April 6, 2005

dog suck

The following is not my story (obviously). It a story told to me by the first man I ever shared my K-9 experiences with. We were both in college at the time. Heres his story, as nearly as I can re-enact, in his style, words and manner.—————————– Rons Story ——————————I was home last summer during the break and Ma told me I should go up and mow Aunt Sadies place. Aunt Sadie is my Mas half sister and shes got the bucks Her old man was a big wheel beef cattle and when he died he left her everything. Aunt Sadie is good looking, too. Shes a little on the heavy side, but shes still really got a fine figure. You know that Ginger, on Gilligans Island. Aunt Sadie could be her twin. And she dresses like it, too. You know, those long slinky, low cut gowns. So when Ma said to go mow her lawn, I was out the door before she could finish her sentence.It was hotter than Hell out. Nine OClock in the morning it was already over 80 and so humid you could see it. It was gonna be a bitch to mow that huge lawn today. But, Hell, I knew Aunt Sadie would invite me in too cool off.she always did. And then shed sit there talking to me while I had sodaand, man, I would sweat all day long just to see her alone for 10 minutes So I got to Aunt Sadies place FastWhen I got there I could tell the place hadnt been mowed in like about a month And I knew the only mower she has is one of those old John Deere, push jobs. This was gonna be a bitch.and it was By 10:15 Im pouring sweat and I hardly made a dent it the lawn. Round about quarter to eleven. My clothes were soaked through. I mean, Im only wearing, my old high school gym shorts, underwear, sweat socks and Nikes, but they are all like I jumped in a pool or something. By 11 my underwear legs were chafing my inner thighs, so I went to the garage and got them off and hung them up on a nail to dry and went back at it.So here I am, pushing that mower, pouring sweat and I can see Aunt Sadie in the livingroom window, waving to me. I wave back, but now Im feeling really toughyou knowstrong. I mean, all I had to do was see her standing there in that silver-white nighty and I am CHARGED The whole time Im cutting the grass now, I keep thinking about her standing there. I mean, she was only about 15 feet away then and I could see her nipples sticking right through that silk JeeeezSo, anyway, I keep at it until I am dying of thirst So I shut down and head to the house. Aunt Sadie never cares if I just walk in and fix myself a soda, so thats what Im gonna do. Well, I go in the back door and just when Im about to open the fridge I hear this breathy moaning sound coming from the living room. At first I think its some hot TV show Aunt Sadie is watching. So I just walk right in there.AND HOLY FUCKIN SHIT Aunt Sadie is sitting on the couch with her nighty wide open, her great tits out, and no panties.And thats not the good part. Harley is licking her cunt Harley A Dog A Fucking St. Bernard is licking her cunt I mean, JEEEEEZ I mean, it was the hottest fucking thing I ever saw And I didnt want her to see and stop, so I, quick like backed into the kitchen. Then I peaked around the corner and watched. I could Not Fuckin Believe it Her big beautiful tits were bouncing, her hips were bucking up and down She was kind of half choking, half whispering things like, Lick me, Baby Lick Mommys Pusseeee Yesssss Babeeeeee.Im getting so hot watching this I can take it. My cock poked out under the leg of my shorts and now its standing straight up. So, I mean, what else could I do? I started jerking off I mean, Gaaaahd Give me a fucking break My own sexy aunt, on five years older than me, and shes getting off on a dogs tongue.I mean, man, I was going crazy. I couldnt help it I was beating myself off so fast With both hands I mean SHIT And then Sadie starts really humping his face and squealing like a girl and shaking all overShes cumming From a Dog Shes cumming her brains out And, JEEEEZ, So did I I mean I NEVER shot like that before.and I couldnt stop, either I felt so fucking good Like I was looking at them and looking at my cock and shooting all kinds of the shit I mean Gallons And I got my eyes closed and my head back and jerking and jerking AAAhhh Shit Shit I mean it was soooooo fucking goooood And like Im getting all dizzy, and my legs are wiggling so hard I cant keep my balance, but I just cant stop jerking it Then I stumble and crash into the table and silverware and glass knocks off. And I RUN I mean, Damn If she wouldve caught meSo Im back out mowing the lawn in like three seconds. And Im mowing and mowing, but I cant stop seeing her hot body and that dog eating her hot cunt I mean, I know I just shot the most cum in my whole life, but my dick wont go down Then I see Aunt Sadie on the porch. Shes wearing a black evening gown now. Shes waving me to stop and come in. So I do. When I get in the house she says, Ronny. Come with me to the living room. Theres something I want to show you. Now Im thinking., Oh Baby Show me Show me you know. But when we get there she picks up the remote and points at the TV and says, very angry, How do you think youll explain this to your mother?. Then she turns on the VCR and.It was me Jerking off my cock She had a hidden camera I was Fucked I said, But you wereShe shouted, I have the evidence Your word