November 22, 2004

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another great story i found on the neti don’t know who’s the author but he’s great and i’d like to thank him to write so good storiesChapter 1The door to the sitting room opened, and a short, slightly plump woman of about 30 years old entered. The door closed quickly behind her. Cassie looked up from the book she was reading and then put it face down on the couch, so she wouldnt lose her place. The woman who entered was crying, she crouched down slightly, using one hand to cover her vagina, and using the other arm to cover her medium-sized breast. Cassie rose quickly and ran over to her, hugging her and stroking her brown hair.Dont worry everythings alright. Please stop crying. No one will hurt you. Cassie said soothingly.But Im totally naked the woman cried. Th-they took my clothes she sobbed.I know, I know Cassie replied. Dont worry though. No one has done anything to actually hurt us she continued.The sobbing woman looked up and gazed at Cassie. Hey, my names Cassie Cassie said, extending her hand in friendship.The woman saw a pretty platinum blond woman smiling gently in her direction. And she noticed Cassie was totally nude, too. But she wasnt shyly covering herself up either. She straightened up, allowing her hands to fall away from covering her nudity. She cautiously reached out to shake Cassies hand. name is Sarah she said, looking around at the nicely decorated room, while shaking Cassies hand. Where are we? The last thing I remember was going upstairs at the club with some of my friendsThen I woke up in a bare room on a small bed. I had no clothes on. A voice a mechanical voice came through the intercom on the wall. I couldnt tell if it was a mans or a told me to open the door and leave the room. I took the sheet from the bed that I was on, but the voice told me to leave itIt said walk out into the hallway, make a right turn and then go down three doors. Then I was to open the door on the left and walk in.I did that, the woman continued. But when I was outside in the hallway, I tried to run. I tried to open other doors. But all of the other doors were locked. Only this one openedSarah started sobbing again and covered her face. Why dont you have on any clothes What is going on hereCassie hugged Sarah again and answered as calmly as she could. I was brought here 4 weeks ago Cassie began. My story is similar to yours. I was leaving a party and got into my car. That was the last thing I remember before arriving here wherever here isYouve been here 4 weeks Sarah cried. Again she began to cry.Sarah you have to pull yourself together Cassie exclaimed. Besides, I wasnt the firstSarah looked at her with horror. Just then a door to another room, a door on the opposite wall from the door that Sarah had used to enter the room, opened. A redhead with nice, large hips and large breasts entered the room, carrying a plate full of cheese and crackers. She too, of course, wore no clothing. When she saw Sarah, she almost dropped the plate. A momentary look of surprise crossed her face and she looked at Cassie and said, Oh another one I cant believe it Looking at Sarah she asked, So you just arrived? Well, get used to it Ive been here 6 weeks and Im starting to like it here.Sarah looked as if she would start crying again, and turned towards the door that she had used to enter the room. She ran over and pulled on the knob. The door didnt budge. Letmeoutofhere she squealed to no one in particular. When the door wouldnt budge, she ran over to the large plate glass window which was permitting the sun to light and warm the room. Looking around, she spotted a footstool and picked it up to throw it at the window.Nodont the redhead began to yell. But it was too late. Sarah heaved the stool at the window, and the stool got caught up in the vertical window blinds as it bounced off of the glass. The blinds came crashing down, tangled in with the stool. Bright light streamed into the room. I told you not to do that the redhead yelled at Sarah. Now we may not be able to fix thatWhat do you care? Sarah retorted. If youre a prisoner too, then Id be helping us bothWeve already tried that the redhead spit back. As a matter of fact, weve tried everything This house is inescapableInescapable? Sarah quietly asked. There must be a way outNono way out Cassie added. Sarah, we have triedSarah ran through the door that the redhead had come out of and found herself in a kitchen. A large refrigerator, modern range and beautiful counters greeted her. She ran through the next door and found herself in a dining room. There were several doors here and Sarah chose the one on the right. That dead-ended into a large bathroom, complete with Jacuzzi bathtub, separate stand-up shower, three sinks with tasteful cabinets. Turning around, she ran out into the dining room, and this time ran through the untried door. This opened into a large bedroom with 4 beds that contained two open hallways that appeared to be walk-in closets (empty). Another doorway from the bedroom led Sarah into a large room. The only thing in the room was what looked to be a padded bench. Underneath the bench were what appeared to be tie-downs something used to keep the bench in place. On the opposite wall were what appeared to be padded handcuffs or restraints. They were matched by restraints on the wall close to the floor, however the spacing was different. At the far end of the room was another door. Sarah ran for the door and tried to open it but it was locked tightly. As she continued to struggle with the doorknob, the redhead and Cassie entered the room from the other end.Sarah Just calm down a minute Cassie implored. Seemingly defeated for the moment, Sarah faced the two. The redhead stuck out her hand and walked towards Sarah. Hi I dont believe we were properly introduced. My name is Liz the redhead offered, smirking. I know how you feel, we were all there once she continued.All? Who else is here? Sarah asked, accepting Liz hand.Just then, an Asian woman of about 25 years old entered the room from behind Liz and Cassie. She had a very trim, slender body with a well-rounded ass and medium-sized perky breasts. She was sweating.I guess you didnt see me during your mad dash she said. I was in the gym. My name is Julie. Julie also offered her hand to Sarah.Gym? What gym? Sarah asked.They made a gym in one of the walk-in closets. Im trying to buff up so that I can escape when our time comes Julie informed Sarah. Come on back into the sitting room and well explain what we know.They all walked back into the sitting room. Being in the presence of other young, well-built women made Sarah slightly nervous, but she found she already forgot their nudity. As she calmed down she noticed that all three of the women ranged in age from early 20s to her age of about 30. She also noticed that they were all completely shaved. They sat around on various chairs and the sofa and Cassie began to explain. During the past 6 weeks, each of them had turned up in the hotel one at a time. It had started with Liz, then Cassie then Julie one about every two weeks. This was the only pattern that they had noted. Their food, bedding and towels in fact all of their necessities had been provided through a double-door in the second walk-in closet. The women had waited at night at the door. When they heard a noise they tried to open the door to get into the small area between the two doors, however, that door remained locked until the person or persons on the other side were finished. All instructions had come through typewritten notes left with their supplies. During the day, they were to put their trash in the area between the doors and it would be removed. If they didnt comply, they would get no food they were told. It was as simple as that. They didnt know why they were kept without any clothes, but figured whoever it was was probably very horny, and had set up some kind of camera system in the rooms. If they had, the women had not found them. However, the captors seemed to know what they did during the day. They were given books to read, television to watch and even a VCR with a variety of tapes. Liz appeared as if she had accepted her entrapment, and said that at least the captors are not abusing the women and giving them things to do. It could be a lot worse. Sarah asked what the far room was for, the one containing the padded bench. The women said they were unsure, but they had stayed away from it as much as possible. They had never been instructed to use the room, or even how to use it. The only odd things that they had been requested to do, was to stay nude, and keep their pussies closely shaved. Since they were young, they would have done that anyway, but it gave them an uneasy feeling. However, they complied so as not to cause trouble, and they told Sarah that she would have to also. Sarah noticed that Julie had a tattoo on her right breast and one on the calf of her leg. Liz had one on the small of her back, and since they were all nude, there was no hiding those types of things, including tan lines and imperfections.The conversation turned towards their personal lives. The three earlier captives had discussed where they lived at an earlier time, and found that the areas were geographically diverse. Liz came from Boulder, Colorado, Julie from Fremont, California, and Cassie from Phoenix, Arizona. Sarah told them that she was from Las Vegas, or had been, up until she was abducted. They had no idea where they were now. They were only able to guess at a general area by looking out of the fortified window, and all that they could see were trees such as Pine and Cedar. It looked as if they were in a forest or wooded area, but nothing else could be determined. The television that they were given had no local stations, but the women had guessed that they were somewhere in the western US.They discussed what they might have in common that appealed to their abductors, and they came up with three similarities. First, they were all young, appealing women with slight differences such as hair color, body styles and race. Their variety might be the very thing that was appealing to their captors. Next, they were all single and unattached. They had little contact with their families, and might not be missed for a while. And thirdly, they all enjoyed sex. They all liked men, but had experiences with other women. As a matter of fact, Sarah was told by the other three, they had started enjoying each other while being kept in their hotel. It had started between Liz and Julie, right before Cassie had arrived. But after the first week, Cassie had joined in too. They were all starting to really miss men, though. The feel of a mans prick could not be replaced with the tongue of a woman. But no matter what they did, they received no external reaction from their captors. And they couldnt understand why they had not been reported missing on the national news channels that they were able to watch.By the end of the conversation Sarah felt helpless but not frightened. These women were well treated, seemed nice, and Sarah knew it could be a lot worse.Chapter 2Two weeks passed and Sarah began to fit in with the group. They knew that they could not change their situation, and they had a lot in common with each other. Sarah had witnessed the other women becoming intimate with one another day and night. It didnt matter to them since nothing changed. The previous afternoon, she had been reading in the sitting room while Cassie and Liz began to make out with one another. Kissing turned into heavy petting, and then Cassie began to lick and kiss her way down Lizs chest, and suckle on her nipple. Sarah began to get turned on as she watched Cassie lick and suck. Lizs nipple responded by enlarging and protruding as Cassies sucking became more urgent. Cassie practically pulled Lizs nipple off of her chest with her mouth. Cassie could swear that she began to taste a sweet nectar leaking from Liz. Her hand stroked Lizs flat stomach, working its way down to her twat, which was already wet with excitement. Sarah noticed that the lips of Lizs cunt were loose waiting for the hardness of a man to enter them. But there was no man available, only Cassies gently stroking fingers which finally found the slit and gently rubbed, teasing Liz and causing Liz to gush her fluids on Cassie. Cassie brought her fingers to her mouth, tasting Lizs sweetness and causing Liz to become even more excited. Cassie couldnt wait anymore, and dove down on Liz, pushing her thighs apart and lapping at Lizs cunt with her tongue. Liz raised her legs and scooted down closer to Cassies probing tongue. Cassie gently separated Lizs labia and put her lips in full contact