March 30, 2004

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LLP-559 An Animal Threesome by Carlotta GrahamChapter 1The last place on earth Denny Reed would have expected to find himself, was in church on a beautiful Sunday morning in Idaho Falls. In fact, if his Maserati hadn’t broken down on his way back to Los Angeles from New York, Idaho Falls was the second last place on earth he would have expected to be.But something strangely compelling had happened to him as he walked down the pretty tree-lined street not far from the Flamingo Motel where he had spent the night. As he passed the pretty white small town church, with its graceful steeple and glowing stained glass windows, he had heard the sweetest sound that had ever struck his ears… the loveliest soprano voice singing the Lord’s Prayer. It was exquisite, like the singing of angels.And Denny, self-conscious in his faded Levis and denim jacket, walked softly up the steps of the church and slipped silently in the open doors. When he saw the girl at the altar, his mouth fell open. She was stunning in her beauty and innocence, and even under the high neck dress, he could see the unbelievably voluptuous body beneath it. She couldn’t have been more than a teen, he thought, and he’d bet anything that she was a virgin. And that dress, that modest plain white dress, only accentuated her remarkable figure, and he couldn’t help wondering how she would look naked. In her pureness, she was almost too sexy to believe. Her breasts were firm and full, her narrow waist accenting softly flared hips and long tapering legs. He moved over to one side of the chapel so he could see her from the side. Her trim young buttocks were sexier than any young girl’s had a right to be, rounding out like two firm ripe melons waiting for someone to come along and squeeze them. And Denny knew he had to fuck her Then suddenly their eyes met, and Cally Rogers, the minister’s daughter, felt a hot shudder run through her entire body, making her skip a beat in the hymn.Denny took a seat and waited for the services to be over, never taking his eyes from the exquisite young girl. When the sermon had ended and the last hymn was sung, and people began to file out of the church, Denny stood up and waited in the aisle for the beautiful blonde to walk past him. As she did, their eyes met again, and she stopped beside him, flustered, not knowing what to say.Hi,” said Denny.”Hello,” she answered modestly, lowering her eyes.Denny knew he’s have to talk fast or she’d be out of the church and forever beyond his reach.”You sing beautifully,” he told her in a soft, deep voice.”Thank you… I… I really love to sing,” she said breathlessly.”I’m a stranger in town,” Denny said, “and I’d sure like someone to show me around.”Cally looked over her shoulder at her father, the minister, who was shaking hands with his parishioners as they left the church. She knew he would disapprove… she wasn’t allowed to date boys… but the presence of this stranger was so compelling it was as if something outside of herself had taken control. She wanted to know him, wanted to know who the stranger with the fiery eyes was. And she astonished herself by saying yes.They left the church together and Denny said, “Hey… you know I’m really hungry. Is there any place we could go and get some lunch?”"Sure,” said Cally.”I have no car… it’s being fixed.”"We can take mine,” Cally told him, and led him to an old white Chevrolet convertible parked across from the church.Then suddenly Cally panicked. what was she doing, going off with a strange man like this. She must be crazy”I… I really don’t know you,” she blurted out blushing. “Maybe we shouldn’t do this.”Denny smiled in a way he knew would reassure her. “Hey, we’re just going to have some lunch. It’s okay. My name’s Denny Reed and I’m not the Boston strangler.”She laughed.”Well, I’d better go tell my dad anyway. Wait here, I’ll be back in a second.”He watched her cross the street and walk back into the church. He waited, wondering if she would change her mind and chicken out. Then he saw her emerge from the pretty white building and walk back toward him.”I told him you were my girlfriend’s cousin… so I guess it’s okay. Let’s go.”She drove him to the Red Coach steakhouse, and as they walked in from the bright sunlight, it took their eyes several moments to adjust to the darkness in the atmospheric restaurant.”What will you have to drink,” Denny asked her when they were seated.”I don’t drink,” she said, smiling shyly. And again, she had that weird frightened feeling. what was she doing here with this strange man? Everything seemed so unreal to her. Yet he seemed so nice and friendly.. And she had spent such a bored and restless summer dreaming of the man that would find her and carry her away from this sleepy old town. She knew there was a big exciting world out there, and she knew of its dangers. Yet when her eyes had met his in church that morning, she felt something she had never known before, an attraction that seemed to crash through all the rules and barriers within which she had lived her entire young life.”Well,” Denny told her,” it’s time you had your first drink then.”She smiled, her silence an assent.When their martinis arrived, she sipped it slowly. She did not like the taste, but it made her feel a warm sensation through out her entire body. In fact, by the time she had finished it, she seemed to be more aware of her body than she had ever been in her life.When their steaks arrived, she felt terrifically hungry. And eating, she figured, would help curb the effect of the liquor. With candles on the table glowing with a softly dancing light, they sat across from one another eating the rare steak and drinking a good red wine.Denny looked at the beautiful blonde across from him, touched by her innocent prettiness. She was so different, so very different from Loretta Day, his next door neighbor in Topanga Canyon, California. He and Loretta had been lovers ever since he had moved into the big ranch style house he had purchased with the money he had inherited when his parents died. Loretta was a sexual adventures, introducing him to the wild orgies and other perversions indulged in by the rich hipsters in the wealthy community. Yes, it had been a long time since he had seen a virgin like this one.Slowly, he moved towards her on the leather banquette, his mouth moist and slightly open as it met with her lips.And the kiss thrilled her to the very depths of her aroused young body. He drove his tongue deep between her parted lips, arid she sucked on it as her nerves tingled with growing excitement. Then she pulled away from him suddenly. The alcohol and the kiss had made her dizzy. And she was frightened now.”Please, let’s go,” she said.”Anything you say, darling,” Denny answered, kissing her lightly on the forehead, and even that kiss fired her body and set her head into a dizzy swoon. “I think I’d better drive.”As they entered the car, Cally fell back against the seat. “I… I can’t go home… like this.” she told him.”My father would CENSOR me.”"Okay, I’ll take you somewhere you can sleep it off. Don’t worry sweetheart.” And he started the car, driving off in the direction of the Flamingo Motel.Cally staggered a bit as they entered room number six, and Denny put his arm around her waist to steady her again. She could feel the strength and warmth of his powerful right hand resting on her hip, could feel each of his sure fingers pressing gently above and below the hip bone. Somewhere in the distant recesses of her alcohol fogged mind an alarm bell clanged, but it was so muted that she wasn’t sure what it was for. After all, Denny Reed was just about the nicest man she had ever met. She knew she could trust him. She was completely safe with him.But Denny Reeds eyes were bright with lust as he gazed down at the beautiful blonde’s proud, upthrust young breasts so enticingly outlined under the thin summer cotton dress she wore. Cally was so drunk now she barely realized that his large strong hand on her hip was making subtle little circular motions-barely perceptible… possessive. And under normal circumstances she would have noticed a change in his demeanor as heated desire overcame him. She collapsed down on the soft white bedspread, and closed her eyes, just for a moment… just for one little moment..Looking down at her, Denny Reed felt his groin tightening. Without touching her, without doing anything but watching her young vibrant body, he had already begun to get an erection. She would have to be handled carefully, he thought. No fast moves… nothing to alarm her. He knew instinctively that she was a virgin. But he suspected from the way she moved and talked and thought that there was a wild untapped streak of wantonness in her luscious body that she was not yet herself aware of. And he wanted to unveil that streak. He was becoming obsessed with the idea of having her exquisitely innocent young body moaning and writhing in sexual delirium beneath him.Her skirt had hiked almost all the way up her thigh as she lay on the bed, her eyes closed, slowly drifting into a soothing oblivion. And Denny could see her lovely pouting young vaginal mound through the near-transparent white lace panties she wore and then he knew he had to have her, he had to fuck her tonight. He could wait no longer to possess entirely this young virginal girl.Denny bent down and kissed her lightly on her forehead, then stood back up and removed all his clothes, putting on the black silk Chinese robe that his lovely neighbor, Loretta Day, had given him. But now he wasn’t thinking of his stunning redheaded neighbor, but only of the exquisite young blonde sound asleep in his room, lying flat on her back with her leg slightly cocked at the knee. Denny could plainly see the shadow of her vaginal crevice and the full ripe mound of warm creamy flesh that marked the beginnings of her deliciously proportioned buttocks. Softly curling strands of golden pubic hair peeked out from under the elastic leg bands of her little white panties. It was all he could do to keep from spreading her legs wide and savagely tearing into the young, almost naked cunt lying helplessly there before him. Only by exerting an inordinate amount of self control was he able to be gentle with her.Cally was not aware of it when he eased her shoes off her feet and teased soft wet kisses along the bottom of her foot and up the back of her calf, and she didn’t feel him slip her dress off over her head. Nor did she realize what Denny was doing when she felt her hips being raised, and her scanty little panties being pulled down and over the smoothly rounded curves of her hips and slid down her legs.Slowly, the handsome, heavily breathing man spread her thighs apart, bending and raising the right knee to give him even easier access to her sweet young pussy flesh. Then, with quickening breath, he knelt between her ankles and stared with lascivious eyes at her soft blonde pubic hair and the wide, coral-pink lips of her now completely open and defenseless young cunt. It seemed as if they were a magnet pulling his face toward them. Her cunt called out, begged to be touched, to be kissed, to be eaten like the most succulent fruit just ripe from the tree. The hardness of his throbbing prick rubbed against the silk of his robe and made his balls ache. He had never felt more alive than he did at that moment. He could feel the soft bedspread against his knees now and the warmth of her inner thighs on the palms of his hands as he pushed them even further apart. It was not until her smoothly tapered young legs were completely widespread that Cally began to regain some semblance of consciousness, and even then she was incapable of evaluating completely what was happening to her. She knew her naked buttocks were on a strange bed, that her legs were spread wide apart, that warm hands were stroking the insides of her thighs. Everything considered, it felt wonderfulDenny sensed that she was beginning to wake out of her stupor. He paused a moment, waiting for some protest, then felt her momentarily stiffened legs relax and fall limply open again. He grinned and licked his lips; she either knew or she didn’t know what he was about to do. Either way, she was permitting him to go ahead.Quickly then, he slithered forward until his face was just above the soft, wetly glistening little slit between her thighs. Never before had he seen such a mouth-watering cunt; the vaginal lips were perfect, as only those of a teenage virgin ever are. Her pubic hair was so softly silky, and the tiny pussy mouth was small, delicate, like the unopened bud of a ruby rose.Slowly, as though he were savoring every second, he lowered his face… and his tongue, like the red shining penis of a dog, crept out between his teeth.He licked once… slowly and gently his tongue moved from clitoris to anus… and was rewarded with an almost inaudible moan. His tongue retraced the wetly teasing path it had just taken, and this time he felt the tendons of her inner thighs tighten and her entire pelvis slowly rise upward toward his face. Unconscious or not, her vagina was responding, for he tasted the first slightly saline secretions of her feminine musk as her pussy, of its own volition, prepared itself for love making by seeping out it swarm, slickly welcoming lubricant.And Cally felt it was a dream, a wonderful dream…and the handsome stranger was making her feel more beautiful, more alive than she had ever felt in her life. It was so lovely but… was wrong She struggled suddenly to situp. “No,” she cried out, “No. You mustn’t.”Instead of answering, Denny Reed drove his tongue full-length into the sweet warm depths of her pussy for the first time, using his nose to titillate her tiny, unconsciously pulsating clitoris.”Aaaaagggghhhh. No, oh, God, no”The man heard her terrified yelp and knew now that he must not stop until she was so aroused she could not help herself. It was now or never. She wouldn’t let him near her again if he stopped now, but if he continued and she liked it? who could say? So thinking, he tightened his arms around her thighs and buried his rapacious tongue even deeper into the quivering, heated pussy lips between her open legs.Fear and sheer pleasure were battling for supremacy in Cally’s tormented mind. Was it a heavenly dream or a nightmare she bounced from one feeling to the other until she was totally distraught. Everything she had ever been taught, everything she had believed in were being slowly, and oh so pleasurably eroded by the velvet tongue that licked, sucked, and caressed all at the same time. It was hateful, outrageous, sinful… beautiful.”No… no,” she whimpered, flinging her arm up against her forehead and clenching her eyes shut as if this would make everything go away. “Stop Oh God… Pleases stop”Denny replied without taking his eyes from her face-hard tongue thrust against her clitoris.”Oh, Denny.. Please don’t You can’t do that It’s sinful”His tongue traced a zig-zag pattern down through her pubic curls from clitoris to anus again, then came back and speared into the seeping hole of her tiny, tightly clenched cuntal opening. Seven, eight times, in rapid succession he flicked his tongue in and out between the inner and outer lips of her pussy, tongue-fucking her in earnest now.Cally began moaning piteously as she felt powerful sensations overriding all other emotions and body functions.”Oh, Denny…. Denny Pleeeaaassseeee Denny? DENNY?’