March 2, 2004

dog sex stories only

ExchangeI put the rest of the silverware in the dishwasher, dumped in the soap crystals, and turned it on. As soon as I turned the knob and heard the water start churning inside, I caught sight of the wineglass sitting on the dining room table.”Damn, forgot that one,” I muttered to myself. “Well, as long as it’s out, might as well use it.” I opened another bottle of red — a Merlot I had gotten on my last visit to Upstate New York — and poured a full glass.”Mmmm.”I love good red wine and it was Friday night. Just me and Barker. Home alone. As usual. Barker was in his usual place on the red tile floor of the kitchen right next to the forced air vent. The big black lab loved to cuddle up there and sleep as the hot air blew out and kept him warm against the December chills. At night, he would jump up and cuddle with me in the king size bed I had bought for whatever reason. It wasn’t as if many men were sharing it with me.And that was a big problem. I was 29 and hadn’t had a date in months – oh my God – actually 17 months It wasn’t like I didn’t want to, but I just never seemed to have the time with work and all. And it wasn’t like I couldn’t get a man – I picked up a picture of Jessica and I taken over the summer at our 10 year high school reunion. There I was – long dark hair, perfect bronze skin, good tight body with firm breasts and a nice round ass – there were plenty of men who would get a big thick hard-on just looking at me. I just never made an effort. And when I wanted sex, well, I had a long, thick dildo in the nightstand that did just what I wanted it to.I took another sip of wine, turned off the light in the kitchen, and walked into the bedroom. Barker looked up as the light went off and trotted in after me. I set the glass down on the nightstand and pulled off my flannel shirt and tossed it into the hamper. I unhooked my silk, dark blue Victoria’s Secret bra and then slid out of my jeans and panties. My panties had a little wet spot on them so I reached down to see what was the problem and my fingers came away warm and wet. All this thinking about big cocks and dildos was getting me hornyBarker came in and jumped up on the bed and curled up in the corner against the wall in his usual spot. I slipped into bed next to him and let my index finger caress my clitoris. It was already full and hard. I thought a little about one of my old boyfriends, Brad, and how he used to kneel down next to me and stick his big cock in my mouth while he fingered my clit and made me come while he shot his load down my throat. I used to love it when he fucked my mouth and slid his cock in and out between my lips. And the taste of all that hot cum sliding across my tongue and down my throat. Mmmm.Barker looked up at me as I moaned but then settled back down. His eyes watched me as his head lay against the covers.I was fingering myself faster now and thinking about another guy I had only had one night with during a client conference down in Miami – Mike. His cock must have been seven inches long and I had gone down on him like a drowning woman on a glass of water. God it was great to have that big cock in my mouth And when he got real excited he pushed my face into the pillow and just fucking reamed me from behind – absolutely fucking pounded me into that bed until he came so hard and I could feel all his cum filling me up load after load. The best part was that after he came he flipped me over and went down on me with his wet tongue all over my clit and in my cunt. He licked out his own cum and fed it to me and then made me suck his cock to get it hard so he could fuck me again. It was like that all night. Just a great fuckI was really wet now with my fingers buried in my cunt and I knew I wanted that dildo in me. I had purposefully bought one about the size of Mike’s cock because I remembered how good it had felt – nice and thick and long. I scooted out from under the covers and reached over Barker to get the dildo out of the nightstand. As I reached over him, my crotch was right near his head and suddenly he licked me I almost jumped off the bed – Barker’s tongue had slipped right into my moist cunt”Hey?” I grabbed the dildo and fell back on my side. “What are you doing there boy?” I asked.Barker perked up and came closer, sniffing. His muzzle went down to my crotch again and his tongue slipped out to lap at me.”Hey” I pushed his head away but he pushed back – reminding me how strong he was – and licked me again. I started to pull the covers over me to keep him off, but his muzzle buried into my crotch and his tongue slurped out and into me.”Uhhh” I moaned.I couldn’t believe it – my dog was going down on me and I liked it It felt so wrong and I wanted to stop him, but it also felt so very right. “Oh, Barker. Honey” His long tongue was a little rough, but it sparked every nerve ending in my lips and clit. He lapped at my juices and wiggled his tongue into my hole trying to get at