with her clit. Now she began to chew and suck on Lizs clit which caused Liz to cum hard in Cassies mouth. Mmmmmm.Unnnnh Liz moaned as Cassies lips and tongue did their work.Sarah hadnt realized how excited this was making her and she shook her head to regain her senses. There was no reason that all of them could not pleasure each other all day long. No one was there to stop them and they had no responsibilities. She realized she was finger fucking herself and had not even been aware. The sofa underneath her had a big wet stain where she had leaked her excitement onto it. The slurping sounds coming from Cassie announced that she was drinking her fill of Liz. On occasion, Sarah could see Lizs tenderized twat and noted that the lips were loose from relaxation relaxation from almost 2 months of living in a gilded cage. A life of pure pleasure Sarah realized, through the goodness of an unknown benefactor. Lizs cunt produced all the juices that Cassie could handle. Her tits heaved with each breath, jiggling gently while displaying her prominent nipples. Finally, Liz came, her head falling back, her eyes rolling back inside her head. She practically screamed in pleasure. In Lizs mind that pleasure was mixed with frustration. For no matter how often or how frequently Cassie or Julie had brought her the extreme pleasure of one woman to another, she needed to feel a man. She needed a man deep inside, squirting his cum, filling her to dripping. She humped forward on Cassies face, making believe that it was a man.For her part Sarah came for the first time in weeks, a pleasurable cum, but one that would have been a lot better with a mans touch.All three of them lay where they were, panting heavily. Julie came walking in the room, sweating from a fresh workout. Hey, whats happening ladies? she asked. They all just looked at her and smiled, still breathing heavily through their mouths. Save some for me she cried, turning to leave the room. Im going to freshen up and take a shower. See you in a bit With that, she turned and left the room.Chapter 3The women began to enter into a regular routine. They became very close with one another and at least on most nights, they would enjoy the mouths and fingers of their fellow captives. Julie was developing a reputation as one of the best partners to have, and she could make any of them cum with multiple orgasms for hours at a time. Sarah seemed to cum the most, gushing the most juices for the others to lap up. But they all really missed a hard cock and were at the point where they would do almost anything for one.One night in the bedroom, Julie moved in close to Sarah and began kissing her in anticipation for another great night of sex. Since they rarely limited the sex to two of them at a time, Cassie and Liz roamed over to join in the fun. Each woman had a queen-sized bed, and they had pushed them all together in the room so that they could all sleep together in one enormous bed. Julie was lying partially on top of Sarah, their chests touching and their tits pressed firmly against one another. As Julies kisses on Sarahs lips turned more passionate, Liz began to gently stroke Julies back, running her hand down across Julies perfect ass and between her thighs, then down to the back of her knees. Then she would bring her hand back up to the middle of Julies back and begin again. Julie enjoyed the shivers it sent down her spine. With each caress, Liz would run her hand a little more firmly down Julie, and reach deeper between her legs. After a few more strokes, Liz began to feel the heat pulsating from Julies pussy. Sarah and Julie were lip-locked and Julies hands were running down Sarahs body. She felt Sarahs soft tit, and circled her areola with her index finger. Sarah wanted something in her cunt and her pussy lips were separating as moisture began seeping out. Cassie now crawled across their communal bed and forced Liz back slightly while sticking her head between her legs. She lay across the bed with her pussy close to Sarahs face, hoping that Sarah would quickly notice the clean shaven labia in front of her. Julie shifted her position slightly to allow Liz to penetrate the area between her legs better. Liz now concentrated on rubbing Julies outside lips which responded by becoming puffy and loose. This allowed Liz to push her finger inside, and she quickly withdrew to taste Julies nectar. After licking Julies tastes off of her fingers, she plunged one, two, then three of them back inside. Julie responded by arching her back and slowly trusting against Lizs probing fingers. She raised her head from Sarah to sigh, and when she did, Sarah noticed Cassies beautiful pussy just inches from her face. She flicked out her tongue and ran it through Cassies canal. Cassie gasped and slid in closer to Sarah. She lifted her leg over Sarahs head, and dropped down on her face. Sarahs nose pushed easily into Cassie, whose long labia lips settled down around the protruding nose. When Sarah inhaled, she realized that she was inside of Cassies love nest, and pushed her tongue deeply into her new friend. She licked and sucked Cassies pussy and clit, causing Cassie to grind even harder against her face. When Julie saw that Sarahs mouth was occupied, she slid down to suck on her tits. As she slid down, Lizs fingers went deeper into her pussy, causing her to convulse as an orgasm overcame her. To complete the circle, Cassie stuck her head between Lizs legs and kneaded and pulled at her pussy with her lips and tongue. She allowed her hand to find Lizs ass, and slid a moistened finger inside, using it to pull Liz closer to her mouth.The action continued for an hour before any of the women tired. Their beds were so covered with their cum, that they had to change the bedding before going to sleep. And this night was representative of several days and nights, as there appeared to be no change in their status as captives of some unknown person or persons, with some unknown motives.Chapter 4Art Peabody sat back at his desk and folded his hands across his stomach. He turned away from the TV monitor and sighed. Yes, all was going according to plan. It had been three months since he began, and the women had obviously accepted their position. More than that, they really appeared to enjoy their situation. They had established a routine of lovemaking that caused him to get the hardest erections he had had since he was twenty something. He mopped the sweat from his brow. The construction of the house had been flawless, he now knew there was no escaping. And since it was isolated on a mountainside in Colorado, he never expected any visitors and had not had any since the construction phase entered.The women had not noticed the perfectly camouflaged cameras he had installed. They were disguised as part of the molding that tastefully finished off each room. He had provided the women with everything that they would need, and over time they had become comfortable walking around without any clothes, shaving their pussies to his liking, and using the gym to keep in shape. Art was careful to provide them with balanced diets so they would not get fat sitting around in their cage. As a matter of fact, they appeared trimmer than when he brought them here. Even Sarah had lost her slight plumpness, and was pleasing to his eye. The hardest work he had to do was to find them and get them here. To do that, he spent a lot of time roaming around the Western US, sitting at bars, hanging out in his car as he evaluated his choices. He made sure that the women he picked received few visitors, were unattached at the time but apparently liked men, and were from completely different areas. The last thing he wanted was for someone to notice that several women in one town had disappeared.So it had been a lot of work for him to identify the women. After he made his choice, he would wait for an opportunity to catch them alone. He had made a sedative dart and he used that to catch the women unaware. The tranquilizer that he used was very effective, and the women were unconscious within 3 or 4 seconds. Then, he would put them in the back of his car and drive to his hideaway. When the women awoke they would still be groggy from the drug, so they would follow his directions without question. Although Sarah, the last one came close to causing trouble. She appeared to be more aware than the others when she awoke. Fortunately, she had also complied with his instructions and now he had been enjoying the women becoming fast friends and lovers. In an unanticipated way, he also noticed that these women were not able to completely satisfy their itch without a man. That suited Art just fine.If he left everything the way it was, it would have been good enough. The tapes he could have made and sold would have brought him good money. But that was not his objective.He turned towards the telephone on the right side of his desk and placed a call. Hello. Is this Woody? Hi Woody, Im the guy who called you last month. How is the project coming along?Uh huh, I understand. You think hes ready now? Okay, Ill be by on Thursday. Goodbye.Art hung up the phone. He reached over to a memo pad on his desk and searched through it to find another number. He called the number and had a similar conversation with Helene. He repeated this two more times.When he hung up, he knew he was ready. All his trainers had performed what he would pay them for. He now only had to go and pick up his merchandise. He was careful to use four unrelated businesses. But to do that, he would have to travel for almost a week. He needed to leave the girls a message that night along with additional supplies.Art needed to prepare for a weeklong trip yet he didnt want to alert the girls to the fact that they would be alone in the house. He decided to introduce them to something a little different than they had experienced before he left. He typed a note telling them that they must go into the room that they had avoided until now the room that contained the wall restraints. He left further instructions as to what they were to do. That night, he left them his instructions along with extra supplies. He included several wrapped gift boxes.The next morning, the women retrieved their supplies along with the note. The note explained that they had been good and had behaved well, so he was giving them some unexpected treats such as desserts and snacks, along with the gift boxes. However, the note warned, they were not to open the gifts at that time. The envelope that contained the note contained 5 other smaller envelopes. Each was marked with a number. The original note had said that they were to enter the playroom and open a second note at exactly 12 PM the following day. The women did not understand, but Art was giving them instructions that would keep them busy until he returned. He had left the house the previous night after he dropped off the supplies and instructions. He had left on his computer and he could monitor everything through a remote connection.The women were in the sitting room, looking at the original note. Liz said, This is kind of strange. We were never told what to do before, and now our captor wants us to go into what he calls the playroom. I guess he or she has treated us well until now. I dont know what they have in mind now.Cassie thought a minute and added, We have no reason to think that this is a bad thing. Besides, look at those gift boxes. Ill bet whoever it is wants to surprise us.Maybe we should open all the envelopes now and try and figure out whats going on Sarah said. I dont know if I can wait to open the packages. Besides, it could be something bad.I dont know why any of you would think that Julie spoke. After all, if they wanted to hurt us or scare us, they could have done that already. I think we should follow the instructions.Thats good advice Cassie replied. I vote that we wait at least until noon. She looked around the room at the others. They all looked at one another and then nodded in agreement.Okay Liz said. We follow what Julie said and wait until noon.Sarah carefully put the boxes aside and they lay back and turned on the TV. Liz unconsciously stroked Cassies pussy as they watched. Cassie opened her legs slightly to allow Liz better access. Julie and Sarah began to make out. And so they continued until a few minutes before 12. Having cum numerous times, Julie was ready for sleep. But noticing that it was close to 12:00, she told the others. They all stopped what they were doing, except for Cassie, who continued thrusting her hips towards Liz, never wanting to the pleasure to stop. Her juices ran between the crack of her ass to the sofa below. Liz slowly stroked Cassies pussy, wanting to give Cassie all the help she could, but