October 25, 2004

horse sex women

Story by Cetacean, do not repost without this headerThis is part two of a story called “A stable lover”. You can find part one here:http://www.beastforum.com/showtopic-48940.htmlIf you don’t want to read all that, here’s a short summary of what happend in part one:Julia is the wife of a general in the Roman army named Claudius, some 2000 years ago. Eventhough this relationship brought her a life of luxury, her husband is often away and a poor lover. One day, she takes one of the stallions they own for a ride, and sex starved as she is, she can’t stop herself from having a little fun with him.If you like this story, you might also like these dolphin stories:Loving my time: http://www.beastforum.com/showtopic-47845.htmlA desperate act: http://www.beastforum.com/showtopic-44665.htmlPart 2:—Julia had a problem. People would surely notice her clothes being drenched in semen if she were to go back to the villa like this. Since she was sitting at a creek anyway, she figured she could perhaps wash it out. She took off her clothes, made up out of just two pieces. A short tunic, which was basicly a short one piece skirt that went over the shoulders, and a specially wrapped cloth around her waist and between her thighs to function as underwear. She let the clothes get soaked by the water of the creek, and put them on a rock in the sun to dry. Still naked, she figured she’d just relax for half an hour or so while her clothes dried, and lay down again on the cloth she had. It felt good, being naked outdoors. She admired Aurum, the horse, who was still grazing the young grass growing all around. “How can an animal so strong and muscular be so graceful and erotic?”, she wondered.When she checked on her clothes again, about an hour later, she decided they were dry enough to wear, although they looked a bit messy. The semen had slightly stained her blue tunic, and it hadn’t gone away completely. She had to go back, because it was getting late already. Julia got Aurum ready to ride, and then put her clothes back on. She delayed putting her clothes back on for as long as she could, loving the spring breeze against her still young body.It took them just half an hour to get back to the villa, an absolute record time she figured. “How come your clothes are all dirty and wet?”, one of the servants asked when she walked through the door. “I fell into the creek”. It was the best she could come up with. She went up to her room to quickly get some clean clothes, and gave her dirty stuff to one of the servants to clean. When she woke up the next morning, she hoped to be able to take Aurum for a ride again and have some more fun with him. But, the unexpected happend. Her husband, Claudius, actually came home. He’d been away for weeks, trying to get some village in the north to pay their taxes. She hadn’t expected him to come home. Since Claudius didn’t like her riding any horses but her own, a mare named Nia, her plans for the day weren’t going to happen.It was quite a sight, seeing her husband return with his dozen or so bodyguards, all riding horses with armor plating and typical roman attributes. The sun reflecting off the metal made the whole scene look even more unreal. She walked upto the road to meet them. “Have you missed me?”, Claudius asked after dismounting his horse. “Ofcourse I have”, Julia replied. Strangely enough, she had missed him, eventhough their relationship was a cold and distant one.That night, for the first time in six months, they had sex again. Julia took the initiative, seducing him with her good looking body. Her bodyweight was almost perfect, she had long, dark hair, and good looking breasts. They weren’t impressive in size, but, they had an almost perfect shape. Not hanging, but firm and round. Instead of her husband having sex with her, Julia tried to imagine it was Aurum mounting her. She pretended Aurum’s massive penis was inside of her, thrusting like his life depended on it. For the first time in her life, Claudius managed to bring Julia to an orgasm. “You liked that, didn’t you sweetie?”. Julia almost made a Freudian slip, wanting to reply “I sure did Aurum”.Claudius remained home for several days, preventing Julia from taking Aurum for a ride. As she expected, none of the servants bothered to mention Claudius that she had done so while he was away. Normally, she didn’t want her husband to leave again, but now, she couldn’t wait for it to happen. Although she realised that if he went, there was a good chance he’d take Aurum with him. He stayed at home last time only because one of his bodyguards had been injured during a battle, and so he couldn’t join him, and his horse remained at the villa. She hoped he hadn’t recovered yet. When Claudius got called to duty though, and had his usual meeting with his entourage, she noticed the downed guard was back. That’d mean Aurum would be going to battle aswell with every risk of doing, she realised. Since they were often away for weeks or months, if they came back at all, she started thinking of a way of getting some time alone with Aurum. Julia took her own horse, Nia, for a ride that day to the creek. Being alone in the woods helped her think. Claudius, and thus Aurum, would be leaving the next day already, and she wanted sex with the horse before then. When