.The last was almost a shout as his teeth clamped the sensitive almond bud of her clitoris and began nibbling gently. “Oh, God” she gasped, then fell back against the couch, weakened by the intense feeling and sudden uncontrollable hunger down between her helplessly trembling legs. She made one last protest. “Don’t. It’s wrong…dirty… perverted.”Denny looked up, his face shining with his own saliva and her excitedly flowing cuntal juices. “Stop fighting it, Cally. You know and I know that you’re enjoying what I’m doing to your wonderful pussy.”"Please… don’t talk like that… so dirty,” she moaned.”Ooooooh, but you like it, don’t you, don’t you my angel… you like my tongue in your cunt….” He lowered his chin and ran his hot hard tongue along one side of her outer layer of vulva, watching her as he did so. Her face grimaced, not in disgust, but in what was obviously a losing battle for self-control.She was his now. This beautiful young virgin was his. He could tell that her hot little pussy was in command of her body and mind now, and God He didn’t know when a piece of tail had gotten him so all out excited before.He let his eyes feast hungrily on the now fully blossomed cunt lips which had grown in size and color since he had begun his ministrations. There was life in those cuntlips, so beautifully framed with incredibly soft pale golden pubic curls. One single drop of her seeping pussy juice clings like a small translucent pearl to the little blonde curls like a dewdrop on a yellow rose. And as he watched her moistening cunt now it puckered and unpuckered in sensual excitement, driving him almost mad with lust.”Look at me, Cally,” he commanded. She lifted her head and watched, spellbound as he placed his thumbs on her vaginal opening and peeled her softly yielding pussy lips apart. The soft cur’s of her pubic hairs gave way, exposing the flaming beauty of her vertical little cuntal mouth to his lust-dimmed gaze. She moaned in shame as he breathed against the sensitive lips, the expelled hot air from his throat grazed raw nerves down there and her entire body reacted as she heard his accompanying lewd, lascivious statement: “I’m going to eat your pussy, Cally. I’m going to tongue-fuck you, and you’re gonna be in for a beautiful surprise.”She saw his face drop.. and his tongue come out to wetly probe her guilt-quivering vagina. That was the last thing she saw. With this hot wet contact between tongue and cunt, she simply was forced to let everything go. Her body responded automatically, jerking convulsively, as she ground her hips into the bed in an effort to escape his long worming tongue that wiggled like a sidewinder up one side of her cunt and down the other. A groan bubbled out of her throat. “Ooooooohhh… my God Denny… please… don’t…” The rapacious licking continued upon her defenseless vagina and she felt her stomach muscles ripple in wave-like undulations. She began wailing in animal-like passion as his tongue scoured her inner thighs and made one hot swipe around her clitoris before snaking rapier-like in and out of her now completely helplessly writhing pussy. “Oh Aaaahhh…” she panted, and Denny could hear her struggle to fight him off begin to ebb. He raced his tongue faster up the dilated hole between her open thighs. He used his nose to tease against the hotly throbbing little clitoris repeatedly and each nudge brought a low gasp from the helplessly immured girl.Cally raised her head up to look down over her full, lush breasts and this time her mind was clear enough to see it all. She saw Denny’s bobbing head framed between her widespread knees, and she stared in disbelief at Denny’s dark brown hair and tanned face bobbing up and down against her soft golden naked pubic hairShe watched him intently, her mind a maelstrom of conflicting wants. It was wrong… but Oooooohhhhhh, it felt soooooo wonderful. Better than anything she had ever known in all her teenage years. The hot waves of forbidden pleasure, the little zephyrs of pure wantonness pervaded her entire being now as Denny’s powerful hands released her thighs and slipped under her buttocks, cupping and squeezing the soft, yet firm warm flesh of the hotly trembling cheeks. His tongue and mouth continued to grind further and further into the valley of her squirming defenseless cunt. Without volition, she dug her shoulders into the bed, sucked in her stomach muscles, and raised her pelvis, making Denny’s head bury itself even deeper. Debased sucking and slurping sound of his labors echoed throughout the motel room. His hands pulled apart the crevice between her buttocks, and then one adventuresome finger began exploring the opening to her tiny puckered little rectum. The feel of that finger there caused Cally to clench her eyes tightly shut and ball her hands into fists.It was wonderful. Cally had lost any trace of desire to fight him off now. She had never even suspected her body was capable of such bliss. It was lovely to be fondled and caressed, lovely to feel the warm touch of Denny’s mouth up there between her legs.Cally began moaning low in her throat, obvious sounds of pleasure, her guilt and fear fading as she began to let herself feel everything… oh, if she had only known the inherent wantonness of her own body, she would never have had those drinks, never have come back to the motel with him…But now her mouth opened wide…”Ooooooohhhh God God, I can’t stand it”Denny heard the young girl’s sharp gasp of delight as his hands kneaded the soft globes of her pliantly yielding buttocks; the sound caused a surge of new lust in his already over-aroused body, and he drew her limply co-operating legs up and around his neck. Moments later, he had the satisfaction of knowing that she had voluntarily locked her ankles together behind his head in consent and cooperation. He continued to fuck her orally, using his tongue to run lewd sensuous circles around her fully erect little clitoris, nuzzling his nose back and forth as he darted his throbbing tongue deep into her pulsating pussy, feeling the soft, hair rimmed lips push against his mouth with increasing strength as her body spasmed and writhed upward in a now hungry effort to bring more and more of his mouth into contact with the wetly glistening flesh. His middle finger again sought out the tightly clenched lips of her anus, and a low inarticulate moan was wrenched from her throat as he probed teasingly the opening. Abruptly, his hot wet mouth moved down, down, all the way down where his tongue flickered like summer heat lightning against the brown puckered little hole.Cally’s eyes blinked wide open as she felt the touch, felt the wild sensual pleasure surge like a seismic wave through her.”Aaaaaahhhhhh, oooooohhh,” she moaned wildly, as she wantonly used her heels to bring his head in tighter, deeper, endeavoring to fuck her tortured rectum with his fiery tongue. She flailed her head from side to side as the hotly slavering man now wormed his heated tongue into that forbidden rectal opening.”Aaaaaaggghhh… she moaned softly, then “Oooooohhh. Oooooohhhhhh… God…Her body began to boil with the exquisite tingling of raw nerve ends as Denny started his voracious licking of the cuntal crevice again. She knew that further fight was useless; she didn’t want to deny this intense delight he was bringing her. Suddenly, as the nerve endings of her pussy began to vibrate, she knew she was closer than ever before to a total fulfillment she had never even guessed at. Of her own volition now she spread her thighs wider and raised her burning desire-ridden loins to his face, her only wish now to aid this man, this handsome stranger who was bringing this unbelievable pleasure to her nakedly writhing vagina. She ground her throbbing widespread cunt against his face, reveling with inside delight in the lewd, forbidden pleasure he was bestowing upon her.Her body was rapidly building up to the slow sweet agony of a climax. Never before had she been close to that release, not in all of her young life. But now, she could feel the mighty waves beginning to build up forcefully in her love-starved, hot writhing pussy. This build-up could not last much longer or she would cataclysmically explode into a million screaming little pieces flying off in all directions. Something was close, so close, so close…Denny sensed that she was reaching across a previously unbridged gulf, and he wormed his middle finger deep into her saliva-moistened anus. It. went in easily, the hole having been lubricated by his saliva, enlarged by this tongue. At the same moment, he began concentrating on her tiny, hotly jerking clitoris.Cally writhed and twisted, babbling wild mewls of passion, her face was twisted in a grotesque masque of feral lust which was almost frightening in its intensity. She was close. Closer. This was it. Now It could not be denied her. “Oooooohhh… ohhhh, God GOD” She chanted as he screwed up into her hotly clasping young cunt harder with his tongue. She was only vaguely conscious that his hands were teasing her anus and clitoris with tingling fingers of flame, and she gasped hoarsely, walling with a breath that came more and more rapidly. His big implacable twisting tongue burrowed ever deeper into her pussy, and she could feel it trembling deeper inside her-flickering, touching, licking everything.Suddenly then, the massive towering storm clouds of lust in her cunt split wide open in one gigantic thunderclap of sweet agony.She had bridged the gulf and now she was soaring wildly, higher and higher… higher… she was there”I’m cumming. Oh God. Don’t stop. Don’t ever stop Oh Oh Ah AHHHH AAIIIEEEEEEEEE”Denny Reed’s head was almost knocked off his shoulders by the violence of her pelvic thrusts as she jerked and heaved her wildly clasping pussy against his face. Once, she hit him so hard that he thought for sure his nose would be bloodied. Her legs, locked around his head, had tightened like the grip of a boa constrictor, and her heels beat a rhythm of sheer lust against his shoulder blades.Finally, the tumultuous storm ended and her ravaged body settled back completely relaxed on the motel bed. Now she could feel the coolness of the bed beneath her, the dampness of her forehead and loins.Denny continued gently kissing and nibbling at her vaginal lips until he felt the last delicate tremors subside, then he pulled his head clear of her still hot, wet cunt. “Well?” he asked softly, casting off the black silk Chinese robe that had been a gift from his remarkably sensual next-door neighbor, Loretta. “Well?” he repeated.The only answer was a sudden welling up of tears in her eyes, and the water began streaming down both sides of her face. “I’m so ashamed,” she sobbed.He stroked her arm gently. “Don’t be. You’re beautiful… you deserved that…”"But… but we’re not… even engaged” The pious girl told him.Denny laughed. God He didn’t know there were still young innocent virgins like this one left anywhere. But, holy shit She was sure one hot little tiger when she got going. And she had come, but his cock was still red-hot and hard and needing its release. He didn’t answer her, he only knelt above her now, his face twisted in hungry passion. Her eyes trailed on down his broad chest and flat stomach to. the erect penis which stood out like a canted telephone pole from his dark curly path of pubic hair. His hand began to stroke his cock, pulling the foreskin slowly back to reveal the one Cyclopean eye which peered at her. Lord It was so big Far larger than she had ever imagined a man’s penis would be. She was terrorized by the immensity of its girth and length. My god How could she ever take that inside of her.”It’s my turn now, my little love,” Denny said, watching her face fill with distress. “I’m going to fuck you, baby, and when my cock gets all the way inside you, you’re going to experience ten times the pleasure that you just now had. I’m going to fuck you, baby, and you are going to love every second of it.”His obscene words both frightened and excited the sweet young minister’s daughter, but she could not tear her eyes from that monstrous rod which he held in his hand. She gaped at it in awe as she found her mind wondering if he really could bring her pleasure; after all, he had been right before He had brought her up to, and then escorted her through, thresholds of unbelievable sensuality and carnal delight that she had never before believed could exist.”Put it in for me,” he said.”Oh, no Denny. Dear God… no. I can’t. Please”"Do it,” he said, softly but firmly.She started to protest, but when she saw in his eyes his contagiously heated desire, she dropped her hand between their bodies where it encountered the red, hot throbbing immensity of his maledom. “Oh God…,” she moaned, as her fingers tightened around the thick fleshy hardness. Fear welled up in her as she only then fully comprehended the enormity of his prick.”Go on,” he whispered, lowering his hips between her widespread thighs. “Put it in… right now… as easy as you like, put my hard cock in your sweet little virginal cunt.”He dropped across her, the hardness of his mammoth cock pulsing against her soft white thighs, his face looming above her, so handsome in its passion. She didn’t think any more about what was happening as she guided the fleshy shaft to the passion drenched mouth of her pussy. The thick, bulbous head scraped electrifyingly against her cuntal lips, then pressed slightly inward, causing shivers of new unwanted pleasure to surge through her abdomen. She didn’t move as she felt the pressure increase and the small, virginal cuntal opening starting to stretch. Perhaps the sensation she felt could be called pain, but it was pain with an indescribably sweetness, so gooooood, not really pain at all.”Oooooooooh, God. You’re a tight little cunt,” Denny breathed. “It feels so good, baby, your pussy is so good.”‘He pushed again, and the ponderous head slowly pressed into her wet, hot palpitating opening. She was so well lubricated from his tongue fucking that he knew it would be good for her too…And it was wonderful for the young girl as she felt the full length of his hardness scraping at every hidden spot of delight within that musk-scented, honey sweet pussy, and felt his cock head hammering at the portals of her untouched little womb. Slowly he thrust into her, inch by inch, until he could stand this exquisite torture no longer. He jerked his hips forward in one final thrust and his hard, hot cock roared into previously untouched territories of her most sacred, treasure… what her religious mother had always called her most precious sanctuary.”Aaaaaahhhhhh,” Cally wailed loudly, as the lust-hardened pole of male flesh cut deeper into her than she could have imagined. He filled her almost to the bursting point and she could actually feel every muscular ridge of his corrugated cock through the hot moistened walls of her vagina.Denny lay still for a moment. Never before had there been such a tight little cunt; maybe he was just used to Loretta’s, hot but well used pussy. But this virgin’s cunt seemed to grip his prick like an iron fist encased in a satin glove. Gradually he began short little movements in and out of her cunt. As her passage became accustomed to his barbaric instrument, the whimpers of pain and protest gradually changed to little chants of pleasure. Denny started rotating his hips, grinding his maledom against her vagina until the mushroomed head was beating relentlessly against her hot pulsing cervix. He rocked above her, thrusting with long, smooth motions, rising and falling, rising and falling.Cally had begun moving her hips in unison with his simultaneous harmony. Already she felt tremendous jolts of pleasure arcing throughout her abdomen. Already her body was feeling more than she had ever dreamed possible. Her mouth opened and closed in wordless comments, some of them prayers for forgiveness, as shining little beads of perspiration seeped to the surface of her upper lip. Her neck tendons swelled, then grew taut, with the hoarse panting of carnal joy. His giant throbbing cock buried deep inside her pulsating cunt and her love starved vagina together formed a lewd, wetly sounding symphony of lust in the motel room. No longer did she think of anything, of her parents, of the church… of morals… nothing. Automatically, her body reacted and greedily sought more and more pleasure, and the obscene words boiled out of her lust-constricted throat. “Oh God, oh God. Don’t stop.”Perversely, he stopped.”Don’t stop what?” he asked, knowing full well the pause would heighten her pleasure still more.Cally knew instinctively what he wanted to hear, and in her abandonment she said it with all the force and vitality she could muster. “Ooooooh, Denny. Fuck me…. fuck me… fuck me” The thought of her own lewd, wanton behavior excited her even further, and she groaned and caught her breath as the man’s powerful hands pulled her supple young buttocks tighter to his own rampaging prick. She heaved with passion, the pain of a few moments ago long since evaporated under the heat of her own passionate desires. She found her knees clenching and unclenching around his muscular buttocks with each powerful thrust of his wonderful, life-giving cock. She reached up and wrapped an arm around his neck, pulling his sweating face down toward hers, and her tongue shot deep into his mouth, slithering in and out in a wild semblance of oral fucking. Uninhibited gurgling noises of rapture poured from her lust-tightened throat and she crooned, “Fuck… oh fuck me… fuck me… fuck meeeeee.”In the midst of her lewd exhortations, she suddenly heard the cold, furious voice of her conscience castigating her. Whore Adultress Slut But then, from another place in her divided mind, she could hear a more defiant voice shouting, “I am a woman A full-blooded healthy female It’s good, it’s soooooo goooooooood. I love to fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.”She shoved her cunt lewdly up to him in answer, offering it freely, willingly, eagerly now. Never had there been anything like this, and not even in her wildest imagination had she dreamed there would be such ecstatic sensations to begotten from a man… from the licking and tongue fucking of her pussy to the moment when his mammoth prick had slid imperiously down her excitedly greased cuntal channel to the heart of her womb. Filled with insane pleasure, she willed and wanted more, much more, never wanted it to end. “Fuck meeeeee,” she mewled. “Ohhhh… beautiful…”Denny jammed her with ever-increasing force as her tightly locked young vagina continued to pour out hot lubricant, lengthening his stroke, drawing his huge rod almost out of the fleshy, moisture drenched sheath, then plunging downward in quickening strokes as her cunt hungrily devoured it. Jesus, he thought, she’s beginning to go crazy. He heard her grunt before hurtling her wildly sucking vagina up and down on his throbbing shaft. She had taken complete control