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Raid at Home

Amy was happy when she found a new home just as she had got her new job. She had graduated as a nurse in the spring and she had began to apply for a job to correspond her education as soon as she had got her certificate. She had kept a vacation for a month after sending her applications and before the selections were made.

Amy was very trustful for getting the job when she rested on her vacation, because she had been the best student in her class.

She was 23 years old and 6 feet tall. Her weight was 112 pounds as she was a slender girl. She had dark straight hair and sight like some girl in a beauty contest. Her hips bent beautifully and her breasts were firm and nice B-size. She was very satisfied for her appearance as well. Music, reading and jogging were her favourite hobbies, but she enjoyed also watching television. Series in which she could watch handsome men and beautiful women interested her most – especially if there was some softcore or sex in them.

She had a big dog with her and that thing made it more difficult to find a home, but she had really good luck with her. She succeeded in her second place of five chosen. It was a small house which she could rent. The rent wasn't too expensive for her. And the dog was allowed, if she would repair everything he might spoil or mess. The arrangement suit her well because her dog was so lazy and big German Shepherd called Blackie. It wasn't totally black, but he was very dark even for his breed.

Amy moved in her new home after she had cleaned it with her family all together. She had still two weeks before she would have to take her new job. Her father built a cabin for Blackie near the main door and attached his chains properly to the stairs to prevent Blackie from escaping the place without Amy to help him. Blackie was three years old and he had been Amy's best friend since his coming to their family. They used to run and play a lot together. Maybe Amy was in so good condition because of their jogging. At her childhood home Blackie used to sleep all nights outside, because her father didn't want him to become slack, as he used to say.

After a couple of days Amy had put all her things to their proper places and she could start to enjoy her 'own' place and freedom. She used to keep her curtains closed tightly and she started to let Blackie sleep inside at the nights. She had prepaired a bed for him on the floor to the other end of her livingroom couch. There he used to lie and sleep when he was in. Only food seemed to refresh him a little.

It was the first free evening and Amy took a shower before her favourite program began. She washed herself carefully and dressed into her red bathrobe. She wasn't going to dress more before she had to go out or to go to sleep, but she checked the doorlocks once again. She enjoyed being almost naked and the bathrobe was fine when she knew she would reduce her sexual pressures while watching the right series (if the part wasn't too bad). She had bought a sex video where a handsome hunk made love with few beautiful women gently and realistically just in case the television sent only bad program.

Amy picked up a bottle of red wine and a glass and sat on the couch and took a good position before opening the tv. Soon her favourite series began and it was turning the right direction from the beginnig. Amy imagined the dark guy of the series to start to caress her breasts through her bathrobe like he did to that beautiful blond in tv. She caressed her breasts the same way as the man did and when it was not enough for her she opened her bathrobe from the front and started caressing her bare breasts moaning happily. She would have let just that man to come and make love to her now she thought as she begame all hornier.

She sipped her second class of wine empty and improved her position. She leaned her left hand against the couch arm rest and she spred her legs a little to be able to touch her pussy easier. The program got more heated and so did Amy. She squeezed her breasts with her left hand hard occasionally and slid her right hand down her stomach towards her hole. She pressed her hairy crotch for a little while. When her fingers touched her pussy lips she moaned in pleasure and began caressing them gently.

Moisture flowed out of her vagina and her clit was poking high up. Even slight brush made her moan in her lust. Her fingers started playing with it and she made more and more voices. Blackie awoke and started to find out the direction of voices. He observed her mistress moaning and he found her exciting scent in the air.

Blackie didn't know what he should have done, so he stayed put and only watched and sniffed the air while waiting his instructions. Amy was flying high already. She grunted and swinged wildly on the couch looking occationally at the man she admired on the tv and then closing her eyes again to imagine him coming to her and making love to her the way as she hoped.

Suddenly Amy pushed her table so hard that her wine bottle fell down on the floor. She awoke and rushed after it fast. Some wine still fell on the floor and some on her bathrobe also. When she got the bottle she lifted it on the table and she was happy that she managed to save about three glasses of wine. She undressed her bathrobe and went to pick up washing towel for the floor.

In the meantime Blackie stood up to check the liquid on the floor. He sniffed it a bit and tasted it a little. It was strong for him but also very sweet. The sweetness made him lick it more an more. When Amy came with the towel Blackie had eaten almost one third of the wine on the floor. "What are you doing? Are you drinking wine like a man?" said Amy laughingly and knelt on her fours to clean the rest of the wine away.

She didn't think of Blackie any more because she concentrated on cleaning the floor. Her ass swinged teasingly for Blackie as he watched it behind her and he started to sniff the air again very enthusiastically. His cock began to grow from its stealth and he was certain that his mistress was in heat like the bitches he had been able to fuck before a couple of times.

