September 16, 2006

dog sex stories

I got started in this when i was 16. I was spending the summer in Oklahoma with my brother and sister-n-law. My sister-n-law’s niece came to visit later that summer and after a couple of weeks, we started to fool around with each other. Both my sister-n-law and brother worked days so we had the house all to ourselves, except for their Doberman. His name was king. She was older than me by almost three years and had obviously had more experience at sex than me. I was not a virgin but my first experience at sex was whip it in, whip it out, and worrie for two months. She was quite the teacher. After the first kiss, i wanted to hop on her and go to town but she had a different agenda for me. The entire first week, She taught me things i had never given thought to such as, how to French kiss properly,( I learned the meaning of sensual) how to tweak the nipple on a breast, ( I thought groping was the only thing i needed to know) and how to give a woman an orgasm, both with my fingers and orally. I knew nothing of the G-spot or clitoris). I was quite the willing student as you can imagine. My goal was to screw her at first but after the second day of fooling around, I realized i needed to learn as much about women as i could and she was glad to teach me. I had blue balls for three days before she gave in and let me have some. She taught me to take my time and how to extend my orgasm for more than ten strokes.( my first experience). This girl was something else in my mind. We had sex three times in one day. She had me wrapped around her finger and she loved it. I think she got off on playing the older role and i didn’t know it at the time but, she was teaching me things that would benefit me for the rest of my life. After two weeks of teaching me, i was becoming quite comfortable with my position as her lover and thought i knew most everything now. I could tell when i hit the right buttons on her and was getting pretty good at knowing what she liked, (I thought) She had been here for just over two weeks and was to head home in two days and i could not imagine what the rest of my summer would be like without her there. We talked until three o’clock in the morning that night. Things we had fantasized about as we were growing up. Things we thought only happened in stories, things that would never happen to me. I told her of a old 8mm film i once watched of a woman and a German Shepard. She told me her Dad had many of films of weird stuff like bondage and spanking. We finally went to bed and the next morning she woke me early. My brother had just left and she couldn’t wait to teach me a new trick. I didn’t know it but i had awoke a desire only she knew about. She was very horny this morning it seemed as she was totally nude and kissing me when she told me she needed a favor. She told me she had made it with their family dog a few times and she wanted to try out King. She said she needed someone she could trust as King was quite a bit bigger than her cocker spaniel. I was freaking a bit as all of this came out of nowhere and i wasn’t quite awake yet. King was a good dog but i wasn’t all that familiar with him as i had only known him for about a month. She didn’t even give me time to say no as she got off of me and opened to bedroom door. King was laying just outside the door as usual when he heard the door open he stood up and she came running back to my bed. King came in and jumped up in bed with us and I began to pet him as he was sniffing around obviously smelling her arousal. She told me to just keep him from hurting her and she would do the rest. I didn’t understand? She said i want him to make it with me and you just don’t let him turn around after he starts to hump. I still didn’t quite get it but she never slowed down. She got on the floor and king followed. She started to pet him and he went straight for her twat. Sniffing and snorting she laid back a little to let him get a good smell. He gave her a lick and i seen her close her eyes and legs open a bit more . He began to lick at a steady pace. She began to squirm and wiggle. She let out a soft moan as i stood there and watched in amazement. My dick was standing straight out and i was freaking. She was getting off already and the dog was licking like there was no tomorrow. I watched as his toyng gave her long strokes and then found it’s way into her hole. His tongue must have been ten inches long and it was disappearing entirely into her like he was digging for more. She let out a loud whimper that almost scared me. I asked if she was ok and she said, oh yes. I think it startled King also as he stopped his licking and stepped back as if he was just yelled at. She said come here boy and he did with enthusiasm. She petted him again and he was getting very excited as i could see his dick coming out of it’s protective covering. She seen it also and told me to not let him turn on her. I said ok and she got on all fours. King was like a puppy, he immediately jumped on her back and i herd her let out a grunt. He must have weighed around 60lbs or so. He was four years old and was full grown. He began to hump her like a machine in high gear. She was grunting as he lurched forward with his hips and he grabbed her with his front paws as if to pull her into his thrust. She screamed I didn’t know what to do. I asked and she said get him off. I hollered at King but he did not even hear me. She screamed again and i grabbed King from behind. He immediately turned his head and growled at me , never missing a stroke. I heard ” Oh my God” Are you ok, I said. She said nothing, she was grunting pretty loudly as king had found his mark and was giving her his all. Holy