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This is my second story, I hope you enjoy itI apologize for any bad writing, grammar, or spelling Enjoy There are nine parts, please no response until all are posted.Feel free to tell me what you think, and be truthful. I look forward to criticism.Author comments and an epilouge also follow if anyone wants me to post them.Im happy I can get this out in the open after so many years. Here I am, a wealthy unmarried man, about to tell you something no one has known about for ten years. The story begins in 1995, on my personally owned and operated island. I was 25 then, and had inherited the island from my father, an oil tycoon. The island was located somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico, but Im disclosing its location, since I want my identity kept secret too. He owned it as a vacation spot, and I remember it being a great pride in the family. I used to sit with my brother on a small peninsula of flat rocks that jetted out about 50 feet into the ocean, and the water was about 20 feet deep at the end. We would sit there all day, just talking and watching SPAM of wild dolphins catch fish and play around. Nobody else was on the island except my family. Then things got ugly. I was 23 when my Dad and Brother died in a jet crash. In his will, my father left me 036;5,000,000 and the island. I didnt actually want the money, so I spent it to renovate our pride to be a tourist attraction. I spent money on a few jetties, a store, a nice luxury spa, and of course, a shark proof net to surround parts of the island. I also hired a man to drive a ferry from the Florida coast. However, this isnt very important. All that matters is what happened to me there. A quarter of the island was my private property, the area my father owned when he was alive and was now mine. I didnt allow people to swim in the area or come through the gates I had set up. However, that was fine since they had the biggest part. I just made sure I got the part with the peninsula all to myself. I would go there at the time the tourist level was high, since the caretakers of the island claimed they couldnt control the surge of people. So between May and July, I would stay on the island. I would clean it, check the shark nets, watch over the tourists, control the income of supplies, speak at meetings, and live in a small condo that we used to stay in when my father was alive. With that out of the way, I should probably tell you about what happened.I had awoken one morning to clear skies and calm waters. This was the perfect chance to go for a dive, I told myself. After heading down to the restaurant for breakfast, I went to the rental shop where tourists could get supplies for diving. I got a double gauged oxygen tank, with a blue wetsuit and some flippers. I headed to Jetty 5 on my private land and dived in. The water was very transparent that day, which was a major blessing for me. The marine life in the area was stunning and usually the water would be just murky enough to miss it. I dove down to about 40ft when an idea hit me. The net was probably in need of checking. So thats what I did. The black nets that surrounded the area were about 1 inch thick and were harvested by hooks and buoys. Sometimes sharks were caught, but I was trained to release them. Today, though, things would change. I swam around the bottom curve of the island, checking the traps. As I got closer, I noticed the net was vibrating and rustling violently. I looked up ahead and saw that there was something wiggling in the net up ahead. Cautiously, I swam below, expecting to find a shark. But what I did find was deeply saddening. There, stuck in the nets and fighting for its life, was a wild dolphin.You poor thing, I said to myself into my mouthpiece, You dont deserve to be trapped like the sharks.I still swam cautiously, since most of the time a wild dolphin can be just as dangerous as a shark, if not more so. Its head was caught in the nets and the dorsal fin was tangled in another part. I couldnt see whether it was male or female. As I got closer, the dolphin turned her head (I saw it was a she when I noticed a smaller head or melon) and looked me straight in the eyes. She opened her jaws and let out a low creaking squeal, a warning. Then she began to struggle again. Determined to save her, I reached for my knife I kept handy on my tool belt. I grabbed a hold on one piece of net above me, and then began to saw at a piece right next to her. Obviously surprised and blinded in fear and confusion, she snapped her head over and bit my hand. Her sharp teeth and strong jaws easily broke my skin. I screamed in pain and lost my knife to the murky depth. Luckily, I had a backup knife. Despite the pain of salt water in my cuts and the fear of my blood attracting sharks, I began to work again on the net. I first cut the net above her to release her dorsal fin, occasionally having to move away from her jaws, and then the ones wrapping around her side fins. She wiggled violently but got out. Satisfied, I watched her swim forward and up to get a breath. She stayed for a moment and then I expected shed leave. But to my surprise, she came back down and swam right into the hole in the net I was almost positive she was stuck again, but I felt relieved when she squirmed out of its hold. She swam though it and came back to where I was. Thats when I got a good look at her. She was a small dolphin, a little over six feet in length, not much farther than my 511 stance. I guessed she was still young, yet most likely a mature dolphin. She didnt have as many scars as the other dolphins I had seen. She began checking me out too, with her sonar. The pulse scanned me, feeling similar to a pins and needles effect you get when you sit on your foot, but all around my body. It tickled slightly, and I could hear it when it would hit my eardrums, making a soft beep noise. The feeling made my hair stand on end. She kept sitting there, right in front of me, beeping her sonar every so often. Her head would tilt if I was moved by the current, keeping me locked in position with her magnificent sight. Then she swam around me in circles, still beeping, to get a 3D view of me. Then she stopped once again and beeped me some more, curious about me and why I was here. I was getting tired of this, but waited patiently as she scanned me, as not to scare her off. After nearly 3 minutes, she stopped beeping and swam closer to me, about arms length away. I wondered if she would let me touch her. I slowly raised my hand, almost as if she was a menacing attack dog rather than this curious grinning sea mammal. I felt optimistic as my hand reached near her melon, but she ducked her head down to avoid my touch, yet she still kept her eyes on me. She let out a coo and turned on her side. There I saw she had an amazing scar. The scar was two thin lines intersecting to look like a cross on her pale grey belly, reaching from the bottom of her headline to near the beginning of her genital slit, with a horizontal line running between her pectoral fins. It looked just like the cross Jesus was crucified on. I just sat there, amazed, and wondered how she could have gotten this. But before I knew it, she swam off. She disappeared into the distance, swimming at a fast speed. I seemed to wake up from a daze. Why did this dolphin have a scar just like a cross? What could have done that? It certainly wasnt a motorboat. But I viewed my oxygen and came to a frightening discovery that it had only about a quarter tanks left. Instead of swim to the surface, I turned around and swam the other way, back to a supply cave I knew about. I kept oxygen tanks there in case of an emergency. The cave was small with only enough height to stand and about 6 feet long and 6 feet across. The cave went upwards until you passed an overhang, and then opened up into it. I found the opening and swam upwards into the dark ring. With one hand still steering me, I used the other to feel the rocky surface below. When it reached an upward curve, I knew I was there. I climbed out of the tiny pool, wincing at the pain in my palm where the dolphin bit me. The extra weight stored in my wetsuit also didnt help when I climbed out. It felt like my hand was forced hard onto jagged spikes by massive boulders. I removed my mask and rubbed the red ring around my eyes. Then I waved my hand around a bit, looking for the light switch I set up. The well-lighted cave had been light from the sun, but I felt better when the light I had was on. I found the switch and flicked it. A pale orange light illuminated the small cave. Still facing the pool with my feet lightly dangling in the water, I removed my oxygen tank and set it beside me. There were the extra tanks sitting in the corner but right now, I decided to rest a bit. Exhausted from the rescue, I fell asleep parallel to the pool.Eeee I awoke with a start. A sudden squeal had scared me. I waited for a minute to be readjusted to the light, and then looked around. The cave lay empty. However, I turned to the pool and saw the dolphin, resting on her pectoral fins where the passage curved up. I saved this same dolphin earlier. I could see her magnificent scar in the dim light. She sat there, looking at me with those beady curious eyes, and kept cocking her head. My heart must have been beating a mile and minute. I was so surprised that she had just shown up and scared me awake She still sat there, staring at me silently. I felt myself begin to smile a bit. She did look very goofy, with her pectoral fins resting on the edge of the pool, looking up at me. I spoke slowly and softly, as not to frighten her.Hi there, friend. Have you come back to thank me?ee-aaNot really expecting a response, I must have nearly jumped out of my skin as she made that quick squeak. I could have sworn she just said yeah.She began to make a chattering sort of laughing noise, which also made me half grin with delight and stare with amazement. Did she understand what I was thinking?I shook off the feeling and lay down on my stomach, my face resting on my hands by the side of the pool. She backed up, making a creaking noise in a low tone at me, warning me shrugged a bit. She was wild; I couldnt expect her to want to be face to face with me.Well, youre welcome. Its what I do. Just keep an eye out for the net next time, ok?The dolphin cocked her head and sat silent. She was still checking me out.I laid my hand with the bit marks in the water. I expected her to leave, since she knew I had said, Youre welcome. Yet she decided to stay. I was fine with that, though. She had the island to herself. I was on the verge of sleep, half-dreaming already, when I noticed she moved cautiously forward, toward my hand, whistling softly at me. Then she stopped and began swishing her tail, to stay in place. Her black twinkling eyes, halfway out of the water, looked up at me. I took this as an invitation. I raised my head slightly so I could move my hand. The dolphin still kept her curious eyes on me, barely moving and watching me silently. Slowly, I extended my hand until it was about and inch from her melon. I optimistically spread my fingers, ready to stroke her. Yet to my dismay, she backed up away from my touch, squeaking faintly.eee-oooMy heart sank. If she had come close to my hand, why didnt she want to be stroked?Hey now, I said softly Its alright. I wont hurt you, girl. I just want to touch you. Thats all.She looked up at me with those questioning yet cautious eyes and squeaked again.I was a little annoyed now. I knew, deep down, that she could understand me. Right now, she was just reluctant. Obviously, she had never been touched by human hands before.If I wanted to harm you, I would have let you stay in the net, right? Come on, I promise I wont hurt you.She looked at me, and then at my hand, thinking over if I was reliable. The dolphin then moved somewhat forward, and then stopped once again. Her breathing had increased and I noticed that she was shivering from fear. She let out a high-pitched whistle, pleading with me not to harm her. I felt saddened. She must have experienced a lot to not trust humans. However, why would she be scared of me? After all, I saved her life. How could she see me as a threat?Thats when I noticed my knife lying beside me.No wonder She was scared I was going to hurt her with my knife. Feeling like an idiot, I grabbed it and tossed it near the back of the cave. I am SO sorry, girl I forgot that was there.The dolphin seemed relieved yet reluctant still. She kept glancing from my hand to my face, scanning me in case of any sudden moves. I reached out once again. She still backed up, making low clicking noises again.I was distraught. PLEASE, girl. Im NOT going to hurt you. I promise. I still spoke soft and slow. Maybe shed trust me better if she felt relaxed.She didnt move except for swishing her tail to the side, to stay in her spot. Maybe I was going a little too fast for her. I withdrew my hand; almost sure she didnt want to be touched. Yet to my surprise, she swam closer to me, still looking at my hand and me. Now I was just confused. She wanted to be touched, but why did she keep moving away from my hand? I stuck out my hand again, slow as not to startle her, and waited for her to move closer still. The dolphin was just out of my reach.Slowly and steadily, she crept forward, making a choked squeal and shaking somewhat, begging me not to prove her wrong that she thought I was truthful. Patiently I waited, my hand extended, for her to reach me. She stopped and looked up, and I felt her scanning me again, fearful.Please.The dolphin decided to bite the bullet. Her eyes clenched closed and she still shook, but she swam forward quick to avoid her second thoughts. She went a tad to fast, and I had to move my hand back a little. If my hand had jabbed her melon at that speed, she wouldve been hurt and left. I switched to two fingers right when her head reached my hand. Almost instantly, she showed a change of feeling between fear and relaxation. Her eyes were closed but not clenched, and she shook only slightly. Her mouth began to gape, caught up in the good feeling. I rubbed my fingers along her smooth yet firm head, very gently, and felt her shudder a little. Her body drifted closer to me, to gain better access. There was no doubt that she enjoyed the feeling of being stroked. I enjoyed it too, rubbing my fingers slowly along her rubbery skin. I rubbed around her blowhole and down the side of her face behind her eyes. She began to gently squeal at a low sound, a bit like a moan. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrI lightly rubbed her dorsal fin with my palm. Her head rose up, almost as if she were a cat, totally loving me petting her. With her head out of the water, I raised my hurt hand and lightly scratched her beneath her rostrum while simultaneously rubbing her head. She kept giving off the moaning sound and would occasionally shudder. After about five minutes, she opened her eyes and backed off from my hand. I guessed she was ready to leave, which I wasnt about to stop her. Instead of leaving, she moved up close to my hurt hand and titled her head. With the side of her rostrum, she stroked the wound, her gleaming eyes looking up at me and she grinned with that average grin all dolphins have.I was heart warmed at this gesture. She seemed to be thanking me for the petting, and apologizing for the bite. Dont worry, girl. Its already healing.I patted her melon once again. Then with a splash, I let her swim off.I smiled and watched her shadow disappear again. Then I rested my hands behind me and stretched. I grabbed my new air tank and put my mask back on. Finally, ignoring the slight chill, I dove into the water. I didnt know where to go and hardly cared. I seemed to have met a new companion, and felt deep down that she would be back to see me. I was in ecstasy and the world fell away from me. All that mattered was she, having a bond after only knowing each other for a half hour and me. And just as I had thought, the bond would only become stronger.

