July 17, 2004

how to fuck your dog

When in my early twenties I had some boyfriend problems at home and went to spend summer with my Aunt on a small-holding in a remote part of South Wales. Meg was a widow aged around forty living on her own ever since my Uncle Dylan had been killed in a mine accident ten years earlier. I think the Miners Union obtained a decent compensation claim for her, she now seemed quite well off and she and Dylan having no children had always had a soft spot for me, her younger sisters daughter.She kept chickens, a nanny goat, several orphaned lambs, a cat and two Labradordogs for company. The Labs were lovely, one black and one golden named, Bill and Ben. Her old farm cottage was remote, well off the beaten track or any real road.The two dogs would howl like banshies if anyone strange dared to approach theirlonely track but just greeted you with a welcome bark when the few people theyknew approached, my aunt could truthfully tell you who was there by their barks. Her dogs were highly trained, one of her hobbies was dog obedience training, she had done it for years and won cash prizes and exhibitions at exhibitions at local fetes. She had even trained sheepdogs and won trials when she was younger at the old hill farm.Local people in the village, even farmers were forever asking her advice about various dogs, breeds, illnesses, training etc. She was definately respected as a canine expert.I stayed with her all that summer, I chilled out walking by the river next to her land with the dogs, fed the goat and totally relaxed away from the hustle, bustle and bitchiness of the city life I had been used to. I loved the peace away from the crowd. The thing I missed most was that the few local men I met were unbelievably shy ofgirls, no one my own age dared even speak to me in eight weeks but I enjoyed thechill out after my relationship trouble at home. I had lived with someone for sixmonths, truthfully the only thing I missed him for was sex, he had been my first and good at it. Probably why I was still masturbating a lot while thinking about him, even in Wales. I hated myself but did it most night and sometimes on hot days, in the barn..Late one hot August day my Aunt strangely sent me on a somewhat odd errand to the Cooperative shop in the local village. She put her list and some money on the table. I remember studying it, and thinking half the stuff on it we already had in the fridge. I certainly didnt complain though, I was a little bored and looking forward to the long three miles country walk along the remote lane by the river with the two dogs for company, perhaps she had sensed that and sent me on a walk on purpose Bill was tied up outside but when I went to untie him my Aunt told me to leave himand just take Ben who was already there, loose in the yard and I did as she said.Ben was my favourite anyway and I was happier controlling him. Bill was older and reluctant to obey me sometimes, often looking first at my Aunt for a second opinion.Ben, the younger dog was always fully obedient with me, anywhere, and first time.About a mile down the road I cursed as I suddenly realised I had the list but my purse was still on the kitchen table. Turning, we retraced our steps for about twenty minutes back home.. Usually Bill would bark out a greeting to us but I noticed with surprise that he was now no longer still tied up in the yard as we went in the gate. I wondered why, he had been there when we left and wherever he was, even inside the cottage he invariably greeted friend or foe with his many different barks, Aunt Meg could almost converse with him when he heard the gate catch.. Whoszat?… As I quietly passed the living room window I suddenly saw why, Aunt Meg was now sitting in her arm chair with Bill stood in front of her. I was just about to shout out a greeting when my brain caught up with the message from my eyes and I stopped in my tracks in disbelief then ducked quickly back in the shadows, totally stunned.Looking cautiously around the window again I took a second look and saw just whyneither my Aunt or her dog had heard my approach. They were both far too busy.Aunt Meg had her knickers off, still around one ankle. Her long skirt was hiked wellup to her breasts. and her right leg was dangling limp over the padded arm of the chair leaving her virgina wide open. The dog was licking away at it for all his he was worth as my Aunt franticaly masturbated her clitoris with her fingers at the same time. I peeped round the corner, hidden in the afternoon shade but the dog was so intent on my Aunts gaping pussy that even he didn’t hear us. His attentions were clearly exciting her wildly, her eyes were closed and it was obvious from the look on her face she was very near to climax and loving every second as he kept nuzzling greedily at her. She was only a few feet away and I could see clearly that her spread cunt was now opened up so much that Bills bulbous black nose was now pushing inside the lips of my Aunts pussy, actualy physically sliding up out of sight inside her. .My God , I thought, Shes trained him, hes actualy fucking her with his nose.Despite the fact that I was