December 4, 2005

dog girlsex

This is my first ever sex story, let alone animal sex story. The story is based on a girls love and desire to find pleasure anyway she can, and how past events in her life have lead up to her sadomasochistic/animal loving experience. I gave a brief background for her (Tasha) as more of her past will be unveiled in future chapters, this only took me a few hours to write, and I apologize if this is offensive in anyway to anyone as that was not my intent. I also understand I have not mainly focused specifically on bestiality(Yes that is correct spelling), but that is for good reason, that I have something to work with on next chapter .EDIT: This is a FICTIONAL piece of work.Jamie.Enjoy.I’d appreciate constructive criticism.Chapter One of An Unknown Bliss by Jamie.Twenty-seven years old and still single its the first thought that pops into mind every morning when I clumsily reach over and try to locate the annoyingly small off button on my ancient alarm clock. All the different men that have been part of my life, and I couldnt manage to keep one around long enough to find the off button for me. I suppose this is why I have come to the conclusion that Ive lead a less then perfect life by societys standards. Its not that I regret any part of my past, I just long for companionship, to be intimate on a deeper level, and find someone that I can share my sexual desires and fantasies with. I do have my fair share of sexual encounters; just lets say not exactly the kind most people would want. Ive had many traumatizing sexual experiences in my life, and these have all shaped me into who I am today, as a sexually active member of society. Id like to believe that I turned out normal, but I constantly find myself in situations that damage or have damaged my reputation amongst friends and family. For instance when I was younger I ended up having my first bisexual experience with my best friend Marie. I understand this is not uncommon, and I by all means enjoyed it tremendously, but the part that didnt go over so well was when her dad walked in the room, then forcefully joined the pair of us. While Marie cried out for her dad to stop, I cried out for him not to. My enjoyment of this practical rape ended the friendship between Marie and me, of course I felt guilt, but when I think about how helpless I was when his enormous figure entered the room, my pussy throbs. Drugs have also been my substitute for absence of reality, as well as a source of my income. Family of course doesnt look too lightly upon this, especially when one calls home to Mom and Dad in the middle of the night asking to be bailed out of jail for, trafficking and possession charges. Nonetheless, as I said, I do not regret, nor can I complain about where I am currently in my life. I have my own apartment where I operate my slightly less then legal business out of, I keep my thick body in shape by working out regularly, and most importantly fully enjoy the pleasure in which my body can give me. Being the voluptuous girl that I am, I rather enjoy touching myself thoroughly and vigorously. I own a vast quantity of vibrators and different sex toys, and depending on my mood, Ill use whatever I see fit to please me best. I would have never thought that my search for orgasm would be the full unleash of a side in me I had not yet discovered, even with all the damaging aspects of my past sexual experiencesAnother early afternoon, and another day to relax and explore my body as I so frequently did. I gave my English Mastiff who I named Rex for his sheer size a pat on the head, and he lazily walked off to go sleep in the sunlight by the sliding glass window. Unlike him I had plans, today was special. Every few months, I would enjoy a couple caps of Ecstasy, prepare two noose like knots for my hands across the other side of my large bed, and two for my ankles, and knees, so essentially I would be bent over and spread open against the side of the bed. My friend Julie, who years ago became one of my closest sexual partners, would come over, help me into my restraints, and aid me in my quest for pleasure. Sadly though this time was to be slightly different, Julie and I had devised a way for me to pull the ropes which my hands would rest in, and using a series of pulleys, tie myself back and spread my legs open on my own. Essentially what she wanted was for me to be blindfolded and aching for her to pleasure me after the ecstasy took hold of my curvy body, then she would walk in as planned, and proceed to have her way with me. I chose to wear my short black skirt, the one when I bent over revealed all, and made me feel overly dirty, but in a good way. A matching pushup bra for easier access to my large breasts and I was well on my way to bliss. Feeling already so full of lust before anything had even begun, I started to wonder if I would enjoy myself more if I were to take some acid with my ecstasy. There