August 6, 2004

dogs knot

repost on demandmay be not complete…KariKari woke up around 8:00 AM. As usual, her husband, Ted, was off at work. She was naked on the bed, thinking about the day ahead. No rush to get up. She ran her hands up and down her body. At 32 years old, she was still in her prime. Ted wanted to fuck her at every opportunity, which made her feel great. What made her feel better was that she was in control. She could be a bitch and turn to him and say Sorry, not tonight. Or, she could lay back like a spectator and watch him do all the work, then allow him to pleasure her when she was ready. Her mother had told her that the key to happiness was to stay in control of her mate. And she was worth it. At 55 tall, she had brown, curly hair that fell to her shoulders. Her large 34D tits rested high on her chest and, in spite of their size, they did not sag even a fraction of an inch. Her nipples were large as well and, at this moment, they were tingling and burning with morning desire. Her thin waist was made more attractive by her tight stomach the results of years of concentration on her workouts. She liked to dress in belly shirts, the kind that showed off her lithe form, along with tight pants that accentuated her pert ass and camel-toe crotch.Kari got up from the bed and put on a robe, naked under it. She went to the kitchen to make some coffee to wake herself up. Sitting in the kitchen having her coffee, Kari was thinking of her day ahead. Not much that she had to do. Maybe get together with a friend later in the day. She loved being a stay at home wife. The area where they lived was suburban, which allowed her to feel comfortably safe. They had neighbors on either side of their house, but high fences and bushes allowed great privacy. Sometimes Kari had sunbathed nude, right in back of the house close to the sliding doors. No one could see her she knew, except the occasional airplane passing overhead at 30,000 feet. And that didnt bother her. She finished the coffee and placed the cup in the sink and started to do her usual stuff around the house, still naked under her robe. When she was about to go out on the patio to water her flowers, she heard noise from the backyard. Looking outside from the doorway, she saw a dog, a large dog. She thought it must be a Dane or something. Kari didn’t know much about dogs at all. The Shepherd looked like the neighbor’s dog. Yes, Kari thought, it is the neighbor’s dog, Barney, a large black and tan German Shepherd. “That dog must have a huge cock,” Kari said to herself looking at the Dane. She was leaning back in the chair, legs spread and the robe open. Her pussy was all wet reflecting how horny she was. Kari now noticed that the Dane had a hard on too… And she almost swallowed her tongue at the size of it. “What a huge cock… And so hard” she spoke out loud. Her fingers moved inside her swollen pussy, stroking herself while looking at this huge dog cock in front of her. The Dane’s cock was about half way outside of its sheath and Kari kept looking at it… Her eyes burned and she started to think about how lovely the cock looked… and how horny it made her. “I wonder how it would…. No, don’t think like that.” she told herself. But the thought came back… “That cock must be at least eight inches when it’s all outside… and it is so fucking thick already..” Kari could not sit still any longer… She got up from the chair and walked closer to the window, she had to see this closer… The Dane saw her first, and he ran away from behind Barney. He moved a few steps out on the lawn, stopped and looked at her. His eyes were big and Kari felt warmth inside of them and inside of her while looking at those large dog eyes. A sort of contact was established between them. “Ooooh He needs a pussy… His cock is so beautifully hard and big…” Kari was thinking about it all the time while her body was trembling in orgasm… Kari opened the sliding door all the way, but stayed inside… The tall fence around the yard prevented anyone from seeing inside. The dogs looked at the door, they started running around again. Now Barney was running, too. They constantly looked over toward her standing in the doorway. “Barney… Come here boy,” she called softly. The German Shepard stopped and looked at her. He knew her from some time back. She had met him when her and Ted were at his house for a party. She remembered he was very friendly and liked to be petted. “Here, Barney. Come to me you good dog..” she spoke softly and crouched down in the doorway. Barney moved closer and finally came up to her. He sniffed at her hand… “Yes, smell my pussy juice boy…” she said, letting him lick her fingers. The family room was very large and it had a large open area over by the fireplace. Kari moved over there and sat on the floor. Again she called Barney over to her. He started licking her face and fingers and he also sniffed at her robe, hanging loosely over her body. “Yeah. Good boy, Barney… Like the smell??” Kari could feel the juices flowing in her pussy again…. Opening her robe, she let the dog lick her upper body and her breasts. It gave her goose bumps to feel his warm and wet tongue on her body. ‘She’ was in heat now, Kari spread her legs a little to see what Barney would do. He kept licking her upper body and was not too interested in her crotch “Come on Barney, I have a hot little cunt down there. It loves to be licked… and fucked, by large cocks..” she said getting hotter by the moment. Turning to the Dane she said, And you are Charger. Satisfied with her choice of names, and her ability to call them all by their first name, Kari took in everything that was happening. Her eyes were glued at Barney’s cock in front of her… “It is such a lovely cock, Barney….It would be a waste not to use it or waste it somewhere else. It must be good to feel it inside a pussy. I am jealous of that bitch in front of you…” she said. Suddenly she felt something on her bare ass. Charger…. Behind her, he was sniffing her now. Kari felt more juices flow to her pussy. “He’s smelling the hot juices from the dog’s pussy…” she thought. Getting more excited she wagged her ass for Charger. Behind her the huge dog started sniffing all over her ass, his tongue leaped out and licked the crack of her ass… It sent shivers through her body. Charger sniffed at the trembling ass in front of him and licked her again, letting his tongue stroke back from her pussy and up through the crack. “He must think I am a dog-bitch in heat.” Kari thought, happily letting him do what he wanted. In front of her, Barney was still licking the bitch’s pussy. Kari looked at Barneys cock again and she let her fingers touch it, lightly first, and then she grabbed the tip of it with her hand… Barney humped immediately against her hand and his cock got harder and longer… Kari was so excited now from Charger licking her from behind and the large dog cock in front of her. She moved closer to Barney, placed her head under his belly and held his growing cock… It was wet and juices were dripping form the tip. “Ooooh Barney. Your cock is so hard now, and juicy. I have to taste your precum…” she reached out with her tongue. The tongue touched the tip of his cock and it jumped immediately and grew bigger. Kari tasted the precum… “Sooo sweet it is… And warm…” she murmured. Charger was all excited now and when Kari looked back quickly, she could see his huge cock partially extended from its sheath. Charger moved back and forth, testing Kari like he would test a dog bitch. And Kari was all ready for him… She kept licking at Barney’s cock in front of her. It was growing bigger and Barney was now fucking her hand, holding his cock firmly. Barney had forgotten the dog bitch now… He was only enjoying the lovely feelings in his cock. Behind Kari, Charger tried to mount her, but it didn’t work… She was out of position and he was too tall for her. Now her cunt cried out for attention. Barneys tongue was penetrating her ass and cunt, winding around to lick the inside walls of her orifices. With a firm tongue, Barney found Karis clit and as it grew, it poked out of the edge of Karis cunt. Barney began nibbling on her clit with his teethKari went into overdrive as she pumped her pelvis back against Barneys snout. She involuntarily moaned, letting go of Chargers prick. Oooohhh Barneyyes Yes Dont stopfuck meoooohh..I need it now Barney, as if knowing the delights he was causing, stopped licking her clit and started licking the inside of her ass again.Kari picked her head up to survey the pleasure. Barney stopped licking her ass, her pussy well lubed from his saliva and her own juices, but her clit beginning to lose some of its excitement and retreat back inside her cunt. With that, she took her left hand and pulled the sheath of Chargers cock over the knot at the base of his penis. Once the knot was exposed, the sheath retracted a little bit more revealing a white part on his shaft. That increased the total length of Chargers suck rod to almost 10 My goodness, she thought, 10 long and 3 wide What a beautiful toolAll this time Barney was pacing nervously back and forth behind Kari. As her head was now totally engrossed in pleasing Charger, her ass stuck up in the air, shaking and gyrating.Behind her Barney started mounting her… Her knees far apart, Kari got ready for the fuck of her life. “Yes, Barney… That’s it.. You can do it. My pussy needs your cock juices to cool off now…” she said and grabbed Charger’s cock with her mouth again. Barney was on top of her ass, his forelegs firmly grasping her waist. The large dog positioned himself behind her and suddenly, Kari could feel something warm touching her thigh… The cock… Barney started humping and feeling with his cock to find Kari’s wet pussy. Her excitement caused her pussy to bubble and cream, and her juices ran down her left leg. Barney fucked back and forth, but kept on missing… Eagerly she guided his cock to her pussy lips. As soon as Barney felt the warmth from her pussy he fucked forward with several hard thrusts… Kari’s hand could feel the rock hard shaft slide between her fingers and the head her outside pussy lips. He grasped her tighter around the waist and placed his body in contact with her back as he pushed her robe up over her head. Now that he had a firm grasp, he started pumping harder into her. The cock head passed smoothly through her inner lips and into her hot twat. Barney felt incredible heat, and Kari felt a hot shaft slicing through her midsection. Barney fucked harder now and he managed to get more cock inside of Kari’s pussy… Deeper and deeper it went and Kari started to feel dizzy from the heat rushing through her body. The Shepard’s cock was now almost all the way inside her grasping pussy, and it grew larger by the second… completely filling Kari’s pussy. Barney now was stroking her very hard, and his cock was hitting the back wall of Kari’s hungry pussy… His cock grew and grew in girth too, forcing her pussy lips apart. Kari could feel some pain, but there was no way back now. Kari gloried in Barney fucking her like a machine. She now felt something pressing on the outside of her cunt. Realizing it was Barneys knot, she took her right hand out of Angels pussy, and reached back between her legs. His knot was about the size of a golf ball at this point, and trying to break through the barrier and force its way inside. Kari pushed back with her lubricated pussy as she reached behind Barney and pulled him towards her. She groaned in pain and pleasure as the knot began working its way inside of her. She felt a wave of pleasure as Barney worked her. Her first orgasm occurred as Barney was able to slide the growing knot inside of her. Once inside, the knot rapidly expanded. ooohhhooohhhh Kari moaned. As Barney pulled back, Karis pussy closed down around the knot which was now the size of a handball. With a mind of its own, her filled pussy refused to let go of Barney. They were now tied together. He uttered a guttural yelp in triumph. Her pussy now stretched beyond the limit she thought possible, Barneys unstoppable pounding had finally forced the length and girth of his cock completely inside of her. She thought she would faint as Barney unbelievably picked up the pace and jackhammered everything he had into her. She felt the tip of his cock pressing against her uterus, knowing it was in the proper position to deliver its cargo. When it happened, his sperm would fly out of his cock and flood her ovaries, searching for the egg that would bear his young. Of course, that would not nor could not happen in this case. Kari was now stretched at both ends beyond all reason. Kari felt herself begin to pass out from lack of oxygen, when Barney’s cock began spasming and jerking inside of her and she knew they all were at the brink of an enormous orgasm… “Fuck me hard Barney Like that, all the way in the bottom of my hungry cunt…” her brain screamed and then she went over the edge… her body shaking and her pussy grasping hard around the dog cock deep inside her pussy… Barney felt her pussy muscles around his cock, the huge knot at the base of his cock was now firmly locked inside this horny orgasming pussy he was fucking so hard… His cock jerked and jerked and he finally started to cum in Kari’s spasming cunt. The dog’s semen squirted inside her pussy, and she could feel the warmth from it as it sent her further towards a second orgasm… She could feel the warm liquid completely filling her womb. Her belly expanded with every thrust. Barney was finishing his orgasm. Large amounts of stringy dog cum filled Karis cunt and only a little found its way back out around Barneys knot. Finally spent, Barneys cock stopped jerking and he rested, exhausted on Karis back.Kari moved forward a little to try and allow Barneys knot to escape her cunt. She could feel the tip of his cock still pressing into her uterus, bending back on itself as it had nowhere else to go. But they were tied together for the moment and Barney was forced to move along with her. Her movement actually caused his deflating knot to once again grow. She knew she had to remain still for a time. After about 15 minutes, his cock plopped out making the same noise as a jar of pickles being opened for the first time, along with half a gallon of his cum. Kari collapsed onto the floor covered with sperm and semen at both ends, running down her legs, stomach, chin, chest, tits and smeared across her face. Barney and Charger now satisfied, were laying in a corner, no longer interested in Angel, who now couldnt get them to look at her. Kari was mentally and physically exhausted, never in her wildest dreams believing that she could ever feel like thatespecially with dogs. She was now a bona fide dog slut. Just the thought of the hard dog cock locked inside her cunt, caused Kari to have several orgasms throughout her body… Rerunning the events in her mindher juices, mixed with the dog cum running out of the dog cock both inside and outside of her body.Kari was able to get herself together and got up from the floor… She went over to the door and opened it… She went outside and opened the gate, too. Then she returned to the house and went upstairs, still naked. A few minutes later she saw the three dogs running through the gate and out into the street… “Oh my God… What a mess down here” Kari felt juices and dog cum running from her pussy and down the inside of her thighs. It was still early in the morning, not yet 11:00 and Kari lay down on the couch and fell asleep while thinking back on what had happenedChapter 2Kari woke up to the sound of scratching on her back door around noon. She looked over at the sliding door and saw Charger and Barney