outside in the open seeing her masturbate had excited me so much that I pushed my own hand down the front of my pants and did the same to myself nearly as franticaly as my Aunt was doing it. I watched her intently for another five minutes or so more until she suddenly started shuddering and panting then came heavily with the dog still lapping greedily away at her. Her face twisted as if in pain as she arched her back, grabbed Bills collar and started thrusting herself hard against the dogs muzzle in an obviously very intense orgasm, the tip of his his black nose was pushing up back up inside her again as she pulled him into her. Bill did not seem to mind in the least and kept on dutifully licking away at her until she finaly let go of him and slouched back, dreamily exhausted but trying to stop Bill from licking now, obviously sated. I ducked away across the yard into the barn. I had masturbated myself there already earlier that morning on top of the hay bales thinking about sex. Far from now being disgusted watching my Aunt masturbating with the dog it made me horny as hell again. Feverishly lifting my dress I carried on masturbating myself leaning back against the hay bales, my knees weak.I wonder if she lets Ben do it to her too I thought wildly. On an impulse I pulled my pants hurridly to one side offering Ben the chance to dothe same thing to me as Bill had to my Aunt. He didn’t, after smelling at me Ben first tried to jump up on me then pranced around like an idiot barking as if it were a play game. The next thing I heard was Bill barking too inside the house as he heard us,. Aunt Meg no doubt heard us too so I hurridly pulled down my skirt and made a lot of theatrical noise as I went across the yard to the house. When I went in Aunt Meg had gone upstairs so I just shouted to her that Id forgotten the purse, I caught sight of my face in the hall mirror, flushed after playing with myself and was glad my Aunt hadnt seen me. I picked it up and went back off on my errand to the village with Ben, looking at Bill with curious eyes as we left him inside, whining to come with us.When we got back he was tied up outside and looked at us sulkily for leaving him.You should sulk my lad, I thought. .Youve had far more excitment than a walkWhen I went in the house Aunt Meg behaved perfectly normaly and took the bag off me, as I helped put the groceries away I realised again that nothing I had brought was urgent and she could have got all of them when going in by car the next day anyway. She had once told me in confidence that when she and Dylan went to Spain the heat had made her feel incredably sexy the whole week.That was a very hot day in Wales too, I realised I had definately been side tracked into going to the village for an hour while she had her wicked way with Bill. It was hot that night too and I felt very sexy in bed remembering every sexy detail of what I had seen. I touched myself up for half the night fantasising what it felt like letting a dog lick you until you came. I then dreamed fitfully, mostly of sex, and dogs. The next day we were out all day in Megs car. That night however was my Aunt’snight for bingo at the local miners welfare club but I declined to go with her saying I had a headache. She had hardly got her car to the end of the drive before I hadbrought both Labradores in, taken off my pants and was experimenting by showingthem each my naked cunt on turn to see what they would do. Their response was instant and frighteningly dramaticThey almost fought over me, Bill, the older dog was at my mound like a shot andlicking me for all he was worth, I had never been licked there much before, Davedidnt really like doing it and it felt fantastic. I started to get frightened at Billsintensity. especialy when after licking me hard he tried forcing his black nose up into me as he had my Aunt. (training?). Being stood up I fell over backwards onto the couch. He immediatley jumped up and tried to mount me, frightening me to death. I felt his wetness rubbing on my bare legs and as I glanced down saw that Bills red cock was poking out. I realised with a shock that the dog was now trying physicaly trying to fuck me. Ben, the younger dog kept sniffing at my cunt experimentaly and trying to lick me too but Bill kept growling at him fiercely, finally snapping at him and physically forcing him away. This now really frightened me, as if I wasnt in charge, like an attempted CENSOR. His obvious sexual intimidation was panicking ing me because he was now definatly trying to fuck my leg or any other part of me he could get at. I got him down once but as soon as he licked me again he got horny and he jumped straight back up and tried to fuck me again. His cock was hard, I could see it poking out. I even felt him coming, it was hot all over my legs. It scared me as well as making me feel sexy. Strangely only half of me wanted him to stop, my sexy wicked slut side wanting him to carry on, even keep trying to fuck me, not that I would have let him, I wouldnt have gone that far but I felt powerful teasing him.He had licked my Aunt in a very “trained” way, not like he was doing to me, waiting and doing things