August 3, 2006

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After two days Maria called and told me that she had met with Carol who was interested to get the 2 dogs. Having arranged the financial issues, Maria gave me the telephone of Carol and asked me to get in contact with her since she had to leave for few days on a business trip.On the afternoon she brought the 2 dogs to me. She let me a small purse containing some pills and a small bottle. Nicky you may use a pill for each dog if you want to make them be calm during the training sessions or when you will introduce Carol to them. You may also use the bitch odor contained in the bottle. I will be back next week, take good care of Carol she said laughing and she left.I took the dogs inside and sat looking at the beautiful creatures in front of me. Two handsome males, a rot (Storm) and a lab (Rudy) both black. I petted their heads and they both wagged their tales looking very friendly. I went to the kitchen and they followed me. I put some food in a dish and I filled a big bowl with fresh water, then I closed the door of the kitchen letting them inside.Next thing I did was to make a telephone call to Carol .I heard a sensual yes.Hi I am Nicky. Hi Nicky how are you. Maria told me about you. I was expecting your telephone call. When are we going to meet each other? Would you like to come here with the boys?Within an hour I was at her door steps. Carol kissed me and welcomed me inside commenting Nicky you are so young and beautiful get them inside. I made the introduction of Storm and Rudy. We went to her living room. She took my hand and she said I widowed 5 years ago. Now I am 42 and havent date any men so far. I just have a relationship with Kate my best friend with whom I share all my secrets. She gave me the idea of getting a dog when we saw some pictures at the internet .I have to confess to you that I am a bit scared and hesitant but curious, all at the same time. I would like you to be patient and to assist me properly giving me the time to overcome all my fears.Carol, there in no reason to worry about, I will be next to you in every step I said.Then we went to her bedroom leaving the dogs outside and we took our clothes off. I admired her beautiful body. She put one hand to her breasts and the other one in her thighs to cover her sensual parts. She asked me to close the curtains. In the gloom I approached her from behind and I hugged her warmly rubbing gently her breasts and stomach. You dont have to be shy with me Carol just relax and let me introduce you to the boys, I whispered. Carol sat on the edge of the bed. She lay back while her legs hung outside the bed. I helped her to open her legs and I caressed gently her pussy. I felt her pussy being already wet. I called the dogs inside. I tied Storm to a heavy chair and I brought Rudy in front of Carol. I pointed my wet fingers to his nose and while he was sniffing I got my hand close to Carols pussy. Rudy licked my hand and her pussy at the same time. He then started licking her. Carol instinctively made an attempt to close her legs but I pushed them back and hold them open. Carol let a breath of sigh and her legs trembled slightly as Rudy continued to push his nose to her pussy licking her with his long tongue. I raised her leg to give better access to Rudy and with my other hand I touched her belly. I felt her thighs and her belly trembling slightly while she was moaning slowly. I pulled back Rudy and I went to bring Storm. Carol let a deep sigh why did he stop she asked breathing heavily. I untied Storm. He went immediately towards her and in a second he started licking her. Obviously he has sensed her smell and this excited him. He humped slightly and his cock protrude from his sheath. Carol started moaning and breathing heavily. I knew she was near to her orgasm. I touched her thigh and caressed her belly. Suddenly I felt her belly vibrating and her body twitching from her orgasm. I pulled back Storm while she sat still on the bed being sunk in her pleasure. I went to the living room with the 2 dogs waiting for Carol to come there..both Storm and Rudy made some attempts to lick me. They stopped their attempts when I shouted NO. After a while I heard the telephone ringing. Carol harried to answer. It was her friend Kate

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    1. Very nice and I liked it very much. Another 10. Pet

      Comment by petlover54 — August 3, 2006 @ 9:06 am

    2. hi Kate .. I am fine No I cant go out today why? See I am not alone yes I have them here they are really cute.. no not yet .. we have just started Nicky let them lick me and it was wonderful .yes I had a tremendous orgasm.Who is Nicky? The girl who helps me in training them. what next? Mmm I am anxious to see what will be to go all the waywhat ?? you want to come here ?? I dont know let me ask Nicky. Its ok , she may come I said. Ok hon we will be waiting for you to come here, she said.I asked Carol if she wanted to proceed a little bit further. You mean all the way? she asked. I said no, not yet. This time I will make Rudy lick your breasts. This will make you feel his fur and the warmth of his body.We went back to her bedroom followed from Rudy. I closed the door and Carol sat again on the edge of the bed laying back. I heard Storm woofing outside the door.Obviously he has smelled Carols excitement. I approached Carol keeping Rudy from his collar. She opened her legs. I caressed her pussy for a while and then I inserted gently one finger inside. She was very wet. I took my wet finger out and rubbed it on both her tits. I let Rudy to lick her pussy for a while and then I prompted him to put his front paws up on the bed. He sniffed Carols breasts and then he started licking her nipples. She moaned as she felt his tongue on her tits and his body on her. mmmm his body is so warm, I hope he wouldnt bite me.. she said breathless. No way, I said. While his pelvis remained in a distance from her pussy I stroke a bit his sheath. His cock protruded all the way from his sheath and his knot swelled into my palm. I kept his cock some inches away from her pussy and massaged gently his knot. His precum hit her pussy lips. He tried to hump but I kept him firmly letting him only to spray her pussy with his hot spurts. Carol let a deep sigh moving slowly her pelvis to and fro. What is he doing to me ? she asked. He became very aroused and he needed some relief I said. The hot liquid you sense is his precum. mmmm its so hot ahhhh its tingling me,she said. Her legs trembled and she let a deep sigh as her orgasm hit her.

