September 4, 2006

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This is my first time posting a story on this forum. I wrote this 5-part story especially for a friend I met here who was kind enough to share her real life dog experiences with a newbie. This story is part fact and part fantasy. I’ll let the reader figure that out. I hope you enjoy and welcome all feedback. INTROAlicia had been temping at a Wall St firm for a year and now had a new assignment in the Mergers Acquisitions Dept. The hours would be long but she could use the extra money. Alicia shared a quad with three other women, Katy, Deborah and Elizabeth. They were all in their early 30′s. Katy and Deborah were very welcoming, but Elizabeth was another story. She was very bossy, never smiled and always critiqued how the work was being done. Katy and Deborah were married with children, Alicia had a live-in boyfriend and Elizabeth was single. The women often joked that maybe Elizabeth needed a”good, stiff one” to loosen her up, but they never let her hear their jokes. Alicia was a strong, sexy Black woman, 5’7, 165 lbs, curvy , 40DD with a generous backside. She had a sultry voice that could be soothing but also could be stern. Elizabeth was petite, White, bleached blond, 5’3, 36C, very prim and proper. Although she was only 32, she acted like a old woman. Alicia sat next to Elizabeth and after a few months, they became more friendly. The other women were surprised because Elizabeth was rarely friendly towards anyone, especially other women. Alicia learned that Elizabeth lived alone in a condo she recently bought a few blocks from the office. She seemed to have no friends and spent her free time shopping for her apartment. She often came back from lunch with several bags filled with things for her new place. The work had increased and several nights the women worked past 8 pm. Usually it was Alicia and Elizabeth who volunteered to work even later because they had no children at home. On this night, it was pouring down rain and Alicia stood inside the lobby waiting for the car service that would take her home. It had been 20 mins since the car was scheduled to arrive and she was about to call again when she saw Elizabeth coming with a load of shopping bags, “I thought you were gone by now. Oh my, look at that all that rain and I don’t have an umbrella and have all this stuff.” Alicia offered to drop Elizabeth off when the car came. After waiting another 15 mins., Elizabeth asked Alicia to help her with the bags and they could call another car service from her apartment. It was almost 10pm and Alicia was tired and ready to be home, so she grabbed a couple of bags and they two women walked the three long blocks to the condo. When they reached the building, Elizabeth was drenched and Alicia was slightly damp, her animal print dress was clinging to her curves. “Thanks alot Alicia, I really appreciate this and now you get a chance to see my place.” She opened the door and a large brown Great Dane was standing there, wagging his tail. “Hey Teddy, I know I’m late. Did you miss me, baby.” Alicia stood frozen, the dog was HUGE and looking at her warily. “Don’t worry Alicia, Teddy won’t hurt you. He’s just not use to me bringing home strangers.” Alicia walked in slowly, “You never told me you had a dog” “Well, since I live alone and this neighborhood is deserted at night, I got Teddy for protection. He’s a good boy, don’t worry.” Teddy came to Alicia and sniffed at her feet and then her hands, which were by her sides. His huge head came very close to her crotch and sniffed there too. “He’s getting to know you. Sit down and relax while I get out of these wet clothes and we can call you a cab. C’mon Teddy,.” Elizabeth and Teddy disappeared down the hall. Alicia sat down nervously and looked around. The living room was large and decorated very nicely. One part had been sectioned off as a small office with a computer and a video camera on a tripod.. . Alicia had to pee, “Um, Elizabeth could I use your bathroom.” “Sure, come down the hall, it’s the door at the end.” Alicia walked quickly down the hall but noticed Elizabeth in her bedroom, naked and drying herself with a towel. Teddy was standing in front of her and it looked like his head was buried in her crotch. Alicia rushed to the bathroom, “What the f is going on here?”, she wondered to herself. When she came out the bathroom, Elizabeth was waiting in a Chinese silk robe, Teddy by her side. “Can we call that cab, it’s late.” “Sure, sit down while I get the number.” Teddy followed Alicia to the living room and sat down across from her. He began cleaning himself and Alicia could see he had huge balls and about two inches of reddish purple dog cock was protruding from his fur. Alicia was staring so intently, she didn’t notice when Elizabeth came into the room. “Teddy, behave yourself, we have company.” As she sat down, the dog came to her and buried his head in her lap while she stroked his head. Alicia looked at this scene and realized something was going on with Elizabeth and this dog. She was petting his head as if encouraging him to move closer to her crotch, there was a sexual tension in the air. Alicia felt her own crotch get wet at the thought and knew she had to get out of there quick. “Your cab will be here in 10 mins. Let me throw on some clothes and I’ll go down with you.” While she was gone, Teddy came up to her and immediately sniffed at her crotch and gave her hand a long wet lick with his rough tongue.. Could he sense that she was aroused and her pussy was wet? “He doesn’t normally do that to strangers, I think he likes you, Alicia”, Elizabeth said with a naughty smile on her face. As she rode home in the cab, Alicia thought about Elizabeth and Teddy.and about the dog licking his privates and the hint of the huge cock that was buried beneath his furry sheath. She had always been secretly turned on by girls with big dogs but had never met anyone who was actually in that scene. Her instincts told her that Elizabeth was using Teddy for more than just protection and her curiosity and secret desires made her determined to find out for sure.