on cue almost. I was now wondering if he was actualy fucking her too. Now years later Im certain he he was, or even both dogs wereI remembered that as I had watched through the window he had tried to jump up once onto my Aunt and she had stopped him with her normal wait signal. This was right hand outstretched, palm down. Up was palm up. I tried to tell him to get down but he was a heavy dog pinning me and he just wouldnt obey me. He never did really, Aunt Meg was his boss, and he knew it. Eventualy he stopped trying to hump me and lay still and I managed up grab his paws gripping my waist and finally push him away.Bill jumped down licking himself and I curiously looked his penis throbbing andswollen, still dripping the thin come he had just spurted all over my bare legs. Irealised with rather strange satisfaction that I had made him come by letting himthrust against me and suddenly feeling safe now, and in charge. I massaged his penis gently until he stopped coming. I could feel the wetness in my hand and bizarely even rubbed some of his come onto my pussy. I had excited him by letting him lick me and touching him and the weirdest things was I felt sexy about it, like I would a boy. I managed to get Bill back in the yard after a struggle, with his cock hanging downlike a donkey, I prayed no-one would see him but then no one ever passed there it was so remote.I then coaxed Ben into licking me, which he did very gently and it was exciting, I was half hoping he would try to fuck me as Bill had but he didnt try, even when I gave him the up command he just jumped up but didnt really seem to know why he was there even when I rubbed his dick to see if he would get sexy too. but he didnt, apart from thusting a little.I finaly put him out with Bill strangly dissapointed that he had not even wanted to try to fuck me like Bill had, not that I would have let him but I felt, well spurned..I realised with a shock that Bills come was all over the rug and I soaked it in thebath, leaving a note to say I had spilled some milk on it. I had a shower and finally went to bed having fantasies about Bills hard red cockand what would have happened if I’d just turned over face down when he tried tomount me. I imagined Id let him jump up onto my back and guided his thin hard red pencil cock up into my pussy to fuck me. As I masturbated I could almost feel the hot sperm hed shot over my thighs earlier that day as I imagined the dog shaking as he ejaculated and pumped his hot seed deep into me with that swollen red cock. As I thought about it I kept on and on just wanting to go back downstairs and let either of them just fuck me. Perhaps if a nieve puppies thought had not stuck in my mind I might have done just that too. I was now convinced Meg had fucked both of them. I know she had.She had won loads of local awards at obedince shows with every dog she had everowned, they were all highly trained. It excited me unbearably now that I knew they had all probably known one or two tricks Aunt Meg didnt perform in public I never got chance to “experiment” again that week or had a chance to repeat theexperience, but I thought about doing it constantly. I relived that night perhaps athousand times since in fantasy with both dogs fucking me one after the other for hours, it was my favourite “climax” theme..That was my down fall, I ended up relating the experience above to a later partner and it turned him on so much we ended up playing out the memory for real but thats another story. It was another ten years of fantasy until I met the man who had allready “intoduced” females to enjoy dogs sexualy. Sufficient to say I eventualy tried it full sex and found out exactly why Aunt Meg like Sex with her dogs so much..Because its fantastically sexy thats why.

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    1. Wow, what a fantastic account Thank you Diodwy for sharing this important moment in your life with us, and for entertaining us at the same time

      Comment by genuine9 — July 18, 2004 @ 2:42 am

    2. wow that’s great you got to experience that. thank you for sharing

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    3. What a nice, erotic story. Thank you.

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    4. Loved your story,very erotic,thanks a big load.

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    5. Good story. Could ask where in south wales were you because ilive in a remoteish part of south wales?

      Comment by Animal lover. — July 20, 2004 @ 10:32 pm

    6. Animal Lover – can’t e-mail you for some obscure reason. Happened in valley just south of Brecon Beacons “Back Mountain” – Bryamman. Y gutter Vowr in Welsh.Di

      Comment by Diodwy — July 21, 2004 @ 4:25 am

    7. Animal lover Sorry — That was a total cockup due to typosI meant BLACK MOUNTAIN and BRYNAMANON (near Gwan Cae Gerwin)Sorry, Nos dar bachan. xx Yaki dar bob Cwmro, Tuch deen bob seis.

      Comment by Diodwy — July 21, 2004 @ 4:32 am

    8. Dio, Very hot story Thanks Standout experiences with your later beaus would be interesting( hint, hint). LOL K9Dom

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