, there are sexual experiences that Jen’s friends would never imagine or experience. With graduation completed, Jen was looking forward to leaving home for college in a few months. Babs asked Jen if she would like to join a secret sorority. At first, Jen thought that this was some hokey women’s tea club but Babs explained that this was to give women real sexual freedom. “Sex” was still an intellectual concept to Jen. She knew the mechanics from sex ed, the stories from her girl friends, and had seen a lot of porn on the web. But other than a really good feeling when she rubbed her clit and wetness in her pussy, Jen had not really experienced SEX. Babs’ offer was very intriguing. “Imagine a lover who will never get you pregnant, infect you, cheat on you, nor tell stories behind your back. If you treat him well, he will be completely devoted you. And, the best part, he will enjoy giving you the best sex any woman could ever experience. “This does not involve drugs or abuse. But, believe it or not, this happiness is illegal and we have to have secret sororities. I think that men have a great fear and have killed women and their lovers to prevent the loss of their monopoly over us.” Then Babs added “Your mother is a member. But NEVER discuss this with her” “What is the secret?”"You must join the sorority to learn and enjoy sexual freedom. Yes?”Jen responded with a soft “Yes” Jen’s induction was in two weeks. Her imagination was going wild. Are there handsome studs at the meetings? Do these women have wild sex with them in secret? How can Mom be cheating on Dad? Does he have any idea that this is going on? Mom is so “normal”Jen’s imagination was also affecting her dreams and thoughts of sex. She was googling everything about sex clubs and organizations. Nothing fit the description. At night she dreamed for the first time of cocks in her pussy and of orgasms. One night she awoke from a dream with her bed damp with her pussy juices and her clit erect like the nub of a large eraser. Jen’s nipples were also hard and she pinched them giving her shivers in her body. Jen rubbed her clit using her pussy juices to make her finger smooth and slick. She felt for the first time a sensation building in her cunt and her hips rocked in rhythm with her fingers. The faster she rubbed, the better it felt. Suddenly, her body exploded in its first orgasm. Jen’s friends told her about how this would feel but she never thought that it felt like this. Now she knew why some of her friends would “play with themselves”. But most of her friends never said that it felt this good with their boy friends. They just had sex with them to keep the boys happy and attached. Over the next nights, Jen learned to masturbate but the orgasms were never as exciting and a little lonely when she finished. The evening had arrived, Jen had not spoken to her mother about the induction and her mother acted like this was just another evening that Jen was spending with Babs. Jen was filled with expectations and could feel her heart beating in her throat. “This may seem melodramatic, but you will have to wear this blindfold until you are inducted. This is really a secret sorority.” Jen played along and placed black hood over her head. As Babs drove, Jen kept track of the turns and thought for a while that she knew where they were. But after some turns, she could only tell that they were some where in the hills. The air was cooler and the street noise was no longer audible. The car stopped.”We are here. I’ll come around to get you.” Jen soon felt the door open and Babs guiding her into a large house or building. “Jen, you are with people who love you. Many have known you for your whole life. Please answer some very personal questions honestly since the initiation will be tailored to your sexual experience. “Are you a virgin?” “Yes”"Have you used tampons?” “Yes”"Any pain?” “No”"Have you used a dildo?” “What is that?” “A sex toy in your vagina.” “No”"Any other objects or your fingers in your vagina?” “No”"Have you had an orgasm?” “Yes, just a few recently”"Does your clitoris become erect when you are sexually aroused?” “Yes” Jen was becoming aroused just with the questions. The thought that others may be watching her expose her most intimate sexual details was turning her on.”Did you have your orgasms by rubbing your clitoris?” “Yes”"Was your vagina wet when you did this” “Yes”"Very good, Jen. Now you are going to undress and put on a short robe. I’ll dim the lights so you can remove your hood while you change but you will put it back on when complete.”"My bra and panties too?” “Yes, please”Jen changed into the short robe and could feel the air on her pussy and thighs. The robe barely covered her ass. With the hood on, Jen could not see anything as Babs guided her and seated her in a soft chair. Jen could feel the thick terry cloth of expensive towels under her ass. “For the initiation, you arms and legs will be constrained so that you will feel the full experience of your lover. Remember, we all love you and will not harm you.”Jen was relaxed and excited as she felt her arms gently bound. Her right leg was lifted over the arm of the chair. She could feel her pussy open and exposed as her legs were bound. She heard, “Essen, essen” Then something warm and wet swept through her pussy lips and over her clit. Her classmates told of getting their boy friends to “eat” them but none ever described what Jen felt. If this was a tongue it was longer and wider than any man. The tip opened her lips and pushed into her cunt farther than a tampon or a finger and swirled around touching the walls of her vagina. The wide base rubbed on her clit and waves of pleasure swept through her. This warm wet thing kept sweeping between her lips from her little brown rosebud and deep into her. Her clit was erect and was rubbed with each pass. Soon Jen’s hips started rocking building to a blinding orgasm. Beneath the hood, her eyes were closed, her body shook and a deep moan came from her open mouth. Jen’s breath came in