May 1, 2005

wife dog stories

Elsa— An Original Dog Story by Dingo JayZoophilia: M/BitchThe following story is, for the most part, true. As usual, the names have been changed to protect the innocent. Of course, I won’t promise that there aren’t any slight exaggerations here… I live in a more or less rural area where there are lots of country roads with farms, woods and a number of small neighborhoods here and there. I frequently take long walks around the area, both for exercise and to unwind from the pressures at work. Many of the homes and farms have dogs and various other animals and the dogs are frequently allowed to run free. Since many of the roads have little traffic, and the houses are not especially close together, roaming dogs don’t seem to get in quite as much trouble as they do in the cities and suburbs, and most stay fairly close to home. I’ve always been an animal lover (if you’re reading this you probably, as I do, love animals more than most people do) and I have managed to make friends with most of the critters on my walking routes. Occasionally, one or more of the dogs will join me on my walks, sometimes with the owner’s blessings, especially if my own dogs are not with me. A number of years back, I had set out for one of my long walks, usually averaging 6 to 8 miles. I had decided not to take my dogs along, as they were getting quite elderly at 13 and 15, and didn’t really like to go much more than a mile or two at a time. One house I frequently passed belonged to a guy named Tom, and he had a beautiful, black Lab/ Pit Bull cross bitch he called Elsa. Elsa had had a litter of pups several months earlier and I stopped frequently to play with her and the pups, and to swap ‘bullshit’ stories with Tom. He had managed to place all of the pups in new homes, (somehow I had resisted taking one) and Elsa was pretty lonesome without them. As I approached Tom’s place, he was raking the yard and Elsa was, as usual, supervising.’ As soon as she spotted me, she started barking and running towards me, but as soon as she got close enough to see it was me, the ears went back, her eyes squinted up, and her tail started wagging so hard that it was throwing her hindquarters off balance. She waddled up to me and started rubbing my legs like a cat and making soft crooning sounds. I sat down and petted her, and Tom took a break from his yard work and sat on the front steps, and we started chatting. After a few minutes of that, Elsa climbed up and sat in my lap. At about 85 pounds give or take, she was one hell of a big lap dog Once she got into my lap, she kept squirming her butt around, as though she was having trouble getting comfortable, so I sort of spread my legs to give her some more room. She kept squirming and rocking back and forth on my lap, until she found what she’d been looking for, which surprised the hell out of me She had precisely planted her doggy vulva on top of my cock, and even through my shorts I could feel that she had carefully placed it so the lips straddled my shaft. She was having some slow, gentle contractions, and as I have definite zooish tendencies, she was getting me extremely aroused, and I got hard almost instantly, and started having some contractions of my own. That immediately sent her over the edge, she had a powerful orgasm, pointing her muzzle straight up and closing her eyes in ecstasy. I bit my lip and held back with everything I had to keep from blasting off in my shorts, right then and there I must have turned red or been making faces or something, because Tom asked, “Are you OK, Jay?” “Yeah, I’m OK, but I think your damned dog is trying to molest me” I said as I (reluctantly) pushed her off of my lap. “Uh-huh, she does that sometimes. She must be pretty close to comin’ into heat again. Guess I’m gonna have to have her spayed eventually”, Tom muttered matter-of-factly. I had leaned forward and crossed my arms across my lap to try and hide the bulge in my shorts. I forced myself to think about anything besides what had just happened, and eventually my hardon subsided. I told Tom that I wanted to finish my walk before it got too late, and ‘have a good one’ and so on, and headed down the road. As soon as I was out of sight of the house, I looked down at the front of my shorts where Elsa had been sitting, and noticed she had left a small wet spot with a little dab of yellowish-white, gooey stuff in the middle. I wiped it off with a fingertip, and smeared it on my tongue. It had a very nice salty-sweet taste with a little bit of musk to it. I wanted some more of that I had trouble thinking of anything besides Elsa for the next several