waiting to be let in. Well I guess I have some new friends, she thought. She got up, still sticky from their earlier affair and opened the door. The dogs ran in, sniffing the floor where they had been earlier, sniffing Kari and pacing nervously back and forth. If you guys thinks that I am so easy that Im going to allow you to fuck me again, you are sadly mistaken. What happened this morning was ananaberration, and it just wont happen again, she told them, wrapping her robe tightly around herself. I just got myself into a bad situation because I worked myself up watching you and Angel. I suppose though, that I should at least feed you and give you water. You must be hungry. With that, Kari went into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. The dogs followed her faithfully. She searched around until she found an old piece of meatloaf, some baloney cold cuts and a piece of chicken left over from the night before. She broke up all the meat into two bowls and filled a third bowl with water. She placed them down on the floor and the two dogs went over to check them out. Once they sniffed the food, they immediately started wolfing it down. She had no hungerhaving had her fill earlier in the morning. Satisfied that the dogs were occupied for the moment, Kari went and showered, taking her time to clean up well. Her pussy had now returned to its normal size, although she felt a dull ache inside. She noticed that her legs needed to be shaved, so she took care of that and trimmed her bush until there was only a little fur on the top. The rest of her pussy was shaved clean. She went into her bedroom and lay on her stomach on the bed to watch TV. The dogs followed her in and lay down on the floor. Her mind once again wandered to the morning activities. I cant believe that happened she thought. I am not a dog slut She flipped through the channels, not interested in anything that was on. She turned the TV off. Now Ive got nothing to do, she told the dogs. They just looked up at her panting, their tongues hanging out of their mouths. She noticed that Charger was laying on his side. His large cock was evident but fully contained within its sheath. Charger, I never did get a chance to feel that superb cock inside of me. Charger got up and went over to the bed. He sniffed Kari and then went and sat down. Whats the matter, did you lose your interest in me? Kari asked. I guess you dont need me anymore, huh? Charger didnt respond but Barney now stood up and jumped up on the bed. Looking at Charger, Kari said, I guess Barney didnt forget the ride of his life But Barney sniffed her legs and ass through the robe and lay down on the bed. So, neither of you are interested in a dog slut anymore, huh? Still, neither one budged. Kari pulled her robe up over her ass and pulled Barneys head towards it. She had a great ass, tight and firm, not too narrow and not too wide. But neither dog showed any more interest. Maybe they were drained from the mornings activities?She moved to the edge of the bed and opened her legs. Here Charger. Come here boy Charger picked himself up and went over to Kari at the edge of the bed. He sniffed her crotch and immediately started licking. Oohhhthats right. Take it easy boy, watch those teeth. Not so hard so fast Kari tried instructing the dog. Charger was determined to let his tongue get all that he could. His tongue snaked out pretty far, licking all that he could on the outside of Karis cunt, then diving inside to get the rest. Ooohhhoooohhhhhhhhhoooohhhhh, Kari cooed, the tongue beginning to do its job. As she started warming up from the wet probing tongue, Karis clit began responding. It found its way outside of her cunt, as Charger continued to lick the area. Kari squirmed to allow Charger more access, lifting her legs to allow him to sample her anus.She lifted her legs a bit higher to bring her clit closer to Barney, while at the same time allowing Charger better access to her anus. She naturally spread her legs a bit wider to allow both dogs better access. With her left hand, she began massaging her tits, focusing in on her hardening nipples, pulling and pinching them to increase her pleasure. She then reached behind her on the bed, pulling four pillows down close to her. She reluctantly took her left hand off of her tits, and using both hands now stuffed two pillows under her head to make herself more comfortable. This raised her head, allowing her to see Charger who was now really into licking out her ass. His tongue was about 6 long, wet and warm, and continually stroked Karis hole. Waves of pleasure coursed through her as he cleaned out the remainder of the chocolate, searching for additional sweets. Her clit was engorged from all of the attention it had received, and now Charger retraced his work and went back to licking between Karis legs, tasting some of her cum which was now beginning to ooze from her cunt. The smell of sex would have been apparent to any human male, and was overpowering to the dogs sense of smell. Chargers tongue found its way to Karis clit, giving it a bath, while he picked up the pace and tried to lick out the womans cum. Oh gaaaahhhhhhhhh was all Kari could manage to mutter. Her pelvis began a rhythmic pumping, trying to take all it could from Chargers hot tongue. Meanwhile, Charger had just about finished cleaning off Karis tits. The large orbs were now covered in dog spit, the nipples protruding like the eraser on the back of a pencil. Kari slid down a little towards the end of the bed trying to rub up against Charger. She still continued to thrust her hips, which now were off the end of the bed, allowing her to make better contact. Charger noticed the precum drops on Karis face and moved up to investigate. As he did, the tip of his penis which was now poking out of the end of its sheath, contacted Karis thrusting pelvis. Without any prelude or any trouble, the tip of his penis slid easily between the lubricated lips of Karis bucking pussy. Oh my God, no Kari began to protest, but it was too late. Chargers excited prick felt the sizzling prize it had longed for all day, and quickly began to grow. As Kari had thrust down, Charger had thrust up, and that first thrust was enough to bury his rod 2 into her hole. As she pulled back on the upthrust, Charger moved with her and sunk another 2 of his meat into her. NonoChargerno But it was too late and that was all it took for Charger to sink 8 of his prick completely into Karis well lubricated hole. The combination of heat and pleasure caused Kari to give up any pretense, so she gave in to the moment. She thrust downwards, causing her pussy to come up against the growing knot at the base of Chargers penis. Not only was Chargers cock inside her as far as Barneys had been during that mad fucking session that morning, but the width of his shaft was expanding beyond Barneys respectable capability and the knot was still outside Kari felt the tip of Chargers cock pressing against her uterus, trying to find additional space to grow She looked between her legs and was shocked. As Charger thrusted in and out, she could see that the width of his cock was the size of a mans wrist And it was providing her wave after wave of pleasure Charger was yelping and trying to drive more of his pleasure into her, but Kari could see that they were at the wrong angle. She was too low for him. Quickly, in one motion, Kari reached behind her and shoved the two remaining pillows under her ass. This raised her to a reasonable height for Charger. On his next thrust, as he pushed forward and she backward, he shoved the knot right past her previously stretched pussy lips and deep into her vagina. Rockets launched in Karis head. It was the fourth of July Starbursts and fireworks appeared in front of her closed eyelids. She didnt have to make a sound, none was necessary. As she moved in response to the immense penetration, she sucked in her breath.Meanwhile Charger had stepped up the pace. His knot now fully inserted had grown as before. Kari felt a little pain and pleasure at the orange-sized object in her twat. Her pussy lips had closed down over the knot and locked it into place. Charger was fucking her face to face, as Ted usually did. This was different though as Charger was licking her face and tits, cleaning up the sweat that was beginning to form there. He liked the salty taste, too. Karis legs were split widely apart to accommodate him, her feet pointing to the ceiling. She wrapped her legs around his back to achieve the ultimate feel of fur on flesh. He had never mated in this position before, but he had great access to her and he displayed his enjoyment with a low, guttural howl that emanated from deep in his chest. His front paws were up on the bed right under Karis armpits. Each of his thrusts were met with a respectable amount of resistance from Karis downthrusts. He had the full 10 inside of her, and the only exposed part of his huge tool was the white part of the shaft behind his knot each time he withdrew. His prick was so large and hard, that his constant thrusting moved Karis insides up to what felt like her stomach. She could almost feel the end of his prick inside her stomach and each thrust forced a short burst of air out of Karis lungs Uuunmph.unghmmph were the only sounds that could be heard from Karis mouth.Kari couldnt imagine feeling any better. She couldnt remember why she had had the least inclination against being intimate with these two wonderful dogs. Once again she started orgasming as she closed her eyes and let everything take its natural course.At that point, Charger began to empty everything in his balls, sacks and prostates into Kari. She reached out with her hands and grabbed both their ball sacks. She wanted to feel them pulsing as they emptied their loads deep within her pussy and throat. Charger had started cumming deep inside Kari. The larger size of his cock was spewing large amounts of molten fluid. Kari could feel each ejaculation since they were so strong within her. She lifted her feet high into the air and pumped hard into Chargers belly. His balls were literally jumping with each shot, programmed on how to do their job through generations of evolution. The sperm entered her fallopian tubes, found the eggs waiting inside, and tried their luck at unlocking the code allowing them inside. Each thrust from Charger sent more sperm coursing through the tubes, washing away the previous contestants, which sought other avenues of escape. As they streamed back along his shaft seeking new avenues within this cavern of wonders, they came up against the impenetrable wall of his knot, designed to keep them prisoner inside. With nowhere else to go, his fluids built up pressure within Karis love channel. I cant take it anymore Charger Youve got to get out. But again, no matter how hard she tried she could not escape. Charger was on top of her pinning her down to the bed, his knot firmly set inside her vagina. As his pleasure climaxed, her pleasure continued to flow from a river of cum. Her nerve endings had fired and were over stimulated, causing her to continue to meet each of Chargers thrusts with thrusts of her own, while trying to escape the situation, because of the increasing pressure in her belly. Kari looked down between strings of sperm and saw the great beast, Charger, pounding into her with all of his might. She saw her own pelvis rise in response to each of his thrusts, and saw a distended belly. At this point even Chargers immense knot could not keep all of the sperm and semen inside. It began to spray and dribble out of Karis cunt with each backthrust. Kari realized that she was still milking the dogs balls, and she stopped as she couldnt imagine that he had any more to give. Charger began to slow down, having emptied everything he had into this bitch, believing that it was a sure thing that was pregnant with his seed, and he would be seeing puppies in the near future. As Kari squirmed and tried to lift Charger, she forgot that her movements were causing his knot to stay locked. Getting as comfortable as possible on the pillows, she resigned herself to lying still for a period until Chargers knot deflated naturally. She wiped the cum from her eyes and face, having nowhere to wipe it except for the towel underneath her. With Charger still inside, she began to pet him and to drift off to sleep.When she awoke, Charger was gone. He was not on top of her anymore. There was a virtual pool of doggy cum on the towel between her legs, her cunt still leaking but her belly once again flat. Barney was lying in the corner asleep and she was covered in drying cum. She looked over at the bedroom clock and realized that it was 2:00. Oh, God, the day has passed, Ted will be home in a couple of hours and this room is a mess she thought. She quickly got out of bed and pulled off all the sheets and blankets, bringing them down to the laundry room. Everything was sticky and covered in chocolate and cum. She ran upstairs to take another shower when the doorbell rang. Ill just ignore it, she thought. Theyll eventually go away. She went into the bathroom and started the shower. Just then she heard a voice underneath the bathroom window. Kari..are you there? Its Ann. I saw your car in the driveway and just had to talk to you for a second.Ann, Im just getting into the shower. Can I call you later?A shower now? Kari its 2:00 you know. And when I came around the back now, the screen door was closed but there is a large dog inside. Whats going on?Oh shit. Look, Ill tell you later. How about if I give you a call?O..OK. But do you want the dog in there?You know what Ann, I am watching him for a neighbor. Ill talk to you later.OK, Ill speak to youWith that, Ann left and Kari breathed a sigh of relief. What would happen if Ann saw her like this? What would have happened if Ann had walked in on their lovemaking session? Holy shit, she was lucky.Kari then stepped into the shower washing herself vigorously for about 15 minutes. After she was satisfied that there was no more cum on her or dripping out of her, Kari dried off. Her pussy was tender and her belly hurt. She went back into the bedroom and dressed, this time with panties, jeans, a bra and a shirt. She put on her shoes for the first time that day. Feeling a bit better, she remade the bed, noticing a large wet stain that had leaked through the towel and sheet. Well, nothing to do about that, she thought. She went into the den and noticed both dogs whining at the back door. She let them out, then opened the gate and made sure they had gone through so they could go back home. She went back in the house and called Ann.Sorry Ann, II just got behind today. Whats up?I wanted to show you the lingerie that I bought for Eddie and my anniversary. I wanted to get your opinion before I tried it out.Well, are you free tomorrow? Say around 9? Since I didnt get anything done today, Id like to spend some time on it all day tomorrow.Boy, you really are busy. Well, okay, see you at nine. Dont bother to get dressed up for the occasion. Ohand by the way, how long are you watching your neighbors dog? He was really good looking you know. What is he, a Dane?Yes he is. I was only watching him today. After hanging up with Ann, Kari prepared dinner Chapter 3The next morning, Kari opened her eyes feeling extraordinarily happy. She gazed at the clock and noticed it was 8:30. Oh shit she exclaimed. Ann will be here soon. She jumped out of bed, threw her freshly washed robe and brushed her hair and teeth. She went downstairs to the kitchen and brewed some fresh coffee. After Barney and Charger, she didnt know if he could really satisfy her anymore. But that was now a thing of the