is nothing better then a psychedelic f in the ass. I had candy flipped many times in the past at raves, so I knew I would be fine. I grabbed my two pressed caps of ecstasy and took them back with a mouthful of water. I followed quickly with my carefully picked Bettie Page designed blotter tabs of LSD. I was already starting to ache between my legs, and rightly so, I love sex, I love pleasure, and I loved the thought of being helplessly penetrated by anything and anyone. My inner whorishness made me feel in some weird way, like a woman. I quickly ran to the bed, as Julie was due here anytime now, I first placed the restraints around my knees, making sure they were tight enough that I could not escape. I then slid my ankles in and bent over the bed. I extended my arms forward and placed my wrists one by one, each into their own noose. I pulled my arms slowly towards my body until my knees were pulled towards the underside of the bed, and my ankles spread apart. The rope which ran under the bed in order to do so, was of rough texture and was burning at my arms and legs, but I lopped up the pain as if it were warm cum on a plate in front of my mouth.A half hour went by, and I was becoming extremely agitated and god awful horny, the thought of my pussy exposed to the chilling air in the room was enough to send waves of pleasure through my body. I realized I had not grabbed the portable phone to place next to my hands incase something went wrong and Julie had yet to show up. I was trapped, extremely vulnerable, and ready to f anything that so much had set foot into my bedroom. The blindfold which I had placed on revealed no light, which I was fine with, as I liked being surprised. Waves of pleasure extended from my thighs throughout my body; the ecstasy was pumping through my veins and squeezing out the serotonin into my blood. I was practically dripping between my legs; I was becoming desperate, and nervous that Julie was not here yet. What had happened? Where was she? Anxiety also began to fill my thoughts and body. I heard Rexs nails clicking on the hardwood floor, and breathed a sigh of relief that I was not alone. I could hear him walking into the bedroom, normally he just sleeps all day but I guess he wanted some attention or a walk and came looking for me. I was in no mood for his company, even though I was feeling artificially happy because of the all the drugs I had taken. I commanded him to leave the room; of course he didnt listen, as I was in no position to issue a commanding gesture. Seconds later his nose was sniffing up and down my legs, followed shortly by his tongue caressing my already swollen pussy. I hate to say it, but immediately I became angered that I had never experienced this pleasure before. I had no choice but to enjoy every moment of it, I fast approached orgasm and nearly came, when I heard a knock at the door. Rex paused for a moment then continued. If it had been Julie she would have entered the apartment as she has her own keys, so I did not call out, as my situation was a less then desirable one for company. Unexpectedly lost in my thoughts, Rexs huge body mounted me, Im sure I was far more excited then he was, I tensed all over, I had never been f by a beast such as this before, just men. He had trouble finding my pussys opening, as I was so low to the ground; his cock poked around, then with force stabbed my asshole. The pain was incredible, but he did not enter as there was no lubrication. The buildup was killing me, about a minute passed before his cock, not fully erect made its way into my pussy with amazing speed. He pumped over and over again, which was painful for me because of his size, he continued to grow inside me, and with each time he had thrust, the pleasure grew. I was now wet enough for the both of us with the combination of his pre-cum and my natural juices. He must have been ten inches, and I can say that every inch was pure bliss. Rex f me harder then I have ever been f before, my ass in the air my body was angled down towards the bed, I was ready for his cum. I was fast approaching orgasm, and I could tell he was to, the waves were taking a hold of me, and the acid was kicking in, I was beginning to feel distant from my body, it was if I could only comprehend the orgasmic pleasure which my pussy produced and nothing more. I couldnt take it much more I was going to cum, I screamed out so loud Im sure everybody on the floors above beneath, and the residents all around, heard me scream and orgasm. I felt his cum pour into me, it was hot, I could feel it run over every inch of my insides, almost like a mold, it seemed to never end. His seed was trickling down my leg. I did not want his cum to leave my body, the thought of being filled with animal seamen made my clit ache. I was rearing for more; I wanted to be f over and over again, by anyone, even Rex. For some reason he was unable to pull out of me, then I