knowing that they had to go to the other room.After entering the playroom, Sarah opened the first of five envelopes. She opened the folded letter and read it to the other three. Cassie, Julie and Sarah are to stand against the wall with the restraints, Sarah read. Liz is to bind their hands and then open the second envelope. Thats all it says, Sarah told them. I dont know what we should do We dont know what our captor has in mind.Well, let me remind you, Cassie said. Whoever it is has not harmed us yet. There is no reason to think that it will change. Besides, Liz wouldnt let us get hurtThats right Liz answered. I wont let anything happen to you girls We are all too close for that.OK Cassie said, standing against the wall. Tie me upSarah and Julie watched as Liz walked over and bound Cassies hands with the leather straps. They looked like a belt, having numerous holes allowing them to be tightened down to various diameters. The bindings still permitted Cassie to have a large range of movement.Hold on Liz told her. I have to put the leg bindings on you tooCassie noticed that the leg bindings were spread further apart, forcing her legs into a wide stance. However, it was not uncomfortable, and she still had some ability to move and could even squat quite low.Its not bad Actually, its quite exciting Cassie bubbled. Come on JulieSarahlet Liz tie you upThe two girls looked at one another and then shrugged their shoulders. Sarah was thinking that this might be a nice new change to their routine. They both stood against the wall while Liz bound them. When she was finished, she backed away and admired the three of them basically spread-eagle against the wall. She thought about how nice it would be to eat each of their cunts, one after another, maybe teasing them since they were helpless to escape. Julie woke her from her dreams.Hey Liz, open the second envelopeLiz looked around and saw the envelope laying on top of the long bench in the middle of the room. Now that would be interesting to use she thought.She opened the envelope, sliding her finger across the top. After unfolding the note, she read it and smiled. What does it say? Sarah asked. Come on, tell usIt says that now I can open the smallest gift box Liz replied. Ill be right back She ran back into the TV room while leaving the trailing voices protesting her leaving them so helpless. She picked up the smallest box and raced back into the playroom. OK, lets see what Ive won she exclaimed, tearing open the wrapping. Inside, was black cloth and a small note. All it said was blindfolds. She understood immediately, and took the blindfolds out of the box. What is Sarah began, realizing what it was by the way Liz held it. Its blindfolds for you girls Liz squealed.Hey, wait a minute Julie began. But Liz was not going to wait and she tied the first one around Julies head. Liz began to get excited as she realized that she was in control of her friends. Her nipples began to get aroused and her pussy juices began to flow.Liz, what are you doing?? Julie asked, a little frightened.Dont worry Jules Liz said. You know me well enoughShe tied blindfolds around the other two girls, and again stepped back to admire her work. The girls couldnt see, but Liz could tell from their smiles that they werent afraid. They chattered loudly, giggling like schoolgirls. She couldnt resist a little tease of each of her friends while they were restrained. Starting with Cassie, Liz knelt down in front of her, and blew gently on her shaved pussy. Cassie felt the chill and her pussy lips began responding by opening gently. Liz saw the slightly parted lips with a hint of wet pinkness. All the girls were so used to constant sex that their bodies were able to respond almost immediately to any stimulation. They all reacted by loosening up and relaxing, willing their bodies to begin to ooze their lubrication. This time was no different, and Lizs tongue found Cassies sweet nectar flowing without hesitation.Chapter 5About this time, Art returned from his trip. He had been successful in obtaining his merchandise. He opened the back of his van and looked admiringly at the four dogs inside. Each was in a separate kennel to prevent any fighting while they traveled. Each had been specially trained according to Arts explicit directions. There was a German Shepard, Dalmatian, Corgi and a Great Dane. All were male, and were about 2 years old. Art had contacted many dog pounds over the course of a few months. He found several that were willing to raise the dogs according to his directions as long as they were well paid. Art had them take the dogs and allow them to mate with all the bitches that were brought to the pound over a six month period. They were to be allowed continuous access to one or more bitches at a time. The dogs were to learn how to stud. They were to get used to constantly draining their balls and becoming the dominant dog in the pound. After the six month period, Art instructed his breeders to restrict access from any bitch for a week. Then he drove around and picked them all up, and now he had four sex-starved studs with aching balls.Meanwhile, inside their compound, Liz and the girls had finished their bondage fun, and Liz released the others from the shackles. Okay, now that you all had your fun, Im going to let you all have your way with me God what I would do for a real prickThe others all had the same sentiment. They had been deprived from any cock for a long time now. They could almost cream just from the fantasy. Hey Liz, what does the next envelope say Sarah asked. Liz remembered the envelopes and opened the next one. Well this one is a little strange she replied. Im supposed to have everyone bend over the center bench, then Im supposed to bind your hands and feet. Julie, why dont you bind us this time? My pussy is aching for some actionAlright, I guess its only fair Julie answered. Everyone bend over the bench.The bench was padded and very comfortable. After they were bound in place, they were all spread-eagle with their asses in the air and their heads closer to the floor. Their tits wobbled slightly, and they all knew that they were in the prime position to allow great access to their pussies and asses. Next Julie covered them all with blindfolds as before. But instead of taking advantage of the others, Julie tied herself in place at the end of the bench, leaving one hand free so she could get out of the shackles. Hey, what are you doing? Cassie asked. I thought that you would start us up againWell I just wanted to see what it was like for you first Julie replied. Ill get up in a minute.But before she could move, a Corgi walked in behind her. What the.. she began. She never finished as she felt a sharp needle prick in her ass and passed out. Art had entered behind them along with the smallest dog and knocked her out with a drug. Julie whats going on Liz asked. I hear something but I dont know whatThe Corgi, whose name was Jeff, had entered the room and smelled a lot of mixed bitch smells. Having been deprived for so long, he became instantly excited and ran from one to another of the bitches and licked their pussies to get a taste of what was there. These were definitely bitch smells, but they were different than before. He excitedly went back to Liz and licked right up her pussy and exposed ass crack. Ooohhh Liz said. Her pussy, conditioned to respond immediately to any stimulation, opened its moistened crack. Jeff wasnt about to wait since he didnt know how long he would have to fuck, but he was full of cum, and needed release. Now although he was the smallest of the four dogs, he was still six inches in front of his knot, and then another 2 inches behind it. When fully erect, his prick was thick, very similar to the dog in the Cuba Girl movie that Art had seen. In his mind, this bitch was offering herself to him, so he did what came naturally what his months of experience taught him. He climbed up on Lizs back and began poking his already pink rod towards his bitch. It took almost no effort for him to slide into the already well lubricated Liz. She responded in surprise Oohhhhhhhh. Unnggh she said as Jeff completely pushed his rod inside of her, his knot beginning to expand to full size.Liz, what is it Sarah asked. Iuungh..Idont..ungh..know.butunnnghsomethingisisfucking me she exclaimed. The girls didnt know what to make of it, and then Cassie asked, Is it good?Uunnnnnnnghhyes was all Liz could say. The girls started screaming Hey I want some dont hog the hog and other things to that effect. They were thinking that some guy was pounding Liz. Hey Liz, it sounds great Sarah said. Save some for meBut Liz couldnt answer. She was concentrating on the first real prick inside of her in months. And although she couldnt figure out who or what was fucking her, she was totally enjoying it. She began to cum hard, as her first prick-induced orgasm overcame her. Aaaaaahhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuunnnhooh she exclaimed as she came. Her lover was shooting his cum into her now, and Liz could feel the hot jets coursing through his prick and shooting into her womb. Jeff had not had a bitch in weeks, and he had a huge reservoir of cum to fill her with. His knot had expanded and filled Liz quickly, and the tip of his prick had settled against her cervix. Jeff kept pumping away into his bitch, and she responded to each of his thrusts. Her cunt firmly milked Jeffs prick in rhythm to the cum coursing up through the shaft of his prick. Each volley of his hot cum that he shot into Liz was rewarded by her cunt messaging up the next volley. Jeff came more and more, his cum puddling up beneath the fucking couple. He had fucked a lot of bitches, but had never done one quite as needy as this one. Liz was semi-conscious as she realized that her lover was extremely hairy. Over the months she had been kept here, her sexual inhibitions had completely disappeared, and her body was able to enjoy her first fuck in months without reservation. She came multiple times as Jeffs knot stimulated her cuntal opening.Finally, Jeffs spent prick slid from Lizs relaxed and well lubricated cunt, and he hopped down off of her back. He was still erect, and his prick continued convulsing and dripping his sperm onto the floor. Now that he had had a good fuck, he was more in control of himself and sniffed the air with his nose. He detected more bitch smell, more unsatisfied cunts for his pleasure. He walked over to Cassie and began licking her cunt and ass, his tongue having no trouble entering either one. Oohhh Cassie said in surprise. I think there is some kind of animal in here I was just licked by a something Liz muttered, Just lie there and enjoy whatever it is.Jeff walked over to the unconscious Julie, who was now awakening. He sampled her ass and cunt and found them pleasing. He hopped up on Julies back and began to probe away searching for her hole that was emitting the best of smells. Although Julie wasnt fully conscious, her body knew how to respond and her cunt began lubricating itself in anticipation of receiving a cock at long last. Jeffs grabbed the bitch around her narrow waist and slightly lifted Julie off of the bench. His cock approached her from the right side, and he felt the heat of her slit on the tip of his prick. He pushed slightly, and the tip of his sheathed cock slid into her hole. When he felt his prick enter her, he pulled back on her hips and pushed his pelvis forward, shoving the entire length of his cock inside. Ooowwww Julie shouted in surprise as she felt her back end lifted and a hard pole shoved inside. Once Jeff was inside of her, he rapidly fucked her back and forth, his prick and knot growing to full size. Julie felt the hot rod and knew what it was, her body responding involuntarily to the expanding member. She felt a bump at the base that kept stimulating her as it receded and entered her with each thrust. The bump quickly grew to full size, stretching her and locking them together. Once Jeff felt locked into Julie, he fucked her harder than before. Since he had just released a tremendous load inside of Liz, he had more time to fuck this bitch before he would cum. Julie could only hold on for the ride, which had become extremely pleasurable. Jeff knew how to satisfy a bitch, and he definitely was in control of the situation. Julies tits wobbled and banged into the bench, the months of working out preparing her for a long ride, her tight body using all of its muscles.Finally, after five minutes of an intense pounding, Jeff exploded, sending fluids he didnt know he possessed, deep within his bitch. His mating instinct was strong, and his body pumped a second load, equal in volume to the first. His cum literally ran out of Julie