away from him as she sought her own pleasure.”Aaaaaaggghhh… ohhhhhh,” she moaned as his cock slammed into and brushed past the cervix, gasping and coughing with each inhalation into her tortured lungs.The wildly fucking man’s sperm inflated balls slapped hard down against the nakedness of her unprotected working anus, and through his scrotum he could feel the delicious softness of her crevice where the warm viscosity and his own saliva had seeped down the cleft from her pulsating cunt. His throbbing sacs seemed surely to split apart from the mounting pleasure in it, and he fought for control-fighting against the need to spew his white hot sperm into the depths. He began ramming her with increasing fury, wanting to bring her to orgasm before he himself, came.Cally cried out wondrously, with every pulsing fuck-stroke up into her gratefully accepting young belly. She screwed her tongue into his throat in unison with each new thrust that buried his burning shaft deeper. She pulled her legs back even higher, offering him more and more of her greedily sucking little cunt. Denny glanced downward at his prick, thinking he would go mad unless she came soon, watching his whitely glistening cock slip smoothly and powerfully in and out of her pinkly clasping pussy lips. Quickly then, in an effort to bring her along even faster, he slipped his hand beneath her buttocks and once again teased at the rhythmically flexing hole of her tiny puckered anus.”Aaaaggghhhh… oh, yes… put your finger in…hard” Cally rotated her ass ‘down hungrily against this new invader, pressing down with her stomach muscles as though she were trying to void something from her bowels, opening the rectum so it could accept even further the lewdly worming digit.Her first impression was again of that same sweet pleasure pain as she felt his finger sink into her rectal passage and begin moving in and out in time with the thrusts of his penis. The pain became pleasure, pure pleasure. She was trying to skewer the rotating finger to the hilt, shoving back against it at the same time she strained upward to devour more of his warm hard cock deep in her heaving belly.Denny dug into her open little asshole, his worming finger feeling the hard thrusting flesh of his own cock through the thin membrane separating cunt from rectum. Beneath him the girl writhed in complete abandon. Her motions, together with her guttural croaks of delight and the tightness of her vagina, pushed him over the edge of self-control and he knew his orgasm was only seconds away.”Cum… cum now,” he commanded, praying she would obey. “I’m going to cum inside of you. Cum with..”Cally, hearing the obscene words, began grinding up and down on both impaling instruments, her toes flexed and splayed out, her full firm breasts heaving beneath him. Then her eyes opened wide in disbelief as she felt the first beginnings of the second orgasm of her lifeDenny grunted and hammered even deeper as he felt the walls of her vagina seeping the warm, sticky fluid of her climax. With demoniacal strength, she shoved her pelvis suddenly up from the bed, rotating her slightly bearded cuntlips around his pistoning cock with renewed fury. Then she was screaming, “Yes… Oh God… Yes I’m cumming again. I’m going to… cum. Cum in me… cum in me…CUM IN ME”Cally convulsed beneath Denny Reed, her mouth and cunt both sucking furiously, her panting rasping breath breaking into great gasping sobs, her pussy clenching and actually milking him and her asshole expanding and contracting against his already deeply imbedded finger as though she were trying to pull in finger, wrist, arm.Denny was spurred on by her continuing climax, and he thrust deeper into her voraciously pulsating vagina and anus, forcing her tortured crotch even wider. He fucked into her wildly now, ready to explode at any second. Then, blessed relief. He gasped as she felt the sudden surging waves of his boiling white sperm shoot with a roar through the subterranean tunnel from balls to penis, and he was instantly lost in incredible sensuality as powerful surges of his semen spewed deep into the hot dark heart of her womb, filling her hungrily contracting little belly to the bursting point. The walls of her vagina continued to work around his penis as if they were part and parcel of some wonderfully warm milking machine, squeezing, massaging, clasping and unclasping to drain out every wonderful drop of his hotly cascading semen.Cally’s wildly fucked young body suddenly fell back on to the bed, her belly still rippling from the aftermath of her galactic upheaval. Never had such bliss been experienced. She was fulfilled completely. She was finally a woman, a warm, feeling, experiencing woman.They lay in quiet contentment in each other’s arms for along, long time. Then Denny looked over at her. She had a pained expression on her face.”What’s the matter baby,” he asked, concerned, knowing full well that the young minister’s daughter was going through fierce pangs of guilt about the dynamite fuck they had just enjoyed.”I-I’ve never done anything like this before…” she told him. “I… I always thought I’d be married first…But…”"But what,” he encouraged her.Cally thought in silence for a moment. Then she blurted out… “The boys in this town, everything in this dumb town is so boring I thought I would go crazy. But… but what we just did is wrong… it’s a sin… but it was so wonderful.” Suddenly she broke into tears. “I’m so confused,”she sobbed.”Darling,” Denny comforted her, “You know you and your dad are living in the past. People don’t hold onto their virginity like some damn prize anymore. You have to live you have to enjoy what’s here. The world is changing too fast for anyone to know for sure what’s right and what’s wrong.”He took her in his arms and held her comfortingly. Then he said: “Why don’t you come with me… come and live with me in California.”"Will we get married?” she asked, naively.”I’m not going to lie to you Cally. But maybe you’ll find that’s not the most important thing.”Cally lay thinking silently for a long time and Denny waited patiently cradling her in his strong arms. And Cally thought, though harder about it than she had ever thought about anything before. It had been like magic from the very beginning, from the moment their eyes had met. And oh God, making love to him was the most incredible thing she had ever experienced. How could she go back now? How could she live without him and his wonderful big hard cock. All summer she had been in anguish from the stifling boredom of her narrow life. Finally, she looked up at him.”Yes,” she said. “Take me away from here… take me away, darling.”Chapter 2″Welcome home, Denny,” Loretta Day greeted the handsome dark-haired man. “When do I get to meet the lovely innocent you brought with you.”"Soon enough, baby. Soon enough,” he answered.Loretta was naked and lying on her huge round bed, her long white thighs spread wide in a wanton inviting pose, and her dog Buck looking longingly at her from the floor beside the bed. “Isn’t Buck enough company for you these days, darling,” he said to her, smiling wryly.”What naughty thoughts you have…”"What a naughty girl you are.”God, it was good to see Loretta again. Denny had left Cally alone for the afternoon with only his dog Prince to keep her company, and wow It was wonderful to be with Loretta again. Her breasts, firm and fully ripe, stood like twin majestic mountains on her chest demanding to be climbed, eager for conquering, their berry like crests already hard and quivering with anticipation.Denny let his hot smoldering eyes roam over her nakedness for a long moment, lingering on the wet pink folds of her pussy, the tiny throbbing clitoris nestled there. Goddamn, he thought, but she was some woman all right.Loretta wiggled her body seductively on the bed, opening and closing her thighs so that it gave the impression her moist warm cuntal slit was winking invitingly at him. “Come on, lover,” she breathed throatily. “Get undressed and come to Loretta. I’m horny for some of your good loving cock, baby.”Denny chuckled shortly, advancing on the bed. “Is that all you ever think about?” he asked. “My good loving cock?”"Of course not,” she laughed. “I think about Buck’s good loving cock, too”"Yeah, and you think about the good loving cunt of plenty of chicks too,” he jibed. “You seem awfully interested in my sweet little minister’s daughter. I bet you’d like nothing better than to share her with me, too.”"I won’t deny that,” Loretta said, bright-eyed, still wriggling her lush body temptingly.”You’ll fuck anything, won’t you?” Denny said wonderingly. “Male or female or animal, just as long as you can get your pussy off.”"I’ll take that as a compliment, Denny lover,” Loretta whispered. “I can’t help it if I like sex, now can I lover.” Then she added: “And I’d sure like your little Cally to party with us sometime.”"I don’t think there’s a chance,” he replied.”You wouldn’t like to bet on that would you?” she asked coyly.He stared at her. “I told you how innocent she is How do you figure you can?”"I have a plan,” the voluptuous naked redhead told him. “A plan which I think you’ll like, my sweet.”He considered it, and grinned lewdly as his cock fluttered lightly; he remembered her lush hot body. She was so different from Cally and he wanted her so much now. “What’s the plan?”"Well, when you get home this evening, why don’t you just send Cally over here with Prince. Tell her just to come over and say hello. I’ll take care of the rest.”Then Loretta began to thrash her body around on the bed. “But don’t let’s talk now. I’m horny lover. Come over here and let me suck your cock. It’s been almost a month since I’ve sucked your cock, and I’m hungry for it.”The dark-haired man’s cock leapt into full hardness at her lascivious words; she never failed to have her way, not here in the bedroom where she was queen. “Now get naked lover boy, and hurry”Denny hurried, tearing at his clothes, throwing them in a heap on the floor until he, too, stood naked. His great trembling cock stood out from his groin like some impossibly huge instrument of insane delight the glans eyes secreting thin, clear droplets of aroused lubrication. Loretta stared at it moistening her lips with her tongue as if tasting the seeping fluid already swirling around in the warm drinking caverns of her hot mouth.”Lie down here, Denny, hurry now, lie down with that fine hard prick of yours jutting up in the air so I can take it in my mouth and suck every last drop of your cum from it like a straw”Christ the man thought. She really knew how to get a guy heated up, talking that way, using words like she used her body, fucking you verbally if such a thing were possible. His prick quivered and throbbed with anticipation, and he sat on the bed quickly, then lay back prone.Loretta wasted no time. She poised herself on all fours, her full firm breasts swaying tantalizingly from her chest. The nipples turgid with her arousal. Then she crawled down on the bed, sliding her body between his legs, and she seized his cock, and began to stroke it slowly, teasingly her extended fingers caressing his swelling testicles on the downward stroke of her palm. Denny groaned at the stimulations her expert manipulations were sending through his body, and thrust his hips down hard against the bedspread. Her fingernails scratched lightly over the girth of his cock now, over his testicles, reaching under his body to probe briefly at the puckered ring of his anus, retracing their path back to his quivering penis.”Hurry up, damn it” he moaned. “Put your mouth around it, Loretta Loretta, suck me”The passion-inspired redhead slaved below, her body glistening from tiny droplets of lust-sweat. The pressure grew and brew in Denny’s balls, and he shoved his loins up hard against her face, not thinking about anything any more but about this hot bitch blowing him so wonderfully. It was something Cally had never done for him and it was wonderful, wonderful Harder and harder he drove his cock into her mouth, pumping his loins like a wild man, driving him on to greater and greater thrustings in his desire for the final release of the maddening build-up of semen in his scrotum.And then-And then, all at once, he felt the eruption take place, felt the first torrent of white-hot fire leap along the passage of his plunging cock. He gasped, his lips pulling back across his teeth as though he were in agony. His prick began a sudden wild, convulsive jerking that flooded without advance warning into Loretta’s madly sucking mouth with rush after rush of burning semen, bloating her cheeks outward with each spurt until she was forced to swallow crazily to keep from choking, mewling and crooning and tickling his testicles with the tips of her fingertips excitedly.”Keep… keep sucking” Denny cried. “Baby, keep sucking” keep succckkkiiinnngggggg” His hands were working spasmodically in her hair now, ramming her head down harder on his burgeoning cock, burying it deep in her throat. And then, with one last mighty groan as the lovely brunette wildly sucked at the juices of his desire, he emptied the final drops of his sperm into her mouth.Loretta continued to nibble gently at the fleshy instrument, milking every last drop of his load until the satiated prick began to gradually deflate in her mouth.Finally Loretta crawled up and kissed him full on the mouth.”How did you like that, lover?”"As good as always” he enthused. “The best, the greatest”Loretta chuckled softly and kissed him again, smearing his own semen around his lips. “Now, go on home, and send that pretty little choir girl over here. I’ll be ready for her.”Chapter 3″Honey, I’m home,” Denny called, entering his home.Cally jumped up from her chair, Prince following at her heels, as she threw his arms around his neck and kissed him in greeting.”How’s Loretta?” she asked, somewhat jealous of this woman she had heard about but never seen.”Now, now… I told you she’s just a friend… no strings… and she really wants to meet you, baby.”"Well,” said Cally pouting, “I don’t know if I want to meet her.”"Jealous?”"No,” she said, pouting slightly.Denny walked over to the carved wooden box where he kept his stash of marijuana and began to roll a joint. Then he lit it, taking a deep drag of the harsh smoke, and passed it to Cally. She had been frightened the first time he offered it to her, but now she was used to it, liked it even, especially when they made love. Now the beautiful blonde could feel the effects of that first inhale, could feel the wonderful rushes of energy coursing through her body as she held the smoke in her lungs.She leaned over to kiss Denny. But he pulled her arms from around his neck. “Not now, baby. I want you to go over and say hello to Loretta. Go on now, you and Prince can go for a little walk.”Okay… okay..” Cally said. “Come on, Prince. Let’s go meet Mata Hari.”The sun was beginning to set slowly behind the green hills as Cally started down the road to Loretta’s house. When she reached the beautiful modern redwood house she knocked on the door but there was no answer. The young girl knew she should turn back to her own house, but curiosity made her try the doorknob. It was open, and she walked into the huge glass enclosed living room. It was beautiful, full of clearly modern furniture, most of it white, contrasting beautifully with the rich red wood of the walls and the deep green of Herman lush plants. No one was in the house. Cally glanced across the room and saw there was a patio outside, and beyond that a swimming pool. There seemed to be someone at the pool, but in the darkening light it was hard to tell. She began walking towards it, and stopped when she reached the hedge that surrounded the pool.Suddenly Cally saw something that caused her to gasp It was Loretta and her German Shepherd buck, sitting on a blanket by the pool-end Buck had an enormous erectionCally’s nostrils flared and her eyelashes fluttered. What in the world was going on. Everything seemed so strange to her… she couldn’t figure it out at all, and the alcohol and pot swimming around in her brain didn’t help her think any the more clearly. Loretta was laying there naked, resting in the halo of her long red hair, her legs slightly askew, her high, widely spaced breasts surging skyward, her nipples hard like flint.Cally stared amazed and horrified. Her head was swimming and she felt dizzy. She sank down on the grass behind the hedges, but she had sat right in front of an opening that allowed her to continue to look through the bushes at the incredible scene going on before her unbelieving eyes. She was so intent on watching Loretta and Buck that she hardly noticed that Prince’s snout had disappeared up beneath her skirt. She instinctively squeezed her thighs together over his furry head, then realized what was happening when his cold wet nose suddenly pressed electrically into the center of her silky white panties. Her pussy began to tingle with desire and her heart beat furiously. This was crazy But oh Prince’s nose felt so good pressing upward into her pussy on the outside of her panties. It wasn’t sexual, she told herself, it just felt nice.She glanced back through the bushes at Loretta. The