July 2, 2004

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I left home at 18 and joined the miltary, couldn’t say I missed my family much. But, after a couple of years I decided it was time to pay a visit to mom and dad.Upon arriving home I was happy to see that my dog, Jocko, was still around, he was a year old when I left, and was a faithful companion, of all the things I left behind, I missed my dog the most. I knocked on the door, my younger sister answered, she’d grown up a bit, and I could tell by the look on her face that she was puzzled. We didn’t get along well when I lived at home, I considered her to be lazy and quite annoying, she just plain didn’t like me. “what are you doing here? she asked.Apparently our folks didn’t mention to her that I was expected, I had after all, called the previous week. After getting the explanations out of the way, she swung the door open and let me in. “Thanks for leaving me stuck with your stupid dog” she snapped as she was going down the hall to her room, I tried to respond, but she slammed the door of her room closed . Oh well, apparently she hadn’t changed much. I grabbed a beer form the fridge and walked out onto the deck. Mom and dad weren’t home, so I pulled up a chair and kicked back. Jocko must have heard the chair, he came bounding around the house, and almost knocked me out of the chair. We played for a while, I threw his ball, he’d fetch it and the afternoon wore on. My sister had at least done a good job of taking care of the dog, she had just graduated highschool, and was supposedly looking into colleges, she’d be gone next year I guessed, but it seemed Jocko could take care of himself now. Mom and dad both worked, they weren’t home much, Dad drove a truck, mom worked at the local hospital, even when I was home I rarely saw mom, she kept weird hours. The afternoon wore on, and the sun and beer started to take effect. I kept dozing off, and darkness surrounded me. I decided to head up to my old room, hopefully it still had a bed in it. I called for Jocko, but apparently he was either off somewhere, or sleeping pretty heavily. “Dumb dog” I mumbled to myself, smiling. As I reached the end of the hall I heard Jocko, a strange whine. It was kind of weird. I looked in the living room, checked the kitchen, looked outside, checked the bathroom, where as a puppy, he managed to get his head trapped between the toilet seat and lid. No sign of him. The only place I hadn’t looked was in my siters or parents room. I hadn’t heard moms car, so I checked her room, no dog. Then I heard Jocko again, he was in my sisters room, I walked down the hall and turned the knob, locked. “Sis? You in there?” No answer, just the sound of the dog whimpering. How the hell did the dog get himself locked in? I wandered outside, down the deck steps and around the corner of the house, remembering in my drunken haze that my sister always kept a window open, a kickback from her days of sneaking out at night. Yup, the window was open. I hoisted myself up and almost fell out of the opening. There was Jocko, head buried between my sisters legs, she had a pillow over her face, and her hips were slowly undulating to Jocko’s attention. I was dumbstruck. My sister was no supermodel, but she managed to turn the eye of many a boy, she was curvy but not overweight. What the hell was she doing? I couldn’t take my eyes off the scene, both repulsed and aroused by what was happening. Jocko was obviously enjoying the taste, both he and my sister were oblivious to anything. After what seemed like an eternity I saw my sister go rigid, then start to quiver, an orgasm was upon her. Hell, I’ve never made a girl come like that, I was actually jealous of Jocko. She sat up, her back to me, and pushed Jocko away, I slipped out of the window, and as I walked back to the deck I heard her thank the dog. I walked in the back door, and walked through the kitchen. As I turned the corner I saw my sister in a robe leading Jocko down the hall. “Hey” I said. She screamed and just about fell over. She regained her composure quickly. “Here” she said, take your dog, he got into my room again” and with that he brushed past me and back into her room. I looked down at Jocko, he had a look almost like disapointment on his face.”Geez buddy, what the hell have you been doing while I’ve been gone” he wagged his tail and followed me into the living room. I decided I needed another beer, went and grabbed one, sat in front of the TV and tried to wrap my mind about what I’d seen. I woke to the early morning sun, a blanket had been put over me. Mon was in the kitchen making breakfast. “Hi son, sorry I wasn’t home, the hospital is understaffed and I’ve been working doubles. I put some coffee on, and I’m making dome eggs and bacon” We traded small talk for a while, stuff about the neighbors and Dad, he was away for the weekend, some last minute job, he’d be home tommorow. Then mom excused herself, saying she needed to go to the store. Whatever. I grabbed a towel and headed to the bathroom. A shower would clear my head a bit. While I was showering I thought about the previous night, had I really seen that or had I been dreaming? Either way, I had an erection you could have driven nails with. :More to follow:

