February 23, 2006

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Hi again, everyone.A few changes in my life have taken me away from the keyboard, but I’m still struggling to finally finish Candi’s Canine Craving someday.In the meantime, here’s another small excerpt. It won’t be to everyone’s taste, but it’s part of the whole story…To provide some context: Debbi can have her pick of the handsome male dogs at Ashbrook kennels. In return she must provide a small service — nursing puppies Along with other girls visiting the kennel, Debbi’s been fed a mysterious herbal substance that causes her breasts to sell and lactate. Maya, a beautiful and buxom helper at the kennel, is showing Debbi the ropes.Enjoy…(Your comments are appreciated, as always) xoxoHolding Debbie’s hand, Maya led the blonde into a small building that adjoined the kennels. It was dark inside, and Debbi had to fllow Maya blindly until her eyes adjusted to the darkness. Maya led her through a narrow hallway and then into a small room.Maya closed the door behind them and Debbi found herself alone with the beautiful black girl. The room was small and bare, except for a few low benches, curiously-shaped and padded with a thick apholstery. The walls were of rough wood and the floor was hidden under a thick carpet of straw. A dim red glow came from a small red lightbulb above.”We keep it dark in here for the puppies. Some of the younger ones are still getting used to the light. And we keep it warm in here for the puppies too.”It is warm in here, Debbi thought. Even though she was wearing only a light cotton dress, she could already feel herself begining to perspire.As if sharing the thought, Maya took the hem of her own light dress and pulled it up over her head. A moment later she stood in her underwear, and Debbi saw the same lush body that she had watched in the movie earlier that evening: Maya’s dark skin glowed in the soft red light and her long curly hair cascaded down her broad back like a shining midnight river. Maya’s body was a delicious series of curves, her strong thick legs supporting wide hips and a big perfectly rounded bottom. Most impressive of all was her enormous bust, straining within a heavy black bra. Seeing such large breasts on film as one thing, but seeing them in person was breathtaking. They were even larger than Debbi’s own huge and swollen tits”This is the secret of Cleo’s amazing dogs,” Maya whispered as she reached behind her back and unsnapped her thick bra-strap. “The herbs you drank have swollen your breasts with milk, but they also have other hormonal properties that allow an unusually strong bond between a dog and his human mistresses. In fact, sometimes these naughty puppies get excited and do a little more than just nurse. You’ll see.”Maya slipped off her panties, then pulled off her bra, freeing her gigantic breasts. They were each easily the size of a large watermelon, sloping away from her body like mammoth tear-drops, and capped by a dark saucer-sized aureolae. She sighed and cupped her big jugs, shivering as she squeezed her nipples.”This always gives me a thrill, Debbi” the beautiful black woman whispered. “I’m glad you I can show this to you. Just watch for now — then I’ll let you take over.”Debbi watched as Maya squatted down next to one of the benches and then leaned forward, settling herself on it. Maya’s udder-like breasts hung down through an opening, her big nipples nearly brushing the floor. Suddenly Debbi understood the odd design of the benches.Maya settled herself comfortably, then pressed a small button on the side of the bench. On the opposite side of the room, a small door opened. A moment later, three puppies came running out towards the smiling black woman. Excitement building in her belly, Debbi sat on a bench near Maya to watch.Maya reached under herself. Grasping each of her swollen nipples she squeezed the flesh between thumb and forefinger, pulling and tugging on the hard swollen flesh, milking her own fat breasts for the dogs. Soon rich white drops of milk began to bead, then spray, from each big nipple. The woman offered her dripping nipples to the eager mouths of the hungry pups which they ravenously began to suckle. Maya’s chest heaved and her clit buzzed with erotic delight as she felt the sharp teeth of the little beasts nip and tug at her nipples.”Aaaahhhhh, yessss… they’re sucking hot milk right out of me, Debbi” she sighed. The burning rush of her falling milk was like a balm to the swollen flesh of her engorged and throbbing tits. Maya loved having her tits suckled like this. With the pup’s little tongues flashing at her nipples, she always had a delicious orgasm while she nursed.Maya moaned as two pups feasted at her fat udders and the third busied himself lapping at the lips of her cunt. Debbi gazed with half lidded eyes as the pups feasted at Maya’s plump flesh. The beautiful black woman looked like a sexy cow, passive and contented as the hungry pups feasted upon her fleshy curves. The pups worked away at Maya’s big nipples, hot breath hissing through their snouts, their throats swelling as they swallowed in eager gulps. “Aaahh… that’s it.” Maya cooed, “suck my big titties… It feels so good, Debbi.” Moments stretched into minutes as the pups continued to feed. Maya’s brown aureola were now smeared with milk and saliva, and rivulets of cream trickled from the pup’s mouths. The room was silent except for Maya’s sighs and the juicy wet sounds of the nursing pups. Not to be left out, the puppy licking Maya’s swollen pussy lips came forward. He nudged one of his brothers out of the way, and pounced upon Maya’s nipple. Now and then Maya winced and sighed as a sharp tooth pricked tender flesh, or a sharp claw scrapped along her breast as the three pups slathered and slurped. “Ooooo…. god…. puppies are gonna make me come,” Maya moaned. Debbi could see her quivering with a building orgasm. The sexy black wetnurse shuddered, causing her giant hanging breasts to swing gently. Maya’s dancing nipples excited the pups even more, and they tugged and sucked even harder as if a primal lust was growing within them too.Maya squirmed with delight as the pups continued to tease hot milk from her nipples. One pup was at her pussy again, his little tongue flashing up between her plump pussy lips. Debbi became aware of her own ragged breathing. She slid a hand into her panties to rub her wet pussy, her fingers circling her buzzing clit while she thought about the little tongues swirling around Maya’s nipples. Soon it would be Debbi’s nipples that the hungry pups sucked from, and she shuddered with erotic need at the thought. Now Debbie’s eyes watched with fascinated hunger as the small red cocks of the pups peaked out from their sheaths. Just as Maya had said, the pups were becoming excited With their little bellies full of Maya’s milk, they turned to other primal urges. As Debbi rubbed her clit excitedly, one of the nursing pups reared up on his hind legs to hug Maya’s breast with his forelegs. Maya gasped as the pup began hunching his hips, thrusting against her. Debbi watched as the pup’s penis, no bigger than her pinky, sprang out from his sheath. The pup growled with pleasure and jigged his hips forward, poking his little pink penis against Maya’s enormous breast. His little cock slid back and forth across the smooth surface of her breast until it rubbed up against her nipple. Maya squealed as the little dog, steady himself, hunched eagerly and splattered a creamy jet all over her big aureola.Another pup circled Maya, seeming to size her up before hopping onto her leg. Straddling one of Maya’s meaty calves, he clutched her thick thigh and wiggled excitedly. Debbi’s fingers swirled around her clit, and she moaned in orgasm as she saw the pup’s small erection bounce against Maya’s plump flesh, then spit out a sticky string of semen. Sated, he pups gathered to lap at the black woman’s nipples for a few moments more. At last, their appetites spent, all three wandered back through the small opening in the wall.

