October 25, 2005

boys having sex with horses

Hello, nubile young thing here (thats a worthian for newbie) I found this site yesterday and reading all your stories has really blown my mind.For a long time I thought I was alone, now I know I am not and want to share as much as I can.I got so horny last night I wrote a story of my own, lol, I have never written a work of fiction and only have an O level in english, so I amazed myself by how long it is and how much I enjoyed writing it Callie turned over again in a vain effort to sleep. She was restless, the air was humid and her body was delicately glazed with the shimmer of sweat. Her husband was beside her, dead to the world, a soft snuffling confirmed his slumber in the dream world were Callie too wanted to be.It wasnt going to work, sleep would not come and Callie was getting increasing hot and frustrated. Without thinking she traced the length of her torso, her fingers sliding over her slick skin. Tracing lazy circles around her breasts towards the centre were her nipples stood high and proud. She pinched one between thumb and forefinger and felt an electric chill course through her. Now there was no chance of sleep, her body was alert and now it was hungry.She slid her hand downwards and reached the soft strip of hair on her otherwise shaven pussy. Her husband loved to have her shaved and clean, so much so that part of his daily routine was to shave himself of facial hair and then, with extra care and attention, he shaved Callies pussy testing afterwards with his tongue to ensure the smoothness. An inch thick strip of soft pubic hair in the centre was all that was left. Callie has insisted that some must remain; she liked to twirl the hair with her fingers and loved the feeling of the rough hair against her delicate skin.Callie was looking forward to the morning, she thought about David sneaking through with the bowl and razor trying not to wake her. Most of the time a tell tale creak of the floorboards would awaken her but Callie pretended to sleep on. She would let her husband gentle turn her over and part her legs in preparation. He has a tradition horsehair shaving brush and uses it dry first to slowly dust off any loose pubic hairs from Callies sacred strip. She no longer feigns the deep breath of sleep, her breath still deep and rhythmic but for different reasons. Her body remains limp and unresponsive but her mind is racing with erotic desire, each stroke of the brush causes an thrill to course through her and her need build. Unaware of the effect he is having, David continues by lathering up the brush, he savours the moment and sniffs gently at first then deeply drawing in her musky smell, his now erect penis pulses in response, very slowly he paints the soapy suds over each side of Callies pussy. His hand shakes as he reaches for the razor for the next bit both scares him and intensifies his lust. He wets the razor and gently pulls Callies leg over the side of the bed. Kneeling there he lays his head on his left arm a few inches from Callies pussy and begins to run the razor down her cleft careful not to catch the delicate skin there. Each stroke renewed his desire, the sound, the smell, the fear of being caught, he paused to take a deep breath and grip his own throbbing member and regain control. He takes a soft cloth and dips it in the warm water, the water drips into the bowl and the noise seems enormous, he has to be careful not to wake her and cringes at the sound. He raises the cloth and wipes the excess soapy suds away; using the tip of his tongue he runs it around the outer edges checking for imperfections and finds none. Carefully David probes further until he reaches her salty slit. He nuzzles Callies clit with his nose and a moan escapes from her, attentively he pokes his tongue inside her and allows the taste to fill his senses that are almost at overload he grasps for his penis to stop exploding then and there.Cally lies there quivering inside with her own hidden lust and allows herself to open her eyes just a little to see. The room is still bathed in the half light of a new morning, David starts his routine early to avoid being caught mid shave by their young girls who are asleep next door. Through half closed eyes Callie sees her husband kneeling before her naked and very erect. She is watching as he reaches forward and once again probes her most intimate areas, tasting and sniffing her, his hips start pumping rhythmically as he struggles to contain himself. It takes all that Callie has to remain motionless, she wants to grab his hair and pull his head towards her, seeking a rougher tongue and cautious nibbles on her clit. Instead she watches as he prepares to apply the moisturiser.As David begins to stroke his now massive penis, he uses his other hand to stoke Callies face. He moves so he can sit astride her sleeping form, kneeling still, careful not to put any of his weight on her, he grasp his tool with a firm grip knowing that he will barely last a minute more. With one hand on the wall to support him, he leans forward and brushes her lips with his penis and gasps when her lips slightly part, he tries again this time he feels the warm wetness of her tongue touch the throbbing purple head.Callie herself is close to climax watching her husband take himself in hand, teasing her with his taste, she wants to lick and suck him dry, join him in his ecstasy instead she lets out a gentle moan and turns her head to the side, David wont last much longer.The moan that escaped her sent him over the edge, he could show restrain no more as his body began to shudder. The waves grew as he pumped his hand harder and saw the first spurt of semen land on her cheek, the floodgates opened and there was no stopping it now. He trust towards her face and watched the cum pour over her, revelling at the sight.Callie felt the warm drops pour on her, some dripped in her mouth, the taste on her tongue, now was her time.David reached for the cloth and wiped the semen from her eyes, she was awake now and smiling, he felt joy in his heart at the sight of her. He touched her semen soaked face and transferred the juices to her freshly shaved pussy, she let out a gasp and he did it again wiping the semen down her taught body then rubbing it into the folds of her pussy, while she clenched her teeth and scratched at his naked thighs. He licked and sucked on her, sometimes biting gently as he grinned at her over her mound drinking in both the taste and the passion in her eyes. Callie could control her self no more, she could feel the tension