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    1. (2/9)I finally ended my dive around noon, to go to a meeting with my employees who worked around the island. Everyone kept asking me how I got the nasty looking bite mark, but I truthfully told them that a dolphin was stuck and I released it. I left out the rest, since it was clearly none of their business. The meeting dragged on, and I could barely concentrate. The droning of the employees made me shuffle in my seat. I kept thinking about the dolphin, who I had rescued from a spot that had brought down many of her kind before, who was surprisingly intelligent, even for a dolphin, and seemed to understand English as well as anyone and could communicate easily. She was a wild dolphin who actually allowed interaction with a human, and bore a surprisingly coincidental scar to a cross. I was astonished. I had saved her, and she seemed to have taken a liking to me, after confirming I wasnt at all a threat. That night a small storm hit the island. I stayed in my house, watching the storm with disappointment. I wanted to go out and see if I could find the dolphin again. Instead, I watched the wind blow by with lost hopes. I decided I should go to bed.I woke up early the next morning, around 5:00 am. The sun was just a sliver in the pale grey sky. I thought this would be a good opportunity to see my dolphin friend. I put on a hooded sweatshirt and some running shoes, and left my house. My house was on the top of a hill overlooking the ocean. A small path goes behind my house and down the side of the hill, making the path stretch out for about a mile before reaching the beach. Then it was about a five-minute walk to the small rocky peninsula I used to visit. I hoped the dolphin would know I was there. I reached the peninsula to find that there was a pod of dolphins playing out in the water. It was a little early for the anglers to be out yet, so they had the area all to themselves. I didnt see my friend out there, so I sat down about 10 feet out and watched the pod out there. They would leap from the water and swim around with grace and fantastic agility, darting in many directions. They would nibble and nudge each other in playful fashions, while making squeals and whistles the whole time. They were amazing to watch.Suddenly I felt some water splash upon my sweatshirt. Startled, I jerked my head around to see my dolphin friend sitting there, her tail raised, eyes twinkling at me.Hey there, girl I said, this time a little faster and louder, You sure know how to grab someones attention.She turned around and swam up to me, gently chattering sounds of greetings. Yes, its good to see you too. Wait; did I just understand what she said?I let my hand dip down into the water, and almost instantly, she swam up and nudged it. Oo-oo-OOShe cooed for me to pet her, and then moved so she was parallel to the peninsula. Obediently, I raised my hand and began to stroke the end of her rostrum. Her eyes closed again and she just lazily floated there. I stroked her melon too and behind her dorsal fin, near her tail. She never experienced being touched like this before and was in total ecstasy. She shuddered now and then, as if she was cold, and made the moaning sound for what seemed like minutes on end.rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrSince she didnt seem to be paying attention to staying in place, I thought maybe I could give her a belly rub. If she thought being just petted felt well, she would most likely love a belly rub. I leisurely reached out with the other hand and grabbed her pectoral fin. With a hard push, I was able to get her on her side. Her eyes opened and she looked around clicking curiously, but didnt make an effort to stop me. When she was on her back, I saw the magnificent scar beam out at me. She held her head up to get a good look at me and clicked again. I stroked her side right behind her pectoral fin, and with the other hand began to rub her pale belly.She uttered a squeak in pleasure and her eyes closed. The skin on her stomach was tougher and had more muscles than on the top of her. I could feel them tense up and relax as I went over them. Her back arched up to be closer to my hand, which Im sure was an unconscious gesture. Her jaws were gaping and her tongue began to roll out of her mouth. I beamed at this. She loved having a belly rub, just as I had expected. I ran my finger along her scar, to observe it more. It was only about .1 centimeter deep, not as much as it looked. I traced it with my fingernail, but the dolphin didnt seem to notice. She was too into being rubbed on her belly. She began to spasm a little, jerking her head and then her tail. I kept stroking her lightly with my hand. Suddenly, her eyes popped open and she grabbed my hand with her teeth.Oh come on. Not my other handBut I didnt feel pain. She hadnt bitten hard enough to break the skin and didnt show any means of harming me. I let out a surprised laugh as she yanked me hard into the water. I landed headfirst into the translucent shallows. My eyes opened and I saw through the water the dolphin was staring at me. She swam close and nudged me beneath my chin, asking me to stand up. I arose and leaned back on rocks, the dolphin leisurely swimming back and forth in front of me. The water was shallow, but below my shoulders everything was underwater. I was glad I didnt go to the end of the peninsula.Next time, I said, gasping for air, warn me if youre going to do that.The dolphin stopped swimming and began to make chattering laugh noises, causing me to smile.You know, Im not sure if dolphins worry about it or not, but its a major thing people care about. I need to tell you my name.The dolphin cocked her head to the side, not understanding what I was saying.My name is Cameron. I own this island, and Im not sure if you recognize me now, but I saved you from the net.She let out a happy click.Thats good. I dont think you have a name, so I was wondering could I give you a name. Its sort of a social thing for humans.Despite not understanding what names were, she vigorously shook her head up and down. I felt as dumbfounded as I did when she had first said yeah in the cave.I had to think. What should I call her? The scar was the first thing to come to my mind. It seemed to be a religious thing, so she deserved a religious name. Virgin Mary? Mary?How about Mary?She shook her head to the side, whirring.Yeah, I dont really like it either.I wasnt highly religious, so I didnt know the saints by heart. The next thing that came to my mind was angel. But that sounded too much like a pet name. So I shortened it.How about, Angie?ooooooeeeeeeee. She let out a happy squeal, while nodding her head. I let out a short laugh, still not used to how well she communicated.Angie it is then. She swam up and floated face to face with me. This is when I became aware of her real size. She was small compared to most dolphins, but was also muscular and heavy. Her head was at least twice the size of mine and was longer in length than I was in height. I guess that maybe I was shaking a little, because I sure felt scared by her size. I had never been this close to her before, and I could tell that if she wanted to, she would be able to injure (maybe even kill) me in a split second. Angie beeped me, and sensing I was scared, trilled. She moved her head next to mine and began to stroke her rostrum gently on the side of my face, along my cheek and down to my shoulder. This felt marvelous, her smooth skin rubbing against my head. I felt the hair on my arms and legs rise into goosebumps. She had convinced me easily enough not to be scared of her size. Almost instinctively, I wrapped my arms around her. She rose to a vertical position.One side of my conscience, a bit weaker than the other, began to shout What are you doing? Thats a little to intimate for you to be to a wild animal while the other side shouted back But it feels so right The first side shut up when Angie embraced me with her fins. I had never felt closer to her there than I had throughout the whole time I knew her. She had floated above me a little, her head level with mine, with her rostrum sticking up like a lightning rod. I listened to her relaxed breathing and could feel her pulse run through her body. I began to rub her down with one of my hands, making her shiver a little.So wheres your pod, Angie? I asked after a long silence.She backed off and was once again face to face with me. I looked deep into her eyes. This time, though, she didnt have the usual gleam. I could almost read what she was thinking. I had read many times before that dolphins were social, but a dolphin would be booted or just become anti-social.They kicked you out, didnt they?rrrrrr-ooooooo. She let out a sad but confirming squeal. Before I even realized it, I kissed her lightly on her beak.At this point, I only kissed her because I felt sorry for her. Why would her own pod kick her out? However, something seemed to spark. That kiss felt like it was the only natural thing we could do. I had only known her for two days, yet I felt like I had known her forever. Angie seemed to have felt the same way, because she didnt try to move her head. She sat there, her beak touching my lips, clicking contently, her eyes half lidded in bliss. I could feel her lips, smooth and thin, pressing against mine, and occasionally her tongue would flick out and lick my lips. This was an amazing experience Then, with some hesitation, Angie and I backed off from each other. The kiss was ended. I looked deep into Angies eyes. I felt that this was more than a friendship; it was becoming a relationship. I gave her another quick peck and stepped backwards. I was letting the first side of my brain take over a little. I didnt want to be too intimate with a dolphin.So, I decided maybe to get to know her personality better.Come on, Angie, Ill race you to the other side of the peninsulaBefore I had time to start, she swam back and in one smooth silent motion, leapt the rocks. I climbed back onto the peninsula and looked over to the other side to see Angie sitting upright, clapping her pecs and making a happy squeal.eeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrI grinned at her.Come here, you cheater I leaped into the air and landed flat into the water, right by her. The clear ocean was in a frenzy of bubbles and sand. I gathered my bearings and stood up. Now, the water was to my chest.Angie was goneI turned around; expecting to see her, but the water lay empty. I turned around a few more times but I didnt see her.Saddened, I started making my way back toward the rocks.OWI felt a hard jab on the small of my back.I spun around and saw Angies head sticking out of the water.Eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-ehI smirked and began to rub her beak. She was such a tricksterWell, Angie, its almost six. I should get going.She cocked her head and squeaked. Then she swam up close and lifted her head. She kissed me on the lips and swam away with a splash.I climbed up onto the rocks and watched her figure disappear. I wished I didnt have to leave. I was beginning to like her.

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    2. (3/9)Angie and I were inseparable over the next few weeks. We would meet by the rock peninsula every morning. Sometimes shed be there, hiding and waiting to surprise me, or I would be there first, lazily watching the undulating waves wash over the land, and she would swim up and nudge my hand. After some time, I began to understand Angies language. If she nudged my hand, she wanted petted. If she bit my hand (gently), then she wanted me in the water. I would wear swimmers and a shirt just in case she wanted me to be in the water with her, but if I didnt have those on; she understood and didnt ask me in that day. She would rub me with her beak as a sign of affection, and I would give her belly rubs if she turned over. The contradicting side of my brain was dying as I began to give into my love for Angie. Of course, I would only kiss and hold her. It started out casual, and then grew more affectionate. She was as lonely as me, so she always would hold or kiss back. In fact, she would usually hold or kiss me first. If we ever wanted to be close, we would head up to the beach and I would wade into the shallows. She was patient and never forced me to do anything, yet firm and would let me know if she didnt want me doing something she didnt like, (like not petting her when she rolled over, which she responded to by a quick squeal).Angie was also very comical. She had a somewhat sarcastic sense of humor, mimicking my actions occasionally. Yet she never did it in a mocking or mean way. Sometimes, she would even toss things at me, playfully. She would throw small fish, rocks, and even things she stole from tourists (and it didnt make me look good when I was found with them. Luckily, she stopped this). I would toss it back, and she would grab it with her teeth. Then, in a snapping motion, shed whip her head and send it flying back to me. Other times, shed flick her tail. These games would go on for a few minutes, with me laughing and Angie making the parody laughing noise. Eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-ehAfter about five days after meeting her, I could understand almost what she was trying to convey to me. By changing pitches, she nearly sounded like she was talking. Angie, though, communicated more with actions and touch. She knew that language best.When I wasnt around Angie, people could see me sitting gloomily at the Marina watching tourists splash in the murky water. Other times I could be seen going to assigned places where I had give a presentation, but everyone who saw me noticed my glum expression and too casual speech. I overheard an old woman whisper to her girlfriend in a sarcastic way, Hes just a rich kid. Why would he be happy around simple folk like us?I was unhappy to be around them, true, but not because they were simple folk. I missed being around Angie. She had more personality than the people on the island. I had grown accustomed to her being around, and I felt lonely whenever she wasnt. Before her, I have never really had any companions or real friends.Of course, I could have seen Angie anytime throughout the day, but I didnt want to attract attention. The area we were near was a prime fishing spot, and if the anglers saw me messing with a dolphin, breaking the no interaction rule on the island, that would look bad on my side. So I always went to see Angie early in the morning. After a while, Angie only started showing up at the rock peninsula, usually feeding during the night or the rest of the day. For Angie and me, nothing could go wrongBut one day, something did go wrong.I was early that morning, by about ten minutes. The other pod (no acquaintance to Angie, obviously) of dolphins were playing around a few miles out, seeming as tiny black figures jumping around on the great stretch of blue water. I had lost interest in this pod long ago; especially after I had asked Angie if that was her old pod. She seemed to nod and let out a sort of sighing noise. Nevertheless, I watched the open water, expecting maybe to see a whale or perhaps a shark. Angie wasnt showing up, which was normal for me. This wouldnt be the first time she kept me waiting or decided not to show. I waited patiently, excited about what we might do that day. Nearly half an hour passed, and I was getting a little drowsy. I decided to sprawl out on the rocks and take a short nap. Angie would wake me up when she got here, and I didnt have to be anywhere until noon.I was near deep sleep when Angie finally showed up. To wake me up, she splashed some water on my shirtless back. I slowly raised my eyelids until I could just see her outline. I decided maybe to play a trick. I kept my eyes slightly open, just so I could see her but she couldnt see I was awake. She was sitting with her head out of the water and was eyeing me patiently. She knew I was a heavy sleeper.But I didnt rise. Her patience died down and she splashed me again, sounding slightly annoyed. She beeped me with her sonar and saw that I was somewhat awake, but was confused to why I didnt arise. She sucked in water with her blowhole and shot a short jet of water at me, something that she had done many times before. I still kept in my spot, ignoring the chilly water on my backside. The dolphin cocked her head and tried again. I still sat there. She let out a loud squeal, but I ignored the sound. It was getting hard to suppress my laughs. Finally, her eyes got curious and wider. She swam up and gently nibbled my fingers, cooing inquisitively. She backed off and looked up. By now, her eyes were wide with a mix of confusion, annoyance, and curiosity. I couldnt take it any more. I snapped my eyes open and lunged close to her.BooAngie, seeing I was awake, feigned a surprise, by sitting upwards and waving both of her flippers. She squealed, then fell back to the horizontal position, chattering in amusement. I should have been laughing, but something was different today. Angie was a lot more skittish than normal, and when she had risen up in her mock surprise, I noticed her underside was flushed in bright pink.She swam up and roughly nudged my hand, awaking me from my thoughts.That doesnt mean anything, I told myself, and maybe she had met another male dolphin on the way. That would explain why she was late. They must have mated and shes still in an afterglow. Thats usual for dolphins.Angie continued to nudge my hand rapidly.Angie, if you wanted pet so badly, you couldve asked, I said, beginning to smile. She was quite excited today This seemed to stop her and she rolled over, exposing her still pink belly. I also noticed that her vaginal slit was swollen. I told myself once again that she was still in an afterglow and shed be out soon. I still reached out and stroked her belly. It felt warmer than usual, almost like how a runner feels after they run a few laps in cold weather. I sat there, lazily moving my hand back and forth, switching from my fingernails and fingertips, and occasionally my knuckles. Angies belly was still warm, but it wasnt as bad. I could hear her squeak and whir in contentment, while her muscles tightened and relaxed as I moved my hand over her underside. My eyes closed I began to breathe slower, my hands still rubbing her in their unconscious routine.Suddenly, her smooth skin disappeared, replaced by a swollen patch of tough skin. It felt hot to the touch. I opened my eyes and saw that my hand was rubbing the top of her vaginal slit, near her bulging clit. I let out a startled gasp removed my hands. She looked up at me with wide eyes, curious at why I had stopped.Im sorry, Angie, I didnt mean to touch you, err, down there.I sat up and looked at my hand. It felt dirty, spoiled and sour. I looked back at Angie, sitting there with her belly now a dark pink, and I felt like I needed to get away from her.Im sorry. It was a mistake.I was clueless then. Half of me was shouting the truth; the other was clouding me with denial.I didnt leave Angie. Instead, I decided to experiment. Maybe Angie made a mistake and the feeling blocked her thoughts. I began to rub her again, slower, far away from her vaginal area. I kept my eyes on her this time.Things calmed down after a minute or so and I was satisfied. I got back into the dreamy state again and was nearly asleep. I figured she was just getting comfortable when she started moving her flippers back and forth, moving her body to where my hand was rubbing. Or, where she wanted to be rubbed. However, I couldnt get over my suspicion and looked down at her. Sure enough, Angie was scooting her body upwards, moving my hand down her body. She stopped when my hand was near her slit again, and I watched in surprise as she starting thrusting her tail. It all became clear. Angie wanted to have SEX with MEI pulled my hand away once again, and didnt say a word. I just stood up and left. Angie started following me, clicking loudly. I turned back and saw her wide hurt eyes. I smiled, even though it didnt feel right. I bent down and kissed her, while rubbing beneath her rostrum. This was a sign that I wasnt angry, especially not at her, and she gave a sort of grin. She turned and flashed her scar, still pink, and was off. It was true, though, I wasnt angry with her.But I was thinking of her in a completely different light.Angie, this wild dolphin I had saved from drowning, that had allowed contact with me, whom I had gotten to know and love over a multiple week period, wanted to have sex with me. We trusted each other, and I loved her more than anything, but I never thought of sex with her. She was an animal and I was a human. It just wasnt right.But was it really?I was thinking of her all day, but I avoided the picture of her pussy working itself against my fingers. I could only think of the shock this had come to me. I had never thought of dolphins wanting to mate with humans. I was deeply confused and needed answers.I had to see her. I left my house the next morning, wearing jogging gear, since I didnt expect Id be in the water. The sea breeze rustled my hair, but I merely put up my hood, flushing out its cool smell and gentle push. I suspected that my dolphin friend would be waiting eagerly for me, most likely ready to intercourse. Sure enough, Angie was waiting for me there.She let out a squeak and swam up, grinning at me with an open mouth. Usually this would make me happy, but yesterdays events clouded my emotions.Hello Angie. I said politely, as she looked up at me. Youre here early.Aeeeeooo she replied. I looked away. She seemed happy, but I sure wasnt. I didnt want to have to talk to her like I was about to. She was smarter than to have to listen to a lecture. I counted to ten, hoping that Angie would still be there. I looked back at her. She cocked her head, wondering why I was acting strangely. I cleared my throat and squatted down, face to face with the dolphin.Look, Angie, about yesterday, I slowly spoke, making sure she understood, I love you, but I dont think Im ready to have THAT sort of bond with you.Angie was confused. Sex wasnt a bond, it was a natural thing, that no one should be against or ashamed of. Since she didnt understand, she dismissed the idea, taking it as another factor of my odd behavior. The dolphin nudged my hand quickly and rolled over, and I saw her bright pink underside with matching swollen pussy lips and clit. Not again, girl, please.I said I dont, Angie. I said, a bit firmer, Please dont make this any harder. I dont feel right talking to you this way.She ignored me and nudged my hand again.Angie, are you listening?She arched her back, clearly showing she was ready for me to begin.Angie, come on, I dont want to- She cut me off with a few clicks.Please, Angie, listen to me. I cant have that relationship with you. Not yet, at least. This sounds like I was pleading, but I was more ordering, my patience running low.She let out a squeak, coaxing me.Angie, I said firmly. My anger was bubbling in my blood, and I was losing my control.She nudged my hand once again. That sent me over.ANGIE I exploded.She flipped over and stared at me. It wasnt my nature to be angry like that. Instead of calming down, I let all my stress jump out at her.I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE A RELATIONSHIP LIKE THIS WITH YOU IT ISNT EVEN RIGHT FOR ME TO BE AROUND YOU IF YOURE JUST GOING TO IGNORE WHAT I SAY AND TRY TO USE ME FOR YOUR OWN PERSONAL LUSTAngie backed away, eyes wide. I wasnt done yet.NOW, AM I GOING TO HAVE TO SAY THAT AGAIN, OR AM I GOING TO HAVE TO BEAT IT INTO YOU, YOU STUPID FISH?I rose up my hand as if ready to hit, and Angie flinched. My eyes were wide in shock, surprised at my outburst. I looked up at my raised arm, and down at Angie, who was staring back at me with big, black, hurt eyes. She let out a frightened squeal and backed up more.Still slightly angry, with Angie and myself, I lowered my hand. I spoke to the poor dolphin as calmly as I could, with a tint of anger and firmness still in my voice.AngieShe let out another frightened squeal and turned. My rage quickly turned into desperation and remorse.Angie I cried after her. Her dark figure sunk below the waves and out of sight. I reached out my hand, as if trying to coax her back.Angie Come back Im sorry, girl Please Come backBut Angie was gone, now just a dark figure in the ocean.I sat back and curled into a ball on the rocks.I didnt cry, though I thought I should have. I hated myself more than ever. It wasnt Angies fault; she was just going by instinct. It was all my fault, for not understanding her ways, and for losing my temper and ready to harm her.But I would never have hurt Angie I loved her more than the island itself How could I have been so stupid? What was I thinking? These thoughts raced through my head as I sobbed dryly. The cool sea breeze rustled my dark brown hair again, but I ignored it.I looked up and saw that the pod of dolphins had also left. Now it was just an empty ocean and me. Without Angie.I got to my feet and turned away from the water. Slowly, I moved back toward my house. The employees would expect to see me in an hour, but I decided to let them wait.Angie, sad and hurt, was somewhere in the ocean right now. I wanted to be far away from it.

