May 24, 2004

men having sex with horses

Emily was 18 an old maid to her family she was plain looking long drabby brown hair green eyes a bit lumpy on her rear end but her breasts were voluptiously large, they never thought she would marry her older sisters older brothers had married between the ages of 19 but her brothers had also married for love her sisters were married off for wealth cattle so when it was Emily’s turn finally she was also married off for beasts her husband was a well to do 35 year old farmer who had never been married himself but had inherited quite a large amount on the passing of his father his mother lived with him in the small cottage that was to become Emily’s home.every morning emily was required to rise 4am to do the breakfast while her husband let the cattle free into the paddocks she was also to help herd the goats into seperate paddocks the sheep feed the pigs as well as keep a tidy house while her mother in law would sit by the fireplace in winter knit new jumpers for her son telling her daughter in law she would have to learn to sew knit to keep them in warm clothing keep the clothes from becoming tatty .emily hated this life style she had tried to avoid it wanting to travel abroad see the sights of the world she often dreamed about meeting her prince charming but all that was gone now she was married her husband Heath wasnt a bad looking man for his age she hadnt seen him nakid not even when they had consumated their marriage.he was 6 foot 2 average build his dark hair hung across his shoulders when it wasnt tied behind his head.emily climbed into the small buggy she used to ride out to her husband while he was in the goats fields taking his lunch to him she rode out along the muddy path she loved this view of the country side luscious green mountains the grass was greener then it was in summer it was spring now the wind blew through her hair leaving her feeling fresh happy just as she got away from the front gate down the road from the cottage though she heard a crack the horse whinnied then an aweful crash as the back wheel broke into pieces .” oh no now what do I do I am to far from heath to get his lunch to him I cant leave this buggy here.” she groaned unhitched the horse tied him to the nearest tree pulled pushed the cart till it was on the grass out of anyone’s path .she walked into the field next to her holding her husbands lunch in the basket decided she would walk to him the horse would be fine grazing against the tree but after about half an hour of walking she turned realised she couldnt see the cottage seemed to not be getting any closer to heath muttering under her breath she turned back to head in the direction she thought she had come from she stopped to see if she could see anything familiar but it all looked the same .she had been warned about getting lost out here a story was going around the village of a pack of wild dogs roaming the area looking for food she heard a cracking sound of a branch breaking she stopped turned slowly saw nothing she kept walking after about 15 minutes she felt like she had to relieve herself her bladder was full so she rested under a tree removed her long white undergarments so as not to get them wet put them aside she slowly let go of her moist yellow pee into the ground below her she raised herself up to reapply her garments when she stopped dead in her tracks standing there before her was a set of the darkest evil eyes she had ever set eyes upon she whimpered the animal came closer sniffing underneath her licking the ground where she had just relieved herself she was frozen in place his hair touched the edge of her revealed clit a tingling sensation went right through herhe shifted his head around in search of the scent that had covered the ground lifting his head he lapped her cunt mound she whimpered more tears streaming down her face yet the feel of his rough tongue against her open mound gave her such a yearning she had to hold 1 hand on the tree behind her the other held her skirts in place he continued to search her cunt with his lapping tongue pushing his course fine hair in between her thighs she moaned his tongue went deeper into the open folds licking against the inside of her slickness she started to rock herself up down on the intruding tongue of the wild animal she bit her lip as another moan tried to release itself but it was hopeless as her cum flowed loosely onto the tongue of the animal splattering on the ground below them she had been a virgin when she married her husband there consumation of the marriage had gotten her wet she was almost disgusted confused the release of her juices to this wild beast’s tongue inside of her very hot wet cunt she fell to the ground on her hands knees as the dog pulled away from her panting she didnt notice him walk behind her was a bit startled as his tongue went to work again on her pussy mound she moaned reached underneath her to rub her clit hard as the tongue once again forged its way deep within her silken tunnel