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    1. Part 1Alicia came home to an empty apartment. Her live-in boyfriend was working a night shift again. They had been spending very little time together with their opposing work schedules and she knew this 7 yr relationship was coming to an end. She had taken this new assignment to make extra money so she could ask him to leave. Alicia stripped off her damp clothing and headed for the shower. As she soaped her body, she thought about petite Elizabeth and that huge dog. The soapy sponge rubbed slowly over huge, dark swollen nipples.She imagined Elizabeth on all fours with Teddy’s huge doggy cock humping her furiously and the sponge traveled down to her throbbing clit. Alicia rubbed the sponge over her pussy faster and faster until she felt her body tense and a huge orgasm caused her whisper, “oh yesssssssssssssssssssssssss” As she emerged from the shower, she couldn’t get the image of Elizabeth and Teddy out of her mind. Although it was almost midnight, she was still horny and knew she wouldn’t be able to go to sleep right away. She got her 10′ vibrating dildo, a thick towel and turned on the computer, which had become routine since her boyfriend was rarely home at night. Alicia knew she was a freak in many aspects. She loved fucking men, but had other desires she shared only online with strangers. She had a dominate personality and had discovered the BDSM world online. She was a natural Domme and had a way of making people tell her their deepest, darkest secrets fantasies. She had several online male subs who were hungry for her stern commands. She had even met a few in person. They wanted to be spanked or humiliated, they wanted to service her orally, they wanted golden showers, they wanted to be f with a strapon they wanted to sniff her soiled panties and she did it all, but never allowed any to f her. It was her desires that made her relationship so unsatisfying. She needed to explore her sexuality. Although she was a Domme to only men, Alicia always wanted to make love to a woman. She spent endless hours looking at lesbian porn, women with big tits, squirters and any other perversion that turned her on. Tonight, Alicia went web surfing for doggy porn. Since she was a child, she remembered being turned on by seeing male dogs fucking or licking their pink cocks. She thought she was sick, but recently discovered that their were alot of people who were into beastiality. She logged into her favorite beast website and searched for movie clips of girls with huge dogs. Alicia sat with her long brown legs spread wide, her vibrator humming softly as it slid over her swollen, wet clit watching a small blond with huge tits stroking a huge Rottweiler’s cock. The dog’s cock was at least 8 inches long , beet red, extremely thick with a huge glob of precum was leaking from the tip. The girl licked the tip of the dog’s cock and Alicia felt her pussy convulse and gush when the girl took the big doggy cock in her mouth and slowly started to suck him in. Alicia now had the half of the dildo in pussy fucking herself slowly. The girls mouth starting sliding faster and faster over the dog’s cock and Alicia spread her legs wider and plunged the vibrator deeper into her pussy. The dog was now humping faster, fucking the girls mouth vigorously. The girl ‘s clean shaven pussy was wide open and she was finger fucking herself while she sucked off the dog. Alicia was squirming in her chair, the dildo vibrations and penetration making her moan with pleasure. She watched as the girl took the huge knot in her small mouth and was sucking like her life depended on it. Alicia ran her free hand over her hard nipples and pinched them as she f herself harder with the dildo. She saw the dog give a mighty thrust and watched as the girls mouth started to fill with his cum, so much that it ran out the sides of her mouth and dripped onto her breasts. As the girl on the screen tensed up and came, Alicia felt the beginning of her own orgasm and her body spasmed with tingling delight. She moaned long and deep as she felt her pussy explode and her juices soaked the towel. It was a full 10 mins before she caught her breath and was able to move. She erased her tracks from the computer,and finally satisfied enough to sleep. Alicia took her dildo to her bed and licked it clean, thinking about Teddy’s doggy cock. As she hid the dildo in her nightstand drawer, she made up her mind to find out if Elizabeth was REALLY fucking Teddy. And if she was, Alicia wanted in on the action.

