April 1, 2004

dog knot with girls

Three Dog NightEvery couple of months or so, two of my girlfriends and myself like to get together at my place with our dogs for a sort of free-for-all session. Some might call it an orgy or sex party, and I suppose it is, but the main idea is just to socialize in the nude and have some fun with our dogs. We’re not lesbians, but we’re not afraid of physical touching and intimacy either when it seems desirable and… just nice. Some readers may have seen my previous postings and so are somewhat familiar with Nan (that’s me) by now. But let me introduce the small cast of characters that attended our party two weeks ago Saturday.I’ve mentioned my friend Jennie in a previous posting. She’s a pink, blond (sometimes) sexpot in her early twenties; I introduced her to dog sex over a year ago. She has a Boxer called Dodger and a German Shepherd she named Baxter (for mysterious Jenniesque reasons). She brought only Baxter to our party.Lacey is a stunning black woman about 40, a more recent friend. I have never seen a woman with a more beautiful body (pronounced “booty,” she tells me). She and her big Rottweiler, Tag, have had a sexual relationship for several years. Both Lacey and Jen work in the same offices I do, which is where we met.I’m Nan, as I said, and I’ve written often about my love life with dogs. (See my earlier accounts “Charlie” and “A Woman’s View” for more about my nefarious past.) I’m 32, brunette, nice face, good figure (Jen calls me “Ms. Bubblebutt”); current love of my life is my big golden retriever, Mike.Lacey and Jen came over with Tag and Baxter about 3 PM. The first thing we do when we get together for sex is have a “love-in” with our monsters. We just neck and kiss and play with them, getting ourselves and them all hot and steamy. This is before we take off our clothes. Lacey played with Mike, Jen with Tag, and me with Baxter — we had decided on our partners for the evening — and none of us had previously had intercourse with the dogs we chose. The dogs know what’s coming, even before we undress for them, and we can’t resist tonguing and kissing their big bare dribbling you-know-whats. Ever had an erect dog in your mouth? Ever kissed a girl who has? It’s very hot and salty-wet, and they splash juice on our cheeks so we’re dripping even before we startThen we undress and sit in a circle on the floor embracing each other — this is all part of our “ritual.” Each of us touches and caresses our wet crotches and we rub each other with our wet hands. Lacey “anoints” my breasts with her juices, my nipples stand up hard feeling her warm fingers, and I caress Jen’s beautiful body with my wet fingers, and she does likewise to Lacey, then we change partners and do it again and again until we’re all gleamy and shiny and fragrant from each other’s vaginal juice — ” a bunch of bare-naked wet jiggle tits,” as Jen unceremoniously dubs us — and the dogs are about going berserk watching us and sticking noses and tongues in wherever they can.Then it’s time. We’re so ready that we’re panting, practically melting all over the floor. I take Tag and Baxter out of the room, so it’s just Mike and Lacey, they’re first. Lacey gets on hands and knees, she’s whimpering a little. Jen and I, on either side of her lovely face, stroke her cheeks and arms and breasts as Mike noses into her crotch. She spreads her thighs more and lifts her behind, and my golden Mike climbs up on her black back, his muscular haunches driving against her, and she “ums” and “ohs” as he pushes into her, wrapping his stockinged forelegs tightly around her waist.I subdue a flare of jealousy as I watch them. Jen and I can feel the force of his thrusts as her body shoves against us. She sighs, deeply, as he pumps her beautiful rear, their bodies, blond on black, seem to flow together, and Lacey gives us an angelic smile as the force of Mike’s love attack makes divine squishy sounds. Her hair ringlets dance.Then she lets out a yip, his knot is in her, and they are tied. “Oh my dear sweet lord,” she moans, moving her head side to side. I wonder what Mike is feeling right now. He is stationary atop her, his hindquarters locked against her, trembling slightly, tight-wired. His balls are tight pressed against her vagina, and he tightens his clasp around her waist. I know so well what she is feeling right now, the sensation of being so united, so well taken care of. She sighs, closes her eyes, and I know