When his cock was about four inches out he mounted Amy and grabbed really tightly around her slender waist with his front paws. Amy laughed as she thought he was playng like he usually did, but when his cock started poking her pussy lips and buttocks she understood he was going to fuck her like a bitch in the heat and she tried to escape him by crawling forward.

Blackie kept his tight grip and he got more excited only. When he noticed that Amy was trying to escape he growled and showed his teeth. Amy frightened and stopped moving. Blackie continued his humping trying to find his way into her pussy and he stopped growling. Now Amy tried again to move forward from his poking cock, but Blackie growled again louder than before and snapped at her neck slightly with his teeth not hurting her yet.

Amy was terrified. She didn't dare to try escaping at all anymore and she couldn't let her ass down because of Blackie's tight grip. She didn't help him at all thinking that he would get frustrated and quit soon. Blackie's cock tip poked occationally at her pussy lips slipping slightly in and then out again hitting here and there. Blackie tried hard and patiently even though she tried to squeeze her legs tightly together. She knew soon that Blackie wouldn't let her go before he had taken her good. She couldn't let herself help him any way. Even the thought was impossible.

She was terribly ashamed. Blackie couldn't take her cherry because she had been with boys many times before. Amy had made her wet on the coach and Blackie sprayed his precum of which she knew he would penetrate her quite soon. She was horrified and Blackie poked more and more purposefully towards her pussy.

It happened suddenly. Blackie succeeded much better than before and his cock sank two inches at once into Amy's pussy. She screamed and would have tried away unless she hadn't been so afraid of Blackies teeth. Blackie had a tight grip on her waist and he squeezed even tighter than before. In the meantime he thrusted his cock deeper and with his animal tempo he started to pull and push his member sinking it deeper with every thrust.

At first his cock didn't feel to be big, but as he humped her for some time it grew bigger and bigger and sank deeper and deeper. Soon it was as big as any man had had to offer her and this was so hot inside her. "Ooooo… he got me now! Blackie fucks me… like the fastest man on earth! No.. This is so wrong! I don't want… a dog… to fuck… me…" Amy thought trying to keep her thoughts clear, but it was so hard now, when the hot and fast pumping doggy cock began to feel so great in her pussy. She only couldn't admit it jet.

"Nnooo… ooohhh… eiiihhh… " she moaned, but she had begun to push her ass against Blackie's thrusts and she bent her back to feel his cock rubbing more on her clit. "FUCK ME!…. ooo… harder!" words escaped from her lips before she knew what she said. "Now he got me going and he's going to take everything from me…" she thought feeling ashamed again. "I think I'm going to cum soon… for Blackie… not for mennn… aaahhh!"

"I'm dirty… men's cocks can't give me an orgasm, but… Blackie's… do… I'm so dirty now! Aaahhh… Ooooohhh! More… fuck… me.." And Blackie fucked her all his power and speed and his knot began to grow. This one felt better than all the previous bitches. Blackie inspired even more and he wanted to tie this bitch and spray her full of new life.

Blackie rammed harder and harder trying to get his knot in her pussy and now Amy also felt it clearly. It felt so good as long as it poked her clit, but when it began sinking deeper with every thrust, it started to feel painful and really exciting at the same time. Being so horny Amy pushed more forcefully against his thrusts to get also the knot in her pussy and when it suddenly sank in, the pain made her scream shortly.

Blackie's humping turned into short strokes and his cock tip poked against her womb every time. The knot grew all the time which felt painful as it stretched her tight pussy more than ever. It felt like there would have been a balloon being filled in her pussy. There was no more pain and her orgasm was nearing again. Hot poking doggy cock filled her completely and drove her fast to the peak of her lust.

"How hot can his cock be…" she thought before his cock started to pulse and spray very hot sperm into her pussy. "Aaahh! It comes noww… Oooooooo…!" she screamed as she orgasmed at the same time as Blackie. He pumped his seeds into her for couple of minutes before he began turning around from her back. Amy orgasmed over and over again until she was too exhausted to cum anymore. Blackie stopped cumming at the same time. She had to let down her head and sholders to get some rest.

Her buttocks stayed up, because Blackie's cock held it firmly there. It was tightly stuck in her pussy. "Pity me! What have I done?" Amy started to regret again although she was forced to his fuck. When she understood this she said to Blackie "What did you do to me? You fucked me like a bitch. I won't give you any possibilities to do it again ever. This was surely the last time! I can't trust you anymore."