big dog’s cock had reached its full length and he had inclined his head-his eyes locked tightly on his mistress’ and he imparted to his mightily rigid organ the full wet slap of his own moist pink tongue sliding it obscenely along the entire length of his exposed organ from base to bevel shaped tip.Cally could feel herself gasping for air as she watched Loretta’s dog lick his own penis with slow, calculating movements, wrapping its tongue hotly around his organ and running it like some sort of imitation cunt up and down along its pulsating hard length. The young girl had never seen anything like this before and she could feel her own heated loins secreting a warm heavy moisture of arousal, that washed down through her vagina and out between the moist outer lips of her trembling pussy. It seemed to have crept upon her unawares, and before she knew what was happening, her belly was clenching and unclenching as if in lewd desire for a long thick penis to fill her hungry depths.A sharp pang of excitement flashed through Cally’s burning loins as Prince whimpered and then endeavored to slip the tip of his tongue inside the leg band of her panties. She tried to grip his head to drag him away, but the dog was so intent in his actions, that it was impossible without disturbing Loretta and Buck.Cally gasped as his tongue and nose worked furiously between her snugly clenched thighs. The unwanted moisture from her tingling cuntal lips had become a virtual torrent. Desire swam in her belly like a raging forest fire, and Prince’s instinctual whimpers from under her skirt only seemed to encourage the excitement that was making her pussy boil so desperately.Then Cally’s eyes opened wide as she saw Loretta moving on all fours toward Buck. The big dog jerked up his head, unwrapping his tongue from his glistening penis, distracted from his self-fellation by his mistresses behavior.The dog watched her dangling breasts dance whitely beneath her body as she moved across the ground, her nipples hard and grazing the ground from moment to moment as she crawled. The big dog shifted as his penis emerged still farther, pulsing with blood. The beautiful redhead’s mouth was watering hungrily, filling to the brim with saliva, and she gazed raptly and with ardent unconcealed desire at Buck’s massive canine cock.Then, uttering a sigh of complete enchantment and happiness, Loretta’s head fell forward as her fingers gripped the base of the German shepherd’s hotly throbbing shaft, her long wavy red hair spreading out all over his flanks. Her open mouth moved forward to capture his glistening red animal penis, and her warm moist mouth ovalled like a bitch’s cunt over his burning hot member, then closed in a soft wet pressure around it. The dog’s sharp teeth clattered in his head as Loretta began ardently to suck. Groans of pleasure escaped Buck’s throat in chorus with the sighs and mewls issuing happily from his mistress’s lips around his pulsating rod of flesh.Cally watched spellbound from the bushes, her pelvis instinctively arched forward. She gasped as her own dog’s tongue began a sort of corkscrew motion that swiftly insinuated in at least an inch-and-a-half up into her wetly squirming young pussy. The pleasure was almost unbearable but she had to put a stop to it. It was terribly terribly crazy “Oh-h.. you mustn’t… Prince… stop.. oh oh oh ohoh…” she moaned, her whisper turning into a whimper.Nothing whatever in all her previous experience had quite prepared Cally for this unbelievable sensation. Denny’s cock was wonderful but-Prince’s tongue was a softly flowing instrument which was driving her mad, lubricating her hotly throbbing cunt despite all her mental wishes to the contrary.A soft almost inaudible groan broke from her parted lips as the dog’s thirsty tongue advanced still farther, moving firmly and insistently within the softly billowing wetness of her vaginal walls. She dug her finger into his fur and closed her eyes tightly. This was wrong and she knew it. She had to stop him somehow. But what could she do? She didn’t dare make a scene lest Loretta discover her there watching. And her belly was throbbing so hotly with sexual need, at least as wonderful as the first time she had gone to that motel with Denny. It was heavenly and agonizing all at once, and was made all the more so by its unnameable obscenity and illicitness.Loretta was sucking with fervor on the lust-engorged shaft of the huge dog Buck, and for the beautiful redhead there was nothing in the world that could hold a candle to a dog’s cock for pure pleasure. No matter how often she had done it, it was always overwhelmingly exciting for her. With her tongue and mouth laving Buck’s penis to death, she felt as if she were growing dizzy and in another moment would swoon dead away from sensual happiness. As her lips and tongue moved over his slippery rigidity, feeling every last lurid pulsation and blood-swollen ridge, her pussy moistened hopelessly and her cock-hungry belly felt as if it were full of butterflies. This warm animal penis was well worth worshiping… dog cock in her mouth was, the most incredible sensation in the world…Cally’s nostrils flared as she watched her neighbor’s obscene display at the side of the swimming pool. Her brain was dazed and her body felt flooded with its own lust. Prince had worked his tongue all the way up under her moisture-soaked panty crotch band and was now lapping at her hot wet cunt with maddening precision. She clutched his head not to push him away but to draw him in closer This feeling was too wonderful to be cast aside. Her loins had opened like a flower beneath his ravishing tongue, and she felt herself spinning happily, mindlessly towards orgasm… and she would have climaxed, if not for something totally distracting which suddenly occurred before her very eyesLoretta and the dog had shifted positions somewhat as Buck lowered his head between the shivering soft cream-white thighs of his hotly aroused mistress. His snout spread through the slickly curling hairs of her pubic “vee” and sniffed at her now nakedly exposed vaginal mouth. His tail wagged and he trembled all over as if he had located a bitch in heat. Loretta moaned passionately as the dog’s nose slid lower and contacted her tiny puckered anus. She shivered and made a faint little cry as the animal’s tongue shot out lizard-like and ran wetly up and down the entire cleft between her trembling white thighs, its tip flicking teasingly at the small, tightly c

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    1. cleft between her trembling white thighs, its tip flicking teasingly at the small, tightly clenched anal ring. Buck lapped greedily at the narrow pink slit between her thighs, running, his lengthy tongue wetly along its full distance, from her tightly held little anus, up over the slim pink edge of her seeping wet cunt, and over the small sensation-primed pleasure bud of her clitoris, standing high and stiff a top her pubic mound. Loretta sighed and moaned as the dog’s great tongue spread through the soft, hair-fringed flesh, dragging the desire-inflamed folds of her pussy after it.The beast’s tongue continued to flick mercilessly between the redhead’s widespread thighs, stopping sporadically to curl more deeply between the walls of her vainly resisting vagina, when suddenly a long, drawn-out groan of contentment was dredged from the woman’s passion-wetted throat. She jerked spasmodically, helpless in the grip of a lust too obscene to be believed, as the great animal licked and snuffled relentlessly at her raging fiery loins.Cally couldn’t repress a shudder. Her eyes glazed over and she panted helplessly, watching this amazing display of unspeakable lewdness. By now, Prince had corkscrewed his tongue into her own boiling cunt to an unbelievable depth, drawing it tantalizingly out again in a way that was driving her crazy. This maddening teasing of her hot young pussy was making her entire belly tingle lustfully. In another moment she would go out of her mind.At the same time, her neighbor’s dog’s thickly slithering tongue moved mercilessly up and down between the redhead’s thighs-just as prince was doing to Cally-drawing cries of ecstasy from the wildly aroused woman. Loretta raised her hands, held them motionless for a moment above her writhing white body, and then dropped them with a wildly abandoned moan to tightly grip the dog’s ears.”Ooooohhhh, that’s it… ooooooh lick me… yes, please lick me… oh my God…” A deep guttural moan of pure desire echoed from Loretta’s throat, and suddenly she jerked her legs outward in order to provide the animal with greater access to her love-hungry vagina. She pulled his snout forward up inside her well-lubricated vaginal mouth, and his enormous tongue swirled deeper up into her moist hot passageway, ravishing her eagerly accepting vaginal walls without mercy.Loretta was by now incoherent with lust. She begged shamelessly and encouraged the German shepherd desperately as he lapped between her widely out-thrust thighs. He worked like the savage beast he was, while Cally stared transfixed through her sex-drugged stupor as his glistening red penis emerged larger and larger from its furry sheath below the dog’s belly.Then abruptly, Buck lifted his nose from his mistress’s genitals as Loretta rolled over onto her belly, the animal nudging her hips upward before his tremulously jerking loins. Once she was kneeling in the proper position, her cunt raised up, his immense head lowered again and his thick pink tongue slithered far up into the exposed cleft between the groaning woman’s buttocks.Cally was breathless from the incomparable performance, but even more so from the rhythmic tongue-fucking she was getting along her vaginal furrow from Prince. She gasped and made small, hoarse groans, gripping his furry head for support as she continued to watch the lurid scene.Now Loretta reached back in order to spread her creamy white ass cheeks open like a curtain from her delicately throbbing anus, giving the dog’s tongue plenty of room as it worked on her burning hot crevice with increasing urgency.”Ah… oh… oh… that… that’s it…daaaaaarling… oh my God… my God” the mournful sobbing cries of pure lust tumbled from her sensually parted lips.Watching this licentious depravity, Cally could feel the flame escalating in her own belly. The aching hunger spread from her abdomen all the way up into her heaving, passion-swollen breasts. She labored, gasping for breath, cursing herself for enjoying it so, squirming down harder into the warm earth beneath her buttocks while her pelvis arched outward in order to push her cunt tighter into Prince’s wildly lapping face.At the side of the swimming pool, the German Shepherd Buck was nuzzling Loretta’s pussy, shoving his massive head down between her pelvis and the ground. Cally’s eyes widened in amazed disbelief as he raised the redhead’s loins up with it; and she gasped as she realized what obscenity the animal must be up to.Loretta knelt up, elevating her white alluring buttocks, bending before her furry master in willing surrender. His long, relentless tongue was driving her totally wild. She was on all fours now and the huge dog mounted her smoothly spread ass-cheeks, his forepaws gripping her sleek, sweat slicked back, his curling lips dripping saliva all over her naked flesh. His glistening scarlet penis slipped from its furry sheath, dripping milk-white animal cum from its beveled tip. The tapered end of it slipped and danced in the hot, damp crevice of her loins as the dog trembled and jerked, trying to locate the girl’s softly haired cunt.The decadent redhead looked behind her, shifting her upraised buttocks in order to capture the dog’s rapidly lengthening cock-shaft. She strove desperately to scabbard the long, pinkly glistening organ in her voraciously grasping cuntal mouth, but the dog’s penis kept slipping up to rub maddeningly against her clitoris, the throbbing redness of his penis contrasting starkly with the woman’s glistening pink pussy.Cally, still watching incredulous from the bushes, was hopelessly awash with forbidden sensation. Everything in her mind cried out against the terrible seductive power of what she was seeing and the depraved reality of Prince’s ardently laving tongue, but everything in her flesh cried more, more In front of her, her more experienced counterpart was guiding Buck’s slippery cock into her hot wet cunt, while below, under her very own skirt, Prince was licking obscenely at her cunt. But that was something the young blonde barely had time to think about. Her attention was riveted on her neighbor Loretta as Buck suddenly found his footing and buried his hot red cock with a lurch up inside the redhead’s upturned vagina. It slithered forward with a wet rush until it was sunk to the hilt in her quivering white belly, the animal’s sperm-filled testicles swinging below to smack heavily into the woman’s wetly dripping pubic hair. A moan of relief broke from her lust-contorted lips and she moved rhythmically back to meet the thrusts of the panting animal.His forelegs wrapped snugly around her smoothly curved hips, and she undulated her body in small lewd circles, abandoning herself to this delicious, searing animal-fucking of her hot little pussy. Her face turned sidewise and Cally could see the delighted rapture that had spread across it, her long red hair spilling over her cheeks and fanning out on the ground. Her desire-swollen breasts swayed this way and that beneath her sensuously writhing torso, dancing in time to the skewering dog-cock as it slid upward into her welcoming vagina, a relentless hot poker of glistening hardness burying itself deeply and thrillingly within her yearning cunt.By now Cally’s breath was coming in tight, frantic gasps and the burning sensation bubbling in her belly was almost too much to be borne. She felt as if her eyes would explode right out of her head. The wild fluttering in her stomach was increasing with savage intensity as she watched the older woman being so lewdly ravished before her very eyes. Cally’s body perspired feverishly and sigh after mindless sigh broke from her open mouth. She could feel perspiration trickling down her belly and mingling with the warmly perfumed moisture soaking her pubic curls. She squirmed her vagina harder down against Prince’s urgently lapping face, which rubbed back in sensuous torment against the most, hair-lined flanges of her pulsating pussy. She bit down hard on her lower lip, struggling to hold back furious groans of unadulterated joy.Dizzying sensation flamed through her passion ridden brain like hot volcanic lava. This was it-oh beautiful, beautiful, beautiful…. but she didn’t dare to make a sound and draw attention to herself hiding out in the bushes like some kind of sexual fugitive. But how could she help it? She gagged and gurgled over his ardent licking of her hyper-tingling loins. Her eyes closed with ecstasy, her slender fingers buried in the coolness of his fur, his head moving constantly under her hand. Her nostrils flared, her eyelashes fluttered as if overcome by an emotion stronger than life itself.And not twenty yards away, Loretta was now clearly out of her mind and was shouting lewd encouragement to the dumb beast through desperately clenched teeth: “Oh Fuck me harder Oh God Want to feel all of it Blow your hot cumin to my belly, Buck HURRY” She seemed no longer human, but rather a part of the dog, an extension of his bestiality, a trembling mass of yelping and squealing lust-deranged flesh pleading to be mercilessly fucked by the dog on her back, its heavily veined cock pistoning swiftly in and out of her tender young vaginal passage. She was reveling in her abandoned lust, grinding her buttocks salaciously back against his furry form.The pressure was building volcanically in Cally’s loins too, as Prince continued to lick ravenously at her damply exposed clitoris and pussy lips, occasionally squirming his tongue all the way up into her vagina to draw half-crazed cries of pure pleasure from her agonized lips.Her breathing was coming in ardent, ragged gasps. She watched the obscene display in front of her with growing awareness that hew own orgasm was approaching now at a furious pace. Suddenly there was a long, wailing moan from her lust-possessed neighbor, who was thrashing madly, the sound one of pure unbearable pleasure. Clearly, the redhead was hurtling through a soul shattering orgasm, working her cunt greedily up and down the huge dog’s cock almost as fast as he pummeled her with it. The German shepherd’s tongue lolled wetly out of his jaws as he fucked her with ferocious abandon, his saliva dripping into a pool that formed in the milky smooth estuary of her back.”Oh Oh That’s it” she cried. “Oh my God I’M CUMMING FUCK ME BUCKY FUCK ME TO DEATH”Loretta sobbed uncontrollably and then Buck jerked forward, shuddering from head to foot, and began yelping a series of lengthy, drawn-out whimpers as his heavily sunk penis began spitting sperm in deep, hot spurts up into her greedily swallowing belly.Loretta’s smooth round buttocks contracted uncontrollably, signaling the orgiastic upheaval in her wildly fluttering belly. Thick white