January 17, 2005

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From: Yknot EMAIL REMOVED – USE THE PM SYSTEMSubject: Bitch Again 1NOTE – This story contains material of a graphic nature. It describesexplicit sexual acts between male dogs and a guy (human). The events inthis story are true, I have written this story and names have been changedto insure privacy, but everything else is as it happened. This story isintended for entertainment purposes, if this type of subject matter willoffend you or if you are underage = then stop reading NOW.Any comments are welcome, Email me EMAIL REMOVED – USE THE PM SYSTEM)Bitch Again by YknotI have been lurking at Nifty Erotic Stories for many years. I get off sogood reading the Bestiality Stories. I am 44, I have been bitch to my maledogs since I was 21. My first dog/Stud was a lab. I had him fourteenyears. I was such a bitch, he was a wonderful Stud. He serviced his bitchalmost at will, almost every day of his adult life. He craved mating me asmuch as I craved him mating me. But that is another story. I have acurrent story I would love to share. I feel I owe it to Nifty and fellowBeastly site lovers. I know I am going to get off just writing it for you.Circumstances have made it such that since my last dog, also a lab pastaway I have not been able to have another dog for over two years. I knewfor six months that I would be able to get a new lover. I was going crazy,re-living past Studs, my household pet just fucking me silly. I love beingtied, love the times my lovers and I have time to tie, his Knot buried deepin my ass. Seems my Studs loved it too, they were always ready to matebitch. I would beat-off knowing that soon I would have a new lover. AStud to please in every way and at the same time being so happy andsexually fulfilled myself. I could be bitch again.My man bitch pussy was so empty, Craving a big dog’s cock stuffed all theway into bitche’s ass. I would whine when I cum beating off. My dogsalways got excited when I whined to be fucked. Soon. Soon a new Stud forbitch.The situation came, I could get a new Stud. I thought it would take me amonth to settle in before I started looking for a dog. I was so wrongabout that. I was consumed with the thought of getting a dog. At work,everywhere, my head was filled with thoughts of being bitch again. Myhappy dog fucking me hard. Filling my ass with hot dog cum. Holding me sotight, pulling me onto his tool. Panting over me once he stuffed his knotnice and tight in bitche’s cunt. Tongue juice dripping on my shoulder. Ihad only been in my new situation few days. I had used cream hair removeron my balls and ass, anticipating dog tongue on me Ohhhh, feels so good tobe smooth. Dog tongue licking up from my hole to my cock, passing over myhairless ball sack. I was Aching, yearning, Craving dog cock. I was anaddict. Only a new Stud could be my fix. Make me content and happy. Saturday morning I was reading a Zoo story on-line, I was so hot. Ineeded a dog so bad. I got a newspaper and started looking for a dog. Icould not find an ad for what I wanted. I got online, found the near-bycounty Shelter. They had a 1.5 year old German Shepherd featured that day.I called, he was still there. After a 150 mile round trip my new dog Jakeand I were home. I let him check out the house. He sniffed every corner ofthe house and yard, twice at least. We found a place for his food and waterEtc., I walked him around the neighborhood. Jake sniffed and peed on everypost and bush.”Very nice Tool Jake. “, I thought to myself.I had of course coped a feel at the shelter, he was intact. I jerked him alittle and he started humping. I stopped. I knew he would make a niceLover. Jake is a medium sized German Shepherd, mostly black with nice tanmarkings. Fine looking dog. Strong Stud type dog. My first germanshepherd after having three different Labs at other times of my life as aZoo.”Time to go home and check out the bedroom a little better Jake? ” Iasked. He wagged his tail. I took that as a yes.We started toward home. I had been a little hard since getting to theshelter. On the drive home Jake licking my face, starting to teach him tokiss my mouth I was stiff. Now I knew it was time to really check eachother’s bodies out. I got harder on the walk home. I was so excited. Wewent to our bedroom, the place I was hoping we would fulfill eachother’ssexual needs for years to cum.Besides my three other dogs, all I had for many years, I have been bitch tothree or four stray/neighborhood dogs too. I know how to be a good bitch.I got naked fast. I had the smell of cum on my crouch from jacking offbefore going to the shelter. I laid down on my back on the floor. Iencouraged him to check me out, sniff and lick me. I was hard and strokingmyself. I was petting him, telling him what a good dog he was. I startedtouching and holding and stroking his