August 13, 2006

wife dog sex story

Hi everyone,This is continued from the story My First 2 (my dog max jumped me, ending)Max Taken to the dog pound.Ive gotta write this story its kinda sad. When I read back over it in my personal journal, it brought back memories and I cried for my trusty, loving, brave best friend Max. I hardly ever cry and being passed from home to home all my life I learned to accept the worse and never let myself get close to anyone except the animals. The hardest thing for me was saying goodbye to the pets of the homes I had lived in. Anyway I better get on with it.I never let max mount me for at least a week after the first time. I think I was still trying to accept the fact that it was a dogs dick inside me and I subconsciously fought the rights and wrongs of it all. But being hypocritically selfish, I still continued the nightly ritual of his tongue bringing me to a flesh shuddering orgasm. My decision to let him mount me this night turned out to be a disastrous one.As usual my faithful friend came to me as I lay across the bed with my feet on the edge and my knees wide apart. I reached down and spread my lips to feel maxs cold wet nose touch me followed by his warm rough tongue as he licked the wetness of anticipation. The familiar feeling of tiny tingles building into waves of orgasms began to turn my flesh to goose bumps. And once again in no time max had my body shuddering in orgasmic twitches. I lay there for awhile to let my mind refocus and my body to come back down to earth. I sat up and patted maxs head hoping to distract him from his prolonged joy of licking. I looked at him and felt sorry that he pleasured me every night and got nothing back for it. With that in mind, I decided I was going to let him do what he instinctively always wanted to.I lay back and waited for him to jump up like he normally does and without fail he did. But a few seconds later he got down. I think he anticipated me pushing him off like I normally do. I raised my head and looked down the length of my body to see his big dark eyes peering over my near hairless pubic mound. I patted my pussy in gesture for him to get up and without wasting time I felt his claws digging into my sides trying to pull me toward him. With eagerness his hips were moving faster than a train and his needle point dick was stabbing me all around my inner thighs. I held onto his front legs and pulled myself down toward him and bingo he was home. I rolled my eyes lavishing the feeling of something massaging the soft warm flesh inside me.There was no gentle slow entry when it came to max. He starts thrusting his hips before he gets there and once hes inside, the onslaught of his high speed thrusting is unrelenting. But still, my body was responding to this onslaught and my breath became tiny gasps. I was going to cum and I held my breath in anticipation to feel a big one when max stopped and got down. What the hell, I thought. He sat down and licked his shiny dick then came over and rested his head on my knee. I lay down and it was all on again with maxs high powered hammer drilling penis pounding my pussy into ecstasy. Just at the point of no return he did it again, he got down.God I was so frustrated. I looked at him and said, what the hells the matter with you, youve been wanting to do this all this time and I finally let you and you keep getting down. Dumb ass dog.He looked back at me as though he was the frustrated one and I was the one doing something wrong. Then a thought crossed my mind that maybe I should be like a proper bitch and be on all fours. Well, I had barely knelt down and he had pushed me onto my hands. His claws dug into my hips pulling me toward him as he thrustingly danced with overpowering instinctive eagerness. Suddenly a wave of shock and horror shot through my body as I lurched forward onto my stomach pulling him down onto me. Trying to gain balance he clawed my back running over the top of me wondering what the hell was happening. Max had entered me full thrust and full length straight up my ass. It wasnt the pain that shocked me, in fact there was no pain, it was totally the unexpected surprise of his dick in my ass, especially when Im just accepting the fate of him in my pussy.Max was bounding around with his purple wet dick hitting his under belly, climbing on me anywhere and anyway he could. He didnt care, he just wanted a hole to stick it in, even if it was my eye and my nostril as he mounted my head. I started to laugh at his overwhelming eagerness and had to turn my ass toward him quickly before he poked me in the mouth. Within seconds I felt his thrusting hips drive that powerful purple dog dick deep into my wide open pussy, ravaging my soft inner flesh without mercy. As his front paws clawed my hips toward him, his back legs pushed him even further into me causing me to fall forward onto my elbows, leaving me even more wide open for him to push further. I swear at that point his dick grew twice as big and twice as long. Every inch inside me was totally full and my tender flesh was burning from the friction of his powerful thrusts. Gasp after gasp was being forced out of my mouth till I let out a stifled cry of pure ecstasy as I felt my pussy squeeze around his thick dick with a pulsating grip. Then it came, he released his burning liquid dog power deep inside me, filling any tiny gap it could find and sending me into another rage of shattering orgasms. This was total bliss at its best.He tried to dismount