April 16, 2004

girl has sex with dogs

Here’s the first 1… A Fantasy Come True As I quietly walked through my backyard toward the park that bordered our property I felt myself trembling with the anticipation of bringing to life one of my biggest fantasies. When I reached the hedge that separated our yard from the park I stopped. The park looked deserted, but I waited a few moments, watching for any movement therein before I stepped through the gap in the hedge. I had prepared well for this night, wanting everything to be perfect. I was blessed with an unusually warm winter night. The temperature was about fifty with a slight breeze. I was wearing a short pleated skirt, naked underneath, and the breeze made its way under it to caress my pantyless bottom. I had on a down-filled ski jacket in the pocket of which was a brand new dog leash that I had bought the previous day. I walked along our hedge to stand in the park behind my neighbor’s house. It was 2:00 AM, my husband had been at work for about three hours and I had plenty of time. He did not know about this aspect of my life. Ever since I began having sex with Heathcliffe, a black lab belonging to one of the women I worked with, I had been trying to talk him into getting a dog but he was not interested. I had spent a lot of time on the Internet and had found several chat rooms devoted to sex with animals. I had chatted with a woman who made a suggestion that had really turned me on. Since I had no dog of my own, she suggested that I pick up stray dogs for sex. She told me that she herself did that quite often. Something about the idea of having sex with strange dogs drove me absolutely wild. I mentioned to her that I had thought about having sex with Chief, my neighbor’s dog. She said that she thought strays were safer than a neighbor’s dog, but the conversation got me so hot that I started to fantasize heavily about letting Chief fuck me. It soon became an obsession. Now, I was going to try to bring that fantasy to realization. I looked at the back of my neighbor’s house, it was dark and quiet. I waited a few moments, watching the house for any sign that anyone was awake, then I carefully opened the gate and stepped into the yard. Chief looked up as I approached and stood up, stretching. He seemed happy to see me and I quickly unchained him and attached my leash, then led him back into the park. This part of the park was wide open, well lighted, and near to a street. Not what I wanted. I had scouted out an area not too far away that was perfect for my plans. It was behind a peace monument, and it was away from streets, lights and was sheltered by some shrubs and small trees. Chief was enjoying his walk, scooting back and forth at the end of the leash, and sniffing at things. He stopped, lifted his leg and sprayed a signpost, giving me a view of his sheath and balls. I was getting wetter by the minute. We got into a darker area and I called Chief over to me. Lifting up my skirt, I got some of my moisture on my fingers and offered him a smell of my pussy. He wasn’t overly interested at first but I was ready for this. When we got to my chosen site I reached into my pocket and took out a 5cc syringe I had brought home from my job as a nurse and filled with honey. I squirted a little on the outside of my pussy and then inserted the syringe and put about 3 cc’s inside of me. I squirted the rest on my fingers and offered them to Chief. This he liked. He licked my fingers clean and I brought them down to my crotch. He smelled the honey on me and started licking away like mad. Chief’s tongue felt so good as he licked my pussy. He was driving me crazy. My knees were getting weak and my pussy was throbbing with desire. Right up until this moment I wasn’t sure if I was going to go through with my plan, now I knew. I had to have him inside me I dropped to all fours and flipped my skirt up on my back. Chief moved around behind me and began licking again. I had seen him fuck a stray bitch in his yard once and I figured he would know what to do. I didn’t have to wait long. Chief jumped up and clasped me around my waist with his front legs and started humping at me but not hitting the right target. I tried to stick my ass up in the air further and could feel his cock bumping my crotch. I had to have it I reached back to try and guide him in and he growled at me Frightened, I stopped trying to help and let him do it on his own. He paused his thrusting briefly and got a firmer grip on my waist. I could feel him pulling me toward him and I knew that he was in charge now, I couldn’t stop what was about to happen. He was going to possess me. His new grip brought some success as I felt the tip of his cock penetrate me, then slip out again. This happened a couple of times and then, with a brutal thrust, he drove it into me all the way. It went in easily, the combination of his pre-cum and my wetness providing plenty of lubrication. I tried to be quiet but the feel of his huge penis spreading my pussy lips was too much, and I let out a small groan. He began fucking me in earnest and in a couple of strokes I felt his knot banging against my entrance. At first I had intended to tie with him but now he felt so huge that I was again afraid and reached down to try and keep his knot out of me. Chief, however, was having none of this and growled at me again so I resigned myself to the inevitable. I braced myself and he stepped up his efforts, fucking me mercilessly Then, with one great buck, he forced his knot completely inside of me. I moaned again helplessly as I came, my pussy muscles contracting strongly around his huge cock. I had never felt so completely possessed. I could feel his cock swelling larger in my pussy, the head pressing tightly up against my cervix and the knot putting tremendous pressure on my pussy lips. I had never had anything so huge in me and it was still getting bigger The sensations were indescribable I wanted him to stay locked to me forever I thrilled to the feel of his strong grip on my waist and could feel his bulge growing even bigger as he kept trying to thrust despite the fact that our locked condition prevented much motion. Then he pushed against me hard and I could feel his cock throbbing as he began cumming in me, pumping me full of his dog sperm I came again when I felt him cumming and I felt close to collapse. I reached down to feel my swollen pussy, with his bulge distending my lips. As I touched my clit I set off yet a third orgasm. I was unable to stay upright on my own, but his firm grip kept me off the ground while we stayed tied. I fought to regain my senses while his cock still twitched and jerked within me, emptying his load of cum deep into my pussy. Eventually his knot went down and he slipped out of me. I fell to the ground in a heap while he began licking himself. I held tightly to his leash as I recovered. I had never felt so totally satisfied. How long I laid there I’m not sure. I got shakily to me feet and made my way back to my neighbor’s yard. Everything still looked quiet as I chained Chief back to his doghouse. I stumbled into my own house and took a quick shower before falling into a deep and very satisfied sleep.

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    1. another, Curiosity Excited the PussyI’m your normal 38 year old, 5′ 6″ medium sized girl with (normal?) desires andfantasies… I think? This all started happening to me about 4 years ago.My boyfriend at the time bought a sex film about a girl that got mounted byher dog I was strangely excited at the time I viewed the film and enjoyedsex with my boyfriend right afterwards… he had no idea how much that filmhad excited meLater I kept thinking about the way that girl seemed to like what happenedI couldn’t get it out of my mind and it all seemed very sexy andexciting… and if I had a dog nobody would know Well, I didn’t have a dogand the experience took a back seat to reality… my job, chores, etc.,etc. but every now and then the thoughts would resurface and I would getwet just thinking about it… about the dog’s cock being shoved forcefullyinto “my” pussy That’s right I was no longer thinking about the girl inthe film, but about the dog mounting me I kept thinking about how big thedog in the film looked and how much he would have filled the girl hemounted I longed for that feeling of being secretly filledI was home alone one evening and my friend Jane called me and asked if Iwould take care of their dog for them while they went on vacation… Janewas a married friend of mine, she was married to a guy named Jack and theyhad been friends of mine for years Anyway she went on about how they hadasked a kennel to take care of him (the dog) last year and was kinda upsetabout the condition their dog was in when they came back. He was dirty andsmelled bad Also the dog had an attitude and it took them weeks to makefriends with him again So this time they wondered if I would help themout.I told them that I would be happy to help them out. They were going to begone for 2 weeks and even though they offered… I wouldn’t accept anymoney I’d be glad to help just because I’m a friend Well, when theybrought their dog over… He was a huge Doberman Pincher that stood almost3 feet tall at the shoulders and weighed about 140 pounds They gave me lotsof food so that I wouldn’t have to go out and buy anything, some toys heliked to play with and his favorite blanket and stuff. They even broughtover his doghouse which we put outside the back door.The dog was friendly from the start He had been trained not to jump up onpeople by Jane and her husband, and he was house broken Even though I hada small yard for him to run in… I intended to keep him inside for themajority of the time.The first weekend I fed him every day and grew to like him as he was veryplayful and attentive I almost wished I had a dog like him Anyway it wasabout the 3rd or 4th day that I noticed him cleaning himself while I waswatching TV and the old thoughts about that girl in the film came back tomind. oh.. my curiosity..Looking at him licking himself I couldn’t help but wonder how big he was… I went over to him and started to pet him. In the back of my mind i knew what i wanted to see, I reached down my hand touching his side then stroked his side and then his belly … and thenI finally worked around to the object of my attention… His cockWhen I first started to manipulate it, it was limp and small anddidn’t amount to much… And I was beginning to think that this wasnt goingto work. But curiosity kept me stroking him, my fingers slowly moveing back and forth sliding and rubbing his foreskin, like jacking a man’s dick..in a few moments the tip of his penis started to poke out of his sheath Pink and slippery..He had been laying down up to thispoint and when I finally got his attention by manipulating his cock, hestood up and took notice… I felt nerous and excited at the same timeLooking at me with a quizzical look on his face. I continued playing with himand he continued to grow, and grow and grow His dick