although they were tied tightly together with his knot. Ooooohhhhh.oooohhhhh..ooooooooooo Julie screamed. Uunggggghuuunnnnnnnnhhh she followed with, as one orgasm after another washed over her. She didnt want this pounding to ever end, it couldnt end, because in her mind she would never again be happy. The hot cum that flowed into her inner recesses filled her, made her happy, and made her want more and more. Goddddddd.ooooooooooh she came one last time and then Jeff was still. He lay there on her back, his prick continuing to pump whatever cum remained in his body into his bitch. He had never been so totally exhausted.All this time, Art had stood in the back of the room, unseen by any of the girls. The only thing he had done was place a blindfold on Julie while she was unconscious, so now none of them had the possibility of seeing him or the dogs. Now Art let in the German Shepard whose name was Kato. All the dogs wore name tags, so Art didnt have to choose new names for them. Kato entered the room and just like Jeff, sniffed around at the smells of pussy in the room. He made a whining sound as he realized that he was about to mate again. He saw Jeff motionless on top of Julie, and walked over to Liz, still dripping from her fucking with Jeff. He sniffed her and then began to lick between her legs at the cum running out of her pussy. His licking got more intense, and Liz began moaning, now that she was always ready for sex. Kato jumped up on her, being a bigger dog than Jeff, he was heavier. The glistening end of his prick emerged from its sheath, and he moved his hind legs in closer and began to probe at her. Liz felt his prick assault her asshole, and tried to move underneath him to allow him to enter her twat. After a number of attempts, Kato jumped down and licked her again. Once reenergized with the taste, he jumped back up on her and danced around, trying to enter her properly. A couple of more jabs at her asshole, and then the tip of his prick slid between her cuntlips. Oooh was all Liz could say since it happened so quickly. As he prepared to enter her fully, he fell out and hit her asshole once again. Frustrated, Liz moved back slightly, and as Kato thrust again, he entered her at least two inches. This time he didnt pull back as far and remained inside her warm slit. Now his body took over and his prick started to grow within her. As he thrust forward, he was able to push six inches of his eight inch prick into Liz. She gasped at the sudden intrusion, but knowing what was to come, grasped what she could with her cunt. Kato liked the feeling and on the next thrust, pushed all eight inches into Liz. He quickly began releasing precum for lubrication that he didnt need, and expanded inside of Liz. His knot was a little bump and it began to grow. With each thrust the knot got larger and larger, soon surpassing the size of Jeffs. Liz took quick breaths in and out, trying to steady herself for her lover. His knot now grew to the size of a fist, and it locked Kato inside of Liz. Now Liz had Katos eight inches of prick plus a two inch knot inside of her. She knew there was nothing that she should or could do, and began to cum around the knot. Her pussy closed tightly around it, already knowing what to do. When Kato felt her cunt grab him, he hunched over and lifted Liz to the extent that her bonds would allow, forcing her into the perfect receptive position. Her tits were now banging on the padded bench with each of Katos thrusts. Her moans of ecstasy thrilled the other girls, who were longing to get a piece of what Liz and Julie had.Jeff had finished cumming, and his underutilized rod began to soften. He jumped off of Julie, making her issue a final groan, as his shrinking knot opened her slightly on the way out. A flood of cum ran out of her ravaged hole, as the plug was finally removed. He went over to the wall and lay down, licking the remains of his and her cum off of his shrinking prick.Meanwhile, Kato was continuing his assault of Liz, who was moaning and groaning uncontrollably in pleasure. Cassie turned her head in Sarahs direction and said, I need some of that I never heard anyone moan in such pleasureArt now brought the Dalmatian into the room. This dog was named Trigger, and he pulled Art who was holding his collar. Trigger was trying to get at the bitch smell that filled the room. Art brought him behind Sarah, and Trigger immediately went to work sampling the pussy and ass in front of him. His long tongue slipped inside her pussy, tasting its sweet nectar. He lapped up whatever he could get at.Meanwhile, Kato was still pulverizing Liz with his lightening thrusts. He used her as a ragdoll, grasping her with his strong front paws and pulling her hips towards his pistoning pelvis. Lizs pussy had given up on trying to control anything. She had Katos large knot, blown up like a balloon, stretching the inside of her cunt, behind his ten inch, threee-finger wide rod. The tip of Katos prick had pushed through Lizs cervix, and was filling her fallopian tubes and uterus with his sperm. She lay limp in total ecstasy, as Kato continued to drive his prick in and out of her cervix. Each time he pulled out, she saw flashes of white light which caused her to want to pull him deeper into her body. But he had invaded as deeply as he could, and the prodigious amounts of cum that shot from his rod were so hot, she could feel it filling her womb. Each of his thrusts filled her more and more, and his knot prevented any from running out of her. She felt pressure building from his thrusts and the amount of cum inside of her, but didnt care and couldnt do anything about it. Kato barked three times in quick succession, indicating that he had cum and that he had successfully mated with his bitch. His whole body shook as his prick now uncontrollably released as much spunk as it was able to. Kato had especially strong jets of cum, which came from a muscular prostate and his overall young, muscular personality. Now he collapsed on top of Liz, his prick surging as it completed its purpose.Sarah was now the one moaning in pleasure, as Trigger triggered small orgasms within her. Her cum began to drip and Trigger lapped it up. When he finally thought that the time was right, Art released Triggers collar, and Trigger jumped up on Sarahs back. Sarah felt the lean muscular dog she felt his warmth as their bodies came together. Trigger prodded Sarah, but only succeeded as Kato had initially he poked at her asshole. His hind legs danced in closer to his bitch, and suddenly, the tip of his cock entered Sarahs tight asshole. Sarah gasped a little, and tried to pull back to allow Trigger to reposition himself to enter the right hole. But she was prevented by the bench in front of her, and Trigger moved his hind quarters up against her in anticipation of a successful coupling. He pushed forward and now his bone-hard prick entered five inches into Sarahs asshole. She gasped in pain and surprise, along with anger, as her aching pussy was begging for this cock. Trigger had not yet enlarged, and he pushed forward again against his captive who had no room to move. Now his complete eight inch cock had entered this tight hole, and it continued to cause Sarah pain as she tried to straighten out. Once his prick had felt success, it began to enlarge, and Trigger began a ramrod assault on Sarahs tight asshole. Oooowwwwwwww she screamed. Sarah, whats the matter? Cassie asked. Are you hurt?But Sarah couldnt respond as Triggers prick continued to inflate. Trigger began to ooze his precum which allowed him to lubricate Sarah. This seemed to help, as his now engorged dick slid smoothly back and forth. Sarah knew she was trapped and also knew she had to make the best of it. But then a strange thing happened. The more Trigger thrust, the more the pain turned to pleasure. Sarah now felt a ball banging into her asshole with each thrust. She didnt know that this was Triggers knot, but was lucky that it had not entered her at this time. Triggers continued thrusts were releasing more and more precum, which now slowly dripped out of Sarahs asshole as a clear fluid. Trigger now prepared to get a better grip on his bitch, to ready her for his copious seed. As he grabbed her, his large cock slipped out of her asshole, in one fluid motion. He now realized that his knot had not entered her and so he had to remedy the situation.Trigger poked his now extended cock back at Sarah, while at the same time lifting her. His fluid was spraying all over Sarahs ass and legs. Then, the tip of his cock found a soft, pliable, wet and warm slit Sarahs cunt. He immediately shoved the entire length of his cock inside of her, determined to get back to where he was before. But this time it felt different both of them knew that, and with the different position, Sarah was able to push herself back at her lover. Her desperate pussy lovingly engulfed his entire cock and began to open for his fully engorged knot. His knot however was as big as a fist, and it wouldnt enter Sarahs smaller hole. Now Trigger moved his legs directly underneath Sarah, and he pushed as she pushed back against him. All at once her pussy opened wide enough to accept the well lubricated knot. Sarah gasped as her pussy closed down around the large invader. Now they were tied together, and after Trigger tentatively tested the connection between them, he knew it would not come out. Then, just like Kato, Trigger grabbed hard around his bitch, lifted her, and began to pound away as if there was no tomorrow. Sarah came explosively, as a ten inch cock and large knot stimulated every part of her being. She couldnt stop cumming as wave after wave of pleasure overcame her. Her previously despairing pussy was finally filled as much as she could imagine. Any more and she was sure that she would be split in half. After two quick minutes, Trigger began too, his prick pulsating as it released volley after volley of cum deep inside Sarah, filling her as Kato had filled Liz. Streams of white cum began running down her leg, as Triggers seed filled her and needed another outlet. Her pussy lips opened and closed in involuntary rhythm to Triggers release. Trigger stopped thrusting, as his bitch shook from top to bottom, fulfilling her part in this diversion from same-species partnering. Although a dog and a woman mating did not normally take place in the world, Sarah realized that this was something missing from the natural order of things. Her body told her that this was a superb coupling choice, and she thought that maybe it was too good. Maybe thats why dogs and women mating was frowned upon. Maybe the human male just could never compete with a well trained dog. But Sarah realized that this was something that she would now repeat again and again she would live on a daily basis for this experience. When the time came that she was released from this pleasure palace, she would make sure she lived with several dogs starting with this one. Even though she was blindfolded, Sarah knew what her partner was. There was no doubt anymore in her mind, or the minds of Julie and Liz.Meanwhile, Cassie had not been privileged to experience her first dog-fuck yet. She had patiently waited while moans and cries of pleasure had sounded all around her. Kato had filled his bitch with a good amount of his cum, and now he instinctively knew it was time to dismount her. He jumped down from Lizs back, and turned around while his knot held them together. With a last set of pulsations, his prick released the last of the cum that was in his shaft and he pulled to separate himself from Liz. Because she was bound to the bench, Liz couldnt move to influence events one way or another. As Kato pulled, his knot turned to line up with the direction of Lizs slit, and it started coming out of her. Her pussy lips opened wider and wider, and Katos knot began emerging from her. She let out several grunts, then collapsed into unconsciousness. Because Liz was now a sexual beast like the other girls and like the dogs, her pussy opened up enough for Kato to escape her. His knot quickly emerged now, followed by his awesome ten inch cock, which was rapidly shrinking, yet still impressive. Her pussy lips remained slightly open since they would need time to shrink back to normal, and a flood of cum poured out of her onto the floor. Kato lay behind her and began to lick himself clean.Art saw that Kato and Jeff were now unoccupied, while Liz was unconscious and Julie was lying still, still enjoying Jeffs fucking. Trigger was busy cumming into Sarah, who was enjoying every minute of her tie to Trigger. But Cassie was still a dog-virgin, and she was ready to change that. Cassie was probably the most voluptuous member of the group in Arts mind. He