September 16, 2006

how to have sex with a dog

This is my first post ever, ive sort of been a shadow for the better part of a year in this forum, but after watching one of the movies posted by knotty (the outtake one, what a legend she is) a thought popped in to my head, now here was a women, very attractive and was it felt like making love with her dog, in most of the movies in the vip movies forum lack this quality, anyway i digress. The thought that passed through my mind was how easy is it to hold down a normal relationship meaning male/female or female/female or indeed male/male whilst still being a beastiality lover?would it be just kept under wraps and treat it more like an affair with the animal or even the human, i dont know if this question has been asked before but it intrigues me?

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    1. Well, I’m single currently, but I’ve held multiple seperate dating relationships (and one temporary engagement that was broken off for unrelated reasons) while having my mental and psychological passion, love and attraction toward animals. I’ve never kept it a secret from anyone I’ve dated since I embraced that part of myself, because if it became a long-standing relationship, I wanted that secret about myself to already be in the open. I planned on acting on it when the right time came and didn’t want it to be a shock.I personally think you should always find a way to discuss it and explain it to your human partner, it’s too big of a secret(and a part of yourself) to keep forever, and keeping it a secret and then getting caught/discovered can be incredibly damaging.That gets much harder when the partner isn’t ok at all with his/her significant other’s interest in sexual relations with animals, and I don’t have experience in that one yet(god, I hope I never do.). That’s where it’s purely up to the person and depends upon how they value their human relationship and what they want to do regarding their attraction to animals. Some people would be willing to leave a partner to be able to have the freedom to love an animal, and others wouldn’t dream of leaving a person they care for to have an animal. Relationships can be held with the active involvement of animal-love, though, you can see that just by seeing some of our regular members whose human mates are perfectly fine with their interests. It can be done. It just all depends on the couple and what works for them and what they’re willing to sacrafice to pursue animals or to pursue only their human relationship.

      Comment by EnigmaticVixen — September 16, 2006 @ 3:31 pm

    2. I can’t hold down a normal relationship wether I’m active or not

      Comment by southflorida — September 16, 2006 @ 3:54 pm

    3. I’ve not been in a normal relationship for several years now. Always found that the BDSM lifestyle suited me better.

      Comment by ownedjulia — September 16, 2006 @ 6:49 pm

    4. I and another man became domestic partners 17 years ago but I kept my animal love a secret from him. He found out and when he did, things turned extremely ugly and this discovery became one of the major factors in the severing of the partnership which ended in horrible bitter emnity. Keeping my special love of animals secret from a relationship was a mistake I would never make twice. If I were ever to consider a human partner again, he would have to know about my special love of animals and either be into it or at least be completely OK with it.HB This post has been edited by horseback on Sep 16 2006, 04:54 PM

      Comment by horseback — September 16, 2006 @ 8:52 pm

    5. me and dan (my hubby) introduced beastility into our lives 15 years ago ill not bore you with the whys and when we got in to it, but we have been in a happy relationship now for 26 years and still going strong, and beastility is a happy and for us a normal thing we both love and enjoy, it does not get in the way of any aspect of our relationship and will remain with us as long as phisicaly possible. vickyanddan x x x

      Comment by vickyanddan — September 16, 2006 @ 10:53 pm

    6. The question in how far it works depends on the persons involved, and how understanding they are. And how they found each other. If they found each ther here, as an example, it would be no sevret that they are into animal sex, so that question should be solved. The alternatives are, if one part of the relationship can live his animal love without knowledge of the other. We have members here doing so.Coming out to the life partner can turn out many ways. A fella I know said to his wife: I am into animals. She: You mean sexually? He: Yes. She: Do with your horse what you find responsible, but stay away from mine. He: OkBut coming out could also cause the members of a relationship to part ways. And take care, an ex. can shout really loud where most people will hear it.Some of us are only into animals, and have or seek no human partner. We have one problem less

      Comment by Wirehair — September 17, 2006 @ 2:13 am

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