she got to the creek, she got off her mare, and took off her clothes. It’d felt good the last time, being naked in the woods, so she figured she’d make it part of her ritual. “If only I could make Aurum a part of my daily life, then it’d be perfect”, she thought. She looked at her mare. She was a lovely animal, but, she wasn’t Aurum. Besides that, she was a she. A she couldn’t possibly replace a he. Or… Could she? She could always let her imagination work. Julia got up on her knees, and let her hand run over the mare’s belly. She closed her eyes, and imagined it was Aurum. She let her other hand slide down to her crotch, gently giving it a massage. As good as it felt, she couldn’t fool herself. She just knew that she wasn’t holding a massive horse cock, but was only letting her hand run over the underside of her mare, who was just eating the grass, not caring about what Julia was doing. Then, a “what if…” entered her mind. She moved on her knees to the back of the horse, and took her tail to the side, exposing the mare’s vagina. It was largely black, and it stood out against the white horse skin. She’d never paid real attention to it, and it wasn’t actually smaller than she expected. That a filly could be born out of it amazed her. She let her two fingers slide over the flesh, triggering a response from the mare. She instantly looked back, wanting to know what was going on. Julia feared Nia might kick, but she didn’t. Nia trusted her master fully, and what she was doing didn’t feel bad either, so she let Julia do her thing. Julia let two fingers of her right hand slip inside the mare’s vagina, and started to gently explore the mare’s insides. Julia was now getting aroused herself, her idea had worked. Just the thought of pleasuring a horse got Julia excited, even if it was a female. She moved her other hand back down between her legs, pulling her underwear aside. She got right behind the horse, and starting licking the pussy of her mare. She let her toungue play with the mare’s clit, while she was playing with her own. She tried to figure out how she’d like someone to do the same to her, and so she started focussing on the mare’s clit. Julia lapped up the juices like a puppy. It didn’t take long, or the warm feeling between Julia’s legs started to spread, and her fingers started to bring her to an orgasm. She kept going, moaning and twisting her body, untill she finally exploded inside. After she’d caught her breath, she figured it’d only be fair to finish Nia off aswell, but, the mare was reluctant to continue the game. “Perhaps she had an orgasm, too?”, Julia thought. She didn’t know, and didn’t want to force anything, so she left it at that. Eventhough it were her own fingers that got her off, somehow, the idea of what she was doing made the experience very powerful. She wondered what the scene must’ve looked like to others: a beautiful young women with her face almost burried in the backside of a mare. When they set cource back to the villa, Nia somehow seemed happier to Julia. Head up, stepping gracefully and with renewed energy. “She must’ve enjoyed it”, Julia concluded. She, on the other hand, felt strange. Sure, it’d been a fantastic experience, but she started to wonder what she was doing. And if it was perhaps not better to stop with what she was doing before she got caught? Yet, when she arrived back home and saw Aurum in the field, she just knew she had to have him inside of her. She’d have to be quick though, he’d be gone tomorrow for a few weeks atleast. She didn’t want to wait, so, it’d have to happen now. She started plotting, and realised the only option would be during the middle of the night. Most of the servants gone and her husband asleep. There were two guards on standby though, they could cause problems. How exactly she was going to get the stallion to mount her Julia didn’t know, but she was sure that she’d think of something.Claudius and Julia slept in the same bed. It felt strange to her, having him in the same bed, because he was away so often. Julia did her best to stay awake, it’d be a shame if she fell asleep and woke up in the morning to find Claudius gone, with Aurum. When she was sure that Claudius was asleep, she slipped out of bed. She dressed herself with the clothes she’d left hanging over a chair, and went out the villa using a window at the side, closest to the stables. From here, the guards standing at the entrance couldn’t see her walking. It was dark in the stables. There was no lighting inside, or a fire. The full moon did bring some light, but only some. Her eyes adjusted quickly though, and after a minute she could see enough to figure out where Aurum was. With nearly all horses now at the villa, the stables were crowded with horses. She recognised Aurum easaly though, eventhough he had no distinct features that seperated him from other brown stallions. Atleast, not on first sight. She got off her clothes, and guided Aurum out of his box. She never really understood how horses slept, they usually just stood there. She was sure she’d fall over if she’d try to sleep standing up.Now, how was she going to get him to mount? And, more importantly, how was she going to make it work? Julia realised she needed something she could support her upper body on while she bend over, and at the same time give the