September 27, 2005

dog sex asian

(Found on the i net) Hope its newCharlie The Family PetI dont know where to begin. I still dont know if it really all happened. Although it did and will live in my memory forever. My name is Elizabeth; Liz to some Bethi to family and friends. I am a 36 year old white female. I am slightly overweight for my size. I am five foot eight inches tall and I weigh 160 lbs. It doesnt look bad on me and most men and girlfriends have told me I look like a sex goddess. (Chuckle) This story started when I was thirty and weight 15 lbs less so I presume to some I looked sexier. I had a fairly normal life; nice suburban home, five bedrooms, den and recroom. We have a big yard where its traditional to barbecue on Sundays and invite friends and family over. I have to girls in their preteens who are normal everyday kids, going to private school. My husband George works for a large corporation and makes lots of money. I dont have to work but I do to keep busy and useful. The other member of our family is a mutt. He is part collie and german shepherd and god knows what else. I am not an animal person so I hardly ever pay attention to him(at least not then). He was just a large dog we had to feed and take of. The usual ofcourse, feeding, bathing, brushing and walking him outside. My husband usually takes care of all that and the kids sometimes help. Charlie seemed to favor me of all the members of the family. Perhaps it was his effort to make me like him. It all began with one of those days when the kids and George decided to go to a movie on Saturday and I didnt really feel like going so I stayed home. It all seemed like a great day for me just lounging around the house and doing nothing. Charlie started whining and I took him for a walk. When we got back I leaned down to take his collar off and he began licking my face. I said, Charlie, stop it He accidentally got his tongue in my mouth and I almost choked. Goddamit, stop it He licked me one more time and this time he deliberately stuck his tongue in my mouth and licked my mouth and scooped out my saliva. I pulled away from him but my hands were shaking and my legs felt weak. I wobbled to the couch and sat down. Charlie followed me and sat in front of me with his tongue hanging out. I tried not to look at it but my eyes were drawn to it. It was pink and long and it didnt look bad at all. At least not gross. What was I thinking it was a dogs tongue for cristsakes. I could help the feeling that had just come over me. I was hot, and flushed and my crotch was tingling. I couldnt believe it. I was suddenly filled with loathing and shame at my thoughts and feelings. I got up anger at myself and stomped into the kitchen where I grabbed a cold drink and tried to calm down. Charlie had followed me and he looked up at me with his tongue hanging out. I quickly looked in the refrigerator for some of his food and I leaned over to pour it in his dish. As I did so Charlie licked my face again but this time I didnt pull away as his tongue found my lips and mouth. I let him kiss me and then I poured his food. He kissed me again and I said, Okay, Charlie I love you too. I got up and this time there was no denying it. I had enjoyed Charlies affection. I walked back to the couch on weak knees and drank my cold drink. After I settled down I went upstairs to shower and change my clothes into something more relaxing. I chose to wear nothing but a short robe and then I went into the bathroom. Charlie had followed me into the bedroom and set on the covered toilet seat while I undressed. He came over and started licking my face and this time I kissed him back. I was thoroughly enjoying it. Worse it was making me hot. I felt like usually did when George and I had our weekly f. But this was different. I was actually steaming. I kept kissing Charlie, exploring his mouth with my tongue and letting him explore mine. It wasnt bad at all. He smelled a little doggy like most dogs do but other than that his saliva tasted no different that a warm spit like Georges. I quickly shook my head and pushed Charlie away and jumped in the shower. When I came out, Charlie was gone and I was glad. I pulled on my short robe and went downstairs. I felt different. A bit ashamed and depraved. I couldnt deny I had liked it but I also felt shame and soiled. I could not help liking it but my upbringing wouldnt let me enjoy it. The day went as normal and Sunday came and went and I was back at work on Monday. I took a ten minute break in the morning and went to the ladies room. As I sat there on the toilet, Charlie, crossed my mind and I suddenly felt hot and my face was flush. I felt my whole body tremble and even thought I felt ashamed of my thoughts, I felt that tingle in my body that I had felt with Charlie. After work I hurried to my car and got on the road. As I traveled I started thinking about Charlie and I found myself hurrying home. When I got there, Charlie greeted me at the door. I dropped down to my knees and we kissed. Yes we kissed. There I said it. I