April 1, 2006

My first time, male /mare

it was breeding season and it was my job to bring the mares in to see witch one were in and to get them ready and it just so happened that 3 mares were all in at the same time and my family was gone ever time i watch them get breed the year before i away had a hard on and on that day that same feeling came over me so i thought to myself that the stud was only good once a day and that it was not fair for 2 of the mares to be left out so not know witch on was goin to be breed i lined all 3 of them up and started to breed with all of them the first one was hard for me to hold back from unloading in her cause when i slide into her i was in heave soooooooooooooo wet i just laid there for a min or 2 locked up with her and then i moved on to the 2nd mare and it was the same thing but was able to move in and out of her hot love box and then went on and mounted the 3rd mare and by this time was able to really give ti to her and the hole time i was breeding with her she was contracting around my shaft it was great i lost track of the time but i breed them 3 mare i would say a good 30 mins and then i could not hold it in any longer and breed the 3rd mare and she started to contract again witch i was hoping she would shw was so hot and wet as was i from her juices i unloaded fro what seemed like 5 mins i was in heaven and ever sence then i love breeding season and the breeding to hope you enjoy reading this as i did writing it and remembering the feel of it

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