but again his was still inside me. I tried to lie forward to help dislodge it but it was jammed so tight in me, it held my ass up off the floor. I grabbed the side of the bed to pull myself up but max had pulled the opposite way and threw me off balance. I crashed into the wall with a loud thud and my nose began to bleed. I must have accidentally kicked max in the balls because he started yelping as he ripped himself from me and ran to the other side of the room. Before I could get up, my step father burst through the door, saw the blood on me and went straight over to max and started beating him. I ran over to try and shield max but my stepdad pushed me aside and I hit my head on that damn dresser again. Without warning max jumped over me and started to snarl at my stepdad. He took a swing at max but max grabbed his arm and started to drag him down. My step dad got free and ran to the door. He turned and in a cold voice said, that dog is going to the pound tomorrow, hes gonna get put down so you better say your goodbyes.I couldnt believe my ears. I stared at him in shock and horror as he closed the door behind him. I threw my arms around max and could feel him still shaking and his hair still on edge. I refused to believe he would or could do something like that to a pet theyve had for over 11years, he wouldnt have the heart. That thought gave me a little bit of false hope but in the back of my mind, I had doubts.That night I dragged my mattress and blankets onto the floor and fell restlessly asleep with my head resting on max. Every now and then Id wake to make sure he was still there and he was. Again I would fall restlessly and reluctantly asleep. I woke in the morning to find my step dad had already left for work. With a big sigh of relief, I gave max a big hug before I left for tech. I got home about 4:00pm and there was no max at the gate to greet me like he always does. I ran into the back yard but it was empty. My step mum came running towards me with her arms stretch out and tears rolling down her cheeks. I pushed her away and fell to the ground in a sobbing mass of hysteria. She kept trying to hug me but I kept pushing her away. Suddenly another pair of arms was trying to comfort me, it was Julie my neighbour from next door, half kneeling in front of me. Amongst all this I managed a smile because I could see straight up Julies skirt to her wet pantyless pussy. I knew she probably just finished a good licking from her terrier. Amongst the tears and sobbing I managed to mumble what had happened and instantly Julie went into a rage and started swearing at my step mum with a real fowl mouth. I pushed her over and got another good flash of her naked pussy. I told her not to swear at my mum and that it wasnt her fault. Julie apologized and said she knew how much max meant to me. I ran to my room and cried myself to oblivion. I woke to the sound of someone knocking on my door, but I wasnt in the mood to see or talk to anyone. The door opened and I saw the silhouette of my step dad standing there. In an almost caring voice he asked if he could talk to me. I calmly stood, switched the light on and told him I was leaving that night, there was no place for me in this murderous house. He asked again if he could talk to me. I ignored him and although everything was nothing but a blur through the tears streaming from my eyes, I continued to pack my things. I heard him sit on my bed and say Im sorry for putting you through this but…Before he could finish I turned and verbally mutilated him. If my words were rockets he wouldnt even be a stain on the wall. I know I called him one of those new French Japanese vehicles. Yeah, Farqen Wang Car. Maybe its an old car. These a lot around..He stood up and grabbed me in his arms, holding me tight to stop me struggling. I felt his hot stinking breath on my ear as he whispered, I couldnt do it. WHAAAAT.The sudden shock drained every ounce of energy from my body and I went limp, but only for a second. I tore myself from him and ran outside to see the car rocking from maxs attempts to get out. God I love that dog so much. I hugged and hugged him. I was all excited and wet and he was all excited and bone hard but I had to calm the situation down cause my step mum and dad, and Julie, were standing there with huge smiles on their faces,I jumped up and gave my step dad a huge hug. In a real genuine caring voice he told me max had saved them many times from prowlers and burglars, he had earned his place in this family. He patted me on the head and said he was glad someone was looking after me.I became very close to my step mum and dad that day, closer than I have to anyone of the other families. I dont call them my step mum and dad anymore. They are my mum and dad..I must end it here because the next part is how Julie and I became friends. OkCya

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    1. What a heart felt and emotional story. It had me tears of sadness then joy. Thank you for sharing that time in your life.

      Comment by blk_lab4fun — August 13, 2006 @ 10:28 pm

    2. A bit sad at first but ended like it should.Im glad you got your dog back.He hasnt got much more time at his age so nake the most of it And tell us more.

      Comment by godoggo — August 13, 2006 @ 10:31 pm

    3. Great story, and worth way more than the measely 10 I can give you now. Pet

      Comment by petlover54 — August 14, 2006 @ 12:18 am

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