March 26, 2005

dog knot story

I met my wife, Allison while attending college at a large Southern University. I was a senior and 22; she was a sophomore and 19. She was then and still is, fifteen years later, one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen in real life or in the pages of any magazine. She is 52 and 102 lbs with long blond hair and a perfectly proportioned body. Her breasts are just the right size for her frame with large nipples that are very sensitive to the touch. Her ass is nothing short of amazing, firm and perfectly shaped with those dimples just above her cheeks. Her whole body is firm and lean; you can bounce a quarter off her stomach. Allison has always been very open minded toward everything especially sex. We started having sex on our second date and by the next morning she was taking my 8 cock up her perfect ass. We had many great days and nights fucking in every possible way. Within three months of our meeting we had even gotten into three ways with her roommate. It turns out that Allison and her roommate had been lovers for three years and knew how to make each other cum.At the time I lived in a rented house a few blocks from campus with my black Lab, Bo. The house had a nice size back yard with a large wooden privacy fence around it. Bo loved to play and run in the yard and spent much of his time outside even though he had free run of the house. Allison took advantage of the private back yard as well spending time nude sunbathing almost every nice day when she wasnt in class. She and Bo were becoming great palls and she often walked Bo in the mornings after I left for class.One Friday night after a few hours of bar hopping Allison and I went home for a round of hardcore fucking. She gets really horny after a few drinks and this night she had a little more than a few. Allison took my cock out of my pants while I drove and was sucking me to my first cum of the night. She would stop and moan about how she wished her roommate was in town to join us and then deep throat my cock. Her roomy was out of town for the weekend and I had to console Allison and tell her she would just have Bo and me to keep her company for three day. As I spoke I came deep in her mouth and she moaned with satisfaction as she swallowed down my load.When we got to the house we headed strait for the bedroom shedding close as we moved with a quick pace. Allison stopped for just a second to pet Bo who was lying on the sofa as I pulled off her pants. Allison pushed me back on the bed and sucked me back to a hard state. We then fucked in 4 or 5 different positions for a good hour. Since I had already cum once and was a little drunk it seemed I could fuck her all night and that was just what I had planed. At one point Allison asked me to fuck her ass and being the gentleman that I am could not say no. Grabbing the lube I was in her tight ass in no time. Allisons favorite position during anal sex is for me to lie on my back and for her to mount me and lie with her back on my chest. She then slowly pumps her hips while I fondle her breast and rub her clit. As I squeezed her tits she moaned in my ear and then said something I will never forget. Bo is a very bad puppy. I thought that was a strange thing to say while you had an 8 cock up your ass but then I felt Bos legs brush against mine and I raised my head to look down. There was Bo with his tongue busy licking at Allisons spread open pussy. I was just about to yell at Bo to get down when Allison moaned in my ear It feels soooooo gooooood and she came right then. Her rectal muscles contracting around my cock as she came. I thought of the night we had been in this same position only it was Allisons roommate that was licking her to multiple orgasms while I fucked her ass. Bo kept on licking the juice flowing from the sweet new treat he had found and Allison just kept moaning her approval. This went on for a good ten minute and Allison came three times as my cock slid in and out of her velvety ass. I then noticed Bo moving around on the bed and looked down to see what he was doing. Bo had achieved quite a boner and was humping the air while he licked. Bo is no small dog at about 70 lbs but I had no idea he had a big thick 7 cock. Allison had looked down too and said poor puppy needs some relief, and with that reached to pull him up onto her. I just froze and asked if she was sure she wanted to do this. She said she wanted to make the best of her three day weekend with Bo and me. Bo moved up over Allisons body and she positioned him with his head on the opposite shoulder to me. I held his hind quarters in place as he humped. Allison reached between them and guided his large cock into her cunt. I could feel it slide in and rub against me inside her. Bo started a steady paced humping motion while we both laid still and enjoyed the new sensation. His humping became more urgent and suddenly I felt his knot slip into Allisons tight cunt. The feeling was incredibly tight as he pushed further in. Allison came again as she was stretched to new limits by the two invading cocks buried deep in her. Bo started to cum and I felt his knot throbbing as he pumped his cum deep into his first human girl. This pushed me over the edge and I too emptied my load deep into the girl of my dreams. Bo slowed and then stopped his humping and his knot slid out of Allison with a pop, cum pored out of her cunt and over my balls. Bo pulled away and jumped off the bed. Allison pulled herself up and off of my cock and when she did more cum ran out and over my cock and balls. She saw this and said that wont do and went down on me. Allison licked and cleaned every last drop of both Bos and my cum off of me before she climbed up into my arms and we fell asleep.The next morning..T.B.C.

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    1. wow, great story, can’t wait to hear about the rest of that weekend

      Comment by doglovernoob — March 26, 2005 @ 2:07 am

    2. oh, my goodness that was so HOT. Can hardly wait for the rest of the story. Keep up the great work.Jade

      Comment by jadeblue71 — March 26, 2005 @ 10:03 am

    3. Wow what a great story I need to find me a woman like that.

      Comment by coastiecook — March 26, 2005 @ 10:21 am

    4. Absolutely great. Passionate, beautiful girl, hot kinky DP action, oh hell yes A vote.Is it fiction or bio? Either way, please please write more

      Comment by lorluvaduck — March 26, 2005 @ 10:24 pm

    5. That is wicked hot .. can’t wait to read more, and ty for writing this.

      Comment by kingminotaurus — March 27, 2005 @ 12:11 pm

    6. Great story your a very lucky guy.

      Comment by hilltopper — November 26, 2005 @ 4:46 am

    7. Orsm……

      Comment by grouse — November 26, 2005 @ 5:23 am

    8. hot hot hot,i loved this story

      Comment by horniedog — November 27, 2005 @ 11:55 am

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