days. Although I had been having sex with my own two dogs for many years, and Elsa had accompanied me on walks several times before, for some reason I had never thought about her in a sexual context. I had fingered several bitches before, and even done ‘puppylingus’ on some of them, but I had never had intercourse with one. I really wanted to mate with Elsa if she would have me, and she looked like she was big enough to handle it. Considering her behavior, I began to wonder if Tom might have been screwing her or something. I quickly dismissed that idea, as Tom was an ex-Marine and kind of a redneck type– Not your typical zoo-beasty sort. Elsa had been fully grown when Tom got her, if I remember right he once told me he had gotten her from a relative whose significant other was afraid of her, or something like that. No telling what might have happened to her in that past life. The following Saturday was warm and sunny, and true to form, I went for a walk, making a mental note to take the route past the house where Elsa lived. As I approached the house, I noticed that Tom’s pickup wasn’t in the driveway, and Elsa was nowhere to be seen– bummer He must have either taken her with him or shut her up in the house. As I walked a little farther down the road, however, a plump, shiny black form exploded from under some shrubbery and charged toward me. Alrighty, then, time for a walk in the woods Elsa happily followed me across the State road and about a quarter-mile to an old gravel road that cut through some abandoned, overgrown farmland, then into a more thickly wooded area. We stepped off the road onto a deer (?) trail that led to a small, grassy clearing that was mostly surrounded by thick underbrush. A nice, private place to have a romp with the neighborhood mutts. I’d used it many times. As I sat down on the grass and pine needles at the edge of the clearing, Elsa slammed into me like a linebacker, wrapped her front legs around my arm, and began humping me violently I’d had plenty of male dogs do that before, some even in this place, but I never expected to be mounted by a bitch I figured I’d have a little fun with this, so I reached between her hind legs with my free hand and hooked two fingers in front of the point of her vulva, and started masturbating her. She responded by gripping me more tightly, and thrusting frantically as though she was a male dog who was about to shoot his load. Well, that wasn’t too far off the mark. After humping for a good two minutes, Elsa let out a low grunt that turned into a yelp, and exploded into what had to be the strongest canine orgasm I had ever experienced. The entire area around her pussy was rock-hard and throbbing, and her juices were oozing out onto my fingers, across my palm, and trickling down my wrist. She suddenly released her grip on my arm and started galloping around the perimeter of the clearing, yipping and snorting. Then, just as suddenly, she stopped directly in front of me, turned her rear end towards me, and twisted her tail to one side. Just in case the reader isn’t familiar with that gesture, that’s Canine body language for: “Hey, Sailor, ready for a good time?” I sure was Elsa stood there stiff-legged, her hind feet firmly planted, but she kept looking at me over her shoulder to see what was taking me so long, as I stripped off my jeans and prepared to mount her. I slipped a finger into her twot, then two, gauging her size. I found her to be more than adequate to accommodate me; She’d recently had a litter after all. (To be honest, I’m not exactly Johnny Wad) I put my arms around her waist with my hands hooked in front of her hips, and began poking at her opening with my stiff cock, much as a male dog would do. Elsa pushed her butt into my crotch and wiggled it around a bit, but we seemed to be having a small problem getting the equipment to match up. I was only getting the very tip of my penis just past the lips of her cunt, and then I just seemed to be hitting a blind alley. I thought the problem might be lubrication or more precisely, lack of it, so not having anything with me, I realized there was an almost limitless supply of all-natural, organic dog slobber up front The best (and most fun) way to apply this lube is to assume the classic ‘K-Sixty-9′ position and let her have her way with my member while I performed a little ‘puppy-lingus’ on her other end. This activity has brought endless hours of mutual pleasure to me and my own bitch, even though she is spayed and I absolutely cannot enter her. Elsa had a lovely, fat clit, and when I sucked it, she humped a little and lapped even more greedily at my cock. I could feel