something so lovely is happening between the two of them.Jen is sniffing tears herself, feeling the same way I’m feeling. Mike is drooling helplessly between L’s shoulder blades, his saliva running down and dripping from her nipples. Jen moves beneath her, catching some of the saliva and kissing L’s nipple. L moans and wiggles her hips, causing Mike to clench her even harder. “Oh Nan,” she says, “he is so….wonderful” She sobs as Jen and I caress her. “Hold my belly,” she says, and I scoot alongside Mike and place my hand on her abdomen. I can feel movement in her body, Mike’s hardness there, and some slight vibrations, and I know that Mike is ejaculating very hard into this lovely lady.And then, suddenly Lacey goes ballistic, thrashing her head, crying out, and I feel rhythmic pulsing in her belly as her orgasm seizes and lavishes rippling waves of pleasure against his penis, and he and she moan together as one creature. And then she just bawls like a baby as orgasms sweep from one end of her shuddering body to the other. Oh reader, if you had been a fly on the wall here, you would have fallen off. Jen and I could hardly hold her, she was thrashing so, so ravished in ecstasy, but Mike didn’t let up one bit, stayed stuck to her, loving the feeling her body was giving him inside. Jen was weeping too, her gorgeous breasts looked positively explosive, and I know I was crying, we couldn’t help it. Oh my beautiful dog Mike, how I loved him, how I loved him/her, for they were absolutely one, and I know she was feeling this and that’s what set her off so mightily.It went on awhile, she had two or three more but less intense orgasms, then he dropped off her, and Jen and I sandwiched her, laying flat on the floor, just embracing her and loving her until she calmed down a bit. Right then I felt so loving and protective of her, like we were true sisters, I think because now we both shared a certain something inside us that we hadn’t before, namely Mike’s semen, he had not only tied us separately but also tied us together in a sense. Aren’t we women peculiar creaturesOh my. We sat around for awhile in our robes and played some music after Lacey and Mike parted company. L laid down on the couch, squirming happily, while Jen and I served her tea and massaged her thighs and belly. Being a dog partner can be quite a workout for a girl, you know. L gave Mike a big kiss, then I took him out of the room and brought Tag in.He went right for Jen, who had cuddled with him earlier. She pulled socks on his forelegs, then just sat back in her robe and sipped her tea, but she couldn’t tear her eyes away from him, I noticed. Anybody who doesn’t believe a dog and a woman can get it on should have witnessed those looks between them. I’ve seen her look at dogs in kennels like that. She can raise erections with her eyes, practically (she says the same about me). Tag’s erection was enormous, almost bumped the floor, and his big balls made me shiver.Jen moistened her hand with her tongue and stroked his penis. He splashed on her and she rubbed it on her face. Her face glowed. She slipped out of her robe and stretched and strutted her breasts, her nipples pink and hard as apple buds.”Are you sure you don’t mind?” she asked Lacey.”Child, you just let that dog love you up and hush your mouth,” says L from the couch.Jen eases herself down on hands and knees, nosing and licking with Tag. Then he goes behind her and she slowly sways her lovely pink butt at him. She squeals as he tongues all over her backside, and she’s panting now, pretty excited.”Nan, hold my hands,” she says, and I crouch in front of her, our palms pressed together, her face flushed. Tag mounts her and she squeals again as he enters her full force, pushing her so hard her breasts jiggle, and she braces her palms against mine.”Oh my god,” she breathes. Tag’s big muscular forelegs enfold her. His wrapped paws press into her breasts from either side, and he rides her hard, causing her breath to come out in little puffs. This is one big dude of a dog. I wonder if Jennie’s fat little labia can swallow his knot.Lacey, who has been whimpering on the couch while watching all this, finally can’t resist and she comes over in her robe, starts kissing Jen on her lips and massaging her jumping breasts.”Hold me,” says Jen, and I grip her hands tight while she spreads her legs out farther beneath his ramming haunches. She holds her breath, bites her lip, barely keeping her