October 9, 2004

dog knot sex stories

The rain was gently pelting the windowpane as I lay in my bed missing my lover. He had been gone for over a week and my body and soul ached for him. I began to move my ass slowly side to side on the cool satin sheets, my black long hair spilling onto the white sheets causing a stark contrast. The sheets were so cool and satiny against my warm olive colored skin. I loved the feel of the satin against my bare ass. It felt as if I was being caressed with cool silky fingers. I began to think of my lover and the things that he would be doing to me if he were here with me now. The rain continued to beat rhythmically against the window as I moved my ass slowly with the beat, first side to side then moving up and down pumping at the cool satin. I slowly moved my hands to my breasts and cupped them… I squeezed and massaged them thinking that they were my lover’s hands. I moved my hand to my mouth and I began to suck on my fingers. I slowly traced my wet fingers down my throat, teasing myself, as my lover would be doing. My brown nipples were hard and erect as I took them between my thumb and forefingers and rolled them slowly from side to side. Sensation after sensation shot through my body as I saw in my mind my lover bending over my breasts and gently sucking my nipples between his lips… so wet… so warm…. I moaned as I rolled my hard nipples forward and back. I began to pinch them gently and in fantasy I felt my lovers teeth nibble at them and pull at them with his lips. I moved one hand slowly down my belly while my ass was still moving side to side on the cool satiny sheets. In my mind I could see my lover’s huge hand traveling down my belly and resting at my pussy mound… with my own hand I began to massage my mound… teasing myself as I knew my lover would be doing…. I began to pump my pussy against the palm of my hand.. I could feel my own wetness and the heat of my pussy warming my palm… I massaged my pussy slowly…my eyes closed as I saw in my mind my lover’ hand pulling and teasing my throbbing cunt…. I slowly moved my middle finger to my swollen pussy lips and began to rub my hard clit.. my middle finger slowly moving down to my pussy entrance… in my mind I saw my lover pushing his finger deep into my pussy opening… I heard myself moan while fucking my velvety warm pussy with my middle finger… I began to lick my lips… making them wet and warm… picturing my lover licking me with his lips as he slowly finger fucks my wet pussy… I push another finger deep into my pussy as I pump my ass up and down.. my ass begins to tremble .. . images of my lover fucking me with two fingers and his thumb moving to my erect clit rubbing it hard as he pushes his huge fingers in and out.. I began to move my fingers in and out of my pussy faster… pumping my ass up and down … rubbing my clit with my thumb… I slowly pulled my drenched fingers from my pussy and I brought them to my lips… I put them in my mouth.. and I sucked them dry… licking all of my pussy juices from my own fingers… imagining licking my lovers dick clean of my juices.. I slide to the side of the bed and open the nightstand drawer…. I pull out my vibrator…I find the lubricant and squeeze some gel on the tip of the vib… I begin to breathe faster knowing that in my mind at least I am about to fuck my lover…. I move to the middle of the bed… and I open my legs wide… I take the head of the vib and move it to my slit… I begin to rub the head of the vib on my hard clit… I moan as I see in my mind my lover rubbing the head of his hard dick on my clit…. I slowly move my hips from side to side on the cool sheets as I rub the head of the vib on my clit… I move the head down… between my pussy lips… and stop where my pussy tunnel is open and ready … I gently push the head of the vibrator into my pussy.. slowly I fuck the entrance of my cunt with the head.. my eyes closed I can see my lover hovering over me…pushing the head of his cock into my pussy teasing me…. I fuck myself slowly… moving more and more of the vib into my tight cunt… I feel my pussy stretching as the vib impales my cunny tunnel rhythmically… I turn it on and sensation after sensation electrifies my body… I can see my lover fucking me with his huge cock….the head of his cock at the very opening and then slamming deep into my cunt… I move my hips wildly as the vibrator moves in and out of my cunt…. Suddenly the door to my bedroom creaks open and I turn my head… my huge black lab stands there looking at me… his tongue pink… and dripping wet as he pants… he moves closer… sniffing… he can smell my pussy… and I look down and see that the tip of his red cock is peeping from his sheath… my lab moves closer to the bed…watching me fuck myself with the vibrator… I am too far gone to stop… my eyes rolling as my body moves in rhythm with the vibrator and the pelting rain against the window…I feel my dog moving his nose to my vib and pussy… he begins to sniff… then suddenly I feel his rough tongue licking my pussy lips as the vibrator moves in and out… the dog licks at my vibrator… going crazy over my pussy juices… when I push the vib all the way inside of me the lab licks at my pussy lips… his tongue so warm and wet…and when I pull it back out… he licks at my vib frantically… over and over again my dog licks me as I fuck myself with my vibrator… I plant my feet into the bed and I arch my ass up off of the bed… the dog moves his nose to my asshole and begins licking there as I move the vibrator faster in and out… my pussy begins to spasm and my body to convulse as the first waves of orgasm begin to rack my body… I feel my pussy squeezing on the vibrator…and I imagine my pussy squeezing my lovers dick as I come… the dog licks faster and harder as my cum begins to slowly roll down the crack of my ass… I collapse on the bed…spent… I withdraw the vib from my still throbbing cunt… the dog crawls on the bed and continues to lick my pussy… he licks from the rim of my ass and up my swollen pussy lips to my hard sensitive clit… I move my long black hair away from my face and look down at my huge dog… his tongue is so rough and so warm… he licks my pussy hard and fast… I move my fingers to my pussy lips and open them so that my dog can have easier access to my clit… he moves his rough tongue on my little hard knob… and I feel my body begin to react again… the dog is standing between my legs and I can see that his dick is hard and sticking out from his sheath… I turn over on my belly and my lab licks up and down my ass crack… I slowly move up on all fours… my dog instantly mounts me… I feel his soft underbelly on my back… he wraps his front legs around my hips and pushes them through my open thighs.. I feel the dog humping… the tip of his red dick hitting against my ass and shooting precum… making my ass and thighs wet … the lab keeps humping trying to find his target… I feel the tip of his dick enter my pussy opening… suddenly the dog thrusts his hind quarters close to my ass and his huge dick slams into my cunt… he is huge and my pussy stretches to accommodate him… he is relentless as he fucks my pussy hard and fast.. I feel his pre-cum shooting deep into my pussy as he holds me tight with his front paws… his pre-cum is so warm… and feels so good as he shoots over and over again deep into my pussy… I can feel the beginning of my dogs knot at my pussy entrance and he holds me tighter with his front legs… he moves his chin to my shoulder and he pulls me back against him as he thrusts hard with his hind quarters… I moan as I feel my pussy being stretched like it has never been before… I feel his pulsating knot forcing its way into my pussy and I gasp as he thrusts one last time as his knot slides in between my pussy walls… the labs dick begins to swell along with his knot.. my pussy is being filled completely by this animal…. I can feel his cum shooting thicker now deep inside of me… hitting my cervix…. I feel so much pressure from his expanding dick and knot that I whimper… his knot has swollen so much that it is laying against my clit… his knot throbbing…. Pulsating… my clit reacting to his knot… I feel my body begin to convulse for the second time… my pussy begins to spasm tight around my lab…. And I hear him whimper… he tries to escape but he is stuck with me… I moan over and over as I come hard on my dogs swollen red cock…. I can feel dribbles of his cum escape out of my cunt as my pussy spasms over and over again on his huge dick… my dog jumps off of my back and turns around… we are still stuck together his ass against mine… he is still shooting his cum inside of my pussy I feel it splashing against my pussy walls… After 15 minutes… my labs knot finally begins to shrink.. and he pulls his knot and dick from me.. a gush of cum squirts from my pussy and down my thighs… my dog turns around and begins to lick his cum from my pussy and the back of my thighs… I collapse on the bed… and my dog lies next to me… licking his well fucked dick and knot… and as I lay there catching my breath… I think to myself… maybe… I am not so alone after all…. This post has been edited by Atnog on Oct 9 2004, 11:48 AM