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    3. (4/9)I sat in my big leather chair back at the condo, facing away from the water, my head in my hands.All I could think of was Angie. I wanted her back. I was nothing without her. Would she ever forgive me?Suddenly, there was a knock on my balcony door.Hey, boss?It was an employee. I didnt answer.Boss?I drowned out his words the best I could.Hey boss, the group was wondering where you were at. Now I see you, your legs sticking out, how about coming outside and to the building?I slowly rose my hand up and showed him exactly what I thought of him right then.Come on, boss, that isnt really necessary. Maybe you just had a rough night. Did your lady friend leave you?He made this to mean a girlfriend, but I thought he meant Angie.HOW DARE YOUI jumped up and grabbed a paperweight, hurling it across the room. It hit the balcony door and shattered it into millions of tiny pieces. The employees nose was red but unbroken. With angry eyes, he wiped to check for blood. Sorry, if I wouldve known she left, I wouldnt have said anythingThis got me angrier, and I reached for a fire-poker and swung it near him, menacingly.GET OUT GET OUT NOW The employee ran off, his pupils wide with fear. The fire-poker fell with a clang to the floor. I had scared off two living creatures in just a few hours, and the pain of it was killing me. I too fell to the floor. Ignoring the pain in my back, I curled into a ball and began to sob dryly. Not for the employee, but for Angie. The wide look in his eyes was the same as Angies right before she swam off.I know that dolphins dont really smile. They may appear to, but its just the structure of their jaws. But I can assure you, when I yelled at Angie the smile disappeared. Honest to God. That melted my heart.Two days passed before I went back down to the rock peninsula. I stayed in my house, on the floor, barely sleeping and not getting up to eat. The room filled up with the sea breeze draft, but I merely faced away, hating how it taunted me.Near the end of the first day, after I had cried myself to silence, another employee visited me. She was young and was fearful when she found me.Are you ok? What happened? Jake said you threw a paperweight at himI didnt move; I just sat there.You need some water, youre lips are badly chappedShe grabbed me beneath the arms and lifted me. Then she walked me slowly over to the sink and filled a cup. I hated the feeling of her skin. Angies skin felt better.Here, drink this.I gave her an angry look.I hate to do this, but-She opened my mouth and poured the icy water down my throat. I made no effort to stop her. She also gave me some food and put me on the couch. She kept thinking I needed help, that I had a nervous breakdown and was now catatonic. I wish I were though. Then I wouldnt be able to think about Angie.Ill check on you later, ok? And please, try to take care of yourself.I looked away.She returned on the second day too. She gave me water and force-fed me, talking all the time.You know, the group is worried about you, and I think the tourists are too. They think that you went crazy or something and some have been spreading rumors that you committed suicide. Thats just silly, isnt it? She let out a forced laugh, nervous that her little joke might make me angrier. I just looked up at her with a furrowed brow. Please, Cam, Im doing my best. I cant stand to see you like this.I rose up and spoke, finally after two days.Then get the hell out of my house.Sure enough, she left.On the third day I decided to go to the water. Not to see Angie, since I was certain she wasnt coming back. I had stopped thinking about her and only felt empty inside, as if half of me was cut away. I found a spot far away from the peninsula and sat down, the waves gently pressing against my chest.The water was still empty, with no signs of Angie at all. I tried hard to get back into the dreamlike state that I had always achieved when she was around, but the empty feeling blocked me from my altered state. The waves gently rocked me, but I still felt uncomfortable. I still had no idea why I was in the water, sitting chest deep, and my pudgy figure being worked over by the current, the tide receding.I heard some irregular splashing, and despite not caring, I opened my eyes. There was a dark figure about ten yards out. I thought it was maybe just a shark or something, hunting food in the shallows. But the figure got up closer. My jaws dropped and my eyes widened as I saw the light grey, streamlined body of a dolphin surface. But I knew right away that this wasnt just a dolphin. It was Angie.She was about five meters out now, her head below the surface and her cape (the part of the dolphins body, starting near the top of the melon and extending to the dorsal fin) shimmering in the morning sun.I couldnt speak or move. Cheer or cry, I couldnt decide which to do. She rose up slightly and so her eyes and blowhole were out of the water.Angie was silent. I looked into her eyes and saw that she too looked like half of her was missing. Her once sparkling eyes were now dim and sad, with a small tint of fear. We sat there, staring back at each other, my jaws gaping and Angies breathing slightly choked.Finally, I broke the silence.Angie you came back I felt tears well up in my eyes and a lump growing in my throat. Had she forgiven me? Why was she here?Angie swam up by me, half behind me yet about two meters away. I was afraid she might beach herself and scooted into the water deeper. She obediently followed, but still stayed the same amount away from me. When I saw she was floating farther away from the sand, I spoke again. My voice was cracking as I held back tears.Angie, Im so happy youre back. I wasnt the same without you.I could tell she agreed, but she kept quiet. She giving me silent treatment, she was serious. I had betrayed her trust in me, and I felt that she didnt trust or love me anymore. She wasnt doing it to torture me, and I was well aware. The whole thing was my fault.Angie, Im sorry. I didnt mean the things I said then. I would never hurt you, girl. I- I stopped to wipe away some tears from my eyes. The pressure in the back of my eyes was like a dam ready to burst, and the pain in my throat felt like a baseball that was stuck yet had to be held in the spot. Im so sorry, Angie. I shouldnt have yelled at you. That was wrong of me. I forgive you, Angie. If you like me like that, I can accept it, but I need time. I love you, girl. A few tears were running down my cheeks. Angie looked up at me and clicked a bit. She had forgiven me. I reached out to touch her, but she quickly moved away. Her breathing had increased, and she was beginning to shiver again. Just like in the cave, before she trusted me. This was about the same thing; she didnt trust me.Please, Angie. I wont hurt you. I would never do that. I wasnt thinking then. Please girl, I just want you back.She had a sad look in her eyes. It was as if she wanted to trust me, but something was holding her back. She uttered a high pitched, almost stammering, squeal. Just like in the cave.It was no use, I told myself. I had broken her trust and Id have to live with the pain. Before she didnt trust me because I was human and she couldnt trust them. Now, I was someone who had hurt her, even though not physically, and she couldnt be sure if Id do it again. I let my outstretched hand drop, making a soft splash. I put my eyes into my other palm and forced the tears to stay put. Angie didnt love me anymore. What was I to do now?I heard Angie splash her tail, and figured she was leaving. I knew it would be no use to stop her. However, I felt something warm and smooth rub against my hand, up and down. I removed my other hand from over my eyes and saw Angies rostrum rubbing my palm. Her eyes looked up at me, and I saw that she seemed to be back to her usual self again, her eyes twinkling.Oh, AngieThe words were choked up by the lump in my throat, now near my mouth. The tears began to flow out. I reached out and wrapped my arms around her, the lump now turning into soft sobs. Angie responded by holding me with her flippers. I tilted my head and kissed her, happy that she had taken me back. My head was pressed up underneath her melon, and I was sobbing quietly. I thought for sure Angie was doing the same thing, making short, sad squeaks.Im sorry girl, I really am. I said through sobs, Please dont leave again I need you, Angie.She agreed with a whirr, and I dont remember if she was stroking me back or not. After some time, I stopped sobbing and we just held each other there, in a loving embrace. Time slowed down and the world seemed to stop, as we held each other silently. Occasionally a wave would wash over us, but I took no notice of the salt water swallowing me up. My hand kept rubbing her gently, caressing every reachable area. Her slippery skin and warm body calmed me down, and I kissed her again. She began to caress me back, rubbing her rostrum slowly over my upper body. I shuddered in pleasure, since she never did this sort of caressing very often. My eyes became half lidded and I think I began to fall asleep, in pure bliss over Angie accepting me back, and lack of sleep. As I slept, Angie backed off and began to push me with her beak up onto the beach, so I wouldnt drown. Then, she sat back and watched me happily as I dozed gently, the waves lapping at my feet.I slowly awoke after a short time. Something was missing. Angies warm body, perhaps. I sat up and saw her sitting a short way out, her eyes full of love. I smiled wearily at her, and lay on my stomach. She swam up close, nearly out of the water, and kissed me on the cheek, a sign meaning she was happy to have me back.Im happy youre back too, Angie. I muttered sleepily, lightly stroking her melon with my fingertips. She raised her head so I could rub her underside. Angie never made her moaning sounds anymore, since she had become accustomed to the feeling. Her eyes would half lid though, just as a sign she was enjoying it. Her mouth gaped and she nibbled my fingers, licking them occasionally; this was another sign of affection that was rare for her. I smiled again, tenderly stroking her beak with my free hand. Angie opened her mouth a little wider, letting my hand have more movement space. I was reminded of something I had read about dolphins; they love having their tongues stroked. I turned my hand over and reached for her tongue. Her eyes opened in surprise, but closed tightly as I began to rub her tongue. It felt slippery like her skin, yet warmer and with millions of tiny raised bumps. Her body jerked a little while her tail splashed the water. This action is similar to when a dog gets petted by nicely skilled hands. I felt her extend her tongue out a bit farther, urging me to stroke her more. She warbled happily, letting me know she loved this. Her tongue would wrap around my fingers occasionally in an embrace. She shifted in place, moving upwards to me. Our bond had been restored, and this moment was patching it up, making it stronger, so it couldnt break again. I gave her another kiss and removed my hand. Angie gave a sort of sigh, disappointed that it was over, yet content. I stood up, but I wasnt ready to leave her yet.Well, Angie, what do you say we head to the rock peninsula? Wheeeeeeeee Angie whistled an agreement. I noticed she seemed a bit quieter, but I shook this off.Ok, well head over there now. If I run and you drift there, we might make it there at the same time. I turned and started walking. Behind me, Angie let out a loud squeak, to grab my attention. I turned back, Angie sitting there, shaking her head to the sides. I stared at her with curious eyes.You mean youre too quick for me to get there before you? Im sorry, dont get it.She snapped her head back, coaxing me back into the water.Swim there? Angie, I dont have as great of stamina as you do. I doubt I could get over there. Its at least five milesAngie let out an agitated chuff, and coaxed me out again. I obliged but I didnt even get to the water when Angie was right at my feet. Thats when I detected something was wrong.Whoa, Angie, I didnt know you were this far out of the water. We cant have you beaching yourself.Angie seemed to notice for the first time, and began to struggle around a bit, working to get back. I realized why she had seemed quieter earlier. I felt guilty that she was up this far, and decided to chip in.Wait, Angie, Ill help you.She stopped and looked up at me, her eyes wide with desperation. I calmly bent down and splashed some water onto her back, just so she wouldnt dry out anymore than she already was. I cursed myself under my breath, feeling stupid for not noticing before.Ok, Im going to try to lift you a bit. Just stay calm, ok?Angie clicked.Alright then. I think I should hurry. I pried my fingers beneath her body. With a groan, I struggled to lift her. She tried to roll on her side, but the lack of water prevented this. She still shifted her weight away from my hands, but this didnt help at all. As I tried to use my legs they kicked up the sand behind me and I couldnt get a firm grip in the ground. Frustrated and a little stressed, I pushed her side as hard as I could, my muscles straining. Angie seemed to be getting physically weaker, from being on the beach that long. I splashed her again all over her body, and gently spoke to her, trying my best to sound calm.Its ok, girl. Well have you back in the water in no time.She let out a weak squeal, weaker than I wished for it to be. She tried once again to work her way into the water, but I stopped her.Angie, please stay calm. Youre not going to be beached. Not on my watch.I went behind her and straddled her tail. I wanted to be away from her blowhole, pretending that her breathing was still at a normal rate. My heart began to pound as I lifted up her tail and tried to drag her back to the water. Angie helped me by lifting her body, but she was getting powerless and couldnt lift it very far. The weaker she got, the more desperate I became. I grimaced and groaned as I tried to drag her, but she was only moving a little bit. With a final burst of strength, I yanked her as hard as I could, falling back into the water. I felt beads of sweat begin to run down my forehead as I ran up to her.Angie was barely moving, and I was running out of time She had to be immersed before she could gather enough strength to swim. Once again, I splashed her drying skin with cool salt water. Angie let out a rising and falling whistle.Im trying my best, girl. Please dont give up I pulled her again a few inches, and then set her tail down. It was underwater, a good start. I felt optimistic, but it died down as I saw her not responding. With frightened tears in my eyes, I ran up to check on her. Her eyes moved around bit, but they were getting dimmer and seemingly empty. Her body began to shake a little, not like when she was petted, but like she was fading away.No, Angie Please You have to be strongShe clicked feebly. Her eyes closed tight. I ignored the pain in my chest; I pushed her again, heaving with all my might. Sand started to fly as my adrenaline kicked in, desperate to save her at all costs. Suddenly, a wave came up and splashed over her. I stood back and watched as the ocean pulled her in, now submerged. I waited. She seemed lifeless, but I was sure I could hear her heart beating. Her limp figure neither floated nor sank, but merely hung there. I refused to give up. I splashed up to her and supported her body up, which was now cold, so she could get air. But her blowhole was shut tight. I stared back at her, my mouth gaping and my heart breaking. She had just accepted me back, but she was now lay dead in my hands.