liquid seeped back out from their tightly locked connection, spreading out over her sensuously quivering ass-cheeks… with trails of sticky wetness that ran down the ivory columns of her thighs. Her buttocks shone in the light, displaying her cum-soaked pubic hair and below that her sated pink cuntal flesh. Finally the redhead pitched forward, sobbing with happiness, onto her face, her entire body bathed in perspiration from her feverish, mind-shattering climax. The dog’s rapidly deflating penis slid slowly from her semen flooded passage with a soft lewd sucking noise. And then in one final move of obscene depravity, the beast dropped his head to her still warm and widespread pussy and licked at the hot white moisture seeping from her open oval flesh.It was this last licentious act as much as anything which brought Cally flying shudderingly upward towards her own magnificent climax. She could feel every last nerve and sinew in her body begin to shake and sputter, and she closed her eyes tightly, muttering heatedly: “Oh no… stop…get away… oh… oh… don’t stop… oh God…I’m going to… oh no… no… oooooohhhhhh….”She jerked her pelvis forward as her entire body began shuddering mindlessly from head to foot. A deep, rasping gurgle of happiness seemed to be ripping her throat apart, and her lungs and belly with it. She wanted to cry out for happiness, to scream, to leap up into the air. The great happy feeling in her churning loins was like nothing she had ever experienced in her entire life. A lust-heated wash of cum echoed from her vaginal walls to gush down over Prince’s ardently lapping mouth. A Steel spring uncoiled in her stomach, spitting out through the burning center of her cunt as Prince licked and nudged her blazing clitoris without pause. All of her loins seemed to open up like a flower under the heat of a tropic sun. It was as if there was a small sun inside her going nova, and she groaned lavishly, devoured by pleasure, her cum painting Prince’s snout white.Cally completely lost touch with the world for several long moments as she mewled and sobbed with uncontrollable happiness as Prince licked her to completion. Her pelvis shuddered upward to his face and the tides of her orgasm threatened to carry her off.As her exhausted and happy flesh quivered downward from the majestic heights of her climax, she found herself panting for breath, a delirious relaxed and happy smile plastered across her face. When she opened her eyes and rejoined the world, Loretta was no longer at the side of the pool. For a moment, Cally wondered if Loretta had seen her, but she didn’t care… God Loretta had been doing the same thing-Loretta had let her dog Buck fuck herThen Prince drew his head out from under Cally’s dress and she saw his grinning face. And at that instant it came home to her with great force what a terrible thing she had just done, and all the happy pleasure residing in her body suddenly evaporated like a sea mist blown back into the indefinite horizon.Slowly, the beautiful blonde girl stood up and began walking with heavy steps back towards her own house, Prince following alongside his mistress. Never, never again, never again will I let my body turn me into a mindless slave. Never She thought, breaking into a run and heading for the comforting shelter of her house.Chapter 4Cally stayed in bed all the next morning. Depression weighed on her like a huge slab of lead. Her father had been right. One misstep on the road to sin, and a person just sank deeper, deeper and deeper into the painful fires of hell. God It was awful. Whatever had possessed her to leave Idaho falls, whatever had possessed her even to go to lunch with a strange man that Sunday after church? It was as if she were possessed. Possessed by the devilShe forced herself to get up, and went downstairs to the kitchen as she put the cup to her lips and she knew she had never been so confused in her life.Denny wasn’t home and neither was Prince. He must have taken the dog for a walk. She hoped he would stay away long enough for her to pull herself together. Maybe a little drink would steady her nerves. She walked to the cabinet and took down a bottle of brandy. Sex and drink, drugs and sin she thought, condemning herself, hearing her fathers preaching voice ringing in her ears.She didn’t even bother to pour the alcohol into a glass but took a swig directly from the bottle. Ahhhhhh. It felt so soothing, so calming as it burned its way to her belly.Suddenly there was a knock at the door.Oh no Who could it be? She didn’t want to see anybody. She felt so bad. Maybe if she didn’t answer they would just go away. But no. Whoever it was knocked again, and she knew she had to go to the door.”Good morning…. You must be Cally….”The young girl looked at the beautiful redhead standing in the doorway-Loretta What was she doing here? Cally looked at the woman speechless, as images of the redhead fucking the big German Shepherd raced through her mind.”Well, aren’t you going to invite me in. I’m Loretta Day,” she smiled charmingly.”Of-of course….”Loretta entered the house and made herself comfortable on the velvet cushions in the living room.”Is something the matter, honey?” she asked the troubled blonde. “Why don’t we just smoke this and talk about it,” she said, pulling a stick of marijuana from her purse.Cally panicked. What could she say? How could she even begin to talk about what had happened the night before. But Loretta understood too well the feelings that were troubling the young girl.”Is it guilt that’s bothering you?” she asked suddenly.”How-how did you know?” Cally was amazed.”We’ve all been there, you know. I was once pretty innocent, myself.”"You were?”Loretta laughed. “Don’t look so astonished. Why, I was even a virgin once, you know.”Cally was forced to smile. Loretta was not such a monster after all.”But… but it’s all so confusing…” the young girl said, relief flooding through her as she realized she had found someone to talk to.”Listen,” the older redhead told her. “There’s just one guideline in this life that works… if it feels good-do it”"Oh, it couldn’t be that simple,” Cally protested.”It is,” Loretta said with assurance.And then Loretta did something that should have shocked and upset Cally, but it didn’t. She merely watched in rapt curiosity.Loretta began to take off her clothes, and Cally watched spellbound as the voluptuous redhead revealed her full ripe breasts, softly rounded hips and long tapering legs. And she simply said: “I like to be naked when I’m stoned.” The grass and alcohol had made Cally feel free and light, and she giggled, feeling a tickling sensation deep in her belly.Then Loretta leaned back on the softness of the velvet cushions; writhing her hips slowly, sensuously, and running her hands along the smooth white sides of her lusciously rounded body.God Cally thought, She’s so beautiful, but this is wrong”It feels good, Cally,” Loretta whispered, “It feels so good. Just relax like me, just relax.”Cally took a deep breath and watched as Loretta sensuously ground her hips into the soft velvet, running her hands along her breasts, beginning to moan softly to herself. And the young blonde was spellbound.Cally took one last long drag on the joint of marijuana and leaned back on the soft velvet cushions. Loretta reached out and touched her hand, and her touch seemed somehow to cause little tingles of electricity to course up along her arm. She could feel a warmth growing in her belly, and she knew that it was the beginnings of sexual arousal. God she thought. As if Prince wasn’t bad enough, now she was letting herself be aroused by another woman She had a sudden, desperate urge to run, to get out of there, out of the house and back to the small town where everything had been so familiar, so comfortable… and so dull. But then the urge passed and she felt good and warm again, letting the prurient sensations drift downward into her vagina and begin the first flowing of her feminine juices from moistening pussy.Loretta continued to stroke her hand, moving closer to her on the cushions until her leg was pressed against Cally’s, and Cally marveled at the redhead’s full globular breasts, the nipples a rich rosy color against their still darker areolas. And Cally could see that Loretta’s pubic mound was covered with coppery red curling down, and when she opened her legs in an attitude of complete relaxation, Cally’s eyes focused directly on the pink, wetly glistening folds of her fluted vaginal lips with their secret fully erect clitoris.She’s already aroused, Cally thought, she’s very excited And the blonde girl felt her own juices begin to flow, lubricating her entire vaginal slit now, forming little wet pools on the soft velvet of the cushions beneath her; she squirmed her buttocks against the yielding softness, feeling her role slide up and the backs of her naked thighs come into contact. with the coolness. Dimly from somewhere in the back of her mind, a voice seemed to be trying to warn her to stop, but somehow the voice never penetrated any further into her conscious mind that first dim whispering; the increasing arousal of her own body brought about by the marijuana and now the sight of her voluptuous neighbor on the soft cushions before her were all that mattered. Cally began to stroke her own breasts now, rhythmically up and down, up and down, until she could feel her nipples harden into granite chips beneath her robe. Her clothes. They were so cumbersome, so interfering. She stood up and removed her robe, baring her firm breasts – nipples erect in the cool air of the room, and slipped her skirt over the smooth roundness of her hips and thighs.Loretta, even more aroused by Cally’s nakedness now, began to slowly undulate her buttocks, her eyes tightly closed. She’s thinking about her dog Buck, Cally thought hazelly. She’s thinking about Buck fucking her last night and putting his huge penis into those sweetly parted cunt lips of hers…The rise and fall of Loretta’s firm erect breasts increased with her excitement, and her hips began to rotate faster and faster on the bed, driven on not by memories of Buck, but by the exciting naked nearness of her young blonde neighbor. One of her slim white hands left the floor beside her and began to slowly, teasingly massage her own breasts as Cally had been doing, squeezing the berry-like nipples with tantalizing movements of her thumb and forefinger. She continued this rubbing teasing motion for a long moment and then she moved her hand away from her breasts and down through her reddish silky pubic fleece, placing the palm flat against her abdomen with the fingers splayed wide in her crotch, playing in the lust-dripping furrow, tickling the throbbing phallus of her clitoris with her middle finger and then sliding it slowly, down to the entrance of her vaginal chamber, dripping it inside, swirling it around inside her deliciously oozing cunt….Cally’s own hips seemed to be moving in time to Loretta’s and, growing fearful of yet another sexual adventure, she picked up the remaining marijuana roach, relit it, and drew more of the hot smooth smoke into her lungs, feeling it flow through her body, watching the woman next to her masturbating. Cally felt delicious waves of passion flood through her and she squirmed downward on the cushion, trying to move her insatiable pussy closer, closer to the soft material.This is wrong, she thought, this is terribly wrong What will happen when Denny comes back from walking Prince? But she made no move to stop, enthralled by the rapacious lust which had seized control of her being, by the swirling dreaminess of the marijuana she had smoked. She sucked instill more of the musky smoke, feeling the heat of the flame against her lips as it burned down all the way, but not caring, reveling in the wonderful, euphoric, aroused state which she was in….Loretta’s hips were lashing the cushions with increasing fury now, her fingers working like some maniacal instrument of self-inflicting torture in her open, widespread cunt-and Cally, her eyes fastened on the manipulations of the redhead’s finger in her cunt, moved closer to the woman. It was as if she were hypnotized by Loretta’s open slender legs and her pink little cuntal passage, fringed with carroty hair, secreting little rivulets of her juices which moistened and sheened the petal like folds of her pussy. Cally moistened her lips, looking a little frightened, hesitating; but Loretta began to urge her on, moaning…. “Yes, Cally, yes… Oh, I want you beautiful girl, and you want me…. It’s okay Cally, it’s okay… suck me, oh suck me darling,” she chanted mesmerically. Cally continued moving downward, climbing over the redhead’s widely spread legs.Loretta arched her hips, drawing her legs up, opening the wider her glistening vagina-and suddenly the blonde girl’s head dipped, dipped hungrily into the moist waiting furrow, the long pink tongue snaking out to flick inside the gently throbbing mouth, lick up along the cuntal lips to locate the large distended clit. Cally took the miniature phallus between her short, sharp white teeth and began to nibble it as if it was a piece of birthday candy, her eyes squeezed tightly shut and her fingers digging into the redheaded woman’s upper thighs and pelvis. Loretta flailed her head from side to side with wild abandonment, totally lost now in the salacious lesbian sucking of the young girl in her tremulous burning crotch.Cally worked insanely, stroking from the top to the bottom and then back to the top of Loretta’s splayed, almost yearning cunt. Each gentle lap brought an involuntary lifting of the loins, as the tip of her tongue toyed with Loretta’s labia. She pressed her mouth closer, reaching up with her hands to play with the juggling breasts. Her mouth was seething, hot over of lust, invading the vaginal orifice, lashing the erect clitoris and licking the whole wet furrow with an eel like tongue which was slippery with flowing cuntal juices….Loretta mewled with uncontrollable, unsatiated passion. Her belly rippled and she rubbed her hands against her thighs and curled her fingers in Cally’s strewing blonde hair, forcing the girl’s face deeper into her burning cunt. Cally was gasping for breath… sucking the air in short surges so as not to break the fervent contact of her mouth, tongue and lips. Even her nose was burrowing the wild depraved groin, the odor of the female musk drove her still wilder.”Oh… oh… ohhhhhhhhh, you’re wonderful…wonderful…. It’s too much… too much” Loretta’s voice died in a strangled sob and sigh, but then broke out again in a high pitched wail as the seething lust overflowed and swept through her. She twisted in the grip of her sweet torture, twisting and writhing but never breaking the mouth which was glued to her cunt. The tongue continued to stroke her clitoris, sending lightning like stabs through her marrow. She gasped and groaned… and then she came… like the ravaging hurricane of a summer season, to pound and wash and flood her senses.”Aaaaaaaaaaagggggghhhhhhhhh” the redhead cried, lifting her buttocks off the cushions. Shuddering violently she relaxed as the climax passed over her.Suddenly, a male voice broke the peaceful sensuality of the room.”Well, well, well, ladies… a little girl talk, I see.” It was Denny, just returned from his walk with Prince at his side. He stared down at the two women lying together on his living room floor, and the sight of their large bobbing breasts and their smooth white thighs entwined as they embraced made his cock jerk hotly in his pants. This was gonna he some afternoon”Denny,” Cally shrieked… “What are you… I mean… I-I… just…” the poor girl was beside herself with worry and guilt at having been caught in a sex act with another woman.”Hey,” Loretta said in her soft, throaty voice, “It’s alright honey… isn’t it Denny..? Denny really get off when two chicks make it together.”Cally looked puzzled, while Loretta and Denny just looked at each other with a glance that said, she’ll learn… the young girl is learning fast.Denny slipped his shirt up over his head, revealing two hard brown nipples on a wide expanse of well-muscled chest lightly cushioned with curly dark hair. And Prince had curled up on a cushion near the two women, his large brown eyes gleaming, focused like laser beams on the furry cunt between his mistress’s legs.Loretta stood up, leaving Cally alone on her back on the cushions, her slender legs spread wide revealing the soft curling fleeciness of her soft blonde pubic hair. “I’ll go roll a joint,” the redhead said, and proceeded to prepare some more marijuana. When she was finished, she lit the slender, hand-rolled cigarette, took a deep drag, holding it in her lungs and passing it to Denny, who in turn passed it down to the beautiful blonde spread-eagled on the cushions on the floor.”Oooooooh,” that’s nice, Cally whispered, as she felt the tingles of excitement running through her body heightened by the marijuana smoke. She had gotten so wildly exciting eating Loretta’s pussy and now she needed something to end the incredible tingling in her hotly moist cunt.Denny reached down to touch her and curled his middle finger into her springy gold pubic hair… “Oooooh, Denny, Denny,” she