October 21, 2005

man with female dog

Alright, I took a bit of a break but then I got started again on the next bit. Like the last two bits, I haven’t yet completely finished it, so be sure to CHECK THE THREAD for when I post the last bit. I know what’s going to happen, I just haven’t had time to write it all out yet.For reference, click here for chapter 2 if you haven’t read it.Written by Arcnay———————-This is the third chapter of the story I’m just creating as I go along. This one’s called ‘Saturday’. Chapter two happened on a friday, so this is the next day. Ann comes over after a hard week at work…=======================================Peter had awoken with a grin on his face. Indeed, it seemed now likely to be a permanent feature of his face. It seemed he was going to spend his weekend smiling.He sat up and realised Bubbles wasn’t in the room. A yawn grasped him as he was looking around the room. As his vision returned somewhat and the yawn subsided, he noticed a familiar shape moving towards him. His vision wasn’t clear. Unsure of what the coloured blotch wanted, he watched as it hovered towards him. Before he could blink and confirm what the mysterious shape was, it licked his face. Peter burst out laughing as he realised how puzzled he’d been by what he now knew was obviously Bubbles.”Good morning. I bet you were trying to get into the fridge again. C’mere dog,” he said with a nod. Bubbles walked right up beside him. He wrapped his arms around her and gave her a big, loving hug. As he unwrapped himself from the dog, his stomach rumbled. He regarded his stomach with a mocking frown, “I think this needs urgent attention.” With a mocking nod of self-assurance, he set course for the kitchen….Before he could finish whisking the last lumps out of the pancake batter, he heard a familiar sound. A car (with a knock in the engine) slowed down, the cheap brakes pads squealed and the worn suspension farted as Ann pulled into the driveway. Peter walked to the front door and opened it for Ann, then returned to his whisking duties. He’d just frowned the last of the lumps out when he heard the screen door open. He said non-chalantly, “In the kitchen.”"Ugh, that sucked. Sometimes I wonder why I do it,” groaned Ann.”Pancakes?”"A couple of small ones, I’m not that hungry.” She reached over and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek as he started to cook.”All-nighter?”"Yeah,” replied Ann, accustomed to Peter’s short responses and his habit of jumping between topics without warning. “The magazine had to go out and some of the clients left it to the last minute again. AGAIN. We all worked from Thursday morning to Friday lunchtime. The computer guy and I stayed on for another few hours until the last of the printing issues were sorted. I went straight home and slept for nearly 12 hours.”"Sounds like the usual. One day you’ll look back and wish you were still young enough to stay up all night.”"Yeah, thanks. That’s reassuring. Ass.”"Three? Syrup’s on the table.”Though she’d rested, she was still mentally worn out. Ann grunted in acknowledgement and shuffled to the table with her pancakes. Peter poured some more of the batter into the pan and left it to cook while he sorted out some food for Bubbles. Bubbles’ psychic food detection abilities were as keen as ever, and she was standing next to Peter before he’d even put his hand into the bag of dog food. He set her food bowl down just a little more ceremoniously than usual….Ann had washed up the dishes while Peter had been fighting with his gargantuan stack of pancakes. The eventual victor handed his plate to the dish-washing maid when he’d finished, then quickly cleared the table.They retreated to the lounge room. Out of both habit and comfort, Ann always went straight for the recliner and Peter preferred the sofa. He sat with his legs beside him, spending little time getting comfortable before turning on the TV for background noise. Bubbles took the chance to jump up and entangle herself with Peter’s legs.”So…” Peter said, as he often did when he had something on his mind but was struggling for the right way to phrase a question. “Had you given any more thought to what happened when you were here last?”Ann seemed as if she hadn’t heard the question. After a small delay, she moved her head slightly as she too searched for what she wanted to say. “Well, yes and no. I thought about it a little, and I know it was wrong, but…”"But?” Peter questioned.”But….I’m not sure why exactly it’s wrong. It’s not like I forced her to do anything. Neither did you for that matter. Hell, SHE snuck up on ME.” Ann frowned in consternation for a moment. The she mused, “So if there isn’t anything wrong with it, why is it wrong?”Peter knew it was a rhetorical question, but took the opportunity to reply. “I suppose it’s a social stigma. It’s against the law, but so was oral sex at the time when the beastiality law was made. I can assure you Bubbles quite enjoyed it too.” Ann frowned some more….Peter needed to shower, so he left Ann to think to herself for a while. He needed a shave, and decided to take the opportunity to catch up on a few small items of personal grooming. He knew this would give Ann a good 20 minutes on her own, after which he was sure she’d have passed her