admired her round ass and narrow waist her beautiful flower of a cunt and puckered asshole right in front of him. He knew that Kato had only fucked once and would quickly be interested in remounting his bitch, but Art didnt want him to get used to only one. He wanted the dogs and the girls to all be comfortable with each other, so he took Kato by the collar and led him behind Cassie. Kato sniffed her once and gave her pussy two quick licks. He turned his head towards Liz as if wanting to go back to her now that he smelled pussy again. But Art held his collar and turned his head back towards the sex in front of him. Kato took a couple of more licks, then decided that he liked it, and began licking Cassie in earnest. Ooohhhh Cassie moaned, as had the other girls when the dogs had began to lick them. Kato decided to give it a try, and jumped up on top of Cassie. She felt the considerable weight of the German Shepard, and liked the feeling of fur-on-skin. He slowly began probing at her with his prick, which was just peeking out of his sheath. Art noticed how large Katos sheath was, and imagined that it covered a respectable prick. Kato was still wet from Liz, and from his own licking, and Cassies body responded to the slippery rod. Her pussy lips parted slightly as nature told them to do when a male wanted to enter. Katos prick sensed the heat emanating from Cassies moist pussy, and grew a little larger. Now it touched her slit each time his thrust brought him forward to her. Once in felt her entrance, his prick grew out of the sheath and slid inside of Cassie. Cassie stiffened for a moment as she felt Katos stiffness quickly enter her. Her pussy responded like the others, oozing her cum for his lubrication. Now Kato became more interested, as this new bitchs pussy opened before him. He grabbed her up high on her body, his paws rubbing against Cassies slowly swaying tits. She raised her ass as high as she could, and Kato slid all the way inside of her, making a sound of moisture and sucking and allowing Kato unobstructed access. Katos paws slid down her body until the grabbed around her waist, her hips providing a natural hold on her body. As she raised herself and Kato moved forward, the bump from his growing knot slid in and out of her, stimulating her first orgasms. Now Kato felt his body responding instinctively, and his prick inflated to full width, enjoying the caresses of Cassies smooth cunt. His knot grew, and after a few more thrusts, became large enough to lock them together. Cassie creamed on Katos cock, her previously deprived body responding in such a way that would entice her lover to stay inside of her and never stray far from her loving loins. Now it was Cassies turn to moan uncontrollably, as her mate lifted her body and hunched over her, forcing his prick as deep as it would go. And Cassie was deeper than Liz as a matter of fact, she was deeper than any of the others and Kato barked several times in appreciation.While Cassie began enjoying Katos youthful energy and experience, Trigger had finished with Sarah but could not pull out of her. Her cunt had jealously closed tightly around his knot, and each time that Trigger had tried to pull out of her and jump off of Sarahs back, her clenching hold on his knot caused him to involuntarily shoot more cum into her bloated body. He whined as he tried to get down, but Sarah muttered to him, You just fucked the shit out of me. Youre not going anywhere as long as I can keep you inside. Sarah was truly in love with the large member stuffed inside of her pussy.About this time, Jeff began to get interested again in the waiting bitches. He stood up and walked over to Julie, who waited to see if he would fuck her again. Art had not even brought Brutus into the room yet. Brutus was the Great Dane and Art imagined that he would have the largest cock of all. But he remained standing against the wall, watching Kato ploughing into Cassies womanhood, while Cassie came again and again. Art watched Katos prick, of which he could only see the back inch or so behind the knot. Each time Kato pulled back, Cassies pussy lips parted just enough for Art to see the back of Katos impressive knot. He noticed that Cassies juices completely bathed Katos rod and knot. A little rivulet of their combined juices ran out from their union. Her cunt lips held on tightly to him. Each time Kato thrust forward, Cassies lips closed down around his prick, her pinkness temporarily hidden by her sealed lips. And then it repeated. Overwhelmed with what he was watching, Art stuck his finger where the two bodies met. His finger was instantly coated with their juices, and he felt the steel of Katos rod, and the rock-solid hardness of his knot. He pushed his finger into Cassie, stretching her a little more and felt her engorged clit. He rubbed it several times and Cassie moaned, but he knew he could not stimulate it as well as Katos prick and knot. As he pulled his finger out of her, a load of Katos stringy cum came pouring out, giving him an indication of how much cum was inside of Cassie. He walked around to the other side of the bench, in front of Cassies bouncing body. Unable to resist anymore, he pulled his turgid rod out of his pants, and noticed that it was already slippery wet with his precum. He pushed the tip towards Cassies blindfolded face and touched it to her lips. Cassie realized that there was a cock in front of her, she had tasted salty precum, and in her state of ecstasy, could do nothing put open her willing lips to it. Art grabbed her bouncing, firm tits, felt her eraser-sized large nipples and began to stroke them as Cassie took his cock into her sucking mouth. Art leaned forward over Katos thrusting body, sliding his hands around Cassies thin waist and round ass. Kato growled as if warning Art not to fuck with his bitch, so Art backed off a little. By this time, Cassie was swallowing Arts flowing precum, and Art knew he could hold back no longer. With a groan, Art emptied his balls down Cassies greedy throat. His knees weakened as her tongue and lips coaxed out all the cum they could. He knew that he was no match for Kato, who was truly the master of this bitch. He pulled his prick out of Cassies mouth, and she collapsed across the bench, his cum leaking out of her mouth. Just then, Katos balls constricted and he came, his body able to produce a second load for the second bitch of the day.Jeff had been licking Julie who was now moaning and squirming on the bench. He jumped up on her back and easily entered her cum-soaked cunt. For the second time today, Jeff fucked Julie. Now that she had some experience, Julie knew what to expect from Jeff. And now that Jeff had experience with Julie and other humans, he felt comfortable fucking them. After a while, Kato finished fucking Cassie and Trigger was able to pull out of Sarah and Jeff finished off Julie for the second time. The dogs were the masters of this harem, and the girls were literally fucked out, exhausted. Art pushed a key into Julies hand and left the room. Julie released the girls and they all fell asleep in the room, the girls very happy once they were able to remove their blindfolds and see their masters and lovers.Chapter 6Sarah awoke first, several hours later, with a smile on her face. It didnt immediately register with her why she felt so good, but then she looked around and saw the other three girls and the three dogs sleeping. She noticed with surprise that a doggie door had been placed into an outside wall. It had been placed there for obvious reasons, but she stuck her head through it to see where it led. She was disappointed to see a 15 foot walled-in courtyard with nothing much else. Off to one corner there was a large food and water supply with dog food for the canines. She got her first good look at the dogs, and guessed that Trigger was the dog that had fucked her so well earlier in the day. The others started waking now, to their new situation, all of them thinking about what it might mean. As they rose, the dogs rose and watched their interesting bitches. Each girl went to the restroom and cleaned up, and then settled in the TV room. The dogs followed, and Cassie asked to no one in particular, Well, what should we do now?I dont know about you, but I dont want to do anything differently Liz answered. Julie looked a little shocked, but then realized that she felt the same way.Id like to get something to eat Sarah said, realizing how hungry she was. As she stood up to walk into the kitchen, Kato walked over to her and jumped up on her. Surprised, Sarah fell back slightly. I guess that hes not hungry Liz said. Well, what does he Sarah began. Immediately, she realized what he wanted. Not now she told Kato. He jumped up on her again, this time from behind, bringing her to her knees. Hey, I said she began. But Kato grabbed her leg and began humping at her. He wont take no for an answer Cassie laughed. Sarah tried to crawl away from underneath Kato, but he hopped up higher on her back. Liz began to walk over to them and Kato turned towards her and growled. Hey sorry doggie I didnt mean anything Liz said. She backed away as Kato got a better hold on Sarah. He positioned himself behind her and began poking at her with his emerging prick.Youre on your own, girl Liz said. I guess we know who the master is nowWith that Kato stepped on Sarahs head, forcing it down towards the floor and brought himself in the right position that his short experience with women told him to do. From that position, he fucked at her, entering her cunt. He pushed his prick completely inside which caused Sarah to jump in surprise. She could feel him growing, expanding. Already his precum flowed as his knot emerged from his sheath. Look at that Julie said in disbelief, never having seen a dogs knot before.Wh..what is it? Sarah asked. I dont know Cassie said, But I know how good it feelsAfter a few thrusts, Katos knot had grown to sufficient size to tie them together. Sarah groaned, but not being tied up allowed her to raise her ass and move back to meet Katos thrusts. uuunnnnnnnnggggghhhh she gurgled, as Kato fucked her like a machine. The other girls got behind Sarah and watched, Julie bending down to raise Katos tail to give them a good show. Oh my God hes fucking her to death Shell never survive that Julie exclaimed, while watching in awe. As she was bent over, Trigger saw an opportunity to have another bitch, and he jumped up on Julie. She fell over, and Trigger grabbed her thin waist and lifted her into place for himself. I guess its your turn to find out Sarah laughed. Youll see what being fucked to death is all about Trigger was banging into Julies asshole, and she didnt want him in there. She couldnt escape his grip, so she raised her ass to allow him to enter her. After all, she had been fucked by Jeff and that felt good. This would probablyShe felt Triggers much larger cock enter her pussy. He pushed so hard he almost split her in two. With a small scream, Julie found out what it was like to get fucked by a bigger dog. Trigger used her like a rag doll, pulling her away from Sarah and Kato. Both dogs were now hunched over delivering their heated meat into their bitches, who willingly submitted to their masters wishes. Liz and Cassie looked on in fascination and anticipation, as each of them saw themselves in the same position later in the day. The medium sized dogs had large pricks they were larger and fatter than any man that these girls had fucked before. Triggers prick was uniform in size along its great length, while Katos prick swelled in the middle of its length to provide additional stimulation to his bitch. Sarah and Cassie learned that the larger dog prick was more enjoyable than a mans prick. And the fact that the dog could tie with them provided better penetration than any man. It was a wonder that men didnt possess a knot. Liz and Cassie watched as the tied couples came, and saw the dogs cum running down the legs of their friends. Finally, Liz could take it no longer and went over to Jeff. She pet his head then down his back and reached underneath him to fondle his sheath covered prick. Jeff was instantly interested and the pink head of his prick pushed out of its sheath. Liz bent over and licked the tip, tasting his prick, and found that she liked the taste. Jeffs prick responded by emerging further from the sheath, and Liz quickly turned around and got down on her knees in front of him, wagging her ass. Jeff sniffed her once and hopped up on her back, grabbing her around the waist. He moved his back legs in closer to Liz as she pushed back against his hard, warm rod. They quickly lined up, and Jeff shoved the entire length of his prick into Liz, taking over the complete act.

