March 28, 2006

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It was just one of those lazy summer days that makes a guy not want to get out of bed and there was no real reason to. I didn’t have to work and had no place to go. My wife was gone to her mother’s and our roommate had stayed out all night. As the morning progressed the room warmed up. The weather report had said it would be in the high 90s and I was trying to work up enough energy to go shower and then head for the beach to do a little surfing. Finally I kicked the covers off of me and allowed my naked body to adjust to the warmth of the room. I did like most guys first thing in the morning and reached down to scratch my balls. I lingered a bit because it felt so good and just then turned my head to the nightstand to spy that special pic that Anna took for me with her top off at the beach. It was so beautiful and showed the small sweat beads on her ample tits and cleavage and the ocean breeze that had her jet-black hair moving just off of her shoulders. From time to time our roommate Brad would look at that picture and say, “Drew, you’re one lucky man.” I’d laugh and say, “Yeah I know that, now stop looking at my wife’s tits.” Within no time the combination of my ball scratching and the lovely sight of my wife’s flat belly and amazing naked tits caused me to have a hard on. Like most guys alone in their beds with a stiff cock I stroked it. I figured getting off was a good idea and then I could head out for the day. As I slowly jerked my thick cock and gazed at my lady’s breasts I knew that I had company. It was no big deal, just McGee, our 60-pound Springer. He was always curious when I’d jerk off or f Anna and seemed especially interested when Anna would lay in bed and masturbate on those times she wanted to tease the hell out of me. It was a beautiful sight to watch her touch her breasts with one hand and finger her smooth shaved pussy with the other. McGee sniff around and I’m sure it was the sweet smell of her young pussy that drove him a little crazy. Anna would drive me crazy and let McGee lick her fingers and then go back to bring herself off just before telling me…”OK…NOW…f ME” As I continued to jack off I decided to stopped for a moment and reached over the pet my best friend. He sniffed my hand enthusiastically that was just a moment before around my cock. It had precum on it I suppose and this seemed to ignite something in McGee. He licked the traces of precum and for some reason I enjoyed the thought. When he finished I returned to my efforts of making myself cum. Now suddenly I wasn’t alone on the bed. McGee had joined me and sniffed my inner thighs just under my balls. I was way to close to cumming to tell him to stop and just kept jerking as fast as possible. I couldn’t let anything break the mood…I was so close. What happened next didn’t break the mood, it made it. McGee’s long wet tongue starting covering my balls and around my ass and I about went crazy. There were no thoughts of right or wrong, just the thought of how amazing it felt…especially when his tongue trailed down the crack of my ass and then up again. Within no time I shot a jet blast of cum that hit way high on my belly. The second offering covered my cock and dripped down my balls. McGee couldn’t seem to lap it up fast enough and I wasn’t about to stop him. I had never felt anything so amazing. In fact that dog of mine found every drop I had sprayed on my body and cleaned it right up and then retreated to the foot of the bed. WOW…I thought. That was intense and certainly not anything I can tell someone about. Maybe that’s why I’m writing it on this forum. After my shower I returned to my bedroom to get my things for going to the beach. There was my dog again lying again at the foot of the bed. This time he was licking himself and I found myself strangely interested in what he was doing. Perhaps it had to do with what my best friend had just done for me, but I suddenly found myself kneeling next to the bed as I took over for McGee. I stroke my dog through the covering and within no time that red-dog cock of his was exposed and in my human hand. It was slippery and felt nice in my hand. I have never given it a thought; it almost seemed natural to me even though I knew it wasn’t. Hell…I wasn’t gay, even though in middle school my buddy and I use to give each other hand jobs. But there I was stroking and now even sucking on my dog. His cock was slippery and constantly spayed precum. The taste of it seemed to be fuel to this newfound lust and I had most of this K-9 buddy of mine in my mouth sucking him like Anna would suck on me. I was lost in what I was doing and wanted to bring McGee to cum, but also wanted to be careful enough to not allow him to do it in my mouth. Suddenly I was startled. Someone touched my shoulder and I knew I was busted. DAMN The first thing I had ever done like this and someone caught me. It was Brad. Part of me felt my world was over yet another part of me was releaved that it wasn’t Anna. “So, you like to suck cock Drew?” Before I could explain he pulled his shortsoff and stood in front of me stroking his thick dick just inches from my face. I needed to explain to him that I wasn’t a cocksucker but there was no way he would believe me. “I bet Anna doesn’t know that you give McGee blow jobs and I sure don’t want to be the one to tell her?” Brad explained. I knew now what he wanted and I also knew that for the sake of my marriage that I had better comply. I opened my mouth and allowed my roommate to put that thing between my lips. His cock was hard and thick and actually felt nice. I was suddenly so turned on and I took him as deep into my mouth as I could, I started to masturbate myself again…I was rock hard in fact. I was amazed at how much I enjoyed that cock in my mouth and sucked Brad for all I was worth. McGee was so interested that he sniffed around Brad’s ass and took a few licks as he stood there receiving his blackmail blowjob. He commented on how nice it felt to have me sucking him and McGee nosing around his butt and hanging balls. Then he looked down at me and said…”you know, you’re my bitch now don’t you?” I nodded and continued to take him deeper into my mouth while jerking myself off. Then he told me that he would expect a lot from me or he would tell Anna that I had sex with our dog. I knew I was now his captive. But at that point, I didn’t mind. I had discovered a whole new world. Brad told me that he wanted me to work on Anna so that she would be willing to let him f her. I didn’t really want him to, but I also didn’t want her to find out that her husband sucked off her dog. I knew that from that moment on…my life was changing. Just then Brad put his head back and held mine in his hands….and came. I looked at him and swallowed and knew then that life was different for me.

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    3. great story and a great threesome.lets have some more please.

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    4. dude i loved it more more more i wanna read what else you guys got into whose dick did you take first the roomate or the dog ? keep writing

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    6. checked for underage references – and original non-fiction content thanX for your contribution

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