past they were gone and she would have to go back to her routine. Being a full-time dog slut was not her idea of how to go on with life. That settled, Kari sat and drank her coffee until at exactly 9:00 the doorbell rang and she went to answer the door. There stood Ann wearing sunglasses and a bedroom robe. Kari was a little surprised, Ann had never seemed to be so bold as to leave her house like that. Hi Ann, come on inI hope you dont mind, but I told you I wanted to show you the lingerie, and I figured why not model it for you?No, thats okay Ann. Lets go into the family room. Ann sat down on the comfortable couch and Kari offered her some coffee. No thanks, I had some already. I was up around 7 and made some for me and Eddie before he left for work.Alright then, let me just open the blinds to let some light in here, Kari said.She went over to the sliding glass door and pulled the string that opened the blinds. Sunlight flooded into the room. Wow, thats bright Ann commented. Here, let me show you what I bought.With that, she began to open her robe when she noticed three dogs looking in the window. Kari look at that Where did those dogs come from? Kari looked over to the window and was startled to see Charger, Barney and a third dog, peering in the back window.II dont know she replied truthfully.Hey, isnt that the dog who was here yesterday? Ann asked, pointing to Charger.Yesyes it is. At least it looks like the dog I watched. Well, what is his name? Ann asked simply.UmmmCharger is the big one, Barney is the Shepard, and I dont know about the third one, she replied. What – do you have the best dog food in town or something? Ann asked.Well, I guess Charger knows me from yesterday, and I know Barney from around hereI dont know who their friend is though, Kari replied truthfully. I wonder how they got in the back yard? She looked outside and noticed the gate was open again. Darn, Ill have to tell Ted to keep that gate closed, she said.When Barney and Charger saw Kari they started jumping on the back door and barking. Well, they sure know you, Ann replied. I think you better let them in or youll have the whole neighborhood here.I guess youre right, Kari said and opened the sliding door. The two dogs immediately bounded in the house, followed tentatively by the third. They ran around in circles in the family room then quietly lay down to one side.Ann looked at them and then at Kari. Well, let me show you this piece I bought for Eddie. With that, she opened her robe and struck a modeling pose. Kari admired the sheerness of the garment. It was pink and allowed one to quickly confirm that Ann had a dynamite body. At 54 with straight auburn hair, Ann was as attractive as Kari. Her tits were 34C, a little smaller than Kari, but her body was as attractive in every way. She was two years Karis junior, and had a tight belly opening up to nice hips and a well-rounded ass. Her face may have been considered more attractive with high cheekbones and a small ski-slope nose. The baby-doll lingerie she wore was short, coming only to the top of her thighs and left nothing to the imagination. A furry strip ran along the bottom like the strip around the hood of a winter parka.Wow Ann, that will really get Eddie going. He will love it Kari confirmed.Oh, Im so glad you think so. I have been trying for a while to rekindle the love, but he does not seem too interested.Well, that should change now, Kari replied.They both sat down on the couch to talk, and Barney and Charger got up and walked over to them, sitting on the floor between the two women. Ann started scratching Charger, and Kari started with Barney. The third dog came over, too, but kept a little distance. Boy, these dogs sure are friendly. They really like our attention, Ann remarked.They spoke for a while sitting like that and Barney finally lay down, causing Kari to bend slightly forward to continue to pet him. Charger rested his chin on Anns thigh, as she scratched his head. Then, without warning, he licked Anns thigh as if in appreciation. That startled her, and she said so as she looked down at him. Hey, boy, that was nice, but now Im wet she said as she rubbed the saliva from her thigh. Then Charger stuck his snout between the legs of this new bitch and sniffed a couple of times, trying to see what she smelled like. Hey, dog you are beautiful, but you have to remember your manners Ann exclaimed. She pushed his snout from between her legs and repositioned herself on the couch. As she moved, her legs parted slightly, and Charger forced his way between them with his snout. With his tongue, he took a big lick, right across Anns closely shaved patch of hair before she could react. She backed up on the couch onto her knees, and said, Heyhey Cut that out while getting slightly red in the face.Kari said, Oh Im so sorry Ann he must just like the scratching you were giving him and he wanted to thank you.Well, I appreciate the thanks, but I hope he doesnt expect me to lick his prick to show him my thanks for allowing me to scratch himWell, at least we all appreciate one another, Kari shot back. The two women looked at each other and burst out laughing. Ann settled back down on the couch and as they started talking again, Kari reached down to scratch Barney and noticed he had turned onto his back, the tip of his penis emerged from his sheath. Not knowing what to say, and feeling guilty and excited, Kari looked up at Ann who was now staring down at Barney with her lips slightly parted as she inhaled in surprise. I have never owned a dog, but do they always do this? Ann asked. And I must say, that he has got a pretty respectable rod therefor a dog she added.Kari opened her mouth to reply but couldnt think of what to say. Lamely, she said, Well I wouldnt know Ive never owned one either. Then she added, But I wouldnt get lonely having that around my houseAnn giggled and said, How long do you think it is?Well I dont know, said Kari. Do you think we should find out? Ann looked at Kari not knowing if her friend was serious or kidding. How would you find out? Ann asked.Well, I have a ruler inside. Ill go get it. With that Kari got up and went into the kitchen, searching around the drawers for the ruler. She found a 12 wooden ruler and returned to where Ann was still sitting on the couch and Barney still lying on his back on the floor, the tip still exposed from the end of his sheath. The third dog now came over to Barney and sniffed at his prick. Barney jumped up onto all fours and the two dogs tentatively sniffed each others faces.You know, a friend of mine once had a dog that looked like that. They are called Dalmatians Kari said looking at the lean dog. Oh, everybody knows that they had that Disney movie when I was young that I used to love Ann replied.We should name him at least for now so we know what to call him, Kari suggested.How do you know its a him? Ann asked. She immediately ducked her head to look underneath the dog, and said, Yep, youre right its a him she said. Wow, three males in the house with us. What would our husbands say? she giggled.Well, mine wouldnt say much of anything Kari replied, still holding the ruler. But as for a name for the Dalmatian, how about Thumper? I mean, after all you were talking about Disney, and there was a character. Kari offered, although the Disney character was not what she really had in mind. Thats okay with me Ann replied. So now we have Thumper, Barney and Charger. Pleased to meet you she giggled offering her right hand to them, as if to shake hands. Barney and Charger approached her hand and sniffed.Well, I have this ruler Kari said. Should we really measure him? Ann asked.Oh, I think it would be alright as long as Barney didnt mind Kari stated. Well.umhow do we do this? Ann asked. I dont know do you think I spend my day measuring dog cocks? Kari asked laughing. She got down on the floor on her hands and knees next to Barney and petted his back. He immediately started licking her face. Stop Barney she laughed. She bent down a little and placed the ruler next to his cock. Well, the best guess I have is about 5 with this ruler Kari said from underneath Barney. That doesnt seem right Ann replied. Were you measuring the red part or the covered part? Do I look like some kind of expert, Ann. Come over here and check for yourself.OK, I will Ann got down on her hands and knees on the carpet and looked at Kari holding the ruler underneath Barney. As she did so, Charger and Thumper noticed that this bitch was now down on all fours with her exposed ass in the air as the baby-doll lingerie slid up her back. Now experienced a little with human bitches, Charger stuck his snout between Anns legs and immediately began licking from her pussy up over her anus with his long tongue. He licked Ann three times before she could even figure out what was going on. HEY Stop that Get away from me she yelled, startled. But Charger kept on licking, his warm wet tongue starting to taste the scent of this bitch who had offered herself to him.Ann jumped up, and Charger kept his tongue on her crotch as long as he could. Kari get this thing off of me Ann screamed. It all happened so fast that Kari didnt have a chance to react.No, Charger, no Kari yelled at the dog. Stop Ann jumped up on the couch to escape this large dog, and the tone of Karis voice caused Charger to break off the attack. Oh Kari please dont tell anyone what happened I would die of the shame Ann cried.Dont worry, I wont she replied. But you have to realize that Charger wasnt really out of line. Hes a good doglet me ask you something. What would any male you know do if you were down on all fours with your ass in the air?WellII guess they would have done no differently than Charger Ann replied as she thought about what had happened. Now feeling guilty, she called the dog to her. Here Charger, come here. The dog responded and Ann gently scratched his head. You did no differently than the other million males who have known me would have done she giggled. The two women laughed, and Kari looked down at Charger and said, Hey Ann, how long do you think that one is? she asked, pointing to Chargers partially emerged prick. Oh my God He must have really got excited Thats probably 6 and 2 around she said. I wonder if thats the full size? Kari reached over and handed her the ruler. Why not find out? she asked. Find out? Do you mean how long it is now, or if thats the full size? Ann asked.Your choice Kari replied. Oh Kari dont be disgusting Ann shot back. I couldnt touch that thingWhy, its really no different then Eddies and think of it as doing a scientific study. I havent thought of science since high school Ann replied. And besides, what kind of study?A study to measure the effect of two beautiful women on malescross-species measurements Kari replied.Hey, its a crazy idea, but thats a good title But we have to pledge never to reveal the results to the scientific or any other community Ann said.OK, I agree Kari promised.How do we start? Ann asked.Well, let me get a paper and pencil like thisOKnow I write the name of the three dogs on top and their speciesDaneDalmatianShepard. Then on the side, I write length and underneath width. Now you do the measurements and Ill write them down Kari finished.Wait a minute how come I measure and you write? Ann asked. Well, because it was my idea Kari replied. OK, to make it fair, you do the first, Ill do the second and well choose who does the third.Fair enough. Umhow do I start? Ann asked. Should I get down on all fours like before? she giggled.Well thats one way Kari offered. I guess you could stimulate him with your hand, too.Tentatively, Ann reached under Barney and felt the sheath covering his penis. Do I stroke it? she asked.I dont know, Im no expert Kari lied. Try gently stroking the shaft. Make believe its Eddie.Well with Eddie I might use several body parts to do this Ann giggled.Whatever turns you on Kari replied. Ann looked at her, muttering how crazy this was, but gently started stroking Barneys rod. OohI feel it growing, enlarging Ann said in wonder.Well, how big is it? Kari asked. Looking back at where Charger was now seated, Ann got back down on all fours on the carpet with the ruler in her hand. Oh my God It got a lot bigger than before she exclaimed. The ruler says 6 1/2 so far, and I dont know if its finished growing She noticed his protruding penis was red and glistening. It looks different than a mans, but it is long and hard. Ill bet this dog would give any female a good ride Ann was mesmerized with the dogs penis as it was the first time she had seen one. Hey, whats this bulb at the base of his penis right in front of his balls?I dont know for sure Kari lied, but a friend of mine once told me it is called a knot.Well does it do anything? Ann asked. Im not sure Kari lied again. Why dont we try something else scientific? Try wrapping your hand around his shaft and pushing his sheath back to see if the knot comes out, too.Are you kidding? I dont want to hurt him. It looks like the size of a ping pong ball.Well, if he seems to be uncomfortable, you can stop. Just pump him a little like you would Eddie. Remember, this is all in the name of science.Well Im going to stop if I hurt him Ann said. Then she started pumping Barney and he responded by growing quickly in girth and length. The sheath snapped back over his knot. KariKariI did it she said excitedly. My goodnesslet me get the ruler on itit must be 12 long Barney also responded excitedly by beginning to hump Anns fingers. Hehe wont stay still Ann exclaimed. She got the ruler near Barneys throbbing steel-hard prick and said, Wow its about 8 up to the knot, and another 2 or 3 to the back end where his balls are. But I think I overstimulated him she cried.Did the knot get any bigger? Kari asked. She looked at it and replied that it had. Well, how wide is it? Kari asked.Let me seeohoh myits starting to drip from the end and I dont think hes peeing Ann said excitedly.What is it then? Kari asked, feigning ignorance. I guess hes cumming was the reply.Do you really think so? I mean after all, you hardly touched him said Kari.Well I dont know how to find out Ann said.Well stroke his shaft with your hand a little more to see if it continues or stops. We can collect it in a cup and figure it out Kari cleverly suggested. Ann followed Karis suggestion and Barney began humping her hand a bit harder.I think the only thing Im doing is jerking this dog off Ann exclaimed. That is not what we said we would do. She took her hand off of Barney and said, Eewhh My hand is all stickyWell, theres always the taste test Kari offered. Surprisingly, Ann put her hand to her mouth and tentatively licked her fingertips. Itits salty Ann exclaimed, but not bad. It tastes different than Eddies Kari was surprised, but as she was getting that horny feeling again, that overwhelming passion that allowed her two fuck and suck sessions the day before, she didnt want to discourage Ann. Why dont you lick his cock to see if it gets any harder and bigger Kari offered. You have got to be kidding Ann replied, although truthfully this was somehow making her hot. Her pussy was getting wet with her juices as she bent over this dog, holding his humping cock in one hand, and a ruler in the other.Well now that you started with him I can see it would be cruel not to finish him off Kari replied.You think that I should suck his cock or something? Ann asked sarcastically.Ill leave that to you, but dont leave the poor dog like that Kari added. Feeling the pressure from her friend, Ann said, I suppose you wont ever tell anybody? Not a soul Kari answered.While they were immersed in conversation, Charger once again walked up behind