all those wonderful smelling liquids. I couldn’t let him stop – it was just too good.I lay back against the pillow and let him go at it. His tongue was amazing, and he wasn’t letting up.”Oh Oh God Uhhhh….mmmm….uhhh”I loved it He was amazing. I licked my fingertips and started to rub my nipples as he continued to attack my cunt with his tongue. My nipples were rock hard and I squeezed them and bent my head down to suck on one. This was fantasticI realized I had the dildo in my hand still and my heart quickened. I had an idea. This would be amazing. I sucked on the dildo, making sure to get it as wet as possible. At the same time, I lifted my ass so that Barker’s tongue slid over my asshole. He realized this was something interesting and his tongue slid inside me.”Ahhh Ohhh”My dog was giving me the greatest anal licking of my lifeI let him get my ass good and wet and then lowered my hips so that he was back into my cunt. I brought the dildo around my legs and lifted them so I could hold it with both hands and found my hole. Barker continued his assault on my cunt while I slowly wiggled the dildo into my ass. God it felt so good I had had guys finger my asshole while they went down on me, but never had a huge, cock-size thing up me like this. I slid the dildo farther into me, feeling it spread my asshole and fill me completely. I started sliding it in and out like I was being fucked up the ass as Barker kept up his tongue action. Who needed men? Holy shit this was greatI rammed the dildo back and forth into my ass as Barker’s tongue slipped deeper into my cunt. I could feel it all building in me and I couldn’t believe it. This was going to be an incredible orgasm.”Oh my God Uhnnn…ssss…uhhh”My whole body shuddered as the orgasm built. I wanted it so bad. Barker’s tongue was so wet and hot in me. The dildo was so thick and hard up my ass. Suddenly it came and my body jerked off the bed as wave after wave of orgasm rushed through me.”God Oh Barker Uhhhh Mmmhnnn God”I collapsed as the orgasm destroyed me and my breaths came in ragged gasps. My nipples were totally erect and my legs sprayed out as all my strength left me.Barker kept lapping at me and I pushed his head away with what strength I could muster.”Stop it, boy. Good boy Such a good boy. You took care of your momma just fine.”Barker looked at me quizzically as I scratched under his chin and around his neck. He tried to go back down on me, but I slid my sweaty body under the covers where he couldn’t get at me.That’s when I noticed his erection. He had a huge pink cock totally erect under his belly It was at least 10 inches long – fucking huge And it was bursting. This was one horny dog.”Oh, Barker, I didn’t know I was turning you on as much as you were turning me on”I scratched under his chin and he licked at my face. He was looking at me with those big brown eyes – the same eyes he used when he knocked over the rubber tree and got potting soil all over my Oriental rug.”Oh, poor boy,” I crooned.My eyes were transfixed on his massive cock. It was incredible. I have seen a lot of human cock before, but this one put them all to shame. He was hard, long, and really thick. And wet-he was pre-coming like a fiend Barker let out a little moan. I felt so bad for him Tentatively, I reached out and touched his cock. He jumped at my touch and licked my face again. He rolled over so that his legs were sprawled out and I could get at him easier.His cock was so hard I closed my eyes and imagined Mike and his now not so big dick and stroked Barker’s maleness. It felt so good in my hand.”Maybe I can jack you off and satisfy you?” I asked him.I started to stroke him a bit and his hips started humping up into the air. I spit on my hand and rubbed it over the tip and he was going crazy as he humped my hand. I couldn’t believe how fast he was going.I started thinking about having that kind of a fuck – a completely animal reaming of my cunt and I couldn’t believe I was getting horny again After just having one of the greatest climaxes of my life, I was ready to go again. I stroked him harder and thought about being fucked and I knew I had to have him go down on me again. I was too hornyI wanted more of his tongue in my ass so I pushed off the covers and got on my knees next to him. I didn’t want to take away from his pleasure (that would have been too selfish after the amazing cunt licking he had just given me). So I positioned myself on my knees next to him so that I could reach back and continue to stroke him and have his tongue near my ass.I was so happy when he started licking me again His tongue slipped into my cunt and I stroked his big cock faster. He was humping my hand furiously and I could tell he was working himself up to blow a load like he’d never done before. Actually, I knew he had never blown his load because I had had him since he was a puppy and he had never been with another dog. I had a doggy virgin in my bedI wanted that wet tongue up my ass so I scooted