slowy slid out to exposea long wet shaft..throbing as i rubbed it slowly back and forth.He turned his head and licked my face .yep i bet you do like this dont you boy,i could feel my self getting wet as i stroked his cock with my hand felling himgetting harder. As I was playing with him and by this time he had grown to wherethere was about 6″ of him outside of his sheath Fuck..He was huge His cock was about an inch and a half in diameter and pink wet and pointed and his knotwas about 3″ in diameter… and his dick felt so hot in my hand. Ohhh. it feltheavy like a mans dick. He started to move his hips back and forth as he thoughhe was fucking my hand. I was mesmerized and had to finish him off I was getting hot just thinking about what was about to happen and could feel myself getting wetter and wetter I reached down and touched myself under my dress and was shocked at how wet I had gotten His cock started to drip pre-cum. When he started to hump my hand his cock felt so powerful and so big I got this feeling that I wanted tofeel him come I wanted to experience his huge cock throbbing throbbing. I wantedto be the cause of it coming and I wanted to be part of his experienceI continued my manipulations and his humping actions on my hand increase intempo and speed. His cock was bigger than any man’s cock I had ever seen, it slid slippery and easily between my fingers and hand. I could feel that hard firm round dick sliding in my hand.. ohhh shit.. and he was humping my hand with more energy than I had expected. His urgency was increasing as he expected to come and his constant energy level was very exciting I reached back under my skirt,brushed my panties aside and and inserted one finger into me, fingering in and outas i jacked his cock. it was then..yes … he started to cum and cum and cum He came all over the my hand… all over my leg.. all wet and slippery oozzingand running down my leg. This kind of broke the spell because he had madea mess. I had a weird felling that I had to clean up now Whew..shit…I went intothe bathroom, got a wash cloth and cleaned up the mess before it had a chance to dryHe had gone over and laid down on him blanket and was cleaning himselfagain I reached under my skirt and removed my panties, sat down on theedge of the couch and started to play with myself as I thought about whatalmost happened Fuck..Or rather, what did happen I leaned back, closed my eyesand thought about how huge and strong his cock had looked whilefingering my own now wet pussy As I was laying there getting more and moreexcited my hand moving faster and faster… rubbuing harder and harder I suddenly became aware that Jane’s dog had wandered over and was sniffing me The suddenness of finding him sniffing at me scared me a little at first, but then I wondered if Icould get him to lick me like the girl in the film. Oh es i wanted his tongue in me.At first he sniffed and took a lick or two, but didn’t seem to want to continue….Damn it ..But as I kept moving his head back to my wet pussy…oh come on baby lick me please i whispered … and pushing my pussy in his face, he would take a lick or two. It felt great and I was in heaven This could be better i thought..I went to thekitchen and got some honey and spread some of it on my pussy and up insideme Sitting back on the couch i leaned back, took my fingers and spread my pussy lipsopen for him .. opening up my wet fucking pussy .. come on boy.. come to moma.. Now thedog licked with a renewed interest Of fuck me .. His tongue was long and wet, and when he licked me, he licked all over the outside of my pussy, the lips inside.. deep insidehitting places that no man had ever hit. Around and around my hard clit.. .fuck yes..He caused me to come like I had never come beforeGod I had never been so excited I think it’s because it’s forbidden thatI found it so exciting But right after I had come I noticed that his cockwas still sticking out of its sheath Oh you fucker you ..I had been sitting on the edge of the couch with my legs spread and he had come over and was standingbetween them licking me While I was looking at his cock he raised up withhis front legs ..stradded me one leg on eighter side of my hips,on the couch andstarted to hump me like he wanted to fuck Damn yes i want that .. i wan t it in me..I was hot And I wanted to have that full fellling in me… his cock But Ididn’t think that this was the position to do it in, so I got down from thecouch and got on all fours with my skirt bunched up around my waist. Ispread my legs and pushed my pussy in his face. He sniffed me again, lickedme a couple of times and them jumped up and mounted meThe first thing I realized when he mounted me was that he was heavy, his legs wraped around my waist.. He held me firmly with his front legs and started humpingme. His cock slid against me wet and hot, hitting my leg my ass.. he was futilelyhumping without getting it in..oh i damn i wanted it .. i wanted in me. I reached back and with my hand grabed his wet thick dick. I moved it closer .. just touching mywet entrance.. i took the tip of his pink dick and rubbed it on my clit.. on my lips .. ohhh fuck.. yes..i could feel my pussy wet and swelling wanting it, as i teased myself.When I let his hard cock finally find the entrance to my pussy I was so fucking..ohh excited and wet that… it slide right in Ohhh shit .. FUCK IT .. IT WAS REALLY IN ..OHHH .. FUCK My mind was going crazy withnothing more than pure lust… lust… I WANTED to be fucked by him??? Iwas expecting it to stretch me and to feel tight but was surprisedwhen he slid in with little and no effort Damn it felt so hot so fucking good.Soon after he got it in me he he started to swell to grow His legs held me attached to him isistently and I submitted to his sexual demands I was his bitch at this point and he was “my” master The roles had been switched and I was his bitch I buried my face in the rug, ohh..so wet .. fuck.. my hands reashed and grabbed for therug, i squeezed it into a knot.. as he went deeper into me.. fuck me… ohhh..yesThere was no way to get him to stop… oh god… I didn’t want him to stop… He washummping me faster and faster … deeper. his stomach on my back..so close so tight..I could feel his thrusts were quicker… I raised myass higher, offering him more access to my open wet swollen pussy fuck me.. yes.do it.I arched my back, pushed back against him..I felt him slam his cock deeper and deeperinto my pussy. His cock had grown to the point that it felt huge inside of me and I felt him thick and swollen in me …hard and tight.He slammed his cock deeper and deeper and it slide in so fucking deep… I didn’twant himto stop I could feel his cock pressing against my internal organs. I had been filled with more dog cock than any cock I had gotten before I felt so fucking indescribably full Ohh so fucking good Then his knot.. it slammed up against the opening…of my wet pussy..I pressed back against him even more Ohhh .. . fuck yesss..I felt it squeeze past my wetopen pussy, sliding into me.Ohhh .. damn it ..oh fuck ..yes.. It was in.. full and hot.. thick .. oh. fuck yes.. it touched me inside .. that spot ..that fucking spot..yesss.. fuck.. we were “tied”. His knot was swollen and each time he moved it rubbed in me in that “special place”.. god ,, i went wild.. i humped him back,pushing my ass to him moving his knot in me.. rub that fucker.. yess..His knot had expanded to the point where he was locked inside of me andwe couldnt separate. He stiffened..his cick throbed… oh fuck yes ,, his cum shotinto me, deep and hot filling my pussy… ohhh.. running out down my leg.I could feel his cum running down the inside of my legWe were still “tied” oh shit.. it felt so fucking good.. he got down off of me, My pussy still locked to his dick he turned the other way so that we were facing away from each other I wasn’t expecting the knot to be as exciting..oh fuck me..it was When he turned to face away his knot pressed and rubbed up against my “G” spot ..god yes..oh fucking yes.. ohhh ..As we he moved one way or theother, his knot would rub up against my “G” spot. I pushed my ass hard up against him.,make me come baby,, fuck me .. fuck me.. yesss.. ohhhhh..Shit..yesss..Fuck..me…I came 3 or 4 times while in that position I lost fucking count..wild lust took over,it didnt matter..i lost track of time We must have spent about 15 minutes locked togetherlike that. OH…what a wonderfull fucking feeling.. when the swelling in hisknot finally went down enough, he slipped out of my cunt and a big gush ofdoggie cum followed. He went over into the corner to clean himself againand I collapsed in a satisfied heap on the floor Breathless and dazed. Fuck me … wow.. I couldn’t believe how exciting it had been, how wet i had gotten, how fucking satisfying The dog was huge and I was sore from something that I wasn’t used to, but it was a good hurt and I waslooking forward to more While he was in my charge, I think we both knewwho was the boss for those few minutesFor those that don’t know where their “G” spot is, let me say this… Ifyou want to find your “G” spot and don’t know where to look, lay down andput your middle finger up inside your vagina as far as you can. Then curlit forward against the front lining of your vagina and feel around. The “G”spot feels like a swollen rough area about the size of a quarter orsmaller. When you are excited it can bring about some really greatfeelings A dogs kont seems to hit it in the right place.You will come a lot stronger and more forcefully You will notice that you will discharge a clear fluid when you come this way, and I’m assuming that it’s natures way of lubricating even moreThe next time I initiated sex between King and me, I knew exactly what Iwanted to happen I knew that I would ache from him because he was so huge,but looked forward to submitting because I felt so powerless while beingpossessed He was the boss and I loved thinking about be “taken” by him Ilaid awake at night fantasizing, I would wiggle and squirm to try and getaway and King would still impale me on his cock and fuck me silly No matterwhat I would do, I couldn’t get away and when he “tied” with me. Fuck yes..I would come and come and come The only surprise I had was that I seemed to enjoy it more and more each time I began to look forward to getting home from workand having the dog mount me Feeling his knot inside me and the feeling of being trapped, of being a prisoner and not being able to escape is overwhelmingly and irresistibleKing loved it too But I began to notice that when I would come home fromwork that he would immediately try to sniff my pussy, I guess to decide ifhe was gonna get any or not He would try to mount my leg and hump theempty air at the worst times Once when my neighbor was over visiting hetried to sniff me and I pushed his head away. When I sat down to talk to myneighbor he jumped up on my leg and started to hump the air I pushed himaway and just said something like, sometimes I don’t know what comes overthat dog

