March 19, 2004

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Behind Brown EyesI heard the car pulling up in the drive way and raised my headup off my paws. I’d been dozing after a large dinner, while Ian sat onthe couch watching the TV. He noticed me gazing at the front door asshe walked up to it. Standing up he patted my head and walked towardsthe door just as the bell rang.Getting up I yawned and stretched, arching my back. Ian wasopening the door to let her in as I trotted into the hallway, my clawsclattering from the carpeted living room onto its wooden floor. It wasCindy of course, come to take care of the house while Ian went outwith his pals… drinking. It was Friday night and Ian was tired, inneed of some much deserved RR.I didn’t begrudge him his night off, I got along well enoughwith Cindy. Not as well as I’d like… but maybe tonight I couldchange that tonight. Approaching from behind Ian I playfully shoved mynose at the seat of his pants and sniffed him. Chuckling he pushed mymuzzle away and kept talking to Cindy. So I sat down there… betweenthem and looked up at them, giving them my “soulful eyed” look.This time it was Cindy who patted my head, kneeling down andgiving me a quick hug around the chest before ruffling the fur betweenmy ears. Ohh… that felt good My tail thumped against the floor as Itried to lick her face. She pulled back, giggling and wiping her cheekwhere I’d kissed her. Ian bent over to grab the underside of my muzzlein one hand and shook my head as he spoke directly at me.I don’t know why he does that… the talking I mean, I lovethe muzzle grabbing. It must be obvious to him by now that I can’tfollow a word that he’s saying. Ah well… humans are strangesometimes. I licked Ian’s salty hand a few times before he let me goand opening the screen door, headed off for his car. I sat by the opendoor and watched him go… already missing him.Suddenly Cindy’s hand ran down my neck and scratched at myback, I’d almost forgotten she was here. Wuffing I stood up andpressed up against her as I watched Ian drive off. She patted my side,then tugged back on my collar so she could close the door.I followed her into the front room, watching her ass move asshe walked. I wanted to sniff her, but I knew she wouldn’t like it. Ihad tried the first few times that she had house sat for Ian, and ithad really upset her. So instead I trotted up and stood watching asshe switched off the TV and bustled about the book shelf looking forsomething worth reading. Yawning again I stood up and shook myselfawake… I didn’t want to be dozing off again and forget to put intomotion my plans for tonight.Finding something to her liking Cindy padded across the deepcarpet and curled up on the couch. Somewhere along the way she’d takenher shoes off, probably while I watched Ian go, and her feet smeltwonderful Not cheesy strong like Ian’s could sometimes get, which Iliked as well, but a delicate sweaty aroma. While she opened her bookI padded over and sniffed at her toes. Cindy giggled and I looked up,my eyes met hers looking down, I wagged my tail.She sighed and putting her book to one side she leanedforwards and gripping my neck fur she scolded me in playful tones. Ilaughed, my tongue lolling out of my mouth. Leaping up I carefully setmy fore paws on the couch, so I wouldn’t hurt her legs, and leanedforwards into her rough scratching and patting of my neck andshoulders.Through half closed eyes I managed to catch her glancing downbetween my hind legs. I knew she was interested… I could smell it aswell. But, as always she blushed and looked away after a moment,pushing me off the couch. Taking the hint I backed off and lay backdown on the floor near the couch as she curled up again with her book.I had started her thinking about it, as I had on other nights,and she kept glancing up at me from her book. I took the opportunityto loll onto my back and expose my sheath and balls to her view. Hereyes once again riveted to them as I wriggled on the carpet, makingthem jiggle and bounce seductively. She licked her lips, shook herself from her trance and went back to her damn book again.I was starting to feel a bit frustrated. It was always thistug of war with her, which I’d consistently lost so far. But this timeI wasn’t going to make the same mistake of rushing things. It helpedthat Ian had sucked me off when he got home from work, so I wasn’t TOOhorny. But still… her exciting scent and shortened breath werehaving a certain effect on me. It was all I could do to keep my cockfrom springing out of it sheath, and thoughts of leaping onto thecouch and fucking her right there and then were hard to keep at bay.After an hour or so of this interplay, her trying to avoidlooking but wanting to at the same time and me being eager to show offeverything I had, she put her book down with a frustrated sigh. Shespoke at me, exasperated. I was on my back again, and the pink tip ofmy cock was showing out of the end of my sheath. She fell silent andwatched it as I gazed up at her… upside-down since I was still on myback.She was on the edge, almost ready. I just watched… notwanting to push things like I had last time. She had become nearlyhysterical when I’d leapt up onto her and thrust my erection at her.This time I slyly waited for her to make the first move. She did…reaching down she caressed herself.Spreading her legs slightly she pushed it all the way downonto her crotch while unbuttoning and unzipping her jeans with herother hand. Yowza I almost… ALMOST… leapt up and onto her at thatpoint. But this time I would wait for her to come to me. I could feelmyself getting harder, my cock stretching its sheath and slowlyemerging while she played with herself.She moaned and leaned back into the couch… one hand rubbingbetween her legs while the other tweaked a hard nipple through thefabric of her T-shirt. I was fascinated, almost forgot to breath I wasso