      Comment by karamel40k — September 4, 2006 @ 3:53 am

    2. PART 2It was Friday and it had been a busy and stressful couple of weeks for Alicia. At home, she finally had asked her boyfriend to leave. At work, it was the end of the quarter and she had been working 12 hr days. She had been so overwhelmed that she didn’t get to chat much with Elizabeth. As the work day wound down, Alicia talked with Katy and Deborah about their plans for the weekend. She told them about breaking up with her boyfriend and this would be her first weekend alone in 7 yrs and she had no specific plans. At 5pm, Katy and Deborah bid farewell and left. Alicia sat finishing some work, preparing to leave also. Elizabeth started to chat, “Hey Alicia, I couldn’t help but overhear about your boyfriend. No wonder you’ve been so distracted. You’ve hardly spoken to me. I was wondering if I did something wrong”, she laughed nervously. “Why would you think that?”, Alicia asked and looked directly into her eyes. She could see that Elizabeth was thinking of something to say, but held off. “It’s been really hectic here lately, we’re lucky to have you to help out.” Alicia continued to look at Elizabeth. She could tell Elizabeth wanted to say something, but didn’t know how. “Yeah, these long hours have been brutal. I think I’ll pick up some wine on my way home and relax with a movie” , Alicia said with a sigh. “Um……Alicia, I don’t have any plans. We can get some wine and you can come back to my place so I can give you a proper tour. I didn’t get a chance to show you much the first time.” Alicia noticed a gleam in Elizabeth’s eye and that was just the opening she needed to find out more. “Sure, I have nothing else to do. Let’s go” They stopped at a liquor store a picked up three bottles of wine and headed for the condo. Teddy started to bark as soon as he heard the key in the door. He jumped up on his hind legs and gave Elizabeth’s face a huge lick. Elizabeth giggled, “Hey, Teddy. You been a good boy today? I brought home a friend, remember Alicia?” The dog came over to Alicia, looked at her intently, sniffed at her crotch and licked her hand. “Teddy, behave yourself. I’m sorry Alicia but he didn’t mean to sniff you down there. He’s just so big that his head naturally goes there. Relax, he likes you, I can tell”, she said with a wink. Elizabeth gave Alicia the grand tour and the apartment was exquitely decorated. She brought out the wine glasses and some cheese and crackers. “Alicia, will you pour the wine while I change my clothes and give Teddy his dinner?” Alicia poured the wine and pulled up her thigh high stockings, her fingers coming dangerously close to her tingling pussy. Elizabeth came back dressed in her silk robe with Teddy in tow. They toasted the end of the work week and drank their wine. When they had finished the third bottle, Elizabeth started to talk. “I guess you could say I’m obsessive compulsive. My relationships with men never seem to last. I was sort of a tomboy growing up and never had any real girlfriends. I was a real loner until I got Teddy. He’s been my one true friend for the past year”, she said said softly as she rubbed his head resting on her lap. “C’mon Elizabeth, I know you must have other friends. What about a man? Are you telling me you haven’t been with a man in over a year?” Elizabeth stared at Alicia. They were both a little tipsy from the wine. “Nope, I haven’t been with a man in over a year and I’m okay with that.” Alicia stared back, not sure what to say next. Alicia stood up and realized she was drunker than she thought. “I need to use the bathroom, be right back.” When she got to the bathroom, Alicia realized her panties were wet. She knew Elizabeth wanted to tell her something. She slid off her thigh highs and walked slowly back to the living room. When she got there, she stopped in shock. Elizabeth was in the chair, her head thrown back, her legs spread open and Teddy had his head buried between her legs, licking her pussy. She stood there silently, watching this scene, feeling her own pussy getting wetter. She was right. Elizabeth was sexing her dog..

