June 1, 2006

horse rape

I just got home from an amazing experience… I missed my Jeffy. He had to work tonight, so I was all alone… Soooo I decided I’d make another trip to the stables. I had so much fun last night that I was dying for more.I waited until dark… I walked down to the stable, found a good looking stallion, he must’ve been about two years old. I think he was an Arabian. He was dark brown, long dark mane and tail, elegant structure, He wasn’t extremely tall probably about 13 hands. I took a peek at his cock, and it was a bit bigger than the pony from last night. He had massive balls like tennis balls…So I took him to the barn and tied him to a post and prepared just as I had the night before, only I stacked 2 bales of hay instead of the picnic table, because I’ve heard a lot of people use hay and I wanted to try it out. I was all prepared and my horse lover was cleaned and ready to go… I aquainted myself with him so he was at ease with me. Again I had a skirt on, so I just pulled it up and revealed my sex, and sat myself down on the blanked-cloaked hay bales beneath him and I started rubbing his sheath, which immediately made his cock come out. It must’ve been about 18-20 inches in length and about 3 or 4 inches in girth. I took it in my mouth and sucked on him for a minute until his dick was as stiff as a rod, then I laid back a little and positioned my pussy so it was right beneath his hanging meat pole. I inserted the tip in my wet pussy and as soon as he felt my warmth, he started thrusting his hips and soon he was banging my pussy like a drum. I gripped his stomach with my knees as his hot body rubbed against my inner thighs. Every thrust drove his thick cock in a little deeper and I moaned and begged him to f me harder… as if he knew what I was asking, he thrust harder than ever and his cock hit bottom and I could feel him throbbing inside me, his tip pressed into my cervix. Then he exploded inside me, his cum filling me completely, then my hips jerked up to meet his and my body quaked and the orgasm rocked me, mind and body. His cock went limp and slid out of my sopping pussy with a slurp. Cum gushed out of me in a thick white stream. I was lying on the bale in the afterglow of that amazing f and I heard a noise coming from the corner… Unable to move, I was frozen, still lying under the horse, and a golden retriever came trotting over to me… licked my face, then sniffed my soaked pussy and began licking it. This was too good to be true Of course I let the dog take care of me, who was I to say no? I sat up and rubbed the dog’s belly, looking for something in particular… and lucky me It was a male I located his doggy dick and started rubbing on it, hoping he was as willing as my Scooby. He seemed to enjoy it… a lot. He started getting hard, and then he started humping air as I rubbed up and down his slippery cock. I knew he was ready, so I laid back down on the hay and patted my belly. Immediately he jumped up and started poking his tool around my hole. I grabbed onto it and helped guide it in me, and he took it from there. He felt so good inside me, he f twice as fast as the horse, so what he lacked in size he made up for in speed. I stroked his beautiful golden hair as his cock stroked my kitty and soon I was on the verge of another orgasm… then with a final hard thrust, he pushed his already-growing knot into me and shot is hot seed into my pussy. His knot massaged my g-spot and my pussy milked every drop of his cum as I orgasmed. He relaxed on top of me and licked my face and breasts until he grew soft and pulled out. The feeling of his knot sliding out of me nearly sent me over the edge, and I wanted more… but the dog ran off as he spotted a small animal to chase just outside the barn. I was a little disappointed when he left, but I decided to take advantage at the horse that was still tied up, watching the dog f me. So I set the hay aside and started plaing with the horse’s sheath until his black and pink cock started to come out, then I rubbed up and down the length of his rapidly-growing cock until he started twitching my hips and his cock was satisfyingly hard.I threw a saddle blanket over my back for padding and bent over in front of him and I placed my hands on one of the stall doors for support. Right away he knew what to do and he jumped up on my back, and I felt his thick juicy cock start poking my ass… not wanting something that big in my rear, I reached back and guided his probing tool into my pussy. Right away he started pounding me harder and faster than before. He slammed into me with all his weight and I screamed out in pleasure and pain. His long, thick cock filled me so completely, he sent shivers through my body with every thrust. My pussy contracted every time he slid is cock in deeper and then I felt like I had cumbusted inside as my orgasm struck. He hit me with a final deep penetrating thrust and his cum exploded into me with the force of a super soaker water pistol. He dismounted and his cock exited with a satisfying plop and his cum poured out of me and ran down my legs.Afterwards I cleaned myself up and released him. Then I walked home. I must’ve looked like a drunk, because after all the fucking and cumming I could barely walk straight. I got home and crashed down on the couch and turned on the tv. Scooby came up to me and greeted me with a lick on the leg… then get got a whiff of my pussy. He started shoving his nose up my skirt, and I was too tired to say no, so I just scooted my ass to the edge of the couch, pulled up my skirt and spread my legs and let him go at it. Soon enough his huge rough tongue was sending pulses through my clit, down to my toes. His massive bright pink dick was already hard and ready to go.. but I let him do his thing, curious to see if he would take me like he did the first time…. And that’s just what he did He mounted me and his face was right in mine, and right away started thrusting his cock at my pussy and after about 3-4 thrusts, he hit target and sent a thrill through my body. The feeling of his familiar hot presence felt so delicious inside me, I rocked my hips to meet his powerful thrusts. Soon I was hornier than ever… I wrapped my legs around his middle and I begger him to go harder and faster I kept screaming “f me… f me… harder, faster…. ohhhhhh… good boy” then his knot swelled up so big it was tight against the walls of my cunt, throbbing and I came just as he squirt his hot cum deep into me. We sat tied for a while and he licked my face as I rubbed his ears and then he licked my mouth, so I decided to open mine and let him lick my tongue, so we spent the last few minutes of our love knot kissing… then Jeff walked in. He said “Aww sweetbuns… you couldn’t wait until I got home so I could watch?” I giggled… “No baby, if you didn’t work so late I could wait.” He laughed and kissed me deeply and I ran my fingers through his thick dark brown hair. He said “You horny lil bitch, you’d better let him f you again” So I said “hell yeah baby, I’d let him f me all night… just as long as you f me too” Jeff replied, “You bet your horny lil ass I will, now get down on the floor and let Scooby have his bitch”I wasn’t about to argue, that’s for sure, so I got down on all 4s on the floor with Scooby, stripped and let Scooby lick my cunt for a minute while I sucked Jeff’s thick cock. Scooby licked so expertly that I orgasmed and then Jeff’s cum filled my mouth at the same time. After that Scooby relaxed next to me for a minute and I pulled Jeff down on the floor and sat on him, rubbing my ass against his cock to get him hard again. He sucked on my hard nipples for a minute, while I rubbed the tip of his cock against my erect clit… then I called Scooby over to us and started rubbing his sheath, making his cock pop out again until he was humping air, then I quickly slid Jeff’s thick, 9-inch cock into my pussy and called Scooby and he jumped up on my back and pumped his cock into my ass, and I rode Jeff while Scooby humped my ass. The three of us f in pace and Jeff fondled my tits annd shot his cum into my throbbing pussy while Scooby pumped his hot cum into my ass and the feeling of having both my holes filled with cock and sticky cum sent me over the edge I had the most earth-shattering, intense orgasm.The three of us laid on the rug in the living room for a few moments, Scooby cleaned himself, then he cleaned my cum-soaked pussy and ass, and Jeff even let him lick his cock a little, but he wasn’t too comfortable… maybe we should get him a bitch. lol ;-) I should marry Jeff. He’s so perfectWell… that was my fun, cum-filled night. I hope you enjoyed

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