"What am I going to do now? When will I get rid of your… hmm… big… hmm… doggy cock?" She was totally mixed with her thoughts. She thought that all had gone bad. Blackie shouldn't have fucked her. She hadn't let him to take her. She shouldn't have enjoyed its humping and orgasmed. However his fucking had been the best in her life, but that couldn't be said aloud. Dog's cock had been hot, big and fast and its knot had sealed her good and made the whole fucking so joyful when she had forgotten her shame.

After half an hour on the floor and one extra orgasm due to a little touch and Blackie's knot in her the knot began to shrink and it popped loud when coming out of her pussy. Doggy sperm gushed after it out of her and flowed on the floor partly along her thighs. Blackie licked the floor and her pussy clean. His tongue excited still, but luckily not too much, so she could stand up and rushed to the shower to clean her from her shocking experience and all the doggy sperm and sweat.

Blackie had to stay out that night. Amy had hard time to get to sleep. She had to caress herself once again to orgasm in the night before she relaxed to sleep after her hot evening.

The end (for now at least)
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Chapter 2

As time passed by Amy determinedly avoided all the situations, where Blackie would have even possibility to sniff at her bare ass. In addition to that she made sure at ouside the house that Blackie couldn't get near her when she was gardening on her fours or any other position. Blackie had to stay chained really often compaired to former times.

Once her friend Eva visited her and stopped to look at chained Blackie. He looked so sad dangling his head and swinging his tail so dully. Eva got a little sad as well after looking at him for a while. When Amy opened the door Eva entered her house and greeted her "Hi, Amy, how are you? Blackie looked really sad. Is he healthy?" "Hi, Eva, I'm fine and so is he. He has been such a bad boy and I must keep him out more than before." answered Amy.

"What did he do?" asked Eva curiously. Amy didn't want to lie, but she couln't tell the thruth eighter, so she said elusively "He made really bad mess inside. Sit down here and I'll make something to drink. Would you like to have coffee or tea this time?" Eva answered "Tee, please." Then they chatted some other issues and Amy was relieved about the thing she didn't have to lie her friend more.

After Eva had gone, Amy began to think if Blackie was suffering something. She thought she had been the victim not Blackie. She went outside and observed him and his facial expressions and looks. She pretented to do someting while observing him and he looked to be very depressed. She began to have bad conscience. She wasn't going to punish him this way.

She decided to correct a little her attitude on Blackie and take him to a walk. She dressed her jogging suit and leashed Blackie. Then they walked to a path together and Blackie was like a different dog. He played and rushed around observing everything near the path. Often he ran beside her and begged her attention and pettings and then he rushed away again.

Amy wanted to run a little herself so she called him to run in pace with her and he forgot his stops beside the path and concentrated on running. It was a good run and they both were quite happy after returning home. Amy brought out some food for Blackie and entered the shower herself. There she thought that Blackie was still her best friend and she couldn't punish him anymore the things he didn't even understand.

After the shower she dressed on shorts and a t-shirt and let Blackie in. He went on his mattress and started to sleep. In the meantime Amy made some dinner for herself and ate it in the kitchen. Then those good series would began again in television and she sat on the couch to look at them in peace. Now she had no wine or any other alcoholic drinks and she thought that she needn't worry about Blackie trying any silly things while she was watching her favourite series.

The part was hot stuff again as very often and she got excited again watching that handsome guy. Blackie had awoken and came beside her legs to sit. She asked him to jump on the couch beside her so she could scratch him as she watched the tv. Blackie behaved well and first he seemed to fall asleep, but he already smelled her scent and began to get excited a little.

He turned more on his side and Amy scratched his other side, chest and stomach also. Blackie lifted his head on her lap and sniffed the air. Amy had her tights tightly together, but she moved a little and her tempting aroma escaped her crotch to excite Blackie more and more. His cock started to come out of its stealth and grew slowely for four inches. Amy didn't notice anything yet.

There was a hot phase in tv. The man had succeeded in tempting the blond girl and he was between her thighs. Amy wanted to put her hand in her shorts, but she didn't dare because of Blackie. She was hornier all the time and it was hard to sit still, when her dreams gave her the feeling of the man's cock thrusting in her box.

Blackie's cock grew as his mistress got more excited and she scratched his stomach harder and harder. His doggy cock was at least 6 inches before Amy's hand touched it by accident. "Ooohhh! What I did to you" asked Amy as she noticed his cock. Blackie didn't answer. He just kept his head in her lap and panted now and then. Amy looked at the tv and at his cock in turns. Then she encouraged herself and grabbed his member in her hand and started to watch the love making in the tv.

Blackie's cock was hot and wet in her hand and she was really horny now. Her sense telled her to stop and escape fast, but she couldn't stop and leave anywhere. Her glance was like clued to the screen and her right hand rubbed Blackie's cock which felt so exciting now. She touched her breasts with the other hand and it felt so good that she had to undress her t-shirt and she started rubbing and squeezing them. And she got all hornier all the time.