Ann. This bitch had teased him before for some reason, and he wanted to try her out since he was fully recharged from the previous days experience, and liked fucking these human bitches. Suddenly he drove his tongue through Anns pussy and asshole, tasting the juices that had started to flow. In one swift movement, he jumped up on Anns back, pinning her to the floor. Heyget this dog off of me Ann cried. She was scared of this large dog on her back, and her inability to get up. Ann was stuck with her head and chest pinned to the floor, and her ass sticking way up in the air on top of her crushed knees. Help, hes squishing me Ann cried.Let me help you Kari said racing over to her friend. But instead of pulling Charger off of Ann, she reached for his partially exposed cock. Getting her arm underneath Ann, she lifted her ass higher into the air to try and give Charger better access to her pussy.What are you doing? Try to push him Ann exclaimed.I am Kari lied. Just give me a minute.As Kari lifted Ann, and along with her, Charger, she planted the tip of his growing prick against Anns pussy lips and rubbed it up and down.Kariwhats going on I feel something against my pussy she exclaimed. Well does it hurt or feel good? Kari asked.IIwhat do you mean?Just give me another second, Ann. Kari now had enough lubrication on Anns pussy lips from Anns juices and Chargers precum, that she was able to get the head of his cock past the first set of lips. Once he felt himself inside, Chargers cock thrust forward until he was able to get 3 inside.Karihelp..oohhhelp Ann partially cried in fear and in pleasure. OK, let me try to find something to help you withUsing that excuse, Kari ran into the kitchen to figure out her next move and calm herself down. It had all happened so quicklyKari was now excited and tried to figure out a way to take part in the antics. Hearing her friends cries in the background, she slowly walked back into the family room. By this time, Charger had gotten 8 inside Ann and was thrusting to try and get the remainder inside. Anns lingerie had been pushed over her head, her firm tits bouncing in response to Chargers thrusting. Oohhhungh..Kariuumph was all Ann could say.Did you want me to get him off? Kari asked. Unnghhaaahhh..ohhh was the response.Charger liked this bitch. She was in the right position for him to sink his entire tool inside, and the only thing remaining to do before it was too late, was to get his knot inside and lockup with this bitch to deliver his seed. Already copious amounts of precum were flowing, and some dribbled out of Anns pussy onto the carpet. As he thrust into Ann again, his knot banged up against her clenching vagina. He moved his back legs a little further forward, and clasped her tightly around her midsection, just below her bouncing breasts. Kari went around in front of Ann to see how she was holding up. Although Charger had fucked her good yesterday, he hadnt done so in this doggy-dominant position. Kari looked under Ann and saw Charger had managed to get almost completely inside of her. Her eyes were tightly closed, and Kari couldnt tell if it was pleasure or pain. Saliva dripped out of her mouth and her mouth was rubbing on the carpet. Short, sharp breaths were coming out of her mouth with each thrust. Kari was a little jealous.Ann, if you can relax a little and open up for him, it will help Kari offered to her friend. Try pushing back towards him as he moves forward.Kari looked up and saw Ann begin to push backwards in response to Chargers thrusts. Thats it Kari encouraged. KariKarioohhh, it feels so goodsomething hitting me in back Ann breathed.Thats his knot. You want to let him get it inside you.After a couple of additional thrusts, Chargers knot entered Ann. Ohh..unghaaahhhh came from Ann. Charger, realizing that he was now successfully inside the bitch, clenched her tighter and picked up the pace of his thrusts. He desperately wanted to get his seed deep within this bitch just like the previous day. He thought his chance of having lots of puppies was good. Like with Kari, Chargers cock was too long to fit inside of Ann without pressing some body parts beyond their design. But since Ann was in this perfect position, he was barely having any trouble. His knot, now inside had grown quickly to the size of an orange. He pounded Ann relentlessly in his effort to successfully mate with her. My God Ann, he must have 10 in you And it looks like its wide as a rolled up newspaper Kari exclaimed, watching in satisfaction for both Anns pleasure and another charter membership of Chargers Club.The other two dogs were pacing nervously back and forth in front of Ann. Ann was saying something about how good it felt, more, more, and so hard and big and Kari decided that this was too much for her to sit by passively and watch. Hey Ann, I cant let you sit there getting the fucking of your life.. Kari started to say. Dont.unghyou dareunnhtouch..unnhanything Ann exclaimed. Her natural instinct had taken over and her pussy juices were flowing as the muscles began to contract to milk this monster cock of all that it could give her. The room was quiet now except for the sounds of sex emanating from Kari and Ann. Ann hadnt wasted her time talking, only trying to continue the pleasure that had given her several orgasms and seemed incredibly to be building towards another. Barney was busy lapping up Karis juices and now had a hard-on that was causing him to thrust into the empty air towards Karis cunt. Not wanting to miss Barneys glorious cock pounding into her, Kari quickly turned over and positioned herself next to Ann on the floor. Ann was having the time of her life. Barney immediately came around behind Kari and jumped up to mount her. Ann by this time looked almost unconscious. She was concentrating on the string of orgasms that he was giving her.Chargers thrusts and her thrusts were now in perfect rhythm, as he also was building towards a climax. His biology let him pump ounces of precum but allowed him to hold off from cumming for a fairly long time. Suddenly, both he and Ann knew that their time had come. Oooohhhhhoohhhhhhhhh..ooooohhhh Ann was moaning. Charger gave two more thrusts, planting the tip of his cock deep within Anns womb and started convulsing with pleasure. He howled and released stream after stream of cum deep within Ann. As with Kari the day before, the semen and sperm had no where to go and Anns perfect stomach began to bulge. Oh, Karihes killing meohh..ooohhhh she said as more and more cum filled her insides. Her body was also reacting by instinct, and she pushed back against Chargers loins, only to pull forward until stopped by his knot locked up inside of her. With each forward motion, Ann was encouraging more and more of Chargers cum to enter her. She began leaking a little of it around the bottom of her pussy, the cum pooling beneath them. As his fluids were drained and his orgasm began subsiding, Chargers thrusts diminished. But Ann, driven by a feeling she had never before known, kept thrusting, pulling, coaxing all that she could out of this wonderful dog. No, she wouldnt think of him as a dog a male. And each of her thrusts ensured that Charger would stay tied up with her longer. Ohhh Charger, what a fuck I am yours anytime she said enthusiastically. Her face was still buried in the carpet, rugburns on her cheeks. Her nipples were completely aroused and as she came to her senses, she extended her legs hoping that she would fall off of Chargers prick and allow him out of her. But as she did that the knot kept them tied together and she just hung from his cock. It was a little uncomfortable for Charger, but being such a big dog it was not too bad. Trying to get her knees under her, Ann realized what a mistake she had made, but couldnt get back to the kneeling position. She hung suspended from Chargers cock. And the constant pressure on his knot would ensure that she stayed there for some time. do I get out of this? she asked.But Kari was occupied with Barney now. Barney had succeeded in getting up on her back and was thrusting, trying to drive his cock home. Barneys cock hit her pussy lips and opened the entry. He pulled back one last time in an attempt to fully enter her, and when he thrust forward, his cock slid over her pussy and up into her asshole where, now lubricated, it entered the anus ring.Ann, stuck on Charger, was finally able to get her knees back under her and remained stillAre you okay, Ann? she asked as Thumpers juices ran out of her mouth and down her chin. IIm fine. I was just hoping that you were okay.Im fine too. Boy that was something huh? Im still stuck together with Charger Ann said. How do I get off?Just relax and hell eventually shrink enough to pull out Kari replied.Oh, my pussy will never be the same Ann said. He is sooo bigI think its stretched out of shape for good. What will Eddie say?Dont worry, everything will go back to normal once he pulls out of you. But dont try too early, or youll force him to stay inside of you Kari instructed.If the boys could see us now Ann said. They both laughed out loud, although still tied together with their mates, their shaking bodies were only exciting the large cocks of their partners.Ooohh..I dont think we should be laughing Ann said. That started them both laughing even harder. Can you imagine being stuck like this for life? Ann laughed. Yeah, how would we look in the supermarket? We would have to wear extra large pants Kari shrieked in laughter.They both laughed so long, that the dogs mistook their laughter for additional need. Charger wondered if he could hump Ann again without a rest. This bitch was just what he needed to have everyday. Barneys knot shrank enough though, and with a sucking sound, Kari felt it leave her ass, followed by a stream of his white goo. Ohhahhh..hes out of me Kari said to Ann.Well help me Ann exclaimed. Kari crawled over to her friend and tentatively touched Chargers rod, but it was still swollen. Honestly, this must be the horniest dog Kari said to Ann. Hes not ready yet to come out.On no Ann said. Ill be here all day Seeing his bitch in front of him still excited Barney and he went over to her and started licking his dripping cum out of her ass. Barney, enough already Kari exclaimed. But Barney was only getting more excited. He jumped back on Karis back and instinctively began thrusting. Before she could move, he had his prick a few inches inside her vagina. Feeling this hole for the first time today, he thrust several times forward quickly, hopping on his back legs to get a better position, while grabbing Kari around her waist with his front paws. Herewegoagain Kari said between thrusts. This time, her aching pussy, which had been left out of the previous action was finally being stimulated. She pushed back in hunger as Barney started his machine-like pounding of her cunt. Ann looked on in disbelief and tried to move closer to Kari to help if she could. That was the final signal that Charger needed. He immediately got harder as his shrinking prick grew in length and width, along with his knot, which was back again at full size.Kaaari. Ann started. But she never finished as Charger began pumping her filled twat with more of his juices. Being a dog, he only needed a few minutes to recharge. That would serve him well in the wild, where he would have been required to service several bitches.Side by side, the two friends fucked both dogs. Karis cunt remembered the treatment from the previous day and was rewarded with several orgasms. Anns cunt had not had time to recover, but she only felt pleasure in Charger taking control once again. Both dogs humped away, now experts in fucking humans. Barney came first, filling Karis cunt with as much sperm as he had left in him. She pumped and humped back to him, trying to orgasm as many times as possible before he was finished. He collapsed for five minutes on Karis back and then his limp prick fell out of her, followed by a good amount of his cum. She fell over on her side, exhausted. Charger, the super stud, fucked Ann into a stupor. She had so many orgasms, she lost count. Once again she felt his strong stream of cum shoot into her womb, which was previously filled from the first fuck. Again and again he thrust hard into his bitch, whos eyes were closed and her mouth drooling saliva onto the carpet. Finally, his knot tightened and his balls contracted, and he released his load of baby-making juice into his captive cunt. Ann was now filled with so much cum, that her belly couldnt expand any more, the pressure forcing his cum around his knot and out of Ann, in a fast running stream. He also collapsed on his bitch who was feeling as if she had died and gone to heaven. Her cunt lips were even too tired to twitch anymore, and she knew what it meant to be dominated by natures biggest and best. After a couple of minutes, Chargers cock finally came out of Ann, along with a large pool of cum, signifying to anyone who looked that she was his. A few stray squirts of his cum sprayed Anns back as he withdrew his quickly shrinking cock. Ann fell over next to Kari, neither one able to speak. The dogs went over to the fireplace in the corner and laid down, licking the remains of their seed from their pricks. The women fell asleep in the pools of cum, not caring and unable to move.They slept soundly, sharing a dream of everlasting orgasms, their minds unable to put the event in perspective.About noon, Kari heard bells it was the telephone. Ringring..ring. She got up without thinking, having slept about 2 hours. The family room was destroyed. It aptly looked like a room that people had used to make a familypools of cum, Ann, nude sleeping on her side covered in cum, her baby-doll destroyed. Kari went over to her and shook her shoulder. AnnAnntime to get up, comeon Ann slowly roused and her hand went to her crotch. Oh my aching pussy she said. What happened?Dont you remember Charger? Kari asked.Yes, of course I dobut he ruined me. I feel like I just gave birth Ann answered. She stood up shakily and looked to the three dogs lying in the corner. Ill never forget you, Charger she said. That was the most memorable fuck of my lifeShe slid open the back door and all three dogs ran out. Charger and Barney immediately peed on the lawn, marking the spot if they should ever forget where the bitches lived. Thumper went a little way off by the gate. Kari wrapped herself in her robe and went outside and opened the gate. Come on, all of you time to leave she exclaimed. Thumper ran out but Barney and Charger just looked at her. Oh, for goodness sakes Ann, go in the kitchen please and get something out of the refrigerator for these dogs to eat Kari called.OK give me a minute. She came back a few minutes later with a raw steak cut into pieces.Hey, that was supposed to be for me and Ted tonight Kari said. Well, you had nothing else in the fridge and besides, these boys earned it Ann exclaimed.Oh, I suppose youre right. Besides, I have to go shopping today.Kari looked at Ann wrapped only in the robe she came in, hair tousled, makeup smeared, and said, You looked like you just had the fucking of your lifeWell duhh Ann said rhetorically. You better take a shower here and Ill give you something else to wear before you leave Kari said.Thanks, Im still trying to figure out what happened Ann said. Then she turned to Kari and said, Why dont you shower first and get dressed then go shopping. I didnt

