February 25, 2006

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This is a true story of how one’s sexual awakening took an unexpected turn, a surprising turn that at first was wrought with apprehension only to become accepted and in turn enjoyed…It all began with a seemingly innocous beginning while enjoying an anonymous bit of sexual play on the internet with vidcams. A lady acquaintance and I were engaging in one of her fantasie sof being watched while engaged in sex. While riding me with the vidcam activated and open to whoever wished to connect to our chat session, she began to really get into the act…grinding and sliding with abandon and exuberance while safely enjoying the exploration of a fantasy she has held for many years, yet fearful to explore them due to her cultural and sexual formative years growing up. During her teen years she was in her words, ‘an unknown and never pursued’ and her subsequent courtship and marriage years, she was treated in the ‘normal’ manner of the ‘good girl/wife’, expected to be somewhat aquiescient to the expectations and demands of her spouse, family and friends…with no real objective of satisfying herself or nuturing of her needs and desires. As her marriage years slipped into the double digits, her spouses sexual desires began to evolve into exploitation of his voyueristic tendencies, resulting in her submitting to having pictures taken of her in various degrees of nudity, both private and semi-public settings. He eventually began to post them on varous bulleting boards and web sites under the guise of ‘pride in his beautiful wife’, but in reality was used as ‘bait’ in locating others that would indulge him in ‘watching’ through their posted responses, eventually offering her up to others so he could watch her in action, preferrably with other females. Through consistent passive-aggressive methods, she eventually seceeded to a sexual encounter, the partner of his selection (an unknown male). Although the spouse reassured her that the meet would be in a public place to ‘check each other out and establish comfort levels’, shortly after meeting he suggested they all ‘take a ride’ to get away from ‘prying eyes’ and be able to talk in private. This was a ruse to goad her into fellating the man, which she hesitantly did, but without much enthusiasim or desire, but more out of a sense of obligation to her mates desires, a prime foundation of their cultural background. After a very short and unfulfilling mututal oral sex encounter, the husband took them to a motel room he had acquired before the meet, unbeknownst to the wife. Once there she felt trapped into ‘performing’ as the husband ‘directed’ the action that occurred, a rushed sequence of events entailing 69′ing and vaginal penetration in missionary, female superior and doggy postions. After the stranger ejaculated, the wife ran into the bathroom and locked herself in and took a scalding shower to try and remove the ‘dirtyness’ she felt, not quite being able to rid herself of the sensation. She refused to exit until the stranger left and the husband eventually fell asleep.It seems I digress, for which I apologize….but the background I feel is essential to savor the essence of the change this wonderful woman underwent. Please bear with the telling of the tale, long as it may be….After that first debacle of an encounter, she became reticient about allowing it to occur again, especially under the same circumstances. She questioned why all of a sudden, and attributed it (mistakenly) to her lack of beauty and sensuality…believing that lack of those qualities was rearing it’s head once again, reminding her of past incidents whereby the husband had engaged in sexual encounters with one of her ‘best friends’ as well as a former neighbor, openly He even had sex with them in their own bed in her presence and insisted she perform cunnilingus on them and receive it in return. He began posting pictures of her on the net, alebit with her identity protected due their professions and the potential havoc it could wreak should they be exposed. Unbeknownst to her was the quantity of pictures he was posting and level of explicity. She was aware of only the mildest ‘teaser’ pictures he had posted. Eventually he began to engage in post-response post to other’s comments regarding her pictures, encouraging her to read them as well. According to her, she did not really enjoy most as they were overtly suggestive in the crudest manner. But, there was the occassional post that lifted her spirit and self-esteem, which unfortunately her spouse usually denigrated as ‘full of sh+’……that is until he fortuitously recognized that it was posts of that type that drew her interest…. he eventually saw that to resume his endeavor to satisfy his desires, this could be the way to do so. Eventually, she agreed to another encounter, one with a husband-wife couple that expressed interest over a continuing period of posts. Her agreement was based not so much on sexual desire, but curiosity in why the couple’s post were more like encouragement, understanding and compassion as opposed to self-gratifying lust. The first encounter with the couple was a pleasant dinner and conversation, no sexual overtures from the couple. Eventually, they did have a sexual encounter, a 3-some between my lady friend and the couple, the husband watching and filming/photo’ing the encounter. Although she was