July 15, 2006

sex with dog stories

They say that in our time and world that magic is dead and gone. Not so, my friend not true, it is here and reigns yet, having power over all.Erin was one a friend but from our younger days, he formed an attachment to the bottle. Drinking became his passion, almost his only reason to live, until he met Lisa.Lisa, she was a pretty one, slender yet shapely, she stood out from the crowd as her beauty could be told at a glace. It was her manners and the minding of his vices that took hold of Erin. His drinking stopped but with that done, he shied away from his old friends.The two of them sought out a townhouse apartment and together they went about living their lives. I can imagine that living under the same roof that more than just eating and being together happened. Lisa had a deep hold on her chosen man she would share Erin with not a sole. It was then upon his engagement to her that the night before the wedding we planned for him a stag party to beat allA Friday night I arrived to the townhouse with just two other friends. Our plan was simple, we would pick up Erin and drive out to have dinner and then play the night away. It was old friends together one more time. At least this is what we told Lisa.Now you must understand our caution about her as she unlike Erin kept to the ways of religion. Erin being an orphan, thought only of his self self-sufficient is what he said about himself. He believed in nothing but what he could do and relied on non-other, except maybe Lisa.Lisa on the other hand sought out the powers that linger within the WICCA religion. She knew the books inside and out, doing and seemingly making things happen to bring the two of them comfort.Therefore, it was when I came to pick up Erin that late afternoon. He stood anxious and ready for a night of good fun. It was when I walked in on them, Lisa stood before her man telling him, warning him to be on his guard She reminded Erin of his foolishness in the past and wanted her spouse to be as pure of spirit as she could make him.A passionate kiss and then she turned to the table and opening a polished wood box took out a silver bell. Erin smiled knowing her thoughts so well. Even as she spoke of chastity and his remaining true to her and her, alone she hung the bell about his neck.I laughed as with almost any movement by Erin the little bell tinkled brightly. A pat on his back had him and me heading to the car and out two friends, all ready for one wild night together.Jumping in the car it was Lisa standing there on the front steps calling out her warning for Erin and me too, to watch out and bring her man back before midnight.Off we drove in a flurry of dust as Lisa stood watching us go until we turned the corner onto Dyle Avenue. Down into town we sped and into the Satyr Club, our old haunt and where nine more friends waited for Erin.A happy time of greeting to all as now thirteen men got together to give an ole friend a send off.Drinks were ordered lite beers all around keeping with Erins redemption from using the bottle. As round after round kept on coming I signaled the Waitress, it was our plan to change the beer to straight up, rich in alcohol.Beer led to boilermakers and those to doubles straight up and no ice. Erin was fast returning to his old loose self. He was in fact getting downright ripping drunk. All was fun and then came in frolic. Angie and Beth two past friends they often danced about a pole as entertainment for Erin and his friends.Angie did her normal act dancing a slinky step right in front of tipsy Erin. He laughed and eyed her and with his tongue, he slurped her navel. Wild turn wilder yet as Beth pushed Angie to one side and doing her striptease act she soon stood before Erin, naked.Drunk to the point of idiocy, Erin fell onto his knees making out quite sensually with Beth.We were all about as drunk together and after some arguments from the restaurant manager, we got up and moved.Down the main street we traveled, from the Satyr Club to another bar. It was as we were laughing that Erin suddenly drew a face looking as if he was in some amount of pain. Seeing my friend wincing in pain I suggested he go to the mens room.Erin though drunk, walked as if his feet were either on fire or as if he broken a bone. Once in the toilet stall I heard him groan as if he was in some greater amount of pain.Bursting in on him, I looked over his shoulder seeing he had taken off both shoe and sock, putting his foot up on the seat of the toilet. We had been friends for some time but never or ever had I remembered his foot to be so malformed. His big toe had swelled larger. His next two toes had merged and they too were large and ended like the big toe as dark cube shaped toenails. His other two toes seemed to be actually shirking even as we watched.Drunk as two skunks it was I that suggested the toes were only reacting to the booze. Laughing