shit, this was nerve racking and so exciting all at the same time. It happened so fast. Are you ok? She said don’t let him turn. I thought to myself ok but how was i to stop him. It was clear he was not intimidated by me. I sat in amazement watching King pound away at her and was unaware of what was really going on. He was filling her with his entire self and trying to tie with her. I didn’t know about this (Knot) thing until later. She was getting off like a rocket. Her eyes were rolling back in her head and she grabbed my hand and held on for dear life. This was so exciting and so crazy I had a rock hard dick myself but wasn’t able to use it. King was slowing down his humping when she had her first major orgasm. She quivered as I seen a puddle start to form under her. King was getting off in her. Holy crap this was too much. She squeezed my hand again and then let go to brace herself. King stopped humping and i thought it was over. She said, don’t let him turn. I didn’t know what to do but stand there. King just stood there resting on her back so i didn’t have to do anything. She began to moan loudly as he filled her with his cum. She said he was swelling inside her. What? He is swelling up, she said. I then realized what was really happening. He was going to lock together with her. I had seen dogs in the neighborhood do this and didn’t even thing about his knot until she said something. Holy shit king was still resting on her back when she had her next orgasm. He then got startled and began to wrestle around. I quickly grabbed him from behind and just held him. He didn’t seem to mind that so i just stayed there and continued to do so as she had yet another orgasm. The movement of him was making her go nuts. His knot was resting on her g-spot she said. OH, he is cumming She said he was throbbing again and again. His swelling seemed to be getting even bigger. She was defiantly stuck. She stayed like that for the next five minutes (which seemed like thirty) She was leaking juice from her like a fountain. Moaning, quivering and squirming. Oh god, she kept yelling. You ok I kept asking? She said oh yes. The pressure is beginning to hurt. He is still cumming I said. No shit, i could see him dripping for her and wanted to join them. Her knees were getting weak she said. I don’t think i can stand it anymore. I wasn’t sure how to get them apart. All i wanted to do was get off myself. She wanted a pillow or something to put under her so i got her one and crammed it under her. She said that didn’t help so i thought for a second and i pulled out the pillow and began to wiggle myself under her on my back. What are you doing , she said. Hold still i said as king was getting a little restless again. I reached up with my hands and again held him gently on his sides. I slid myself down to her and could see her being stretched like hell. WOW She was clamping down on his knot like a vise. He was huge. I had no idea. She was being stretch like a fist was in her or something. I was amazed. I lifted my head and as soon as my tongue touched her clit, she had an explosive orgasm. Cum and juices came squirting on my face and in my mouth. I was shocked. I didn’t expect that at all. Then she collapsed on my stomach. Oh yes. she said, i need that. She rested on my body as we lay there entertwined. The taste of her ejaculate was so exciting i loved it. I had not thought it was mixed with King. I began licking her clit again and it took about ten seconds to receive another orgasm. Almost violent. She screamed this time and king jumped from her back and pulled from her pussy. A gush of liquid cam out with another scream from her. Are you OK. I said. She again just let all of her weight rest on me as i knew she was exhausted. I bet a quart of fluid cam out of her. I licked on her clit yet another time and she responded with taking my cock in her mouth. We were at it for about a minute when i exploded a load that she didn’t even flinch with. She drank every bit of my cum. I was freaking again. That had never happened before either. She tired to get off of me but her legs were just to weak. She rolled onto the floor beside me and i swung around and gave her a kiss. She gave me a tight hug and we laid there for about five minutes just reeling in what just happened. There was a hell of a mess when i got up and all i could think of was getting it cleaned up. King was liking himself over in the corner and i pet him and all seemed well as if nothing had happened. He was back to being a good dog. He did want to smell her privates once more but she pushed him away. We cleaned up ourselves and the carpet in my room and talked about it the whole day. What a way to wake up. I wanted to do it again the next day but she was to sore and we didn’t even have sex our last day. She flew home the next morning and i talked to her a few times after that but she went off to collage and i didn’t hear back from her. That summer ruined it for me. I had learned about sex, how to treat a woman, and how to truly explore my sexuality but have never found someone to share it with again. I still dream about it and have been trying to find a person to understand what it was like. Letters only mystify the thought but someday i will find a trustworthy partner to teach me jet another secret or let me teach her a few…If you liked this true story, let me know.

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    4. great story,thanks,im giveing you a 10

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    5. Hot story have any more to share? I too had a sexual relationship with my dog and my younger sister when I was 15 and she was 13

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