apprehensive with the male, she was much more relaxed when the female took control, bringing her to a weak oral induced climax. The female then straddled her face and coaxed her into softly licking her labes, which she did, gradually relaxing more and more as she continued to lick. She was relaxed enough that when the male began to lick her in turn, her initial shock and attempt to close her legs gave way to his gentle ministrations, allowing him to pleasure her as she pleasured the wife above her. She eventually began to tune out her spouses ‘words of encouragement’ and instead focused on the soft guidance of the wife as she took her thru positions of being taken from the rear as she lapped between the wifes legs, being woman superior on the male while the wife licked them both at that juncture of their connection and the lying on her back as the wife pleased her orally as my lady friends husband took the woman from the rear. She even told me that she watched as her husband and the couple did a MWM coupling, taking pleasure surprisingly in the act, eventually realizing it was the pleasure that the woman was undergoing that excited her. The most exciting factor was that the woman was in surreptitously in control and definitely enjoying herself with confidence, something my lady friend never imagined she could do, considering her cultural background and upbringing and the ‘contol and influence’ her husband exerted on her (he mistaken thought he was encouraging her, but was in reality selfishly using her to satisfy his desires). She recounted she had a couple more encounters with the couple as well as individually with the husband and her own spouse in a MFM. Unforunately, she did not find the encounters minus the wife as satisfying due to that she felt like on ‘object’ as opposed to a ‘person’. Unfortunately, these factors were were kept her ambivalent about continuing to explore this newfound aspect of her sexuality, but her husband saw her subsequent participation as a ‘green light’ inducing an increase in his postings and searches for more partners. This led them to me….. and the eventual release of my lady friends sexual restraints and blooming of her self confidence and empowerment, much to her surprise and delight….to include her ‘puppy’s’ own awakening….No need to vote, I seek no gratification in that sense, sharing is gratifying enough…..the story will continue as time permits

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    2. …the tale of one womans discovery continues….Fast forwarding ahead, I end up meeting with the wife while the husband is on an extended business trip…at his urging to her, during his absence. Again, I digress for which I apologize for getting off subject…suffice it to say I become her lover, one which she finds comfort, support, encouragement and excitment in. Our sexual relationship is one of enlightment for her, finding that she can revel in her newly awakened sensuality and not be judged for her actions. Conversely, I exhort her to explore what may excite her, trying each experience to determine if it is one whcih she can find pleasure in or one to discard. My willingness to participate and support her explorations is what keeps her coming back. It was during one of our vidcam sex sessions that a popup ad for a beastiality site caught her attention. Surprised by the scene depicted in the ad, a lady being lapped at by a dog, she asked if people really do such things or was it just a posed porn teaser. I replied that there is a segment of society that take pleasure in having carnal relations with animals of various types. I commented that it was actually quite common, just not widely publicized. I told her that if she Google’ed bestiality she get quite a significant amount of hits. Curiously, she did selecting a site titled SPAM. Imagine her surprise upon seeing some of the images, but more so mine as she pensively looked over some of the images. Seeing the 3 part lessons, we downloaded and read them together, the lessons explaining the progression of one’s venture into and subsequent acceptance of continuing bestial relations. I also noticed an almost imperceptible increase in tempo and urgency in her actions on my lap, with her achieving a couple of mini-orgasms when seeing some of the more robust postings. Later in bed, I noticed she preferred to be taken from the rear more often, but didn’t think much of it as it is her favored position, relishing the deeper penetration and more forceful thrusting on both of our parts. Over time she would ask more questions about how folks could engage in such, gradually steering from the why to the how. Taking a chance, during our lovemaking I asked her if she found it exciting when she saw the bestial images…only to have her claim it didn’t, but the rapidity that she responded with told me otherwise. Sensing she was fearful of being judged, I toild her that I did not find it objectionable, being aroused myself. Her demeanor relaxed and I let it go at that and enjoyed the mounting passiion we shared. Afterwards in soft afterglow, she asked did I really mean what I said or was I just appeasing her. My response was sincere when I said I fond nothing wrong with it, and again let it go. Over time, in the heights of our passion, I would slip in questions about things and acts she might find exciting, sort of role playing, as it allowed her to express her fantasies and sensuality without fear of retribuition or attribution. Occasionally I would slip in something like, “After the initial shock of a dog sticking it’s nose in your crotch as dogs are wont to do, did you afterwards feel a tingle as you replayed it in your mind?”