      Comment by nickyecon — August 9, 2006 @ 8:31 am

    3. very good

      Comment by mack500 — August 9, 2006 @ 10:11 am

    4. I took Rudy and Storm to the living room. Rudy lied down and started licking his cock. Storm stayed in front of me as he was waiting for something. I got dressed while Carol went to the bathroom to take a shower. After a while she came to the living room wearing her clothes. Kate will be here in few minutes she said. When the door bell rang, Carol harried to open the door. Rudy rose up and Storm turned towards the door both ready to run there. I tied theme both at the legs of the heavy table and I went to welcome Kate. Carol gave her a hug and she kissed her on her mouth. Then she introduced me to Kate. Kate kissed me on my cheeks and then we went into the living room. She saw the dogs and she said: owww so these are the boys you have told me. They are so cute. I hope they dont bite she said .Then she approached them slowly and caressed cautiousness their heads. Then she sat on the big sofa crossing her legs. All have to say is that I have got really very excited by what you told me on the phone, she said. I hope you have already made your mind for going further, Carol she said. Yes Carol. See, so far I loved every moment having them lick me and I believe the best part will be when I will mate completely with them.Nicky, Carol is much braver than me. Who knows maybe watching Carol to do it I will reconsider the whole thing. Mmmm the thought of Carol doing a dog really excites me. What I need now is a strong drink. she said. Carol fixed the drinks and she offered us the glasses. Nicky, do you think I am ready now for going all the way? she asked. “Well,” I said, putting down my drink . I think its time now to get them know you better I said laughing. But first let me tell you some details on how dogs behave when they mate. A dog is an amazing lover that know exactly what a woman expected from him. Once he gets inside, his dick continues to grow and get bigger. The dog fucks with hard and deep thrusts. The dog humps at a rapid pace, faster than a man can. When the dog starts humping a knot forms at the base of his cock. His whole purpose is to get the knot in you which seals the vagina and then he cums to impregnate his bitch. Because his body temperature is higher than humans, his precum and his sperm feels like boiling lava in the womb. Carol, had already felt how warm his cum is. Mmmm yes she murmured. Also the dog cums much more than a man, spurting his hot cum in waves for a long time, intensifying and culminating explosive orgasms. I untied Rudy and I headed to Carols bedroom. Carol and Kate followed me.Kate sat to a chair and remained silent. I asked Carol to take off her clothes down her waist. This will become a sign for him every time you want him I said. Now you must kneel in front of your bed and put your hands on the mattress.When she positioned herself I released the lab. He run immediately behind her and he put his nose to her pussy. His tongue snaked out and he licked her from her tight little asshole all the way up to her stiff clit and back again. Carol moaned slowly. His haunches started humping slowly and his long dog-dick start to twitch under his belly. The tip of Rudys dick began peeking out of its hairy sheath beneath his body. Being pretty excited from her smell he started dancing about on his hind paws. He then raised one of his front paws and put it on her back ready to mount. She gasped and without looking at me she asked is he going to f me now? I coaxed the lab to mount her raising gently his front paws. Carol let a deep breath as she sensed his body on her. When she felt his sheath contacting her pussy she raised her hips tohelp his entry. He grabbed firmly her waist with his front paws and then he took a step toward Carol with his back legs and hunchedtrying to get his cock inside her. When the tip of his cock sensed the wetness of her pussy he buried his cock in her moving to and fro in a frenzy rhythm. She gasped sharply and groaned “Oh God It’s in. How do you feel Carol?? Are you ok??” Kate asked. Mmmm I am ok I feel him getting bigger, stretching me a little, and his cock is twitching inside me. It’s so nice and I feel so full,” she said breathless.Kate kept her eyes wide open and she slipped her hand into her panties and started rubbing her pussy.Carols breathing got quicker as her first orgasm hit her. Owww my god I am cumming she murmured. Rudy took a long powerful lunge, and then he became very still.mmmm why did he stop moving? Carol asked. She felt him start to swell to seal her vagina as he comes. Carol felt him start to swell andlooked at me, her eyes widening. “How big will he get?” she asked. “Just stay still and enjoy he won’t hurt you” I said. Rudy raised his tail and his balls pulsed rhythmically spurting his cum in her. Owwww ,mmmmm he is cumming in me ..its so hot ..I’m gonna cum again, Oh my God, I’m cumming again” she hissed as she started to pant and gasp.

      Comment by nickyecon — August 11, 2006 @ 8:00 pm

    5. Thank you Nicky Again, keep up the great work. We missed you Mr Mrs Farmerdude

      Comment by farmerdude — August 12, 2006 @ 9:00 am

    6. You are doing wonderful work. Thank you for telling us about it.Rose

      Comment by Rose1 — August 12, 2006 @ 5:10 pm

    7. WOW what a great story Can’t wait for morePASANDRAL

      Comment by PASANDRAL — August 12, 2006 @ 11:54 pm

    8. Kate fingered herself hurriedly panting heavily. She raised her legs abutting on her tiptoes and then she collapsed on her chair.Suddenly Rudy made an attempt to dismount Carol and to turn around. Carol yelled ahhh it hurts it hurts. I grabbed firmly Rudys collar and his front paw to keep him on her back. I pulled him a bit forward and she let a deep breath of relief as she felt his knot getting back in her. Rudy stayed calm on her back pushing his pelvis on hers to keep his cock inside. After about ten minutes he stepped slowly back and his cock came out of Carols pussy. Kate kneeled next to Carol and caressed her head. Are you ok honey? she asked. Mmmmm yes I have never felt so nice Kate. “Would you like to take a break or continue with Storm?” I asked.Yes I want to continue but let me get my breath for a second.

      Comment by nickyecon — August 29, 2006 @ 8:38 am

    9. A very hot story. Thanks, and keep it going. Gave you a 10. Pet

      Comment by petlover54 — August 29, 2006 @ 10:26 am

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