tense. Her eyes had closed, and shifting on the couch she grippedthe tops of her jeans and pushed them down past her hips.Tugging her plain white panties to one side she ran a fingerover her damp lips, gasping at the pleasure of her touch. Her headyscent filled the room bringing my excitement to a fever pitch. My cockwas totally erect and small drops of clear pre-cum dripped from itstip. Only the bulge at its base was still inside the sheath, the restof its pink shaft hung over my furry belly.I could see how hard I was because I’d curled up to lick thetip of my cock. I love the way I tasted, slightly salty and tinglingthe tip of my tongue. That and the feeling of my slippery tonguesliding over my cock was incredible I’d have preferred her pussy…but this was pretty damn good as wellShe moaned again, and I looked up at her, letting my cockthump down against my heaving belly. Her eyes were once again lockedon my cock, and I suppose seeing me licking myself must have given hera bit of a thrill. I whimpered at her, putting on my “come play withme” look, wriggling on the floor. If this didn’t work, nothing would.For a long moment she looked down at me… not really seeingme but thinking hard. She even stopped playing with herself she, herfingers stilled, slightly buried in her cunt. Then she blinked andfocused on my eyes… the intensity of emotion that passed between usthen was like nothing I’d ever felt before. I can’t really describeit, except that for just a moment it was almost like she was canine.I could see the understanding and raw lust in her eyes… there wassomething more too. She cared for me… really cared.Getting up of the couch she slid her jeans down to her feetand stepped out of them. Dropping her damp panties onto the heap shestepped away and pulled her T-shirt up over her head. This was themoment I’d been waiting for I leapt to my feet, my slightly softenedcock swinging thru the air, and nuzzled her cunt.I heard her gasp and, from the corner of my eye, saw her shirtflutter down to the floor as I greedily lapped at her luscious cunt.Ahhhhh… this had been a long time coming and I savoured it, shetasted a little bit like Ian did when I licked him. But there was avery definite difference there that I’d not had the chance toinvestigate before. This was the first time I’d made love with a humanfemale, there’d been a few bitches, Ian and one of the male dogs wholived just up the street. But that’s another story.Cindy’s hands buried themselves in the fur on my cheeks, shespread he legs and pulled my muzzle tighter into her cunt. I washaving some trouble breathing as my nose slid into her, but enjoyedthe feel of her soft flesh surrounding me. I also liked the stiff raspof her curly groin fur against my tongue. My cock was so hard by thispoint that it hurt, I could feel cum dripping freely from its end ontothe carpet. Ian would be pissed when he got home.Cindy was gasping and rocking her hips against my mouth whenshe suddenly spasmed. Her fluids drenched my nose as she came, but Ilapped them up eagerly as she trembled. Each time my tongue lappedover her cunt the fingers buried deep in my coat would clench tightly.She was having a great time So was I, but the best for me was yet tocome.Pulling away from her damp pussy I stepped back and licked mychops a moment. Cindy dazedly leaned back against the padded arm ofthe couch, catching her breath. After cleaning my nose of her tastyfluids I walked over and leapt up against her where she sat and bracedmy fore legs against her shoulders. She saw me coming and had time toprepare herself, my weight didn’t bowl her over… not quite.She whuffed at the strain of holding me up, her arms going outto clasp my sides as I lapped at her face. She surprised me by lickingme back… her smaller tongue caressing mine and sliding along mylips. Ian had never done that. Her hands wandered from my sides andruffled the fur on my belly. I couldn’t help but start to hunch, mythrobbing cock lightly tapping her belly. Leaving small smears of theclear cum which dribbled from its sensitive tip. I got a slight joltof pleasure each time it touched her, and those hands on my belly weredriving me wildOne of her hands caressed my sheath, still wrapped tightlyaround my knot, and slid up my cock. Her light touch on my cum slickedcock made me orgasm right there on the spot Humping my hips I yippedas a jet of my hot cum shot out and onto her belly. It splashed andran down to her groin, as another watery jet spat out of my throbbingcock onto her.She gave me a shove that pushed me off of her and back down tothe floor and I thought she’d freaked out again. But she got down withme, on all fours, and caught hold of my cock again. A few squirts hadshot out onto the carpet and couch, but she quickly wrapped her lipsaround the end and sucked down the next one. Wow She had a hotmouth, her lips eagerly slurping over the end of my cock while herhands ran up and down the rest of it. I rolled onto my side to giveher better access, and she used it. Sucking down the whole length ofmy rod, up to where the sheath was pulled taught around the knot.She sucked and sucked as I kept cumming, I whined and archedmy back as my mind was engulfed in a soft sea of pleasure. The feel,the scent, the sound of her sucking on me drove me to keep cumming.She had to stop a couple of time to gasp for air, so a few jetssplashed up onto my chest fur. While she went back down on me I got anextra thrill by lapping at those errant splashes.After a long, slurpy while my orgasm faded away leaving uspanting. She lay down with her chest against mine, licking her lips.She spoke quietly and lovingly to me. I licked her cheek and shegiggled. We just lay there for a while… a warm heap of fur andflesh. Her sexy scent in my nostrils and the feel of her soft breastslying against me began to turn me on again.Her eyes popped open when she felt the tip