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    4. (5/9)Then, like the scar on her chest, a miracle happened. Angie squirmed a bit, as if shaking off the dry land. Then her blowhole peeped open and she seemed to gasp for air. Finally, her beady black eyes unclenched and I felt her body rise in temperature. She sat there, letting the salt water dampen her skin as she gasped for air. I felt a great deal of relief well up in me, causing my legs to buckle slightly. She was alive, and regaining her strength. I held her with my hand holding her up. She began to float naturally again, and opened her eyes. She looked to the sides, seemingly confused and I doubt she remembered much of the ordeal. Then she looked up at me, and her expression changed. It became one of love and gratefulness. Angies vigor was returning, and soon she began to swim again, in small circles around me. She was excited that she was alive, and squealing out deep thanks to me.I didnt share her enthusiasm. I was too shocked at how close she came to death and how quickly her strength had returned, I just stood there, my eyes following her. Angie stopped in front of me, and then swam up. She lifted her head parallel to my body and I wrapped my hands around her, below her melon. She chattered to me and kissed me on the lips. I felt the shock wear off and it was replaced by relief. Angie, next time we wont cuddle outside the tide line. I said to her, holding her tightly. Breeeeeeee Angie made a sort of agreement, and I continued to hold her. I was catching my breath after the strain. After a few minutes, I let her go and she sunk back down.Was that what you were trying to tell me? That you had become beached?Angies thoughts seemed to snap back to her. Now that she was in water, she turned and flashed her dorsal fin to me. I seemed to get it now.You want me ride with you to the peninsula?Eeeeeeaaaaa Angie squealed happily, since I figured out what she meant. She waved her dorsal fin at me again, but I was hesitant.Angie, are you sure you can pull me? She was, after all, only slightly smaller than me. I guessed she weighed around 350 and I weighed closed to 200.But she did have some strong muscles I couldnt decide.rrrrrrEEEEEEE She gave out a confident squeal and flashed her fin again.I sighed and gave in, gripping my hands around her dorsal fin and holding tightly. Just let me know if were going underwater, ok?Angie chattered a reply and started off, long before I was ready. She started slow, but quickly increased her pace. Her streamlined body had no trouble flying through the water, but my body was only used to going through air in this speed, and I immediately lost my grip and began to sink.With great agility, Angie zipped back toward me and nudged her head under my arm, supporting me up.She rose to the surface, carrying me to get some air.I caught my breath while she waited, clicking worriedly.Imok. I said between gasps, I think you.started toosoonShe sat there, her head rising out of the water, looking up at me. I eventually got my breath back and grabbed her fin again. She happily whirred and started began to swim. I was amazed at her speed Even with me hitching a ride, she didnt show any signs of carrying around extra weight. Her breathing didnt even increase and her muscles smoothly but strongly tensed and relaxed. The movements of her tail made her whole body seem to swell up, and then she would burst forward with great force. She looked up and me and trilled a bit, meaning we were going underwater. I took a gulp of air and Angie plunged beneath the clear water. She moved faster down there than she did on the surface of the water. She cut through the dense water with no trouble at all, constantly beeping for maybe a fish or any signs of danger. I was used to her using sonar on me. When she beeped me to check if I was hanging on, I ignored the prickling feeling since I had gotten used to it. She swam near the bottom and my ears popped from the pressure and speed. My vision was blurred by the salty water so I only saw outlines and colors of fish and rocks, but just the feeling of swimming with Angie was good enough for me. I didnt even realize that my chest was starting to hurt. I let a big air bubble escape from my lungs, and instantly Angie swam upwards. How she had sensed the bubble, I do not know, but it seemed I had underestimated her senses. We broke the surface, and I let the humid air fill my lungs. Angie listened closely find out when I had gotten all my air back. As soon as I took another deep breath, she dove below again. The density of the water, mixed with the speed, began to make my skin hurt. I found it difficult to hang on and thought for sure I was going to let go. Then I remembered something nursing dolphins did when swimming with their mothers. They tucked themselves under the parent so they could break the water, making less resistance on the calf. So, with my hands still hanging dearly on the dorsal fin of Angie, I tucked myself below her. She seemed to take no notice, but I found it was easier to hang on. It was like tucking in your hand after having it out of the window of a speeding car. My whole body felt less resisted and a lot more comfortable.We sped on, Angie swimming at break-neck speed, and I tucked under her, holding all the air I had in the best I could. Finally, she slowed down and broke the surface. As soon as the trip had begun, it was over. The dark rocks came into view, rising from the ocean floor like giants. Angie turned herself and my hands slid off of her dorsal fin. I climbed onto the rocks, my chest heavy and my body lined with salt. I lay on my back, trying my best to catch my breath. Angie swam up to me and nudged my hand. Without looking, I reached down and started to stroke her. I was still overcoming the experience of swimming with a dolphin. Angie, however, seemed casual about it and didnt show any signs of being tired or out of breath after carrying me. She had turned slightly on her side, so now I was rubbing her behind her pectoral fin. I had caught my breath and looked down at her. By now, she was on her back. I kept petting her, but I constantly stared at her pussy. She wasnt aroused currently, but I found myself wishing she were. Over the time we were apart, I began to accept her for wanting to have sex with me. She loved me, I loved her, wasnt sex another part of love? Angie became aware of me staring at her cunt and she suddenly began to turn pink, obliging to my desire. I let my instinct kick in, and I too became aroused. I stopped petting her and moved my hand instantly to her pussy lips. Excited and now a dark pink, Angie tried to thrust my fingers into her vagina. Something stopped me, like I had regained my thoughts after being in a trance. I let my hands hover above her hot cunt, Angie bumping her lips against my palm. They were hot like fire. I felt guilty about stopping, and let my hands rest on her steamy skin. I could feel her tough, swollen lips quiver as I touched her. Her lubricant liquid began to flow out of her, and she waited with anticipation for me to begin. Just like how I always pet her, I raised up my fingers so only the very tips touched, and began to move back and forth over her slit. She squealed happily, glad that I had agreed to have this sort of bond with her, and thrust her pelvis hard into my hand. I stopped stroking her cunt, making Angie squeak loudly, shocked and confused at why I had ended the little game. I caressed her belly with my other hand, trying to calm the agitated dolphin down.Im sorry, Angie. I cant do it yet. Im not ready, but Im close, and I promise you I will.Angie, saddened and disappointed, turned over to look at me. If she were human, I guess she would have been blinking away tears. Her eyes were sad but understanding. I felt her heart sink with mine, both knowing what we wanted, but I didnt have the courage to give in. I kissed her lovingly on her rostrum.Im sorry, girl.Angie backed off a bit and submerged her head underwater, trying to mask her disappointment. This made me once again angry with myself. Now look, I thought, You just HAD to start in on that, didnt you? You were in too far to stop then, and now she might leave you again. Why do you have to torture her like that?Somehow, Angie seemed to know what I was thinking. She raised her head and began to stroke my hand with her beak. She didnt quite like having that be interrupted, but she didnt want me feeling that way about myself either. I noticed the pink on her underside was receding, just like the tide that almost killed her a while ago.I smiled at her and lovingly rubbed her behind her eyes, the spot she loved to be petted near the most on her head. Her eyes began to shine again and she opened her mouth is a sort of grin. She let her tongue hang out, which I took to rubbing in no time. Angie seemed to make a snorting sound as I did this, blissfully letting me caress her tongue. Her tail would jerk and shed trill happily now and then, but other than that, she was silent. After a few minutes, Angie backed off from my hand. I scratched her on the top of her melon as I spoke.Angie, Im sorry I yelled at you and scared you off. I dont think Ill ever be able to forgive myself, but I hope that you can forgive me. I didnt mean to do it. I love you, Angie, and I would never hurt you.Kreeeee-EEEEEEEE. She whistle-squealed a reply, and kissed me on my lips. I sat back and watched her figure sink below the waves and out of sight. The sky was turning bluer, showing that noon was over and evening would begin soon. I lay back on the rocks, looking upward and feeling the emptiness begin to fill in. Abruptly, I heard a splash. Out in the water, I saw the sleek grey figure of Angie jump into the air. I had never seen her do this before and was instantly intrigued. She seemed to turn her head towards me, tilting on her side. I saw one of her pectoral fins shake back and forth, a sort of wave. Before I had time to get this all in, she landed and swam off. I laughed through gaping jaws, amazed by the act. That was an odd way to say good-bye, but it also seemed like a thanks, for saving her life and forgiving her. I felt a great deal of contentment over what had happened that afternoon. I stood up and left the peninsula, my bond with Angie feeling stronger than ever.