vexation. The hot water felt particularly wholesome and refreshing this morning, so he did not hurry.Meanwhile, Ann was sitting in her chair staring through the TV. She was a fairly accepting person, but had been brought up by a very orthodox family. Try as she might, she had trouble looking at things with the same unjudging objectivity that Peter had. Still, she knew what he’d said only moments earlier was quite true. Ann was sure he’d been thinking straight, not with his penis (as some men are prone to do). She decided it would take more time to really sink in, and resolved not to think about it for a while.”You’re a worry, dog,” Ann said to Bubbles. On hearing the word ‘dog’, Bubbles stood up, wagged her tail and walked over to Ann. The dog sat at her feet and rested her head on Ann’s right leg, still wagging her tail. “Aww, how can I resist a request like that?” swooned Ann as she scratched the dog’s head.Bubbles did quite enjoy the attention, but she had other things in mind. Not only did she remember the taste when she was last in the situation, but she was also smart enough to know how much Ann had enjoyed it. If there’s anything that she enjoyed, it was pleasing her owner and his human mate. So she stood up, moved forward slightly and pressed her nose into Ann’s crotch.It goes without saying that this took Ann by surprise. She recoiled back into the seat and crossed her legs. Bubbles took half a step back and looked straight at Ann with her most playful face. The dog was wagging her tail so hard that her hips moved side to side. Ann was thinking rapidly to herself, debating whether it was right or wrong to do what Bubbles had proposed. The seed of lust was already planted though, and the outcome was inevitable.Trying to maintain the appearance of being casual, she walked around the room and closed the curtains. She walked past the front door and closed it, making sure it was locked. As she passed the sofa, she could hear Peter was still shaving. He’d be atleast another 10 or 15 minutes in the bathroom yet. Assured that she had privacy, she began to remove her jeans. Bubbles, who had been following her around the whole time, wagged her tail even more intently.After she’d extricated herself from her jeans and removed her shoes, she nervously started to pull down her panties. With her attention consumed on her own internal debating, she completely failed to notice where the dog had moved to. As she pushed her panties down over her knees she was startled by a very cold and wet nose between her upper thighs. She nearly leapt from one side of the room to the other in surprise. She couldn’t help but smile and giggle as she moved back to the recliner to get comfortable.Ann sat on the edge of the recliner, then lay back and spread her legs to steady herself. The dog enthusiastically had a quick sniff, then right away began licking. Firstly around her inner thighs and around Ann’s labia. Logically the dog was licking the salty sweat from her skin, but Ann couldn’t help but wonder if Bubbles knew she was teasing.It didn’t take long before Ann became rather excited. As her body started to produce its natural lubrication, the dog’s keen sense of smell caught onto it. With only a moment’s pause, the dog was licking Ann’s labia in long strokes of her tongue from bottom to top. Bubbles’ tongue only made Ann more excited, causing her to produce more of her juices, which in turn made the dog lick harder. Every time she licked harder, her tongue rubbed against more of the inside of Ann’s labia.After another minute, the dog’s stroke increased just enough to rub against Ann’s clitoris. She had been concentrating of the sensation against the inside of her, and was caught off guard. The first time, she gasped loudly. Her lungs now full of air, she squeaked the next few times until she eventually settled into a quiet rhythm of moaning quietly. Ceaselessly and remorselessly, Bubbles continued to lap up Ann’s lubrication, from her perineum all the way up to her clitoris. The stimulation of her large tongue was enough to bring Ann to the point of climax in little more than another minute.As she tensed her body in anticipation of orgasm, Bubbles stopped her ministrations and moved her head back a little. Curiously the dog sniffed at the vagina in front of her. Just as ann began to look forlorn, Bubbles moved forward once more and pushed the entire length of her tongue inside of Ann.”Holy Jesus” Ann exclaimed in a strangely masculine mix of shock and pleasure. Once more, she’d been completely unprepared for what had happened. Being as close to climax as she was though, this quickly left her mind. On only the third such penetration of Bubbles’ tongue she was pushed over the edge. A quick but intense wave of pleasure ran through her body, but quickly began to subside. She wasn’t so sensitive that being licked was unpleasant, so she allowed Bubbles to continue as she saw fit.As she writhed on the chair to get a little more comfortable, she noticed Peter standing in the hallway. She realised she hadn’t heard the shower running, though she could see he’d clearly already finished shaving his beard. He had only wrapped a towel around himself when he came to investigate the noise, and it did nothing to hide the erection he now sported…