sheath, he did not mind. I stokedhis knot, still very small inside his sheath. He started humping . Iwas so happy, I knew then he would be responsive to sexual exploration. While jacking my wood I jacked Jake’s cock, me, soon to be bitch, on myback, under my Stud. His wonderful pink cock expanded out of his sheath.It was my first time seeing his cock. It has been two years since I haddoggie cock. I immediately put my bitch lips on his tool and sucked andjacked it out of hiding. Zeke was loving it, humping fast. I pulled hissheath over the knot before it was large, his whole cock out now, growing,swelling in my mouth and hand. I was so hot, so hard, so in NEED of adoggie to be my stud again. I was bitch again. Now I was sucking my Studfor the first time. As soon as I started playing with him he startedprecumming. I love that about dogs, constant squirts of precum. I love itin my mouth and I love aiming it all over my face and body. I think of itas Cum Showers. God I love cum showers. I was getting a wonderful, hotcum shower. Jake humped until his cock was fully expanded. Then he stoodover me panting. Holding him behind his Knot. His Juices squirting on me,in my mouth often. Swallowing his hot cum I was holding him behind his knot, sucking and rubbing his throbbing cockall over my face. I was going to cum soon. Zeke was standing, his headtowards my groin just panting, dripping tongue juice on my belly. He was Ithink enjoying his new home. Zeke was only out of the shelter for maybefive hours and he was getting his cock sucked by his new……master? Whois who in this situation. A gray area of sexual bliss. ” Oh god Jake I’m going to cum, oh yes, oh what a nice cock. oh god Iwant you to fuck me soon. Oh god, I’m cumming. ” His cock way deep in my mouth, me holding his knot, I squirted onto mychest. Oh god Jake. He noticed this new goo coming from my cock It was onmy chest, my cock and hand. He sniffed, took a tentative lick. He startedlicking in earnest, licking my belly, down to my cock. He was licking mycock OH yes. We were sixty-nining We were cumming in each other’smouth.I was moaning and humming on Jake’s cock. Savoring the taste of him.Breathing in his scent. Gently humping my cock at his licking tongue. Irubbed cum on my boy hole. He licked my bitch cunt.Heaven My heart, just like EVERY time I had dog sex in the last twenty years, myheart was pounding so hard. I was panting too, bitch was orgasmic, underhis Stud, Studs cock down bitch’es throat. Saturday afternoon, our firstday together, I knew it was only the first day of a many year relationship.I knew Stud and bitch will find many ways to please each other.” Oh good boy, your cum is so fine. Oh yes Jake. ” ” Oh god I love yourcock. I will fucking worship your cock Jake ” After a bit more licking and sucking he stepped away. I knew, I held hisknot and he stood looking away from me. I held on and sucked his cum amoment more, then he stood and licked his dick until it retracted back intoit’s divine sheath. I patted the floor next to me and he laid down next tome. His warm soft fur next to my skin. I put my face in his fur andbreathed deep. His scent imprinting on my mind. I will know and love Hisscent forever now. I bet I get a little woody most of the time I smell himnow.I will let you know about Saturday evening and Sunday, And oh my god whathappened today when I got home. This is going to be a very good year.Happy New YearThis is my first attempt at writing. I hope you all enjoyed it.Yknot This post has been edited by Yknot on Jan 16 2005, 08:03 PM

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    1. Superb story man very curious for the next part Keep on writing, you’re gifted

      Comment by Kimball__Rotty — January 17, 2005 @ 2:25 am

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    4. That was a good (hard) story Love it….

      Comment by Wolfie — January 18, 2005 @ 6:46 pm

    5. A wonderful story Yknot, thank you for sharing

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      Comment by Beverly — January 23, 2005 @ 11:48 pm

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      Comment by rcd66 — February 22, 2005 @ 12:21 am

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      Comment by ilovemypuppy — February 23, 2005 @ 3:19 am

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      Comment by blueboi — February 24, 2005 @ 3:12 am

    11. Thanks for posting Yknot. Great story.

      Comment by jdoe4k9 — August 30, 2005 @ 7:59 pm

    12. great story, makes me want to run down to my local shelter right now…too bad i don’t have the space for a larger dog though.

      Comment by billie32 — August 30, 2005 @ 11:21 pm

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      Comment by DADDY_DOGS — September 4, 2005 @ 10:43 pm

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