of my revivederection pressing against her back. She sat up and spoke to me againas she reached down to grope me, her hand fondling my balls and sheathas my red cock continued to grow.With a smile she rose up and slung a leg over top of me, sothat her crotch was positioned over my belly. She reached down andlifted my cock up till it was nearly vertical and pressed her cuntdown against it. Jerking my hips I thrust the tip into her, she gaspedand settled her weight down, slipping more of my cock into her.Ohhh… she was so hot and tight around me Her thighs grippedmy sides as she raised up and thrust back down onto my rod. Her handsmassaged and rubbed the fur on my chest as I matched her pace,thrusting up as she humped down. Sweat dripped off her and soaked intomy fur, I licked her face and she open her eyes to smile down at me.Suddenly she raised herself right up off of me, letting my wetcock slap down against my furry belly. Whining I struggled to my feetas she crawled away from me on all fours. She turned to look at me andslapped her ass in invitation, an invitation that I certainly wouldn’trefuseComing up behind her I mounted her back, gripping her sideswith my fore legs. She arched her back, pushing her bum up against mybelly. My cock slung down beneath her and I eagerly thrust itforwards, but it was much harder to get into a woman than a bitch.They’re just not quite built the same. Cindy realized the problemthough and used one hand to guide me into her, I pushed further up herback to shove my cock in.So there I was… my back paws just reaching the floor as Irammed my cock into her. You can imagine for yourself what it feltlike to be pressed tight against her back as I pistoned into her.Tiring is what it was like There was no way I could keep this up forvery long, women are much harder to fuck than bitches, harder to getinto and harder to hang onto. Luckily my knot had worked its way outof my overly tight sheath and with a few powerful thrusts I shoved itinto her and locked my cock tight into her.She cried out as I did that, it might have hurt a bit. After Iwas in she clenched tightly around me and moaned in pleasure. I beganto orgasm again so I slid sideways off her and turned around,straining to lift a hind leg over her so that we would be ass to ass.Then I let the rush of my orgasm take over, as I filled her with myhot cum.Her ass pressed tight against mine, compressing my tinglingballs between us. I shuddered and groaned as my cock throbbed andjerked inside her tight cunt. Cumming and cumming my mind floated in awarm tide as I felt another pulse of pleasure with each hot squirt.But all good things must eventually reach their end, I camedown from my pleasure trip and began to soften inside her. Glancingover my shoulder at her I saw the she had all but collapsed as I came.Only her ass was still up in the air, her head was pillowed on herarms and she had a dreamy look on her face. It felt good to have madeher so happy… so satisfied. Heh… felt good to be so sated myselfWe stayed locked together for quite a while, waiting for myknot to shrink enough so that I could pull out of her. Pulling out wasa bit of a struggle at first, I should really have waited a bit longerbut I was eager to lick us clean. I LOVE that part When my knotpopped out of her cunt she let out another sudden gasp of surprise andclenched herself around my flesh as I pulled the rest of my lengthtool free.She shuddered and rolled sideways, stretching he pink bodylanguidly an the carpet. I gave my cock a few cursory licks, to cleanit before it could slip back into its sheath. Lapping its length Isavoured our combined flavors, and greedily swallowed the small amountof my milky cum that oozed out.Then I trotted up to where she was lying and sniffed deeply ather cunt. My nose tingled with her powerful odor and the scent of myown semen. She stirred and raised her head to look down at me, onehand reached up to play with my ears. Gently applying my tongue to hercunt I licked her clean. I took a while since there was always moredripping out and I HAD to get it all while I had the chance.Cindy enjoyed my attentions a great deal… but seemed toospent to have another orgasm. After a while she sat up and pulled meto her, hugging me and murmuring into my ear. My tail was wagging sohard I thought it would fall offJust then she gasped and pushed me away… she was looking upat the tall grandfather clock Ian had inherited last year. Shestumbled to her feet, groaning slightly as she tried to walk straight.I yawned hugely and got up on all fours to have a good stretch whileshe gathered up and put on her clothing.When Cindy had finished dressing she wobbled off to thewashroom, I followed and lay down outside the door. While I waswaiting for her to come out so I could lavish more of my affection onher I heard Ian’s car pull up outside. So I leapt up and ran to thefront door, arriving just as he reached it.It was wonderful to see him again I can’t help it… I lovethe big lug Wagging my tail I pranced around in front of him as heshucked his shoes and jacket. He laughed and patted my head, thenstooped down to wrap his powerful arms about me for a long hugCindy came downstairs from the washroom and spoke to Ian, wholet me go and stood up to chat with her a bit. I trotted up to her andrubbed against her legs, which made her laugh and reach down toscritch my head. Ian gave her some paper and with one last caress downmy muzzle she left, walking a little stiffly.Ian yawned which made me yawn too. He laughed and we headedoff to our bed together. I nearly fell asleep while waiting for him toclean his teeth and urinate. But I woke up enough to feel his armaround me as he curled up with me on the bed. I could smell the scentof another man on his arm… but I didn’t mind. After all I’d had myfun tonight as well. I sighed and closed my eyes, falling asleep inhis arms. The End

