November 5, 2005

dog horse pet sex stories

All my stories are non-fiction and very true accounts of my bestial and zoo experiences. I write them here for your pleasure and hope that you enjoy them Remember that we should always revel in the fact that we are lucky enough to be with animals in the most intimate of ways.As always, there will be no mention of age in my stories, you may interpret them in any way you like. I will not break any rules here.I raised his tail, exposing his beautiful hole and knew that this would be something different for me, but I had to have a taste of that dogs ass. He seemed to really enjoy it as my tongue just whisked over his tail hole as he started to push back against me, seemingly begging for more. I figured, well, I have crossed the rimming threshold now and wasnt ever going backThe Tails of Two Labs:This is the story of one of the times that I was out driving in my car looking for some fun. There was no leash law in my old town, so I would go out cruising for tail, literallyI drove down to the beach and was just sitting there in the early evening hours. I enjoyed looking at the Ocean and did a lot of thinking there. It was probably around 8:00pm or so and just getting dark, as it was summer time. I just started the engine and was about to leave, when I saw a dark figure running on the beach past my line of sight. I immediately got hard thinking of what was running past me. I got out of the car and walked down to the edge of the water and spotted the big black Lab that was meandering in the opposite direction. I looked around me and noticed that beach was pretty much deserted, so I didnt hesitate to call the dog over to me. He came running over and I immediately saw that he was probably a 90 pound male. I thought to myself that this was going to be a great night after all. I coaxed him back to my car and he jumped in the back without any hesitation. I was getting ready to pull out and head for home, then heard him whimpering a little. I turned around to make sure that he was ok, gave him a rub on his sheath and then saw something that amazed me even more. There, standing at the side of the car was a second big black Lab. I thought well maybe these two are brothers and thats why the first was upset. I quickly got out of the car and looked around again to make sure no one was looking and opened the door and this second majestic animal hopped right in beside the first. I wasnt going to wait any longer and drove right out of the parking lot and headed for home. It took about 10 minutes to get there and drove right into the garage. It was always great having a garage, as none of the neighbors could see me getting out of the car with my sex partners.I opened the door to the house and they both ran around exploring all the new sights and smells. It wasnt long before I just had to reach down and feel the sheaths on these tw0 amazing specimens. They were manly dogs, muscular and bulky. I knew that we were going to have a great time. I drew the curtains and went into the bedroom and they happily followed right behind me. I had no idea of their names, so I just called them Blackie, as lots of dogs names end with the EY sound and figured that they might respond. By this time, and actually all the way home, my cock was hard as a rock. I took my pants off and one of them came up and stuck his nose right in my crotch. As you all know, there is nothing more exciting than having a dog nose in your groin, because you know what usually comes next. I took the underwear off and got down on all fours, making sure that they knew that I was submissive to them. One of them, the bigger of the two was already licking my butt and the other was licking my face. I reached back and massaged the one that was licking at my backside and he knew what to do. He jumped on top and started thrusting his hips and beautiful cock into my rear. He finally found his target and once he did, the shear thrill sent shivers down my spine. I knew that the second dog needed some attention also and so while number one was thrusting inside me, I turned the second around and went to work on him. I raised his tail, exposing his beautiful hole and knew that this would be something different for me, but I had to have a taste of that dogs ass. He seemed to really enjoy it as my tongue just whisked over his tail hole as he started to push back against me, seemingly begging for more. I figured, well, I have crossed the rimming threshold now and wasnt ever going back, so I darted my tongue deep into his puckered hole when I suddenly felt the knot of the dog on top of me, swelling to huge proportions inside. I knew that I was being bred by the first dog and he was giving me all that dog cum, that I so enjoy. While tied to the first dog, the second dog was still enjoying the good licking I was giving him. He would occasionally swing around and stick his tongue deep inside my mouth. I knew I wanted him to get off too, so I brought his hind quarters close enough so that I could bend under and lick his sheath and rub it back and forth. He got the idea and was happily thrusting his hot pink cock into my mouth. He didnt hump as hard as the first one and started to get the knot up rather quickly. I wanted to accommodate him, so I made sure the knot was exposed behind his sheath and then sucked him while still tied to the first. I kept pulling off and rubbing his cock all over my face, especially around my nose, as I really enjoy the smell of a dogs cock in my nostrils. I also love looking and holding the fabulous cock with its veins showing and having it squirt its cum, everywhere. As this was probably a once in a lifetime experience, having the two dogs at once, I wanted all of us to be shooting our seed at the same time. I brought the second dog closer to my own cock and leaned back a little, so that he could shoot his cum all over my cock and balls. As he did this, I used that hot doggy seed as lube and it didnt take long for me to let go of my own load. The Lab on top was just about done at that time and pulled out of me and started to clean me up really well. The Lab that I was sucking on, cleaned the cum off his muzzle and my belly and then went to clean himself. I needed to finish the job that I started, so I grabbed the cock and licked it off completely, so that I would be doing the job that I was assigned, being the servant dog of these two gorgeous males.Now that it was over, I needed to make sure that they got back to their point of origin, so they could find their way back home. I dressed myself and got the two black hunks into the car and drove back to the beach. There was one car down at the far end, so I parked close to the street and waited to see if that car was going to head out or just stay parked. The car didnt move and I got out of the drivers seat, opened the back door and the brothers jumped out and ran down the beach. I got in the car and drove home. I jacked off twice more before falling asleep and wondered if I would ever see those two again and be able to have more fun. The answer was no. I never did see them again, however, I still fantasize about two pups at the same time and how it happened one night. This post has been edited by danethruster on Nov 4 2005, 11:14 PM

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