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    2. another, Doglust It started as a bit of a joke… I was in the pub with David whilst our girlfriends were shopping. We were joking about female sexual demands and how us men never lasted long enough and only wanted to go to sleep when we’d done it just once. David jokingly said that I should get my dog, Rasputin to shag her when I’d finished which would let me off the hook and I could go to sleep. Just then the girls came back and the subject changed to what they had bought. Zoe looked different but I didn’t know why until she said “Well, do you like the new outfit?” I realised that she was wearing completely different clothes from those she’d set off in. The new outfit looked great, the rich green of the dress really showed off her eyes and long brown hair not to mention her perfectly proportioned tits and firm thighs as it cascaded towards her knee length boots. She always looked great so I never thought to tell her. Our conversation made me think about how Rasputin behaved; I recalled how when I first got him he would sometimes lock his forelegs around my legs and thrust at them when we played in the park. I thought it was just because he was a puppy and strange new instincts were waking in him. Then I remembered the first time we went to stay with David and Carla with Rasputin. We were concerned that their dog wouldn’t like him and it would be difficult. In the event, it wasn’t a problem, Rasputin and Mutley got on like a house on fire and Mutley was keen to show Rasputin who was the boss and tried to fuck him. Mutley’s penis surprised me with its length, I had only ever seen the tip before when he cleaned himself, but this was at least four inches long and very erect. Rasputin wasn’t having any of it though and turned it back into a play fight. David was disgusted that his faithful friend had gay tendencies or sexual tendencies at all. His three-year-old collie had never been neutered and had not had much to do with other dogs before he met Rasputin. I must admit I couldn’t blame Mutley, Rasputin is an extremely attractive dog, half Alsation and half-Japanese Akita with a luxurious coat and lovely expression. I remembered that David would occasionally joke about tossing Mutley off and Carla would make some comment about how disgusting he was. Zoe and I never thought it was actually true but we did wonder. I kept thinking about David’s bestiality idea and I can’t pretend that I wasn’t curious. I can’t even say that I didn’t want to see what would happen if the situation arose and Zoe actually agreed to just let the dog lick her out. My main concern was that it might affect Rasputin’s temperament or attitude to us, not to mention how I’d broach the subject with Zoe. The following day I told Zoe that I’d had a wank recently and Rasputin had tried to lick the cum off the back of my hand. Naturally, I was shocked at his behaviour… Zoe just said that he was just trying to clean his master up and that seemed perfectly natural to her. I said, “Well the next time we fuck he can clean the cum out of you, and you’ll have no excuse for complaining that I stop as soon as I’ve cum. You can get a good licking out afterwards.” She just laughed and said, “I’d like to see him try” That was the end of the conversation but I carried on thinking about it. That night there was little enough on the television so we went to bed early. Zoe was reading her latest ‘Terry Pratchett’ and I was lying there thinking about Rasputin licking my cum out of Zoe’s twat. I reached my hand out until I felt Zoe’s back, following the contour of her body I moved around her front and felt the swelling of her breast. Her nipple was hard and I lingered, tweaking it gently between my finger and thumb. Slowly I moved my hand away and ran it south, up over her hip-bone and down her thigh to the back of her knees where I dropped it down and pulled it back up her legs to her arse. I gently probed my fingers between her legs until I felt the wispy soft hair on her pubic mound, my finger slipped easily between her lips and into her cunt. Christ, she was wet, I wondered what she was thinking about, is Terry Pratchett writing erotica these days? She moaned softly and I carried on with my gently ministrations. I rubbed my finger over her erect clitoris, which had popped up to say, “Hi there.” There was now a trail of slimy liquid that ran from her cunt lips and down between her buttocks, it was a real mess and my poor erect cock couldn’t take any more. I pushed myself forward and forced the tip between her legs, she lifted her leg exposing herself to my penetration. We fucked gently at first then she said, “Let me get on my knees and you do me from behind.” Well, I couldn’t say no to my favourite position and watched her as she moved onto her hands and knees. I moved in behind and with my cock in my left hand I pushed the fingers of my right into her and gently opened her gash to receive me; nice and slow at first and gradually building up to a furious pumping. Zoe was screaming, “Fuck me, fuck me harder, fuck me like a dog” I kept thinking about the dog licking her out when I’d finished and before I knew it, I couldn’t stop myself emptying my balls into her. “Leave it in me,” she said. “Keep moving,” but I was finished. There was sweat rolling down my face and my dick was going limp inside her, I was knackered and pulled my dripping cock from her cunt. I knew that she wanted more and I knew that I was no good to her for at least half an hour, I also knew that this was the best chance I was ever going to get. “Stay there and close your eyes,” I said in my most authoritative tone, she didn’t argue. I started to gently massage her clitoris and she whimpered softly. “Rasputin” I called. Within seconds the dog was on his feet at the side of the bed, tail wagging. I patted the duvet and he jumped onto the mattress, tail wagging. I patted him on the head and made a bit of a fuss of him and he tried to lick the cum off the end of my cock. I moved his face to Zoe’s sopping cunt. She was still on her knees with her legs together. The cum was leaking out of her and running down the back of her legs, Rasputin started licking behind her knees and then further up; then he was lapping at her cunt. Zoe’s moans had become louder, I took my hand away from her clit and left the dog to clean up my mess. I stood at the side of the bed watched my girlfriend being licked out by my dog and both of them seeming to enjoy it and I felt my cock stirring. Zoe had now parted her legs, lifted her arse and arched her back to let him lick right through the gap at the top of her thighs. I think all of the cum had been licked off the outside but Rasputin carried on, seeming to know exactly where his mistress wanted to be touched by the end of his long tongue. Zoe turned to look at me, she had a smile on her face. “Don’t let it get out of hand,” she said. I was fully erect again and began to wank myself as I moved around the bed to see the spectacle from different angles. Zoe’s face was now buried in the pillow and Rasputin’s was embedded in her slimy twat. I could see everything perfectly, the view of Zoe’s buttocks, and as I moved around, her cunt coming into sight was driving me mad. I could see the dog’s tongue lashing at her fanny lips and then rolling over her arsehole. Zoe’s moans were at a height I never managed to achieve when I tongued her. Rasputin was involuntarily thrusting his pelvis back and forward in fucking movements and I saw his cock was sticking out. It was about three inches long and very pointed at the end. I reached out with my left hand and touched it then began to run my fingers back and forth down it’s length, which was growing rapidly. Rasputin stopped licking and suddenly climbed onto Zoe’s back locking his forelegs around her waist. “Stop him” she shouted. “It’s alright baby, he doesn’t even know what he’s doing. He’s only a pup and has never fucked anything let alone a person, it’ll be ok and if it really bothers you I’ll pull him off.” The dog was desperately jabbing his cock at Zoe’s fanny but it was going nowhere near. “What’s he doing?” Zoe asked in a curious sort of way. She didn’t seem worried anymore. “Well, he’s thrusting at you but it’s not getting anywhere near,” I said. “Ah, poor doggy,” she said, “Push him on a little further so that he can touch my leg with it.” I was somewhat surprised by the change of attitude but was seriously turned on and complied with her wish. I lifted one of Rasputin’s hindlegs forward and then the other; he didn’t even seem to notice me touching him and was lunging his cock at Zoe’s cunt. Now he was close enough to hit her thigh every time he jabbed at her, his tongue was hanging out of his mouth and his eyes were rolling – “This is dog lust,” I thought to myself. Zoe spread her knees wider apart lowering her cunt nearer to the bed and pushed a hand between her legs to rub her clit. I was standing to the side, just behind her arse and could clearly see the dog’s cock as it thumped against her leg. Zoe was now using her fingers to spread her surplus cunt juice around her labia and with every forward thrust Rasputin’s dick touched the back of her hand. I could feel the pressure building up in my balls and knew that I should stop wanking before I spunked again. I moved around the side and took a closer look at the action. Zoe had now turned her hand around and was actually letting Rasputin’s cock run through her fingers as he thrust towards her elusive cunt. I don’t know why, but I moved Rasputin’s leg neared still until his cock was no longer moving out of Zoe’s hand. She was letting him fuck her hand. “I want to let him put it inside me,” she said and moved herself backwards whilst she guided the tip of his cock into her cunt. As he entered her, her head raised up, she was in ecstasy. The dog was humping frantically and in moments he was cumming. He tried to push himself further into her but I’d heard about the knot and held him back. I was so close that I could see the cum as it began to run out of her, down her legs and onto the bed. It just didn’t seem to stop. Zoe was now wailing in rapture and pushing back against the dog. Rasputin was hammering away like his life depended on it, his eyes were rolling and his tongue was lolling from side to side with every thrust. He was locked onto her and his forelegs nearly touched together under her waist. After a few minutes of his furious assault, Rasputin finished humping and pulled his cock out of Zoe’s cunt. As he moved off her, there was a squelching noise and the dog’s sperm squirted out of her and seemed to hang there in one long drip. The dog was finished, he had lost interest in Zoe and lay on the floor cleaning his cock. Zoe stayed on her hands and knees with her legs slightly apart. There was cum dribbling down her legs all the way to her knees and she was panting like a bitch. “Finish yourself off in me,” she said. I climbed onto her, taking over from my dog and in a few quick thrusts I spurted my cum into her already sopping cunt.

