August 26, 2005

dog and girls

I suck, but here does. Will continue if ya’ll like.UNtitled – Author Annon.Part 1It was late spring, that time right before summer where most everyone is more than just relaxed. The air was right, it wasn’t too hot, there was an almost purpetiual breeze blowing everywhere. School was about to let out for the summer. And down a small suburban street came waltzing a few young ladies. Shannon wasn’t quite like the rest though. More of an abstract thinker. Although she was very much considered normal by the other girls. She was actually sort of the leader of the group. She was a cheerleader, not the head cheerleader, but definately the most attractive. Her hair was blonde, shoulder length, bobbed outward in a sort of 50′s style. Here eyes were a bright firey green that only seemed to add to her already irresistable nature. She had a beautiful smile, one of those smiles that would catch on to you if she smiled for you. “Shannon, are you coming to the last blast dance with on Saturday?” Asked the brunette of the group. Shannon tilted her head just slightly as if thinking about it for a moment. “You know what, I haven’t really thought about it, I mean, who would I even take?” She smirked crookedly. The brunette stepped forth with a fist raised in the air. “Never fear You can always go with us Girl power, ya know.” They all giggled some. “Well, thanks guys, but this is my turn..” They all waved as she turned off down a street toward her house. The breeze blow up that knee high skirt of hers as she walked. It was of course her school uniform. And that uniform did fit around her nicely. She had broad shoulders and a slim waist, that tappered out and acsentuated her hips. She truely did have one of those perfect hour glass figures. He breasts were not small, but they weren’t huge either. Just sort of the perfect size, enough to grab and grope at, but not big enough to gain any unwanted attention. Her ass on the other hand was a much different story. She had one of the best asses in the school, plush, and curvey. Fitting her body size and type almost too perfectly. And boy did it make the guys stare. She calmly walked toward her house, humming the tune of some pop beat, thinking those ever so cute teenage thoughts. When she looked off to the corner of her eye, a dog it seemed, sitting under a tree. She stopped and glanced out for a closer inspection. It was her next door neighbors dog. ‘Outlaw’ Her next door neighbor seemed nice enough, and she recalled that Outlaw was half germanshephard half wolf. She was a dog person herself, and this was an extrordinarily beautiful dog.He had the Shephard gene for sure, being all black save for his tan limbs, and tan underbelly. But his eyes were the brightest, shocking silver ice she had ever seen, even compared to huskies.She called out to him and he jumped up with a start. “Come ‘er boy” He jumped up and pounced on over to her barking playfully, then jumped up on her a bit. She caught his pays and smiled. “I guess I better bring you home so you don’t get lost huh?” She said in those doggy tones people use every so often.It wasn’t long before she made it home. There was no one home at her house or even her neighbors, so she helped her self to the side of his house, opening the gate and putting Outlaw back there. Then went on home. “Anyone home?” She called as she opened the door as she often did. Even if she already knew no one was. She then went into the kitchen to make herself a PBJ like she did most afternoons. When she looked out the window and saw Outlaw there… still sitting by the gate as if waiting for her to come back. She laughed,”Aww, how cute” And made another PBJ then made her way out the door and to the gate. “Hey there boy, you hungry?” She asked breaking his PBJ in half and handing it to him through the gate. Which of course he lapped up quickly. She then opened the gate,”Come on Outlaw, your hangin’ out with ME.” She said with a smile, and walked toward her house. He of course followed close behind. He barked a little and goosed her. She giggled and swatted at his nose. “You silly dog Shame on you” And thwapped his nose playfully. They got inside and she tossed him the other half to his PBJ which he jumped up and caught before it hit the ground.She made her way down to her room, with Outlaw in tow. “Hey, I’m going to go change now.. you have to stay out here…” She said to him and tried to shut the door on him, but he stuck his head in the door so she couldn’t, then she tried to push his face out with her toes, which sort of worked but when she tried to shut the door again he lundged through the door… “Eeeewwwww” She steamed. But shut the door and let him stay in. She