kissed him again and then I got up and rushed upstairs to the bedroom. Charlie was at my heels. I rushed into the bathroom and sat on the covered toiled as Charlie came in and immediately placed his paws on my knees and we began kissing again. I rubbed his furry hot body as we kissed and I ran my hands up and down his belly. Gawd, I was hot. I felt like a slut, a whore in heat, like a bitch in heat. Suddenly I wetness under his belly and I looked around him and down and there it was. His cock was out. Pink and wet and delicious. I reached for it and Charlie began humping my hand as I caught his hot squirting in my hand. I curled my fingers around it gently and let him f my hand as he squirted hot liquid into my hand. Then I felt a ball at the base of his cock and I saw a large ball of red angry flesh that had formed around his cock. I squeezed it and he humped harder as my thumb and forefingers slipped behind his cock and he curled his tail against me and I felt a thicker fluid shoot from his cock. It felt hot against my arm and hand. He came for three or four minutes and then he dropped to the floor and he began cleaning himself. His cock was monstrous. It was pointy but past the point it was thick and fat and graduated down to his knot. His knot was large like a large orange and he had two to three inches of cock behind it. I reached out and touched it and it was hot and firm. I loved it. Charlie licked my hand and I pulled back quickly and licked my arm and hand. It was dog cum. I was licking dog cum and I loved. It tasted brassy and slick as it slid down my throat. I wanted it to suck it. What was I saying. My God. Surely God was going to punish me for what I had just done. I quickly shooed Charlie out of the bathroom and jumped in the shower. I let the hot water run over my body as I chastised my self for what I had just done. I finished with my shower and put on a pair of shorts and top. I hurried downstairs and started dinner. Soon I heard the kids and George come in and I rushed towards them and kissed the girls and then George. George said, Wow, I guess we are on for tonight, huh, Baby. And I said, I hope you are ready lover. I turned away from him so he wouldnt see my shame. I was sure he could right thru me. That night I gave him the f of his life. So much so he was almost late for work the next day. The next day at work I couldnt get Charlie out of my mind. At lunch time all the girls gathered in the lunch room and I sat there wondering which one I could approach about having sex with dogs. The conversation turned to sex as usual. As we were getting ready to go I whispered to one of the girls about sex shows in Mexico. Sharon giggled and told me that her boyfriend who was in the Navy had seen a show in the Philippines with a woman and a dog and another with a dog. She said that in many countries it wasnt unusual. She said that in the Netherlands he had purchased a video of women and dogs but she hadnt seen it yet. I just laughed and said, Imagine that. I cant understand why a woman would prefer it to a man. The rest of the afternoon was pure torture for me. I kept thinking about Charlie and what Sharon had said. I told my boss I was going home an hour early because I had a dentist appointment. He didnt even hear me. Just said sure, see you tomorrow. I rushed out and headed home. When I got there I kissed Charlie and fed him while went to my computer and looked up bestiality. I searched and found a lot of sites but it took me two hours before I found one where people gather to exchange information. I downloaded some stuff and then I had to start dinner. The next day I took the disc to work and read a lot of QSs and several how to documents. I was ready for Charlie. I was now at ease with my new found sexuality. This time when I went home I took Charlie upstairs to the bathroom and gave him a kissing lesson as I administered best hand job I have ever given. This time I jerked myself off after I let him out. I felt great about myself and my new lover. The next day at work I went to the bathroom twice and jerked myself off. I was thinking about sucking Charlie off. I had never given a blow job to anyone. Not even George, but I was thinking about Charlie..When I got home we went to the bathroom in my bedroom. I took all my clothes off and this time after out kissing session I slid my ass down to the floor as Charlies paws remained on t he covered toilet seat. I sucked his cock into my mouth without hesitation and I let him hump my face until I could feel his knot against my lips. I tried to swallow his knot but it was to big. Best I could do was lick it and caress it with my lips. I reached up and squeezed his cock behind his knot and he went wild as he curled against my face and shot his hot cum into my mouth. I choked at the first salvo but hung on to his hind quarters as I tried to swallow his cock and his cum. I came several times thinking abut and feeling his orgasm against me. Charlie and I continued our ritual for several months.It had been three months and I