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    1. this is a great story i loved it very much the only question i have is where does the great dane come in the picture?there has to be more of this story out there somewhere thanks again for such a great post

      Comment by idguy — November 23, 2004 @ 8:59 am

    2. you’re right here is the last part of the story, enjoyLiz knew that she could be a dog-bitch forever as she once again enjoyed being dominated by a stud. Jeff knew that these bitches were different than dogs, but they were somehow more enjoyable as they had a great way of asking to mate. His knot grew large enough to lock he and Liz together, and he hunched over her back, trying to give her what she had asked for. Now Cassie was the only one without a mate. Sarah and Kato were now still, as Katos knot had swelled to full size and his cum had rushed out in hot pulses. On a conscious level, Sarah was just enjoying the feeling of his cum jetting out into her womb. Her body stilled as her instinct told her to lie still to maximize her chances of becoming pregnant. Katos volume of sperm was more than adequate for the job.Julie had not yet been fucked by Trigger, and now his long, thick prick inside her previously small cunt was a great challenge. Trigger had lifted her and pulled her into his loins, also delivering a tremendous amount of his sperm. Her body was in total ecstasy Trigger could do whatever he wanted to her. Besides, she was totally helpless and just had to endure his pummeling. Now that Trigger came, he too had slowed down, and his body was pumping her full of his hot, stringy sperm.There were sizable puddles under both Sarah and Julie as neither one of them could hold all of the cum that their dogs had delivered. Jeff was now fucking hard into Liz and her moans had become continuous. He also began to pump his seed deep within his bitch, and Lizs pussy messaged his shaft, coaxing out as much cum as she could, as quickly as she could.Art, meanwhile had been watching from his office. He was thrilled that his plan was progressing so nicely. These girls now wanted nothing more than continuous sex, and the dogs had provided willing and able partners. Now he looked at Brutus who he had kept in his office to this point. Brutus was lying in the corner, his huge sheath covering his deprived prick. He looked back at the screen, as Cassie was now literally trying to pull Triggers cock out of Julie. He watched as she fondled his balls, and knew that she was not trying to help Julie in any way, but anxious for Trigger to be free for her needs. He watched as Cassie was able to pull Triggers shrinking knot from Julie, and saw the flood of his cum pour out of her cunt. Triggers prick was still completely erect, and Art was amazed that Trigger had been able to shove the whole thing into Julie. Julie collapsed on the floor, a used dog-bitch.Now Cassie guided Trigger by his prick, and kneeled with her back to him. She reached around and grabbed his front legs, to pull them up on her curvaceous body. Raising her ass now, she grabbed his prick and guided it to her pussy, dripping in anticipation. Trigger moved forward, and pushed his prick inside of her, causing Cassie to raise the front of her body in shock, and to better position herself. Once inside of her, his prick and knot once again grew, locking him into his second bitch in ten minutes.Art looked down at Brutus, and then at the door that would lead to the girls living quarters.End of Part 1 Chapter 7The next few days passed as the girls and dogs established a new routine. The girls had been on their own for so long, and over the course of a few months had learned to pleasure each other before the dogs arrived. During that time, they had grown accustomed to having sex several times a day on most days. They had put their past lives on hold, since they had not had many ties to their communities, and had always just gotten by on their own. They had gone from a minimalist existence, to one which was quite luxurious. The lack of clothing was something they no longer thought about except when they got cold and even then all they had to do was snuggle up to someone.Now that the dogs were here, they had new snuggle partners. When they got cold, they would only have to snuggle up with one of their new mates. Having a sexual partner with a penis was a big improvement over their previous paradise. Now they could get fucked properly, by a male who knew what he was doing. And, apart from the feelings which they developed for their canine lovers, there were no complications such as they might have with human partners. No guy was there to say the wrong thing, take their money or fuck things up in other ways. These dog lovers may be demanding sexually, but other than that only asked for a scratch on the head once in a while. And the dogs treated the girls as their bitch harem. They were protective of the girls, and would do whatever the girls wanted without question. Julie had been the first to teach Jeff how to fuck a girl face to face. On the third day after their introduction, Julie had been sitting on the couch in the sitting (TV) room watching TV, when Jeff had come over to her and began to hump her leg. She had pushed him off, but Jeff was not used to being turned down. He had jumped back up on her leg, and when she attempted to push him down again, he had grabbed her wrist between his jaws. It was a clear warning, and he didnt have to apply much pressure for Julie to understand. To Jeff, this was not a simple wait til later response to his advances. It was a defining moment to determine who was the alpha male, and who was in charge. With her wrist in his mouth, Julie knew she had to quickly pay attention to Jeffs needs. As she slid down the couch, preparing to move to the floor to submit to him, her open legs came up against Jeffs belly. The wet tip of Jeffs prick was outside of its sheath in anticipation of mating with his bitch, and it came in contact with Julies trained, submissive pussy.Although it seemed strange to him, all it took was a slight forward movement for his prick to rub up Julies slit. She reached down with her free hand and guided Jeff into her pussy. Sliding down the couch now until her ass was off of the edge of the couch allowed Jeff to slide completely inside of her without moving. Now he let go of her wrist, and she was underneath him. His cock swelled inside of her, and Jeff began to fuck Julie. His paws settled on either side of her on the couch, and Julie now rested on her back, he feeling of her pussy being filled with Jeffs cock caused her to raise her legs providing even better penetration for Jeff. In this position, Jeffs growing knot was creating maximum stimulation of her clit. Julie orgasmed and came, coating Jeffs prick with her juices. Each of Jeffs thrusts caused another mini-orgasm for Julie. She cried out in pleasure.Jeff knew that he had satisfied his bitch, and now he concentrated on his own orgasm. Julie had began to become accustomed to the dogs knot over the past few days, and Jeff had to inflate to full size to insure that they were tied together now. Even the pressure which Julie had previously felt from the knot had lessened. In this face-to-face position, there was no pressure on her cunt, and Julie wrapped her legs around her canine lover in happiness. She grabbed his body close to hers with her arms, and in this captive position Jeff began to cum. His prick throbbed as his seed shot up his shaft towards release. Now that they were tied and he began to cum, Jeff was content to lay still inside of Julie. His prick pulsed with each volley of hot cum, and Julies pussy milked it lovingly. On the outside, though, they were both laying still as Julie rocked them gently forwards and backwards in a lovers embrace. Jeff did not completely like this position, but it did satisfy his bitch and allowed him to release his seed into her. It would have to be something that he tried a few times before really deciding.Over the next few days, the other girls also tried the face-to-face position with their lovers. Liz didnt like it as much as the doggy style which her mates were expert at, but she had to admit it was a good alternative once in a while. Cassie was very comfortable with the new order of things, and overall, although the dogs serviced all of the girls, they did seem to demand the most out of her. The girls all represented something a little different to the dogs, but on any given day, any dog would want to mate with any of the girls. And even though the girls were all feminine enough for the dogs, Cassie was a little softer her pussy tasted and smelled the most inviting, and her large breasts subconsciously told the dogs that she was the best breeder. On the day that Cassie had her first face-to-face, it was with Trigger. When he was done with her, his prick having penetrated her cervix, his cum filling her fallopian tubes and uterus, he had to wait for his knot to shrink to allow him to uncouple from her. He licked her nipples while he waited to shrink, something telling him it was the right thing to do. Finally, Cassies pussy released him and he jumped down off of her, her pussy lips twitching as his cum ran out of her body. Kato came over and began to lick the cum dripping from her. He made his way to her ravaged pussy, Cassie too unconscious to react. Becoming stimulated by her smells, he jumped up on her, his dick easily sliding inside of her used cunt. Cassie woke with a start to find the second dog on top of her, fucking her as well as Trigger. She couldnt move or protest, Kato was in complete control and pounded her mercilessly, tying into her as Trigger had a few moments before. Although she came, she passed out from the fucking she was getting. Sarah entered the room, and seeing Cassie unconscious with puddles of sperm beneath her, tried to stop Kato. Kato didnt like being interrupted and turned and snapped at Sarah. Cassie Cassie she called, unable to stop the male who was using her friend as a fuck-toy. But Cassie didnt respond. Sarah could only watch until Kato was finished. When he shrank enough to withdraw, he jumped down, his large cock hanging beneath him, dripping his cum. He turned towards Sarah, his teeth bared in a threatening manner. Sarah backed away as Kato backed her into a corner. With no defense, Sarah dropped to her hands and knees in a submissive gesture, offering Kato her pussy in apology. Kato sniffed at it and accepted jumping up on Sarah, and half-heartedly attempting to mate with her. But he had just cum in Cassie, and he had not regenerated yet, so Sarah remained still, allowing Kato to continue trying, having learned her lesson.Liz had seen the whole scene and didnt know what to do. Meanwhile, Trigger returned to Cassie and having smelled a second dog on Cassies pussy, remounted her in an attempt to make sure it was his sperm that impregnated this bitch. Cassie was passed out though, and Trigger began humping her leg. Still in an unconscious state, Cassies body knew what was expected, and she slid to the floor, turning over onto her knees, her head resting on her arms. Liz saw her friend who, for some reason was the subject of competition of these two dogs this afternoon. Not wanting to risk getting bit, she quickly interceded her body between Trigger and Cassie. Trigger jumped up on Lizs back, still smelling Cassies scent and thinking he was on top of her. He fucked forward several times then slid into Liz. She gasped at Triggers intrusion, satisfied that she had saved her friend, but preparing for the dominant dog to use her as he willed. She was not disappointed as Trigger fucked into her, the girth of his prick increasing, her pussy trying to accommodate him. Soon they were locked together, Trigger lifting Liz and pulling her back towards his knot, his balls swinging in rhythm to his thrusts. Cassie was underneath Liz, who knew she had saved her friend from getting fucked to death. As Liz and Trigger came, their cum dripped down