balance against his wild shoves, bracing herself against both Lacey and I as Tag tries with all his might to tie her to him.Then he quits moving, and Jen moans like I’ve heard her moan so many times. Tag just clasps her tight, and I know my baby Jennie is tied to this enormous creature at last. Her eyes are half-closed, her gorgeous mouth half-open, her face so flushed and bright with sexual wantonness.”Yesss,” she whispers, “yesss”She gives a little jerk, then another, and I know Tag is doing his best to make her a mother, ejaculating big time in my pink baby girl. She smiles at me so sweetly and we kiss, long and lingering, still clasping hands, and she’s giving little whimpers even as we kiss, and he’s licking her neck and shoulders. Lacey is massaging both him and her.Jen looses my hands and grabs his forepaws holding her so tightly, just holds onto them as she starts to rock and shudder beneath him, her entire body becoming a suction pump against him. She farts as she stretches and trembles — nobody laughs, we all do it in the heat of action with our dogs — then she lifts one of his paws and mouths it, sobbing, laughing, crooning. It is such a loving yet totally sexual gesture, sucking his toes.There is nothing like seeing Jennie orgasm, she is in a world of her own. Now she’s slapping her legs up and down on the floor, so overcome by what he is doing to her, she must flee him yet wants to back into him still closer, how well I know the contradictory impulses surging through her at this moment. But she’s not going anywhere, he has locked his woman in such a tight embrace that her only movements are what he allows, and he doesn’t allow her much. And she is so happy she’s nearly fainting.Then, quicker than anything, Tag releases her and drops off her — he’s done, and Jen is shuddering and trembling in my arms, the last tremors of about three orgasms in a row still washing over her. White semen spouts and farts from her labia — Lacey is down there kissing around and comes up with a white faceful (seeing L turned suddenly white is a shock). Jennie lays back in my arms and crosses her legs — I know that feeling too, trying to keep the life juice inside you, it must be an instinctive thing for women. I rub her wet thighs, caress her still-jumpy tummy.”Ladies,” says Jen in a weak voice, “I feel like I have been fucked.”Then me. And Baxter. What a handsome dog he is. Straight and strong, so intelligent. I had not known him well before Saturday, but he seemed very friendly when we played together earlier in the day. I had seen him and Jen tied together before, seen how she raved about him, so I knew that he knew how to treat a woman. Also, Jen had told me that B enjoyed doing it missionary position, which seems uncomfortable to many dogs.For a woman it can provide a feeling of blissful intimacy if Mr. Hotpaws knows what he’s doing. The short version of my account today is that…Baxter knew. Exactly. What. He was doing It was like he deliberately set out to satisfy me sexually. To get ahead of my story a little, sometime around my first orgasm with him I fell head over heels, and I’m still feeling pretty infatuated. “I knew it would happen” Jennie crowed.My only previous experience with Shepherds, I regret to say, had been with some not-very-nice guardians of some fenced areas several years ago, and they treated me pretty roughly. So I guess I was a little leery when Jen brought him into the room, even though we had played earlier, as I say. Yet, after watching her and Lacey with Tag and Mike, I was feeling very steamy.Jen and Lacey were curled up together on the bed under a blanket. I still had Jen’s juice all over me, dried off but still with an identifiable Jen smell, so B is licking me/her all over my body, tongues my nipples till I think they’re going to squirt. I’m sitting upright on the floor against a cushion laying against the wall, and B puts both stockinged forepaws up on my shoulders, really necking with me but really letting me know who’s in control too. He’s big and heavy, deep chested, so muscular. We kissed. I explored his mouth with my tongue, and he thoroughly explored mine too, about the Frenchiest kissing you ever saw. Yucky? Don’t say so, girl, ’til you’ve tried itSo now he had me sighing and strutting at him — the girls on the bed are giggling up a storm. “Move the cushion down on the floor,” said Jen. I did, laid down on it with my butt half hanging off one end so he