June 10, 2006

horse girl sex

I watched Ron mostly his cantor and every way he moved made me think he was actually enjoyed being this bull. He stood calm and willing as the Judge checked Ron’s teeth. His tail only swung when a large horse fly landed on his rump and proceeded to walk down under his boney tail. I stood there eyeing his situation and wondering all the more how it really felt to have one’s asshole open to the sun and then get a large fly walking about on those folds of sensual flesh.The Judge awarded Ron a first prize blue ribbon and he seemed pleased as much as Hazel was right then. I walked up to him and began stroking his soft new furry head. he accepted my degrading touch until his eyesight saw the three slinky sisters coming near.The three greated Hazel warmly and turned to examine their handywork. It was the red haired one who broke away and sniffing the air like a Bloodhound she looked and then walked right up to me.Coming to stand directly in front of me she smiled down at me and asked a question. “Jim is your name, Jim did you thrill to seeing Ron become a prize winning Bull?”I stood there studdering as with her standing and talking to some young male human the other two walked over.”His name is Jim, Jim Stiles and David was his brother” said the red haired Sister.The other two Sister’s moaned a soft and loving moan, as then the red haired one began to talk at me agian.Reaching her right hand out she pressed it against my pants and groin. her smile broadened, “You do like our bodies, Jim?” she asked.I gave a slow nod casue in truth their bodies turned me on like some four xxx rated movie.”He’s not quick a verile Jackass” said the black haired”No and he’s not a stocky like Ron our new bull” chided the red haired Sister.”Tell me Jim, be truthful now, tell me if you were an animal to what kind is a favorite?” asked the blonde haired doll.I looked past them at Ron who now feeling his beastly urges was in the work of taking a bull sized dump. A look around gave me the sight of horses being judged, sheep, and even the distant sound of squealing swine, yet all I could do was studder and stammer not making a bit of sense.The red haired Sister pressed her hand deep against my pants front and her finger tips kinked beging to tickle me into an erection. “Young or old we rid the world of men and boys. You have seen Ron become something worthy of a male, you know of Kyle and even David, so we can’t have you run and tell, can we?” she asked of me.I thought to argue for my brother and his friends but instead my fool head went back and forth as if to agree with her question.”Hazel’ called out the black haired Sister.Being it to her profit Hazel walked over and stood looking at me shaking her head as if to say, “You fool”"What does your farm have need of right now, any males gone to market that this young one might spend some long years doing what comes natural of animals?” asked the black haired Sister.Hazel stood there quietly thinking of several minutes as if taking mental inventory of her farm and those there for its use.”I have enough stallions, jacks, now another prize bull, we have three rams, six sound big billies, about fifty boars, really ladies If it be your desire I could use a sound pony mare to begin breeding ponies for petting zoos and maybe the circus ring?” asked Hazel as she smiled in my direction.”A mare, to be mated with his brother, how nice” replied the blonde Sister.”Yes, he’s younger will live longer and could produce many fine strong foals, extra profits” agreed the black haired Sister.The blonde Sister bent down looking me in the face, nose to nose she smiled. “Your brother mounts and humps well, he has style He was a Stile and now has a style and humped over you as a pony mare he will bring the both of you great pleasure, I’m sure” she agreed with the others.”Hazel, damn you” I studdered out with a feeling of anger toward her treason.Hazel laughed, “Just good business there Kid’o”The blonde, the red, and her sister of black reached out locking their boney fingers over my head. I looked up through the woven fingers a feeling of their powers building and with a swat of my hand their hands parted and I ran like hell was chasing me.Down the road I ran my heart pained from losing Brother and friend Ron to those evil women. I had to make it home, but home was along way off and Ron’s car keys lay with his torn clothing in the sister’s apartment.I ran and ran till from somewhere down inside of me it said I was near to home. Then walking I came up this dusty road and stood there mouth open and knowing I was cooked. A large white and red lettered sign announced the Hazel Baas’ Country Farm.I walked up the drive and went into the one large white barn to await the Sisters and Hazel. I sat on a hay bale and thought of how to contact Mom. The more I thought of Mom the more I had short fantasy daydreams of toying with her sex. My mind if not the brain itself was was changing chemistry. My inmost desire was to enjoy the tender folds of a vagina. It became an almost insatible desire till I walked over to a stall and took to feeling up a cow. A young man aroused but in a wierd way for enjoying female sexual contact and wishing to enjoy the contact from the female point of view. I sucked the cow’s hairy udder as she was a black Angus cow and not one you’d find in a dairy. The desire to suck done I fingered her vagina till she spurted out some brown juice.The juice had a wonderous scent as I basked it over my face drinking in the wonderful smell. The scent made my crotch itch and scratching became a real bother. My breathing was harsh and rapid as I toyed with then a pony mare in the next stall.I think back to her and remember what might have been some pleading as if she was in heat and wanted to be mounted rather than felt up. She too got aroused to jetting out her juices and once again I bathed in those streams of sesnaul delight.I paid no attention to the voice of Hazel till with the building passion I did find myself beckoning a lone pony stallion to hump my aching rear.”Your on your way Jimmy boy” Hazel said it made me stop and stand up.Indeed I’d forgotten myself and had begun to change as the Sisters did will it to happen. I was black of skin now the thick hide of an equine. I was a dun colored hair covered hide sporting a long black mane and one high set black tail.My ears had changed growing now out the peak of my head. They twitched turning toward whatever sound came near. My face was changing but away from the powers of those Sisters I was not going to become a mare today.Now then you came here, a perverted young man looking for a sexual romp with some or any animal willing. I am willing, actually I am in dire need to be mated. Your nice to listen of my true story and for this I offer you a wild night you shant ever forget. You might help me actually, the delight of raw of sexual fulfillment as a mare might tip me over the edge and let me be at peace.Stunned are you that I, a male human might be accepting this terror of change to animal and even a new gender. Well hazel informed me when I asked the same wondering one night a week or so ago. She explained it as part of the Sister’s spell the mind does change and in my case it went first. I became a lusting female and then an animal and now thats all I look forward to is being a mated pony mare.Now come enough of my chatter lets enjoy

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