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    3. another, (not sure of original title, sorry) Listen to the quiet sussuration of rain on the tile roof. A comfortable sound in the warmth of the lounge. The fire has burned down now, only the embers flaring briefly to life when the wind outside causes a draft in the fireplace. Lightning is flickering on the hills to the east; a reminder of the storm that passed over here a few hours ago, and the unpredictable illumination compliments the glow of the fireplace, and the cool light from this laptop computer. The candles that were burning before are just pools of wax now. I’m feeling very relaxed. The house around me is radiating a beautiful sense of contentment and fulfilment. Upstairs five bodies are weary, and happy, asleep. I’ll join them in a moment; 2:00am is a bloody silly time to be typing away at a word-processor. Still, the story won’t let me rest until it’s on paper, so I’ll persevere and write it while the emotions are still real. Pizza, red wine, good company, and a spa-pool. House rules:- no clothes to be worn in the pool. Saturday evening, Janene and Darryl came over to watch videos and christen the spa-pool. They were armed with a nice bottle of Cabernet Merlot, and ‘Cat People’, the video. Nothing can compare to the throaty bass of David Bowies theme smiting the air through an intimidating sound system. ‘Dial-a- Dinos’ pizza arrived as scheduled: 7:30pm. The television had been hauled outside with the speakers from the amplifier, and the evening had become dark quickly. We all stripped naked and quickly piled into the spa-pool to avoid the crisp, late winter air. The best scene from the movie is where Natasha Kinski is tied to the bed, the camera angle is from directly above, looking down on her luscious naked body. The hero who is tying her up spreads her legs just that little bit more, for the camera. Very tasty. And then he fucks her. Now you and I both know that she turns into a panther here, and that she is helplessly tied to the bed. I KNOW he fucks her again. Who would miss an opportunity like that, right? Around 9:30ish the sky was beginning to turn black-on- velvet with clouds, and the slight breeze picked up. It was too unpleasant to remain outside, so we hastily picked up the entertainment and headed indoors just as the first spatterings of rain began to speckle the cobblestones. I started the fire, and dimmed the lounge lights, and the four of us sprawled out on cushions in a semi-circle around the flickering warmth. We were all wearing naught but bathrobes. Darryl deftly fashioned a joint to pass around. The mellow buzz it produced complimented the light-headedness of the wine so that we were all relaxed and at ease in the glow of each others company. The conversation flowed and ebbed, drifting from topic to topic; briefly alighting on one subject before flitting to the next. A momentary bright flash of light followed a couple of seconds later by a deep rumble meant the storm was building up to greater strength, and the rain went suddenly from a gently hiss on the tile roof to an undulating roar. Hamlet, our Great Dane dog, padded quickly into the lounge looking sheepish. No doubt the storm was making him nervous, and he had sought us out for the reassurance. Xanth, our Mastiff bitch, was probably sleeping through it in the kitchen. Hamlet stretched out his front paws and lowered his front half to the floor between myself and Darryl. Eventually he lowered his tail-end to the floor too. It seems to be an effort for him to get his rump down to the floor. A friend of mine has this theory that Hamlets bum is full of Helium, and therefore lighter, so it’s harder to force it down to floor level. Then he awkwardly shuffled forward on his elbows until his front paws were almost in the fireplace. As the heat soaked into the heat-leech, he drifted off to sleep with his head on his paws. It was time, therefore, to bring out the deck of cards, for a game of strip poker. Heather has a lovely deck; the face of each card has a highly detailed charcoal sketch of a sexual perversion. The four suits are Spades = Self-abuse. For example the four of spades features a woman bringing herself to orgasm with a large, knobbled dildo; the ten of spades features a man lying on his back on the floor with his legs lifted back over his head, cumming into his own mouth. Clubs = Bondage; variations on the theme of people tied / chained / shackled in various positions and situations; the queen of clubs features a nude man on his knees with his hands cuffed behind his back, his head held down by a collar fixed to the floor so his chin is on the ground. A woman dressed in classic ‘bitch’ attire stands behind him forcing the handle of a large bull-whip up his arse. Diamonds = Paedophilia. Children from around age three to thirteen, boys and girls involved in sex with each other and adults. Hearts = Bestiality. I’m tempted to describe each card in detail here, but I’ll just give a description of my favourites. The three of hearts features a charcoal drawing of a huge bulldog mounting a woman from behind, drooling on her neck as he fucks her. The four shows a man screwing a gorgeous tigress. The eight of hearts is interesting; a naked man is held down on the ground by several monkeys, his arms and legs spread and immobile. Most of the male monkeys are jerking themselves off, and cumming on the guy. Two monkeys are licking his chest, and another is playing with his dick. The big toe of the guys right foot is firmly implanted in the fanny of a female ape, who is pleasuring herself on him. Several apes in the background are screwing / sucking each other. Quite a detailed little orgy. Then there is the queen of hearts. This depicts a nice picture of a woman swimming underwater on her back, embracing a male dolphin. The drawing is such that her leg closest the artist is lower, so the dolphins dick can clearly be seen entering her. O.K., so we were playing strip poker. Remember, we were all only wearing bathrobes, so after the first hand Heather was naked. Then Darryl. Darryl lost the next hand too. What to do, what to do? It’s kinda traditional to play forfeits after a player loses strip poker, and who were we to break a long-standing tradition? Janene had won that hand so she had the right to set the forfeit. With an evil glint in her eye she declared that Darryl had to retrieve the can of Whipped Cream from the refrigerator, spray it on his balls, and let Hamlet lick it off. Personally I thought that it was a rather daring forfeit to open the game with. Evidently Darryl thought so too, and scowled at her, but went to the ‘fridge anyway. He returned shaking the can vigorously. At the first touch of the cream on his balls he fairly shrieked that it was “Fucking cold”. Hamlet was instantly wide awake at the first smell of the cream, and eagerly set to licking the sweet goo off Darryls balls as he knelt near Hamlets head. Darryls scowl faded into a look of pleasure at the caress of Hamlets soft tongue. Next hand, Janene lost, so she quickly shed her gown. I hate being the only one dressed, so I deliberately misplayed my next hand, and lost. Janene lost the next hand, with Darryl the winner. You should have seen the look of insane glee that leapt onto Darryls face He pointed to the can of whipped cream and declared that Janene had to spray it onto Hamlets balls, and then lick it off. The scowl she shot back at him would have frozen argon. I commanded Hamlet to roll over onto his back, and he lay there with his back legs splayed out, wagging his tail. Heather distracted him by scratching his ears while Janene sprayed the cream onto his balls. He jumped when the cold touched him, but lay fairly still. Then Janene leaned over and, tentatively at first, began to lick the stuff off Hamlets ballbag. Soon, with mounting enthusiasm, she was taking Hamlets whole ballbag into her mouth and sucking gently. Everyone was getting quite aroused watching, including Hamlet Darryl decided she had forfeited enough, and that we better play the next hand before he lost control. I decided to misplay my next hand too, and lost. Darryl had won again, but before he set my forfeit, Heather grabbed the cards I had discarded earlier in the hand and showed them to the others. “How often do you throw out two aces in poker, hmmm?”, she smiled sweetly at me. Oops. Busted. Darryl set my forfeit, and Heather set my punishment; for losing the hand Darryl wanted to sixty-nine with me, and for cheating I wasn’t allowed to cum. We lay on the rug on our sides, face to cock, and I began to explore Darryls balls with my tongue. Similar sensations were playing on my balls. Nuzzling my face into his pubic hair I began to lick his shaft, feeling him do the same to my dick. With one hand I began pulling his foreskin back and forward as my lips slipped over the swollen head of his dick. This was echoed on my own dick, which was putting me in serious danger of breaking my punishment by cumming. Normally if I wanted to stave off orgasm for awhile I would bite my tongue, and think of something dull (just how DO you differentiate a quadratic equation…), but with Darryls dick down my throat so I couldn’t bite my tongue, and the sensations he was ministering with his mouth and hands, I was getting closer and closer to cumming. Heather and Janene were sitting close together, watching our performance. By watching between Darryls legs I could see that Heather was gently massaging Janenes breast, while she in turn was stroking Heathers inner thighs. The way Heather leaned her head back with her eyes closed told me that Janenes fingers were getting a little more intimate. Suddenly Darryl tensed and his fingers dug into the flesh of my thighs as his cock spasmed in my mouth. My taste was flooded with several quick spurts of his warm semen that I eagerly swallowed. He was involuntarily squeezing and sucking hard on my dick as he came. It was too much and I couldn’t hold myself back any longer. With an anguished gurgle of thwarted willpower I felt the waves of pleasure wash into me as I came into Darryls mouth. We rolled apart slightly and I lay on my back on the rugs with my eyes closed to savour the departing tingles of pleasure. A bright flare registered through my closed eyelids, punctuated by the telephone chirping in surprise. Less than half a second later a huge crash of sound shook the whole house. I jumped and opened my eyes to find the room mostly dark. The storm had knocked the power out so the fire was providing the only illumination. Heather left the room in search, I guessed, of candles. A moment later I heard the rattle of wheels coming down the hall with the glow of candles preceding. When the stocks rolled into the lounge, pushed by Heather, I was a little surprised. Xanth followed her in, woken at last by the storm, and flopped in front of the fire. I think I mentioned the stocks once. They are something I built on a whim once when I had some timber left over from a wind-shelter. It was built with comfort in mind (as much as that is possible with stocks). It has a horizontal beam with three depressions cut into it, lined with velvet, for two arms and a head. A matching beam fits over the first and is locked into place with a padlock, holding the victim bent over so their head is only slightly higher than their bum, (adjustable, of course, for shorter or taller people). The victims feet are held immobile between the frame of the base by chained shackles (also velvet lined). For comfort, a padded knee-rest has been provided so although the victim is standing bent at the waist, there is little muscular strain and they can be held there for hours without discomfort (from the stocks, that is). Heather placed the candles