She started sliding her left hand down her stomach and when she reached her shorts she opened the button and the zipper to reach her hot and wet pussy. As soon as her fingers touched her clit she moaned in pleasure and she started caressing her pussylips gently. Her aroma was too much for Blackie now and he started to turn to go down from the couch. Amy had to let go off his cock and let him leave.

Blackie turned in front of her and started trying to sniff and lick her pussy which was still hiding in her shorts but all in vain. His tongue felt so good on her stomach that she wanted him to lick her to her orgasm. There her fears and unbelief hit her again, but her lust was stronger and she thought that Blackie couldn't take her there on the couch.

She undressed her shorts fast and let Blackie between her thighs. He came there eagerly and started to lick her at once. The same time the love making in the tv ended and Amy closed her eyes and concentrated in Blackie's licking which felt so incredibly exciting. His tongue felt raspy and it stimulated her clit with every lick. Her orgasm was near now. Blackie's tongue sank harder and harder into her pussy and she moaned in joy. "He can do this so well." she thought and moaned in pace with the licks "Oooohhh… Aaaahhhh…"

Now her orgasm was coming and she fought to lengthen her ecstasy, but she moaned aloud and started to cum. At the same time she slid down so much that her buttocks were at the edge of the couch.

Blackie backed a little at first, but then he jumped up and tried to grab around Amy's waist and find her hole with his cock. He had good aim again and his cock hit the slippery pussy and sank in. Amy didn't react at first in her ecstasy. Blackie's cock humped her pussy about six inches before Amy awoke and got frightened.

Shame and self-reproaches flashed through her when she comprehended that there was no way for her to escape from Blackie in her position. She had let him between her legs freely and now he humped her like no tomorrow. His cock grew more in every direction all the time and sank deeper and deeper being so hot and hard. In fact this felt incredibly good now after her orgasm and shivers went through her making her feel well everywhere.

"He is so good lover and not any rapist at all." Amy thought enjoying his hot cock's wild motions. Its knot started to form slowly and slip in and out as his cock tip poked against her womb. The knot grew and felt first really nice, but soon it went in and out a little painfully and she had to lift her legs up and pull Blackie's hinds against her with her legs so that his knot wouldn't slip out of her pussy anymore.

The knot grew a while inside her and she let her grip a little to try if the knot would still come out of her. Blackie started his humping at once and his knot stayed in tightly. Now she could let him loose totally and he continued his frantic humping with short thrusts in her pussy. It felt terrific.

Blackie was thrusting like no tomorrow and Amy started cumming again. This time she enjoyed fully on Blackie's fucking and her orgasm was powerful. She wailed and moaned and Blackie was ready also. He yelped and shoot his first hot load deep into her pussy and then started to pump his sperm in this horny woman.

Amy felt his hot jets inside her and her orgasm continued in pace with Blackie's jerking cock until she passed out for a moment. First she didn't know where she was when she awoke on Blackie's licking. He licked her face and her breasts and it felt great. At the same time she comprehended his cock in her pussy and it felt like the cock would have filled much more than her vagina. It was so hot and the knot sealed the cock and his sperm tightly in her.

She started to stroke her body slightly and Blackie concentrated on licking her breasts ans nipples. Her hands wandered towards the cock that connected them and she touched the roots of it and her own hole stroking slightly her clit. "Aaaaahhh… " the moan escaped her mouth and she was near her orgasm again. Few strokes more and she orgasmed her pussy squeezing Blackie's knot and cock. Some sperm seeped now out of her cunt too.

"Blackie is incrediby good lover. How could I be so rude and harsh to him?" she thought being changed her mind totally. The only thing she knew to retain was the knoledge this was morally wrong and she couln't reveal it to anyone. But now se could enjoy Blackie's cock more and anytime she liked. And she could give Blackie his share of enjoyment gladly.

The end 2

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Blackie becomes a lover (chapter 3)

In the next days Amy enjoyed her life more than ever. Blackie had been better lover than any man ever and she was totally satisfied after Blackie's hot fucking. Amy started to trust more and more in him and in his ability to make love to her until she could get her orgasm whenever she would like it to happen.

At last it was a weekend and Amy started to hope to get fucked well again. She prepared to let Blackie make love to her again on Saturday, when she could be at home the whole day making her own things on her well earned day off. She got wet already in the morning while having a thought of getting Blackie's big cock deep in her pussy.

She cleaned up her house the whole day and in the evening she warmed her sauna to relax in the hot air. Blackie was out most of the day, but Amy let him in before she went into the sauna. Blackie ate well and lied down to sleep on his normal blanket, when Amy entered the sauna. After her hot session and shower she dressed her bathrobe on and sat on the couch to enjoy Blackie's company.