against mine And I say I was sleeping in my nighty and you are a pervertI KNEW I was fucked The she says, in this real soft, hoarse kind of voice, You liked it, didnt you? Watching Harley eat me really got your rocks off, didnt it?.I mean, what could I do? I just stood there like an idiot and nodded.Then she says, You little pervert You get off on dog-sex..Well, I guess it runs in the family.Then she says, in this real sexy voice, And I bet you would do anything to see it up close and personal, wouldnt you?I say, FUUUCK YESSSS. And she gets this really big smile, and says, Anything???And I say, ANYTHING. And she gets a bigger smile. The she sits down on the couch and points me to the easy chair right across from it and she calls, Here, Harley.I mean, Im getting a boner just thinking about it. And I cover it with my hands and she says, You said anything For starters, dont hide that gorgeous cock from me I want to see how big youve grown.So I move my hands and little Ronnie just pops right up there, big and proud. And she says, OOOOH, Ronnie You are one well hung little stud. I bet we can make it even bigger.Then she opens her nightgown and all shes got on under is one of those black lace corsets. You know the kind that push up her tits but dont cover em. And Miiiiiii Gaaaaahd I mean She has a BOD And her nipples are stiff and sticking way, way out Ive never seen nipples so long and stiff And she is looking right at my cock with really wicked eyes and a really wicked smile. Then she opens her legs andGaaaahd. She shaves Her pussy is bare And JEEEEEZ its Niiiiiice And she smiles and then starts touching her outer lips with the tips of her index fingersreally softly and slowly and she says, You do it, too, Ronny. Show me what you did in the kitchen. Show me how you can love your hot cock.No prob Watching her? Any guy would And the whole time shes saying things like, Oh, Ronny. This is so hot So nasty And your cock.you have such a fabulous cock Stroke it for me, Ronny Yes Yes Like that Do it Keep doing it Oh, Baby Nasty baby CENSOR baby You are so nasty.and so fucking HotThats it, Baby. Doooo itAnd she keeps diddling her pussy, with both hands, and then she grabs her lips and pulls them way apart and says, See, baby? See what youre doing to me? Can you see hot Wet you make me?Im about to loose it, and she whistles loud and yells, Harley Come here, Harley Harley, Come HereAnd her humongus St. Bernard comes trotting in and she stands right between her legs, and I think hes going to eat her cunt. But he grabs his head with both hands by his earsbut kind of gentle-like. And she rubs his ears and says, Good boy Good, Harley How would Harley like Momma to be Reeeeeeal niiiiice to him?Then she slides off the couch and knees on the side of him away from me and says, really sweet-like, Ronneeee. Come over here. Come over here and kneel on the other side of Harley, like I am.Well, I dont know whats going on, but Im not going to miss out. So I get over there and on my knees in a hurry.Now shes kind of scratching under his chin and neck with her right hand and shes petting his back with her left and she says, You pet him too. Just like I am.nice long firm strokes. So do. And shes sayng, Yes.Yessss. Harley likes youuuu. He likes how you stroke himand I like how you stroke yourself. Do you still have your other hand on your cock?Then she kind of ducks under him and says, Ooooh, yesss Keep it up, Ronnie. Play with that beautiful cock for your nasty Aunt Sadie Yesssss. Im still playing with my pussy. Take a peak, baby.I lean and look under all that white hair and I see her there on her knees, with her knees spread real wide and shes got two finger up her hole, just pumping away. That got me The she says, We are soooo nasty. Auntie and nephew masturbating for each other. That is soooo nastly But you like it, dont you, Baby. You like being nasty.I say, OH, GAAHD YOUUU BETAnd she says, with this evil, happy sound in her voice, Want to be even nastier?And my head is bobbing yes like one of those dolls in the back of cars.Then she says, See my hand under Harley?, and I look and I see her hand under him, palm up. And she says, turn your hand just like mine, so your palm is facing Harley and put it under here, too.So I do. Then she takes my hand so her palm is on the back of my hand and my hand is still palm up. Then she kind of gets up and her knees and leans over his back and says, Kiss me, Ronnie. I need to feel your lips on mine.Who the fuck wouldnt do that. So I get on my knees and lean to her and we kiss. I mean, Faaaaack And shes sucking on my lip and nibbling on it and shes still holding my hand under the dog and she pulls back and looks into my eyes and smiles and says, Now we are both going to have some nasty fun. And I feel her slowly push my hand up and then its touching him And her hand squeezes up around mine and she presses my hand into his sheath-thing and she goes, OOOOOOOH, YEEESSSSSS NASTY NASTY My lovely Nasty boyThen she starts moving my hand up and down his sheath, saying, Feel that, Baby Feel how hot it is Feel how firm it is Feel it Feel it for me, Baby.And I can tell shes getting real hot Her eyes are glassy looking and her whole face is dark pink.Then she makes my fingers kind of clamp around his thing and shes saying, Oh Fuck Yes Baby Yes Thats it