April 2, 2004

men having sex with animals

Heres a story about a whitetail deer. I think their the sexy animals alive. Anyone know where to get any deer pics or stories? (Not TOR, I have ALL TOR’s art, their the best (www.furnation.com/tor) Their too rare. White-taleof Two Lovers Jeff was an outdoors man. He would hunt, fish, hike, and just love being outside. He was a Deer Hunter but at the time this story took place it was the off season and Jeff was enjoying watching Deer on a daily basis during his hikes through the back woods of his country home. On this day Jeff was hiking his regular trail when he noticed a Buck and two Doe Whitetail Deer in a small, grassy clearing. The Buck and one Doe were standing and, upon noticing Jeff, bounded off into the dense forest. The other Doe however, who was lying in the tall grass and could only be seen from the neck up, stayed. Jeff thought it strange that this deer was seemed so unconcerned by him, but he went on his way not wishing to disturb her.On the way back to his home, Jeff stopped in the small clearing where the Doe was resting earlier and saw that it was still there. This was strange because Jeff had been gone a good six hours. This was breeding season and the Whitetail Deer should be much more active.Jeff hesitated for a few minutes and the decided to move closer to the Doe to satisfy his curiosity. So he stepped ever so slowly toward the Doe who, although looked a little nervous, did not move. Jeff came about 3 feet from the Whitetail and saw that it was a magnificent animal. Smooth, clean, and just a beautiful creature. Jeff, while admiring the animal, also noticed blood on her front leg above the knee. This looked to him to be, without much doubt, a gun shot wound. It was not yet Deer season, so the Doe was obviously a victim of a bungled poaching attempt. Jeff was a Hunter, but he was a legal Hunter and he hated poachers.The Deer still didnt move(probably because it had no energy to do so)and just stared pathetically at Jeff. Jeff slowly reached out and petted the young Doe on the head. This seemed to calm her and to Jeffs surprise, she licked his hand. He comforted her for a few minutes and then noticed that it was late and hed at best get home for risk of getting lost in the dark. He stood up, bid the injured Doe fair well and began to leave. And to his surprise, the Doe, although staggering, got up and walked towards him. Jeff walked home slowly and tried to ignore the Deer that, ever so slowly, followed him back to his country home.It was Dawn now and as Jeff opened his back door, he turned to the limping Doe and said Your very brave for just being shot. I guess I should at least invite you inJeff was a little weary of the mess the deer might cause to his home, but he really wanted to help the poor creature so he led her inside and let her rest on a mattress he laid on the kitchen floor. He got some peroxide, cleaned her wound, and bandaged her leg. He gave her water and some Deer feed he had left over from his baits and sat next to her to give comfort.After an hour or so Jeff got a little tired and decided that hed sleep next to the deer to continue to give her comfort and to make sure shed do no damage to his home during the night. So Jeff stripped off to his boxers, laid next to the injured Doe and soon fell asleep beside her. During the night, Jeff was awaken by the Doe. She was awake and was brushing her head against his in a very loving way. Jeff smiled but he wanted sleep so he pushed the Does head toward his stomach. While doing this, and with the Doe still struggling to nudge him, the Does head brushed hard and firmly against Jeffs Penis(which had become erect during the night). Jeff whined at this, it felt good. What felt even better was that the Doe continued to snuggle into Jeffs pulsing cock even after she had pushed his boxers down and the tip of it was poking out. This felt a little weird, but living alone for so long had made Jeff needy so he let the little Doe continue to rub him. She did this for a while before settling her head on Jeffs lap, facing his erect cock.Jeff whined a little more and put his hand down to stroke the Does head, and his pulsing cock. But before he could pleasure him self, the Doe did something very surprising…it stuck its little tongue out and proceeded to lick off the pre-cum off Jeffs cock that she had just help form. Jeff sighed as the she continued her friendly attack on his needy cock. His hand was on her head, rubbing her and encouraging her to keep licking. This all felt a little wrong, but in his very needy condition, Jeff didnt care. It felt good to