onto Cassies prone body.Meanwhile, Katos prick had finally risen high enough to fuck into Sarah. Although she was mad at him for the moment, she knew she could not be mad at him for long. His warm, hairy body pressed against her, and she reached between her legs and guided him inside of her. Once inside of her, his shaft grew in width, the center of it widest of all. Sarah closed her legs trapping him inside of her, and preventing his knot from entering into her. She thought how this would be adequate punishment for the aggressive Kato. But Kato had other thoughts and growled at her and gripped her neck between his jaws. One snap of his jaw, she knew, and it would all be over. She parted her legs slightly, and the strong dog pushed his now full sized knot into her pussy. But since it was so big it would not enter her, and Sarah felt Katos knot banging at the entrance of her pussy again and again. But there was nothing that she could do. Since he had just finished fucking Cassie, and since his knot was outside of Sarah, he would not cum for a while. So Sarah was trapped getting fucked by Kato, cumming again and again, while her canine lover was denied. Finally, ready to collapse herself, she spread her legs apart the best she could and pushed back against Katos knot. The force of the two lovers was great enough to allow Katos knot to slip inside of Sarah. She screamed at the intrusion, and then her pussy closed down around it, having a mind of its own. Now that he was inside his bitch, he pulled back at her to test their connection. Sarah was dragged backwards with his knot. Now satisfied, his prick moved forward, penetrating her cervix and he began to cum. Kato stopped moving, his prick delivering its seed. He remained like that for twenty minutes, his body seeming to have an unending supply of cum. Sarahs belly was bloated with it, there was a puddle underneath the two of them, and she could almost taste it. Knowing that this was punishment for her behavior, Sarah knew she must not aggravate Kato in the future. Finally done with her, Kato released Sarah and she passed out in a pool of their cum. Trigger had also finished with Liz, who felt that her cunt was now stretched out of shape for life. He had released her, and now the three girls were sleeping on the floor.Julie was the only one not involved in this melee. She had been occupied with Jeff in another part of the house.Chapter 8There were only three girls and four dogs which was a slight problem for the girls, because their instinct was to jealously grab one mate and not share. The dogs didnt care since it allowed them to fuck different bitches as the girls competed for them in their own subconscious way. None of the dogs had fought for ultimate superiority with the others, since there were enough bitches to go around. The dogs were used to having one, two or three bitches at a time during their training days in the kennel, so as long as the other dogs shared, everyone was satisfied. The dogs did know something instinctively though. They knew that if they fucked a bitch regularly when they were in heat, that the bitch would get pregnant and have pups. That was the natural way of things. These bitches were strange because they were always receptive. In the dog world, if a bitch was not receptive, she would turn and growl, snap and bite at an aggressive male. However, being human, and unaware of the proper protocols between dogs, the girls had never successfully turned away a male. And the girls realized that the dogs were dominating them. It was something that they couldnt change, and maybe wouldnt change even if they could. So the dogs and the girls continued their relationship, eating, sleeping and fucking together.Another week passed by, and the group was getting into a routine. The girls liked having sex, but the dogs never seemed to tire. This was the most exercise that Julie, Liz or Sarah had had. Julie, who had always been using the gym had even stopped going. The girls were always looking for some variation to the routine, and frankly the dogs were wearing them out, so they began performing oral on the dogs. All four girls really loved the canines, and it was only a matter of time before they began sucking their canine masters. The dogs werent as thrilled with getting sucked, but as they say, none of them complained. After a time, Art knew that the time was right to introduce Brutus to the group. Although he was a big dog, he wasnt aggressive, and the number of studs did not match the number of bitches. Brutus had missed his routine of fucking bitches when he was at the kennel. Although Arts office was nice, he would rather have a bitch to fuck. Art also realized that there was a mismatch at times, and it wasnt fair to the girls. The other dogs would have to get used to sharing with one more.The girls and the three dogs had now been together for a month. It was interesting to note that the girls had taken on some very primitive characteristics such as trying to keep a single male for themselves. Sarah was the best at it, she was constantly petting or fucking Kato to the point that his prick was routinely half out of its sheath. The dogs were very comfortable with this life, and although they were used to more variety, they were happy to let a single female dote over them to please them. Kato was surprised that this bitch continued to want him since most other bitches would have already been pregnant and tried to discourage him. But Sarah was good for about four fucks a day. She was very fulfilled with this lifestyle. She had males constantly paying attention to her, but she was mostly attracted to Kato who, although demanding of her, always seemed to care if she was satisfied.In the same way, Julie seemed to pair up with Jeff, who loved her smaller size and thin waist. It made it easier for him to mate with her. The others were bigger and you could usually find Jeff and Julie fucking off in some unoccupied room. And then there was Trigger, who had mostly paired up with Liz. He had the longest prick and largest knot, and Liz had gotten used to fucking him. When she fucked the others, she didnt feel as satisfied most times. But Trigger could always penetrate deeply into her cervix, filling her with his love.Therefore Art decided to introduce Brutus into the group, since Cassie seemed to be left out. Although her smell enticed the dogs more, and although her body was soft and built to be fucked, she didnt pay as much attention to the dogs as the others did. So Art wanted to make sure that most of all, Cassie was introduced to Brutus.Chapter 9One night, when the girls were asleep, Art snuck into their compound. He carried a small syringe which he injected into Cassies ass. This knocked her out as he had done previously with Julie. He carried her outside of the compound, into the room that Sarah had woken up in when she first arrived. He had redecorated it as a small motel room, and when Cassie awoke, she was startled to find herself separated from the others in a new location. Most of all, she was surprised to see a new dog, Brutus. He was a Great Dane, and everything about him was big. She got up and looked around her new quarters, noting that there was ample food for both her and the dog for a period of time. On the dining area counter, she found a note.You have been temporarily moved to this area to give you time to become acquainted with Brutus. The quicker that this happens, the sooner you will be reunited with your friends.Cassie thought that she knew what the note meant. She was to remain here until she was fucking Brutus for someone elses purpose. She was now used to fucking dogs, and that didnt bother her, but she wasnt sure of the person who orchestrated this whole affair. What was his purpose? But she knew that there could be no argument. The one thing she had learned here was that whoever it was, was interested in the girls ultimate happiness. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she looked at Brutus. Here boy she called.Meanwhile, the others had awoken and seeing Cassie was gone found a note. Your friend is fine and will be back after she accomplishes something that needs to be done. Enjoy each other.They didnt know what to make of the note, but Cassies absence gave them less competition with their mates. They continued living as they had grown accustomed to. Liz and Julie figured out a new way to fuck their lovers. Julie got up on the bed with Jeff and assumed her position on all fours for Jeff. Liz lay on her back on the bed, her ass just at the end, and called Trigger over. He jumped up with his front paws on the bed, and moved in between Lizs open thighs. She helped guide Trigger into herself and then gripped him with her legs. While Trigger began fucking her, Julie leaned over Lizs chest, underneath the large-bodied Trigger, and suckled Lizs nipples. Liz returned the favor to her Asian friend, as her head was in the right place to concentrate on Julies erect nipples. Jeff jumped up on Julies back and fucked her from behind. It was a great position for all involved, and allowed the girls to have their tits brought into the fun. By slowly moving down towards Lizs belly then her pussy, Julie was able to get her mouth on Lizs clit, and to lick Triggers pistoning rod. This drove Liz wild, and she returned the favor by licking and sucking Jeffs swinging balls. Jeff enjoyed this and barked twice in appreciation. Liz could feel his cum churning inside. She propped a pillow underneath her head, and now she was able to lick the union between Julie and Jeff. Liz tasted Julies sweetness and Jeffs salty cum, sticking her tongue into Julie to stimulate Jeffs knot. She was rewarded with his dripping cum, and drank whatever she could, what didnt drip on her face and down her cheek. Both dogs came and flooded their bitches with cum. Now a lot more ran out of Julie and onto Liz. In a final effort, Liz sucked hard on Jeffs knot, and he pulled out of Julie, allowing what was inside of her to flood Lizs face. Liz held on to Jeffs knot with her lips, and Jeff continued to shoot his jism onto Lizs chest. Meanwhile Trigger had cum and with all of Julies saliva, pulled out of Liz. Julie grabbed the end of Triggers prick and sucked in deeply down her greedy throat. Trigger responded with renewed thrusting, sending his ten inches down Julies throat. Julie took a deep breath and allowed Triggers knot past her lips, closing down around the back. Trigger went wild, fucking Julies throat and shooting his cum deep within her stomach. Julie gagged a little, then recovered, feeling Triggers hot cum filling her belly. Finally. Julie pulled her head back, feeling Triggers swollen shaft recede from her throat, followed by streams of his cum. Both girls were totally exhausted but satisfied and collapsed once again, cum running out of both ends of them. Oh my God Julie Liz exclaimed. That was the hottest session I think weve had so farJulie was trying to catch her breath, while trying to retain Triggers seed in her stomach. Wait until Sarah sees this Liz continued. And later that day, Liz and Julie explained the whole thing to Sarah. Sarah couldnt wait to try it out, and she and Liz didnt wait long. Liz assumed Julies position on her hands and knees, while Sarah took Lizs former position on her back.In the other room Cassie was thinking about her captors demand. Brutus had been very restrained, he had not been aggressive with Cassie at all. This was a big dog and she confirmed that he had a huge sheath which must contain a prick bigger than even Triggers. But she had fucked Trigger and it had been alright, his long prick lifting her and penetrating past her cervix. She knew what she needed to do to get back with her friends, so she decided after a couple of days to offer herself to Brutus.Approaching Brutus slowly, Cassie crouched down to his height and began to pet him. He licked her face, showing her that he liked her petting him. She used one hand to push Brutus hindquarters down into a sitting position, and then