February 29, 2004

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Missy’s StoriesI’m back First, I want to thank everyone for the GREAT welcome Sorry about not getting back to you all… I was not online yesterday. Second…stories…how about my first time I was 19 and house sitting for some friends of my parents. They had a selection of xxx movies and I sat down on afternoon to watch a few. Soon, I was fingering myself as I watched the movies…really getting into a good grove when Buddy (the family’s dog) started sniffing between my legs. I pushed the dog away and got back to business. The dog was VERY persistent and kept at it. I moved my hand to move the dog again and he lick me before I moved him. I was totally surprised as to HOW good that felt…I spread me legs a little wider and let him to it again. He long wide tongue felt soooo good I leaned back – closed my eyes and let buddy lick me….I could not believe how GOOD it felt. I listened to the movie and let buddy continue…this went on for about 5 minutes…then buddy jumped up on me and tried to poke is dick into me. This scared me and I pushed him away and ran into the other room. But soon I was back in the room for more. I got some towels and put them all around me and then called buddy. He came in a flash and started licking me again. This time when he got up I took his dick in my hand and slowly guided it towards my pussy. As soon as he felt it inside….he pushed. I held on to his dick gently so his knot would not go inside…. Once inside of me I cum…it was a HUGH orgasm…my body shaking and he continued to pump me….after a few minutes…he started to cum. I was surprised at the amount but was way too wrapped up to care. After he finished cumming…he started to lick my cum filled, swollen pussy. What a ride I cleaned up, got more towels and we did it again I was HOOKED I was house-sitting for a week and had all that time to play with buddy. After a few times I decided to let his knot go inside and I am GLAD I did Once it slipped inside I discovered the best feeling. It’s hard to explain…but it was incredible…he pumped me for about 15 minutes…cumming the whole time I can’t remember how many times we had sex – but I was pretty sore after that week I used to house sit houses with dogs from then on…I have a lot more stories to share…but they can come later. Right now, I have my own dog… he is a Rot named Apollo. He is an INCREDIBLE Lover When we tie…we are together for over 40 minutes and that 40 minutes of 100 hard pumping I sure would love to hear other peoples experiences…. ——————————————————————————–Story time This was the first time I was watched having sex with a dog. It was the third dog I’d been with that summer (house sitting and dog sitting). I was dog sitting/house sitting friends of my parents. They had a lovely Lab and we had been at it all week. It was late on Thursday night and the dog and I were going at it hot and heavy. I was on all fours with the dog mounting me from behind. We were tied and I was getting it long and hard from the dog. I was totally into our sex and failed to notice the father come into the kitchen I was coming, moaning, screaming, begging for more without a clue that we were being watched When the dog dismounted me, I looked up and saw the father standing there… total fright entered me The orgasm buzz was gone and there I was on all fours… wet and drippy. I thought I was DEAD I got up and started to beg him not to tell my parents…and he did was stand there staring at me. It was then that I noticed his dick in his hand and cum splattered down his pants. “Missy,” he said, “that was the MOST erotic sexual thing I have ever seen – god that was HOT” Once again – I begged him not to tell on me… PLEASE He walked over, got a towel and wiped himself off. He then smiled and said my secret was safe with him. I was still naked and ran off to clean up. When I returned, I was still scared of getting into trouble, but he once again said he would not tell. We talked about the sex and HOW TURNED ON he was watching me get fucked by the dog. He wanted to know how many times I25230; done the dog… I was a little scared to tell him about 3 times a day “Wow” he said. He was really getting off on this and I had to admit I was getting off on it as well. I asked him why he was back early and where his wife and kids were. He said he had to return early for a unexpected meeting on Friday and his wife and kids were going to stay at their cabin until Monday. I was sitting in my robe and my legs were exposed… he leaned over and started rubbing me… moving from my knee up higher and higher -until his hand disappeared and found its way to my pussy. I slowly undid my robe and parted my legs. He got between my legs and fingered me. I moaned as he slowly fingered me and then bent down and licked me. He then told me to get on all fours just like I did with the dog and once I got down he unzipped his pants and entered me. It was HOT He held on and rammed his meat into me long and hard – just like the dog I came hard while he pumped me… until his hot load filled my pussy He said he wanted to watch me do the dog again… so I called the dog over, got into the chair and spread my legs. The dog sniffed all the wetness and went right at it His long tongue working its way into my wet pussy. Soon I was moaning loudly while the father told me how HOT this scene was After about 10 minutes… I got down and the dog mounted me I guided him in and with a few pumps he was deep inside. The father watched our sex and described how it looked to watch his dogs dick pump me wildly. Soon the dog was coming and I started to have orgasm after orgasm. The dog pumped me hard the whole time… I was crying for more… begging the dog to do me harder?After