short gasps.”Are you OK?” Jen could only whisper “Yes, it was wonderful”"Genuge, genuge” Jen felt one more wipe of her clit and the sensation stopped. “You will have more of this, much more, later. Relax for a moment.” Jen wondered what the wet warm feeling was. Was it really a tongue? It felt like her lab licking her face or hands. Was it a dog tongue? Jen was still feeling her post orgasm high relaxing her entire body and these thoughts floated by.”Jen, you are going to be placed on a low bed and your hands and legs will again be bound.” Jen felt more exposed in her new position. She was on her back, her arms were over her head, pulling her small breasts up, and her knees were bent and spread wide. Jen’s feet were on the floor and her ass was on the edge of a low bed.Then Jen heard, “Steigen, steigen”Something cool pushed between her pussy lips. Then she felt a warm body on her belly and what could be arms grabbed her waist. In rapid succession, Jen felt a finger poking her pussy lips several times and then penetrate her. It slipped past her lips and deeper into her than any tampon or finger. With each rapid stroke, she could feel it expanding and growing even longer. Jen felt warm fluids dripping down her pussy down the crack of her ass. The thing in her expanded to fill every part of her, rubbing all her walls and deep into the crevasses of her cervix. She felt no pain just a fullness and wonderful pleasure building in her cunt with each rapid thrust. Jen’s mind was racing. What about my hymen, my cherry? Its supposed to break when a man’s cock pushes through. This is not what everyone told me. Maybe this thing slipped through a hole in the hymen and then just expanded without tearing it? Then she felt it. It swelled just inside of her pussy lips and was rubbing on the wall behind her clit, her G-spot. Her classmates talked about finding their G-spot with a finger but none ever said that a boyfriend could rub it during intercourse. Jen had never found her G-spot and thought that it could be just a myth. But she now felt the rapid pulses pushing her to another blinding orgasm. Her hips began to rock as contractions coursed through her body. Someone opened her robe and Jen felt warm fur on her belly and rubbing across her erect nipples. The sensation heightened her orgasm and Jen started moaning with each stroke. Then it stopped. Jen felt contractions and a warm feeling in her belly. The contractions were much further apart than rapid stokes and each contraction gave Jen another orgasm. Jen continued moaning and taking short breaths as the contractions continued. She felt a hand touch the bulge of her pussy lips. The swelling was going down. A few more contractions and she heard.”Absteigen, absteigen.” The expanded object started to pull out. Jen’s pussy walls and suction held it until it pulled out with an audible:”plop”. Jen felt thin and thick fluids flush from her open pussy down her lips. Someone wiped her and she was unbound. Jen was now seated still hooded. Thoughts raced through her mind as she spoke to Babs. “Was that a ….” Before Jen finished her thought, Babs spoke.”Yes he is a lovely dog. Women have been burned as witches, their lovers butchered, for loving their dogs. Even today, women who love dogs are treated like child abusers or pedophiles. Your dog gets pleasure from licking your hands or your face. It gets greater pleasure licking your cunt and tasting your juices. His greatest pleasure is penetrating you, swelling his knot, and filling you with his cum, satisfying his natural instincts. Using a dog as a sex toy, his erect cock as a dildo or dildog, is abuse. The dog wants to contract and be ready for another shot not a toy for a porn star. . The real abuse is denying him his natural instincts to mate or even greater abuse is to surgically alter him depriving him of his dog nature. “Every woman in the sisterhood must trust that they will never be exposed.”You have experienced the forbidden. Do you join the sisterhood and keep the trust of your sisters?”Jen was filled with joy. She gained sexual freedom and almost shouted her “YES”Babs removed her hood. Jen was surrounded by women, many of whom she recognized as friends of her mother. Two were her past teachers. Several were from her Dad’s office. Did Dad know? (yes, of course he did) Then she saw her Mother, her aunts, and her Grandmother Tears of joy started flowing as they all embraced. Jen entered college with her own yellow lab.

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    1. Thank you Alice for telling us about your history and involvement with K9′s. You do have a talent for detail and the ability to convey feelings and emotions. Please keep them coming…

      Comment by blk_lab4fun — September 3, 2006 @ 8:29 am

    2. Nice story… very well written Thanks for sharing it… now, i can’t wait to read more of yours

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    3. great story thx

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    4. Thanks ever so much for sharing. Read all of your other stories also, you rate over a million with me, thanks agin and do not stop writing . keep up the good stories comming.

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    5. Kind ReadersThese posts are my first publications and would appreciate constructive criticism. What can I improve?ThanksAlice

      Comment by alicealice — September 8, 2006 @ 12:14 am

    6. Very good story, made even better because its real. Thanks for sharing with us. A 10 from me.

      Comment by pam2 — September 8, 2006 @ 12:32 am

    7. Nice girls club, and with mans best friend

      Comment by st benard — September 8, 2006 @ 7:09 am

    8. I always enjoy your stories. Thanks for sharing.

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    9. alicealice, great story, a 10 from me.Glad to see another californian here.

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    10. indeed awesome story

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