she was moaning about to cum again when she felt the dog climb on top of her she froze in place as she felt something warm slimey hitting against her thighs buttock she tried to pull her skirts out of the way to see what he was doing but before she could he found his mark pushed his long dog cock deep inside her pussy she whinced the pain of the huge shaft being pushed deeper into her silken folds her she pushed herself against the base of it as another stream of orgasms hit his doggy cock felt so good against her vaginal walls roughly pushing into her then pulling out slightly pushing in again then pushing harder faster with his long member prodding deep inside the wet hole something was growing against her clit pushing trying to enter her cunt she stopped moving tightened up trying to stop the painful feeling running through her body but it slipped further in then finally they were locked she had never seen animals mate before so she had no idea what this huge thing was ripping her in 2 but the warmth of the squirting dog cum mixed in with her own cum soon lightened the pain as she moaned pushed against the beastly cock it grew bigger filled her hole beyond its capability the sting of his hot jizz deep inside she groaned as the dog’s slobber ran into her hair down the side of her face her cum flowing to the pressure of the dog’s own cum which was spurting onto the ground around her legs finally he stopped moving but her orgasms kept flowing as his hard shaft leaned on her g-spot after 20 minutes the dog cock slipped out with a large slurping noise he ran off into the woods she stayed in place trying to get her head together finally standing she tore some leaves from the closest tree wiped herself clean replaced her long underwear started walking slowly back along the path she was originally walking a bit further on she heard her husband calling her name her hair a mess her skirts dirt covered she collapsed in a heap to the ground darkness overtaking her .”Dont molly codle her heath if you allow her to go wondering in the fileds for hours on end with no explanation as to where she has been look these skirts they are disgusting , dirt all over them this blood was she raised in a pig yard she must have met a man or something out there to become this disheleved?.” “Mother will you quieten down you’ll wake her dont dare accuse my wife of being unfaithful again, you heard what the doctor said she needs rest what ever happened out there yesterday was not her doing now while i am in the fields I want her to rest dont you go bad mouthing her having her do to much you hear me I love you but damn she is my wife dont tell me how to treat her I’m not dad she isnt you.” with that he left the cottage .it was still dark outside emily layed in the bed ashamed sore not sure of how long she had been out of it until hearing her husband mother in law arguing in what they tried as hushed voices she knew her mother in law had nothing but contempt for her since her marriage to heath the rumours abound through the village was that heaths father was a violent man who kept his family close to him his 2 daughters had fled the family fold married to the 1st men that asked emily hadnt met them they refused to attend the wedding for fear their mother would cause a scene , as she listened to her husband vacate the small cottage she fell into a deep sleep only to be awakened by her mother in law a few hours later .”come on child you cant sleep all day doctor or no doctor I know lying in bed doesnt help when somebody is feeling sorry for themselves come on wrap this blanket round your shoulders you can come sit by me outside in the warm sunshine .” with that emily slowly followed the woman outside although caron was in her 50′s she was still a vibrant woman her long silver hair tied in a bun on her head wearing a green skirt with a corsetted white blouse green vest they sat opposite each other emily holding a reel of wool while caron knitted more clothes chatting away delightfully about how she was making baby frocks for when her grandchildren came she wasnt allowed to see her 2 daughters children 7 in all they had 4 girls 3 strong healthy boys but as they would inherit their own fathers properties it was up to emily to give heath strong strapping healthy boys having children was the last thing on emily’s mind but she let the woman go on .they rose after about an hour began the dinner preparations for when heath returned from the fields he came through the door just after dark removed his shirt washed his hands it was the 1st time since they’d been married that emily had seen her husbands body she gasped the sight had to hold her tongue his shoulders were broad tanned his hair loosely hung down just below them when he removed his slacks she was almost embarrassed not caring his own mother was sitting so close by he wore no under garments he turned to address something his mother had murmered emily caught sight of his long member hanging between his legs she went back to stirring the pot