the pressure building up inside me, and I didn’t want to shoot off in her mouth, though I was sure she wouldn’t have minded I turned myself end-for-end and rolled Elsa onto her side, her plump tummy facing me. I lined up my now well-slobbered cock with her similarly wet opening, and pushed gently. To my great surprise, it slipped in easily, and I began slowly rocking my hips, continuing to push gently into her. She felt quite hot inside, just a little tight, and she had a rhythmic squeezing motion that felt like she was pulling me in. She grunted a bit, wrapped her forelegs around my middle, and humped against me, taking everything I had inside of her. As Elsa worked her crotch against mine, I could feel every muscle in her body tensing up; then with a shudder and a deep groan of pleasure, she came. So did I. I had never experienced anything as intense as the orgasm I was sharing with this horny bitch, as I filled her with my juices, she licked at my mouth, and I parted my lips and let her in. Only a short time earlier, the very thought of kissing a dog in this manner would have really grossed me out. Now that I think back on it, it sort of still does, but the passion I was feeling for Elsa at the moment had pushed any other thoughts out of my mind. We remained in this embrace for several minutes, and I tried to keep up as long as I could, but my human anatomy just wasn’t on a par with that of a male canine, with his 30-minute-plus orgasm, and eventually I just sort of slipped out of her. I really wished I had a knot I just lay there for the longest time, holding Elsa tightly against me, stroking her short, smooth fur with my fingertips, and breathing in her slight, musky dog scent. After a time she got restless and wiggly, so I let her go. She got to her feet, gave herself a shake, and proceeded to clean herself up. She then did the same for me. The best thing about dogs is that they don’t compare you to their previous lovers. Hers had been Jake, a yellow Labrador, who was the father of her pups. I knew from personal experience just how good a ‘lover’ Jake was as I had enjoyed a few rolls with him in this same place, but that’s another story… Elsa’s attitude seemed to be “you’re here, now, he’s not. Let’s go” His loss. Elsa and I walked out of the woods back to the road, and I tossed a few sticks for her to fetch. Near the point where the gravel road joined the paved one, a small creek ran under a wooden bridge. Elsa, being part retriever, could not resist running down there to splash around a bit. After a while I convinced her it was time to go home, and as we approached her house, Tom was just getting out of his truck. “Where’d you find her?” he asked. “She was just over visiting Jake,” I replied. “Yeah, I figured she’d be over there. C’mon, Elsa, it’s time to eat.” He didn’t have to tell her twice. Elsa and I made several more trips to that clearing in the woods through late summer and early fall. Later, during the January thaw, I stopped to visit her. She rolled over to let me rub her tummy as she always did, and I noticed she had been shaved, and had a three- inch long scar in the middle of her abdomen. Spayed Damn Well, it was fun while it lasted, but I guess were just friends now. We made a few more trips to the woods after that, and Elsa was almost as horny as ever, but when I tried fingering her, I could only get in to the second joint. We had to settle for that good, old ‘K-sixty-9′ position and she didn’t seem to have any problem getting her rocks off when I sucked her clit. I got mine by letting her work me over with that fabulous tongue of hers, since I couldn’t have the other end any more. (I never do ‘anal’ with dogs, partly because they have all sorts of nasty things living in their digestive tracts, and partly because I have yet to meet a dog that will tolerate it) The following summer Tom took a job on the West Coast, and of course, Elsa went with him, and that was the last I saw of her. I’ve had a couple of bitches since then, but none to compare with Elsa. I once assisted a pair of Rottweilers with breeding because the owners were too squeamish to even watch. When they were finished, I… er… took ‘sloppy seconds’ on the bitch. I think she only let me do it because she was in heat, the male was young and inexperienced, and he hadn’t satisfied her. It was rather mechanical, and nothing like I’d had with Elsa. Maybe someday I’ll find another lady like her, on four legs or even two.Questions, comments, criticism? Email dingo.jay at iname dot com This post has been edited by DingoJay1 on May 1 2005, 04:33 AM

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