Thats it. Jack him off with me Jack him offShes getting hot and Im getting hot, too. Then she leans up again and says, Kiss me Kiss me while we jack off a DogMy head is spinning and Im jerking me off and Im jerking him off , too. And I lean forward and now were kissing, and Frenching and sucking each others tongues. And she pulls back, panting and all and says, My tits Baby. Keep jacking him off and you can suck my titsThen she gets way up on her knees and leans over him and grabs my head with both hands and pulls my face into her big hot tits. And she shoves one of those long, stiff nipples to me and rubs it all over my face and my lips, saying., Jack it off Jack it Jack of Dog Cock Gaaahd, Babeee Never stopNow I sucking her tit and jacking me and jacking off a dog .all at the same time It was Wild Out-fucking-ragious Then she pulls away and says, I have to suck him I have to suck him Watch me, Baby Watch me suck dog cock. Then she rolls over on her side and slides under him and she takes my hand and moves it up to something thick and wet and real hot His cock I know it And she clamps my fingers around it with both her hands and starts jerking it back and forth. And she says, Oh, Baby This is HotThis is so fucking hot Look, Baby You/ve gotta seeSo I lay on my side and I see her hand over mine and mine on this huge, huge cock I mean this thing is so thick I can hardly get my fingers around it And were jacking it off. Me and her. Me and my own aunt Were jacking off a dogs cock And, MAN Its so fucking hot And theres this huge swell , like a big red softball and our hands are behind it, and she says, really urgent-like, Your other hand Ronnie Give me your other handSo I lay down on my shoulder and stick out my other hand and she grabs it with hers and puts it right around his shaft and starts stroking it up and down real fast. And she starts panting, Dog cock. Ronnie Ronnie Yes Oh, Fuck Yes Ronnieeeeee Jack him off Jack him offAnd nothing is going to stop me either I mean, its too fucking hotand shes going so fucking wild So I got both my hands on his cock and I m jacking him off and she lets go of my hand and squeals, KEEP DOING IT KEEPDOING ITThe she gets up on her elbows, underneath him and leans up and wraps her lips right around his cock Right around a fucking dogs cock And I am going fucking nuts And shes sucking and bobbing her head and wiggling her head all over I mean she loves this shitAnd Im all on my back looking at her go for it, then she pulls her head off him and this stuff is spraying out of his cock all over her face and she turns and grabs my head with both hands to kiss. And our lips meet and she shoves her tongue in my mouth and then she spits all this warm, coppery stuff in my mouth and she kisses me so hard that I got to swallow. And she pulls he head back and says, Good boy You swallowed it. You swallowed Harleys juiceAnd Im like stunned, then she grabs MY cock real hard and starts yanking it real hard and kind of chanting, like with each stroke, I love you I love you. Dirty bastard. Just..like me Just like me Dog slut Dog slut Just like me Then she liplocks the head of my cock and starts sucking and swirling her tongue all over it. And I am getting there, Man I mean Im going to shoot a load Then she grabs my balls real hard It hurts And she says, You want to cum, Baby? Huh? Do you want to cum??And Im bout crying, Pleeeese. Gaaahd Pleeeese And then she says, like a cougar purr, Babeeee, Ill make you come. Ill suck your cockIll suck it sweet, and Ill suck it hardand Ill suck it long.just as sweet and hard and long as your are sucking Harley.I want to cum Shit Ill die if I dont, but sucking a dogs cock????And she knows what Im thinking, and she pulls back, under him still and still holding my cock and balls. Then she lifts her head and starts flicking that big red tip with her tongue.looking right at me while shes doing it. And shes saying, You already swallowed it. It tastes niiiiice. (lick, lick, lick)oooh, hot and yummeeee (lick, lick). Then she rolls to me and licks the tip of my cock, too. Then his, then mine.Then shes just sucking him. More and more and faster and faster. The she says, From my mouth again Please, Baby. Let me give you some from my mouth. Well, I already did that, I think, so I say, OK. OKAnd she let go of his cock with her close hand and grabs me behind the head and pulls me close her and kisses me And she shoves a whole bunch of his jizz in my mouth and smears it all around with her tongueThen she gobbles his cock again And shes making all the mewing sound and slurping sound and sucking him harder and faster. Then she yanks my head into hers and kisses me more And pushes more dog jizz in my mouthand I like it I mean, its wild, but I really like it Then she pull my with hers, still kissing me and everything. And I feel his cock on my cheek Its wet and hot and squirting and she moves his cock Then were frenching with our tongues out and were both lapping our tongues all over each others tongues and lips and his cock, too I mean, Holy Shit It was so fucking HOT Were like CRAZY Were licking and lapping all over. Both of us. Then were both doing his dick I mean were not kissing Were both licking a damn dogs cock And its GREAT SO FUCKING GREAT(to be continued)

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