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    1. next …I didnt have any plans for today, so Ill stay here and clean up.Well thanks, that sounds like a plan Kari replied. She went inside and showered a long time, getting all the dried cum off of herself. She went into her bedroom and looked through her clothes, finally choosing a low cut top, no bra, a thong and a tight pair of jeans. She put on her strapless sandals with the 2 fuck-me heels and went back downstairs, where Ann had taken some towels and was cleaning the floor. Thanks so much for cleaning up. We have got to talk about this, you know Kari finished. Im not sure what to say Ann said. We both got fucked into next Sunday by some awesome studs Ill walk bow-legged for two weekswhat else is there to talk about? she said sarcastically.Kari told her about her first experience the day before. Oh my God Did you plan this? Ann asked. I really didnt Kari answered. Not at first anyway. But I was hoping you would enjoy it as much as I did. I just had an extra day to think about it Kari continued.Well, I have to admit I think I did Ann blushed. Whats great is that these guys wont brag to their friends or our husbandsChanging the subject, Ann said, Why dont you go shopping and Ill finish up here. Help yourself to anything, Ann Kari called.What are you doing with these two dogs? Ann asked.Leave the gate open and hopefully theyll go home Kari answered. She walked out in front to her car, a Mustang convertible, her breasts bouncing nicely, nipples erect, tight ass shaking just right and the jeans rubbing her in a good way. No one would ever suspect what kind of morning she had.Chapter 4She went shopping, and was driving home about an hour later, when she noticed Charger walking quickly along the sidewalk a block from her house. When she realized that she had passed him, she turned her car around and followed him at a discrete distance to see where he was headed. He turned a corner and walked up to the front door of the second house. The house was in a state of disrepair. The unfinished wooden door was scratched, and the shingled exterior looked as if it hadnt been painted in 20 years. He jumped up on the front door and scratched. Well, now I know how the door got that way Kari thought. A minute later the front door opened and an older man looked down at Charger. He said something to the dog and let him in. Curious, Kari parked her car across the street and slowly walked up to the front door. She knocked quickly, twice, as if afraid to bother the owner.After a minute the door opened and the man peered out through a partly closed door at her. Yes, can I help you? he asked.Ummexcuse me for bothering you Kari said, but I noticed that dog go into your house, and I wasummwondering if he was yours?Of course hes mine the man replied, not knowing why this stranger was asking. I have his tags and collar in here if you want to see.Uhno thank youI was just wondering she said and started to turn away.Well, its a pity you asked. I have to send him to the pound where theyll probably destroy him he said.Kari turned back towards him quickly. Destroy him, why?I dont know if you saw he keeps running away and hes too big for me. Yep, I have to take him to the pound unless I found someone who wanted him he continued.Kari made a quick decision. Well Ill take him she said. I cant stand to see a beautiful animal like that be put down. UmmIve never done this beforehow much money do you want for him?Are you sure you want to take Bullet? Hes too much for me and I cant see a young, small lady like yourself being able to handle him he said.Bullet? Oh believe me. I think I can handle him Kari replied, thinking of the past two days.Well.why dont you come in and Ill show you what you need to do the man said, noticing Karis full breasts and hoping to look at them a little longer. Noticing the look, Kari smiled to herself, hoping she could get Charger for a reasonable price. What would Ted say she wondered? He never expressed any feelings for or against a dog. Well, she would see that he accepted it. Rememberstay in control.She entered the house and noticed the inside was as worn as the outside. She entered the living room which contained a couch and easy chair, both covered with cloth throw covers. Kari bet that the covers covered some well-worn furniture. Please, sit down the man offered Kari, pointing towards the couch. My name is Keith. Keith Johnson.Kari. Kari Morgan she answered. They shook hands and Keith sat down on the easy chair. Bullet is a smart dog he began. He is three years old. I thought that I could use a big dog for protection, but he constantly escapes my yard. He gets through a hole in the fence that he created with his own claws. He eats a lot and since I am alone, I am not always home with him. He said this last part as he stared at her breasts, which had grown nipples that lit Karis shirt up like it had headlights. She squirmed a little uncomfortably.Just at that time, Bullet/Charger walked into the room, and seeing Kari, bounded over to her and started licking her face. He really likes you and dont even know you Keith said surprisingly.Erhow much forBullet? she asked smiling.Keith got up and sat down next to Kari on the couch. Well, I dont know exactly what to charge he said, leaning over close to her. His breath smelled of coffee and tobacco. She pulled her head away from the smells.Iumwould pay you a fair price she offered. He put his hand on her leg and said, I aint never been rich, and no amount of money that I could get for this dog could make me so. How about a trade?Trade? For what? Kari asked naively.How about half an hour with you? he asked brazenly, placing his hand on her shoulder.Kari jumped up. Who do you think youre talking to? she asked irately. What do you think I am..?Well, I would say you are a women who appreciates dogs Keith said matter-o-factly, looking at Karis heaving breasts.Whatwhat do you mean? she asked in total surprise, her face heating up and turning red.Yesterday, I was looking around for Bullet who had escaped my yard, and after driving around for a while, I noticed him coming out of a yard a few blocks from here along with a Shepard. I would guess that he was there for a while, and someone had to let him in and out of that yard, cause it has a high fence. I dont know what he was doing there, but I could ask the police to investigate a dognapping Keith said, eyes steady on Kari. And the way Bullet took to you today, Id say this wasnt the first time you met. And even if you met yesterday for the first time, he wouldnt like you that much Keith continued, pointing at Bullet/Charger.Kari looked at Charger who once again had half of his shlong exposed from his sheath. He was getting excited just with Kari in the room. Horrified at her predicament, Kari started to walk towards the door. She was beet red and didnt know what to say.Keith grabbed her arm and said, You got a husband, missy?With that, Kari broke down and started to cry. OKal..rightwhat do you want? she cried, feeling trapped.Nothing that I think you couldnt provide, and then Ill give you Bullet to do with as you want and never tell a soul. He had her. Using impeccable logic, inspired by her awesome body, Keith had put together an argument that couldnt be disputed.Defeated, Kari sat down on the couch, head hanging. Now dont you worry, little lady, Keith is a gentleman and wont keep you here too long. He laughed at his own joke. Slowly he walked over to her and lifted her chin with his hand. My, you are beautiful he said to her. Bullet is one lucky dogWhile she sat there glumly, Keith reached down and cupped her breasts with his hands. Rubbing them gently, he was rewarded with her erect nipples. He pulled down the right side of her top, exposing her right breast. He got down on one knee, and started licking and suckling her breast. Kari knew she had to submit, or this madman would tell Ted enough for him to figure out what was going on. Getting more excited, Keith pulled her shirt down on the left side, exposing both breasts. They were being constricted and squeezed together by Karis shirt, making her uncomfortable.Owwthat hurts she told Keith. He put both breast back inside her shirt and lifted her shirt from the bottom, over her head.Now thats a pretty sight he remarked, as both breasts, now exposed, stuck straight out, nipples erect. No sag in them at all he continued. Now free, he began to rub and suckle her tits, laying her down on the old couch. Surprisingly, the unwanted attention made Kari feel good. He reached down with one hand and started rubbing her pussy through her jeans. After a few minutes, he unbuttoned her jeans and opened the zipper. No one except Ted had done that to her in 8 years or more, and she had to admit it was a little exciting. He went to rub her cunt through her panties, and realized that she didnt have any panties on, just a thong.Oh my God, you are hot he exclaimed with smelly breath. The last time he got any from anyone so beautiful was wellnever With one finger he reached under her thong to feel her shaved, moist pussy. Dang girl, you are just full of surprises he said as he grabbed the top of her jeans and pulled them down to her feet. Kari kicked off her shoes as Keith pulled her jeans completely off. He went back and pulled off her thong, and now she was lying on his couch, completely exposed. Not a stitch of clothing on her. She parted her thighs willingly, as Keith continued to rub her twat. He stuck one finger, then two fingers inside, delighting at the soft wetness he found. I gotta taste this he said, as he sucked on her nipples, one at a time, then slowly moved his tongue down her body to her pussy. She was clean shaven, and since she took a shower a couple of hours earlier, smelled nice. His tongue found her twat and he licked and sucked on it until her clit, stimulated beyond her control, emerged. He put it in his mouth and licked and sucked it, causing it to rise to attention. Unnnoohhhahhh Kari cooed. She spread her legs further apart, having lost any self control, and Keith plunged his tongue inside to taste her delightful juices. They bubbled and flowed from her cunt, which had not had any human attention for a week. Keith lapped up her flowing juices. Then, when he could stand it no more, he forced her hips to turn over and she fell to the floor on all fours, just like earlier in the day for Barney. Oww she said. Be careful Sorry doll he said.He parted her legs and pulled his pants down to his knees. His cock, about 6, stood out at attention. He placed it between her legs, and rubbed back and forth across her pussy. Damn woman, this is going to be good he said. He pulled back, getting ready to sink his meat deeply inside her hot box, when all of a sudden he heard a growl, and a tremendous weight landed on his back. Bullet/Charger had been watching from the side. When he saw Keith about to sink his cock into his (Chargers) bitch, he jumped on his back to assert his dominance. No one was going to have Kari when he was in the room.Charger had knocked Keith down flat on the floor, and stood squarely in the middle of his back as he grabbed Kari around the waist and pulled her towards him. Weighing about 175 pounds, Charger pinned Keith with no hope of movement. Get off of me Bullet now Keith yelled, then added a couple of choice phrases in for good measure. But Charger, as he was known to Kari, wasnt listening. He had a good grip on her, and he thrust his cock towards his bitch. He had smelled her and recognized her enticement, and now she was his he knew, along with the other bitch. It all happened so fast, that Kari hadnt had time to react. Now realizing what was happening, she started to protest, Charger Get off of me Let go she yelled at him. But on his first thrust the tip of his cock had touched the outside of her soft pussy, which was already wet in anticipation of Keith. The smell of her sex filled the air for him, and by the third thrust, his cock entered her warm, tight, wet twat. Ohhhnoounngh Kari started saying. Two more thrusts and he was completely inside of her, once again feeling the smooth, tight, clamping muscles of her cunt. There was no resistance as he filled her up to his knot, which by now had expanded to almost full size. There was no hope of getting it inside of Kari, and the usually calculating Charger knew he would have to make the best of it.Underneath him, Keith yelled in protest, his hardened prick now shrinking fast. You bitch he screamed at Kari. You planned this His head, almost directly underneath Karis pussy was able to flip from side to side, and he could only see Karis ample tits with their hardened nipples bouncing back and forth in time with Chargers thrusts which he felt through his back. He reached up with his hands, but from his position he could barely reach her tits. He grabbed the nipples and pulled, hurting Kari. Owwyou bastard she yelled at him and moved her swinging tits out of his reach. Keith grasped around, trying to upset what was happening, to move this beast off of his back and get the fucking he was owed. Oh, if he got out from under this beast, there would be a reckoningCharger had a good grip on Kari, and good entry inside of her. He started pounding away to once again plant his seed which instinct told him how to do. His knot pounded into her pussy lips, and the shock sent orgasmic waves through Karis body. Each time he thrusted, Kari was forced to expel breath out from her lungs. Unnnuunnnunnn came out of her in short bursts.Keith yelled up, So I knew it, this is what you been doing with my dog He reached up over his head and was able to grab Chargers knot. As Charger thrusted forward, he caught Keiths hand between his knot and Karis cunt. Ow he said. This dogs doing you good, bitch he added. He placed his hand in a better position to feel Chargers immense shaft each time he withdrew from Kari, and then entered her again. It was wet with the juices of the two fuckers. Shit, Im supposed to be getting that Bullet Why dont you get off of me? he pleaded. But Bullet/Charger wasnt listening. He was only concentrating on his bitch who he knew he must fill.Youmust…bejealous Kari got out between thrusts. YoullnevergetthiswhileI havea realstud She managed to say.Chargers precum was filling her now, and his huge cock was causing more small orgasms, building up upon themselves for what she knew to be a great climax. Keith wasnt saying anything anymore, as Charger picked up the pace of his fucking for the final act. Since his knot was not implanted in Kari this time, she was able to experience the 8 cock without the large knot. She was enjoying it either way. In this position Charger had little resistance, although the head of his cock would contact her soft uterus on each thrust. Some of his precum dribble out of her and fell smack in the middle of Keiths neck and head. You bastards he screamed. Ill get you for this But there was nothing he could do.As Charger built up to a climax, he yelped and then started pumping Kari full of his sperm. Thrust after thrust produced shot after shot of cum. Kari wondered how he could fuck all day and still perform like that. She got the now comfortable feeling of being filled with his seed, and with each retraction of his prick, a sizeable stream of cum ran down on top of Keiths head. When Charger finally finished, he easily withdrew from Kari, and his full cock dropped down to hang between his legs, not far from the floor, shooting its last few volleys on top of Keith. A big pool of cum came rushing out of Kari and covered Keiths head.As Charger jumped off Kari, she jumped up to get away from Keith. She quickly grabbed her jeans and pulled them on, despite the volume of cum still dripping from her enlarged pussy. Keith began to get up, but he was sore and covered with cum. As Kari grabbed her shirt and pulled it over her head back on, she looked at Keith and