about 20 minutes, he was able to dismount… I was pooped. I fell to the floor and the dog walked off to rest. I rolled over and teased the father to come and get me… and he did I was in orgasm high We rolled around on the floor until we both could take no more. We cleaned up and then cleaned the floor and spent the rest of the night having sex. He was pretty tired for his meeting and when he got home, I spent the rest of the night and all of the weekend getting it from either the dog or the father… it was a wild weekend and I was pretty sore, but VERY satisfied. The father and I met a few times after that, but we were never able to get the dog involved again… ——————————————————————————–Another story – summer vacation Last year, I decided to take a vacation and go visit my Aunt and Uncle in Canada. It had been about 12 years since my last trip and this was my first trip to see them alone – without my parents. At first the trip was good….nice and quiet just want I wanted….but as the days dragged on…I was getting REALLY bored My aunt and uncle go to bed with the cows and that left me with a lot of free time. My cousin was not the most of friendly sort and he would leave right after his chores were done and return late. I just figured he had a girlfriend and was out bonking her every night. Anyhow, aunt and uncle went to bed right at 7:00 and I decided to take a little walk. As I walked, I noticed my cousins car parked out in the distance behind the barn…so I walked over and went in. There was my cousin, pants down fucking this cow What a sight He slowly pumped his cock into the animal… moaning… the cow was softly mooing as if she was getting off on it I stood there totally engrossed in watching him fuck this animal After about 20 minutes of his slowing pumping this cow… he geared back and shot his load He then gently rubbed the cow – telling her what a good girl she was… It was then that he saw me and turned three shades of bright red He grabbed his pants and was trying to pull them back up the whole time stammering about the cow needed some medication to be taken anally and he was helping her take it. “Yeah… like I was born yesterday,” I said. “You were fucking that cow, Adam….and I LOVED IT Can you do it again?” He dropped his jaw… “Baby,” I said, “I25267;e been fucking dogs for years and this was a treat Can you do it again… I want to watch” He totally just looked at me… “Come on Adam… do it again… please… ” I begged. With that, he dropped his pants and went up to another cow…slowly rubbing his cock… getting it hard and then entering her. I moaned watching him slide his tool in and out… I was so HOT. He fucked this cow a lot faster… cause I was watching him… my breath was deep as I watched him… slowly then faster?in and out… then he let out a long moan as he shot his load. He rubbed the cow and then turned to me… I told him how excited I got watching him… how I wanted his long hard tool (and it was LONG) sliding into me. He then told me to bend over and I did… he lifted my dress and pulled down my panties… with one swift move – he side into me I cried out as he fucked me long and hard….feeling his balls slam again my ass… I begged him to do me… make me cum?and he grabbed onto me and thrust me harder. I felt my body tense and I came long and hard – just before he shot his load deep into my pussy. He got off me and I stood up – still riding the orgasm. He smiled and asked me if I liked it… oh yeah… I sure did We sat together and talked for awhile. He said he25230; been fucking the animals for over 10 years… he said he could fuck about 6 a night if he had the chance which was often I undid my dress and asked him if he wanted to do more animals or me… he undressed and soon we were at it again… here I was riding my cousin and loving it The next day, my aunt and uncle were to go visit some friends – they said they would be home later tonight. As soon as they were gone, Adam and I got naked and did it right on the table… after that we talked about sex and animals and I told him of my desire to do a horse, but since they are so large, that would not be possible. “Well, maybe you can… ” We got dressed and he took my hand and led into the field toward some horses. Some were large and then there were some smaller ones. Mini25263; he said they were called. He took two of the smaller ones and led us farther away from the house. He told me to stroke the horses?dick until it slide all the way out… it was about 7 inches long and thick. I got under the horse and gently placed his dick into my mouth…sucking on it…while Adam slowly jerked off. I then moved so I could place the dick into my pussy, and with some help from Adam, I was able to get most of it in… it was thick and felt GREAT Adam held the horse still as I pumped my hips into the dick… feeling it slide in and out… moaning deeply -I came quickly… wanting more… the horse moved some… feeling his dick in a pussy…but not sure how to react…he pretty much stood there and let me fuck it… I was tired and could not get the horse to finish… Adam led the male to the female and soon he was mounting her and giving her a ride for her life. Adam then undressed and he and I got off while the horses did the same. We spent the rest of my vacation playing with each other and some horses… he is planning to come visit me this winter and see me and Apollo go at it… should be a FUN time

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    1. Nice stories. Very well written with few typos. They’re personal stories right? If so, could i hope to see any more here? winks

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    3. Very nice stories… one questionTHEY ARE TRUE? thats amazing if they are

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