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    1. This sounds like it could get VERY interesting. What kind of dog is Jocko supposed to be.-V-

      Comment by viniz2cool — July 2, 2004 @ 8:56 pm

    2. The things people say to cover their actions…ie could be a title….enjoyed the story alot …hope to see more from you …keep it up …and …….Thank You

      Comment by ravenbear17 — July 2, 2004 @ 9:31 pm

    3. Nice start to what feels like a promising story. You are left quite a few possible sinerios. thumbs up good work so far.

      Comment by Lokki — July 2, 2004 @ 11:38 pm

    4. More more

      Comment by Huh — July 4, 2004 @ 5:29 am

    5. After I had showered, a quick blast of cold water seemd to take care of my “problem”. I dried off and put on a pair of shorts and a shirt. I headed out, glancing at my sisters door as I passed.I thought about running into town and maybe hooking up with some old friends, maybe later. I ounged on the deck for a while. Jocko eventually emerged from the woods, loping across the lawn. I remembered when I got him, a local breeder had given him to me. He was the runt of the litter, they didn’t expect him to do well, so rather than take away from the other healthier pups, they handed him off to me.Mom had her objections, but the sight of those puppy eyes did her in. He was a strange dog, purebred golden lab, as smart as a person. He hadn’t thrived for the first few days I had him, he wouldn’t eat, take milk and I was getting frustrated. In desperation I threw him a ham hock. He attacked it, and from that point on he thrived. Living in the ‘sticks had it’s advantages, and he grew, boy did he grow. I once met up with the owner of one of his siblings, he outweighed it by about 25 pounds, and stood a good 4 inches taller. His head looked like it belonged on a bull-mastiff. yet, for all his outward appearances, he was gentle as a lamb, playing with the neighborhood kids, and generally getting himself into mischief. A guy couldn’t want for a better companion. His one annoying habit was dissapearing for a couple of days at a time. Eventually we found out where he would go, pretty much anywhere there was a bitch in heat, once travelling about 8 miles, just so he could get a little bit. Good dog. I went down to the barn, Jocko followed me, I figured I could always do a few chores while I was here, besides, I didn’t have access to a gym and I could use the workout. There was a stack of timber waiting to be split, this was always my job when I lived home, so I set to it. Jocko jsut curled up in the corner and went to sleep. After about an hour or so I was feeling the strain of swinging the axe, so I sat down to take a breather. Jocko sat bolt upright and took of running to the house. Looking out the window I saw my sister on the deck in a bikini, looking like she was about to get some sun. Jocko headed straight to her, she giggled and palyed with him for a few moments, batting him around and pushing him. he was in his element. She finally told him to lay down and she laid down on her louger and proceeded to catch a few rays. Visions of what I’d seen the previous night flashed through my mind, I wondered what else she’d been up to. I decided that I needed a drink and headed on up to the house. Glancing at her as I walked by I could tell she’d dropped a few pounds, and definately was growing into a very curvaceous woman. I grabbed a large glass of cold water and walked back outside. “Morning sis” She looked up at me, “My, my, big brother, the military seems to agree with you” She cast her eyes over me “definately”. She was right, my time in the service had agreed with me. I’d put on a few pounds and filled out quite well, I had the muscular physique found in health magazines, but I’d worked hard for it, jogging daily, trips to the gym, eating right. I still had my vices, I enjoyed a beer now and again and the occasional smoke, but for the most part I took pretty good care of myself. I noticed a pack of smokes on the deck “could I have one?” I asked, motioning to the pack. She scowled and then said it was okay. I wandered over and picked them up, looking at her body in that bikini the whole time. My god, did she ever fill out. “I’m headed into town later, need anything?” “Just peace and quiet” came the terse reply I finished the smoke, went inside, washed up and put on a dry shirt, then I grabbed my keys and headed out the front door. My car, bought after I joined the service, fired up instantly, a deep rumble emanating from the small block V8. I smiled, I loved this car, practically rebuilding it in the base autoshop in my spare time. I dropped it into gear and headed out, making sure I chirped the tires as I left.