over his problem, we soon joined the others and headed down the street to yet more fun.Walking was becoming a problem for Erin. I noted several times he looked as if trying to step along as if standing on his toes. I thought then his foot pain was getting him down, as from time to time he would lash out with a hand or fist.Ten O clock, we were all drinking again in a bar when Erin took a swing at Jon. Angered he stood at the bar and reaching to brush back his sweat soaked hair, I saw there was blood smeared on his hand. Reaching to take his hand and make him aware, he slapped me across the face and walked out of the bar.We all went after him as it was getting late and there was that promise to Lisa of bringing him home before midnight. Once outside we saw a cab speed away with our very drunk friend.Now, what I knew of Erins evening came from reports to me by three people.A short cab ride and Erin went to the flesh bar, a place renowned for orgies and the like. Jessie, a barmaid that works there told of how Erin looked when he came out of the Mens room. She said it looked like some weird costume. Erin had curving horns poked out from the top of his shaggy haired head. His eyes must have had special contact lenses, as they did not look at all human. Odder even more was he had on some furry pants that covered him all the way down to his toes.What Jessie reported reminded me of Erins toes as they looked swollen that time in the men room. She said he walked up on his toes all the time making him taller.Those there saw him as one wild character willing to make the evening memorable, as he had dressed up like some animal form. Erin sat there surrounded by lusty women, and those men even that longed to toy with him or suck.More drinks but then it was red wine that he asked for, kissing the women everywhere and drinking. Slinky hips flashed before Erin as he showed his maleness to each and any that had a need or want. Debauchery is what some call it as Erin had gotten back into the old spirit of what he used to live like.Things began to get more than wild; Erin turned mean and started fighting, cursing, and actually tossing bodies around.Jessie said at one point when a patron yelled the call of midnight and everyone was to pile into some bestial orgy, Erin bolted out the back door to the alley. She knowing Erin followed him, hearing his cries as if in some wretched agony.Bursting out the rear door Erin made quite the silhouette for Jessie. She remarked how the brown hair that coated his legs was sprouting out over his spine. A fake looking tail hung behind him all night now wagged briskly above his butt. Erins thighs looked different, more like those of some true animal.He stumbled out into the alley screaming of pain as calling out the name of Lisa. Shaking from head to toes, he screamed more and more making that fool silver bell tinkle. Jessie having seen and heard enough, turned around closing and locking the back door leading to the alley.From that point I turn to Willis Sams, he is an old black man that deals in junk. As luck might have it, he was working that alley right then and heard Erins calls for help.Standing in the shadows for his safety Willis could see what was happening. Erin stood shaking his torso violently. Screaming he pleaded to Lisa not to do to him as what he saw happening. It was if he was actually talking to her, answering her, as the change continued.Willis said he wished right then for a camera as nobody would believe what he was a witness. Erins head began to contort, changing as he screams for mercy. Crunching so loud that Willis shuddered to hear it, his skull, bones shifting, joints changing positions, and what was as horrid, Erins hands began to change.Walking still within the alley shadows Willis came to be as close as twenty feet away. He had a very detail description of how Erins hands changed and became as cloven hooves. He told of how Erins arms shortened as his legs too, becoming those of an average sized male goat.Brown shaggy long hair covered most of Erin. He had some white hairs on face, chest, and lower legs, but by then my friend looked and sounded as a real to life male goat. The only part of Erin that could remind one of what he was once, the silver bell, hung yet about his hairy neck it tinkled.Rein the Billy goat walked circles at first seemingly to get his bearings. Willis watched expecting more to happen but all remained calm. As Erin wandered the alley in maybe his drunken state, he bleated as if a lost creature looking for a friend. Willis being Willis, took a rope, made a noose, and caught Erin.The rest of that night Erin trotted along behind Willis junk wagon as he continued on doing his style of living. As the Sun came up Willis returned to his scrap yard and let the ex-human now goat into his humble home. Once inside he tried to talk to Erin but had little other response than some common