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    5. (6/9)Our relationship had been restored, and the tension died down, back to the way it was. Whenever I was away from her, I found myself occasionally thinking of her pussy. I was slowly beginning to feel comfortable with Angies desire for me. The part I told her that I had accepted her liking me like that was actually a lie. I told her that because I was too overcome with surprise and desperation when she returned that I said anything to get her back. When I had come close to fingering her when we were at the peninsula, it had taken me a great deal closer to accepting her. I recalled feeling excited and aroused, yet not quite a lust. I was doing it because I loved her, and I wanted to keep my promise. So it came as a shock when I found myself feeling aroused when I thought of it. Before, I felt dirty and angry, but now the idea didnt seem so bad. However, I didnt give in because I seemed to lose it when I was around Angie.We still cuddled and played, trying to keep on routine and not bringing up any sex. Like I had said before, Angie never forced me, so she patiently waited for me to accept her as a lover, rather than just a love. She kept up with her playful ways and she was always happy to see me, even if I wasnt going to finger her. She loved being cuddled nearly as much as I did, so she would gracefully settle for the next best thing.My vacation was running short, since I had to return to Florida in July. It had been two months that I had spent on the island, and I known Angie for one and a half months. I was angry at myself that time was running out to please Angie like I promised, so one day, I decided to give in and let me and Angie become lovers, as planned. On my last day, I went to see Angie. She was waiting by the rock peninsula earlier than I had thought. Just seeing she made me have second thoughts. How could I do this when I had known her for so long? Biting my lower lip, I walked up to the spot she was floating at. I had decided that I wasnt going to have sex with her yet, but merely let her pleasures be sated. Hey, Angie. I muttered, stammering with nervousness.She chattered a greetings to me, making me smile a little.Angie, I hate to tell you this, but Im leaving today. I dont live on this island, rather far away, in the United States.RRRR-eeeeeee-OOOO? Angie didnt understand. She must not have known about any area outside of the island. I began to make movements she would understand. I would point to me, then the hill behind me, the open water, in the way of Florida, and then I stroked her rostrum. I spoke with each movement. Idont live here I live out thereI have to go, and this will be my last day. Im sorry, girl.She seemed to understand half of what I meant. I would be going and she didnt know when Id be back. Sadly, she nibbled on my fingers in affection. Yes, Ill miss you too. I dont even want to go. I love you and I dont know how Ill be without you around. I stroked the roof of her mouth, another caress she seemed to enjoy, and rubbed her melon. She let go of my fingers and turned over, pointing her scar to my face, expecting just a tummy rub. I gulped and began to rub, working my hand slower and slower down her underside. She was in for a surprise. My hand was about an inch away from her vaginal slit when I stopped. Angie raised her massive head and clicked at me curiously.I smiled. Angie, you know I love you, and I want to show you how much I love you. I gave in to our desires and decided to let us be lovers. You love me, and I love you, so what is there to worry about?Angies eyes twinkled and she cooed happily at me. I bent over and kissed her beak, then set to work.Angies pussy was already beginning to swell, towering over her dark pink pubic area. Tenderly, I ran my fingers over the swollen lips, just like the time before. Her tail quivered as I carefully stroked her swelling lips. Angies eyes were shut with her mouth gaping wide open. With the other hand, I rubbed her below her head, right where her scar began. She responded by whirring and jerking her head up and down.When she was ready, I moved my hand outwards to the edge of her body. Angie raised her head again, but now she was just wondering why I had stopped.Ever heard of foreplay, girl?Aeeeoooooo Her eyes grew playful and seductive. She seemed to be saying you sneaky devil. I love youI love you too, Angie. I said, grinning yet still nervous.I began to make wide circles around her vaginal area, which was a deep pink by this point, and hot to the touch. Her pussy was starting to leak a clear, yellow-white, lubricant juice as she waited to be entered. I continued to circle her swollen lips like a vulture circling a dying rodent. I could feel her body spasm often, and the closer I got to her pussy the higher she clicked or squealed. Soon, my finger would pass nearby her clit, and I would make smaller circles around there. She arched her back to get closer to my hand, overcome with pleasure. Now I was doing figure eights, making a small circle around her bulging clit and around her vaginal slit. Angie was going crazy, her tail slapping the surface frantically and her head jerking up and down, too lost in the experience to control herself. However, I didnt want her being too worked up and began to stroke her behind her eyes a bit, to calm her.Its okay, girl. Enjoy it but try to relax a bit.Angie seemed to regain control and shuddered a bit. To help her breathe, I supported her head out of the water enough for her blowhole to have some air. Then I let her head go when she had some of her breath back and started working on her slit again. Steadily and playfully, I rubbed around in tighter and tighter circles. Occasionally, when I had gotten close enough to her clit to touch it, I let my finger rest a bit there, with Angie squealing with delight and her body going into spasms. After some time, my finger circled on top of her lips and I felt Angie quiver, ready for me to finger her. Letting our desires take over, I plunged my finger into her well-lubricated pussy. Angie let out a loud squeal of surprise and arched her back again, trying to get my finger in as much as possible. Inside of her pussy, I could feel her hot muscles squeeze and knead my finger. Greedily, she used those muscles to pull more of my hand in until all of my fingers were inside of her. She clamped down on them in an embrace, and then rubbed her sensitive vaginal walls against fingers. I smiled a bit and realized that I wasnt doing much, just providing her with something to please herself on. She began to whistle, soft and slow, and seemed to pace herself as to not climax too soon. Steadily, picking up speed like a log rolling down a hill, her muscles rubbed harder and faster against my fingers, and her low whistle crescendoed into a high-pitched moan. I lifted her head up, with some difficulty, so she could breathe. Her eyes were jammed tight and her mouth was hanging open as if stuck with a metal rod. Her head flapped against hand, so I held her with my arm. By now, her head was out of water and her tail began to shake as she reached just below her climax. The whistle was now close to a scream, and was getting higher in pitch, almost out of my hearing range. Then, before she could flap her tail again, I removed my hand. Her vaginal walls tried in vain to pull me back in. Angies eyes popped open and they swiveled around to look up at me, wide in shock. I set her head back down and she started to chatter wildly. I felt bad for her, to be truthful. She had come so close to climaxing and I cut her experience short. Yet I had my reasons.Im sorry, but it is my last day. This might be the only chance we get for a while. Calm down, Angie, I promise that youll reach your orgasm.She didnt realize what I was up to, but I could tell she was angry I had denied her of climaxing to my fingers. If only she knew what was in store next, she wouldnt have objected. I looked at the hand I had used to finger her. On the tips, I saw her lubricant juices still there, refusing to move. Aroused and not really knowing what I was doing, I flicked my tongue onto the tips and tasted her. If you could think of a better aphrodisiac, Id like to hear it. The taste was so enthralling It was warm and salty, just like the water, but had a little bit of a shock to it, tangy and slightly spicy. The taste was hard to describe, its best if you try it yourself. The lubricant juice was almost like her arousal and excitement packed into liquid. Greedily, I stuck my fingers in my mouth, tasting Angie and wanting more. When it was gone, I sensed more in her pussy, calling to me to come and get it. Angie, during this time, looked at me with confused eyes. Here I was, licking my fingers with excited eyes (and a hard cock, as you can imagine), while she floated there waiting for me to continue the game. Forgetting about my shirt, I slipped into the water. Angie backed up so we could have some space. Soon we were in the deeper shallows, with the water up to my hips. I told myself not to start yet. She was too close to her orgasm and should let it die down a bit. I ignored my fiery arousal and put on a calm demeanor. I stroked the aroused dolphins cape and began to speak softly to her. She seemed to forget about her arousal too and relaxed, with me holding her. As I spoke, I massaged some of her muscles, which she would respond by closing her eyes and whirring in pleasure. Angie was just happy to be held and petted, but I was turning her on her side to watch her pink disappear. When I last saw Angies underside it was a dark pink but now she only had a slight tint on her silvery-white belly. Seeing this, I turned Angie all the way on her back, still holding her head out of the water. Seeing that the intermission was over, she kissed me affectionately. I set her head down and moved over to her side. It was time to begin.I bent over and kissed the top of Angies scar, and moved my way downwards. I kept pecking her down her scar like I was following a road. Nearly halfway through the scar, I stuck out my tongue and began to lick her underside, tasting the salt water embedded in her. Angie was flushing pink throughout her belly, and I could feel her sleek skin begin to warm up. She shuddered with pleasure and clicked wildly. I still moved downwards, tasting her hot briny skin. In no time at all, I was at her clit. Carefully, I began to circle my tongue around it, making Angie squeal with this new delight she had never felt before. I raised my head and placed my lips over her clitoris, causing her to spasm and shake. With the tip of my tongue I flicked the top of it and began to rub one of my hands on her once again swelling pussy. As I ran my hand over, I felt the lubricant juices gathering in reservoirs between her lips. Now, I was eager to enter her. I removed my head from her clit (causing Angie to squeak disappointedly since that experience was over) and moved my tongue between her lips, tasting her puddle of lubricant juices ravenously. Looking back at how her juices excited me, I begin to think I was the animal there. Angie, feeling my rough tongue on her pussy lips, made her arch her back heavily into my face, eager for more. After I had licked up most of her juices, I finally plunged my tongue into her pussy. Angie squealed, more screamed, with wild delight. I felt her hot walls press hard against my tongue and rub, similar as to my hand. I could feel her lube juices flow from her walls and lapped at them, making the dolphins body jerk to the side. Working on instinct I never knew I had, I used my tongue to simulate the best I could, a prehensile dolphin penis. Angie, however, knew that this was better than a dolphin penis. It was a human tongue something she wasnt used to, was just as prehensile, and felt better when it rubbed against her insides. I felt her walls continue to rub. Angie was squealing at a higher and higher and pitches for what seemed like minutes on end, though she wasnt able to breathe. Her pussy played around with my tongue, working on a mind of its own. Nearly as soon as she started, her orgasm was approaching and her pussy began to squeeze tightly on my tongue, causing me to wince a bit in pain. Angies head rocked back and forth violently, splashing the water, while her tail was moving in opposite time. She let out a loud squeal and clamped my tongue tight, like a bear trap. I felt her pussy begin to gush lube juice and realized she had just climaxed. Her body stiffened, still in her orgasm, her eyes tightly shut and her mouth gaping open. Then, her squeal died down to a soft whistle and she shuddered. I pulled my tongue out and supported her now limp figure with one hand. I flipped her over and her blowhole burst open as she began to pant. With my hand under her, I could feel the warmth begin to disappear. The experience had just begun, but now it was over. I was happy for her, and she was still recovering from her powerful orgasm. With my free hand, I rubbed her cape.Angie rested how all dolphins do. She seemed to go into a half-conscious phase and just floated in the water, one eye slightly open. After a few minutes, theyd snap out of this and go to the surface for air. Here, however, she was resting with me holding her up. She still was only asleep for about ten minutes. I held her up and watched her sleep, caressing my love. She woke up slowly, slower than I usually do. First, her breathing increased. Then, she shuddered again. Finally, she opened her eyes fully and looked up at me. They twinkled brightly and she softly trilled a greeting. My grin grew wider and I continued to pet her. She floated freely now, still in an afterglow. We kept at this pace for about twenty minutes. I kept petting the dolphin, occasionally speaking softly to her, which she would respond by rubbing my arm with her rostrum. It seemed the wild sex acts effect had died down. Angie was calm and I didnt have that sort of lust I had had before. I knew I had to go and spoke my last words to her.Angie, I know you cant understand all of this, but I just want you to know that I WILL be back here. I wont be gone for more than a month. Angie cocked her head, hearing me speak but not exactly knowing what I meant.You can trust me, but I must warn you, do NOT trust any other human on this island. Stay wildnever forget that. Dont let any humans contact with you, unless you know you can trust them and they wont blab about you to everyone else. I was referring to a dolphin in Australia I had heard about that allowed humans to come in contact with him. Soon, thousands of people flocked to touch the wild dolphin everyday, some even abusing him. He lashed out due to too much stress, injuring and nearly killing four people. Angie still looked at me blankly. I sighed and smiled at her again, trying to get her to understand.Dont let the other humans touch you, girl Stay as wild as you are. I said, summing it up as simply as I could. Ill be back in a short time. She seemed to understand and licked at my face. I giggled a bit; this always reminded me of a dog. That and her tongue did tickle. I soon realized about how much I was going to miss her, and I felt my bond with her tying me to the island. As she licked my face, I couldnt control myself, and slipped her tongue into my mouth.Angie wasnt startled. I could have sworn that was her plan for me anyway. She licked the insides of my mouth, exploring my mouth, as I wrestled her tongue with mine. Then, our tongues coiled around the other in an embrace kiss. Angie clicked happily and I could feel it move through her and into me. This was a final goodbye gesture, and something to make our bond even stronger. The kiss was heartbreaking and exciting at the same time. I was sad to say goodbye, but I began to forget it as I caressed her tongue using mine, taking her favorite type of petting to the next level. We must have held that only for ten minutes, but it felt like ten hours. We were both sharing equal ecstasy, our eyes closed and relaxed.At the same time, we broke off. Angie let out a falling whistle, voicing disappointment that I had to go. I know girl, Im going to miss you too. I rubbed beneath her beak. Goodbye, my love.I made my way toward the peninsula again. I looked back and saw Angie following me.Im sorry, but you cant come with me. I rubbed her again, wishing she would leave, since I hate long goodbyes. However, she flashed her dorsal fin to me, looking in my direction with her beady eyes. If you say so. I said through a chuckle.

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    6. (7/9)I didnt pack anything for my trip. I kept all the things I needed in the house, since I return often. Luckily, I had locked the door before seeing Angie, because the beach is on the way to the ferry dock, and I didnt want to pass the water seeing Angie out there, pleading me to come in. I rode with Angie around the curve of the island and up near the jetty. I was surprised at her sense of direction, hanging on tight as her body bobbed dizzyingly at break neck speeds through the water. When we were about there, I had Angie stop. I couldnt be seen riding her near all the tourists. Goodbye, my love. I said again, rubbing her beneath her rostrum. Angie nibbled my fingers, softly protesting with me not to go.I have to, girl, Im sorry. Ill be back and we can get back to where we started. Maybe even go all the way, if thats what you had in mind.Angie ducked out of my hands and swam down to where my trunks where. She buzzed them and found her target. I was startled at the sudden movement. Using her beak, she split open the break in my swimsuit and started to lick my cock.This sure was new I gasped in surprise but then leaned forward, yielding to the thrill of Angie licking at my dick. She seemed to be repaying me back for letting her desires be fulfilled, though not as far as planned. She lightly flicked her tongue over my hardening uncut tool, and then took it into her mouth.She did the moaning squeal again, seemingly enjoying the taste of me. I rested my hands on her cape and also moaned. Her rough magnificent tongue was working around my cock, sending shivers up my spine. Then, out of the blue, she stopped. I was still gasping too hard to notice. This was quite a surprise, even for Angie. The dolphin broke the surface, and I could see she was reluctant to have stopped. My guess is she was encouraging me not to stay away too long, a treat was waiting when I got back. I sighed from being denied this enjoyment, but it was time to go. I gave Angie a quick rubdown, starting from her beak and moving to the muscles in her flukes (I paid some extra attention to her genital area) which I massaged for her. You should get going, girl. I said, not really meaning it, I dont want to drag this out.Angie, knowing that she didnt want to drag it out either, kissed me again and then was off.I knew I would see her again, but I didnt know how long Id be gone. I hesitated, and then moved out of the water. The ferry was waiting nearby.The captain of the ferry is a Jamaican-American I had befriended while in the Bahamas. We kept in touch for a while, and I heard that he had lost his job when his boat capsized after being flipped by a whale. He had been hired by a company that were sticklers for keeping their boats running, so he lost his job. This was around the time my father and brother where found in a sinking jet in the North Sea, and when the island was becoming a tourist attraction. I hired him to captain the ferry, taking the long two-hour trip from the island to the coast of Florida every day. He was about the only one on the island that I could actually stand to be around (besides Angie, of course).He was greeting passengers warmly as they boarded. I walked up and I saw his face light up.Oh, hey Cameron. Are ya goin back so soon? He still spoke with his native accent, despite living in the Keys for most of his life.Yes, Joe (thats what hell be called, these identities are kept secret), I told you Id be returning at the beginning of July.Ah, but when ya row dis boat along all de time, ya lose track of de months.Yeah, Im sure you do. Usually our conversations are livelier, but I just wasnt so joyful today. Joe seemed to notice this.Hey, mon, ya look a little down. Whats da matter? Did ya want ta stay a little longer? Oh, if only you knew how much I wished I could, Joe. I wouldnt even go back to Florida.No, I have things to do back at home. I really need to get home.He nodded and smiled. Then, he placed a dark, weather worn hand on my shoulder and led me into the ferry. We went up a flight of narrow stairs and into the control room, where Joe pulled up a chair for me and a chair for himself. I was confused why he wanted me in here, but I was too down to care. So tell me, Cam, whats de trouble? I wasnt prepared for a question like this and only looked at him with blank eyes.What do you mean? I acted as though I had no idea what he was saying. I just didnt want to tell him about Angie.Come on, Cam, ya know what I mean. Why do ya seem depressed? Is someting troubling ya?I swallowed. Should I tell him about Angie? Would he believe me or think I was crazy? His thoughts would be nearly the same to mine when Angie had first shown signs of arousal near me. However, he was a friend, and I trusted he would keep this secret.Alright, but you have to swear not to tell anyone.Hey, you can trust me, cant ya? I looked at his old, honest face. Yes, I suppose I could trust him. I sighed, hesitant still. Ok, it all began in Mid-mayI proceeded to tell him about rescuing Angie from the net, her allowing contact, our first actual close encounter, how we had lived over the next few weeks, her showing a whole different love for me (Joe, at this time, raised his eyebrows in half disgust, yet wanting to hear more), the separation, the beaching, and giving in. Then, she stopped and I kissed her one last time. I took a deep breath; I had talked a bit too much. Somehow, I felt better, like a weight had been lifted my shoulders. I sat up, relaxing after a long nervous slouch, and looked at Joe. He didnt appear disgusted, yet more intrigued. He sat there, resting his head on his fisted hands, and looked at me. After a few minutes of silence, a smile broke on his face.No, really, what is it dat was troubling ya?I was confused. Did he really think I had just lied to him?What do you mean? It was leaving her that was making me depressed.Look, dont get me wrong, dat was a good story. A little warped, but it was still good.I began to fume. Did he really think it was just a story?I mean, come on, a rich kid falling in love wit a dolphin? Dats not like dose love stories I usually read about.I sighed. It was no use, he didnt believe me. He was smart, but he did have a little trouble telling fact from fiction. I stood up. Yes, it was about leaving the island. I always miss it. I coughed up a lie, just to spare me any more anger and get out.So, what was da ting about dolphin love?I grinned, hiding my furrowed brow. It just mean watch out for dolphins and whales, since a lot of people like them.Oh, come on, I already learned dat from my last job.I said goodbye and moved out of the captains room, irritated at my friends attitude. Id calmed down and accepted leaving the island. I stood at the top deck, a half empty bottle of Bud in my hand, watching the island slowly disappear behind me. I let the hot flat alcohol slide down my throat, trying my best to stay alert. Suddenly, Joe poked his head out of the window below.Hey, is dat de one you were talkin about? He shouted up at me, pointing to the ferrys wake. There was a dolphin jumping in and out of the massive choppy waves that the ferry left behind. I shouted back down in a slightly slurred voice that Id go check. I moved to the back of the boat, checked and moved back, an annoyed look on my face. Joe, I shouted, Thats not her. Its actually a he.Sorry. Joe poked his head back in, quick to avoid the mighty wind.I wasnt angry at Joe for not knowing, but for reminding me of Angie again. To make matters worse, that was a male from her old pod. I was too angry to finish my beer, and couldnt decide whether to throw it away or chuck it at the captains window.I made it home safe and sad. During the ferry ride, I came to the realization that I wouldnt be able to return to the island for at least three more months. How could I live without her for that long? I was sure that she would manage, but she had become my whole life. How would she know when I was back?This was September now, and I was sitting on my bed, taking a nap.The phone startled me out of my dozing. Still shaky, I reached next to my nightstand and picked it up.Hello?Hey Cam, this is Mom.Oh, hi Mom.Are you okay? You sound depressed.No, ma, Im fine. Most people tell me Im a convincing liar.Well, I hope so. Ive been worried about you. When you were up here before you went to the island, you seemed so normal. I figured the devastation of losing your brother and father had worn off. But when you returned, you hardly answered the phone and never answered my mail.Im sorry. I dont know what it is. Maybe a mid-life crisis.Mid life? Ha, I havent even had one and Im 54I wished she would leave. I really didnt want to reveal the thing between me and Angie like I had with Joe.Say, I think you just need to get out. Come with me to the aquarium. They have a dolphin show. Youve always told me how much you love dolphins. What do you say?I cringed each time she said dolphin. It only reminded me more of not being able to return to the island, and seeing dolphins in that context, in a tiny tank performing tricks and then begging to the power of their trainers for fish like a brainwashed patient, it would be too much. But something told me that a dolphins a dolphin, and I did need to get out. Yes, that sounds like a good idea. Okay then, I will meet you there at noon tomorrow. Goodbye.Goodbye.I hung up, realizing now that I had made a big mistake. The warm autumn sun beat down on me as I drove the long road to the aquarium. I was a few minutes late, having stayed in the car for a while, wondering if I should go or not.My moms car was parked in the lot overlooking the open dolphin show arena below. She had her back leaning away from me, leaning on the hood of car. Inside the tank, I could see a trainer giving one male a belly rub. Other swam around the circular tank, while others played in a private section of the pool, where the dolphin that performed next were kept. I parked in an empty space facing the other way from the tank. I walked up to her; startling her out of the daze she had watching the dolphins.Arent they beautiful, Cameron? She pointed towards the tank.Yeah, theyre darling. I said, rushed and obviously not meaning it. When are we going to leave?My mom put a wrinkled hand on my shoulder. I swear, youre 25 and you havent changed at all. Well, I suppose after we see the dolphins. I grabbed us some tickets for the show at 2:30. Is that fine with you?I agreed that it was a perfect time, and we walked off toward the aquarium entrance to our right.The time dragged on. We pasted row after row of giant glass tanks, with fish and other animals swimming lazily around, waiting to be fed.Eventually, we made our way toward the dolphin show. We sat a few seats above the splash zone, facing directly to the pool. Already, I could see a few of the opening dolphins splashing around in the tiny tank. The crowd gathered and chattered anxiously.Suddenly, a cheesy pop song burst through the speakers and the trainers voice boomed through it. Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Dolphin Magic. Lets meet our talented performers for you todayThe crowd erupted in applause as a male-leaped five feet into the air, twisting wildly.SanchoAnother dolphin sprang out like a bullet from the water, hung for a bit, and then fell back to Earth in a smooth move.Keisha The crowd erupted again. I stayed still and glared at the overly excited trainer, as she introduced the other dolphins, all springing up and twisting in the air, then returning back to the water.Tangles Michelle Trevor The crowd erupted again. One more dolphin to introduce.And the newest member to our family, MaryA small female dolphin leapt from the water, doing a 180, and fell face first back into the water.I almost threw up.