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    1. good stuff arcnay, cant wait to find out what happens next. =DI love that this is a believable story, with a nice mixture of real life issues. haha, call me crazy, but all those fantasies tend to get boring after a while.

      Comment by Wrin — October 21, 2005 @ 1:52 pm

    2. Great stuff mate…

      Comment by grouse — October 23, 2005 @ 5:39 pm

    3. Very nice I look forward to the next in the series Sincerely,DreadTigress

      Comment by DreadTigress — October 24, 2005 @ 2:22 pm

    4. Alright, here’s the last part. Sorry it took me a little while to finish, I was working hard looking for a new job. HEre it is:============================================================”She started it,” Ann said both defensively and playfully. Peter had no doubt that Ann was telling the truth.”Well, if you’re really that open about it, perhaps I could share a new secret with you,” Peter announced. “I’m not sure if you’d noticed, but Bubbles is in heat. She’s at the start of her heat, infact, so it’ll last for another fortnight or more perhaps.” Ann wasn’t quite sure why he had mentioned it. Her mind was yet innocent enough not to make the connection. All the same, Peter walked around Bubbles and encouraged her to return to licking Ann.Bubbles was pulling no punches and already had her tongue buried to its limit within Ann. The afterglow and sensitivity from her orgasm had nearly died away, so she regarded Peter with intense curiosity. Slowly, as he revealed his intent, her eyes opened wide in astonishment.”Are you….will she….” stuttered Ann, unable to enunciate the thoughts running through her head. Instead she used her finger to indicate to Peter what she meant to ask.”Bubbles and I had a wild time last night. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to share it with you, but here goes anyway,” said Peter. He was now kneeling behind the dog. He took his time to get into position so that he could watch Ann’s crotch more closely. Eventually, however, he was kneeling where he needed to be. Carefully he inserted a finger into Bubbles’ vagina and rubbed her until she began to produce her natural lubrication. He would need as much of that as he could coax out of her.Though he wanted to cause pleasure, he was careful not to stimulate her clitoris. Not just yet, at any rate. First using one finger, he moistened his second finger and resumed using both his index and middle finger at once. Once or twice he brushed against her sensitive spot accidently, causing her to thrust her hips downward. Before a minute had passed, he was wiping the dog’s juices onto his penis to ensure it was well lubricated.All the while, Ann was staring with wide-open eyes. She was struggling to believe that such a thing could be done to a dog, let alone the dog enjoying it. It took a while before it sank in, but slowly the shock passed and she realised she was becoming incredibly turned on. It wasn’t everyday that you had a ‘doggie threesome’.Peter may have thought the same thing too, had he not been once more taken by his newly-discovered, animalistic lust. The tip of his penis was pressed up against the dog’s entry. Slowly he pushed until he was all the way in.”My God Ann, she’s so HOT. It’s unbelievable,” exclaimed Peter in recaptured amazement. He began slowly thrusting in and out of Bubbles. Intentionally he rubbed up against her clitoris as much as he could. He knew that the intense contractions inside her vagina would bring him to orgasm while also letting him know the dog had her share of the pleasure. He also hoped that the two of them in their throes of orgasm would also send Ann over the edge.Ann showed no sign of having moved her gaze. Still wide-eyed and enthralled, she boggled as she watched Peter’s member sink all the way into the innocent, playful dog that was still licking her to orgasm. Once more though, her brain got a hold of the situation and she became even more turned on. Bubbles had not once missed a beat, and was still pushing her tongue deep into Ann’s womanhood and pulling it out again just as fast as stamina would allow.The three of them now were not far off their respective orgasms. Bubbles’ internal contractions were increasing in intensity, and she was pushing her hips down onto Peter just as hard as gravity would let her. This pushing was causing intense pleasure in Peter, who was now gritting his teeth and prolonging himself with a great force of will. Ann in turn was very wet and grinding her hips around on the chair to try and increase her own stimulation.Without warning, Bubbles moved back and started licking thin air with her head thrown back. Peter now knew this was a sign that she was about to orgasm. Ann looked forlorn once more, but quickly took matters into her own hands. She used her right hand to rub her clitoris while she thrust two fingers from her left hand inside her to replace the tongue she now lacked.In the seconds it took her to do this, Bubbles had started her orgasm. The dog was flailing her head side to side and licking her lips like a dog possessed. That was all the signal Peter required to lose himself also. Bucking his hips forward and back like an animal, he grunted loudly and shot the first of many spurts of hot semen into his tight, hot pet. Completely bereft of higher brain activity, he could only revel in yet another orgasm that totally eclipsed anything he’d imagined. It seemed like an eternity before he opened his eyes and drifted back to his loungeroom. On the recliner, Ann lay prostrate and collapsed.What Peter hadn’t seen was Ann’s own explosion of primal pleasure. Watching Peter thrust wildly, she too had groaned loudly and given into her most powerful orgasm ever. At the start of it though, her conciousness had withdrawn inside her. Any perception of the had world disappeared as she’d existed only in pleasure for long, beautiful, intense moments. When that had passed, she had temporarily lost conciousness. It is in that state that Peter now looked at her.”Ann. Ann?” Peter said loudly. Slowly she stirred, and a smile came to dominate her face. She opened her eyes and looked at Peter, but could not begin to find the words to express how she felt. Her smile was returned, however, in complete comprehension.As Peter’s previously erect member slipped out of Bubbles’ vagina, the dog moved forward to rest her head on Ann’s lap. She was rewarded with a quick pat on the head before Ann slumped back down in her recliner. Bubbles then turned to Peter again. She was wagging her tail joyfully as she pushed her body up against his.Peter gladly fell backwards with his dog on top of him. He wriggled to the side a little and leant up against the couch with Bubbles still on his lap, looking up at him intently. With the remote control he flicked the TV on. Bubbles napped in his lap as he watched TV and waited for them both to wakeup and recover. What an interesting weekend lay ahead.