around the room and the effect was quite pleasant; the room took on an air of ritual, reverence. She turned toward me, “Well, you broke your forfeit a second time, so you have to occupy the stocks until further notice.” They locked me in, nude, bent over and vulnerable. And then they tortured me. All I could do was watch as Heather began caressing Janenes nipples again, then she leaned over and began to lick them. Gently she helped Janene lay back, and then ran her hands down Janenes body. With her fingertips Heather traced lines down Janenes legs, then dragged her nails carefully up her thighs. Janene spread her legs, and Heather knelt between them, and lowered her head to kiss the exposed flesh of her sex. Hamlet suddenly stood and wandered over to stand over Janenes head. He does that when he’s horny and wants to be jerked off. I thought Janene would ignore him, but I was as surprised as Darryl when Janene reached up and began playing with Hamlets balls. Looking somewhat affronted, Darryl watched Janene rubbing Hamlets sheath back and forth over the dogs growing hardon, while Heather was tonguing her vagina lips. Then Darryl shrugged his shoulders and started scratching Xanth down her back with his nails. She glanced around and thumped her tail on the ground, then abruptly rolled over, waving her legs in the air and snuffling. Like Heather, Darryl leaned over Xanth to lick her nipples, eight in all. His tongue traced around each nipple, then down to the ‘Y’ shaped opening of her pussy. I have never been keen on the taste of Xanth, but Darryl was lapping her up with real enthusiasm. Watching the performance of Janene writhing with pleasure from Heathers tongue, while the first squirts of Hamlets cum splashed into her mouth, and Xanth bucking her hips up off the floor to meet Darryls tonguing was making me horny as hell. And I was stuck in the damned stocks, for my sins. The thunder rumbled deeply again, and Janene started cumming. She wrapped her legs around Heathers head, and (rather rudely, I thought) pushed Hamlet away so she could grab Heathers hair with her fingers. With a moan of pure delight she rocked her hips as Heather sucked on her clit. Xanth too seemed to be in the throes of ecstasy, licking her lips and humping to force her own hot-spot against the pressure of Darryls mouth. I needed some action real bad, so although I couldn’t go anywhere, I could still call Hamlet over. Leaving the bodies writhing on the floor, he wandered over to me and snuffled at my balls with his cold, wet nose. “Hup, Hamlet. Hup”, I encouraged him. No stranger to this kind of invitation, he jumped up and placed his front paws on my back. Then he shuffled his feet forward until the tip of his thrusting penis was poking me around my arsehole. Normally I would reach around with my hand and guide him into me, but my hands were kinda restricted, so all I could do was move my bum around and hope we connected. Eventually the pointed tip scored a hit on the hole, and he slowed his thrusting to a sustained push to get the length of his dick inside me. Mmmm, there is nothing like feeling the slow penetration of a dogs dick into your butt. Then he dropped down so his chest was resting on my back, and his front legs were grasping me around my waist so he could increase the tempo of his thrusting to a rhythmic pummelling. It was quite lucky that he didn’t tie with me; that is where the swelling at the base of his dick (in Hamlets case, a lump of flesh the size of a tennis ball) lodges inside my arse. If he had, at the rate he was fucking me he probably would have torn my arsehole to ribbons. As he drove into me, his balls slapped against my thighs, and the knot of his dick stretched my sphincter to the point of pain trying to gain access. Finally he stopped his frantic humping and just held me with his dick pulsing inside me. Each pulse was a squirt of dog-cum into my rectum. Personally I think this is the most sensual moment, where Hamlet is deeply immersed in the flow of his orgasm, just resting his body on my back, and I am savouring the sensation of his dick swollen to its maximum size, pulsing inside me. The others were watching me and Hamlet now. I didn’t mind; I’ve always enjoyed my sexual adventurousness. With a grunt, Hamlet stepped off me, and his dick slid easily out of my hole. He walked away slightly with his head down, and dick hanging around his knees, still squirting jets of clear liquid onto the floor. Then he lay down and licked himself clean. Darryl was still hard from the erotic pleasure of licking Xanth, so he stood and began caressing my ballbag from behind. I couldn’t turn my head to look, but when he grabbed my waist with his hands I knew what was happening next. With a firm push, his dick slid into my arse, and for the second time that evening I was being fucked up the arse. To be honest, Darryl and Hamlet are about similar in diameter and length (except for Hamlets knot, the ‘widowmaker’), so he slid easily into me in the lubrication of Hamlets cum. He fucked me hard, driving into me so my shoulders were pushed into the foam padding of the stocks. His fingers clawed into the flesh on my hips giving me a mix of pleasure tempered with pain. With a growl that scaled up into a roar of animal lust, Darryl slammed his dick into me, and started cumming. The intensity of it caused him to gouge the flesh of my hips leaving bruises that will take a week to vanish. Then he leaned over me and wrapped his arms around my chest, hugging my back while his dick jumped and pulsed in my bowels. He lay like that, on top of me until he started going soft again, and his dick slipped out from me. I clamped my sphincter tight to stop the liquid from following. There was a polite smattering of applause from the two women as Darryl stood. He undid the locks on the stocks on the condition that I would screw Xanth in front of everyone. Definitely Janene and Heather swapped roles so that Heather was on the receiving end of Janenes oral manipulations. Darryl was too fucked out to do much so he just lay on his side on the sheepskin rugs watching the performance. With a hardon that was almost hurting, and fire in my veins, I called Xanth over. She rolled over onto her feet and stood wagging her tail, then snuffled at my damp arsehole to lick up the residue of Hamlet and Darryls release. She forced her nose between my legs and squeezed through so my ballbag dragged along her back. I scratched down her back with my nails as she went, and as her tail flicked along the crack of my arse and under my ballbag, we both shivered with pleasure. There was no need for lubricants. Clear liquid from my arousal was flowing freely from the end of my dick, and Xanth was well aroused from her encounter with Darryl. I crouched slightly behind her and grasped her thigh with one hand. The other guided my cock to her velvet-lined entrance. Gently, but firmly, I pulled her hip back as I pushed forward. Entry was so easy, helped by my foreskin peeling back as the tip of my meat opened the soft lips of her pussy. Warmth from her body surrounded my meat, and her muscles gently squeezed and released, squeezed and released along my dick. I just closed my eyes and leaned my head back while I pulled her back onto my dick as hard as I could and held her there, savouring her tightness. Then I pulled out slightly, just an inch or so, and slid back into her. The again, just and inch or so. Paused slightly to savour her warmth. Again I pulled out and slid back in, a little faster and a little further, and the friction of her tight hole stepped up my urgency. Soon I was fucking her with a steady rhythm, both of my hands on her hips pulling her back to meet my thrusts. The pressure of my orgasm started to build and I couldn’t hold back any longer. As hard and as far as I could I forced my dick into Xanth in time with the waves of ecstasy washing into me. For each pulse of my dick, there was an answering squeeze from Xanth, and I howled with pleasure and release. When I am fucking an animal, I become an animal myself. The mantle of rationality drops, and I become a machine designed to fuck. Spent, I lay back onto the sheepskins where Xanth snuggled next to me. At the calls of ‘Encore Encore’ from the onlookers, I raised my hand in a one-finger salute. We all lay together for awhile in the mellow glow of the fireplace, and candles, letting the evenings fulfilment blanket us while the storm played around the night. Eventually we roused for a late night coffee, then Heather, Janene, Darryl, Hamlet and Xanth headed upstairs to bed. I was too wired from the coffee, so I said I would join them after I had put a few thoughts to paper.

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    4. another, (again, no idea about the original title)Chrissy sat on the couch in a slouching position. Her long legs formed an “M” shape. Starting at her left leg, her foot on the edge of the sofa, the smooth curve of her calf angled up at a 45 degree angle to meet her firm thighs falling away at a 45 degree angle toward her crotch. Her right leg rose, bent at the knee and fell in harmony to her left. A perfect “M” shape with a surprise in the middle. Her normally flat belly showed little horizontal rolls of skin due to the slouching position she was forced to take in order to place her pussy on the edge of the sofa. It was a sectional sofa and she sat in the corner piece. She placed her hands on her knees and pulled back slightly. The tension caused the lips of her pussy to part slightly. She shaved her box every time she shaved her legs, twice a week, more often if she went out on the town on the weekend. There was just a trimmed patch of blonde pubes residing above the slit that was her pussy. Lounged back with legs spread wide her outer lips came apart just a few centimeters, enough to reveal her inner lips that would normally have been secreted from view inside her labia. A faint trickle of lubrication seeped out from between those lips and snaked down to rest on her butt hole. The radio was playing a mixed tape of her favorite songs, mostly easy listening love songs and hip-hop tunes. The low volume allowed her to her the sound of toe nails on the kitchen linoleum made by her German Shepherd, Helmut. She loved that name. Sometimes he was a Hell-Mutt and that name always made her giggle a bit. Chrissy had always had bad luck with men, in her 23 years on this Earth she had had 6 serious relationships and a few flings. Nothing had ever seemed to be right, either he was cheating or she was too skinny or too fat or any number of problems between them. That was OK, though, Helmut was always there for her when she needed him. She needed him now. It had been a month since she had been with a man. Her last break up had been tough. Dave was so sweet at first but it must have been a facade. She caught him in bed with another woman. In order to avoid getting anymore depressed she gave a quick whistle. Helmut bounded in from the kitchen at the call. He ran around the coffee table in front of the sofa a few times before he noticed Chrissy. The third time he went around, he scratched his side along the length of the sofa and ran his nose right past Chrissy’s pussy. That made him stop his antics and take notice. He sniffed about, his cold wet nose searching out her ass and pussy and up her legs. When he was satisfied with what he smelled his long rough tongue lanced out and lapped up the liquid that had seeped from within Chrissy’s pussy. Helmut cleaned her ass in two quick passes and started working on her pussy. Chrissy could feel his tongue on the outside first. That was why she kept her self shaved, the feeling of a tongue on her was not subdued by a thick patch of hair. Helmut started to explore inside