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    7. (8/9)I stared straight ahead, even though Mary had long gone out of my eyesight. The color drained from my face and I began to feel woozy. The sight of the dolphins underside was burned into my retinas.Cameron, are you okay? My mom tried in vain to rouse me from my spell. Things got grey and I fell forward, headfirst into the person ahead of me.I woke up with worried faces surrounding me. My mom pushed them back. I think I just fainted for a few seconds.Give him some space, hes diabetic This could be serious Then she leaned back down to me. Cameron, are you okay? Did you check your blood sugar before you came?Of course I had, and it was fine, but I acted as that was it, to avoid suspicion to why I fainted after Mary appeared. It was a little low. I think we moved to fast.Here, you can have my soda. Mom grabbed her coke and shoved the straw into my mouth. I drank, not feeling at all better. I sat up and had to face the tank again. The trainer, realizing that the scene was over and she had to move on, transited the audience back into the show.Well, sir, I see that you seem to be enjoying yourself The crowd laughed heartily. I just stared forward, at Mary as she swam back and forth through her tiny pool, waiting for the show to end.Suddenly, I saw the dolphin catch my gaze, and I felt an echolocation hit me. The people around me looked at each other, wondering what the odd sensation was, but they kept their brains toward the action. The dolphin squealed low, sad, yet somewhat welcoming. The crowd ignored this, since all the dolphins were chatty today, but I could only hear Angies squeal out of all the sounds.The show dragged on, Angie keeping her gaze on me (sometimes having the trainer shout for her when she wasnt paying attention) and I kept my eye on her. She performed the tricks but didnt bother to beg for fish. With each jump, I could feel her die a little inside. That may sound dramatic, but it was a bad time for both of us. Eventually, the show ended, and the crowd scattered.Cam, are you sure youre okay? Do you want me to drive you home?Still looking toward the tank, I answered, No thanks, I have my car. Ill see you soon.Without another word, my mother left.I sat there, my jaw gaping on my pale face. Angie swam back and forth, watching me.I broke out of my awe and stood up. Angie, seeing I was moving, stopped and waited, facing the glass wall. I stumbled down the steps and up to where she was floating. Still we kept our gaze. Howd you get in here, girl? I asked, not wanting to know the answer.Angie whistled lowly, her eyes no longer shimmering.Ive got to get you out. This is torture The dolphin and I kissed the glass, separated by 4 inches that felt like a light-year. We held the pose until I was suddenly tapped on the shoulder. I spun around and saw a security guard.Sir, Im going to have to ask you not to tease the dolphins.I almost socked him, but merely nodded. Ill show you the exit. If you want to stay for the next show, youll have to purchase another ticket. His massive hand grabbed my arm and he led me out. Angie followed us, trying in vain to coax me back to her. Close to the door, I saw a Help Wanted sign. Something sparked.Excuse me, I said to the security guard, Id like to apply for a position here.The guard gave a smug smile. Work here so you can tease those poor dolphins without getting kicked out? Yeah right Poor dolphins me? They were the ones who put them in a pool and made them perform every day.Im serious I insisted, as he pushed me past, I wanted to work here. I just wanted to get to know some of the dolphins first. Just let me apply, please?The guard hesitantly dropped his hand from my shoulder. With a sigh, he pointed toward a door, most likely leading to the office. He followed me inside.The room was small, with a single desk and a few file cabinets. On one side of the wall were pool supplies, and a freezer. Behind the desk sat a large man, slightly balding at the top.Who is this? He inquired, in a northern accent.I caught this sleaze outside, teasing one of the dolphins. He said he wanted to apply for a job here.The man turned to me and raised an eyebrow. Why were you teasing the dolphins, son?I wasnt. I was walking by and one swam up to me. I was just getting a closer look. I was thinking about applying here and wanted to get to know at least one dolphin before I applied.A door to the pool opened, and the trainer stepped in. She looked from the man, then the security guard, and then to me.Hey, werent you that guy who fainted during the show? She asked me.I nodded, and saw her eyes grow a little wider. She couldnt have been any older than I was.What happened? I thought you were going to have a seizure.Im diabetic, that was my only true statement up until then. I didnt have anything sweet.Ok, so you want to apply for a job? Whats your name, son?Cameron ________Everyones jaws dropped. Cameron ________? Wasnt your dad an oil tycoon?Yes, I guess so. I didnt get it. So my dad was in the oil business, I was your average person.Thats something you dont see everyday. A rich kid teasing dolphins and then wanting to be a trainer. You ever studied dolphins, young man?I did some cetacean study in college. I replied, actually telling the truth. This was an awkward moment for me. Why should it make a difference if Im rich?Well, The man behind the desk said, shifting in his seat, I suppose I could give you a chance. You can grab an application on the way out. First, Carol here will show you the dolphins. He nodded his head to the redheaded trainer, who promptly shook my hand.I hope you make it here. You look like a trainer anyway.Right, like I was some overexcited trainer throwing fish into gaping dolphin jaws. I was just desperate to see Angie.Right this way, Cameron. I hope the dolphins like you.She led me out of the side door and up a small flight of stair to the pool. Im sorry, but the other dolphins are currently in the enclosure. Carol said, shaking her head disappointedly, Im sure some of them would love to meet you.Suddenly, I felt a familiar buzz run through my body. Did you feel that? You know, youre the first person Ive seen who hasnt freaked out when they were hit by an echolocation. Her words were followed by a familiar happy whistle, and a splash from outside of the enclosure. A silvery-grey figure zoomed upwards and broke the surface, emitting a vapor of water in a powerful chuff. Sitting there, her head above water was Angie.This is Mary. Go ahead, pet her. She seems to like it. Carol told me, noticing I was just staring wide-eyed at her. I was astonished to see Angie sitting this close, after the long period of separation. I kneeled down and began to stroke her rostrum. Angies jaws gapped, remembering how much she liked my touch, and began to roll on her side. She was excited and I was too, but something was still missing.Wow, Mary really likes you. Usually she was stubborn but you brought out her good side.You dont know the half of it, I whispered under my breath.Angie was now on her back, flashing the scar that had been on my mind these past months.Im amazed. NO ONE so far has kept a straight face when she flashes her scar like that. Thats how we gave her the name, because of Virgin Mary.I was hit head-on by the irony.Angie I whispered, still too amazed. The dolphin turned her head to look at me, and I saw her eyes twinkle again. She hadnt heard that name in a few months.What? Carol overheard my feeble attempt to whisper. I sighed, still rubbing Angie, and began to speak again.This dolphin lived off the coast of my island. I recognize her from the scar, and I had gotten to know her well enough during my last stay. She was a wild dolphin but she must have been captured. Thats how she knows me, and I call her Angie, okay? Carols eyes widened. That was an easy way to sum up my story without getting too personal.You knew her, and she was a wild dolphin? Maybe thats why shes so ornery. Well, dont point the finger at us, she was transferred here from another aquarium. Lucky you Getting to know a wild dolphin is like my dreamI closed my eyes. Something about her attitude made me realize I had to help Angie. I stood up and looked Carol right in the face.Carol, if you put in a good word for me and get me hired, I can tell you more. You can get to know her, but you HAVE to get me this job Please, CarolThe womans smile faded. She looked at me a little strange, but nodded slowly.Alright, Ill put in a good word. You can stay out here and Ill talk to the boss. I felt like I had just sold my soul to the devil. Carol went back down the stairs and into the office. I turned back around, watching Angie as she sat there, waiting for more attention.Angie I said softly, as I walked toward her.She trilled and looked up at me. This wasnt right for a wild dolphin to be in the tank. She was still her wild self, hitting me hard that she kept her promise to me not to lose that.Oh, Angie I whispered, holding back sobs. I sat down on my knees and buried my head in my hands, sobbing dryly yet again. Angie gently nibbled my fingers as I cried.I got the job. Carol put in a good word and I was rewarded by working around Angie. The security guard was in awe over himself. Wow, I never would have thought I could talk like that to an heir I sure got some guts.I become even more depressed, but at least I got to be around Angie. When we were at the island, we were free to do whatever we wanted and didnt have to worry about other dolphins or the area to swim in. Now, I had to watch out for Carol and other dolphins, so any PDA, so to speak, was off limits. Carol stopped me from giving Angie or any of the other dolphins belly rubs, because she said that it put them in the mood. I began to realize that was probably why Angie became attracted to me. Then I told myself I was being foolish and realized that if that were the case she would have been like that since the first belly rub. It seemed more logical that it was because she was lonely, and sensed I was too. I was a male, she was female, and I had filled in her loneliness, so she was filling in the gaps.Carol was a lifesaver during that time. I was able to tell her about what we had done, but left out the sex acts since I didnt think she would be the best person to talk about that with. She kept all the things secret and after some time Angie seemed to like her too, yet not the same way as she did for me.I never really got to know the other dolphins, since Angie wouldnt let them near me. If they swam up close shed dart in front of them or would slap her tail on the water. Once she even bit a young male. I scolded her not to do that but truthfully didnt care if she did or not. I seemed to become Angies personal trainer, but since Carol was the only one there, shed train the other dolphins and Id act like I was training Angie. Carol actually was smoke screening me from the boss so I could talk with Angie. I had to perform shows. While Carol would make the other dolphins do tricks, Id always end up with Angie. She did the tricks she was supposed to do, since Angie and I both knew Id be fired if she didnt. Sometimes, during a performance, I would accidentally call Angie by her name instead of her stage name, which made some people confused. Keeping the sickly attitude of trainers, I would announce I must have let something slip and this Angie was a girlfriend of mine and I was thinking about her. The crowd bought this mushy lie.It was fine for at least 6 months. I got to be around Angie, talk to Carol, and things seemed great. Then, one day, I heard some bad news from our boss.I was playing catch with Angie when Carol came out. She looked pale and worried.Cam, I have bad news. The boss wants to see you.I smiled a little, Whats going on? This wouldnt be the first time.She shook her head. Please, dont joke around. This is bad. Its about Angie.Angie, swimming back and forth through the water, cocked her head at the sound of her name.Whats going on? I asked, trying not to jump to conclusions.Carol bit her lip, Cam, just remember one thing. He loves money, and doesnt quite care for the dolphins.My eyes widened. Was she implying what I think she was? I looked down at Angie, still swimming back and forth.I burst into the bosss office.Ah, there you are, Cameron. Please, have a seat. He motioned for the chair, but I stood by the door. Oh, alright. Suit yourself. Now, Cam, Ive been noticing that you have grown quite attached to Mary. So this isnt the easiest thing to sayChrist, just say it. Youre selling her, arent you?He looked down at his desk and avoided my eyes. Yes, Cameron, I am. I found an aquarium farther north that would treat her better than we could here. You see, with the budget we have its hard to look after her, and shes always been so ornery to the other dolphins. I think that at the aquarium she could develop social skills and theyre paying a lot for her. Dont get me wrong, shes the best performer weve had here, and I feel reluctant to be selling her, but sometimes things just dont work out. I saw through him like the tank walls. He just wanted to make some money.You cant do that. She likes it here, I can tell. Try spending 8 hours around her every day. The only reason why she was so ornery was because shes wild, and you have her locked up.The boss looked up, anger starting to show on his face.Wait a minute, thats none of yours or mines business She was caught in a fishing net and was taken to an aquarium. After she recovered they thought she was too domestic and transferred her here. How would you know if she was wild?She lived off the coast of my island I met her there. I only wanted to become one of your big family to be around her.His face began to get red. Look, you have no right talking to me like this. She belongs in a safe and comfortable environment.Theres plenty of that, you moron. It covers most of the planetIf you cared for her, youd want her to be happy.If you didnt see her as just another show-dog, youd put her back in her habitat I stormed out. Carol was waiting for me, right at the pool. She had been watching the whole thing and knew that I wasnt reacting the same as she was. She looked away as I came up. I cant believe it. I said, mostly thinking out loud, I just cant.She looked back up at me. Cam, I know you want her back in the ocean, but she has been away for a long time. The ocean is too dangerous for her when shes become dependent on humans for too long.Angie, behind her, let out a squeal in protest.You see? Shes just as wild as shes always been. Believe me, Ive known her long enough.Carol looked away again. She knew that, but didnt want to argue with the boss. We both knew that my outburst had gotten me fired. I didnt care if I had the job or not, but I realized that I couldnt be around Angie if she was to be moved. I looked down at her sad eyes. She seemed to know what was going on and obviously didnt want to leave me. I looked up at Carol, avoiding the stinging pain of Angies sorry eyes.Carol, when is Angie getting transferred?He said theyd be here tomorrow. I just didnt want to tell you.I think Id like to set up an all-nighter. This was something trainers could do if they needed to cram in training for the dolphins. The security guards would stay away and the trainer had the tank area to themselves. This would be the perfect time to spend my last hours with Angie.I suppose I could set one up for me and let you use the time. I doubt the boss would let you do an all-nighter after your outburst. Ill set one up and you act like your staying late. After he leaves Ill leave too. You can spend tonight saying goodbye to Angie.I smiled, amazed at how quick she had worked this out. I agreed and we went back to work.Though the all-nighter would end with Angie being taken away and me getting fired, Id be able to say my final goodbyes, and finish what we had planned to do before she was captured.