      Comment by karamel40k — September 4, 2006 @ 3:55 am

    3. PART 3Alicia tried to remain silent, but Teddy sensed her there and stopped his licking. Elizabeth tried to urge him back to her pussy, so aroused she forgot she was not alone. Teddy barked and that snapped her back to reality. “Oh….um…….Alicia….um….how long were you standing there? Um….I…um….don’t know what to say?” Her face was flush as she struggled to push Teddy back and get up from the chair. “Excuse me, I need to use the bathroom”, she said quickly as she ran down the hall. Teddy followed behind her. Alicia sat down, excited but not sure how this would go. Teddy came back to the living room alone. Once again, his cock was partially out of it’s sheath. He laid down and began licking his cock. Alicia watched, getting wetter with every lick of his tongue. She unconsciously opened her legs because her pussy was driving her crazy. Teddy leaped up and came to her and automatically went for her crotch. She sat frozen, afraid of what the big dog would do if she tried to move him away. She felt his wet tongue lick at her pantied pussy and she let out a moan. It felt so good and she was so horny. She opened wider and Teddy licked more urgently. She wish see had taken off her panties when she was in the bathroom. “I knew Teddy liked you”, Elizabeth said in a soft voice as she entered the room. Teddy stopped his licking and went to Elizabeth. Alicia was breathless and slightly embarrassed. “Don’t be embarrassed, Alicia. It was an innocent mistake. Teddy is accustomed to the smell of wet pussy. I guess you now know my secret?, ” she said with a look of shame mixed with triumphant on her face. “What do you mean, Elizabeth?”, Alicia asked coyly trying to regain her composure. “It started so innocently. I got Teddy when he was six months old. One day, I was laying on the bed….um…….pleasuring myself. Teddy jumped on the bed and started sniffing my pussy. Before I could shoo him away, his tongue came out and started licking me. down there. It was the most incredible feeling. I was so turned on, I let him continue to lick me. It was the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had. Since that day, I let Teddy lick me daily. Um….I knew it was wrong and sick, but I was so lonely and horny all the time. Then I started to do some research and learned you could train a dog to…um….I don’t know how to say this. The licking was good, but I needed more….so I trained Teddy……… to f me. There, I’ve said it out loud, ” Elizabeth said defiantly. Alicia was speechless. There was an awkward pause, then Elizabeth said, “You seemed to be enjoying yourself when I came in. Did you like Teddy’s tongue between your legs?”, she said in a mocking tone. Alicia was slightly drunk, extremely horny and decided to throw Elizabeth’s attitude right back at her. “It would have felt alot better if I didn’t have on these panties”, she said with a wicked smile. Elizabeth’s look soften as she came over to Alicia and whispered, “We can fix that. Why don’t you take off those clothes and get comfortable, I’ll get an extra robe.” Alicia slowly started to undress. What in the world was she about to do? She was too horny to care, she just wanted to feel that hot doggy tongue licking her hot spot. When Elizabeth came back with the robe, Alicia was standing there in her bra and panties. “Here, let me help you.” Elizabeth open Alicia’s bra from behind then helped her ease out her panties. “My God, your breasts are beautiful. I’ve never seen a Black woman’s breast up close. Your nipples are so dark and HUGE” Teddy was circling both women, the smell of wet pussy getting him excited. Alicia slipped on the robe, although it didn’t cover very much since she was bigger and taller than Elizabeth. She felt Teddy’s wet nose sniffing her ass and she stood completely still. “Relax Alicia, spread your legs a little and let Teddy take care of you.” Alicia was still standing, but opened her legs wide. She felt Teddy’s tongue slide from the crack in her ass down to her now dripping pussy. This continued for a few minutes, then felt Elizbeth bring the dog around in front of her. When she felt the dogs wet tongue lick her clit, Alicia thought she would explode. It was felt sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. She squatted on the floor, bracing her back against the chair to give Teddy full access to her throbbing pussy. Teddy went to work, licking her like he hadn’t had a drink in days. Her pussy juice was flowing so heavily, it dripped down her thighs. Alicia moaned and twisted, shoving her pussy against the wet, rough tongue. She felt her pussy tightening and knew she was about to cum. She grinded her hips against the dogs tongue and moaned, ” Oh yesssssssssssssssssssss Teddy, lick this bitch’s pussy, lick it good, OH GOD, OH GOD….her body shook as she came forcefully. She could feel her cum squirting from her pussy and Teddy lapped up every drop. When she opened her eyes, Teddy was still licking, his huge cock now fully hanging from his sheath and humping slightly. Elizabeth had been sitting and watching, fingering her wet pussy. “Oh Alicia, you’re a natural. You’ve gotten me and Teddy very horny now. Bring that bottle of wine and lets go to the bedroom. I want you to watch Teddy fucking me.”