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    1. Welcome back. Please continue and thanks for sharing this wonderful saga K

      Comment by ifknot4u — February 23, 2006 @ 3:30 am

    2. Great story, with lots of room for future growth. With some of my favorite components, huge melon sized milk filled tits, and puppy luv. Keep em cummin BBW Thanks

      Comment by newdogoldtrix — February 23, 2006 @ 2:08 pm

    3. Lovit it…Thanks…..

      Comment by grouse — February 24, 2006 @ 1:19 am

    4. Wonderful story,A BIG 10 from me lovely lady.

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    5. Loved it…Thanx

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    6. Great story – sounds an exciting thread – thanx

      Comment by woodwolf — February 24, 2006 @ 3:15 am

    7. a wonderfully written er..very “juicy” story nursing/breastfeeding is certainly another fantasy of mine so thanks for the great story

      Comment by elf+bitch_lover — February 24, 2006 @ 3:42 am

    8. GREAT story thanks, cant watefor the next chapter. 10 from me

      Comment by daniel1 — February 24, 2006 @ 5:05 am

    9. pretty good story

      Comment by schacr8569 — February 24, 2006 @ 5:11 am

    10. good story, keep it going. Seen a movie once, with a woman feeding a puppy with her milk. I wonder if I still have it.

      Comment by animal40 — February 24, 2006 @ 8:21 am

    11. Brilliant story. keep up the good work.

      Comment by hairyanimal — February 28, 2006 @ 9:34 pm

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    13. Great story, can’t wait for the whole thing Oh and great to see you back

      Comment by spike 259 — March 1, 2006 @ 4:20 am

    14. Very nice story. Excellent descriptions, I could almost feel my breasts swelling and dripping milk too Thanks for posting

      Comment by Cyndii — March 1, 2006 @ 10:31 pm

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