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    1. very very nice story very sexy thank you for posting

      Comment by wireman — October 10, 2004 @ 12:40 am

    2. Sweet story Atnog, loved it

      Comment by oldk9luvr — October 10, 2004 @ 10:52 am

    3. atnog,… that was so hot I was hard through the whole story… I could see myself being there and watching what happned it was a very good story .. thank’s

      Comment by action6073 — October 10, 2004 @ 12:43 pm

    4. that was fantastic atnog. Thanks for sharing.

      Comment by LoveMyDoggie — October 11, 2004 @ 9:58 am

    5. Atnog,Wowsa I really really loved your story. It was so easy to imagine myself there. Still keep mentally going back to parts of your story and thinking about them. For me that’s a really good sign, a story that keeps my thoughts going, even once I am done reading it. Your stories are very enjoyable (this one was beyond mere enjoyable tho ). I hope, we are lucky enough to get to experience more of your story sharing. Thank you. Nerp

      Comment by nerp — October 12, 2004 @ 9:07 am

    6. Nice story for you to have shared, enjoyed it very much….adds to my cravings this morning. SIGH Thanks for posting it. Annie

      Comment by Annie4K9 — October 16, 2004 @ 7:34 pm

    7. Excellent story

      Comment by cold_fire — October 17, 2004 @ 7:52 am

    8. Ty for posting.

      Comment by hilltopper — November 26, 2005 @ 3:28 am

    9. WOW…….

      Comment by grouse — November 27, 2005 @ 4:04 pm

    10. very hot loved it thnx

      Comment by vergil4731 — November 27, 2005 @ 5:22 pm

    11. very very nice.

      Comment by Acc248 — November 28, 2005 @ 3:32 am

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