moaned….And the man wormed his finger still further, encountering the soft moist outer flesh of Cally’s recently warmed little pussy. The beautiful young innocent moaned and threw back her head. She was incredibly aroused, no longer able or wanting to fight any of the new sexual scenes she was being introduced to. She had made the leap into the deep abyss of pure pleasure, and now was giving herself up totally to the sensations that inflamed her agonizingly heated body. There was no way, no way on earth, to stop the flow of smooth cuntal moisture that was seeping so easily from between her tingling pussy lips. Denny pushed his finger in farther through the sacred portals, partway up into her cum-slick vagina.”Sweetheart, you have one tight little cunt,” he moaned, feeling his own cock growing larger and larger in his pants.”Go on,” said Loretta, watching avidly from alongside the couple, “stick your finger in. Hard. She seems to be loving it. Harder, Denny, Harder.”"Ooooooooooh,” Cally moaned, her long blonde hair flailing on one side of the cushion cradling her pretty head, as Denny’s thick middle finger probed into the softly resisting passage just another fraction. “You’re as snug as the day I first fucked you,” he remarked.The helplessly aroused blonde bit down hard on her lower lip. His finger inside her cunt felt so gooood, but how could they do this with Loretta right there. It was wrong… but then everything was so crazy… everything that felt good seemed to lead to such crazy actions. But the wildly excited girl just groaned and instinctively pushed her trembling loins upward against his impaling finger.Prince stood up whimpering eagerly. He got up on his hind legs with one forepaw stroking at the smooth cream-white flesh of Cally’s thigh. The young blonde looked over at her huge German Shepherd. He was panting and slavering, his eyes glazed, over her voluptuously prone body. She closed her eyes, unable to deal with the strange reality of the situation. Were they going to let Prince lick her the way he had the other night as she had watched Loretta and Buck? Oh God It was too much. Too muchSuddenly her pelvis jerked as Denny’s middle finger again thrust up between her widespread thighs into the soft protective folds of young flesh surrounding her tender vaginal chamber. His finger searched patiently for a moment, then located her small, lightly swelling clitoris. A mewling gasp broke throatily from her parched and open lips. Her body shuddered helplessly and she moaned as his finger wormed its way into her hotly trickling passageway. She clenched her eyes tightly shut, and she knew there was no way in the world she could close out the savage, primitive joy that was creeping through her loins with the force of a tidal wave. She wanted to open her mouth to protest, but instead heard from it only muffled gasps and gurgles of hedonistic femaleness. She was lost, lost in a sea of boundary less sensuality.Her sounds seemed to arouse Prince, and suddenly he bent his head and brushed his warm, moist tongue over the blonde girls ruby red lips, and his outsized tongue slipped into her mouth as she gasped from the twiddling pressure of Denny’s lewdly masturbating middle finger.”That’s it boy,” Loretta called from the sidelines. “That’s it Prince… “Cally knew she should be repelled, yet at the same time she was surprised to find that Prince’s ardent French kiss sent a flurry of excitement scattering irregularly through her heatedly writhing loins. Indeed, the loving wet contact of his tongue in her gasping mouth was a jolt totally unlike anything she’d ever experienced before in her life.Across their French kiss, she gazed long and deeply transfixed as if by a spell, into his hypnotic and hotly desiring brown canine eyes. With Denny’s finger continuing to work openly inside her helpless body, the net combination was creating sensations inside her which it was impossible to ignore or resist, if she had wanted to.It was miraculous, she thought, how Prince had known exactly what he was doing when he had licked her pussy last night, bringing her to a fantastic shattering climax. She wanted so much to completely submit to the delights of carnal knowledge of her German Shepherd….But no-he couldn’t That was-insane Obscenely insaneAnd yet, the lustful glitter in his eyes made her squirm and his molten stare made her feel weak. She looked up first at the dog, then at the intensely watching faces of Loretta and Denny, whose finger still worked churning her insides to a heated fever pitch. And even as she thought those negative things, her breathless mouth parted wantonly under the incessant pressure of Prince’s lavishing tongue… her lush, moistened lips opened lewdly, instinctively… to let her own tiny pink tongue come slipping through… just as Denny shoved a second finger up into her momentarily relaxed cunt.A long, throat sigh escaped the helpless blonde love-slave as she gave up all resistance to the big German shepherd’s loving kiss. Denny’s fingers inside her seeping vagina were doing their part as well to create an ache in her belly that was beyond comparison with anything she had ever felt before in relation to sex. It was totally compelling; how could she possibly fight this tide of heathen desire that was threatening to drown her?Her undulating body, voluptuous in all its contours and naturally receptive to all the feelings that flesh is heir to, was fast approaching its ultimate breaking point, and she could no longer find the strength in her even to protest against the monstrous fondling of her private parts.She gasped through Prince’s kiss and held her breath as she felt Denny’s fingers stretch and enlarge the by now well-lubricated walls of her cunt. They slipped wetly in and out with a moist sucking sound.”Down boy,” said Denny suddenly, surprisingly, and he pushed Prince away with a single swift movement of his arm. His head bent and he licked into the small shallow kiss-nook of her navel, sending another wave of lurid sensation flowing into her already churning loins.Cally’s head worked from side to side, her exquisite face contorted with abandoned pleasure. She moaned and sighed as his tongue licked up and down, closing her eyes with luxuriant pleasure.”Christ, she’s beautiful,” said Loretta, who was lounging in a soft leather armchair, the last of the marijuana joint burning down to her fingers. She picked up a roach -clip from the table beside her, and, placing the marijuana between the two fingers of metal, she took a few last drags, then left it cold in the ashtray. Then she snapped her fingers. “Up Prince,” she commanded….”Quick”Cally raised her startled head in time to see Denny move away to make room for Prince, whose thick red penis was shaking in the air as the big dog leaped between her widely splayed white thighs. It was the first time she had see the dog’s huge penis outside of its furry sheath, and just seeing its massive length was a terrific jolt to the turmoil in her belly. And as she watched, the big animal found his position above her, his eyes wide with desire.”Stop This is filthy No No I don’t want this” Cally squirmed with what little control she had left, her pelvis shaking frantically so that her belly swayed from side to side as if to evade Prince’s rapidly approaching dog cock…. She cringed, mad with shame and desire, and the tapered head searched between her trembling white thighs, zeroing in on the soft, moist pubic center in which lay her sparse blonde curls and her lustfully twitching cuntal lips.Denny snickered and grabbed Prince’s haunches, carefully guiding the stumbling dog in the direction of the moist pink flanges of his girlfriend’s widely ovalled vagina. Cally’s face contorted with horror and passion and she felt the slick head of the dog’s penis contact her blonde pubic hair and then move through toward the tiny open slit of her cunt. “No” she screamed. “Oh lord Oh God Save me”"That’s what we’re trying to do,” Denny muttered, helping Prince along.Her furry lover was above her now. She could feel the overheated warmth of the dog’s body as he crouched against her, and could smell his steaming breath. His long, shivering wet tongue was just slightly above her heaving breasts, dripping moisture onto her smooth cream-white skin.Cally felt as if she were drowning. She didn’t want this, but what could she do about it? Her body had betrayed her totally; her vagina was seeping hot wetness profusely. She admitted it to herself-the dog would have no difficulty at all with his obscene entry. Was there any way at all she would ever be able to shake off this obscene curse for the rest of her life? Oh Lord.”Slip it in nice and easy,” Denny directed. “Go ahead boy.”Cally moaned as she felt the first hard warm touch of Prince’s quivering penis against her cringing pussy mouth, and then there was the inexorable pressure as it moved inside, filling up her vaginal walls and pushing them aside. She groaned incoherently, although there was a part of her insides that were screaming out beautiful, beautiful… Oooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhh”The large animal flexed his flanks, panting heatedly with bestial lust, and then his blood-filled, pulsating cock slipped all the way up into her fluid wet channel with a rush that left Cally gasping for air.”A a a a r r r g g g h h h h h h r r r r r r-ggghhhhhhhhhaaaaaahhhhhh….”Her throat was making noises that sounded completely inhuman, and her long blonde hair flew wildly from side to side on the pillow. Perspiration steamed on her overheated forehead. She squirmed and twisted, but it was impossible for her imprisoned flesh to escape the relentless upthrust of Prince’s loins meshed with hers, his soft furry balls smacking with a dull slap at the insides of her buttocks.Cally’s muffled moans of pleasure were echoing from the very depths of her love-starved being. With Prince’s cock sunk deeply into her quivering white belly she could almost feel the hardness of its tip pressing snugly, teasingly, against her cervix.The curvaceous young blonde had never known the equal of this lewd, feverish sensation that was making such a furnace of her belly. Her seething cuntal channel was raging with desire all around Prince’s blood-engorged cock as it steamed in and out of her helplessly writhing body.She groaned continually, laying her blonde head back and baring her teeth as Prince fucked her furiously. Even as she lay there, her soul being slowly destroyed, she felt Denny Reed’s strong hands beginning to massage her throbbing young breasts. She gasped as she felt his mouth begin to suck her nipple and as much of the surrounding hypersensitive tissue as he could manage, while his hand squeezed the rest.This dual besiegement of breasts and belly made the young minister’s daughter’s mind swim. Denny fondled her sensually swollen breasts until they almost hurt, but even this was a source of primitive enjoyment for her lust-devoured flesh. Her eyes grew smoky and she gazed unseeing up into the panting face of her urgently fucking German shepherd lover. It seemed to her that Prince was somehow much more handsome than she had ever given him credit for, and as he whined with burning frustration, agonizing towards his sperm-blowing orgasm, she opened her mouth and did- not object as his tongue slid between her teeth.”Mmmmmmm…” she murmured at the lavish excitement this animalistic French kiss instilled in her flame-thrilled flesh. “Oh… oh…”There was no use trying to fight it any longer. Her head and heart had to admit it. She couldn’t control the lascivious desires of her own flesh. She was enjoying everything, every hot crazy moment of it.”Oooooooooohhh,” she moaned ecstatically through their passionate kiss, unable to think or do anything else.”OOOooohhh… darl.. ohhh… oh… my… ohhhhhh…” Her eyes rolling upward into her head, she struggled desperately against the urge to refer to him as darling. Her groans deepened as she felt the fierce, mind shattering delight of his hotly fucking cock moving in and out of her flowing vaginal aperture, the walls of which clung with happy delirium to his raging member.Breathing as if her chest would explode, confounded with ragged gasps and mewling urgent cries, Cally raised up her head so that she could actually look down under Prince’s furry belly and see his shining pink male hardness disappearing through her golden pubic curls and into the wet pink folds of her bursting cunt.For some reason this excited the love-hungry young girl even more. Her feverish brain became a blank to everything but the wonderful sensations the dog’s urgent fucking stimulated in her helplessly fluttering belly. Prince whimpered from deep in his throat and her dully lidded, impassioned eyes fastened affectionately on his handsome features. She was truly love-slave to the demanding sensuality of this furred beast… and all the while she was being fucked by the huge dog, Denny had continued to fondle, pull and suck at her heavily rocking breasts until her nipples were standing high and hard. But this was mere topping to the cake, seasoning on an already satisfying steak. For Prince’s fucking of her wildly writhing pussy was by far more mind and body shattering than anything she had ever experienced before in her life.Her swooning mind questioned whether she would have run had the opportunity presented itself. Her body, by now, knew that it would not.”Oh… that’s it… oooh… oh my… oh God… please hurry… don’t stop… God… oh…arggghhh….”Her soft damp passage expanded with each hot, hard thrust of the dog-cock up between her wide-held legs. Tears of humiliation mixed with pleasure flowed in a series of sobbing, happy gasps. The fluted pink folds of her boiling cunt were drawn out with each outstroke, then fell back in joyous surrender on the in stroke.Prince’s body was now a thrusting bundle of uncontrollable power unleashing itself utterly into the squirming blonde flesh beneath him. His overheated penis seemed actually to expand within the hot confines of her naked belly, and he ground into her savagely, yelping out of his mind with lust. His penis ached and burned more than it ever had in his young dog’s life. He was almost there, and he rammed wildly into her flowering cunt with long, hard strokes.Cally’s groans and mewls stretched into a long, low continuous moan of lascivious lust. Through the passion-drenched haze of her dissolving personality, she could feel him growing inside her like a great wedge being driven into a tree, threatening to split her open into a million happy pieces. Her delirious brain realized that the dog was going to cum in her, and for the first time she understood that she really wanted it. Wanted this furry beast to fill her belly and aching womb with his sticky warm animal sperm….She was beyond caring about the consequences, only loved the felling of his hot animal hardness deep inside her and wanted Prince to orgasm. Perhaps she was going to, herself, if only… if only… it was so wonderful…so unbearable sweet… she clenched her buttocks, trying to squeeze out as much pleasure as possible from this lurid fucking.Her breath was coming. in sharp, punctuated gasps, her mind spinning crazily out of control. “Oh God Oh God Oh God” she groaned, mad with desire, her heart pounding with jackhammer ferocity, helplessly trapped by an obscene emotion that had a name too sinful to even whisper. “OH GOD”She was possessed by the impassioned beast who seemed to be dredging her very soul with his thrusts. Her life existed only in the region of her cunt and its mind-bending connection with Prince’s cock. “My darling…” she found herself gurgling worshipfully, “Now… Cum Prince, cum”She clenched her teeth, grinding them closely together, as everything inside of her strained for the ultimate satisfaction. He was fucking her, and she wanted that. But she also wanted… wanted… OH GODHer warm, wet vaginal muscles clasped snugly around the big German shepherd’s hard-driving penis as Prince suddenly drew up, yelping, his haunches working jerkily with the urgency of his passion. The speed of his fucking was totally uncontrollable and faster than she could comprehend. The furry animal above her, working frantically with his cock sliding in and out of her tight cuntal opening, seemed to strain all over his body. His muscular neck knotted itself up, his powerful body stretching out its full length, then accordioning up again, and repeating this rhythm frenziedly.”Oh Oh Darling DAAARRRLLLIIINNNGGG” Cally wailed as her own climax came hurtling toward her with the speed of an express train. Prince fucked into her furiously, and then he was thereHis soft furry balls, coiled like steel springs, began shooting semen across the thundering bridge of his love-glistening penis, squirting it up into Cally’s hungrily gulping vagina. His lewd hot sperm sloshed upward into her belly, filling her up to bursting.”No, no, no, no no no no…” She felt his cum ricocheting around inside of her. Sobbing, a savage plague of pleasure-bursts exploded throughout her loins. “Oh fill me, fill me, darling….” she moaned, delirious with happiness, aching with love in every muscle, her body straining through her arms and legs