remember reading that a dogs knot when swollen may be much larger then the vaginal opening. I loved the fact that he was stuck inside me, that his hot doggy cum was in me, this turned me on even more, this torture also seemed intentional. Another knock at the door, Rex freaked out this time, and struggled to get free of me; he was still incredibly swollen, and was hurting me terribly trying to get away. He managed to rip away and I could swear I felt the most painful feeling Ive ever experienced. It felt as if my pussy had be torn open, I began to cry, but was not sure if this was just being amplified because of the acid. I then became fixated on the idea that the cum which was dripping out of me slowly, was blood pouring out of me from being f so savagely. Dementia had set in I was hysterical, in complete panic, but I was so fucking aroused, I wanted someone to f my bloody pussy until I bled more. A brief thought of where is Julie, then I was back in my own fantasy world of bounds and pleasure. I needed more. I needed cock. I needed to feel like the whore I knew I was.I was fading in and out of consciousness after about an hour since the start of my experience when I heard the door opening, followed by a loud thud. I heard Julies voice whimpering and sobbing, followed by the voice of two men who were asking for me. I had no idea what was going on, I wasnt expecting anyone to come with her, and she obviously sounded as she wasnt either. More footsteps and someone entered my room. I began to panic. I felt fingers enter my pussy and a man with a deep voice saying Holy shit look at this piece of ass. I heard shuffling feet followed by some chuckling, the men began to discuss my situation, and how they could take advantage of it, how typical. Just because a woman has her legs spread open doesnt mean its an invitation for everyone to come f her. I was in no position to argue with either of the men, especially not the one who was fingering my sopping wet pussy. I didnt want them to stop anyways. I would have verbally agreed to let them have their way with me even if we had been formally introduced. This was actually working in my favor, I wanted to be f savagely and these two perverted men who I had never met, seemed to be the answer to my drug induced prayers. I felt Julie fall at my feet, they had thrown her to the floor. The other man told her to take her clothes off except her panties. I assume she did, and knowing her, probably enjoyed it despite her previous whimpering. Rex being the timid dog he was, came into the room, ran up to my pussy and gave it a lick. Both men obviously thought highly of this because they didnt seem disgusted, even though I could not see their facial expressions. The deep voiced man spoke out Thats not a bad idea, you lick her pussy clean, he told Julie. She had no objection to this, and started to lick me up and down, unknowingly lapping up Rexs cum off my thighs and cunt. I couldnt describe how badly I wanted everyone in that room to f my brains out, but being helpless, drugged and tied up, I was in little position to order anyone around, especially since these two men seemed to have terrible intentions. I had yet to speak out being so far gone in my mind, I was being f inside and out, mentally and physically, bliss was mine. At least so I thought, I felt cold steel enter my body, at first I was unsure of what it was, but I soon realized one man was fucking me with a gun, literally. Of course I was scared, but everything felt so damn good anyway I just moaned, which they enjoyed as well. It took me a minute before I realized Julies pussy was pressed against my lips; they wanted me to eat her out as they continued to use me for pleasure. Julie tasted so sweet, she was dripping wet, she had obviously been f recently, probably by these two, but it was turning me on even more. The combination of the salty sperm and her sweet lips filled my mouth. Im not sure which man was now fucking me, but I didnt care, I begged them to cum inside me, which they didnt argue with. I felt more cum rush into my cervix, and I loved it, I came again, this time feeling my whole body convulse as one mans huge cock ravaged my insides. I heard Julie scream, she had angered one of them, and they were fighting to restrain her. This angered me to, I was so hot, I needed water, and she was keeping me from sex. I began to think about Rex, how he had taken me, and filled me with more then just ecstasy, but his delicious salty seed. The screaming slowly began to fade from mind, my already blackened vision, lost its matching consciousness. I had passed out, unsure of my Julies fate and my own. My body was a bound and helpless prisoner of my own erotic fantasy for these despicable men to use for their pleasure, and I wasnt awake to enjoy it.To be continued…. This post has been edited by sekimtatae on Dec 4 2005, 10:33 AM

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