laughed. Hows that for payment, you bastard she yelled at him. She reached down and grabbed her shoes, looking to get out of his house as quickly as possible. Charger was lying on the floor licking his shrinking cock. Ill CENSOR that dog he yelled, And Ill ruin your life You wont do anything of the kind Kari retorted. Cause if you even think about it, Ill have you prosecuted for sexual assault And whose story do you think theyll believe an old cum covered man, or a beautiful, young woman?Get out of my house he yelled. And take that damn dog with youKari turned and ran to the door, opening it up to leave. She turned to Charger and said, Come here boy Come with me. Charger jumped up and followed her. As she opened the door, an older woman was just reaching for the doorknob to enter. She had two bags of groceries in her hands, and Kari and she stopped and looked at each other a moment. Who are you? the woman asked. Who are you? was Karis reply. IIlive here Im Margaret she said with mouth agape, staring at this young woman leaving her house, clothes askew, shoes in hand and a wet spot on the crotch of her jeans.Keith she said, looking up at her naked, cum covered husband, what happened to you?IumAnd who is this woman? she asked once again looking at Karis disheveled clothing. Then she turned and saw Karis thong, hanging over the back of the couch. Keith she yelled.Kari turned to him and said, Ill let you explain everything to your wifelater And with that she left his house with Charger and closed the front door behind her. As she walked away, she heard screaming coming from the house. She went to her car and got in, calling Charger after her. He sat on the front seat next to her and she kissed him. Now youre all mine she said excitedly, running over the possibilities in her mind. But we have to get you some new stuff She looked in the car mirror and fixed her hair with her hands, then put on her sunglasses and drove over to the large petstore she knew of a couple of miles away. The sun was shining and by the time she got there her pants had mostly dried. She went inside and got Charger a collar and leash, a food and water bowl, and a 50 pound bag of dog food, while he sat obediently in her car. The store clerk helped her load everything into her car. That finished, she headed home.We have to tell Ted something she said to the dog sitting next to her. She knew that Keith would not be bothering her again and Charger was hers. Chapter 5She got home and unloaded her groceries and Chargers new things. She went in through the back gate and noticed that the sliding door to her house was still open. Ann was nowhere to be seen but she had done a good job cleaning up the room. It was evident that she had used the steam cleaner to clean the carpet, and there was no trace of their earlier activity. She put everything away in the kitchen, and went up to her bedroom to clean up. Charger followed her through the house. Her bedroom door was closed and she heard sounds coming from the room. Hey, is that you Ted? she asked. There was no answer. With Charger at her side, she felt brave enough to open the door. What she saw shocked her. There was her friend Ann, lying naked on her bed, her head hanging off the back end. But the shocking part was Barneys front legs were up on the bed on either side of Ann, and his pelvis was thrusting into her head.Ann, my God I didnt know you were here Kari began. She didnt know whether or not to leave the room, fascinated with her friends predicament. Ann couldnt say anything because Barneys rod was deep down her throat. She only managed a muffled acknowledgement of Karis presence. Kari stared at Barney, thrusting fully into Anns throat as he had earlier into Karis vagina. Kari woke up the next morning happy. Ted had left open the bedroom door and Charger had come in and licked her hand to wake her up. OK, Im getting up she said groggily. She glanced at the clock and saw it was only 7:00. I guess you have to go outside. I have to start getting used to this, anyway she said. She let Charger out into the backyard after making sure that the gate was closed. She went into the shower, thinking about her day ahead. If everything went okay, she could go to the vet in the morning, then go down to the mall for lunch. Charger did not figure in her plans for the day. She heard the phone ringing, and then the answering machine came on to take a message. After finishing showering, she went into the bedroom to choose an outfit to wear. She chose a blue tube top, no bra, and light blue Capris with a thong. She put on the same sandals from the day before. She went downstairs, opening the sliding door for Charger, put up some coffee and pressed the play button of her answering machine. She heard Anns voice at the other end. Kari, if youre awake pick up the phone.okay call me when you get this message.Kari dialed Ann. Whats up? How are you feeling today? she asked. Great was the response. But thats not why I called you. I have to tell you about yesterdayYesterday? You went home yesterday from here. Did something happen at home? Kari asked.No. Ill tell you what. Ill come over and tell you. Did you have your coffee yet?Not yet. I was just about to. Anyway, I have to tell you how it went with Ted and Charger.Oh, okay. I hope there were no shenanigans Ann finished.Ann No, nothing like that. Come on over when you can this morning, but Ill have to go out around 9.Thats okay. Alright, Ill see you in a few. Ann hung up and Kari sat down to have her coffee. Now what could Ann want to tell her?A few minutes later the doorbell rang and Ann walked in wearing a denim miniskirt over a leotard which accentuated her breasts. She wore flats on her feet. Kari, Ive got to tell you what happened yesterday after I left here she said, barely in the door. Charger came running up and jumped on Ann, almost knocking her over. Hi Charger she said, rubbing his head which towered over her. How do you like your new home? Charger seemed to be trying to grab Ann with his paws, to knock her down to the floor. Whoa, not now boy she laughed. She and Kari managed to push him down to the floor. He stuck his nose under her skirt and into her twat, sniffing and licking. Hey, cut that out she told him. Maybe laterThey both laughed and Kari took him by the collar and led him into the guest room, shutting the door behind him. They went in the kitchen where Kari told Ann that Ted had accepted Charger into their home. More than that, he had seemed to hit it off well with him. Ill bet he wouldnt be so willing if he knew the dog was boffing his wife Ann tittered. I guess youre probably right Kari said. But what he doesnt know wont hurt him. They both laughed, then Kari turned to Ann and said, Well, what is so important that you had to tell me about it this morning?Yesterday, I left to take Barney home. Since you told me where he lived I went up and knocked on the door. The owner opened the door and took in BarneyYou didnt… Kari said redundantly.Yes I did. He thanked me for bringing him home, saying that he has a habit of running around with some neighborhood dogs. I told him what a beautiful dog he was, and that I was considering getting one of my ownThen what did he say?He was thrilled to talk about his dog. I asked him if he could give me any tips, and he told me about how much he feeds Barney, what he likes to eat, going to the vetSo I asked him with the best smile I could make, if I could borrow his dog during the daytime at leastto see how I liked it.What did he say then? Kari asked, unable to wait to hear the answer.Well he said of course I couldit would be doing him a favorand if I wanted I could even take him home for a night or a weekendWow Ann, thats great Can you believe we went from dogless, yesterday, to each having a dog today? As a matter of fact, neither one of us could have cared at all about a dog two days agoSo when do you get to see Barney?Im going to pick him up around 8:30. Thats why I had to come over so early.What did Eddie say? Kari asked, as she turned to clean her coffeepot.Well, I havent told him yet Ann admitted. I have to figure out a way to tell him. Hmmmmaybe if he knew that you and Ted got a dogHey, I have a great idea, Ann. How about you and Eddie coming over for drinks on Saturday? Then he can see what a good dog Charger isWhat a great idea Ann said. Then glumly, Even if Eddie likes Barney, it doesnt mean that I can ever have him. His owner really seems to like him.Lets worry about that later Kari replied. You never know what could happen.Ann asked if they could spend the day together. It was alright with Kari, after she went to the vet. Maybe they could go have lunch at the mall together. She told Ann to go pick up Barney and bring him back to her house. Then she got up and called a local vet to set up an appointment. The doctors receptionist told her she could bring Charger in for a checkup right away. Since she called so early, no one was scheduled until 10, and the doctor was already in. Great Kari told the receptionist, Ill be in in 15 minutes.Ann and Kari left her house together, Ann went to get Barney and Kari went with Charger to the vet. When she arrived, she told the receptionist she was there, and was asked to fill out a health history. Since she knew nothing of Chargers history, she told the receptionist that, and she was told to bring Charger into the examining room. They got Charger to climb up on the examining table.Dr. Anjou entered the room a few minutes later and introduced himself. Kari explained that she got the dog from someone the day before, but had no information on shots or anything. The doctor told her, Hes a handsome dog, and he really seems to like you. He pointed underneath Charger, where she noticed the tip his dick was moving in an out of his sheath. She blushed and the doctor apologized for making her uncomfortable. You know, the doctor continued, he looks like another patient of mine owned by the Johnsons. Kari paled. Do you mean Keith Johnson? she asked.Yes. Keith and Margaret.Well, that is who I got him from she admitted.Then I have his complete medical history the doctor explained. Let me go get it.He left the room for a minute, and Kari turned to Charger and said, You get your thingee back inside of you Dont embarrass me here Charger just looked at her and licked her face. The doctor came back in and said, Ive looked at his records. He is up to date with his shots. He pulled Chargers lip down exposing his teeth. Yes, yesall good. Well, except for a check for wormsOh thank you doctor. Uh is there anything else? she asked.I noticed how excited the dog is around you. Is it a problembecause I can fix it if it isNo Kari cried, horrified. Hehe doesnt bother me at allKari, I see a lot of dogs and their owners in here. I didnt mean to offend or frighten you, but I still need to ask you a question.Whatwhat is it? she asked timidly.People do different things different people are in to different thingsI have some information that I can share with youBut I hate the thought of offending any of my patientswell, there is no easy way of asking thisWhat do you want to ask? Kari asked timidly, shrinking from the thought of what he was going to ask.Do youdo youumdo you have relations with your dog? he finally asked.You mean sexual? What would ever make you. she raged.IIm sorry. I just want to do whats best for my patients and their owners.What would you have said if I said that I did? Kari asked defiantly.Well, I would offer to perform an examination of you just to be sure that you would not get hurt. And I would give you a pamphlet I have on the hows and whysAre you qualified to examine human females she asked angrily.Well, do you think that you should as your gynecologist? he shot back.I guess not. Umwhat would you do? she asked.I would ask you to wrap a towel around your midsection and take off your pants he answered, while starting to put on examining gloves. She looked at him unsure if she should submit to his exam. Have you ever she began.Many times he finished. Dont worry, Ill lock the door so we are undisturbed.Slowly, she picked up a towel and wrapped it around her waist. She unbuttoned her Capris and thong and taking off her shoes, stepped out of her pants. The second time in two days that she submitted to a strange manat least this one is a doctor. Then she got Charger off of the table and hopped up, sitting on the edge. How did you know she began.After working in this field for 15 years, you sort of get to know he responded. And it helped to see your dogs penis begin to show. Yes that is what it is called he continued, smoothly starting his exam, showing. That is when the males penis emerges from its sheath. Would you please open your legs a little more? he asked.Kari complied, and he stuck one and then two gloved fingers inside of her. Would you please lie back on the table? he asked. And try to relax he added.Once she did that he lifted up the towel and stared at her shaved pussy. He used both hands to part her lips, feeling inside at times with two fingers. Now this might be uncomfortable he said. I have to examine the complete path.And with that, he separated her legs as far as they would go, and reached inside of her as far back as he could, pressing her legs back over her head. Un huh, yes, okay was all he said. He looked at the exam room wall as he continued to press inside of Kari, up against her uterus. Then he took his fingers out and told her to turn over. He took a moment and then separated her firm asscheeks and placed a finger inside her asshole. It must have been covered with K-Y Jelly because it was cold and slid in with no resistance. He repeated the exam he had made of her pussy on her anus. He probed and prodded. It was a bit uncomfortable, and when he was done he told her to wipe herself off with the towel and get dressed. She pulled on her pants and asked, Well?Well it feels to me as if you have already had intercourse, both vaginal and anal. Is that so? Meekly she replied that she had. It also feels as if you have allowed the dog to tie with you. That meansI know what that means Kari cut in.Yes, well I would like to say first of all that you are healthy inside. Theres no reason that you couldnt continue, and to tell you that you cant get pregnant, or any disease from a dog. They are very clean animals. She didnt respond so he continued, You should read this pamphlet that I give you and enjoy him he said pointing to the dog, as much as you like. Just so you know, I will keep this confident as I keep all medical matters confident.Thank you said Kari, that was very professional of you.He unlocked the door and she and Charger left the room. She went to pay the receptionist who looked at her a bit funny, Kari thought.Chapter 7After leaving the vet, Kari hurried back home to see what had become of Ann. When she got home, she found Ann already there, watching TV and scratching Barney. She looked up as Kari walked in. Hi Kari, how did everything go? she asked.Dont ask Kari replied. She dropped the pamphlet Dr. Anjou had given her into Anns lap. Whats this? Ann asked looking at the title. So You Really Want to Love Your Dog she read off of the cover. What is this Kari? she asked, as she flipped through the ten page manual. She saw drawings of women in different positions having sex with dogs. Oh my God Where did you get this?The friendly local vet. He seems to have it down to a routine. He told me there are plenty of women that do their dogs, and he actually had thisthis book that tells you how to do it better Not only that, but he does free examsof the ownersYouve got to be kidding Ann said looking closely at her friend. Did hedid hetry anything