delirious happy thanks to the wild beast inside of her that was giving her such fantastic pleasure.Her cunt clasped and undulated around his spurting red animal cock, milking it desperately for every last drop of scalding white liquid until her warm pink vaginal cavern was drowning in it. Prince’s sperm foamed out the sides of her wildly contracting pussy lips, soaking the soft blonde pubic hair it was buried in.Cally groaned incoherently as a second violent orgasm came spinning across space towards her like a great ball of fire, spitting streaks of flame on all sides. The hot walls of her wildly jerking vagina sucked hungrily at his throbbing penis until finally it gave one last spasmodic twitch, having swallowed the very last drop of the big dog’s cum.Prince collapsed over her body, as her cum gushed forward around his deflating rod of flesh. Then she, too, suddenly gave one final shudder and quivered into a limp quietude, her face plastered with a silly relaxed smile, her brain totally enervated by her fantastic belly-twitching climax, her belly filled with the mixture of their cum.Loretta gave Prince a chance to rest up, his hairy body huffing and puffing across the blonde girl’s limp white form, a weight that did not seem to bother the beautiful minister’s daughter at all. Then the redhead lifted the big German shepherd carefully off the girl.”Welcome to our happy family,” Loretta said to Cally, smiling. “Did it feel good?”Cally looked up at her, a big grin on her face. “Oh God, Loretta,” she said. “It was wonderful, the most wonderful thing I’ve ever experienced.”"Hey baby,” said Denny, “You see, you’re finally learning to do what gives you pleasure… but now, I’d like a little pleasure for myself as well.”And with that he began to unbuckle the belt of his pants.Chapter 5Denny stood above Cally now, as the sun slowly sank down below the hillside, and Loretta quietly got up and lit several candles, placing them in various parts of the room.”Honey,” said Cally, “there’s one thing that’s bothering me….”"What that, baby?”"Well, I really don’t know if it was me… those feelings and all… or if it was just the grass we smoked.”"Don’t be silly kid,” Loretta chimed in from her position in the armchair. “Weed will get you high, but in order to want to be fucked by a dog, you’ve got to really want it Drugs just loosen you up, let your real self get free, that’s all.”"Thanks Loretta. That means a lot to me.” And so saying, Cally looked up to see Denny’s desire-swollen penis moving closer, closer, till it touched against the smooth rosy softness of her cheek.”Kiss it” he said thickly. “Kiss my cock, baby.”Cally’s long eyelashes fluttered softly against the sensitive tip of his cock head as she pressed her lips against the rubbery softness of Denny’s penis with her mouth. Her sensually pouting lower lip rubbed all across and around the tip of Denny’s throbbing rod, while his fingers played in her hair, pulling her face along. Cally could feel the pulsating, blood-filled ridges of his penile shaft against her mouth, and considered how Prince’s penis might feel against her lips in a similar situation. But she didn’t dwell on that for long. Her stomach felt as if it were turning over like a cement mixer full of gravel. She had expected to be disgusted, yet she wasn’t. Instead, there was a strange scent all around Denny’s loins that was quite pleasant, and the press of his cock-flesh on her mouth had nowhere near the sensation she had expected.His blood-heavy penis pressed forward against the back of her throat, as he plunged deep, deeper into the warm wet furnace of her mouth. It’s throbbing hardness slithered up the length of her tongue, filling her mouth completely with its powerful thick fleshiness before she could do anything about it.”That’s it, baby… beautiful. beautiful…. ” Denny clutched her hair and bent over slightly as he stuffed his pulsating rod as far into her mouth as it would go. Her soft moist lips closed over it like the smoothest, most delicate of snug young cunts. He closed his eyes and his nostrils flared as he touched the back of her throat, making her gag.Cally loved the taste of his wonderfully hard penis. The fluttering in her belly got wilder and wilder as his long thick cock filled her oral cavern to the brim. She was literally feeling a type of sexual excitement from the presence of his member between her lips. There was no denying it.”Suck… suck… suck…” Denny breathed, working his hips back and forth. Cally felt his cock slipping out of her mouth, then back in again. The pumping of Denny’s pelvis escalated rapidly and he ground his penis around and around inside her captive mouth. His hands held her blonde head in a vise-like grip, his fingers gripping her ears and hair. At the same time, the fluttering in her loins was increasing rapidly. She licked the first spot of cum off the tip of his thrusting hardness, and found that it was surprisingly pleasant, vaguely salty, partly sweet. She could feel the warm moisture increasing up between her legs as it occurred to her that it was just this sort of seminal liquid that Prince had shot up into her cunt. Her pussy lips began to itch all over again, and she was unable to repress a soft, sensual moan as Denny’s cock moved more rapidly in and out of her mouth.”That’s it,” Loretta encouraged from somewhere in the background. “She loves it”Denny grunted something unintelligible, his neck muscles straining, his loins grinding around and around before it jerked outward again. He was holding her hair and snorting huffily as she sucked his cock furiously and he worked himself around so that he could lie down on the bed. In a moment her long blonde hair was waving over his muscular stomach, her stiff-nippled breasts swinging about his legs and occasionally grazing them, watching her beautiful girlish face sucking ecstatically at his pulsating rod.And she was ecstatic Her cunt felt warmer than ever, and was secreting so madly that she needed something hard and thick there to quell the ache. The sheer illicitness of the act was exciting in itself-and then more so as Denny stuffed his middle finger up through her blonde hair fringed cunt to plunge it deeply into her squirming vagina.”Oh-oh,” she gasped. “Ohhhhhh, my Gooooooddddddddd” And she returned to sucking his hotly pounding cock, which felt like a keg of dynamite about to explode.And all Denny wanted in the world was to shoot all of his white-hot sperm up into her throat. He could think of nothing else as her hands came up to stroke his thighs and testicles affectionately. Everything in his being was focused solely within the tormentedly burning muscle of his penis.Once her tongue had begun licking and lapping at his thickly bloated member, it seemed the most natural thing to Cally to actively suction it. And the more she sucked, the more her pussy tingled and itched. She squeezed her thighs together to ease the desire that was glowing so lasciviously within that ready hot core between her legs, and when she remembered the way Prince had fucked her and licked her pussy, that made it all the worse. The hot moist shelter of her mouth sucked more ravenously, and her lips nibbled at his thick fleshy instrument. Her tongue lapped hungrily as his pre-coital semen oozed upward, and she swallowed with barely concealed hunger. The lust in her own belly was expanding madly, and at last she recognized that she was moaning all around his delicious hot rod as if it were the most wonderful thing in the world.”Suck… suck me. Suck meeeeee” came Denny’s urgent, straining voice above her as his middle finger pistoned harder in and out between her thighs. “Suck”Cally felt numb to everything except the wonderful cock that was allowing her tongue to lick at it and her lips to draw on it. When his hands squeezed her heavily jiggling breasts she thought she was going to swoon away with happiness. Meanwhile, the saliva in her mouth grew and grew. It was sticky now as the emissions from Denny’s impatient penis seeped into it. His hips writhed and strained beneath her bobbing head in a wild violent shudder of sexual agony. Groans and sighs of exquisite torture fled his mouth as she manipulated his organ. His long powerful fingers curled in her hair, pulling her head up and down and forcing her to suck even more energetically.Cally needed no coaxing now. The scent and taste of his lust-arousing cock, mingled with the droplets of sperm that were continually slipping down her throat into her hungry belly made her dizzy with delight. It was so wonderful. So exciting to suck on a man’s penis. The wetness trickling warmly from her cunt was growing by leaps and bounds.His penis stretched and expanded until there was no room left inside her hotly grasping oral cavern. She moaned and gurgled happily around it, consumed with lust. He had kept his finger thrust to the limit inside her pussy, wiggling maddeningly around, and by now his hand was covered with her excited hot vaginal moisture.She wanted nothing now but for him to shoot his lewd semen right down her throat, she wanted never to stop sucking, nibbling and licking at his blood-engorged instrument.”Oh Oh That’s it, girl Honey… oh Jesus… I’m cumming”Denny jerked suddenly and strained forward. His hips began to shudder and he writhed them in snugly to her pretty cock-filled face, sinking the full hardened length of his penis deep down into her gasping throat. She struggled to breathe, but it was difficult, and suddenly his cock erupted in the warm wet interior of her sucking mouth, unintelligible words of obscenity falling all around her blonde head from his gasping lips. His desire-heated cum spurted into her mouth like the rush of a raging waterfall, and she sucked and swallowed, swallowed and sucked out of her mind with joy at having so much of his lust-appeasing sperm to drink, her cheeks hollowing and inflating with the rhythm of his flooding sperm.He seemed to be blowing his boiling semen into her mouth forever. The taste of his passion was so good that Cally wanted it to never end. She held onto his shuddering pelvis for dear life lest he buck her right off. Then his cock jerked one final spasm and began to soften disappointingly under her swirling, licking tongue. By now she was swooning with ecstasy from swallowing his cum and was scarcely aware of it when, seconds later, his deflated member oozed from between her lips. This his hands gently pulled her head forward to trap her soft blonde hair against the whole of his quivering loins. She buried her nose in the sweet scent of his dark wiry pubic hair and sighed contentedly, his thick finger still buried without moving within the damply flowing heat of her cunt. Her tongue darted out and managed to lick the final drop of semen from his fallen organ, and Denny winced and then was still…”Whew,” he breathed, after a long deep silence. “You were just born to fuck, baby, to fuck and suck cock.”She smiled up at him filled with joy, and then extended her hand toward Loretta, who had risen from the chair and was walking toward her, her eyes riveted on the blond curls of Cally’s hot seeping cunt.The evening had just begun.Chapter 6Cally was barefoot, walking down the dirt road toward the mailbox and the soft warm earth felt delightful beneath her feet. The sun was already warm though it was still early morning and Cally had a wonderful sense of well-being. She loved Denny so-and Loretta too She was happier than she had ever been in her life. Why, she had even stopped torturing herself and Denny about marriage. It had seemed so important at first. If only he would marry her, then somehow everything would be all right. But Denny would just laugh and say he was as free as a bird and so was she, and they should just fly through life enjoying it. Today she felt she understood.She reached a row of country mailboxes and opened the one marked Denny Reed. She pulled out a thick hand full of mail and quickly ran through it. Nothing for her. There was never anything for her. She had left her old life behind, and no one in the world even knew where she was.Bills, a magazine, a letter for Denny that smelled from perfume. Dammit, she thought, and was tempted to throw it away when suddenly she looked down at the address on the next letter.Denny Reed and Cally RogersWhat on earth?It was in an envelope of good quality paper like a wedding invitation-and engraved in a fine black script. Her fingers tore excitedly at the envelope as she walked back to the house.It was an invitation to a party at a Beverly Hills address.She broke into a run and headed back to the house.”Denny, Denny,” she cried….She ran through the door as Denny stood up to greet her. “It’s an invitation for me… for us… to a party.”"Let’s see,” he said smiling.The invitation was from Dale and Rico Cassari, a wealthy couple with exotic sexual tastes and the money to indulge them all. The party would be a sort of initiation for the young blonde minister’s daughter and Denny hoped she was ready for it. Well, they’d all find out soon enough.The night of the party, Loretta arrived early with Buck. She looked ravishing, wearing a black crepe dress with a neckline daringly slashed almost to her waist, her breasts swelling visible beneath the soft material.Cally had selected a simpler dress of yellow linen, a sort of pinafore that heightened her innocent appearance. She had carefully

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    2. She had carefully brushed her long blonde hair, applied a touch of perfume and some frosted pink lipstick.”You look lovely Cally,” Loretta enthused.”Oh, so do you,” the young blonde said admiringly.”You both look out-a-sight,” Denny said, having the final word. “Let’s go.”Prince and Buck followed them out of the house and they all piled into Loretta’s large Mercedes sedan. When they reached the house, a huge colonial style mansion in Beverly hills, it appeared that no one was home, but as they reached the door Cally could see a rich reddish glow from behind the drawn curtains. Denny didn’t bother to knock on the big oak door. He merely turned the brass knob, and the five of them, Denny, Cally, and Loretta along with Buck and Prince, walked into the candle lit entryway. They could hear the muffled sounds of the party coming from the living room and they began to walk towards it. Occasionally, Cally could feel Prince’s smoothly-furred body brush against her leg, sending a thrill of anticipated ecstasy through her shivering body. How could she forget the way he could thrill her, send her spinning off into outer space, into an orgasm that could toss her pretty blonde head from her shoulders.They reached the living room, and were surrounded in the near-darkness by the muffled sounds of sensual activity filling the air like some smoke spreading through the air to fill every nook and cranny. Cally trembled with heady anticipation of the sexual unknown and her vagina sent out a warm wash of lubrication.As her eyes adjusted to the darkness she could see that the huge living room was a writhing, squirming mass of bodies, both furry and smooth, and throughout, people and dogs were fucking and sucking obscenely. There was even a daisy-chain of linked men and women and dogs, as people squealed and mewled throughout the room, man, woman and beast endlessly entwined.Cally held back for a moment shocked by the sight of her first orgy, but she couldn’t escape the fact that the sights and sounds that attacked her senses here were making her terribly aroused. She suddenly felt a terrific urge to rip off her clothes and join the obscenely cavorting throng.Before her very eyes, the nearest couple were engaging in active sodomy-the couple being a woman about thirty-four, with long black hair falling down her back, which a dog was using as a cushion as he reamed her well-lubricated nether passage, his long tongue hanging pantingly outside of his mouth to drip saliva all over her back. Cally stared fixedly at the way his glistening penis was slipping in and out of the woman’s puckered anal opening, which was clinging to it for joyous dear life on the outstroke. And Cally was astounded, despite her own experiences with Prince, to see so many other people involved sexually with their huge canine pets.”Come on,” said Denny, pulling her forward, stepping gingerly over several writhing groaningly connected couples, heading towards a huge empty mattress in one corner. Loretta had dissolved into the crowd and Cally and Denny seated themselves on the mattress and began to smoke a stick of marijuana that Denny took from his shirt pocket. Cally felt herself getting higher… and higher… and laid back on the mattress, allowing Denny to slowly strip the clothing from her ripely sensual body. Buck and Prince watched with mounting interest and Cally saw that another dog had joined them.Then she felt Denny’s thumbs on the fleshy lips of hair lining the outer flesh of her moistening cunt, and he pulled them slowly apart. She held her breath and sighed deeply as his middle finger plunged upward into her burning hot pussy and she groaned and worked it lewdly around inside. There was an exquisite feeling of cool air rushing over the rising bud of her nakedly