moved to her closet and tried to find something she would like to wear either than her stupid school uniform. She didn’t have much success though. And flopped down on her bed with a huge pile of cloths. Outlaw then jumped up on the bed with her and sat. Shannon sighed deeply and put on some head phones laying back in her bed. As she moved around in bed her skirt started to ride up along her toned theighs, showing off her fair silky skin. Untill finally they had ridden so far up that the most wonderful panty shot could be displayed. She wore white cotton bikini cuts. Then out of the blue she could feel sniffing and nudging down there. She arched a brow and looked up to see Outlaw there. “Hey What do you think you are doing?” She asked, as he ignored her, and started licking and lapping a silky soft and ultimately flexible tongue around her panties.”Mmmnnnn.” She purred. Trying to push his muzzle away. “Your such a naughty dog.” She said half enjoying it. But he was just so persistant that she let him, no harm done, he was just licking some. But she hadn’t expected it to feel so good. His saliva saturated her panties quickly and the prodding of his tongue moved her libias around slightly, which every girl knows can feel very pleasant at times. “Grrrr..” She growled. Feeling those wonderful tingles all over her body. “See what you did, you got me all hot and bothered.. Now I have to take care of myself…” She got up, and he lifted himself up to follow. She flopped down on her hands and knees crawling half under her bed looking for a toy her sister got her a while ago. “Gah, where is that thing..” She said from under her bed. Then she felt it, those lapping of his tongue right where it counts. She murred again. Freezing. Her tight little virgin pussy contracted a bit, squeezing out her own sweet necture. “Mmmnnn, your a good naughty boy…” In truth she wasn’t very experienced at all, her sister had given her that present as a joke on her seventeenth birthday and she had only experimented with it once or twice. And she cirtainly has never been with a boy. So this was all new to her. The tongue worked her furiously, craving her, trying to find the source of that wonderful taste he was experiencing. He body started to take over at this point, her hips moving forward and humping the air a little. She was lost in her own little errotic world still half under her bed. Mnnnn. Came a moan. THen he stopped. And she quickly crawled out to see what the hold up was. Thats when it happened.. She flet him jump ontop of her, his jags wrapping around her upper body and started to hump her rump. She gasped in surprise and wonder. Thats something she had NEVER thought about, but now she was…She backup into him a bit still trying to get out from under the bed, which he diffinately liked, because her really started to pound into her then. She loved the feel of his fur on her ass, then she felt it… something slimy rubbing up against her pantie covered libias. Then without even thinking about it.. she reached back and pulled down her panties, she could feel sprays of something on the backs of her legs, then his cock spread her libias. It was hard, but fleshy. She moaned deeply, then it entered her with a shock of pain.”Oh my god that hurts” She exlaimed and colapsed on her face. When he felt his cock enter her he thrust sharply. And she gasped at the shock. Pre spraying deep inside her. Mmmmaannnnn

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    1. That’s a great start to a story – I hope you can develope it further . Thanks for posting this segment

      Comment by woodwolf — August 27, 2005 @ 1:11 am

    2. Yeah, it’s a great story.

      Comment by Deester — August 27, 2005 @ 12:20 pm

    3. Hey, where’s the rest. It was getting real good. I will wait for the rest, which with such a good start, should be hotter than hades.

      Comment by pornojoe — August 28, 2005 @ 10:20 pm

    4. great story. looking forward to future installments

      Comment by e_551 — August 28, 2005 @ 11:48 pm

    5. Looking forward to more segments of this fantastic start Thank you

      Comment by Sport22 — October 18, 2005 @ 10:41 pm

    6. Very nice = feel free to add more to it as you are very good at it

      Comment by misspeaches — October 19, 2005 @ 1:11 am

    7. Yes i hope you add more in the future.

      Comment by hilltopper — December 1, 2005 @ 10:19 pm

    8. It is very ungentlemanly for you to leave that poor girl face down on the floor….. please post the next installment when you can…… we all are interested in seeing where it goes next…….

      Comment by BeastZeke — December 14, 2005 @ 11:21 am

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