      Comment by karamel40k — September 4, 2006 @ 3:58 am

    4. CONCLUSIONAlicia gathered the wine and glasses and followed Elizabeth Teddy to the bedroom. The room was beautifully decorated in peach and lavender and had a huge king sized bed in the center. Elizabeth had covered the bed and the chaise lounge with towels. Teddy seemed to get more aroused as he entered the bedroom. His monster cock was fully exposed. It had to be at least 10 inches long and two inches thick,, a mix of deep purple and red in color. The dog was trying to hump as he walked, he was anxious to stick that massive cock in a nice warm hole. The sheer size of the dog and his cock was amazing and Alicia couldn’t believe that petite Elizabeth was able to actually sex this huge beast. “Alicia, I’ve never done this in front of anyone. Teddy and I are usually alone when we “play”. But I’m glad you’re here. When Teddy gets this excited, it takes him some time to hit the spot. He’s so big and my hands can’t reach down to guide him, so I have to let him poke and prod until he gets it right. By then he’s so horny, he fucks me like a demon. Now that you’re here, you can help guide him.” Elizabeth removed her robe and laid down face up on the bed, legs spread wide. Alicia could see her nipples were hard and erect. Teddy immediately dove his sn`out` into her wet mound and began licking furiously. Elizabeth started to moan, “That’s good my Teddy bear, Mommy needs you to lick her cunt so she’ll be ready for your big dick, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Alicia watched the action, removing her robe so her aching breasts could be free. Teddy was licking and humping at the same time. He was definitely ready. Elizabeth turned over, face down on all fours with her ass high in the air. Teddy jumped on her back, wrapped his paws around her midsection and started thrusting his giant cock, trying to get to her soaked pussy. “Alicia, please help him get it in. Be gentle, his cock is very sensitive right now.” Alicia had never touched a dog’s cock before and the thought cause her to release a huge gush of pussy juice onto the towel as she got up from the chair. She gingerly wrapped her hand around the dog’s wet, meaty cock and tried to guide it to Elizabeth’s pussy, but the dog was humping so hard, it took took her a few tries before it hit it’s mark and she heard Elizabeth let out an anguished groan. Teddy slammed the full length of his cock deep into Elizabeth’s hungry pussy. Alicia stood and watched the big cock slide in and out. Now that Teddy was inside her, he seemed to slow down some, enjoying her tightness. Then Alicia noticed his knot. It was the size of a a tangerine. She knelt beside the bed, her fingers rubbing her clit as she watched the dog humps increase in pace. He was trying to force his knot inside. She heard Elizabeth whimper…..part in pain and part in ectasy as she saw that huge knot slide into her tight little pussy. Teddy started to thrust harder and deeper. Alicia could see the knot sliding in and out, Elizabeth letting out and long moan everytime the knot penetrated her. Teddy was fucking her now with a new intensity and Alicia feverishly fingered her clit and rubbed her hard nipples against the bed. She heard Elizabeth gasping and let out a low, animal like growl as Teddy slammed into her so hard, her head hit the wall. She screamed out, “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh” as Alicia watched doggy cum seeping from her hole. Teddy was still humping as Elizabeth cried