my butt down into his face. His tongue slipped in and started digging around the sides of my asshole and I just loved it Barker was going to build me up to another fantastic orgasm I couldn’t take it so I stopped stroking him and just pushed my ass back into his face and put my elbows underneath my tits for support, closed my eyes in ecstasy, and just enjoyed the fabulous ass licking he was giving me. I didn’t realize how selfish I was being, but Barker was about to show meJust as it was building again, Barker stopped licking me.”Bad doggy Barker, lick” I said and pushed my ass back at him, dying for him to finish me.Suddenly, I felt all 140 pounds of him land on my back What was he doing?”Barker? What the…”And then I realized as that 10 inch cock started poking furiously against my ass. I had unwittingly dropped into a submissive doggy style pose for my virgin lab Barker was trying to fuck me”Oh my God Barker, no”I tried to wiggle out from under him, but his forepaws wrapped around my waist and held me tight. Like the males of my species, Barker was going to take what he wanted. His thrusting became even more frantic as he grabbed me tighter and pushed closer to my dog-virgin pussy. I was being raped by a dogI struggled against his hold and tried to break free, but then I heard a low growl near my ear. Barker wanted me bad. I struggled more and felt his teeth nip into my shoulder. Then I knew that Barker would use force to get his way. And there was nothing I could do about it.His thrusting pushed closer against me – that 10 inch cock ramming into the fleshy cheeks of my ass. Good, I thought, maybe he’ll just get frustrated and give up. Barker grabbed me about the waist tighter and pulled himself forward – I felt his hot dog breath on my neck and a warm wetness where his drool was running down my shoulder and over my tits. And then with a tremendous thrust his whole cock slammed into me.”UHHHHH” I couldn’t believe it I was getting raped by a dog with a 10 inch cock rammed completely into my cunt. Now that he was inside me, Barker started to fuck me furiously. His thick cock ramming into me, drawing out a couple inches, and ramming home again and again and again like a jackhammer.”Holy shit Oh OH Uhnnn Fuck”Barker was raping me with an animal fury I had never experienced before. I fell face first into the pillow as he drove home his massive dog cock and took me like a bitch in heat. I couldn’t believe this. His forepaws wrapped tightly around me, his hot breath in my ear, his drool sliding over my back and down my tits, and his giant dick shoved all the way into me.He slowed down for a moment and I thought he was coming, but he just grabbed me tighter and started fucking me again. I was getting pounded into the pillow, my breath coming in ragged gasps as he raped me and took what he wanted from me. I felt his balls slapping against my ass and knew that they had five years of cum saved up just to fill my tight little cunt. And then I realized how bad I wanted it.”Barker Fuck me Fuck me hard”His intense humping wasn’t letting up and I felt my pussy getting more and more wet as that hard dog dick slid in and out of me more and more rapidly. He filled every inch of me with cock-meat and I wanted him to cum so hard in me. I wanted to feel that hot cum explode into the deepest part of my cunt where a man had never been before. I was Barker’s bitch and I wanted to give him the greatest first fuck of any male’s life.I spread my legs wider under him and reached back between my legs to stroke his balls. His thrusting became even more brutal as he took me and I squeezed his hard round balls with my fingertips. This dog could do anything he wanted to me now – I was his bitch absolutely.Barker’s ten inch cock pounded into my wet cunt and I took every centimeter of him. I pushed back against him to make him go deeper and he fucked me even harder.”Oh Uhn Fuck Yes Yes Fuck me Fuck ME” I screamed and took that dog cock up my cunt as deep as it would go. I felt the orgasm coming on, building.Suddenly Barker drove home an even more powerful thrust and I felt his hot dog cum explode inside me. He pushed deep into me and I felt his dick get even thicker His dick was expanding inside me and he pushed it in, stretching me. His cum was so hot inside my cunt and his cock was hugeI came.”OHHHH UNNNNN FUCK YES”The orgasm raced through me, throwing my body into tremendous convulsions of ecstasy as that big dog dick stretched me wider then I had ever been stretched before. I collapsed onto the bed as wave after wave of orgasm pounded through my body. Barker’s huge dick stayed deep inside me and there was nothing to do about it, so I just lay there enjoying the feeling of it stretching my cunt. After awhile, he pulled out of me and lay down on the bed and started licking himself.I knew then that I would never be upset about not having a man – I was already one “man’s” bitch.

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