      Comment by curiosinnc — July 5, 2004 @ 11:48 am

    6. I cruised into town, nothing much had changed, a couple of chain stores had moved in, a few new subdivisions had sprouted, but for all intnts and purposes it was still the same sleepy little town I had left. I hit a couple of the local spots and ran into a few old friends, we laughed and joked about the old times, I was invited to a party in a couple of nights, a few of the locals girls made eyes at me, hey, things were looking up. I decided to head back to the house, stoppong to get gas I ran into mom, looking a bit harried. She explained that she was going over to my aunts house for a few hours and I should get something to eat for me and my sister, she tossed me a 20. I pushed the 20 back at her, “I’ve got it covered mom, take your time” I hit the local burger joint and pointed the car back to the house. As I was nearing a sudden inspiration came over me. I killed the ignition and coasted in the lat couple of hundred meters, the tires on the gravel making very little noise. U pilled up a little short of the house, the lights were on all over the place, shit, dad would have a coronary if he saw this. I walked up the steps and turned the handle, locked. I headed around back, the kitchen door was locked also. A smile crossed my face. Off to my sisters window I went. Hoisting myself up I prepared myself, to be rewared with nothing. Shit. I climbed through the window and went out into the hallway, turned to go into the kitchen and caught some movement out of the corner of my eyes. She was at it again. My sister was sitting on the sofa, laid back so that her ass cheeks were oon the very edge, her bikini was pulled aside and there was Jocko, doing his thing. My heart was pounding. “Hi sis, I brought you dinner” She screamed so loud I though my eardrums had ruptured, Jocko took of running like a scaled cat, she bolted past me headed to her room. I grabbed her by the shoulders. “I think you have a little explaining to do, go to your room, get straightened up and we’ll talk while we eat” I said this in a very calming voice. “Okay” she said quietly with her back to me, just let me get cleaned up. I let go of her shoulders and she walked to her room, closing the door quietly. I went into the kitchen, grabbed a beer, set the food out and waited. I called for Jocko, he must have realized he wasn’t in trouble because he came trotting in, tail wagging like crazy. “You’ve been a busy boy Jocko” I said. He jumped up and tried to lick my face, I could smell my sisters juices on his fur. “Go on outside” I said and opened the door, Jocko just trotted out, I unwrapped a burger and tossed it after him, “Here you go boy” Jocko grabbed the burger and walked over the the corner of the deck, the burger was gone in a matter of seconds. Same old Jocko I thought. I closed the door and sat at the table, taking a few sips of my beer. After about 15 minutes my sister slowly walked in, eyes at the ground. She was wearing a robe over a pair of shorts and T-shirt. “You won’t tell mom will you?” she quietly asked. “No” I replied, but you need to explain it to me. She looked up at me, obviously relieved that her little secret would be safe “What do you want to know?” “Everything.” She sat down and pulled a burger across the table, she unwrapped it and looked at me again “I know what I was doing was wrong, but it felt so good after the first time I had to do it again, I’m so sorry” I was curious, I had to ask. “When did this start?”"About a year ago, I had snuck out and met up with Paul” I remembered Paul, the tough guy of the year, personally I though he was a little punk, only tough when his “gang” was around. I’d come close to punching him out a couple of times when I was in school. “Paul wanted to, you know, do it, that night, only I wouldn’t, I wanted to, but the time wasn’t right. He got mad and dopped me off. I’d had a few drinks and managed to get to my room, I remember getting ready for bed, and the next thing I remember was waking up with Jocko licking my, thing” “And?” I prompted.”It felt really good, and I didn’t want him to stop, then I felt a strange thing wash over me, I realized I’d had an orgasm, and to be honest, I wanted more. Since then I’ve managed to get Jocko to do it two or three times a week” I could feel my cock hardening in my shorts, I was afraid to stand up.”Have you done anything else with Jocko” I asked.Of course not” she snapped, then more quietly”But I have thought about it, I know it’s wrong, but I saw his dick one night and have wondered ever since” The time was right, but I was afraid. If I said the wrong thing I could seriously mess this up. I sat at the table, my breath coming a little harder. “Do you have any smokes sis? I could use one” “Sure, in my room, I’ll go get them” “You do that” I said. She got up and went for her cigarettes, and I let out a sigh of relief. Right now I could make this go anywhere I wanted. But where did I want it to go and when? I formulated a rough idea while she was gone. When she returned I motioned for the back door, “Let’s go smoke on the deck” I stood up, my erection obvious through my shorts. She saw it and looked away quickly “Okay” she said and walked out to the porch. Jocko was waiting for us, happy as usual, his tail beating the air so fast I thought he’d take off. My sister paused for a second, then went and sat down on the lounger. I pulled up a chair and reached for the cigarettes. her hands were trembling slightly. “Look” she said “What do you want from me?” I lit a cigarette and looked her straight in the eyes. “Dear sister, it’s not so much what I want, it’s more what Jocko wants” and I motioned to him. She looked over. Jocko was sitting there, tail swishing back and forth on the deck, his penis prominently unsheathed and almost glowing red hot. She slowly looked at me, took a cigarette and lit it. “what do you want me to do?” she queried.”I think you should let Jocko finish what he started and then return the favor” She looked at Jocko again, then back at me. Taking a deep breath of her cigarette she straightened up and breathed out. “Sure, why not? but not right now. I need a drink or two If I’m going to do this. And where will you be?” “I’ll be watching of course”This seemed to shake her a bit.”Why?”"Someone needs to make sure Jocko doesn’t hurt you or get hurt” Yeah, sure. You just want to see me do it with your dog” “That too. What do you want to drink?” To be continued.

