December 13, 2005


Did you ever asked youself why you are attracted to the animals? Well I did great deal of thinking and researching, and analizing, and I know that there must a reason for everything. To my knowledge, A young girl this days is more secure to have sex with her dog, than with a boyfriend, for several reasons. First, if the dog is not allowed to stray,, ge is healtyer than a boy (becouse boys do stray) than, dogs do not talk , than dogs do not mind if you are petting another dog, they never ask you where you have ben, how much did you spend. But once they have experienced both,, men and dogs, they will know that the dog is better equiped than a man. I do not know much about horses, only what I see on the movies. Most of the horse movies are only about inserting the typ, becouse of the enormus size of the horse phallus. Mila, my ex girlfriend,, she real;y, realy loves her dogs, she told me that the last inch of every cock is the sweetest, not the first ( I will tell the story about Mila later). Ok back to the reason why the older, and much older women love theyr dogs. To my experience with women,, most of the women love to give and receive oral sex, so I can imagine that a mature lady will have some searching to do if she likes to be licked by a man, (I ment very mature), whyle a dog has no problem with that. Ok. so much about that, I did not mention my formative years yet, and the reason why do I love girls with dogs so much, and why I’m as I’m.I was born and bred in a small european country on the Danub river. As I was 12 years old, I fell almoast fataly in love with my school teacher. She was 28 years old, single, and she was the most beautifull woman I had ever seen. I would say that most boys , not only in our class, but in the whole school were in love with her. But not only the school boys,, also most of the men in out town did admire her,, (married or single). But there was a negative side on that girl,,, nobody ever succeeded to have her,, and she has the best protection,, whereever she was. She had a trained bodyguard, a german shepherd. If someone just tapped her on her shoulder, or made shakehands,, she has to say to the dog,,,,,,its allright,,,. So that girl was for me , more important than enyone in my family,, includes my mother and father,, or even God. But I was realistic to know that there was not a chance for me, not ever,, to get close to her. But still I could not help, to love her above evarything,, well that was a love of a 12 yearsa old boy,, who just discovered that he is a male.So, one sunday in summer, it was a very hot day,, and everyone seem to be going to Danub river to bathe, in cool fast floving river. The Danub river in our part was more than 1 kilometre wide, and fast flowing. Becouse there was a bend in the mighty river,, the stream sometimes depositing sand in the middle of the river, or enywhere else,, than after a year or to,,,, it my disapear again,,, . Enyway,, at this time, there was such a sand deposited in about the middle of the river, is was a small island,, and at the downstream side,, young willows started to grow, only about 6 feet high but very thik, and it made an ideal hiding place. I must mention that it was not possible to swimm to the island becouse of the fast current,, someone would have to walk couple of kilometres upstream, to manage to reach the island. but it was not possible to walk upstream on our side becouse of the terrain. there was only one boat with outboard motor in my velliage, and it belonged to my best friends father. Lucky me, so my friend ans I desided to make our fantasy to comme true,, and live on that island or one day as robinson crusoe,, and I was Friday. We had picnic basket packed, and my friends father droped us of on that small island,, in the morning,, and we all agreed to be picked up late afternoon on that sunday. To ou amusement,, we heard the motorboat about 11 am,, and we were wondering why is he so early,, we wanted to be there all day. That we sneaked to the shore and looked from the willow hideout,, an we say something, that we could not believe our luck. In the motorboat, there was sitting our schoolteacher , and her german shepherd, next to her. We did watch as she stepped ashore with her GS. , and we started whyspering, and hoping that my friends father did not tell her that we are on the island already. We were lucky,, she did not look around, and we did whysper again,, becouse we were scared that the dog my start barking and telling her that we are there. She settled down on the far side of the populated shore, and the sand bank was about 4 feet high 1.2 metres approximately. So she spreaded a towwel on the sand, put hat picnic basked on the ground, and started striping. My friend and I we were petrified,, and we expected her to strip naked, but we were not lucky this time. She had a pikiny underneat her clothes,,, and it was a sight for the Gods,, her look was breath taking,, and we knew that she could not bathe at the shore, with all the male folks,, ahe would start