bleating sounds.The silver bell about Erins neck tinkled so very much it was driving Willis plum crazy. Taking the goat out to let it graze and or whatever it needed to do, Willis slipped off that silver bell from Erins neck.Looking the neat little bell over there was engraved in it a phone number, Lisas number. A call to her surprised Willis as she told him her interest in the goat was over. She told Willis to keep the goat if he wanted or sell, even to butcher it, and then she hung up the phone.Knowing what he saw and that the goat was a man before becoming a goat, Willis decided to ask around wondering over what to do. He ultimately came to me and I got the whole story on my friend Erin.Now Willis knowing the value to silver would never waste it on a Billy goats neck. He kept the small bell and its pure silver chain. It sat around for weeks until, one night he thought to put it around his neck, if just for some fun.Erin having matured quickly under the exceptional care of nice ole Willis stood by bleating his warnings to the man. I got a frantic call from Willis about eleven that night. Terrified he told me of his putting the silver bell and chain around his neck.Even keeping his distance from Erin did not help as once the bell tinkled its power or spell began to do things. Willis having a junk yard did also have one large mean brute of a dog. It was as Willis went to feed Missy, a mixed breed of Pit bull and Saint Bernard that he felt his first pain.It was not long he told me before Missy started to look good to him and he to her. Feeling pains instilled from sensual delights, Willis soon found himself uncontrollably humped over Missys back and was in fact mating with his own guard dog.Erin stood chained to his area and bleated a strong warning to a man drenched in the pangs of animal pleasure.Willis having called me, he told of what happen begged me come to his aid.I remember well the scene as I walked into his dank little shack. There in the center of his small sitting room was Missy. She standing with her hind legs spread wide was panting in delight. Hunched over her rump was Willis, humping like there was never going to be another tomorrow. I stood mouth open, eyes wide and could not speak as what I saw was yet a man half changed into a male dog just like Missy.In a sudden action I stepped close and reaching down ripped off Willis neck the silver chain and bell. Even as it yanked off from him, he exploded his seed into the bitch, then howling like some wolf enjoying his conquest.The bell removed the curse stopped before it had taken yet another into the realm of beastly life. Willis remained hunched over missy until, I expect his knot softened allowing him to pull out her tight little slit.Slowly this once man being himself black from birth stood upright looking at me with wide eyed horror.I stood back letting the dim light from a lamp illuminate his very strange looking form. A well muscular man he was seemed more in tune with the dog he was mating. Like Missy his chest, body, arms, legs, were completely those of a dog. His balls stuck out under a flat furry butt, a tail wagged showing his glee. I know I gawked seeing his large dogs style of red, pointed cock still out erect and showing a lump from his knot.Stuttering to speak he closed his eyes as Missy being ever so loving and grateful, stood before him licking the spunk off his red hot rod.Terrified and wishing to talk Willis was distracted by his dog Missy, and her cleaning of his cock.The fangs in my friends mouth looked bright white and new. He tried had to work a mouth well on its way to being a dogs muzzle. Words came then hard and he shaking, being anxious by Missy and her licking, stood there stopped of change but maybe sixty percent as a dog.The bell removed from his neck did not make him return to the man he was before. Instead, he stood and walked about telling of his experience, slurring words, and making have to listen hard.At long last he slowed his speaking, then stopped and just stood there looking at his small house. Missy sniffed his groin making him lean forward and with hands almost as paws, he took to scrubbing her head as if to show his love.I standing there holding the bell and chain was stunned when Willis in as cool and calm a manner begged me to return it, placing the chain and bell to his neck. He modeled his halfway changed form, asking of me to let the changes continue. As Erin had not returned to human form so I figured Willis was going to remain as part dog too.Missy barked with obvious glee as once Willis donned back on the chain and bell, he began again rapidly becoming her real and proper formed mate.I own a junk yard now, one male brown goat, and two very horny mix breed dogs. Oh, I have this chain and silver bell if you would care to wear it and touch some favorite animal in the bargain.

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