July 24, 2005

women and animals

My first attempt at a story…give me some good reviews…and maybe I’ll continue Damn It She thought. Its just not fair. How could they possibly think there was something special about her? John had told her not to worry about it. It would all come in time, but right at this moment, she could feel nothing, no matter how hard she tried. Carol saw a small chipmonk, and willed herself into this small creatures head, but felt and saw nothing. Theyve just been playing with my head. She thought. This is just totally some kind of head game. They should have let me die. Still, her thoughts returned to that day. They took her and her mother from the house, dragged them both out to the woods, and beat them. There was nothing to say. They were really just telling the truth. It had to be either her mother or herself that passed the syphillis on to the rest of them. Why couldnt they understand that there was no other choice. They were all perfectly happy to use them the way they did. Survival will make a person do whatever it takes, but still they beat her, and left her and her mother for dead She awoke with this strange man looking over her. Not a man really, but a boy. The smell of ammonia and cleaning solvents filling her senses, and at once she realized that she was no longer lying in some back woods swamp, but in a hospital. Who are you she asked, but was met with only a stony silence, and a vision of this young mans back as he stared out the window, and contemplated how to answer her question. I think a better question, is What am I he said, and why was I allowed to find you. My teacher knew what happened to you, and he didnt care.but I felt it, and I felt pulled to you. I truly am sorry that I didnt feel it sooner, or maybe.. I could have saved your mother too . She knew at once what that meant, her mother was gone, and she was truly alone. At fourteen, where was she to go ?. What was she to do ? Tribal traditions were very clear. If she could not find someone to take her in, then she would die, alone, or leave the reservation and try to make it on her own. Neither option felt very appealing. Already she had become the tribal whore in order to survive, but this was totally different. Without a parentor benefactor, death was almost a certainty. What are you , she asked quietly, and why did you bring me here ? I do not deserve to live, yet you have brought me here to save my life. Will you turn your back to me now that I am well, and let me die with hunger ? I have no money to pay my bill, or to buy food. All I own are the clothes you found me in, and even these will fall from me, and leave me naked. My name is John, thats all you need to know for now. He said. I have some friends that will take care of you, and give you a place to live, if I ask them to. Do as they ask, and learn from them. You will see me again. That was several years ago, she thought. John was true to his word. Micheal and Elizabeth showed her many things, and John came to visit as often as he could, but still she could not do as they asked. Its a joke, she thought. Nobody can do what they ask To see inside some animals head was pure nonsense. Still, she had seen John do so many wonderful things, how could she doubt him. Many times, she had sat with him, while the squirrels came to feed from the sunflower seeds he carried in his pocket. The deer were not afraid of him, and came to take apples from his hand, as though he was a loving mother suckling her young. Even she, felt the peace and serenity that surrounded him, but to reach into the mind of another.it could not be done She thought of the things that John had told her. The feelings that happen when joining with another. She had felt it tooknowing someone was watching heronly to turn and find it true. How did she know this ? How could she feel anothers eyes upon her.without really knowing they were there. It was just a feeling she had come to know. Eyes could be like the sharpest of knives, and even though they are not seen, they can be felt She washed herself in the stream. The blood was nearly gone now, but still she felt dirty somehow. It was a natural thing, but still she could not silence the voices within her head. She knew it was a remnant of the old ways, when women were sent away at this time. Unclean, and dirty, when the blood flowed., the men sent them to the lodges, until they were clean again. This was a new time, the old ways were long gone, and still. She felt the eyes upon her, and she turned to see who was looking upon her in her nakedness. There was no one. Still, the feeling ran through her body like a cold wind, blowing through the forest on a cold December night. Watching..Listening.Waiting.Unseen, but just beyond the perception of her eyes. She tried to focus, but could see nothing. Relax, she said, follow the flow of the feelings, like a leaf drifting in the current of the river. Do as John taught you to do. Suddenly she found herself kneeling in the bushes, eyes focused on the body in front of her. The scent drifting to her nosedriving her mad with desire. Go now , she thought. Take her, and fill her with your seed. No Watch Wait. She saw the pictures in her mind of what she wanted. She could feel the desire building within her, as she drew the scent of this female within her enflamed nostrils. She was ready. All he needed to do was to take her. He..no, she..wait, who am I ? She turned to see him creeping from the bushes, and smelled his male-ness. At the same time, she looked through his eyes, and smelled herself within him. No , she thought, This is not the way its supposed to be Again she looked within himthis beastand felt his desire.and his desire became her own, and they were one. He felt it as well, and crept upon her. Two creatures, one mind, and only one goal.to mate. She felt her heart beating, and felt the hardness of his maleness. She felt the pain of the swelling within him. It was her pain as well. It was a pain that begged for release, and she fell to her knees as he came to her. She wanted.no.she needed God, John, Where are you ????? This is too much for me, she cried.Continued???That all depends on you. Lets all see how depraved I can become…..or what it is truly like when two minds meet as one

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    1. That was one of the best storied i’ve read in a while. continue please?