      Comment by curiosinnc — July 5, 2004 @ 12:51 pm

    7. oh man this story has me on the edge of my seat… Its great and I can’t wait for more of its juicy plot. Thanks for posting. This post has been edited by Airman1415 on Jul 5 2004, 08:06 PM

      Comment by Airman1415 — July 6, 2004 @ 12:06 am

    8. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm this is getting very exciting. I only wish I was the little sis in your story pant pant pant tongue lollingAV

      Comment by Aveindorha — July 6, 2004 @ 12:48 am

    9. “I’ll have a Vodka and OJ, mom keeps the Vodka under the TV” I headed into the living room and grabbed the Vodka, stopped at the kitchen on the way back and mixed a very strong drink. I grabbed a beer for myself and headed back outside. We sat and drank, both of us knowing what was going to happen eventually.In the space of an hour my sister had consumed 4 of my blends, and it was starting to show. Her speech was becoming a little slurred and her movements a little jerky. “Okay sis, I think it’s time to get Jocko”"Okay she said, bring him into my room” and with that she got up and stumbled through the door.”Cmon Jocko, it play time for you buddy” Jocko seemed to understand, he was at the door in a flash, I opened the door and whispered to him, “Go find Tina boy” He was gone in an instant, I walked around the corner and he was already at her door. I slowly opened the door, and the sight I witnessed almost made me cream my shorts. My sister was already naked, laying spread eagle on the bed. “Cmon Jocko, make me feel good” she moaned. Jocko was on the bed in a flash, she spread her legs, offering me a fleeting glimpse of her neatly timmed pussy. “Oh my god” my sister moaned”do it to me boy”I stood transfixed by the action in front of me. My sister writhing under the ministrations of my dog, her nipples standing erect atop her tanned breasts, her chest heaving as she neared the inevitable, her breath coming in gasps. Jocko was doing his best, his tongue obviously penetrating deep into her wet pussy. I realized I has slowly moved closer until I was standing next to the bed, my cock was straining against the material of my shorts, straining so hard it hurt. My sister hit her peak, her legs clamping together around Jocko’s head. She cried out in a gutteral moan, her body tensed and quivered. She reached down and slid a finger onto her clit and manipulated it rapidly, this seemed to intensify the orgasm for her. She pushed Jocko away and rolled onto her side, facing me directly. “So big brother, was it everything you thought it would be?”I realized that my hand was stroking my cock through my shorts, and lifted it away. Staring at my naked sister, lying there in a pool of sweat and juices, my mind was running wild. “It will be Tina, trust me it will be” She looked at me puzzled, “what do you mean?” “Now it’s time for you to return the favor” And with that I motioned for Jocko to get back on the bed. He jumped up and looked at me, almost quizzically. I made him lay down next to Tina, she looked at me, almost scared. “Jerk him off sis, he’s earned it” She slowly reached out and grabbed his cock sheath, a few short strokes were all it took and his manhood was out for all to see. Tina was breathtaken, holding in her hand a piece of hot shiny dog dick, at least 6 inches in length and 3 in diameter. Jocko