a revolution or something. To our amazement,, she looked a little chubby , it could not be notised under her clothes, becouse she was always dressed conservatively. Enyway as she steped our of her clothes,, she wasked towards the river to have swimm or cooloff. She did call her dog to follow, and she needed to call him a second time , whyle she was standing in water just above her knees,, the dog did follow finaly and she set down in the water halding her dog,, so that he is not carried away fy the current. Than she sat down in the fast flowing river and the current started to carry her downstream. Downstream toward us We almoast paniced.. but than she stood up and holdong her dog,, so they both stepped out of the water. Than she set down on her towwel,, and took a book out of her basked, and started reading. This was the boring part for us.But as she was reading ,, she layed down on her back, than we notised that her right hand was on her dog, as he was laying next to her. We could not see where she was touching the dog becouse the dog was on the far site from us. Than after a whyle, the dog got up, sort of in a hurry. and started licking her face. Well all dogs are doig that, but we started to see something that we never seen before. She started to respond somehou,, and we did notice that the dog was licking her sweet lips and she seem to be approoving it,, evel licking him back I got hards instantly, and I have notised that my friend did have the same problem. Than,,,,,, the dog started licking her belly,, than her lower belly,, and as she pulled her bikiny to one side,, to expose her pussy to him,,, he started to lick her from top, and we could see her hand on the dogs cock, but not all the times. It was to far to see if she touched his balls to. Enyway at this stage I tought that I gonna die or something,, I did not understand, what We werre seeing,, and I could not comperhand. I think that even my vision went blurry,, than she stood up. We both were disapointed, but the dog behaved strangely, he was so close to her now,, and seem to want something. Than to our disapointment,, she started to play with the wet river sand, and building a castle. What a childish attitute she had,, PLAYNG WITH SAND But than, she looked ouver the top of the dune to the shore,, and to the other side of the river,, but there was a thick overgroeth.. noone could have been there. Than we were petrofied again,,,, she was taking the bottom part of her bikini off WOW, finaly we could see her bushy triangle,, and to our amazement the dog seem to be wayting for that moment, becouse he came instantly closer and started licking her pussy whyle she was still standing. than,, she started walking backwards,, dog still following and licking,,,,, and than we were discovering what was the castle for. She walked backwards,, toward the castle and finaly she san on it. Than she opened her legs, and the dog was still licking,, she layed with her head on the sand becouse the castle was big enough. But the reat test of my patience,, and my friends also,,,,,, she lifted her head as she layed on her back and she must have sayed something to the dog,, but we could not hear becouse they were to far. The dog jumped instantly on her and we could see that the castle was just the right hight for the dog to hump her,, and he did . For me,, the heaven and earth were united,, christmas and eastewr were on the same day, and everything was turning,,,, I could not help but I started to masturbate,, than I remembered that I was not allone,, as looked at my friend, he was already in progress, but not only that,,, he squirted already,, he was 13 years old,, I was only 12,, I did not experience ejaculation yet. But we were , sort of disapointed again,,,,, becouse the dog humped only a short whyle, than he stoped. But he stood there, and she was holding hin by his front leg, with one hand,, and we could see the hand on the far site was embrasing him, and she seem to be mooving her hips a little, and sometimes she seem to make a sound,, but the dog only stood there,, but we copuld see that he was inside her. Ok,, she was picked up by my friends father about 2 pm,,, And for us,, or for me, the world has changed. I started to belive that every decent woman shopuld have German Shepherd And to this day,,, My heart goes out for a girl. who is front mounted by a dog. Now I live in australia,, and only once I was lucky to experience a real girl, with a dog, (ironicaly german shepherd) . And mila realy opened my mind and heart,, she was the expert with dogs,, unfortunaly,,,, she would not marry me,, But its ok,, becouse I know that she will not marry eny man,, not so soon enyway,,,, But thats another story

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    1. Oops You should have lost the allusions to children here. Read the rules

      Comment by Rose1 — December 13, 2005 @ 2:20 am

    2. I need a school teacher like that.

      Comment by Purpleprod — December 22, 2005 @ 4:52 pm

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