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    8. (9/9)The day dragged on. Angie seemed to be shattered and lazily floated around the area I was in. She would look up at me and each time she did I saw the usual gleam was gone. Even though she was in captivity, up until now she still seemed happy and lively. Now, she seemed to lose hope. Before, she didnt know if she would see me or not. Now, she knew she would never see me again.I would sit at the edge resting my head on my hands, watching her as she paced slowly across the tank. Occasionally shed seek comfort and swim to me. Id talk softly to her while petting all along her head. Once she seemed to be feeling better, she would swim around some. One time I remember that she dove down and emerged again carrying a pink ring. She placed it by me and began to nudge my hand. I looked into her eyes and saw her eyes were gleaming again, yet it was dishonest. She merely wanted to lighten the mood a bit. I forced a smile and tossed the ring a few feet out. Angie followed it with her sonar and darted for it the second it hit the bottom of the pool. Then she brought it back up and we repeated the process. This game we had played a few times back at the island. My guess was that Angie was mimicking the tourists who played fetch with their dogs that were constantly at the beach. She was a master at mimicking actions, and seemed to enjoy testing out what she had seen people or other animals doing. She had even taken to mimicking me like she had on the island. I would raise my right arm and shed turn on her left side, showing off her right flipper. If I stuck out my tongue, so would she. I recall one time I lifted my arm and put it around my head. Angie, not being able to move her arms like this, merely squeaked at my smugness. I began to laugh and we cuddled in the waters. Just thinking about this made me realize how unique she really was and how much I really was going to miss her.After a while we switched the fetch back to catch. Angie was trying her best to seem happy but I saw through her. Im sure she saw through my smile too, because after a while she stopped tossing the ring back. She swam up and stroked me with her rostrum. We were both petting each other for at least half of an hour. This was a highly emotional time for both of us. I was happy Carol was on her lunch break.Thats how the day went. Then, after high mixed emotions and endless hours, the boss was on his way out.Cameron, you know we cant have you talking to me like that around here. I also have noticed how little attention you have paid to the other dolphins. I regret to say that youre fired. Have you desk cleaned out and dont come back here tomorrow.I nodded, reaching for the pool door handle. Already I could feel my hand shake with anticipation.The boss left around 8:00. The sun was far down and the night was warm and clear. Perfect weather for my last night with Angie.Carol was waiting at the pool, saying her final goodbyes to Angie, who was waiting in the shallow pool. She too had taken a liking to Angie, but not as much as I had. To Carol, Angie was just another dolphin to come by. I moved up to Carol, who was dressed in street clothes like me, and she stood up.Well, the night is yours. Ill most likely see you in the morning. Carol could tell that I was desperate to be around Angie and didnt want to waste my time. I smiled and she left. It looked like there was no going back now.Angie was a friend and lover, but now she would be my mate.Angie looked up at me and I noticed that her beady dark eyes were gleaming, truthfully.Well, Angie, what do you say we get started?keeeeeeeeeRRRRRRRR Angie agreed, somewhat nervously.I squatted down and began to stroke her warmly, from her beak to her dorsal fin. Then, she turned parallel to the edge, giving me more access, and I began to stroke down on her tail. I smoothly massaged her pelvic muscles, causing her to tense and press against my hand. I moved my hand beneath her and felt for her slit. When she began to whistle I knew I had found it and began to rub more. I could feel her smooth skin begin to heat up and swell. Her tail was out of the water and swishing from side to side. She rolled on her back and floated there, showing off her flushed underside and excited pussy. I stood up and watched as her eyes followed me, swiveling to keep our gaze. I was as nervous as she was, but she had better control. While she was shaking slightly, I was having trouble unbuttoning my shirt with my trembling hand. Slowly I undid the buttons on my shirt and let it fall off my arm, standing shirtless in the warm Florida air. Then, with Angies shimmering eyes still gazing at me, I unzipped my pants and kicked them off of my feet. I stood there, virtually naked, looking at Angie as she grew more anxious and nervous. I knew there was no going back now, and took off my underwear. There I stood naked, the cool night breeze blowing my semi pudgy figure. Slowly, I stepped into the warm salty water with Angie staring up at me from below. There wasnt a chance that I could I have been more nervous or aroused, my 6 inch uncut cock showing off my excitement. I lied down and propped my head up on my arm, so I was level with Angie. Obediently, she turned on her side and faced toward me. As I rubbed her I could feel her quiver with excitement as to what was about to happen. She pressed her belly to mine and began to rub up and down. The feeling of her warm glossy skin pressing against mine thrilled me, so I began to press back to her fiery underside. It hit me with a grin that she was trying to make my underside turn pink and for me to erect my cock (if that was even possible to get more erect) like her previous mates had. She began to grow even more excited and as she rubbed against me I could feel her pulse quickening. Angie still kept her eyes on mine, not daring to break the gaze. Her mouth began to open up, as if in a yawn, and she grinned contently at me, all the while excited squeaks and whistles erupted from her blowhole. Then, once we had stopped rubbing each other, Angie began to shift closer to me, arching her back and getting comfortable for what was about to happen. I reached around her and pulled her in close, while she wrapped her flippers around me. At this range, I could feel her heartbeat and every breath she took. If she made a sound or echolocation, I could feel it pass through her. Her skin was touching areas that she had never touched before on me, and the feeling of her smoothness and warmth around sensitive spots was enthralling. Still keeping our gaze, I reached an arm down and searched for her clit. When I found it, I felt every muscle on Angies body tense up and her breathing increase. Still, she kept her eyes half lidded and looking deep into mine while I rubbed her most sensitive spot. She writhed and whistled as I massaged her clit. Then, trying to return the favor, Angie flexed onto my cock, rubbing it with her underside. It was tough to do but I managed to keep the gaze with her, despite me rubbing her clit and her rubbing my tool. Then, when we both sensed that foreplay was over, I reached down and guided my dick to her swollen lips. She had a spasm when I touched her lips, feeling a human penis down there for the first time. Gently, I rubbed my cock head between her lips, feeling her well-lubricated pussy beg me to enter her. With slight hesitation, I shared one final moment gazing into her eyes. Then, with one smooth thrust, I entered her.Angie shuddered and squealed as I entered, then seemed to let out a blissful sigh and began to work her amazing muscles. It was a different story from my finger and tongue, now I was feeling her muscles with the most sensitive part of my body. Finally breaking our gaze, I jerked my head back and gasped for air at this sudden rush. The feeling was amazing I could feel each muscle move around my member while her amazing warm sex juices flowed out and onto my cock, lubricating both of us to make the act smoother. Angies eyes were jammed tight and she began to spasm and shake, feeling this foreign member in her pussy. Not wanting to waste anymore time, I began to thrust myself deeper in, loving the electrical feeling with each movement. Angies vaginal muscles clamped down and forced me to stay in place. I looked back up at her and saw that she wanted to give me a treat after all I had done for her. I was happy to oblige. Then, releasing her muscles just enough for me to be comfortable, she used her experienced muscles move up and down my penis.I began to pant, running out of breath at this amazing feeling. She was jacking me off and having sex at the same time. Occasionally she would squeeze my member, causing me to tense up like she had done. Soon Angie was losing control, as was I, and she began to writhe in my grip. She made clicks and high-pitched whistles as she continued to masturbate me and her with her pussy walls. I could sense her heart rate was increasing and could feel each breath she took. She had never experienced anything like this, and was trying to make the feeling more powerful. Angie began to thrust her tail and I would thrust back. Her tail would move up between my legs (the feeling itself was almost too much for me) and up around me, resting her flukes on my buttocks for a millisecond before dropping down again. Her mouth began to gape, and I tried pressing her closer to me, to try to get my cock deeper in her. I was lost in pure ecstasy and began to lose track of time. The water was in a frenzy as she would thrust her tail and squirm, and as I thrust back. I began to moan and hugged her tensing body tighter, wrapping a leg around her tail.I had lost track of time but could feel myself ready to cum. I didnt want to but the moment was going too good to be interrupted. Angie was approaching her orgasm and began to thrust harder, massaging my dick with more intensity. She began to squeal at higher and higher pitches. I could only hold back a few seconds as well as Angie. Her flippers squeezed my naked side and she tensed up as she orgasmed, clamping down hard on my cock and ready for my load. I was only a few seconds behind her and then with a grunt I thrust into her, shooting my cum deep into the whistling dolphin. Her head bobbed up and down as she climaxed, milking me for every bit of cum in my balls. She pressed her pelvis hard onto mine and we both shared our climax, as high in intensity as a speeding train. When it seemed to have just started, the sex was over. Angies relaxed and unclamped my penis, as my grip on her loosened a bit. I could feel her gush her lube juices and it mixed with my cum. Like we had timed it, we both shuddered at the orgasm withdrawal, this feeling just as good as the sex itself. By now I had lost my erection and tried to pull out of her, but Angie refused, tightening her vaginal muscles. A little surprised, I look back up at Angie and she looked at me, trying to convey her thoughts. She didnt want to end the experience already. I smiled and stroked her pectoral fins, letting her pull me back in.Angie, exhausted yet satisfied, drifted off to sleep. I knew we had a long night ahead of us, but if it was going to be like that I was willing to spend as long as I needed to in the pool.I stroked my mate as she slept, feeling her heart slow back down to its normal pace, both of us still embracing the other. Things slowed down and soon all I could hear was the splashes from the other dolphins as they swam around, not paying any mind to Angie or me. I too began to drift off to sleep, needing to rest after the powerful climax. I kissed Angie on her beak and got into a comfortable position. In no time I too was asleep.(Authors note: This part of the story is optional to read and may not be written as well)I remember waking up, feeling the warm mornings sunbeams beat down on my face. Had I been asleep? No, there wasnt a chance, it was more like I emerged from fainting. I had awoken to find that I wasnt in the shallow pool with Angie, but had drifted into the pool itself. The water out here was nearly 25 feet deep, and I instantly grew terrified. This surely wasnt an area I would want to wake up in Surprisingly, though, my lungs didnt call me for air, though I must have been underwater for quite some time. My eyes, now adjusted to the salt, grew clearer than I had expected, and I could see everything as if I were wearing goggles. I was sure my eyes were playing tricks on me, since in the middle of my vision was a blind spot, a thick black line where I was blind. Also, I noticed that my eyes were resting and I was positive should have been looking forward but instead looked at an angle, near the bottom. How odd my eyes were today I could see perfectly in this briny environment, even though I had a blind spot in the middle of my vision line and I was looking more downwards. I panicked, wanting to call my eyes bluff and get out of here, but tried to swim I realized I had no hands Moving (no, thats not the right word. They more swiveled, as if on a set path) my eyes to the spot, I noticed with some difficulty that sure enough my hands were gone, replaced by flippers No, this is too much Maybe Im dreaming but somehow dreaming didnt fit. I could sense everything, the temperature of the water, the current that moved through it, the sound of every single drop that hit the water as a fake wave splashed on the edge.Still panicking, I tried desperately to make a sound, but as I opened my mouth the only thing that came out was a rush of water. No air, no bubble, just water. I guess Im not myself this morning, I thought hysterically. I heard (or rather, sensed) a movement beyond that of the tank. It was movement, complete with a pulse and water displacement, a dolphin maybe. I followed this movement (seeing as I still could move me head, I figured I still had a neck) and saw that it was Angie, swimming up to me. She circled around me a few times then stopped, clicking a very distinct sort of greeting. Looking at her like this, something seemed different about her. She seemedsmaller. She was small anyways but now it was like she had shrunk, just a tad. I wanted to touch her but couldnt, seeing as I had no hands. Angie swam up to me and began to rub my face with her rostrum. I was surprised that there was little contrast between her skin and mine. Her skin and mine oh no I realized what this meant. I had become a dolphin.Now, I recall this always being my wish but at this point my fantasy coming true only left me confused and scared. How did this happen? Why did it happen? Angie continued to stroke me, calming me only a bit. If I had become a dolphin, why did I still think like a human? Maybe I was wrong and just needed to swim to the surface, when I also began to notice my lungs beginning to hurt. I needed air Angie, sensing this, dove beneath me and pushed me up with her head. As soon as my skin broke the surface I realized I didnt know how to breathe out of my blowhole. Thinking I was about to drown, I panicked again and started to thrash about. Angie bit me hard on my pectoral fin, making me jump and half gasp. I looked down at her, shocked. Blood flowed from the narrow mark on my fin. Why did she do that? Angie, seeing the blood and realizing she had bitten too hard, causing me harm, began to rub my head. Oooooooooeeee. She squealed, almost as if apologizing.Something hit me. I was breathing again and was no longer panicking. This bite had roused me from confusion, and gave me time to breathe. Angie had saved me. If I didnt instantly panic I would have been able to breathe. With my beak I began to rub her back, grateful that I was calm about this now. I swam with Angie around the tank a bit to get used to swimming with a tail. The movements were smooth yet powerful, and I could make a trip from one side to another side of the tank in about 10 tail movements. With my dolphin body, I still had my human thoughts, but dolphin muscles and instincts. Though my eyesight was a little warped, I soon learned how to echolocate. Angie scanned me and all I thought about was scanning her. Just thinking about it, my instincts clicked in and I without me knowing it, I had sent out a series of sound waves and they returned to me, and I saw Angie without my eye problems in the way. Not only did I see her, but I saw THROUGH her. It was as if she and the area around her was brought up in a diagram in my brain. I saw that there wasnt as much blood going to her liver as to her lungs, that her skin temperature was warm, and that her current mood was: excited. The real picture was a bit different but I made it closest to how a human mind would see it.I wouldnt say that being a dolphin improved our communication, it merely balanced it. Instead of me relying on speech and body language to communicate, I only had to use body language. Angie didnt get confused if I spoke to many words or ones she didnt recognize, but she still understood me now as much as she did when I was a human. We continued to swim around the tank, up close to each other. I began to get used to how the dolphin body worked, preferring it by far to the human body. After swimming about, I began to hear someone calling my name.Cam? Cam? Where are you? It was Carol.I swam up to the surface to greet her, not really expecting on how shed react to the change. When my head was above water, I almost fell forward, not realizing that dolphins were balancing as they did that. This was about as unnatural as you can get, my head out of the water and the uncomfortable feeling of the water evaporating off my skin. I might as well have been balancing plates on my beak.Oh, there you are. It looks like you two had a good night together. Angie surfaced next to me, same as I was. Carol didnt seem fazed by the change and merely bent down to talk with us better.Hey, I got some good news. I met the boss in the parking lot on my way out. I told him to think over what you said. He got angry, and stormed off to his car. You both think its so easy to own these dolphins Fine, Ill cancel the aquariums order He grabbed his cell phone and dialed. He goes into his car and begins to talk. Then he rolled down his window and shouted to me You can have the damn thing, go ahead Keep in her your pool if you want Just get her out of here and then he sped away. She looked to Angie, who obviously didnt understand.I own you now, Angie. Carol grinned, But Im sending you back to Cams island. Youll be wild again.With a loud whistle, Angie did a little spin in her spot while I nibbled Carols hands gratefully.It gets better, Cam. Since you were fired, you cant stay here. Youll be joining Angie back to the island.I was too stunned too move. We were both returning to the island, to be together. This couldnt have gotten any better Carol grinned again and began to stroke my head. Her gentle skin made me quiver with delight. I began to see why Angie liked being petted so much. She smirked a bit and stood up. Youll have to watch him, Angie. She said, starting to walk away, Hes a wild one.At this, Angie nudged me beneath my head, closing her eyes a bit.The movers arrived at about 6:30 am. We were hoisted into tanks on the back of an open truck and were sent down to the waters edge. When we got there, a crowd was gathered to watch them release us. Angie was set in first, and she waited around until I was lowered in. Without a moments hesitation we swam off from the cheering crowd. We were out about 30miles from the shore. I looked back and saw my home for a quarter of a century was now just a tiny speck off in the distance. I dont know why, but I felt a sudden urge to return. My house, my family, my friends, my whole life was back there. I turned back around and faced the speck, wondering if I should go back. Angie, noticing that I wasnt swimming anymore, swam back to where I was floating, trilling curiously. She tried to coax me back by nudging beneath my head, but I moved away from her. Still confused, she tried to move closer to me, but I moved away again. I was too deep in thought to worry about her right now. Would I be happy living with Angie at the island? Wouldnt anyone be worried at to what happened to me? Should I return?Angie, hurt at the lack of attention, let me move and sat silently.I snapped out of my thoughts. Of course a life with Angie would be much better. It was like starting over with my one true love. I sped over to Angie and, as she squealed in playful surprise, I spun her around once with my beak. Seeing I was back to my normal self, she rolled back upright, brought her mouth close to mine, and began licking the tip of my beak, a kiss I returned to her. I scanned her and became aware that she was getting aroused, with her increased heart rate and blood rushing to her genital area. Feeling me scan her, Angie swam beneath me, turned over, and floated with me, her pussy by my face and my slit by hers. Obliging, I began to lick her warming slit, eliciting Angie to press her pussy closer and rub my belly with hers. Call me crazy, but this was a major turn on for me. It was apparent the things that excited my dolphin body were kicking in, and soon I could feel my internal penis awake. My underside began to grow warm, a pleasant feeling. I could feel my genital cavity filling up, swelling, and felt the seawater against the very tip of my penis. Angie, noticing this, flicked out her tongue and coiled it around my tip. To my surprise, my tip coiled back, almost as if it had a mind of its own.No, Im in control I thought to myself, knowing that that was what I wanted to do anyway. As my cock swelled, my genital crack yielded to the pressure and my dick liberated itself from the tight area. Angie let go of the tip and began to rub up and down the shaft, jacking me off. Judging by how she rubbed, I guess my cock was about 9 inches long, 3 inches at the base, and tapered to about inch at the tip. Practicing with my recently unused penis muscles, I would wrap my penis around Angies snout (a feeling impossible to describe) and press my erect tool underneath her rostrum. We both sensed it was time to begin and I turned over, knowing that male dolphins were usually on the bottom. Angie swam up above me and floated down to my tip, which I thrust in without hesitation.Angie seemed to gasp, gaping her jaws and bugging her eyes a bit. Perhaps I didnt even know my own strength At this point, though, my thoughts seemed to cloud. All I wanted was sex, and didnt seem to care if I was too big for Angie or not I began to thrust, stopping occasionally to explore around Angies pussy with my penis. Her head began to shake back a bit but it wasnt as in pain as much as in ecstasy. We both started squeaking with each thrust and I could feel myself starting to cum already. Dolphin sex is great but its a bit too short. Angie didnt seem to be using her pussy as much as she had been before when I was human, merely seemed to let me lose myself in lust. I could feel an immense amount of pressure built up at my base and with one final thrust and squeak, shot my load like a bullet into Angie. She climaxed with me, both of us squealing in unison. I had no idea I could cum that hard (or cum that much) or else I would have pulled out. Angie was now limp, sinking slightly onto me. I was awoken from my powerful lust and now it was obvious I had been too hard on Angie. But its hard to describe. When I sensed Angie getting excited, all I could think about was getting into her. I didnt care about anything else and I was going to do anything to get my way. I know this sounds a bit cruel, but if Angie had tried to swim away I would have bitten her. Now, though, I was out of it and feeling guilty to have been so rough.The dolphin mind is a powerful thing. If you dont respect it, it will bring you down.I pushed her up to the surface so she could get some air. While I waited, I licked her head and beak, grateful she didnt try to resist my effort. I made a mental note not to lose my head next time as I watched my cum trail out of her pussy.I waited for about five minutes, getting increasingly worried until Angie stirred. She opened her eyes and, seeing me, jumped back slightly. Then, seeing I was no longer in my lust stage, swam back and began to lick me too. I squeaked out something close to Im sorry, Im sorry. She seemed to understand and began to kiss me. Then, when she was least expecting it, I swam around and nibbled her on the tail. Clicking excitedly, she shook me off and tried to swim back to my tail but I dove downwards, avoiding her jaws. She bolted past me and the second I turned upwards, she swam to me and gently nudged me with her rostrum. We continued this cetacean game of tag for about 10 minutes; spinning, chasing, nibbling, nudging, darting, and for the whole time making those mock laugh noises. Then, by coincidence, we bumped into each other as we were swimming upwards, falling back downwards belly-to-belly. We were calming down after chasing each other. Since we were touching bellies, I became aroused and could feel my cock awakening again. I shook off the powerful lust again and pulled my tool back, forcing it to stay in me. I wasnt going to hurt Angie again. Ready to swim again, we broke apart and rose to the surface, gathering air before diving down again. Before going back down, I looked back to Florida one last time. Angie nudged my side before I could start thinking again. I grinned and turned back around, raising my flukes out of the water as if they were my middle finger, pointed them to the land, and my mate and I swam off, ready to start our new life.(Back to the story)My eyes slowly opened, and I saw with slight disappointment that I must have dreamt the whole thing. No dolphin body and spending a new life with Angie, no nothing. I was just a human sleeping with a dolphin. I didnt seemed fazed as I lay in the dreams afterglow. Angie, who had been resting the whole time, stirred. Her head bowed forward and she moved her tail back, like she was stretching, then she opened up her eyes. Judging by the moon, we must have only been asleep for twenty minutes.Hi Angie, I said, rubbing around her blowhole, Did you sleep well?She bent her head down and nibbled my shoulder. I could have sworn that she squeaked something like Youre it. She looked up at me with a playful gleam in her eye. Did she have the same dream I had? Did you want to swim around a bit? I loosened my grip so that Angie could move a bit. Dolphins are usually active and by now she must a been uncomfortable.Dont worry, its fine I told Angie, who seemed hesitant. Though she could be a little sarcastic sometimes, Angie never wanted to offend or insult me in anyway. She must not have wanted me to feel like she was leaving me, but I didnt mind.After reassurance, Angie moved from my grip and let me pull my cock out of her. She started to swim around near me, working out her muscles. I waited in the shallow pool and watched Angie swim around. Occasionally she would move close to nudge at my dick or coax a petting. I would talk to her and things would be as casual as they were before. You seem happy tonightwhee-aaaI know, that was intenseWe spent the rest of the night cuddling, playing, and having sex. None of the other experiences were as intense as the first one but they were all great. Once in a while Angie would take me for a ride around the pool but with such a small space she couldnt reach her dizzying speeds. I lost track of the time during the night and must have fallen asleep, holding Angie.CAMERON, wake up NOWCarols voice pierced through the morning air. She stood above Angie and me, a half look of anger on her face. It had the same atmosphere of the Wife returns home from work, finds her husband and secretary doing some missionary work scenario. I let go of Angie and stood up. Surely Carol was going to tell someone, or start to hate me. Looking in her eyes, she was obviously thinking What are you doing naked with that dolphin, you sick freak?. I was about to say You dont understand When Carol glanced over me, head to toe. Her cloudy expression grew a twinge of a grin, and she uttered in a stern voice Look, just get dressed. I can talk to you when youre done. She threw my clothes to me. I looked back to the dolphin who sat in the pool, looking blankly up at me. Like Ive said before, sex is a natural thing for all dolphins and seeing anyone frowning upon any form of it was confusing to them. I smiled to her to ease her confusion and scurried off to the employee bathroom.The only thing running through my mind was Carols going to call the cops. Wasnt this sort of thing illegal in Florida? I thought about how my perfect last night with Angie was ruined by a rude awakening. Why hadnt I stayed up long enough to watch for Carol?I came back out with all my things. Carol didnt have the angry look anymore, but she didnt quite look happy.Look, Carol, I know what youre thinking She raised her hand and stopped me. Cam, dont even worry about it. I know you werent hurting Angie in any way. You respect her too much to do that. I wont tell anyone, so calm down.Angie clicked rhythmically behind us, subtly asking for attention.It looks like you too had a good night anyway. She said, smiling a little bit, But Angie is going to be transferred. You should leave before the movers come by. If I were you I wouldnt be able to stand her being lifted into truck.I knew she was right. It was time to say goodbye to Angie one last time. Slowly, I walked to Angie, who lighted up at seeing me return. Doing my best to look cheerful, I bent down to be face to face with Angie.I guess this is goodbye, girl.Her lightened mood faded and was masked by that of sadness. This was it, no more See you tomorrow or Ill be back, this was the last time I would get to see her. Angie, my friend, my lover, my mate, she would be out of my life. She let out a soft sort of whimpering sound and began to nibble on my fingers. I let her, stroking her around her head. Then, after she let go, I moved in close and kissed her for the last time. If Angie was human, she would have been crying right then. I whispered to Angie Im going to get you out of this, I swear to you.Half of Angie seemed to say You know its no use. The other half cried out I hope soIts weird. I was able to save her from a net and from dying on the beach, but in a moment where her life didnt depend on it, I was helpless to save her. Knowing I had to go, I stood up. Goodbye, my love were the last words I spoke to her. I turned my back and let Carol lead me out of the door.I didnt feel as sad as Angie was, mostly empty. We walked down the stairs to the office and out of the door. As we walked through the narrow corridor I came to the realization that we would pass the tank. I would have to avoid seeing Angie behind the glass walls. As we approached, my mind furiously pulsed the phrase Dont look, dont look, dont look. We passed by the tank, and I looked. Sure enough, Angie was swimming nearby, looking as empty as I felt. Was this how I wanted my last memory of Angie to be?No I said out loud, answering my own question, NOFuriously I turned back, trying to run but found myself being wrestled back by Carol.Cam, let it go Theres nothing you can doNOI could still see the tank slightly. If only Carol would let me go, I could see Angie again.Carol jerked me back and I knew it was futile. I started to sob, walking with Carol with my face buried in one of my hands. We found a bench and sat down. Carol wrapped her arms around me, and at this point I was too crushed to compare her embrace to Angies.She waited until I calmed down a bit before speaking.Cam, I know its tough when a dolphin leaves, but thats life. I know you were lonely most of your life and so was Angie. She was sent by the Lord for you, your own personal angel. Maybe thats why she has that scar on her underside, shes a gift from God. Imagine where you would be if you hadnt met her.She was right. I had been going into a slow downward spiral of depression after my father and brother died. I had always felt that they were the only people I could relate to but they had both gone out of my life. If I hadnt met Angie, I would be in deep depression by now, maybe even suicidal. I had always thought I saved Angies life, but the truth is she saved mine.I stopped sobbing and we both stood up. We walked to the parking lot where my car was sitting, overlooking the dolphin arena. An overhang had been built and hid the pool from my parking space, which I was thankful for. We reached my car but Carol stopped me before I could get in.Cam, dont worry. I know how you feel. Im a delphinic zoophile, just like you. Thats one of the reasons why I work her. I had always hoped I would get a chance with a dolphin. I guess when I saw you I felt more jealously, and Im sorry for that. Youve gotten lucky, Cameron. Few DZs get to fulfill their fantasies.Delphinic zoophile? Me? I was only attracted to Angie, not any other dolphin. Instead of objecting I let Carol continue.Angies never going to forget you, I can tell you that. Who knows, you might see her again soon. Well, goodbye Cameron. It was a pleasure working with you.I shook her hand and she left. Carol, a delphinic zoophile? I stood at my car, waiting for Carol to be out of sight. She disappeared behind the glass entrance doors and I felt better, yet still empty. My last memory of Angie was-Suddenly, I hear a splash. I look over to the pool and see a sleek grey figure leap through the sky. Angie, glistening in the rising sun, waves her fin to me and squeals out what I hear as I love you. Then, she falls back to Earth and I heard a slight splash. My mouth gapes wide open. A lone tear rolls down my awe stricken cheeks, and I raise up a hand and wave.I love you too, Angie.There you have it. Sorry for all the space I took up Author comments and an epilouge can be added if you guys want