was pretty well built I thought. He seemed to be enjoying it, just lying there, and I’ll swear he was smiling. Tina slowly pumped his cock, staring at it the whole time. “Go ahead sis, suck on it, I know you want to” She glanced at me and turned her head toward the object of her affection, mumblig something I couldn’t hear. Then she did it, she sucked his whole cock into her mouth. Jocko almost lifted off the bed. I grabbed him and held him down. “Easy boy, you’ll like this, trust me.” With that he seemed to relax. Tina was really getting into it, sucking that dick like her life depended on it. I reached out with my hand and laid it on her belly, she didn’t seem to notice. Slowly I slid downwards towards her mound, as I touched her pubic hair she spread her legs, almost out of instinct. My finger found her clitoris and slowly circled it, Tina moaned. Taking this as an invitation I delved deeper, sliding two fingers into her hole. Her vaginal muscles almost pulled them in as they broke past her lips, she really was getting into this. There I was, finger fucking my sister as she sucked my dogs cock, unbelievable. I couldn’t help it, I released my hold on Jocko and with my free hand managed to undo my shorts. After a few seconds of wrestling I manged to free my cock from the confines of my Jockey’s. About that time my sister looked up. She calmly reached up and took my dick into her hand. I’m not John Holmes, only sporting 6 inches or so, but tonight it had seemed to grow another couple of inches. She slowly jerked my cock, eyeing it as she worked her lips on Jocko. Right about then Jocko lost it, he ejaculated with such force into Tina’s mouth that his cum sprayed all over the place, a thin, almost clear type of liquid with a musky scent. It pushed Tina over the edge and she came again, humping my fingers and coating them in juices, she was holding my cock so tight I swear she was going to pull it off. As her orgasm subsided she looked up at me. “I like your dogs cock, and yours too” I glanced over at Jocko, laying there licking himself. Tina lifted herself up, coming eye level with my cock. She slowly closed the space, and kissed the head. And with that she let go and spun around. “I need to get cleaned up” “But?….” “Hey big brother, tommorow is another day” And with that she ushered both myself and Jocko out of the room. Standing there in the hallway with a huge erection I looked over at my dog, who had gone back to licking himself. “Yeah, I wish” I mumbled to myself and walked off to my room. To be continued.

      Comment by curiosinnc — July 6, 2004 @ 6:00 am

    10. I hope you are enjoying the story. I’ll be gone for a couple of days, I ‘ll take up when I return. Curiosinnc

      Comment by curiosinnc — July 6, 2004 @ 6:04 am

    11. oh do hurry back I’m absolutely loving this story.

      Comment by Airman1415 — July 6, 2004 @ 7:47 am

    12. this is the best story ive ever read. please come back soon

      Comment by TwiztedShadow — July 6, 2004 @ 7:24 pm

    13. oiy what a story drivin me bonkers really hope you come back soon to continue it AV

      Comment by Aveindorha — July 9, 2004 @ 9:22 am

    14. Hmmm still not back yet. ::Stirs in seat:: can’t wait for you to get back and update the post.

      Comment by Airman1415 — July 11, 2004 @ 4:33 am

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