August 19, 2006

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A good freind of my mother called wondering if I would help out at her barn and then watch her kids tomorrow. Ya. I told Kathy I would be there around 3pm. I pulled into her drive only to see her hot body walking a good looking springer. Kathy has a male name Roy.. as I enjoy watching Roy work. I walk over to her and the dog, she ask me to take her to the mating room. As we waited I played with her. she was so in heat rubbing herself all over me. Kathy came in with Roy after some play he went to work, After a lick or two she was ready and so was Roy he took her hard and fast in time they were lock, tie together.I was checking kathy out while Roy was humping Kathy was turn on for sure her breathing was fast and standing nipples. for a 18teen year old boy the hole thing was so hot. In time it was all over and she took Roy and I played with the little lady. When Kathy return to inform me she was going to shower and get ready to go out. I watching her hot walk as she walked out. I played some more with Roy bitch before putting her away. I enter the house to see Kathy going into her room in a towel. making my way to her bedroom door, I found it open just a little I watched her slide some hot white panties over her hips.,As she moved around the room ,I watch as she took some pictures and some other stuff and placed the in a small box and place it under bed. Onces Kathy went out, it was just me.Oh and Roy running around the house some where. I found myself wondering about the box. Making my way to her room I underssed. finding her panties I pulle on a white garder beth and some of her stocking to match. After dressing I got down to look for the box kathy placed under the bed. As I droped my uper body under the bed grabing the box something wet and warm lick my open butt checks, I jurk up only to smack my head making me see stars. When I came around I found Roys leg hooked around my hips and him driving her long hard member beep in my ass. Lock under the bed and with him holding me, he pushed his large knot deep in me, the more her pushed that hot member in me the harder my dick got. I could feel it jump insde me filling me to the rim. In time I could feel him slow and brive deeper till I felt his wonderful seed fill my hole. As I shot my load all over myself Roy turn butt to butt and try walkig away pulling me out from under the bed. When I could see I found Kathy standing at her bedroom with skirt up and one hand in her panties. After Roy could pull out, She informed me that she also took some pictures. After that I became Roys and Kathy dog toy. PS The box was full of pictures of Kathy and Roy… But that other storie

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    1. Very nice, but wasn’t long enough for me. Can’t wait to hear about Kathy in the next one. Pet

      Comment by petlover54 — August 19, 2006 @ 11:07 pm

    2. SIZE=14GO KATHY

      Comment by xtc4unin — August 23, 2006 @ 9:12 am

    3. great more please love to here what happens

      Comment by buck r — August 25, 2006 @ 4:28 pm

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