Blackie slept in peace until he awoke her mistress's call. He obeyed like always and jumped beside her on the couch. Amy patted his head to thank him and opened her bathrobe and parted her legs. She began caressing her already hot pussy. Her fingers felt so good rubbing her pussy lips. Blackie started to sniff the air again when he found her horny scent in the air.

Amy looked at Blackie and his eager sniffing and she knew him to be very interested in her pussy odors. Soon Blackie moved to better position and could sniff and lick properly her pussy. His nosing felt great on her pussy and soon his tongue started to slide on her lips lifting her high in her excitement.

Amy had to part her legs more to get Blackie to sink his tongue deeper into her cunt like he had done before. And he did just as she wanted him to do. His tongue started to sink deeper and deeper and Amy's thoughts turned to pure lust, which Blackie gave her.

Amy's first orgasm started to come and she moaned and shivered at the peak of her pleasure and she let Blackie to do everything to keep her going high. Her orgasm lasted long as Blackie licked her all the time.

In any case she started to long for his hard cock into her pussy and his frantic humping to get the fuck she needed for her satisfaction.

When her first orgasm had gone and she had calmed a little down she stood up and went on the floor on her fours asking Blackie to fuck her. Blackie stood up beside her and sniffed her delicious pussy for a while before he mounted on Amy's back and started to seek her cunt with his cock.

Amy was already quite impatient and reached her hand to guide Blackie's penis to her pussy lips. Blackie thrust hard when he felt the wet pussy hole around his cock tip. "Aaaahhh!" moaned Amy, when Blackie's shaft sank into her burning flesh. Six inches was in immediately and the cock started to grow more when Blackie eagerly humped her pussy with great pace.

The cock felt unbelievably hot and hard while growing all the time inside her pussy. Blackie had put his best effort to his humping and he enjoyed this time more than ever fucking her. And so did Amy. Now she enjoyed freely and she was ready to get all the pleasure Blackie could give her with his hot and huge doggie cock.

And Blackie fucked like a steam machine. He thrust as long strokes as he could with his cock and he felt poking to the bottom of this hot pussy with every thrust he made. Amy enjoyed enormously. When Blackie's cock hit the bottom it sent hot shivers all over her stomach and she moaned and screamed once a while in her pleasure. Her next orgasm was just about to come. Blackie's humping was the best fuck she had ever experienced and she started to tremble and shiver more when her orgasm started from her stomach by writhing it and emitting the shivers all over her beautiful body.

Blackie's knot started to grow again and it slid in and out of Amy's wet hole exciting her more and more. Blackie prepared to tie her like a bitch in heat and he pushed short strokes already keeping his knot inside the pussy. Amy enjoyed this burning feeling intensely and felt his cock filling her craving hot pussy totally full.

Amy was in the state of continuous orgasm, when Blackie had eventually tied her pussy properly. Her nipples were hard and she felt to be a part of some horny love machine which was pounding her pussy with hot rod towards some final and exploding goal. And that was nearing and sending wonderful feelings through her horny body.

When Blackie shot his first load of hot sperm into Amy's pussy depths, she immediately exploded into more forceful orgasm and wailed aloud feeling herself to sink into her satisfying pleasures. Blackie yelped and pumped hot doggy sperm into this horny bitch. He enjoyed this hot fucking almost as much as Amy did. Orgasm trembled both of them making more squeezing and pulsing and sperm loads to shoot.

Blackie was tied properly and Amy enjoyed his huge cock in her pussy for a long time. When his knot started to shrink, it felt to be too soon and Blackie pulled his cock out of her. Luckily he licked Amy's pussy clean from all the sperm and other juices.

Now Amy had got into full speed and she wanted Blackie to fuck her over and over again. She decided to seduce him after she would have sipped one class of red wine, which she thought would help her to get going again soon. Blackie couldn't think how horny he had made of his mistress.

End (3)

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New experience (4)

When Amy returned home from the work on day, Blackie was totally eager outside and jumped around wildly. Amy let him in to eat and he rushed around inside too. Amy put her jacket to the coat-rack and walked towards the kitchen, when Blackie suddenly jumped on her back forcefully. Amy wasn’t prepared for his attack and she fell forward on her fours.

Blackie was on top of course and he took a tight grip around her slender waist and started to hump his cock against her buttocks. Amy was dressed, so it was all in vain. Amy got a little excited and she said to Blackie “What are you rushing around and raging here? Are you so horny again that I have no time to undress my clothes?”

Blackie humped for a while and got frustrated on his efforts. He has sprayed his precum on Amy’s trousers and she knew she would have to wash them soon. When Blackie unmounted her, she stood up and headed to the kitchen to make a meal for her dog. She was careful now and she didn’t give any more chances for the dog to attack her again.