her. His long tongue seeking out the sweet nectar that was Chrissy. He may not know what a clit is but he hit it just often enough to make her start to tingle but not enough to make it hurt. Chrissy could feel her clit start to poke out from it’s little hood which made Helmut lick it a little more. His long muscular tongue reached up into her, searching for the source of her fluid. His cold nose bumped her clit and she could feel the fur around his mouth on her smooth snatch and thighs. Spreading her knees with her hands as far as she could and hiking her ass a bit more forward on the couch as to have a little hang off the edge allowed Helmut even more access. He now licked from her ass hole up through her dripping pussy, across her erect clitoris and out. Chrissy was starting to work up a little bit of a sweat, she perspired easily and sex always got her started. A sheen emerged on her forehead and across her breasts. She wiped her forehead with her left hand and wiped it on the couch. Helmut looked up from his duties and licked her breasts. They were kind of squeezed together because of the seating position she was in. They weren’t huge but she filled out an evening gown quite nicely if she did say so her self. Even though she had golden blonde hair her nipples were brown. Her ariols were about the size of a 50 cent piece and her nipples, when hard, stood up to 1/2 inch. Helmut’s big tongue cleaned off her breasts and belly in no time. He then returned to her pussy to finish the job there. Chrissy loved it. Helmut was starting to really get to her. It started as a little tingle in her clit which spread to engulf her whole pussy from the inside out. It crept into her belly and down her legs. The tingle grew stronger and started to thrum with the rhythm that Helmut beat with his tongue. Her breasts started to tingle and her nipples felt like pop corn going off on the ends of her breasts. The tingle in her crotch reached out and drew in Helmut, then the living room, then her house, then the world. She was cumming. Her pussy exploded with all the energy that the tingling had drawn in moments ago. The explosion started deep in her belly. Little quakes that rippled outward and down into her pussy. Then a river unleashed itself inside her. The tide surged and ebbed in rapid succession. Her pussy had spasm after spasm, each quicker than the last. She squeezed Helmut’s tongue involuntarily with her pussy. He licked up all that she gave of herself. His rough tongue licked the smooth contours of her box and it reached deep within as the orgasm subsided. The squeezes came slower and with less intensity but the tingle remained. Her whole body tingled. It was strongest in her pussy and on the ends of her breasts. She rubbed her hands down the inside of her thighs and pushed her breasts together. Her hands meandered down her belly, across the thin patch of blonde hair above the slit that began her pussy. She scratched her pussy mound and then took Helmut’s still working head in her hands. She gave him a tug and he jumped up on the couch. His front paws planted to her sides on the couch, while his rear paws stayed on the floor in front of the sofa. Helmut licked his mistress’ face and breasts. His hot breath smelled of puppy and her juice mixed together. Chrissy tilted her head back and opened her mouth. Helmut stopped concentrating on her right nipple and put his tongue into her small mouth. He licked his tongue around in her mouth and Chrissy could taste her pussy juice on his tongue. Helmut went back to working on her boobs. Chrissy just laid back and placed her hands on her up raised knees again. Helmut licked her face once and Chrissy felt something brush her bare snatch. She looked down between her belly and his fur. She saw a raging red schlong poking out of Helmut’s furry sheath. It was only fractions of an inch from her pussy. The tip was pointed and the whole thing glistened like snow on a really cold day. Because she had just cum and her legs were spread so far, her pussy was open a bit more than before. She could see their reflection in the screen of the TV. Helmut licking the sweat form her boobs, bobbing up and down. In the reflection it looked like they were having sex His tail was wagging and she was smiling. She felt his dick brush against the bare skin of her pussy lips again. She was hot but his dick felt like it was burning up.She took her left hand and slipped it between her belly and under Helmuts front leg. She watched herself in the reflection slowly wrap her thin hand around Helmuts cock. He didn’t seem to notice except that his schlong surged when she grabbed it. It was so warm All wet and smooth up front and furry in back. She could feel a lump at the base of his dick right before his ball sack. She hoped that it wasn’t a tumor, how could she explain to the vet how she found it? It didn’t seem to affect how his cock worked, the longer she held it the bigger it got the and more red started to poke out. Boy her pussy felt hollow. That tongue felt good. How would it feel with a dog cock buried in her tight, bald pussy? Helmut started to hump her hand and Chrissy decided that she wanted to find out. Slowly she moved his cock closer to her snatch. It bent and Helmut didn’t seem to be hurt. It was like it was on a hinge. Closer she moved, the millimeters seemed like miles as Helmuts dog cock got closer to her pussy. Then they touched. His dick was on fire and she was wetter than she had ever been in her life. She pulled Helmuts cock closer and closer to her opening, using the bump at the base as a hand hold. Gently the pointed tip eased it’s way past the outer folds of her pussy. “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”, Chrissy thought to herself as Helmuts dick passed her small inner lips and the pointed dog cock entered her pussy for the first time. Slowly she pulled him in. His dog cock filling her hotly, stretching her neglected pussy walls apart. When she could feel the fur of his cock sheath on her bare pussy lips Chrissy let go of his knot and laid back a little. She could feel a trickle start from his dick, and thought that her pussy was soaking it up like a sponge. She could feel his dick grow inside her pussy. Helmut started his dog thrusts and with each thrust his cock seemed to grow. Every time he pumped, his cock would sink deeper into her belly and it’s girth would spread her pussy wider. She looked in the reflection and his furry sheath was all the way back and the knot was exposed now. On the next thrust the knot touched her outer pussy lips. Helmut got his rhythm going. Then in a smooth even extra push inserted his knot in her pussy. She felt a quick stretch as his knot entered her pussy and swelled into place just inside. He stopped pulling out as far and just moved a few centimeters in and out. His cock kept growing It was really big inside her now and the knot was swelling up tight inside. In the reflection she could just make out her pussy lips being pulled back and going in with Helmuts thrusts. The knot was firmly in place in her love box and it obviously was not going to come out. She was locked, dick to pussy with her dog. Then the first shot hit her. A lava flow of dog sperm lanced up into her cunt like molten lead. Her head went dizzy as Helmut stopped his thrusting motions and he concentrated on loading her full of his dog sperm. On and on he went, one hot shot of sperm after another. Where was it all going? She started to cum, his hot knot was bumping against her clit from the inside causing a sweet spasm to rack her body. Her pussy clenched and dragged on his dick, pulling the sperm he was delivering deep into her loins. When her orgasm subsided Helmut was still pumping loads of cum into her pussy. The spurts were lessened than at first, but still. Even with her pussy sealed off by his knot she started to loose his cum out the edges. The sticky girl/dog cum mix snaked it’s way to coat her ass hole and drip onto the floor in globs. She felt the surges all but stop and Helmuts dick began to slowly shrink. She ran her hand between them and could feel his big knot stretching her pussy lips out. There was A LOT of cum seeping out from the junction of his red cock and her pink pussy. She could feel the furry sheath pushed back to his balls and his fur rubbing on her breasts and inner thighs. She kept her hands cupped about his balls and her pussy. After what seemed like twenty minutes of being locked together like that, Helmut slipped free of her. A gallon of dog cum poured from her into her hands, down her ass and legs, and onto the couch and floor. Nice pooch that Helmut was, he licked her crotch and the carpet clean and then laid down to clean himself. Chrissy felt all warm inside with Helmut’s sperm swimming around in her. In the TV reflection she could see that her dog had spread her pussy wider than any man ever had, cum longer, deeper and hotter. Helmut had filled her pussy to well over flowing. He hadn’t just left her after he came, and even cleaned her up after. Chrissy had a sneaking suspicion that that knot was not a disease on her dogs cock. In fact, watching him lick his dick clean, she thought it was a blessing.

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    5. another, Dog TalesI had the run of the neighborhood. Having many friends, myself with the higher IQ of most, I was always doing odd jobs for all the neighbors. Having a lot of mechanical abilities, I had a small engine repair shop in our backyard. My Step-Dad and I built a large steel building where I worked on mowers (riding and push), chain saws, go-carts, mini-bikes, tillers (garden), and all small engine-type machinery. The building was solid steel with only one door and no windows. I added a latch on the inside of the door where I could lock myself in for the privacy to work without unnecessary interruptions. The setting was a great work place. I had all the tools imaginable along with work benches and so on. Once inside, I had every- thing to do the best job possible. As most young men, I had a best friend that stayed by my side just about everywhere I’d go. Whenever you’d see me, my friend and PROTECTOR was there. My friend and protector was a large German Shepherd. He was large, weighing approximately 100 lbs. Sarge, a male Shepherd, was there for me to listen and watch over me when the (older) bullies would try to pick on me. Never did he let me down. When I’d go into my workshop, he would be there He never did answer, but he would never fail to listen. On one hot summer night, I decided to go out and tinker around to get a head start on the next day. I had on a pair of short shorts and a T-shirt which was my normal apparel during the summer. Of course, my best friend was right by my side. We went in, locked the door, and I sat on a stool beginning to work on a push mower. The stool was real low to the ground where my knees were higher than my butt. I was putting points and condenser in, and out of the blue my best friend came over and began humping on my leg. It was rather shocking at the time. Being a larger dog than most, when he wrapped his front legs around mine, he meant business. I tried to push him off, but the more I pushed the more he pulled on and the harder he humped. Then I felt his dick slapping against my leg. For some reason, that feeling excited me. I leaned over to see it, which made the excitement increase even more. It was large, long, kind of pointed at the head and super pink. My own dick began getting hard and I knew the feeling of getting off. He was humping even harder now and I saw him letting out some a pre-cum on my leg. When I saw that, I knew he was needing to get off. I had some Vaseline within my reach so I grabbed it and took a good amount in