was ready to move on. This time I let Charlie lick and tongue my pussy as I came over and over again. Then I sucked him again sitting on the bathroom floor as he humped my face. I loved rubbing his belly and his hot furry body. This continued for two months and then I was ready for the final step into bestiality. That memorable day I went through our ritual of him licking me to orgasm and then me sucking him as he humped my face. Only this time I took him out to the bedroom and lay with him as he cleaned himself. I helped clean himself as I caressed his balls and his hot body. When his cock receded into his sheath, I started kissing him and he perked up as he began kissing me. I played with his cock as usual and his cock hardened in my hand. It was then I surprised him as I let him go and pulled away from him. I rolled over and got on my hands and knees. I patted my buttocks and Charlie with hesitation licked my ass a couple of times and jumped on my back. His hips searched for my pussy and I reached back and guided him in. When he felt the heat and softness of my cunt he stopped, adjusted his footing and he shoved his cock to me. Oh gawd, there was pain the first time because I wasnt ready and he slammed into the back wall of my womb. Geezus, it was pain sweet pain. I could feel his cock growing inside of me as he squirted his precum and filled me with his hot fluid. His knot was in me before it got too large and it too grew inside of me. I felt it seal my cuntal ring and his pointy fat cock stretching my womb to its limits. My cervix was in shreds as it surrendered and its rubbery lips kissed Charlies cock. I had never known such bliss. Orgasm upon orgasm wracked my body and I felt total surrender to Charlie. He could have bitten me and eaten my alive and I would have thanked him. My belly felt distended and my womb was filled to its limit. I felt an explosion in my womb and realized Charlie was cumming in me as I felt his hot cum wash my womb. My toes were curled and my face was covered with tears and saliva dripped from my mouth. I heard a woman crying and then laughing and suddenly realized it was me as my orgasm hit the top of my head and I fainted. When I woke up I was still on my knees with my had laying on my arms on the floor. Charlie was atop of me covering my body with his hot furry body. He licked my neck and back and I turned my head so he could kiss me. I loved this animal, my lover, my pet. I felt his knot going soft and he pulled out as fluids rushed out of my body leaving me empty. I reached back and felt my pussy and I shoved four fingers into my cunt. I was distended from Charlies cock and knot. I felt another orgasm coming and then Charlie licked my hand and pussy. I moved my hand and he shoved his long wonderful tongue into me and I came again and again. I was fulfilled. After the fifth orgasm I pushed him away and reached for his cock and swallowed what was left showing. He rewarded me by extending his cock out and shooting some liquid into my mouth. I got up and wobbled to the bathroom and the shower. When I came out I quickly cleaned up our mess and put a towel over the wet spot which I later explained away as having spilled a glass of white wine on it. Charlie and I explored our sex thin the next six years. I gave him my anal cherry and I taught him to f every which way. I would make him lay on the floor and ride him in my pussy or asshole. Sometimes I would lay on the floor on my back with him just laying on top of me as he f me laying on top of me. Other times I would get him to mount me missionary style and then I would roll my legs up to my shoulders and pull him with me as I kissed him and he would f me with his hind legs off the floor. He didnt like this too much but he did it to please me. One thing remained constant. Everything would began in the bathroom. Then Charlie died. I dont what happened, if it was old age or what but one day we woke up and he was dead. I cried like I had lost a member of the family. My husband George remarked that I wasnt an animal person and I replied, Yes but I loved Charlie.After all that has happened I dont know if I want another dog. There will never be another Charlie. Maybe later. I envy women whom I see walking their dog and wonder if they have any secrets. Maybe a large dog like a Labrador or Dane, perhaps.

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    9. That had me in tears at the end. Wonderful story. I can only hope to get as talented as you are.Also makes me want a dog despite not being able to own one currently.

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    13. great story, although the ending was a lil sad. im supprised noone has said this yet, but im sorry for your loss, i know personaly how much it hurts to lose a family member and lover such as charlie. 10 vote from me smokey

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    14. awesome story…Thank you.. had all the qualitys in a good romance……and it was very hot

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