Blackie calmed down to eat and Amy went to undress her trousers. The precum had messed also her pants, so she had to put them all to the washing machine. She returned the living room half naked and she checked the outdoor to be locked properly before she could feel herself being safe enough. Next she was going to go to her bedroom’s wardrobe, but when she started walking there Blackie had eaten his meal and rushed towards Amy again.

Now she saw him coming and took a steady position and she could avoid to fall down as he came. First he tried to get Amy down, but when he noticed he couldn’t succeed in it, he started to sniff and lick her pussy. It was a little wet because of his previous attack. Amy started to enjoy his efforts and she got wetter and wetter fast. Blackie rushed around her and licked her pussy and anus from back and from behind in turns. It was exciting and her buttocks were all wet and slimy of his slaver.

Amy decided to let her dog let off steam and ease her excitement. She walked slowly towards her couch and knelt against it resting her arms and shoulders against it. She let Blackie to continue the job he had began, because she was wet and horny enough herself also.

Blackie licked for a little while more and Amy parted her knees wider to get his tongue deeper into her pussy. Now the tongue excited her clit on every lick Blackie made and that sent hot shivers to her stomach and breasts.

Suddenly Blackie stopped his licking and jumped up and grabbed around Amy’s slender waist and started humping like crazy. There was only half of his cock in sight, but Blackie found his mark and pushed his cock as deep as he could. He humped fast as ever. "Ooohhh, aaa, o, o, o, o, ooo…!" Amy started to moan as Blackie’s hot cock felt so great in her pussy and the cock grew fast now.

Blackie was wild in his excitement and in his eagerness he pulled his cock too far out and it came out of her pussy. Blackie tried to fix the situation by thrusting forward hard. However his aim had changed and his cock slipped about two inches in Amy’s ass. “Noooo… Not in there!” Amy screamed and tried to squeeze her sphincter and she tried to escape forward, but Blackie had too tight grip and she couldn’t get away. At the same time she forgot her squeeze and Blackie used the chance he had been given by thrusting his member about two inches deeper.

Amy was frightened and she had sore ass, because Blackie had stretched it so fast. She was mixed up of this act now. She started to realize that she couldn’t get out of this without letting Blackie to fuck her ass. So she turned submissive and decided to let Blackie fuck her ass after she reached her hands back and pulled him against her to get accustomed to his cock. Luckily there had been much saliva and his cock sprayed much precum to lubricate her ass properly. Soon she felt better and his cock felt slippery in her colon.

Amy gave him a little room to move to see how his humping would feel and he took advantage of the situation immediately by humping as long thrusts as Amy’s hands gave to him. “Ooo… ooo… ooo…” Amy started moaning. She was surprised how great the cock felt in her ass. She had to let loose of Blackie’s hinds. She wanted to feel the hot humping in her colon. Blackie started his frantic hammering and Amy moaned every time when the cock reached its limits.

Blackie also loved this tight hole and felt to be mounted on really horny bitch. He felt he was having the control of the situation totally now. He was going to tie and to seed this hot bitch after ramming her good to increase his enjoyment and to get his knot swell enough.

Amy reached her hand between her legs and started to rub her clit carefully first. She moaned louder as she neared her climax fast. Blackie’s knot was just starting to poke against her ass hole and stretch it to enter. Blackie increased power to his thrusts and Amy was already flying so high she didn’t first realize the knot at all before it sank in her ass and locked his cock in. Amy’s sphincter firmed the knot to stay in.

Only a little flash of pain went through her. It could only lift her ecstasy to new higher level. Blackie humped his last short thrusts like crazy when Amy reached her peak and orgasmed moaning loud as her ass squeezed hard Blackie’s cock and made him yelp and cum along on her back. He pushed in for all of his strength and shot his first enormous load of hot sperm in Amy.

Hot spurt felt wonderful as her orgasm lasted on and on strong. Then Blackie’s cock started to swell and spray sperm in turns rhythmically. All that time Amy kept cumming and her sphincter milked that hot doggy cock dry. Eventually after a time, which felt long, they both calmed down and rested in place having no force to even turn.

Soon they regained strength and Amy started to hope that Blackie’s knot would shrink so he could pull his cock out of her ass. Her ass was still squeezing the cock unintentionally and that excited Blackie again so much that his cock didn’t start to shrink. On the contrary he started to hump it again faster and faster on short jabs as the knot limited his thrusts.

Amy was surprised and she knew they would have another round ahead. She tried to enjoy it as much as possible and she started to push against his short thrusts and she started to rub her pussy again. She orgasmed soon again, but Blackie was not ready yet, so she tried to recover so much she would make it till the end of this fuck.