my hand. I then took a hold of his dick, grasping it firmly, letting him fuck it as hard as he wanted. He pulled even tighter to my leg and fucked my hand real fast. It wasn’t too long before he started shaking and shot cum all up and down my legs and arms. Right when he got off, his dick swelled up 3 times larger and the cum was in a great amount. That was real exciting and hot The size of his tool was fascinating; when he got off, it swelled like a balloon, the shots of cum were long, thick and covered my entire leg. When he backed off, it was as if he looked and smiled, saying, “Thanks.” He looked like he wanted to repay me. He started licking all the cum off my legs and got up to my crotch. My dick was throbbing. My nuts were hanging out and when his tongue hit them, WOW I had to pull the rest out. I did and he licked it as if he had done it before. He licked my balls, started at the base of my dick and worked to the head. At one point, he took it all into his mouth as if he were sucking it. He licked it and gnawed until I couldn’t stand it any longer. I stretched out both legs, held his head and shot my load. He continued licking at the head and caught every drop. He ate it all with a hungry look in his eyes. I had a gay dog and he really treated his owner with pure pleasure. We became even better friends right then, ’cause we gave each other a lot of pleasure. That was the beginning of a new type of relationship between us. Approximately two weeks went by without any happenings. We ran around as if nothing ever happened, although in the back of my mind I was worried about him jumping on my leg while out on an outing. It didn’t ever happen, though After two weeks went by, he and I were in the workshop late in the evening. As always, the door was locked on the inside. Since it was late, the rest of the family was already in bed, so there wasn’t a chance of anyone knocking at the door. I was hard at work with a riding mower and had nothing else on my mind. I was leaning over the seat, working on the gear box that drives the rear wheels. It was apparent that Sarge had other things on his mind, though. He walked over to me and licked me on the back of my neck a couple of times. I reached up and patted him on the top of the head and said, “That’s a good boy” He went over and sat down while I continued to work. A few minutes later he came back over to me. I was still leaning over the seat, then all of a sudden, he reared up, locked his front feet under my arms and around my chest and started humping my head. He was a powerful Shepherd and had me pinned over the seat. I was off-balanced and had trouble trying to pull away. When I put my hands on the ground and turned my head to push up, his long pink dick started slapping me on the face. It was hard, slick, and he was determined to get off with me again. He humped hard, pulling me harder against his dick. His dick slapped against my lips and thoughts of him on my dick a couple of weeks earlier came to mind. His determination of hanging on so tightly finally paid off. I slowly started to part my lips and his dick was right on target. The heat, slickness, and length was turning me on more and more. I finally opened and let him in, holding my lips firmly over him. That is what he was after When it penetrated my hot lips, even more came out of him length-wise. He was humping harder now and I could feel and taste little spurts of pre-cum hitting the back of my throat. The taste was rather strong, but sweet. He fucked my mouth for about two to three minutes, maybe longer? Then he swelled hugely and filled my mouth with what seemed to be a pint of cum. The size of him was so big inside my mouth I couldn’t pull off him. I had no real choice of doing nothing but swallow as fast as possible to keep from drowning. When he finally relaxed, it was still swollen behind my teeth. I took him by the rear and pulled off. He yelped fairly loud when my teeth scraped across his tender dick. After he sat down, he began licking himself, still entirely out from the swelling. As he licked more, the swelling started to go down and returned back in. While the sight of that was happening, I sat on the seat pulling my hard dick out, taking my shorts all the way off. I began stroking my own and Sarge looked at me. He seemed to smile at me then got up and came over. He stuck his nose to my asshole, sniffing then started licking. He tongued my asshole, then moved to my balls and on to my hard shaft. I moved my hand and he went to work in an experienced manner. For some reason, this time he spent a lot of time licking and nosing my asshole. This was beginning to feel great, then he moved back to the balls and shaft. I lasted approximately five minutes, then I shot my load. The first hit him on the nose, then he moved directly to the head. Um, just as if he knew where the best feeling was. He lapped at my dick’s head ferociously while I milked every drop out for my total pleasure and for his returned pleasure. After that experience, I really began to wonder if he was a reincarnated gay male. This Shepherd knew the right was of giving pleasure and was even more determined on the right ways to get it, too The more I thought about it, the more convinced I was that he was a gay male in another life. A few nights later we had our last and final experience. I went to the shop because it needed to really be cleaned badly after months of neglect. The workbench and shelves were a total wreck. I cleaned the top bench off and the top shelf and only the the bottom shelf needed to be finished. It was a super hot evening and I was sweating more than usual because of it. I didn’t have a shirt on and was wearing a loose (baggy) pair of gym shorts. I sweated so bad that my shorts were totally soaked. Not thinking of anything except cleaning, I knelt down on all fours and started straightening the bottom shelf. That is where I kept motor oil, gear lube, hard grease (for what needed heavy grease) and Vaseline for the things needing a lighter type of lube. I spent a few minutes cleaning. Sarge came up behind me and started smelling and nosing my asshole through the shorts. The first thing I thought about was him jumping on me, trying to fuck me. We had been through a couple of experiences, which he kept a secret, so I thought, “Why not?” At least try, anyway. I reached for the Vaseline and greased my asshole up, loosening it up by forcing two fingers inside. I took Sarge and got him riled up, taking a hold of his dick. It wasn’t long before he reared up on my back and his dick was slapping against my asshole. I reached between my legs, stroking him to a hard hard-on, then squeezed him inside me. He was getting real excited now. He humped so hard that at times his back feet were coming off the ground. He was fucking me long and hard His dick felt like a brass furnace inside me. Going deeper and deeper with every hump. While he was wrapped around me with his front legs, it was as if he was giving me a reach-around (like a true gay male). The excitement of him fucking my ass and stroking my dick was great. Not thinking of anything except the feeling at the time, it wasn’t long before I shot all over my stomach; long, thick streams; one hitting my chin. Right when that excitement was finished for me, he began to get off as well. Forgetting about the massive swelling when he got off, my asshole began to hurt. He was cumming deep in my ass and the swelling was stretching me out. I was filling fast with both cum and swelling. The pain was getting worse and I wasn’t sure if it was from the amount of cum or the swelling. I finally felt the cum subsiding, but the swelling stayed. I felt as if I had been given a gallon of fluid in an enema. He had gotten off inside me; I had gotten off as well, but the swelling was still there. We were stuck as two Shephards; me, on all fours; him, trying to pull out. His dick swollen as a balloon in my ass where the air couldn’t get out. At one point, he turned from my back, trying to walk away and pull out. I had both my legs holding him to me. I held him, lying on my stomach for what seemed to be hours. In about 20 minutes, the pressure of the cum finally pushed him out. Damn What a relief it was We had both gotten off once again, but the pain was more than I wanted. That was the end of our sexual relationship. It had been exciting and new experiences for the time being. A couple of days after that, I sold him to be a watch dog for a service station. and avoided going around there.

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    6. another, Christmas VacationAs I soon as I saw my friend’s dog, I agreed to house-sit his place over Christmas break. He was a big German Shepard, and had a long happy rolling tongue that I knew would feel great rimming me… and a nice fat furry cock sheath slung in front of his balls. When I first saw him, he was laying on the floor and licking it, and I watched as the pointy cock swelled and stuck out and glistened with the saliva from that lively tongue. I could hardly wait Next Saturday my friend left for the three week break, and I settled in, alone with his dog, who was named Fred of all things. I smoked a fat joint, and then went to the fridge and got out some gravy I’d brought with , and a stick of butter. I slid out of my tee shirt and jeans, and padded over to where Fred was still knawing on the remnants of the huge steak I’d gotten him. I put some gray on my finger and let him taste it. He loved it, and vigorously licked it all off my finger. I fed him more, and then rubbed some on my cock and stuck in front of him. he didn’t hesitate, but immediately wrapped that glorious tongue doggy tongue all over my stiff cock I quickly spread more over my shaft, and then on my balls. My cock pulsed as that warm dog tongue vigorously bathed my rod and licked my balls. My breath was coming fast, and I felt a pulsing tingle in my asshole. I bent down on one hand and my knees, and smeared gravy over my asshole. Fred followed my action, and started tonguing up and down my ass crack. I took a gob of butter and shoved it in my ass, and when Fred tasted this new taste he pushed his tongue inside my pulsing hole to get at it. I moaned and dropped to my chest and knees and grabbed my cock and stroked it… it took only a few seconds and I exploded all over the floor Well, I was pretty blown out by this… I sort of collapsed on the sofa, and lit up another joint. I purred a couple of shots of Jack Daniels as I eyed Fred, who was licking up the remains from the dish of gravy. When I finished the joint, I went over and started caressing him, and praising him. “Good boy God doggie”, I said in my warmest voice. His tail thumped. I ran my hands all over his big male body. I reached down and felt his cock The thumping increased in tempo as I put my other hand down on his balls. I felt a stirring, and watched raptly as his pointy cockhead started to emerge from his furry sheath. I bent over and started to lick it, twirling my tongue and that red pointy cock. It almost sprang forward it grew so fast. I went down all the way as Fred started to hump my face. I pulled away fast, and got down on my knees and elbows in front of him. He instantly mounted me, his cock stabbing blinding for a hole. I reached back and guided it into my pulsating twitching red asshole, pushing back against his savage animal thrusts. I was still all greased up with the butter and it slid in all the way. Fred’s front legs wrapped around me and he started fucking away like the animal fucking machine he was. I relaxed and opened my asshole all the way. It seemed like only a moment until I felt him quiver as he sprayed his load of white doggy cum up my hot ass. I clenched hard to squeeze him and hold him in.