on the fire when she heard her mother in law say to heath ” its time we taught this young thing about obedience family love heath come here .” emily half turned to see her husband roll his eyes obediently walk to his mother she took his long member into her mouth sucking it deep into the back of her throat then releasing it to the tip emily was shocked disgusted what were these people doing the dog stan layed in the corner of the cottage wagging his tail the scene before him emily having no idea why he was becoming excited by it heath raised his arm motioned for emily to come to him she shook her head he lowered his eyes as his mother sucked his 8 inches into her mouth again while untying her own corestte heath looked towards emily ” that was not a request my nieve young bride come to your husband when you are beckoned NOW .” scared from the tone in his voice she slowly moved closer to the pair as her mother in law lifted her own skirts removed her long undergarments she grabbed her daughter in laws head pushed it into her cunt emily screamed tried to strain away from the due this was insane it was CENSOR but heath helped to push her deep into the older womans cunt said ” lick her there with your tongue stick it deep into her.” emily had no idea what he had meant her mother in law looked disgustedly him ” you have not shown her the joys of her body have you heath or she would know what to do you have been with her for 4 months taught her nothing.” “shut up mother suck this .” he replied as he shoved his cock back into her hot mouth she sucked it in deeply relishing the taste as emily cried into her pussy licking the old womans clitoris for the 1st time it tasted salty smelled of vanilla she moved her tongue inside of the womans cunt licked the silken sides of it tasting every corner of her being she grabbed her mother in laws arse pulled her cunt in closer to her mouth as they both moaned in unison her mother in law cumming onto her face emily cumming on the floor making a puddle wearing only a light night covering no undergarments she pushed deeper still into the womans hot tasting hole slurped sucked the new taste sensation.heath grunted the sight before him his new bride eating his mothers cunt his mother sucking his cock he leant over to pull his brides arse closer to him she kneeled lifting it to his request he wet his finger 1st in her cunt then wiped it around the opening to shit hole wetting 2 fingers now in her slimey snatch of goo he pulled them out pushed them both deeply into her arse past the tight sphincter she moaned as he pushed them deep inside her poking them prodding them deep within her arse she pushed against his hand moaning licking sucking on her mother in laws cunt rubbing her finger against the clit her mother in law sucking on his cock he removed his finegrs from her arse helped her out of her night gown layed her on her back on the floor his mother removed the remainder of her own clothing he made her kneel over the young brides face so emily could still lick suck on her cunt mound he kneeled over the top of his bride shoved his cock into his mother stan rose from his corner walked over to caron licked her arse with his rough dog tongue she moaned the feel of the 2 tongue’s human beast licking her hole openings while sucking her sons cock deep into her mouth she pushed against the dog tongue then the dog mounted her his pre cum squirting all over emily caron he pushed his slimey shaft against carons arse pushed it deep inside emily stopped licking almost afraid to move with the balls of the dog on top of her she watched curiously as his long cock slid in out of her mother in laws arse she marvelled the size of the beast he was about 9 inches long 4 inches thick the precum was dribbling onto her chin she began licking it off her mother in laws crack sucked on the animals balls she placed 1st 3 fingers back into her mother in laws cunt then 4 then finally she pushed her fist inside of the womans vagina she pushed pulled it in out her mother in law moaned pushed back against the growing dog cock the fist inside of her cunt hole emily was being covered in dog cum her mother in laws cum it splashed onto her face neck ran down her sides heath pulled his cock out of his mothers mouth spread emily’s legs kneeling down further he took her cunt in his mouth bit lightly around the edges moving his tongue in between the open folds of his young brides cunt licking sucking on her clitoris stan stopped pushing now his dog cock grown to its full length emily looked the ball as it slowly entered her mother in laws arse forcing her own fist out of the womans gleaming cunt she moaned as heath placed his cock into her pussy roughly f his wife to orgasm she came as she had with the wild dog the day before over over it flowed out of her as her face was enveloped in dog cum her mother in laws cum together they came emily was thankful for the family she had become part of for now life was good .

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