out, “Fill me up Teddy, give me all that sweet cum” Alicia was now shoving three fingers deep in her pussy, grinding her hips with the movement of her fingers. She expected to see Teddy withdraw, but he was still humping. After about five minutes, Elizabeth regained her voice longer enough to tell Alicia that Teddy was “tied” to her and he couldn’t pull out until his knot went down. Alicia slowed the movement of her fingers, fascinated by the sight of the big dog still inside Elizabeth’s pussy and unable to pull out. Another 15 mins went by before the knot went down and Teddy slid his spent cock out and jumped off the bed. He laid on the floor and began cleaning himself. Elizabeth was still on all fours, doggy cum gushing from her red, bruised pussy, down her thighs and onto the towel. Alicia didn’t even hesitate, she got on the bed between Elizabeth’s legs and started to lick the inside of her thighs tasting the doggy cum. The taste made her want more, so she let her mouth go to Elizabeth’s pussy. She licked and sucked her with a passion she had never felt before. She heard Elizabeth moan and that made Alicia want even more. She gently spread Elizabeth’s pussy lips and stuck her tongue in as far as she could. She licked, she sucked, she swirled, she was thirsty for the taste. Alicia felt her pussy began to twitch as Elizabeth began to moan loudly, on the verge of cumming. “Suck my pussy, Alicia….., mmmmmmmmm, clean it good you nasty bitch, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, swallow all Teddy’s sweet cum” They both moaned loudly as they came, Alicia’s mouth filled with Elizabeth’s juices. They laid on the bed for minutes, unable to speak. Alicia couldn’t believe she had actually licked her first pussy, much less the fact that it had been filled with dog cum. Elizabeth spoke first, “You’ve been enticed and tempted by doggy cum and pussy. I think the three of us are going to be good friends”. Alicia could only nod in agreement. She had been tempted, seduced and knew she wouldn’t be satisfied until she felt Teddy’s huge knot deep inside her pussy.

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    5. A great story…thanks

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    6. Very Nice, Thank you

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    7. Thanks for such fine STORY–WAITING for next in this series

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    8. wondrefull story.hope you write more for us.ty

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    9. Very nice story. Please write more. 10

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    10. What a wonderful, gripping, erotic story. Loved every bit of it and am anxious to hear the rest of it. You have done a wonderful job relating the experiences and emotions of each woman. You get a ten from me for this.

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    11. great story. thank you and i can’t wait for the next bit.

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    12. very nice story, many thanks,

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    13. Karamel40K, Wonderful story, can’t wait til Alicia’s first breeding. You write very well, and hope you will continue, and hope you enjoy this site as much as I do. I’m giving you a 10. Pet

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    14. Wonderful story. You have very good writing skills. Looking forward to seeing more of your posting here.

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