      Comment by MuNkY — April 16, 2004 @ 11:23 am

    7. another, (not sure about title)I thought I knew how lucky I was to live on a farm while my husband was stationed in Alaska, but I had no idea just how lucky I was until last Tuesday. I had lived most of my life in St. Louis and was considered quite the good girl in my family. Although my husband and I married very young our sex lives had been pretty much routine. A little 69, lots of bi stuff and even a little anal intercourse, but that was the most I had ever encountered. The wildest thing I had ever encountered was watching a few porno movies at a downtown adult movie house. Well, my husband was now off on his NAVY tour he had been gone for three months now in Alaska and I had moved in with some girl friends on their farm. It was very beautiful on the hundred acres with lots of open grazing land. I really missed my husband and couldn’t wait for his year long tour to get over We both agreed that a year was a long time to go without any sex so our agreement was that we would both masturbate to relieve our tension. We also agreed that if we were to have sex with another person it should be with someone of the same sex and wouldn’t talk about it when we were together again. One of the things I liked most about this farm was all of its animals These girls raised cattle and a few crops. It seemed like everywhere I looked I could see cattle. Lots of cows and their calves and just like the cows, but not so many of them, there were also a few bulls. These were giant black angels bulls with huge muscles all over their bodies. They also had a few chickens and a couple of hogs that he was fattening to butcher on New Years Day. Around the barn there was lots of cats and it seemed like each of them were always having another litter of kittens. There were also a few horses that everyone would ride when they was working his cattle. One of the favorite farm animals was one of the many dog’s Digger. Digger was a huge black lab that was really good for hunting. Digger had earned his named because he was always digging around the farm trying to sniff out different smells. Being a city girl I wasn’t aware of the goings on around a farm and was really surprised when I first arrived with all of the open breeding acts. My first visual experience was with the stud horse. Karen was reshoeing this horse and I was taking her out some iced tea. When I walked up to Karen I squatted down to set the iced tea on the ground. As I looked up from the tea, I was faced with a giant horse cock hanging out of its sheath This horse cock must have been 3 or 4 foot long. It took my breath away and lit a strange feeling inside of me. The next thing I remember my Karen saying something about needing some salt from the back feed barn and wanting me to take one of the trucks back there and get 3 blocks. This particular chore I didn’t mind because the back barn was very near a nice little spring. So off in the truck I drove. When I got the salt blocks loaded into the truck I drove over to the spring. I stripped down and waded into the water. It was a little cool which made my nipples stand out straight. I was hoping the dip in the spring would help clear my mind and cool off the warmth near my pussy I was still feeling from seeing my first horse cock. I was laying with my head back on a towel enjoying the water when I heard some noise near the truck. I looked up to see a few cows grazing which seemed interested in the truck. I remembered they were used to Karen having some range cubes that she would use to gather the heard. It was only a few minutes later when I heard some snorting at the rear of the truck. There I saw one of the largest bulls on the farm. He had his head down in a stream of cow piss sniffing and bulling for all of his worth. It was several seconds before this cow finished pissing but when she was finished, the bull raised his head and let down his dick. I couldn’t believe my eyes as this bull dick just kept getting longer. Seeing the second biggest cock in my life I stood up and walked to the edge of the spring and set on my towel. I was now only about 25 foot from the bull and cow. From this point I set and watched this massive angus bull mount the cow and slide his dick deep inside of her. I can’t tell you how long this act took but I think I fingered my pussy raw watching. So much for cooling off my pussy I woke the next morning feeling very tired. I dreamed all night sex. I needed some bad. I needed some now When I finished using the bathroom, I walked into the kitchen to get my breakfast. On the table I found a note saying everyone had gone to town and wouldn’t be back until late in the afternoon. Since it was such a pretty sunny day, I decided to take a shower and go for a walk around the farm. I put on one of my little sun dresses and a tiny pair of white panties and off I set for my walk. As I walked though the basement I grabbed a little blanket and my backpack to carry it in. I also stuffed in a bottle of wine in the pack in case I got thirsty. The walk was going well and I had covered a good piece of ground by noon. The mid-day sun was bearing down on me and the sweat was dripping from under my arm hairy pits and down between my legs. I really felt like taking another swim but the spring was still to far away. I saw a big oak tree at the top of the hill so I turned towards it. Once I arrived under its shade I laid out my blanket and set down. The wine really tasted great and was still quite cool. I usually don’t drink that much during the day but it was so hot one glass seemed to follow another. The sun grew hotter and the shade was shifting away from me. I stood up to move the blanket and fell back to my knees. I guess drinking the entire bottle of wine wasn’t very smart. I did finally manage to move my blanket into the new area of shade. Next I felt the need to pee but was afraid that I would fall again so I laid on my back and pulled my panties off. Then I simply rolled my butt off of the blanket and let loose. As I peed and remembered some of the girls standing around and taking a piss one day and commenting about how great it felt to piss like a race horse. I remembered rolling back onto the blanket. I think I was done peeing. Sleep quickly over came me. “Oh, that feels great” I said out loud. Even with my eyes closed knew the great feeling of someone licking my pussy. “Oh yes this does fell good” I said out loud again. Now I could feel a wonderful tongue licking deep inside of my pussy. My cum was running out of me like a river. Now I’m not a Ph.D. but I did finally convince myself that this was no dream and that in fact my pussy was being eaten. My eyes jerked open and I set up using my elbows. “Oh shit” I screamed. It was Digger lapping away at my pussy My dress was pushed up around my waist and my legged were spread wide. I know I sat there for several minutes watching in amazement, no in non belief, not even understanding how a dog could be eating my pussy. It must have taken another couple minutes for me to figure out that I had to do something to stop this terrible act. Yet all the time Digger just kept lapping at my pussy lips with his long tongue and burying his nose deeper and deeper inside of my cunt. “Stop” I screamed. “Digger stop it now you bad dog” While I was screaming at Digger, I was trying to roll over onto my side to kick at him. Even with my kicking, he wouldn’t back away. Then I remembered rolling onto my stomach and trying to get up. I made it to my hands and knees and started to push myself up from the blanket when I felt two paws land around my neck. Digger had climbed upon my back and was humping his cock against me like a wild animal. I was no longer in disbelief about what was happening to me. It was very clear that a dog was having sex with me. I was his bitch yes in heat and he was going to spend his seed this very afternoon. “Stop” I screamed at the top of my lungs. “Stop you motherfucker” I said crying. But these words worked no better than my kicking. Digger’s weight had pushed my head down to the blanket but my ass was still high up in the air. I could feel my little sun dress laying around my shoulders and . . What in the world I’m I talking about I think I had slipped off into a little trance but now I was back wide awake. I felt Digger’s paws still gripping around my neck and he was still humping against me. I knew I had to move away from him and do it quickly or I was going to be a part of the breeding program here on this farm. I remembered shifting my weight onto my right knee and trying to stand up. But this was not the right thing to do. When I shifted my weight, I must have aligned my pussy with Digger’s cock. “Shittttttt” I screamed. “Oh no” Digger’s cock had found its target and drove into my pussy. The pain was unreal. His cock was not that long but the head was very large in diameter. It felt like a toilet plunger ramming in and out of me Digger kept fucking my pussy like the animal he was. I kept trying to push him off of me but each time that I did his cock just drove deeper inside of me. I was now convinced that Digger was not going to be stopped. I think I was beginning to settle in for this new form of fucking and had even begun to figure out how to tell my husband about this act. I couldn’t believe it but I was getting into this animal sex. It was good, and I could feel my cum running out of my pussy BANG, a noise rang out. I didn’t know what it was but what every it was it had scarred Digger and he jerked back for a minute. With his jerking, his cock withdrew from my pussy. “Thank you God, I thought. Now to get away. But I thought too long. Digger pull me back to him with his powerful legs and rammed his cock back into me. “OH FUCK”, I screamed in bloody murder. Digger did plant his cock in me again but this time he had shoved it up my ass. This was a new pain and it was really hurting me. My head was pushed back onto the blanket and I could see between my legs. The first thing that I saw was the black hairy hind legs of this dog. The next thing I saw was a stream of blood running down my thighs. My ass was bleeding and yet Digger was still fucking me with all of his might. I also felt something warm on my neck and the side of my face. Digger’s front nails had scratched my shoulders and fresh blood was forming a pool on my blanket. “BANG, the noise rang out again. But this time it didn’t scare Digger. Then I felt something familiar. It was cum being shot into my bowels. Digger was planting his seed deep inside my ass with his every hump “Get off you son-of-a-bitch, I’ll CENSOR you” It was my Karen. She came running up to where I was being fucked and hit Digger in the head with the butt of the shot gun. But it was too late. Digger was already finished with me. He had bread his bitch and planted his seed. But if he was done why wasn’t the feeling of his cock gone from my ass? “Oh Susan, I heard Karen say, how could this have happened?” “Let me help you honey, let me help she said. I was now laying on my side but still felt full of dog cock. I looked up at my her only to see her down by my ass. “Digger you son-of-a-bitch,” she screamed again. “Susan you just lay real still and let me help.” Karen said. “You don’t understand this but dogs get a knot in their dick after they have fucked and he is still locked with you”. I could feel Karen’s fingers rubbing around my ass. She was rubbing very gently around my asshole and I guess she couldn’t help but rub against my swollen pussy lips too. After several minutes it did fell like Digger’s cock was getting smaller so I’m sure that Karen’s rubbing was helping. “I think he is about ready to pull out Susan,” I heard her say, “so you stay still and I’ll help get him out. Don’t mind my fingers but I have to do this” With that I felt Karen slip two of her fingers inside of my pussy. She went in deeper than any doctor had done during a normal office visit. She seemed to feel around searching for Digger’s cock inside of my ass. “I can’t quite reach him Susan, hold still,” she said. I felt another finger and then another and . . OH SHIT, she had worked her entire hand inside of me like she was going to pull a calf It didn’t take long for her to find what she was looking for and she began to rub downward inside of my pussy pushing against my ass. Karen was moving her fingers like she was wiping the inside of a cream can. Digger’s dog cock finally can out of my ass with a pop. “Take it real easy Susan,” Karen said. With that she rolled me onto my back and with great care, slide her wrist, then her knuckles, and finally her fingers out of my pussy. “I’m sorry Karen, I can’t stop myself” I was apologizing because my bladder was emptying itself all over her and the blanket. She then took off her jacket and did her best to clean up all of Digger’s cum, my ass blood, my pussy cum and, oh yes, my pee. “You can’t tell anyone this happened,” I told Karen. “No one must never know I was fucked this way” “A dog, of all things a dog. I’ve been fucked by a dog.” I cried out. “Promise me that you’ll never tell anyone.” I begged “Promise me you’ll never tell anyone” Karen helped me up from the blanket where this unnatural act had been consummated and we began to walk slowly to the truck. We made our way back to the farm house. Once there Karen made up some story about needing to go back to town and her and the other girls drove off. When they were gone I made my way into the bathroom and climbed into the shower. I took the bar of soap and washed myself with all of my might. When I was clean I took a towel, wrapped it around my body and walked into the bedroom. I threw back the covers and slide in. They were clean and felt so good around my naked body. Although my mind was racing, I felt sleep coming on. I slipped off to sleep and felt a much needed rest setting in. My body began to relax and my muscles finally loosened up. I don’t know how long I slept but I could fell myself beginning to stir. As I was starting to wake up I thought I was feeling a little strange. What was this feeling? I know I had felt it before. I felt wet, I felt warm. I felt like someone, or something, was licking my pussy What the hell was it now?

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