with you?No, he was actually very professional, but I guess I have dog slut written all over my face because he knew.How did he know?I dont know. He said he could tell, that he sees a lot of dogs and their owners. Andget this. He knows Charger. That jerk Keith was a client of his.Oh no. I hope it doesnt come back to you in some way to hurt youI think he will keep it confident, although Im not sure about his receptionist. She gave me a very strange look as I was leaving. Anyway, thats done. Charger is in good health. So what are we going to do this morningI was thinking Ann began, why dont we give these dogs a bath? We dont know the last time they had one.Thats a good idea. Do you think Charger will fit in the tub? Kari asked.I think so. But lets bathe Barney first Ann suggested.They went upstairs to the bathroom. Kari had some gentle shampoo and she put it on the counter. They called Barney who looked at them apprehensively, but went into the bathroom with them. They shut the door to keep him inside and Charger out for the moment. Kari turned on the shower spray and checked the temperature, making sure it was warm but not hot. Ann said to Barney, Come on boy into the tub as she patted the tub to indicate what she wanted. But Barney didnt move. OK, I guess well have to do this the hard way she said. So she and Kari half pushed him and half carried him into the tub. Kari rinsed him down as he sat there with a drooping head. Ann took the shampoo and started lathering him up. Dont worry Barney she cooed at him, we wont hurt you. After she washed his head, chest, back and rump, she began to lather his underside. Do you think this will sting him? she asked Allyar.No, I think hell be fine. And since we are spending a lot of time with his prick, make sure you clean it well.Ann started soaping up his sheath, and his shaft began emerging. Clean as much as you can, Ann Kari said. So Ann rubbed his shaft which kept increasing in size in response to her fondling. Alright Kari, you can hose him down Ann said after she had cleaned his penis, knot and balls. Kari sprayed him down, washing away all the soap. When she had finished, she turned off the water and Barney began shaking to dry himself off. Ahhh Ann screamed and laughed, Im getting soakedSo am I Kari said. I need to take off these clothes. Theyre soakedGood idea Ann said.Ill get us some robes to wear Kari added. While I do that can you let Barney out back to dry off and get Charger in here?She went to get some robes from the bedroom and when she came back, Ann had Charger in the bathroom. Okay lets get this big boy washed. We can change into robes after hes done.This time Ann sprayed the dog while Kari soaped him down. When she got to his underside, she slowly and erotically washed off his sheath and balls. Like Barney, Charger grew from the attention, his sheath retracting and his full penis and knot emerging. Im not teasing you boy, Im just making sure youre clean for me Kari whispered to him lovingly. As with Barney, Charger also shook himself off when the water stopped. They were now both doubly soaked.After putting Charger out back, they both took their clothes off in the family room while watching the dogs run around the yard. They were comfortable with each others bodies now, after seeing so much of them the day before. They put on the robes and sat down on the couch. Well, what should we do now? Ann asked. They looked at each other and laughed. Kari opened the door and called the dogs inside. Now that we took care of you she said looking at the dogs, its time for you to take care of us. Kari turned to Ann and said, I looked through a little of that book that the doctor gave me. It suggested that you have a friend help if possible. I was thinking what if you go first and I help, and then I go and you help?What do we need help with Ann asked, the thought of fucking and sucking the dogs beginning to stir feelings between her legs.How about if I let you do both dogs and then I go? Kari suggested.Her heart racing, Ann said, Thats a good idea. Come over here boysShe took off her robe and Kari admired Anns clean shaven pussy. She could already see some moisture appear on the lips. Ann got down on all fours and wagged her ass. Come here little doggie. First cum first served She rubbed and pinched her nipples on her firm tits. They were immediately excited, and stood out. Charger and Barney ran over to her ass and started sniffing. They both attempted to mount her but hit each other and fell off. They growled at each other. Wait a minute Kari said, I dont want any fighting I have an idea. Ann stood up and Barney and Charger jumped on her, trying to knock her down again. Wait boys Ann laughed, Youll get some, I promiseKari came back with a weight bench and two blankets. The bench was flat and padded, and had two cutouts near one end that was to allow the weightlifter to drop his elbows comfortably as he raised and lowered them. She placed it down on the floor. This is Teds bench. I think it will be perfect she said to Ann.You want me to lift weights? Ann asked.No, silly, I want you to lie on your stomach on it. It gives you support and keeps your ass a little higher than when you kneel on the floor. It makes it easier for the dogs to mount you. Lie down on it and put your tits through the tapered cutout area.Thats a great idea. Whats the blankets for?Watch Kari said.She placed one underneath the end of the bench where the cum would spill, and through the other over Charger covering him up.Now Kari said, lie downAnn quickly positioned herself on the bench, her tits hanging down through the tapered cuts in the bench and presented her ass to Barney. Charger was covered up and couldnt see anything so he couldnt compete. Barney, now experienced and horny from his bath, immediately jumped up on the narrow bench, placing his front paws on either side of Ann. He brought in his back legs on top of the blanket on the floor, and began thrusting his pelvis, trying to enter his bitch. He was not successful though, as the angle of his thrusts were causing his prick to rub the area between Anns asscheeks and slide up in the air. He was beginning to show, the tip of his cock already forming some precum. Ann wiggled her ass, trying to raise it up so Barney could get inside of her. But they were not having any luck. Kari some help please? Ann breathed.Kari left Charger turning in circles trying to get the blanket off of his head, and knelt down next to Ann and Barney. She gently grasped his thrusting cock and brought it in line with Anns wet pussy. She rubbed the head on Anns pussy lips, teasing her friend. Put it income on Kari, dont tease meput it in me But Kari was enjoying herself and getting excited. On each thrust, a large part of Barneys red cock would show, and as he pulled back, it would retreat into its sheath. Kari rubbed the wet tip between Anns asscheeks and against her anus. She pushed it slightly into Anns ass and noticed some resistance. Ann, you are so tight back here. Are you an ass virgin? Kari asked teasingly.You bitch put it in my twat Ann said, so excited from the anticipation. She was really wet now, and Kari took her finger and rubbed the outside of Anns pussy lips while continuing to hold Barneys cock against her asshole, allowing only the very tip to enter with each of Barneys thrusts. Anns pussy was bubbling with her juices, and Kari noticed that her fingers slid into Ann easily. Anns ass was shaking and thrusting, trying desperately to get Barney inside her hot pussy. She could almost feel his hard rod inside of her already. But now Kari had other ideas. She rubbed Anns twat back and forth as Ann thrust against her fingers, parting the lips between two fingers and pressing back, encouraging Anns clit to show. She looked underneath Ann and saw a beautiful little button clit, which, covered with Anns juices was slippery. It responded to Karis touch as Ann pushed hard against Karis fingers. She allowed her fingers full access now to Anns cunt, stroking and rubbing as deeply as she could get while holding back Barneys cock from entering her friends ass. Ooohh Ann said, beginning to orgasm, good. Kari could feel all of Anns hot interior now, wet and clinching her fingers. She continued to stroke and pump Ann. As Ann was getting off, Kari was, too. She realized that she was dripping wet between her legs. Barney again moved closer to Ann, frustrated that he could not get inside of her. His cock tip was now pressing hard against Anns anus. Kari allowed a little more of it to enter Ann. With each thrust now, the head of his cock disappeared inside her ass. Ann moaned in pleasure, pushing back against Barney and Karis fingers. She actually caused another inch of Barneys cock to enter her with each of their thrusts towards one another. Kari, no longer interested in keeping Barney out of Ann, and wanting her friend to finally get off, took her hand off of Barneys cock. Her hand was now sticky with his precum juices. On the next thrust, Barney drove his rod 5 into Ann. She grunted and momentarily stopped thrusting as Barneys cock immediately grew in length and width now that it knew it had entered her. She began to thrust again, searching for Karis fingers in her pussy.Charger had gotten the blanket off of him and was dancing nervously around Ann and Barney. To avoid any problems, Kari grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and forced him outside. She shut the door and he stood against it looking inside. By now, Barney had rammed his entire cock up to the knot into Ann, who despite the initial pain, was now only feeling pleasure. She desperately wanted her pussy filled with something, so it could join the fun. But her position on the bench prevented her from reaching it. She squirmed in frustration as Kari came back and sat down again besides her. Kari come ongive me something for my pussyI need somethingKari? But Kari did nothing to help Ann. She noticed that Barneys cock was now pounding in and out of Anns ass, but his knot was still outside. She took her hand that was sticky with Barneys precum and rubbed it on the front of his knot for lubrication. Then she literally pulled Anns asscheeks apart, watching Barneys prick almost withdraw completely, before plunging back deep inside. Now with her cheeks separated and Barneys knot lubricated, he was able to force his knot half way in on the next downstroke. Feeling he had almost gotten complete entry to Ann, he pulled back and rammed his rod in with all of his strength. The knot went completely inside of Anns tight asshole, which closed around it. With a shudder and a pause in her squirming, Ann accepted the fact that Kari had helped Barney get complete access to her. She was only able to groan as Barney now grew to full size within her. He and she were locked together as Kari released her asscheeks allowing them to slam shut around Barneys prick. Now Barney started pounding Ann like a wild thing, bringing his hind legs in contact with Anns ass and the bench she was lying on. Since her tits hung through the holes in the bench, Ann was trapped and had no wiggle room. The only movement she could make was to move weakly back and forth in submission to Barneys incredible thrusts. The more he pounded into her, the more excited Ann became, and the more pleasurable the feeling for her. She had never had anal sex with a man, much less a dog, but she was quickly developing a liking for the act. The longer that Barney fucked her, the more her pussy ached for action. It was now literally dripping onto the blanket underneath her, so wet, soft and loose that Kari thought she could get her arm inside, and still not satisfy her friend. Kari spent some time rubbing and finger fucking Ann, giving her multiple orgasms. Finally, her hand wet with Anns cum, she walked around to the front of the bench and squatted down in front of her. Ann had her eyes closed, concentrating on Barney and her building orgasm. Kari took her hand with Anns juices, and slowly but sensuously rubbed her fingers across Anns lips, Ann opened her eyes and licked all she could off of Karis hand, then sucked Karis fingers like they were small cocks. Kari could see that her friend was desperately in need of something more. With her tongue treating Karis hand to a bath, and Kari so horny she could no longer stand it, Kari had another idea. She sat down in front of Ann, straddling the bench and lifting Anns head to place between her open legs and wet pussy. Ann didnt need any encouragement, and went to work immediately. She used her hands to separate Karis cuntlips, and drove her tongue deep inside of her friend. Kari moaned and pushed her pelvis forward to give Ann better access. Ann went to work licking Kari to several quick orgasms. The bench in front of Ann became wet with Karis cum. Ann reached behind Kari and felt for her anus with her index finger. Once she found it, in total abandon, she pushed her finger inside and used it to drive Karis pussy harder into her mouth. She pumped Karis asshole like an expert, paying her back for what she did to her. Kari responded like a wild woman, being stimulated at both ends. As she slid forward, Anns tongue entered her cunt, licking up the cum that she was producing, and as she pushed back, Anns finger was stimulating all the nerve endings in her ass, pressing through to the ones in her cunt. It was a win-win situation for her. She bent forward a little and grabbed Anns large, ripe tits, kneading them like dough. Everyone was about to cum. Kari came first, ploughing her pussy into Anns face as Ann pressed hard inside Karis anus. She flooded Anns face with her cum. Ann couldnt stand the stimulation from Barney anymore, and came hard in her first anal orgasm. Her pussy oozed a huge amount of cum which dripped like a mans onto the blanket below. Barney had been filling Anns ass with a copious amount of his precum, and finally shot stream after stream of semen and sperm up her ass. Ann grunted at the pressure caused by the release of so much fluid, but couldnt move. A small stream of cum was dripping out from between her asscheeks onto the blanket below. Finally in a pumping frenzy, Barneys balls and prostate contracted and he released large amounts of cum into his bitch. His knot was locked inside of her, and each time he pulled to get it out, her ass coaxed some more of his cum. Ann collapsed in exhaustion, and Kari crawled back to where Barney had just finished pumping his load into Ann. She noticed the stream of cum dripping between Anns legs and sampled it with her finger. She tentatively put it to her tongue, liking the taste. She stuck her head underneath the bench and was able to lick Barneys balls and shaft behind his knot. She knew that she had helped get Barney into Ann, and decided she would help get him out. She couldnt wait for her turn on the bench. She extended her tongue and licked Barneys shaft and the cum coming out of Anns ass. She separated the cheeks with her hands, and put her face down to lick all around Barneys shaft while gently pulling him away from Ann. He was still pretty big and she was having trouble. Each time she pulled him, his knot met the resistance of Anns anus forcing out still more shots of cum into her and causing the knot to stay inflated. With more determination, Kari separated Anns cheeks further, and pushed her tongue inside against Barneys cock. Unnggggh Ann moaned, as Kari licked both the cock and her asshole. Lubricating Barneys knot, while separating Anns cheeks, Kari used her head to push on Barneys belly. Slowly, his knot was coming out, enlarging Anns asshole in the process. Finally, as Ann continued moaning, it reached the maximum