May 7, 2006

fuck dogs

One bitch experienceThis a true story about the first time I have sex with a male dog. Hello Im from Portugal, I am not gay but I like to play with my asshole. My first beastiality experience was when I was about 13, my grandparent have sheep and one day I try to f one but I was too small and I could do was pass my fingers in the vagina of one of them. I never though about bestiality until college were I found on the internet stories and pictures of it, I immediately kwon that I have to find an animal to f. We had a dog but he is so very stupid and all times I try to have sex with him the most that I got was some ass and cock licks, he even didnt let me blow him and when I put him on top of me he never humped. About two years ago I was home studding for a final exam when my mother phone me told me to go and get some papers from the health center, I was very pissed off because have to get the bus and leave the house while I was studying. I went there and as I leave the bus on way, when I saw him lying on the floor in front of a neighbour house it was fate. I had never seemed him before in the neighbourhood, he wasnt very big and I cant say what his breed was. I immediately begin to have thoughts and my ass began to pulse about the situation. I passed him and then call them, to my surprise he came almost instantly, I kept going, looking back to see if was following me. When we reach a place were nobody was looking I call him over to me and massage his sheath he didnt hump but he accept it and follow me closer to home. When I reach home I went straight to the garage, get all me clothes off, call him to me and massage his sheath a little more, he still wasnt responding do me moves so I put myself hands and knees and pull him over me. Picking up his sheath I begum massaging it, and in no time nature took over and he was humping my ass for what it was worth, in no time he put all of is cock in my ass. I was used to take small objects up my ass like pencils small candles, screwdrivers and others, when I masturbate from time to time but I never had taken a real cock. In no time we put is knot inside my ass and tied with me, making for the first time a real bitch. I felt him coming inside my ass while we were together. I was tied to him about 5 minutes and the feeling was great, no pain only a bitch being breed. Then the troubles begun, I knew that when dog tie with the bitches then they tried to turn and became ass to ass with the bitch, but when he try to turn around I felt a very big pain in my ass because the knot was trying to come out. In panic instead of trying to call and help him to turn I try to take that cock of my ass and I kept pulling him out. After a minute in this and with an almost unbearable pain I manage to withdraw that cock, from my ass flooded a mix of dog cum and shit. While I was laying on the floor trying to recuperate he begum licking his cock after f his bitch. Then I saw for the first time his cock in all his magnificent it was much longer that I though, although it wasnt very large, his knot was the size off a tangerine. After a few minutes on the flour I put some clothes on and take him out of the garage, then went upstairs, took a shower and see how my ass was after my first real f. My ass was bad it was very opened and with a lot bruisers, I panic, I though my ass was never going to be the same, and the truth is that he never has, although the bruisers passed and I dont have problems there, my asshole is large than before, I can now insert bigger objects in it, like carrots. The dog stay for a while in front off my house but when the family cane home he left, I never saw him again, although I think off him many times. In the last two years I have trying to find new dogs do give my ass but the neighbours dos are all close in cages and I havent had opportunities.

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    1. great story post some more.

      Comment by bottomdoug — May 29, 2006 @ 2:57 am

    2. Pedro, thanks for posting and sharing your experiences.Pretty hot twitchy asshole you’ve got, too bad you panicked when you finally got that big knot in there. You should have relaxed and just let him pump you, if you can stay calm enough, once he turns and stands with his steady pull on your hole you can feel him pulse inside your anus. Try it again. Let us know.

      Comment by DADDY_DOGS — July 19, 2006 @ 7:51 pm

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