Blackie was doing his best to get the release and he neared his cumming little by little. They both made their best to get him cum. Her ass was like in fire when hot cock poked wildly in the ass and Amy’s sphincter started to squeeze signaling her orgasm to be near again. Amy screamed again and fell into her ecstasy again and Blackie was ready now and he was cumming again. His cock shot another huge load of hot doggy sperm in her colon and she felt like she was filled with hot lava.

This time Blackie turned around and they stood ass against ass panting heavily for a long time before the orgasm calmed and they could rest a bit. Blackie was totally spent and his cock and knot started to shrink really quickly, until he could pull his cock out of that hot bitch of his. There was this plopping sound and then his sperm flowed on the floor.

Blackie went fast to his blanket to rest. He licked his cock clean and fell asleep like that. Amy had to go to the toilet to empty her colon and then she needed a shower. She was also exhausted and cleaning of the floor was almost too much for her. But she was brave and she did it before going to her bedroom. She collapsed on her bed and fell asleep like Blackie had done. In the night she had really hot dreams.

End (4)
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Here's the 5th part of this story Hope you enjoy

Amy takes the lead (5)

In the morning after hot evening and wet dreams in the night she was already wet and horny. She took the clothes for the day and rushed into the bathroom before Blackie could react for her scents. There she had to masturbate to cool down and she did that in safe place behind locked door. That relaxed her really much. She took the shower, used some strong perfume to restrain her dog and then dressed up. Now she dared to go to the kitchen for their breakfast and left to work after chaining her dog out.

The time went by fast, but on her few breaks she had to rest in her own peace and thoughts, her thoughts drifted to her dog and to the weekend that was beginning that day. She would be off duty this weekend. She was waiting for it eagerly already and she decided to stop in a shop to buy some wine, some delicacies for herself and for Blackie. And she noticed she got hornier all day of waiting her plans to come truth. She knew she got Blackie to make love to her whenever she wanted. It seemed like Blackie’s hormones made him horny all the time.

In the grocery she had an idea to buy some juicy bones for her dog. She thought she could bluff Blackie with them until she would be ready to move on. And she bought a big sack of his favorite food home. She thought she would need much carbohydrates and she exceptionally bought cakes and pastries for herself. Blackie would also like them, if she needn’t to eat them.

When she arrived home, she threw first bone to Blackie immediately and he retreated to his dog house to eat it. Now Amy knew she could put all shopping to their places and prepare herself for the pleasures of the evening in peace. So she ate her meal and phoned home to make sure they wouldn’t call when she was having some fun with Blackie. She took the shower and dressed on bikini, t-shirt and jeans. Then she called Blackie in and locked the doors and covered the windows with curtains. She poured a glass of her favorite red wine for herself.

Blackie went straight to the kitchen to eat and drink. Then he settled to his blanket and fell asleep looking satisfied. Amy opened the television and chose her favorite series sipping a glass of red wine while watching. The program was erotic like usually and she excited more and more little by little. Another glass had gone when the series ended and she started to plan her next move.

She decided to pick one cake from the kitchen to Blackie into her games with it. Now she was going to take the lead and define how fast they would move on. Blackie was still sleeping when Amy came back to the living room and sat on her knees on the floor. She was on the spot where there was no carpets to get dirty and she called Blackie. He awoke and looked around until he noticed Amy and the cake in her hand.

He stood up rigidity and stretched himself first. Then he walked to Amy wagging his tail. “Sit down, boy!” Amy commanded and showed the cake in her hand. Blackie obeyed immediately and Amy rewarded him. Blackie got down eating it and when he was ready, he was going to lift up again, but Amy had some other plans now. She kept him down by patting his head and scratching him behind his ears with her other hand.

Blackie liked this and he calmed down in place. Then Amy stopped patting and started to scratch his fur also with that hand moving it slowly towards his back first and then towards his stomach. It looked like Blackie wanted her to go there, because he turned slowly to his side and when Amy got to his chest he turned on his back to get her scratch his stomach. And so she did with her both hands. Blackie enjoyed this eyes closed.

Amy thought she could take off some clothes now. With one hand she undressed her t-shirt, jeans and bikini top and she kicked them further away. She was wearing only her pants when she started to rub him with both hands and slowly she moved towards his stealth. She wasn’t there yet when Blackie’s cock tip started to come in sight. She didn’t know if Blackie had excited of her rubbing or of her horny scent.

Amy carefully touched his cock with her fingers. It felt very hot on her skin and also wet and slippery. Her touch got his cock to grow pulse by pulse. She wanted to know how it would smell or taste, so she bent lower sniffing his aroma at the same time. It was strong aroma, but actually it was pleasant. Now she dared to go nearer and prepared herself to touch the cock with her tongue carefully.