      Comment by forestlover — July 25, 2005 @ 7:38 am

    2. 834 views and only one reply Now I know how the rest of you feel. Hardly seems woth it. I’ve still got a little left in me, so Forestlover…..this next part is for you….the tension begins to build. He crept to her, unsure of himself, yet with all the power of the alpha male. He had earned his right long ago and carried the scars of every battle he had fought. and won, to prove his dominance over the others. It was his right to take this bitch, and plant his seed within her. Still, he knew that there would always be a challenge to his authority. It was the way of the pack, and his days were numbered. There were younger and stronger who would take his rights from him, but at this moment, she was his. She had seen pictures of wolves before. She had even seen a few of them in the zoos she had visited, but none were like this. She had no idea how large they could actually become. This magnificent beast, she thought, could easily be more than 180 pounds. Surely, she would be no match for him should she feel the need to fight, or to flee. She found herself drawn to the manhood that hung proudly between his legs, and though the space between the hairs of his abdomen and the grass below his paws, were no less than the height of her knees, his penile shaft hung glistening.. red and wet in the sun.. and scarcely a hands breadth from the ground below. Carol stood frozen as she watched him approach, knowing full well what he intended to do. She felt the need building within her and wondered if the wetness between her legs was due to fearor lust, because she knew, at times, it was difficult to tell the difference. Her body said she wanted him, or was she mistaken. Was she only submitting herself to the inevitable domination he would enforce upon her, or was her physical need driving her on? Her body cried out to her to present herself to him, but her mind told her to run away. She didnt see them. It was more as though she sensed their presence. She scanned the forest line, and could see nothing beyond the shadows. Yet, she knew they were there. There were four of them.young.stronga challenge to this one who stood before her. They hid within the shadows, hoping not to be seen, but their scent betrayed them, both to herself, and to the male that intended to take her as his own. He turned to the forest, with the hair upon his neck at full attention. Head held scarcely two inches from the ground, he let out a lowdeep growl. With his hind quarters slightly raised, Carol knew he was positioning himself for attack, warning all that would come between him, and this bitch, that he was ready to defend what was his. A chill ran through her body, as she felt the strength within him, and watched, as one by one, the challengers made themselves known. Again she found herself drawn to what was between the legs of this magnificent animal. His penile shaft had withdrawn itself into his sheath, an act of protection for the battle that was sure to come, and still, the thought of what was to come, filled her with a desire she had never known. Now was the time to run, but still, she could not find the will or strength within herself to do so. Her own juices betrayed her, and she knew that she belonged to whomever would claim her when the battle reached an end.We’ll just have to see what comes next…if anything

      Comment by chauna — July 26, 2005 @ 4:00 am

    3. PLEASE continue it…. it is SOOOOOOO well written and powerfully erotic…

      Comment by SMOKE20GIRL — July 26, 2005 @ 5:28 am

    4. You have a real talent. Please continue this magnificent story……….. It was just starting to get really good………………….

      Comment by bignthick — August 2, 2005 @ 12:08 am

    5. I agree with those that have come before me You are pretty darn good. Please continue

      Comment by BlakJak1032 — August 2, 2005 @ 1:26 am

    6. Yes, I’m still here. I’m just trying to figure out how to distort the truth just enough….to make things interesting…..and still keep the basics intact. Been reading other stories in the hope of finding a clue, but no luck so far. I know where I want this story to take all of the readers, but I’m not sure how to get there without boring you all to death. Fantasy is one thing, and its pretty cool….but what I’m trying to do is…to relate a story based on truth, but blended with enough fantasy, as to get some juices flowing, and its turning out to be harder than I thought. I have already re-written the next installment a dozen times, but can’t quite get the right feel to it. Keep watching….I WILL GET IT….so get ready…the best is yet to cum

      Comment by chauna — August 5, 2005 @ 2:48 am

    7. WoW it a good start hope you fine your way

      Comment by See-me — August 5, 2005 @ 9:55 am

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