September 9, 2004

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Dinner for Fourby Drew Corlett”Mmmm, that pickle tastes good.” Jenny said as she slobbed on her boyfriend’s dick.”Wow, you are a good lil dicksucker jen aren’t you?” He said.”yeah, Mmmmpgh” She licked his cockhead and his dick plunged out of her mouth for a moment. “How’d you get so good?” Brian asked her. “I had a good teacher.” She said gleefully. Here he is now…A a black labador retriever entered the room. He has a shiny, glossy coat of hair. The mut looked the girls fat pink butt and then at her tits. I saw a bright red cocktip emerge from his black fur.”Care to join us?” The white girl said as her plump ass jiggled freely around on the carpet floor. She patted the dog on his head as he drooled, salvia eminating from the beast’s mouthflaps. Brian pull the bitch back towards his plump, long, and hard dick. She gulped down his cock like a piece of meat her eyes on his crotch.Then the animal came at her from behind, It was obvious he was intrigued by the fresh stench of pussy in the air; not only by his glowing red doggiekawk. He sniffed her warm smelly butthole and she raised in in the air slightly. Brian wanted to force his erection in her lovehole deeper as jennifer reach back to try to get the dog to mount her.The dark animal put his left front leg paw around around her leg after failing a few times. I recoiled in horror at the sight as I pushed my hand down on my balls harder. I was stroking my cock furiously and couldn’t wait for more to come. The furry beast was desperately trying to mount the woman, and I knew that soon it would be fucking her full force. Jenny pushed back on brian’s pelvis with both her hands, his cockmeat flung out, slinging a bit of lubrication in her eye.He was infuriated by jealousy by that action and came and kneeled down by me. He was helpful to get me off; and I was eager to get my cock sucked by this tall, evenly tanned, handsome, and muscular man. I was more excited by the fun that was about to really start for Jennifer. I sat back on the couch as I guided my cock into brian’s mouth with my hand and then fingertips. I traded my hand for his and his mouth on my cock too. The pleasure was intense, but this guy was ruining the show”Grrrr.” I heard a growl.I reached my arm around his shoulders, and guided brian’s pecs around. He twisted his torso around and slide his cute butt on my genitals into a lovely position. I poked up my head gently to the side of his as he slid back down against my waist, against my cock. I saw what was happening, the girl was bent over, spreading her pussywalls open with her hand, the other one on the floor. Her face was flustered with desire. It was now a race for penetration…”Something like the javelin toss in the Olympics, Who could dart their weapon in the dirt the fastest.” I thought.The dog had won by a landslide, obviously because he was a more experienced athlete. No, fuck, no. They were cheaters…I knew it, She guided in the beastlove with her hand. Well, well, well. I decided I must work on my game to win, So I spread open my partners buttcheeks and inserted the stiffening meat into his tight clamping anus. It was warm and pungent, Reminded me only of a freshly lit cigar.”Ohh fuckkk.” The girl announced in a muttered tone. The Lab was going at her full force, Me a simple human, could not hump at such speed. I must learn tricks to conquer my rival now. “Lightspeed ahead captain” I commanded, shouting in the open air, unaware of my current location. They laughed, “Hehe” the people said giddyly. I was deep into the sex, my head buzzing and a few black spots in my vision. I pushed up deep overboard to get a good view, my lovers asschecks clapping back against my hips as we thrust deeper into oblivion.She smiled at brian’s cock freeform motion as he was fucked. I pushed up my right leg to get better traction and he slipped off onto the colorful carpet. Semen flowing like freshly made glue dripping down from a popsicle stick. The cum flew from my slot into the abyss.All interested were lost as we saw the beast lapping up the cream pie between the folds of the woman’s fur. Hmm, must be in a pie eating competition. My man got up and walked up beind the dog, Their butts facing away from each other. He then reached down below the doggie’s ass and pulled his cock back up into his creamy ass. Amazingly I gazed as the dog’s knot built up in Brian’s stretched asshole.”Grrrrrrr.” The animal murmured. He was stuck in the crevice and couldn’t get full licks of his dinner. His hungry eye feasted on my cum splattered leg. I jerked off again, seconds landing on my thigh. Then Jen shuddered as she squirted into the animal mouth. The juice flowed down his lovetunnel and he snorted as the snout moved between Jen’s cheesy butts. Brian finished off by jerkin down his shaft onto his balls his scrotum quivvering in quick succession. Then the hairy beast unbuilt his knot as he cum for the next time…asciipr0n fictionLink Removed – You need at least 100 posts before you are allowed to post links to other sitesLink Removed – You need at least 100 posts before you are allowed to post links to other sites

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