stallion something to put his front legs on so he wouldn’t crush her. Also, she’d need something to stand on, and some cloths to prevents possible splinters and cuts, as everything in the stable was made out of wood.A rather high workbench attached to the wall, with thick support columns to prevent it from breaking when someone was using a large sledgehammer, seemed ideal. It was just wide enough for her to completely lean over on it, and had to be strong enough. She got about a dozen pieces of cloth, and put them over the side of the bench. A low box made an ideal thing to stand on. Right, she had everything set up, now, how to get Aurum to mount? She figured that if she got him aroused, he’d get the point. So, she guided him over to her makeshift mounting table, and got down on her knees next to the horse. Like she’d done before, she started massaging his penis, which was no more than a large bump on his belly. She could see and feel it grow in her hands, and it’d quickly reached full size. “Right, here goes”, Julia thought. She got up again, walked to the table, stood on the box and bend over, placing her body on the pieces of cloth. “Come boy”, she whispered. Nothing. Aurum just stood there, with a massive erection dangling between his legs. “Now what?”, Julia wonderd. This wasn’t working. Yet, she wasn’t stupid. She knew the smell of a mare in heat drove stallions mad, and she knew one of the mares was in heat. She’d noticed a large black mare winking in the field, and she figured some juices from her should do the trick. Julia knew the mares were at the other end of the stable, to keep the stallions from getting too excited. She got in the box with the black mare, and like earlier that day, ran her fingers through the mare’s slit. A little rubbing, and her fingers were already practically dripping with mare juice. She put some of it on her own vagina, and left the rest on her hand. When she got back, Aurum’s erection had gone again. Julia got down again, and got her lover back up to full size. Then, she let the stallion smell her hand. The animal almost jumped, his penis instantly going rock hard. Julia got herself into position, and Aurum briefly took his nose between her legs. The stallion needn’t know more. He moved forward, got his front legs onto the workbench, and moved in closer. Julia’s heart was racing, the full 600kg of the horse now above her. Aurum thrusted into the air gently a few times, trying to find Julia’s slit. When his massive cock touched her leg, he made a few minor adjustments to his position, untill he got his position exactly right.WHAM With one massive thrust, he got as far inside of her as he could. Julia wanted to scream, but no sound came out. The feeling was too powerful to describe. It could’ve been pain, or pleasure, or a mix of both – she was too overwelmed to know. Aurum didn’t waste any time, he backed out again, and slammed his massive penis inside of her again. He kept pounding her, and Julia felt like she was being ripped apart. Yet, the mixed emotions at first turned into pleasure. No matter what that stallion was doing to her, she loved it. It felt too big to possibly be able to fit, and it filled her up completely, yet, the horse kept going. She knew this was probably his first time, and that is must all be just as new and amazing to him as it was for her. It felt like the time she lost her virginity, there’s pain, yet, it feels amazing. The stallion thrusted into her like he was possesed, even if the stable would catch fire right at that moment he wouldn’t stop. It felt like heaven for the horse, feeling his massive cock inside of this tight beautiful young women. The feeling of dominance was overwhelming for both of them, and they both knew there place. Julia knew, that there was no way to stop him now. His thrusts became ever more powerful, and ever more confident. It was like the first few were just a test run. And all of the sudden, it happend. Julia felt something inside of her explode and something inside of her definatly got bigger. She could feel the stallion’s semen squirt inside of her, with more power than she’d ever imagined. After the squirting had stopped, she could feel his massive cock going limp and shrinking again inside of her. When it got to a size where it dropped out of Julia’s vagina, she could hear semen dripping on the floor. She was in afterglow, not even knowing if she had an orgasm or not. She didn’t care, it had been heaving. How it possibly fit inside of her, she didn’t know. She felt like it was going to split here in two pieces, impale her, but it didn’t happen. She lay bend over on the work bench for a few more minutes, then got up to put Aurum back in his box. Only then she noticed her legs were bruized where they’d been slammed against the edge of the bench, even though there were around a dozen pieces of cloth hanging over it. “It’s worth it”, she said to herself. She let a finger run through her vagina, and licked the semen off it. She walked Aurum over to his box, and put her clothes back on, when it hit her. “I’m not going to let you die for a man’s war”, she said to the horse. She got him ready ride, jumped on, and set off. She’d rather spend the rest of her life outdoors with Aurum than in the villa alone.

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