      Comment by Arcnay — October 24, 2005 @ 3:57 pm

    5. Superbly written as usual sweety You most definately have a future in writing

      Comment by seductive_ann — October 25, 2005 @ 2:17 am

    6. Thanks Ann. It’s really very easy to get your imagination going when it’s a fantasy, but I still can’t find a decent non-erotic story to write yet

      Comment by Arcnay — October 25, 2005 @ 4:03 pm

    7. Great story, I really enjoyed it, thank you for posting.

      Comment by shylark — October 25, 2005 @ 4:35 pm

    8. I don’t see anything wrong with writing erotic stories I find them very stimulating and would like to see more stories forthcoming…..

      Comment by BeastZeke — December 8, 2005 @ 3:23 am

    9. QUOTE (Arcnay Oct 25 2005, 12:03 PM) Thanks Ann. It’s really very easy to get your imagination going when it’s a fantasy, but I still can’t find a decent non-erotic story to write yet I don’t think anyone here will mind if you keep this story going while you’re waiting for other inspiration , or maybe start a new one Thanks for a great story that really catches the imagination.

      Comment by furisforfun — December 8, 2005 @ 5:57 am

    10. Glad you liked it, furisforfun.

      Comment by Arcnay — January 18, 2006 @ 5:39 am

    11. This story is not getting enough attentionRose

      Comment by Rose1 — January 18, 2006 @ 10:01 am

    12. Great story, well written, excellent diction and grammar. A pleasure to see someone combining good storytelling with a high standard of English Pray, continue

      Comment by RSQ — January 26, 2006 @ 9:47 am

    13. You have an awesome writing style – keep up the good work And thanks for sharing

      Comment by Fenrisulfr — January 26, 2006 @ 10:00 am

    14. wow fabulous story you indeed do have a talent for writing. thank you for sharing it w/ us, it was quite entertaining. gawd, i’m damp i am a newbie i am going to give you my first vote of 10 don’t stop writing

      Comment by mollyxxx — January 30, 2006 @ 7:02 am

    15. i want to see more bestiality clips

      Comment by my name is — February 17, 2008 @ 6:00 pm

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