pushed him into a down position where he was lying next to her. Cassie began gently petting Brutus fur, she liked the feeling as she made her way down his side, and slowly towards his belly. Now as she approached his sheath covered penis, Brutus ears perked up as he took more interest. Cassie gently caressed his sheath with the tips of her fingers. Feeling a little braver, she ducked her head to the area and gently touched the tip of his sheath with her warm tongue. Brutus involuntarily responded as his sheath receded slightly. Now the tip of his large prick was exposed, and Cassie sampled it. It didnt have much of a taste, and Cassie continued to stroke Brutus sheath but used a little more pressure. She reached back to his large set of balls and caressed those with her fingers, rubbing underneath his sack against the back of his balls. This caused Brutus sheath to recede a little further, exposing about an inch of his red meat. As Cassie continued to rub behind Brutus nuts, more and more of his cock was exposed. She began to lick along the shaft, back and forth, creating a new sensation for the dog. Soon, about seven inches of cock was exposed, with at least three or five more inches to go. Cassie now brought her lips to his cock and slowly sucked it into her mouth, savoring the taste. At this point his cock was showing its length, but not its girth. Even so, it was as wide as Katos dick she was sure. As Cassie continued to stimulate Brutus from both ends, she took all the cock she could in her mouth, allowing the tip to rest against the back of her throat. Brutus couldnt take the stimulation lying down anymore, and it caused him to remember his bitch-fucking training. He stood up abruptly, leaving about six inches of cock hanging out of his sheath. The abruptness surprised Cassie. Now Cassie lay on her back and opened her legs to Brutus muzzle. She had become slightly aroused and her smell now wafted through the air to Brutus nose. He knew what the smell was, having experienced it many times, although slightly different. He dipped his head between her legs and began licking at the source. Cassies soft pussy responded quickly. It was used to getting fucked several times a day, and now many days had passed without any stimulation. Her pussy lips parted, allowing this large tongue to reach inside to sample her juices. Oohhhhhhhhhh she moaned for the first time in days. She pushed her pelvis off the floor towards the tongue that was causing her such pleasure. Brutus responded by grabbing her leg and beginning to hump at her. His prick was beginning to glisten and Cassie felt him shooting his precum onto her leg and belly. Some of it shot higher onto her chest and tits, and as she allowed him to continue, she felt some precum hitting the bottom of her chin.Boy, you shoot pretty hard she giggled as he continued to hump her leg in frustration. Give me a second to get into position. I hope I can accommodate you With that, she turned over on her hands and knees, noticing that eight inches of his pink rod stuck out of its sheath each time Brutus humped forward. She knew she couldnt allow him to enter her completely or he could hurt her. She decided to place her hand on his cock as he entered her, preventing his knot from getting inside. But she was horny now and needed his prick inside of her. Raising her ass as high as she could, she wiggled it to attract him. Brutus released her leg and climbed onto her back. His substantial weight was now pressing her down. He thrust forward, his precum shooting onto Cassies back and ass. She maneuvered herself underneath him, and felt his hot prick banging into her, searching for her hole. Reaching between her legs, Cassie grabbed Brutus growing cock and guided it towards her waiting pussy. On the next thrust, Brutus felt her soft entrance and moved his body forward. He was too big to grab her waist, so he held Cassie by the shoulders. The next time he pushed forward, the tip of his cock entered her. Cassie sighed and now that he felt himself inside of her, his prick began to grow on its own. On the next thrust, six inches penetrated Cassie, forcing itself into her hole. The shock of his entrance caused Cassie to lose her grip on Brutus cock and before she could recover, Brutus had shoved ten inches of it into her, penetrating her cervix. When the tip of his rod felt the tightness of her cervix, it ballooned in size, along with the rest of Brutus monstrous cock. Now Cassie began to realize what was inside of her. The girth of Brutus cock increased to the size of a mans wrist, temporarily immobilizing Cassie where she lay. Brutus pumped into Cassie like a fucking machine, this one not being used for months. Now he gripped the helpless Cassie as he stood on all fours, he was able to hunch into her and grab her wonderful hips. They were large enough for Brutus to use as a handhold, pulling Cassies body further onto his prick. Twelve inches of prick were in Cassie now, more than she could imagine. Brutus was shooting so much precum into her, it began to leak out. Cassie could feel the powerful jets shooting inside of her, Brutus in so deep that he was hitting the top of her uterus. Cassie thought that he was cumming, but Brutus knot was now just growing. All of a sudden, Cassie realized that his baseball sized knot was wedged in her, behind the twelve inches of prick. She had never been fucked so deeply. Now Brutus felt an overwhelming orgasm approach as his cum shot up his shaft and into his waiting bitch. Cassie felt as if there was a firehose stuck inside of her. The pressure from Brutus volleys of cum was incredible. Someone had turned on the nozzle and now Cassie was being filled with hot, molten lava. Her pussy, now defeated, could not even stroke the huge tool inside of her. Cassie came again and again then passed out.When she awoke, Cassie had the feeling of being stuffed. She couldnt move and when she opened her eyes, she found herself hanging from Brutus huge pole. It had been ten minutes, while Brutus stood there and filled his bitch with his seed. A large sticky, puddle was on the floor, and Cassie realized that her legs were bathed in it. She tried to move, to escape the doghood that held her captive, but couldnt get unstuck. He movement caused Brutus rod to twitch, shoot two or three more volley of cum into her. She didnt think her cunt would ever recover. Her orgasms had been so numerous and so powerful, she didnt think that they could ever be repeated. She waited there for thirty minutes until Brutus finally shrank enough to allow her to slip off of him. Her cunt throbbed not in pain but in wonder. Wondering where the wonderful cock was that had filled her so deeply. She couldnt move, and felt Brutus licking her ass and cunt, cleaning off his bitch. She fell into a deep sleep.Cassie awoke feeling refreshed and happy. It took her a minute to remember all that had happened. As she thought about it, she realized why she was happy. She had finally found a mate that could satisfy her and challenge her body to its limit. As she started to stand up, Brutus came over to her and without hesitation, stuck his head between her legs and began to lap at her shaved pussy. She knew her lover had enjoyed her as well and was ready for more. She also knew that she shouldnt disappoint him. Cassie got down in front of Brutus and reached underneath him, taking hold of his large sheath covered prick. She reached back and felt his large balls hanging down. She began to gently caress his balls in a loving manner, and Brutus responded by beginning to hump her arm. Well, no sense in wasting precious time, Cassie thought. She turned around, offering Brutus her well-rounded ass and soft hips. Her pussy opened slightly, offering Brutus its delicious scent. It took him no more than a few seconds to jump up on Cassie, forcing her head onto the carpet. She rested her head comfortably on her arms as Brutus moved his hind legs in closer to her. After a couple of tentative prods, Cassie felt the large head of his prick trying to gain entrance to her cunt. She spread her legs further apart as Brutus repeatedly poked her soft lips. Soon they responded, allowing the head of his hard rod to spread them and give him access to her warm, wet inner self. Brutus grabbed Cassies hips, pulling her towards him while at the same time pushing his prick deeper inside of her. Cassie orgasmed as she felt his hot, hard rod moving deeper and deeper into her with each thrust. This time his prick experienced no barrier to penetrating her cervix, and Brutus started shooting his precum into Cassie. She started bucking back and forth on his prick, impaling herself further onto Brutus prick. Cassie came several times as Brutus filled her insides with his clear fluid, preparing her for his seed. She felt the familiar throbbing of his prick and knew he was about to cum.Now that he was locked into his bitch with his large knot, Brutus could enjoy the tightness of Cassies relatively small cunt as it tried its best to accommodate him. All at once he stopped thrusting and grabbed Cassie tightly to him and began to release his sperm. Just like the first time, Cassie felt his hot prick twitch several times, then felt a strong stream of his cum, as it broke free from Brutus prick. Once again, it quickly filled her womb, strongly jetting from Brutus with each throb of his massive prick. Cassie tried to move, pulling on Brutuss knot and causing him to shoot more cum into her hole. Cassie came hard and once again passed out, Brutus now in complete control as he continued to fill her, his cum pouring out of her hole and down her leg to the floor.Cassies body had not been designed for such an assault, and the tremendous amount of dog sperm inside of her was constantly refilled, bathing her eggs in dog seed. Her body wanting it, Brutuss sperm broke through her egg barrier, and fertilized not one, but two of her eggs. It was a one in a million chance, but no bitch could get fucked so completely, be bathed in so much cum, and not accept Brutuss seed.Gradually, Brutus prick finished pumping his cum into Cassie, and he released her waist, but remained standing there, Cassie hanging off of his prick. Fifteen minutes later, Cassie awoke, once again to the knowledge of being filled beyond capacity with Brutus enormous dick. She tentatively moved back and forth, creating quakes of pleasure in he loins that radiated out to all areas of her body. She could not believe that fucking Brutus could be so pleasurable, that her captor had known that this is what she would want. She already knew that Brutus was hers, and none of the others could have him. Her slight movements stimulated Brutus again, and incredibly, he once again firmly grabbed her waist and fucked into Cassie. This bitch was the best fuck that he had ever had, she was ready for more as soon as he was finished. He didnt know how long that he could continuously fuck Cassie, but he was able to accommodate her now. The two of them fucked for another fifteen minutes, Cassie completely worn out by then, having cum many times. Brutus was still able to fuck her, but he had drained all of his seed into her and all over the floor. With a final tug on Brutus knot, Cassie stopped moving, and slowly, Brutus was able to stretch the desperate girl wide enough for his twelve inch cock to escape. Cassie collapsed onto the floor, her pussy completely stretched out of shape, a constant stream of Brutuss cum running out of her. In fact, the whole area was cum soaked, but Cassie didnt care. She had had the fuck of her life.She looked at Brutus lovingly, his large organ hanging down between his legs, while she dreamed of holding it, caressing it, sucking it and sleeping with it by her face. She did not realize that she was now pregnant, impregnated in a most improbable way by a creature who, by all rights, should not have been able to fertilize her. But it would be several weeks before Cassie realized what had happened.

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