could get at me. He moved up between my legs, and I felt his wet erection bump against my tummy as he licked my face. My hands went up to his sides, and I could feel his hard muscles. Slowly I spread my thighs for him and he came down on me.At the same time I felt his hot cock enter my body, thrusting, felt the pound of his hips against me, so passionate, so possessive. Knowing that I can bring an adult male dog to this ultimate expression of sexuality — that his behavior shows that he finds me sexually irresistible — is always a huge turn-on for me — as Jen and Lacey tell me it is for them also. He’s pushing his knot against my vagina, wetting me down with slippery slickness so his juice is dripping off my butt. I thrust up to meet him and together we slide him in all the way and it feels heavenly having him so tight in me.”We’re tied” I announce to the world at large. His big forelegs are embracing me, half beneath my back, and he’s laying on me like a man — a very furry, muscular man locked into my body. I’m embracing him in my arms and thighs, and I stretch and squirm against him, pancaking my breasts against his big chest, delighting in the feel of his coarse hair against my bare skin. I can feel his heart beat against my own chest, and up tight against my vagina I feel his hot balls pressed, and I feel them pulse, hard.At the same time a wash of warmth suffuses my insides, and I hear myself cry out, and I’m holding his ears, and my mouth is all over his beautiful face. I vaguely hear J and L saying things over on the bed, but I’m so lost in the moment I don’t know what they’re saying. B is tucking himself tight to me between my legs, and his very hot semen pervades me in shooting sensations. I strut and scramble against him.I know we are as close as dog and woman — as male and female — can ever be, and I am in a mode of total surrender. I am as trapped beneath him as any prisoner can ever be, yet it is so ecstatic a feeling — so beautiful — that I want it never to end. Jen later told me that I was weeping like a child, but all I was conscious of at the time was the overwhelming sensation of his presence upon me and in me, and a building feeling of pressure against him, like wriggling against an immovable object. He brought me to a slow, almost excruciating orgasm, so intense I felt my breasts would burst, and it felt like I climaxed directly against his penis, my entire body a suction pump against the enormity of that steaming, streaming ejaculator inside me.Poor dog, I was thrashing beneath him so, couldn’t get away even had I wanted to, yet couldn’t stop alternately pushing him away and pulling him to me. I felt such overwhelming love for him as he filled me, filled me to overflowing except with him stuck in me I couldn’t overflow and my belly began to distend — I knew it was happening because I could feel a lot more of his belly on top of me. I must have had one or two more climaxes.The next thing I remember hearing was crooning voices. Lacey was leaning above me, caressing my face, and Jen was massaging my breasts and belly, both of which felt a little sore. “Where is he?” I asked, “is he all right?” I had Baxter hair all over my front and in my crotch too (only later Jen tells me he’s starting to shed).”Baby, that mister is just fine,” laughed Lacey, and then I saw him licking himself in the corner. I feasted my eyes on him for a spell, and then I guess I snoozed. When I awoke I was covered with a quilt, still on the cushion but laying on a big wet spot of my own making, no doubt. And his. I wiggled down into it.Later, sitting around in each other’s fragrant puddles, we gabbed girltalk and acted silly, we were all so beat. I hated to see them and their dogs leave — it was about 2 AM, and they both had things to do in the morning so couldn’t stay over. I collapsed, didn’t shower til next morning — I wanted the smells of love to linger on me awhile — and believe me, they did We were all dripping dog in our panties next day too, so we had lots of remindersSunday morning Jen and I went to church (well shielded by tampons) and giggled shamefully through the sermon, which dwelt on a scripture from Ecclesiastes: “A living dog is better than a dead lion.” On and on it went; each reference to “living dogs” set us off, and when we finally got off those hard pews we each needed another tampon. Shame on us — laughing in church, tsk tsk.

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