exposed clitoris. It rippled up her quivering belly and `out` into the nipples of her lewdly throbbing breasts.”Get on all fours,” Denny commanded, and she willingly obeyed, wondering what he had in mind. Then suddenly there was a patter of paws all around her body as the dogs selected various parts of her luscious anatomy. The strange dog began to lap his long wet tongue across the tingling tips of her throbbing breasts, while Prince came up around in front of her, stood up on his hind legs and put his forepaws on her upper back, trying to mount her face. She gasped as she felt the lengthy swipe of Buck’s tongue reaching underneath her bent-over body to slice a soft wet mass of soft hot wetness across the hair-lined flanges of her openly seeping cunt.Then Cally became aware of Prince’s penis searching for her mouth by swinging her head from side to side, and then she felt the animal’s tapered pink cock bump wetly against her nose and her eyes glimpsed his cum-inflated balls underneath its base. The scent of his genitals was strong in her nostrils and she found it wildly exciting.The devils danced faster around the rough pink edges of her naked pussy as Buck in back of her delivered one long wet lap after another. Her mouth fell open and her eyes rolled up in her head. She thought she was going to swoon away from the many different sensations attacking her wildly heated flesh.By now her vagina was a warm wet tunnel, contracting with desire over and over, fairly begging to be filled up with something-anything, especially a rampaging dog cock. Her dilated eyes fastened greedily on the slender penis that was still bobbing around in front of her, searching lewdly for her mouth. Her throat echoed a small, husky sigh of surrender, as she opened her lips and took the dog’s blood-bloated penis inside her crimson lips.”Oh… oh… oh…” she gasped around the cock that began jerking swiftly in and out of her mouth. It felt so similar to the way Denny’s had, and just as good, and the triple besiegement of her naked pussy, breasts and face was almost more than she could bear. Buck’s lapping tongue in back was wiping up all of her warm cuntal seepage as fast as it came out, and underneath her the rough bumps on the third dog’s tongue made her nipples tingle and grow hard with lightning speed.Her belly churned over and over, her vagina needed something hard and long to fill it. Her brain went dizzy with the mad sensations which seemed to be excavating her very soul.And suddenly the beautiful young minister’s daughter was totally lost in the wonderful feelings that were assaulting her mind, body and nerve-endings. She needed just one thing now-a red-hot penis stuffing up her vagina Needed it more than anything in the world.”Oh-uh-arggguuurrrggghhh…” she gurgled around the muscular dog-cock that was raping her mouth. She licked off its swiftly seeping sperm with a moaning gasp of pure delight.”What did you say, Darling?” asked Denny, who was watching the scene above her.”Urrrggghhhaaarrrggghhh…”The dog in front of her was abruptly pulled out of her earnestly sucking face. Now she could say it, her nostrils flaring with burning desire. “LET HIM PUT IT IN ME” she moaned. “PLEASE. I’M GOING OUT OF MY MIND”"Do you mean you want him to fuck you, Cally?” asked Denny, holding the dog back by its haunches. “Is that it? If it is, you have to say so.”"YES” she cried. “FUCK ME LET HIM FUCK ME”"With what, Cally?” Denny knew it was heightening her pleasure to withhold its fulfillment like this. “With his cock in your cunt? Say it”"Oh yes Yes,” she drooled. “Let him fuck me with his cock inside of me In my cunt, hurry I’m dying”Cally no longer cared about anything that was going on around her. Her mouth slurped gratefully as the dog before her was once again allowed to stuff his penis deep in her hungry face. Her hands flew up to grab and fondle at his testicles, which were swinging with a weighty soft slap against her chin as his cock plunged repeatedly into her throat. She gurgled happily all around it and sucked and licked as if her life depended on it.In back of her she suddenly could feel Buck mounting her from the rear. His forepaws came up onto her back and Cally felt him searching underneath her open loins with his thrusting dog hardness for the open wet slit of her vagina. When it brushed against her pussy lips, she cried out with joy as if she had been touched there by an electric shock. Then she tried to move backwards, and as she did, Buck found her yearning cuntal mound and slid home with a fast wet rush that took her breath away.At last At last Her heart cried, pounding madly in her chest. At lastThe dog began fucking her furiously and her sex-addled mind sucked urgently on the animal cock thrusting into her open mouth. Beneath her kneeling body, the third dog was still lapping her breasts. Oh God Oh God She couldn’t take any more of this pleasureful torment. She had to cumThe dog behind her guided the blood-filled head of his penis straight upward between her parted thighs until it bumped her cervix with a belly-jarring thumb. Her vagina undulated to grasp its hot hard length as if with dozens of tiny hands as it slid backward and out, returning again and again with savage swiftness. The dog rammed as far as he could into her eagerly massaging pussy, then whipped out again, his cum-inflated balls smacking heavily against the smooth white backs of her thighs, as she moaned with sensual delirium.As deep as both cocks were in her mouth and cunt, she still wanted them deeper. “Fuck deeper Deeper” she wailed in desperation, and then she gagged at the penis stuffing her mouth.She sucked at it in wild frenzy, her body trapped in a mad, naked whirlpool of raw lust unlike anything she had ever experienced before. The wildly jerking penis in her cunt pistoned faster and faster, making her cry out with joy even as she sucked on the other one.Cally’s eyes were glazed with uncontrollable lascivious desire. All thought of anything else but being fucked by these wild animals had departed long ago. Now she wanted only to feel the wonder of this spectacular multiple fucking, and that was all that mattered in the entire world. She lusted to have her belly and throat filled with great sticky warm pools of animal cum and feel it churning wetly inside her.Hurry, doggy, doggy darling Hurry her passion drugged mind cried out. Fuck me or I’ll dieThe dogs acted to oblige, thrusting faster and faster and faster. Her pussy was a steaming hot cavern now filled with molten volcanic lust, twitching like a nerve out of control. Her body felt as if it were about to explode into a million ecstatic pieces, and she sobbed hysterically around the mouth-fucking cock, crying out for the relief of an orgasm. Her face contorted with anguish as everything in her strained for the ultimate explosion.Cally clenched her eyes tightly shut against the whirlpools of sensation that were shooting out of control through her sex-starved loins. The wild animal fucking of her bursting cunt drove shocks up her spine right to the base of her skull, where they shattered in a cascade of wildly shooting stars. Her whole body was alive to the demands of the flesh. Her pelvis tried to jerk back along the fucking dog hardness, sucking it in her belly as deeply as was humanly possible. The unrelenting fire in her body had replaced all other considerations.Now she wanted only to fuck To suck To have her naked titties licked off by the wonderful fucking dog beneath herHer entire being was a great open cavern needing to be filled, stuffed and gorged with fiery hot masculine sex muscle. Nothing else mattered now; not her husband, not the principles her pious father had taught her, nothing but the flicking reality of the German shepherd tongue wiping all-round her throbbing stiff-nippled breasts and German shepherd penises fucking her mouth and crazily pulsating cunt. Her steaming pussy furrow wanted only that masterful canine cock blasting in and out of its yearning hot flesh, drenching her loins with lust.”Ohhh, my yessss, darling Lick my tits Lick my tits Fuck me, darlings… Ooooooohhhhhh, goooood Hot cock Fuck my cunt”Her hot thick saliva fairly swamped the forward dog’s pistoning cock as she pulled madly on it, swallowing the tiny droplets of cum as fast as they welled up on the tapered end. She rotated her lust-contorted face as much as she could around its slippery length, licking and lapping, nibbling and suctioning at the fleshy hard instrument as it screwed in and out between her tightly ovalled lips She sucked it as deeply into her throat as she could and moaned with joyous happiness.In her cunt, the other dog’s thrusting male hardness was threatening to rip her belly open with delirious delight. She could hear Denny gasp with passion as she ground her pussy back against Buck lasciviously, grinding their pubic triangles together at an awkward rear-end angle. The dog was fucking frantically into the fluted pink lips of her cuntal slit, stretching her wanting cunt with each thrust from behind up between her wide-splayed thighs.”Ooooooo… ooohhh… ooohhh…aaaaaahhhhhhrrrggghhh” Cally moaned, jerking convulsively as both blood-engorged dog penises raced into her helpless orifices like runaway freight cars out of control. She was so happy. It seemed as if any minute both of the cocks in her body would meet in her center and explode out through her navel. She wanted to devour them both with great drowning gulps of sensuality.But suddenly-too soon-both dogs began to shudder in orgasmic frenzy, Prince shooting his sperm hotly down into her urgently sucking throat in a white-hot needle-sharp stream, and Buck emptying his semen with scalding urgency high up into her helplessly quivering belly.Cally groaned, delirious with happiness, as the huge dogs filled her body with their cum. Her joyous lusty cries echoed from one end of the dimly lit room to the other, encouraging couples to entwine once more and continue their orgy. But the young girl’s cries turned to mewls of disappointment very quickly, for, even as the two German shepherds squirted out the final drop of their exploding semen into her ravished cunt and mouth, their penises deflated quickly and they moved to withdraw.”No” she cried. “You can’t leave me I’m burning up “She swung her long blonde hair around over her eyes, which were by now wild and staring, consumed with lust, and yelled to her boyfriend, “Denny, hurry Do something… get the other dogs Put another cock in my mouth and another in my cunt Hurry God, I’m dying Make them fuck me Please”Denny nodded and he and Loretta went over to drag away the third dog, who had continued to lap and lick at her trembling breasts. The dog fought to remain where he was, but they dragged him around behind Cally and positioned him so that his swiftly up springing penis was able to locate Cally’s warm damp pussy with little difficulty. He mounted her nakedly pulsing back and shoved forward, the thin bevel-end of his cock pressing forward through her sparsely resisting blonde pubic hair. She groaned with ecstatic relief as he sank home inside of her burning white belly.”Aaaahhhhh…” she sighed as he began his rapid fucking. It was like a cooling balm within her boiling vagina. “Ahhhh… darling…” Deep groans echoed from her parted red lips, her teeth clenching and reclenching, gnashing together. Everything inside her strained urgently for orgasm. She didn’t notice what was going on around her at this strange orgy, didn’t hear the lewd sounds echoing as Loretta and Denny encouraged her on, didn’t notice that others had joined in watching too, didn’t notice the smell of marijuana and incense and semen that filled the warm room. This was all that mattered- this surging red animal rod stuffing up between her throbbing cunt lips. She sobbed with happiness, her long gold hair hanging down all over her face and shoulders, while the dog panted above and behind her, dripping drool on her smooth white back as he squirmed in and out of her wildly clasping vagina.The German shepherd barked and began a slow revolving motion with his hips that drove her crazy in frenzy. His lust heated member expanded in the hotly clasping walls of her vagina until she fit him like a well-tailored glove.”Help her, Denny,” Loretta urged, disturbed at Cally’s groaning inability to achieve orgasm. He nodded and knelt down, rubbing his hands lewdly over the moon-shaped cheeks of her skewered buttocks beneath the dog’s hairy belly. His fingertip probed above the dog’s madly fucking cock and located the tiny puckered opening of her anus. Cally winced with pleasure as his finger suddenly popped through the tight surrounding nether ring and dug deeply into the soft rubbery flesh within. It moved around, expanding her snug anal orifice until the palm of his obscenely intruding hand lay flat against her ass-cheeks, the whole finger sunk safely inside the warm throbbing passage.Cally swooned with ecstasy. Feelings were alive in her body that had no right to exist anywhere on earth, they were so electrifying and soul-destroying. The dog yelped and adjusted to the presence of Denny’s hand under his belly by starting a sawing motion in and out of Cally’s moist stretched pussy, thrusting forward relentlessly from the apex of his withdrawal and battering her pleasure-drenched body on the upthrust.The finger imbedded in her anal canal joined the slowly pistoning penis in a rhythmic fucking duo that brought groans of anguish and gasps of delight from the skewered blonde’s open mouth in time to their lewd simultaneous tempo.Weird sensations of tingling happiness electrified her lust-enslaved body. Her blood raced madly, and her pelvis gyrated unconsciously with an abandoned rhythm to match the increasing speed of the cock and finger fucking into her.”Eeeeeeh-h-eeeeehh…” She sucked in her breath with every thrust and counter thrust, every pull and counter-pull.”Feeeehhhh-eehhhh… darrrlingggggs,” she gurgled,”yesssss… fuck me like this… oh ye….” Her voice became a long, crooning supplication for pleasure, and she squirmed and writhed in order to pass pleasure backwards to its providers.Waves of pleasure flooded her trembling limbs. She was in a great cock heaven, surrounded by them-a prisoner of them-while all the time the dog behind her fucked his red-hot rigidity deeper between her legs, expanding her grasping cunt with each mind-bending stroke. Denny’s middle finger drubbed into her as well, and between them she felt more ecstasy than she had ever dreamed possible.”Don’t-oh don’t stop darlings Never, never stop OHEEEEH”It hit her suddenly, like white lightning out of the blue. One moment she was straining for it, the next she was groaning like a depraved animal as great waves of indescribable joy inundated her frantically aroused flesh, curling her toes and fingers and making her teeth gnash with ecstasy. She wallowed obscenely in it, her cum gushing hotly from between her legs, flooding the dog’s loins and flowing wetly down her inner thighs.”Oh God, oh God” she moaned as Denny and the dog continued to double-fuck up into her, allowing her no respite. What more could there be in the universe, after that fantastic shattering cum? What more did they expect?But she didn’t care. She wouldn’t care if they went on forever. She was a happy, relaxed receptacle for burning male cum. That was her fate and now she loved it.She undulated her buttocks in tiny circles, squeezing with her vaginal muscles at the lust-hardened rod of dog flesh still burning into her cunt, wanting to milk it dry, to fill her belly again and again with the sticky warm fluid that was already running down her shivering white thighs.The finger in her anal passage was producing the most fantastic sensual reaction in her loins. The feeling was incredible; there was no earthly way of describing it, it was total bliss, total cosmic bliss.Simultaneously with the rising tide of her second climax, Cally felt the dog’s instrument inflate and begin spewing its white hot load deeply up inside her hungrily clasping pussy-walls. It ricocheted hotly around inside her belly and then spewed back out from the tightly locked lips of her cunt back out onto his still wildly fucking cock. His testicles slapped at her tiny tender clitoris making her jerk convulsively forward. A deep shudder rippled through her helplessly exposed flesh as she grunted aloud and tried desperately to screw her buttocks back onto the dog’s still heavily squirting hardness, and all of a sudden she was struck by an entire string of firecracker climaxes, which were like small atomic explosions going off in every nerve of her body.”OH OH OH” she cried, falling forward, falling into a deep and dreamless faint from the wild animal fuck she had just received.When she awoke, she was at home with Denny in her own bed, a cool breeze blowing on her naked skin, and the moonlight illuminating Denny’s face as he leaned over to whisper something in her ear.”Darling,” he said, “I want to marry you.”"Oh Denny,” she breathed, her cunt throbbing softly between her thighs. “I never thought there could ever be this much happiness for anyone on earth”THE END

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