Blackie was restless and wanted to stand up, so Amy had to rub his fur harder and soothe him with soft voice. He calmed down and Amy continued her survey by licking his cock carefully. The first taste was strange, but then it tasted quite pleasant and salty. Next lick felt better straight away and so she started to lick the growing doggy cock.

Now Blackie calmed down even more. He seemed to enjoy or waiting for enjoyment that his cock emitted. Licking felt fine, but Amy wanted to try his cock between her lips and in her mouth. So she touched his shaft first with her lips and then she let it slide in her mouth. That was marvelous. It was so warm and slippery in her mouth.

Suddenly Blackie sprayed some precum into her mouth and that slipped into her throat. She jerked her head back and she had to swallow most of it before she could cough a little. Now she got his cum taste in her mouth. It tasted almost as men’s, maybe a little more salty or maybe more sour. She wasn’t sure of it. After she had swallowed the last drops, she took the cock in her mouth again, but she was careful that he couldn’t spray anything straight to her throat. In times she sucked hard and Blackie sprayed some precum in her mouth from time to time.

The cock seemed to have grown almost its full size, so she wanted to get it in her pussy too. Blackie was in place quietly now, although she wasn’t rubbing him at all. She undressed her pants now while she sucked his cock. It was quite difficult, but she didn’t want to give Blackie any chance to stand up. She knew he would have taken her just there and then.

Even if she wanted his cock in her, she wanted it in her own way and speed this time. And she wanted Blackie to lick her pussy first. Luckily it wasn’t hard to make it happen. She only turned on her fours so that his head got between her thighs. All the time she sucked and rubbed his cock. Her scent got Blackie to lift his head immediately to her pussy and he licked it the first time.

That was the beginning of their strange 69 game. Amy swing her back and forth sucking and making his cock to slide in and out of her mouth and she started moaning in pleasure. His tongue felt really great on her clit and she excited fast now. Quite soon she felt she couldn’t take his raspy tongue much longer.

Amy turned around fast keeping him down at the same time. She started to rub his head a little so he would be steady until she would reach her goal. Blackie looked in her eyes and she kissed him straight to mouth. That made Blackie to lick her mouth and she needed only to open her mouth to get real doggy tongue kiss. That felt funny and nice. At the same time she got the right position and guided Blackie’s cock tip to her pussy lips by her other hand.

With the help of her hand his cock sank in her and she could let her grip of its shaft. She placed her knees better on the floor to be able to move easier so that his big cock could slide as easy as possibly in and out of her pussy in her swinging pace. His cock felt really hot and big also this way in her. But that felt absolutely great, when she swing back and forth longer and longer making his cock poke her pussy bottom.

Blackie loved that too. He licked her face and lips many times now and then. Amy gave him tongue kisses once a while. Her riding pace increased even if she wanted to enjoy this as long as possible. The cock only felt so great when sliding back and forth and poking her pussy bottom.

Her orgasm was so near that her moving felt quite unreal. Her hand started to shake when the shivers spread all over her beautiful body from her pussy and stomach. She wanted to get Blackie to cum at the same time with her, but his knot was just starting to swell. The knot slid still easily in and out of her pussy. Amy started to squeeze the cock with her pussy muscles as hard as she could when the cock was coming out of her pussy and it seemed to work better on Blackie. Now his knot swelled fast and it couldn’t enter her pussy anymore.

Amy was happy about that as her own orgasm was cumming forcibly. She screamed aloud and sat Blackie’s cock in her pussy as deep as the knot allowed. At the same time she bent to kiss him while writhing in her orgasm. Her pussy squeezed the cock hard, but Blackie wasn’t ready to cum yet.

When Amy’s orgasm calmed down, she started to move her hips again to slide her pussy on the cock again. Now it felt even bigger and slid quit difficult, because her pussy was tight after her climax. It felt fine thou, but she wanted to get Blackie to orgasm as soon as possible. So she pulled the cock out of her pussy and turned again on her knees her head towards the cock and her bud far away from Blackie’s snout so that he couldn’t start licking again.

Amy started to wank Blackie’s cock forcefully with her right hand and tickle its tip with his tongue. Blackie yelped a little and tried to hump on his back. That looked funny. He neared his orgasm fast and soon he yelped again and his sperm sprayed forcefully on Amy’s face before she could avoid it. Next sprays dropped on the floor and on his fur. Amy continued wanking until she noticed his orgasm subsiding.

“Now I must take a shower and you need it too.” she said to Blackie an let him turn to clean his sperm from the floor. She dressed her pants in case he tried something and then she washed the floor before she took Blackie to be washed.

End (5)

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