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    1. And who says a dog’s life is so bad, great story.

      Comment by laterfarmer — March 19, 2004 @ 7:09 pm

    2. An interesting story from an unusual angle. thankyou so much.

      Comment by zoofan — March 20, 2004 @ 12:26 am

    3. nicely done good to see a story from a caninie POV(point of view)HB58

      Comment by HairBear58 — March 31, 2004 @ 9:50 am

    4. Well written, well paced and very exciting as you would see if you were watching me post this reply …………….thanks

      Comment by fondlemeagainoncemore — April 3, 2004 @ 12:02 am

    5. Good, well written story. A new take on “A Dogs Life.”

      Comment by dragonia — April 3, 2004 @ 6:56 pm

    6. great story

      Comment by dogsmylove — April 4, 2004 @ 6:52 am

    7. quite the story. i enjoyed it greatly and hope to see more with the same point of view, it makes the story that much greater

      Comment by interestedbeast — April 4, 2004 @ 11:31 am

    8. Awesome story…quite hot. Thank you.

      Comment by Virginialover — November 28, 2005 @ 7:33 am

    9. Excellent perspective..thoroughly enjoyed it

      Comment by aussiek9 — November 29, 2005 @ 10:51 pm

    10. I love this story. How cute

      Comment by hope4peace — December 1, 2005 @ 12:52 am

    11. I didn’t find the story cute….. I thought it was hot and had an intereesting take and point of view. Wouldn’t mind at all seeing more stories written in first person dog…

      Comment by BeastZeke — December 14, 2005 @ 11:40 am

    12. Great…well done…ty

      Comment by grouse — December 14, 2005 @ 7:47 pm

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