size and Kari let go thinking it would pop out. But Anns cheeks closed in on it, keeping it right on the edge. Oohhhuunnghooohhh was all Ann could utter, her mastery of the English language gone, and her mastery of gibberish taking over.Well Ann, I can push it back in or pull it out Kari said. Which way should I go? Ann couldnt decide. On the one hand she wanted it back inside, deep inside, to stay there forever, constantly shooting Barneys seed into her. On the other hand, she wanted it out so she could turn over and satisfy her aching pussy. She couldnt answer her friend. It turned out that no answer was necessary as Barney decided to hop down off the bench, his seed deep inside this bitch. She felt the complete withdrawal of his prick from her. When the tip was pulled out, a large amount of his cum followed. Anticipating this, Kari stuck her head down and licked up what she could, finishing up by licking what dripped down Anns ass and onto her pussy. Kari found she loved the taste of cum and pussy. Anns pussy, not satisfied, was pulsing open and closed, trying to find what it needed. Ann shivered as Karis tongue passed through her ass and pussy. Barney came over and finished licking the cum as it dripped out of Anns enlarged asshole, sending more shivers through Ann as he stuck his tongue inside her stretched out asshole to clean up his mess. Ann was able to raise her body enough to start diddling her pussy.When Barney finished, Kari took him to the door and let him out. Charger, who was waiting by the back door looking in had seen everything. When the door opened he bolted in and sniffed Anns tattered ass. Before Kari could react, he jumped up behind Ann with his front paws on the bench, and began to thrust towards her. The tip of his prick was showing. As he was taller than Barney, and Ann had raised her hips to play with a very wet but unsatisfied pussy, he was at the right angle to enter her without any help. Kari started to say something, but Ann jumped, startled by his hot prick touching her cunt lips. Where the two met, their bodies sizzled, and Charger slid at least 6 right into Ann. Ann immediately backed up onto Chargers rod, forcing in as much as she could. Charger grew instantly, once he was inside of her, stretching her pussy as he had the day before. Oh mygrrrazz..nnggghhhuuummmoohhh, was the only sounds that Ann could make. She pushed back on him hard, as her pussy was finally going to get what it needed, wanted and must have. In one motion, Chargers complete cock and knot were forced into her pussy, and Ann came so hard, her teeth hurt. The two of them fucked like there was no tomorrow, never had Kari seen two beings so intent on fucking. She wondered at the passion and the urge that Ann must be feeling, as each of Chargers tremendous thrusts were met by Ann with equal force. As he drove his huge pole forward into her, Ann drove her pussy hard back at him. Nothing could be seen of his prick as Anns pussy completely engulfed it. As they pulled apart between thrusts, only the head of Chargers cock remained inside of Ann. She slid forward with precision, as even the knot was not big enough to stay inside of her, and she knew just when to stop her forward motion, and drive back against him like a runaway truck. When their bodies met, the sound was like a thunderclap. Ann was still uttering her guttural sounds when Chargers knot finally grew big enough to lock them together. Now Ann was in control, pulling at Chargers knot so hard with her pussy that she made him howl. Kari watched in fascination, as she knew it couldnt last. Ann had been having one big and extremely long orgasm, and her pussy was a vice on Chargers cock. The muscles inside of her pussy were squeezing the life out of his cock they were milking, cajoling, pulling his shaft and knot. Forcing it to give up everything it had for her pleasure not for his. Finally Charger could not hold back any longer. His cum boiled up from his balls and from deep in his loins, flying out of his prick to fill his bitch with his seed. And Ann wouldnt stop pumping, pumping, pumping out his cum, everything he could give her and more. He bellowed in frustration to get out of this bitch. Never had he had to do that. But she wouldnt let go. If Charger was a wild dog, Ann was a wild monster a monster who could never be pleased. She continued to push back at Charger with each thrust. He started whining and crying but Ann hadnt had enough. Cum had filled her and was literally pouring out of her onto the blanket below. Kari had never seen so much cum, even the day before. Thick streams of it were forced from Charger. He scrambled with his legs but he was trapped. Finally Kari said, Ann, stopenough. Youre going to CENSOR Charger I have never been so hot and horny as I am watching you. You are a machine a machine thats never satisfiedKari began rubbing Anns sweaty back to calm her down. Slowly, Anns thrusts lessened. Slowly she stopped pumping against the dried out, exhausted young dog. Even though he was exhausted, Chargers huge cock filled her completely. After a minute or two, knowing how stretched out Ann must be, Kari reached in-between them and gently pulled Chargers cock out of Ann. It fell out with a large plop, and a great amount of his cum. He had pumped so much cum into her, that she wouldnt be free of it for days. Even now, his seed swam through her tubes to her ovaries, where it found her eggs, and begged to get in. Defying all probabilities and possibilities, one lucky sperm did get in and mixed its DNA with Anns DNA. The wonder of new life began. Kari rolled Ann off of the cum covered bench onto the floor. Well my friend, its my turn Kari said. But I think you killed all of my possibilities. Ann, breathing hard, laughed. Ann had proven herself to be the unchallengeable expert in dog fucking. Kari had no chance in topping a performance like that. Charger went over to Ann, lying on her back now, prostrate on the floor, and finished licking the cum from her cunt. He had done his best, and this bitch had overmatched him. His limited mind made it a priority to remember her victory. Even though he was on top when they fucked, he had been dominated by her, and that would have to change. Unknown to either of them at this time, his seed had taken hold. Whether or not it would bear some hideous fruit in the future was also unknown. He scratched on the back door, wanting to be let out. Kari opened the door and once outside, Charger collapsed on the ground and cleaned himself off and then went to sleep. Inside, Kari couldnt move Ann, who was in a semi-stupor. She lifted her friend partway to the couch and let her fall asleep. Looking at the bench and feeling extremely needy, she wondered how she could be satisfied since her friend had totally wiped out the two dogs. She had to admit to herself, it was mostly her faultKari wrapped her robe around herself and went outside to throw away the trash. She had to go through the backyard gate. Thumper became visibly more excited. He sniffed her hard, then started licking quickly, tasting her liquid sugar, and instinctively lubing up his bitch for his pleasure. Kari sat back on the floor for a few minutes, allowing him to start pleasing her with his tongue. As he licked, she became more excited, and her juices flowed. The new smell was different to Thumper, but still expressed the same urgency to him. His licking became more frantic, and sent chills up her spine. Kari noticed that his cock was dripping more precum in anticipation of what would come. But he was young and probably never had intercourse, much less with a human. She reached under him and grabbed his cock. It immediately began expanding and he sat down, then rolled over on his back. You are a smart one she said to him. She looked at Ann, now sleeping soundly on the couch. Kari knew she must be having fantastic dreams.She dropped her robe to the floor and went over to the bench by herself and laid down on her stomach, forcing her tits, which were bigger than Anns, into the tapered cutouts on the side of the bench. Her ass stuck off of the end, and she shook it trying to attract Thumper. He ran around her excitedly, but didnt know what to do. She reached out and petted him, reaching underneath him one more time, and felt that the sheath of his cock had slid back down a little, but his cock was all wet with precum. She removed her tits from the bench and twisted so she could bring Thumper up on top of her. Taking his right leg, she placed it over her body, until Thumper stood over her on the bench. She returned to her original position, her nipples rock hard with anticipation. Now she used her hands to force Thumper to move up the bench closer to her, until she felt their bodies meet. Now she lifted her ass a little and moved around. Because Thumper was tall and lean, his cock started touching her ass and pussy. Not knowing why, Thumper began a little pumping motion as he hunched over her. The tip of his cock now brushed against her pussy lips, and as he humped forward, entered Kari. Finally, she had something inside of her. All of the anticipation while she watched Ann get fucked was now over. She pushed back hard against him, as he humped forward. His cock entered her deeper, and now he let instinct take over, as he felt so right. His cock grew quickly in length and width, and Kari pushed back joyously against it. His pre-knot slipped right inside of her, stimulating her clit. She began to thrust hard against this virgin dogs cock. His knot quickly grew to a respectable size, locking the two together. Kari could feel that he was just as long as Barney, the tip of his cock pressing against her uterus. His prick was a little thinner though. And it was hard. Steel couldnt have been as hard as this young dogs prick. Now locked together, Thumper was able to hunch over her better than the other dogs would have, since he was so lean and tall. He now started pounding into Kari as she met every one of his thrusts, with one of her own. On each in and out thrust, Thumpers knot took Karis pussy lips in and out with it. On the down thrust, Thumpers furry loins met Karis shaved pussy lips. On every back thrust, her inner lips were revealed clinging tightly to his knot. But since they were tied so tightly together, his cock could not move too far in either direction. The dog knew that this was something he would do again and again with her. Kari felt her orgasms starting, and as with the more experienced dogs, she was able to cum again and again. Thumper, being young and inexperienced, was not able to hold back any longer. He began releasing volley after volley of cum, deep into Karis convulsing pussy. She moaned out loud as she felt each hot shot of his doggy cum, and felt herself filling up inside with that now familiar feeling. Being young and a first timer, Thumper stopped pumping, but continued to release his cum into Kari for a good five minutes. Stream after stream, left his prick, encouraged by Karis continued thrusts. It leaked out of her pussy in rivulets, just like with Ann, because his knot was slightly smaller than Barneys and Chargers and could not block the entrance to the now well-worn pussy. Kari was as well satisfied as if Barney or Charger had done her. There was nothing that Barney or Charger could do for her, that couldnt be made up for by Thumpers youth and energy. Thinking about it, Kari realized that Thumper could actually turn out to be the best fucker in the bunch, since he was starting so young.Her sweating body collapsed on the bench, now satisfied from its earlier urges. Thumper also stopped moving, and went to hop down from the bench, not realizing that his knot would prevent him. He found he was stuck inside of her, and his movement was only causing his knot to increase in size, and more cum to be unloaded into Kari. She grabbed his paws on either side of her, and held him in place. After five minutes, she felt his knot shrinking and let him go. He jumped off of her, but his still enlarged cock made a sucking noise as it withdrew from Kari. The pool of cum on the blanket below Kari increased in size, as his cum drained out of her. Totally satisfied now, she rolled off of the bench and went over to the couch. She moved Ann over slightly and placed her body next to her. She closed her eyes and slept.Chapter 8They both awoke sometime later, feeling sore but fulfilled. The dogs were evenly split between being inside and outside. Kari got up and put on her robe, then went outside and opened the gate, allowing Angel and Thumper to leave. She went back inside where Ann was already cleaning up the mess. She watched Ann pick up the blankets and walk towards the laundry room. She wasnt walking too straight. Kari laughed and said, Ann, youre walking bow-leggedI know, I can feel it she replied.Well, what will you tell Eddie? she asked.I dont know yet. But I am totally drained.Ive never imagined what an animal you were Kari added, smiling. Those dogs dont know what hit them.Turning a little red, Ann replied, I guess I am too much for any male But those dogs just get me off so much Then she added, Hey, you didnt get a turn yet with our lovers. Well have to make it up to youYou were really out, I guess. You dont know what happened. I found Thumper outside, and taught him how to fuck. He was a quick learner Kari told her. Dont worry about me, I got my share. But I have to also thank you for the wonderful work you did on me.Ann blushed and said, I have never in my life done that I am so sorry. Please keep it between us.She went upstairs and showered off, allowing the warm water to flow over her hair and body. She used the removable shower head to wash off the residual cum in her ass and pussy, soaping the areas well. Her orifices had been stretched out as far as she could handle, and they had not completely returned to their previously, tight condition. When she finished she toweled off and got dressed. Then she went back down to join Kari who by now had finished cleaning.Kari took her turn in the shower, then got dressed and went down to sit with Ann. Well, what now? she asked her friend as they sat together. Look, tomorrow is Saturday already. That means we cant get together again. But we are meeting tomorrow night, right? she asked Ann.Yep, well see you tomorrow night around 7.Do you think you could bring Barney? Kari asked.Ann thought a second and replied, Ill ask his owner if I can. But that means that I have to tell Eddie about him.Youre not going to tell Eddie, are you? Kari asked, horrified.No, no, not like that. I just have to tell him that I want to see what its like to own a dog Ann laughed. Dont worryWell, after I saw you today, I will always worry Kari said, hugging her friend.Ann held Karis shoulders, looked in her eyes and kissed her on the lips. The kiss was longer than would be usual for the two. Kari looked at her confused, then held her and kissed her back, this time sharing the tip of her tongue. Ann now backed off, looking at her friend and said, smiling, Lets save that for another time. See you tomorrow And with that she stood up and left with Barney.Ann walked up to his well kept house with Barney on a leash and knocked on the door. Her short skirt and shapely thighs went well together. And she had the walk. The walk was a fluid movement of her ass from side to side as she walked. It drew stares from most men when she walked by them. The top three buttons of her white blouse were tastefully open, down to the top of her cleavage. On the next hand Kari lost again, and with no reservations, removed her bra. Her large tits fell out, happy to be f

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