December 28, 2005

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Hi eveyone. Hope you enjoy this 4th part in the continuing stories of my wife and our dog. I have three others in the stories section. If you enjoy this one you might want to look up the others. I think maybe the first was my best–at least IMHO Wolf Part 4 It had been a long, hard day at work, and as I pulled into my driveway, I couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief at finally being home. As I stepped out of the car and closed the door, I couldn’t help but grin as I spotted Wolf tearing around the corner of the house heading my way. He seemed to brake as he made the turn, tongue hanging out and ears flopping, then picked up speed again as he straightened out. I braced myself as he swerved at the last minute to keep from barreling into me, but he was moving to fast and was much to clumsy to miss me completely. His hindquarters slammed into my right leg, knocking it out from under me for a moment. I was prepared for it though and managed to keep my balance. I grinned even bigger as Wolf slammed on the brakes and spun around facing me. His head and front end dropped to the ground, butt stuck up high in the air. There he stayed for a minute, eying me and getting ready to pounce. Suddenly, he made two quick leaps and his mouth dove for my left ankle. I tried to get away from him because I knew what was coming. I wasn’t fast enough and Wolf grabbed my pant leg, quickly shook it two or three times, then let go and danced back before I could hit him with my briefcase. Laughing, I ran for the porch, while swinging the briefcase to try and keep him from grabbing my pant leg again. I was only partially successful, as he still managed to grab me a couple more times before dancing away from my wildly swinging briefcase. Finally, I was on the porch, Wolf standing next to me, panting and with his long tongue hanging nearly to the floor. I petted his head as I opened the door then held it open so he could go on in. Jan groaned as she watched Wolf stalk across the living room, nose to the floor searching for any bits of food the grandkids might have dropped earlier in the day. “Wolf, what are you doing in here?” she playfully scolded. At the sound of his name, Wolf looked up, wagging his tail, and seemed to grin at my wife, then went back to searching for any lost tidbits. Tossing my briefcase on the couch, I slipped my arms around my gorgeous wife and pulled her in for a long, hard kiss. I felt her mouth open and her hot tongue slip between my lips. I gently sucked on it for a time, enjoying it and the softness of her lips against mine. Still holding her tight against me with my left hand, I brought my right around and cupped one full breast. Jan was not wearing a bra, only a very thin t-shirt, and I could feel the heat from her breast and felt her nipple suddenly harden as I gently pinched it. Jan moaned into my mouth and pressed tighter against me as my fingers tightened harder on her nipple and pulled it out slightly. By the time we broke our kiss, we were both breathless and had the same idea about heading for the bedroom for a quick romp. However, I gave a reluctant sigh and broke away. “I need a hot bath in the worst way,” I said and headed for the bathroom. As I left the room, Jan called after me that supper would be on the table when I got out. For the next half hour, I enjoyed a bath so hot it left my skin red. I think I could have stayed there all night if I hadn’t kept having flashbaacks of Jan’s full breast filling my hand and her hot tongue in my mouth. Reluctantly I got out of the tub, dried off and slipped on a silk robe. The thin material couldn’t hide the hard cock standing proudly between my legs. As I entered the kitchen, I saw my wife’s eyes drop to watch my swaying hardness as I walked toward her. She caught her breath and turned toward me as I walked up to her and once more pulled her against me and covered her mouth with mine. After a long, lingering kiss, it was Jan that gently pushed me away. “Eat,” she giggled as her hand slipped inside my robe and wrapped around my still rock hard member. She gave it a hard squeeze before letting go and sitting down at the table. Wolf had been lying quietly on the floor, but rose up and eased over to the table as we sat down to eat. After a leisurely meal, Wolf getting his share or more, we got up, leaving the dirty dishes on the table, and without saying a word we headed for the bedroom. Standing next to the bed we kissed again. Breaking the kiss, Jan said she needed to take a bath. “No, I don’t think you do,” I replied. I took the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up and over her head, freeing those full, ripe mounds. Throwing the shirt on the floor, I started to reach for her shorts. Jan had already unbelted my robe and quickly slipped it off me. Hurridly, I reached further down and slid her shorts and panties off at the same time. I watched her breasts gently sway as she stepped out of them. I have always had a special fascination with my wife’s beautiful, full breasts. Watching them tends to make it hard for me to breathe, especially when the nipples harden into beautiful little points just begging for me to suck them. Wof had followed us into the bedroom and I could tell he had caught the exciting scent of Jan’s aroused pussy. I looked into Jan’s eyes questioningly and she just nodded, knowing what I was asking without even voicing it. Lying down on the bed, we called Wolf up with us. With a leap, he was in the center of the bed, standing still and waiting. By now, Wolf knew what to do, so he just continued to patiently stand there, although Jan and I both noticed the red tip of his cock starting to emerge from its sheath. Pulling my wife against me I once more started to kiss her warm, willing mouth while running my hands over her body, exploring every hill and every crevice. I gently kneeded the round mounds of her bottom and slipped my finger between them to slowly circle and explore the tight, brown hole there. I cupped her breasts and when I again pinched her nipples, her body arched hard up against me, and a low moan escaped from deep in her throat. Finally, I broke the kiss and getting up on my knees, I offered my hard shaft to her mouth to suck on. Eagerly grabbing my shaft with one hand, she greedily pulled me to her face, and opening her mouth wide, she engulfed almost my entire length. She nearly gagged and had to pull me part way out. Then she set up a slow rythm of pulling me nearly out and then swallowing me again. My whole body tensed up in pleasure and I nearly came when I felt her