have the Does little tongue on his big, hard cock.After the Doe was finished with Jeffs cum-slick cock, Jeff, now feeling some attraction to this beautiful animal, decided to repay the favor. He sat up, took off the blankets, and rubbed the lovely animals belly. Slowly, as not to startle her, Jeff moved his hand between the Does legs to give her a little pleasure too. Between her legs, the fur was longer, very warm, and extremely soft. Jeff had never had any attraction to any animals before, let alone the ones he hunted for meat, but all this was making him very horny. Jeff moved his hand passed the Does soft inner thighs and placed his finger on the soft, hot flesh of her pussy. It was wet. It was, after all, mating season, and the young Doe (not getting much action because she couldnt stand long enough to be mounted by any Buck) was probably in heat as far as she could go.Jeff, still sitting up, continued to rub the Does cute(as he thought) pussy. Soon, when he felt able to without startling the timid young Deer, Jeff pushed his finger inside the steamy-hot pussy of the beautiful animal. Upon doing this, the Doe squinted its eyes, stretched out its neck, and let out a few low grunting noises. Jeff continued to finger the Doe and then lid 69″ style with her hoping to get a few more licks. Which he did. And with that he decided to start using his mouth instead of his hands.Jeff, whining with the now second friendly attack on his cock, stopped his thrusting and removed his finger. The Doe, almost as if disappointed, relaxed her neck but continued to like up the pre-cum. But her neck quickly stiffened again as Jeff held her tightly to him and replaced his finger with his tongue. She began grunting again and kept her eyes tightly closed as Jeff pleasured her in a way no Buck could. Jeff too, greatly enjoyed this. Hed never thought hed ever be going down on a deer (or any animal), but he was, and it made him even harder than before. He actually liked it. A lot. By this time, the moaning Doe had stopped licking Jeffs cock and was more or less just enjoying what was being done to her. Jeff didnt mind her lack of attention that much, he was busy admiring the Does cute little pussy and tasting her. However, with no attention payed to his ever hardening cock, Jeff was getting the urge to hump.Glancing at the Does wet pussy once more, Jeff got up and went to his Bedroom and returned moments later with a small box of condoms. He unrolled one and rubbed it over his throbbing cock. He had no intension of wearing it to fuck a Deer, but he figured that if he wanted to get his cock up a Deers tight pussy, hed need the lubricant. The little Whitetail peered up at Jeff with confused, blinking eyes as he walked behind her, lid down, spread her soft pussy, and put the tip of his cock in position to fuck this cute little creature.After a few thrusts, the Deers pussy relaxed enough for Jeffs cock to, although very snugly, slip into her. Jeff loved the firm tightness of the Does pussy, but in fear of hurting her, made only slow thrusts, and the Doe, though tense, seemed to enjoy it. She grunted her soft grunts and her sopping wet pussy squeezed Jeffs cock over and over as he thrust it in and out of her while stroking his hand over her bottom and leg. The Does soft fur felt good against Jeffs skin and, although he couldnt believe he was doing this, he continued to hump firmly. Jeff lovingly and tenderly humped the little Doe for about 25 minuets until he gave way to his pleasure and shot his hot cum into the Deers tender little pussy.Sweating, Jeff withdrew his spent penis from the Doe, crawled up next to her and whispered Thank you. And the fell asleep beside her back so she wouldnt be prone to kick him during the night.In a few days, when the Does wound was healed over, Jeff led the little Whitetail, still limping a little, back to the forest and set her off. Jeff never forgot the pleasure that the little Deer gave to him, and although he is still an avid Whitetail hunter, he refuses to shoot any Does.

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    6. For: IjungmanFrom: TORRelay by: heiferhammerTOR said: “Loved the story. Glad to hear you have enjoyed my ‘art’. I hope to be getting a computer soon and I have an offer from a fan to build me a new web-site as well. I hope I’ll be able to post some new deer (and other species) ‘art’ in the very near future.Beast regards,TOR”hh

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    7. Very well written. Now I sound like an English teacher. Maybe a horny English teacher.

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