. Initially she would hesitate, or said she’d just shoo the dog away as people are wont to do. Knowing she owned a dog, I’m sure it was a fairly common occurence whenever she fed or interacted with the pet in the normal care of it. The difference was in her new knowledge of dogs as a potential sexual partner. Playing to her curiosities, I’d occassionally download some pix or clips of ladies and their pets, showing them to her when she would visit. I noticed that she would look at them more intently now, and in the midst of our sexual ‘banter’ during lovemaking sessions, she would become more responsive to little sayings such as ‘imagine your pussy being licked by that long, wide and warm tongue of the dog we saw in that picture or clip”…. I would even position myself and hold her like some of the dogs in the pictures when taking her from the rear, exhorting her to imagine it was a dog on her back. Mostly, she would respond with ‘harder, f me harder”, but never voicing anything speciifcally related to dogs, such as “Yes, I want to fee l a dog dick in me”….but her body was screaming out loud One night I get a call from her, her voice sounding strained, apprehensive…maybe even fearful..NOTE: “M” = me, “H” = her in the conversation below..M – Hello? Hi, how are you…it’s good to hear from you, hope all is well with you.H – Uh..yeah, I’m ok..I guess. What are you up to?M – Nothing, are you sure you’re ok, you sound distressed…is everything alright? (Sounds in the background…shuffling like. She makes a little pained noise) Hey, are you sure everything is ok, that sounded like you were hurt?H – No, no….everything is ok..(she doesn’t sound convincing. more shuffling sounds..)M – I hear someone in the background, I thought you were going to have a day alone today? Plans change and ruin your day off?H – Oh no, I’m alone…that’s Rex..our dog. Uhh…Rex, keep still..Please keep still boy..(this is said with a plaintive, even pleading tone)..M – Are you sure you’re ok? You know, you can tell me anything…anything at all, especially if you’re distressed….let me help if I can.H – (hesitating..) Uh..uh….uh….(small sobbing)…I’m stuckM – Stuck? Stuck how, in what? I’m not sure what you mean (but I’m beginning to piece it all toghether) Do you mean to say you’re stuck with Rex?H – (crying now)…ye-ye-yes, I’m stuck to Rex and I’m scared. What do I do? (shuffling sounds again) Uh-uh-uh, it hurts when he tries to walk awayM – Ok, ok..calm down, calm down. That’s what is called tied or knotted, it’s all perfectly normal…ok? Remember what we read, his knot swelled up and is locked inside…it will shrink and release, don’t worry. You have to relax first, if you’ve tightened up on him because your scared, it will only keep his knot stimulated and locked inside. Relax and it will shrink faster… breath deeply, relax, just like when you were in labor (I didn’t know if that would work, but thought anything to relax her was worth trying)…Are you relaxing?H – Yes…I’m trying…M – Ok, close your eyes…imagine you’re in my bed and I’m giving you an oil rub down and massage…you know, the ones that make you fall asleep…focus on that feeling, breath gently, regulary…slow everything down… are you relaxing?H – …yes…yes, I don’t feel so tense….relax, relax, relax…..M – ..slowly…slowly…relax your lower body, just let it go like when you do after cumming in the doggie position….relax…relax…H – yeah..yeah, it’s working, I can feel his dick getting smaller..smaller…Oh it’s coming out Oh my god…oh..oh..Ahhhhh it’s out..Oh..oh..oh, it’s dripping all over..so much Hey stop that Stop (quick movement sounds..)M – What? What’s wrong?H – (light laughter)…nothing, Rex just started licking me down there after his dick came out and everything started running out (giggling..) It’s ok, I’m sitting in the chair so he couldn’t get to me…hahaha…M – You’re ok now? ….no longer frightened?H – Yes, thank you so much…I was really scared there for a second…really scared I didn’t know what was happening, I’m so ashamed You must think me a terrible fool..a sicko (dejected sounding)..M – Oh no, far from it, seriously Aside from my initial concern over the fear in your voice, now that the emergency is over, I’m getting a raging erectionH – Seriously Your excited over this? You’re teasing me, I know you hate me now…..M – No, no…seriously I’m so aroused right now I may need to take matters into my own hand soon…hahaha (somewhat leering tone of voice)…So, now that the crisis is past, I bet you were enjoying it up to that point, right? Oooh, such naughty visions running through my mind right nowH – (timidly)…Really? I was worried you’d just hang up on me…..M – What and missout on the telling of your little adventure…no way Speaking of which, care to talk about it..you know, fill in the ‘details’, I’m all earsH – Really?….Ok, ..well, what do you want to know?M – (enthusiastically) Oh, everything of course, if you’re comfortable with that….let’s start at the beginning, ok?H – (more confidentally)…Ok, well I was out in the kitchen when……so ends this part of the tale, more to follow as time permits….

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