free hand grab my balls and start to massage them. All to soon, I was at the point of no return and quickly pulled out as I didn’t want to cum just yet. Looking down at her, I smiled and gently turned her onto her back. She went willingly and once flat she spread her legs wide. Wolf was still standing in the middle of the bed and Jan had to bring one leg up and over Wolf, which left him situated between her spread legs. Even I could smell Jan’s excitement as her pussy opened like a flower with the spreading of her legs. Wolf’s gaze seemed to be focused on the junction of her spread legs, but he stayed where he was without moving. Finally, I patted Jan’s pubic mound and quietly said, “Wolf lick” When I did, Wolf broke his trance. He gingerly stepped forward. I watched as he lowered his muzzle toward my wife’s waiting pussy. I watched a tremor pass through her body in anticipation of Wolf’s long hot tongue. Jan kept watching, wide eyed, as Wolf came closer until his nose was right next to her waiting pussy. Both of us watched, as Wolf inhaled her scent, then his tongue shot out and ran up the entire lenght of Jan’s pussy. My wife’s body bucked upward and she inhaled sharply as Wolf’s hot, wet tongue once more ran her entire length. I could see Jan’s clit become hard instantly, and Wolf’s next lick slid over and around it. Her body shook continuously as Wolf’s tongue continued its steady licking. Then I watched her body begin to tighten all over which I knew meant she was about to have an orgasm. A long high pitched moan came from her and she threw her head back. Her orgasm washed over her and seemed to go on forever as Wolf’s tongue slid deep inside her pussy to lick the juices that were flowing wildly now. At last Jan could stand no more and pushed Wolf’s head away. Wolf stood there whining and looking from Jan to me and then back to Jan again. We both knew what he wanted and finally my wife took pity on him and rolled over on to her stomach. Rasing up on her hands and knees put her hot, wet pussy right in Wolf’s face and he took the hint immediately. I watched closely as Wolf’s body quivered with excitement, and the muscles in his forelegs began to bunch up. Suddenly he was on top of my wife, almost completely covering her back. I looked at Wolf’s hard cock, now completely out of its sheath and aimed right at Jan’s pussy, just inches away from her entrance. I watched in ecitement, unable to even breathe as Wolf hunched forward. Unfortunately, his aim was off and his dick hit Jan’s thighs. A second and a third time Wolf drove forward but with the same result. I saw Jan spread her legs even wider, opening herself up for an easier target. Wolf readjusted himself slightly and once more drove his hard cock forward. Pre-cum had been spurting all over Jan’s pussy this whole time so that when Wolf drove forward once more, he not only hit her now soaking wet pussy, but buried himself over halfway inside her. Quickly Wolf pulled part way out and hunched forward again. This time I nearly came all over the bed as I saw Wolf’s large balls tight up against my wife’s bearutiful ass. I couldn’t tell whether the sounds of excitement came from Wolf or Jan or both as Wolf started driving that large red cock deep inside my beautiful wife. In astonished wonder and excitement, I watched Jan’s pussy take Wolf again and again, slamming back against him, trying to take him even deeper inside her beautiful belly. Then I could see Wolf’s knot begin to grow until it was unable to slide back out and they were tied. Now his furious fucking was reduced to just a rocking motion as he continued to try to go even deeper. Jan was trying to help him by shoving her ass backward to get him even further into herself. She wanted every inch he could give her. Suddenly, Jan’s back arched in a mind shattering orgasm, her hot juices flooding Wolf’s cock now buried deep inside her belly. That’s all it took for Wolf to cum also, filling my wife’s belly with spurt after spurt of hot liquid. The kot had her plugged tight though, so Wolf’s cum just continued to build up inside her. Jan gasped out that she could actually feel his cum spruting inside her because it was so hot. She dropped down on her elbows, Wolf still draped cross her back. I held Wolf in place till his knot went down and he was able to pull out. Jan said later that Wolf’s knot was rubbing agianst her G-spot and felt so incredible that it kept throwing her into one orgasm after another. Wolf jumped down onto the floor and went off into the living room where he curled up in the corner and promplty fell asleep. Jan rolled over against me and snuggled, her soft breasts flattening out against my chest. As I kessed her again she whispered that she was so glad that I had finally talked her into letting Wolf lick and f her. “It’s the most incredible feeling,” she said. The fur on Wolf’s belly rubbing against her naked body, feeling his hard cock slide deep inside her, and especially how fast he could drive that shaft into her. However, she said she thought the best feeling of all was how much cum Wolf would fill her belly with and that it was so hot she could actually feel the spruts as they filled her up. I was still as hard as a piece of steel though, and I needed relief and needed it fast. So once more I eased Jan onto her back and stretched out on top of her. She pulled her knees back and spread them wide, opening herself for me. Jan was so wet with Wolf’s cum that I easily slid all the way inside her, bringing a gasp of pleasure from her lips. For a moment I stayed still, enjoying the heat and wetness that enveloped me. Slowly I pulled out and as I once more started to fill her pussy up, Jan pulled her knees back even further so that my hard cock would drive down even deeper. I had become so worked up watching Wolf and my wife that there was no way I could last long. I wanted to keep fucking her for hours, but already I could feel the cum starting to boil up from the pit of my stomach, rocketing along my shaft and then blasting its way into the depths of Jan’s sweet belly, filling her up and sending her once more into a mind shatering orgasm. I growled as I shoved my exploding cock as deep as I could get it, my cum mixing with Wolfs and Jan’s. Finally, I pulled out and fell onto the bed, all the tension and tiredness of the day forgotten. Mumuring our love for each other, we drifted off into a contented sleep, the sounds of Wolf’s gentle snoring the last thing we heard.Remember, if you enjoyed this one, then there are three more of my wife and Wolf. Hope you enjoy all of them. Texas Jack 58

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