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    9. Great story. I would love to see an epilogue – a happy ending would be great, you know (nudge nudge, wink wink)

      Comment by mm12000 — December 9, 2005 @ 2:15 pm

    10. Thank you.I thought the ending was actually a happy one. The epilogue doesnt come off on such a good note, though.

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    11. Here is the epilouge. I’ll leave out the author’s notes until someone askes ( )EpilogueIts been ten long years since Ive said goodbye to Angie. Like I had expected, I never saw her in the flesh since then.I tried to keep my promise to Angie about getting her released. I sent out petitions, got backup from animal rights SPAM, and even took it to court. All ended up futile. After five years of fighting, I gave up. I didnt even know what state she was in and since she had so many stage names, I never knew which was her. I tried to scan aquariums and see if I could find the dolphin with the cross shaped scar on her chest, but I never found her. Though I havent seen Angie since then, I have seen her many times in my dreams. She would visit me and wed be back at the island, playing, swimming, and making love. I would wake up with tears in my eyes. The dreams were too real to be called dreams. I havent spoken to Carol since then, and the last I heard about her she was seriously injured in a car accident.As for the island, I never returned their either. I sold it to Joe, the ferry driver, for a little over a thousand dollars. My mother was too furious to even speak to me. Everything I left there was auctioned off and I planned to use the money to help release Angie, but I didnt raise enough. Remember the 036;5 million I mentioned? That was all I got from my fathers fortune. Somehow, though, I was happy not to have been so rich. I didnt even get any money from my mother when she died.Have these last years been happy for me? They werent the best but they werent the worst.Over the years, Angie became a sort of nostalgic memory. Angie? Christ, I loved her. I wish she was around. Oh well, no point in fussing over what I cant change. She faded from my memory and soon you wouldnt have even known I had ever known her. Maybe it was because I accepted she wasnt coming back.This year, though, something altered the path of my life. Im sure youve read about it in the papers.It was earlier today, and I was having breakfast. I had a whole day to myself but was deciding to read the paper first. I came across an article that caught my eye. There was a picture of a dolphin flashing its underside to the camera. The headline above it read, Show dolphin dies after complications. My first thought was a casual Thats sad and The poor dolphin. However, something else caught my eye. I saw the shape of the dolphins head, remembering it like some sort of memory that had faded over time. Something about that dolphins head shape seemed to be too familiar to my liking. I stared at the picture, almost asking it to give me an answer, when I noticed what appeared to be a splotch in the blurry picture. I looked at this splotch and noticed it was two lines, on the underside of the dolphin. Two lines that intersected, one from the end of the dolphins head to its genital slit, the other between its pectoral f-Oh my god.I let two lone tears fall onto the picture. Somehow, I read on.The dolphin, a female named Jackie, had been with transferred to a Denver aquarium after lashing out on an employee. This wouldnt have been the first time, having records of violent behavior to workers and other dolphins. The female started her long career at a small aquarium in Southern Florida, after being rescued from an anglers net off the coast of _______ Island, a once popular resort owned by Cameron ______, an heir to the ________ fortune. Once transferred to the aquarium, spectators where amazed to see the owner of the island Jackie came from was working as a trainer there. After moving from the aquarium, though, Jackie was reported to be wary of her new trainers and never wanted anything to do with the other dolphins. She would back away from you if you tried to touch her, one trainer told us, Call me crazy, but I think it was just because she was a wild dolphin at heart. Jackie died a week after a growth had been found in her kidneys.I couldnt read any farther and began to cry as grief swarmed me. Angie stayed wild, staying true to her promise after all of these years. The whole experience a decade ago flashbacked to me. The world saw her as just a show dolphin, but I saw her as more. A friend, lover, and mate. I couldnt let her down. I had to clear her name as just an ornery performer.I sat down at my computer and typed as the memory came back to me. The article is sitting in my lap, ink wet from my tears. Angie is gone, but her memory now has a place to be.She had achieved what God had sent her down to do, and now that she had finished her task, she is back with Him. Im sure whatever lies after my death will have Angie there, be it eternity at the island or wherever.Thank you, girl. Youve saved my life in more ways than you can imagine.Goodbye, my love.

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    12. terrific story

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    13. I agree with what he said……a very good story…ty

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    14. Thanks for the commentsYour welcome, grouse

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