growing, the tingling desire coursed through her entirely as she watched her husband and felt his tongue quickened to short stabbing desperate to enter her. She could wait no more and grabbed his head to keep it in place and started a thrusting of her own. Grinding herself against his face, tugging his hair until her back arched and the waves of orgasm made her convulse for what seemed like an eternity until she flopped back breathlessly on the bed and giggled. They greeted each other with good morning and snuggled together whilst catching their breath, this was the usual start the day.Callie still had hours to wait till then, thinking about the next morning had only made her desires more intense, now there was no way she could sleep without some release. She slipped out of bed and out through the door of their cabin to the moonlight woods that surrounded their homeAlthough the night air was crisp Callie welcomed the chill that caresses her flushed skin.She headed for a trail through the forest she knew well, her senses fiery, every step she took snapped twigs and branches underfoot revealing her presence to unseen eyes.Here she was naked and alone in the dark, what am I doing thought Callie, but she did not care, she felt invigorated and began to run for a while enjoying the freedom. Her feet hurt, her heart pounded and her lungs were filled again and again by the cold crisp air that surrounded her, somewhere to her left something crashed through the trees and Callie stopped.Panting heavily, suddenly afraid and aware of her vulnerability, Callie shook all over. There was moonlight filtering through the trees, so there was some visibility, but Callie could see nothing, nor hear anything stir which in itself was strange. She proceeded cautiously, further down the trail was the tell tale glow of a fire in the distance.With great stealth Callie approached the clearing through a tangle of trees. Someone had set up camp and had no doubt gone for some nocturnal hunting. The fire burned steadily, no one around to tend it.By now Callie was very cold, her adrenaline expended after her run failed to keep out the chill anymore. Checking around again to make sure the camper wasnt around, she approached the fire and crouched before it warming herself before the journey home.A snap of a twig behind her made Callie freeze on the spot, had the camper returned.She remained frozen on the spot as she heard soft footsteps approach, footsteps too soft to be human.Callie wanted to turn around and face whatever approached behind her, but found she could not move, she was helpless, whatever was coming was almost upon her and there was nothing she could do.Something cold touched her ear and sniffed, from the corner of her eye Callie dared to look but could see nothing. Very slowly she started turning her head, at first glimpse of the dark furred muzzle, she was relieved thinking she had been found by the campers dog, but this was no dog, this was a wolf.The realisation hit Callie hard, she shrieked and covered her head to defend herself, awaiting her fate, but nothing happened. The wolf moved round her crouching form sniffing as he went, taking in her scent he let out a low whine and nuzzled Callies ear again. She let out a little cry but other wise remained frozen in terror. The wolf continued his exploration of this being in his forest, sniffing all over to better understand this creature.Callie felt the shock of excitement course through her at the thought of her predicament, she gasped as the wolf began paying more and more attention to her crotch. He sniffed then retreated a step, then repeated this again. Callie was confused, she had expected to be dead already, she couldnt see the wolf from her position so she bent further forward so she could look between her legs at the wolf behind her.He made eye contact and rushed forward, Callie awaited the worst and didnt expect what happened next.The wolf began licking her pussy, slowly at first, stopping to chomp his teeth and get a better taste and smell, but then with more and more urgency slipping his long warm tongue in and out of Callie. She didnt know what to do, too scared to move in case she sparked off her own mauling, Callie could do nothing but endure it.Her senses going wild, Callie realised how immensely sexual she was feeling, here she was naked and vulnerable being licked by a predator that could kill her if he wished. She looked again and saw his head held low as he licked and licked her some more. Callies juices were flowing and the wolf liked the taste apparently. He started to dance around and run around the front of Callie and bowed in a playful gesture. Callie was no longer afraid and leaned forward mimicking his body language, he must have approved as he returned to give a few more licks and by now was clearly excited.He returned to Callies front and stood sideways close to her head. She knew what he wanted and she sniffed at the furry sheaf and put her tongue to the exposed pink tip. This caused the wolf to jump but it had clearly excited him. Callie watched as he circles her again, this time she could see his hips pump slightly. He came from behind and hooked a front leg around Callie, dragging her toward his now frantic pumping. His other paw came up and the full weight of him came down on Callies back, now she was trapped.Callie look between her legs and could see an enormous red penis, heavily veined, and tapered at the tip with squired a clear fluid toward her. He kept missing and each time this huge thing brushed her clit and sent her into ecstasy. She gasped at the sight and knew that somehow she had to have him in her. Scared of the reaction but no longer caring she grasped the huge tool and guided it in.His heat filled her entirely, never had she felt anything so hot and so huge, he banged against her again and again, the pain was immense but she did not care. He started to have problems withdrawing, his knot had swollen and they were tied together now. Callie had felt the sudden growth in the girth of the penis inside her and in panic struggled to get way, she felt a sudden pulsing and could feel even more warmth inside as the wolf started to come. The pulsating grew and grew and Callie herself joined as wave upon wave of orgasm ripped through her. She cried out in ecstasy not caring if they could here her for miles around. She should have worried.Still tied and exhausted Callies senses began to return, suddenly ashamed at her situation she tied to crawl way, the wolf got off her back and turned the other way but they were still tied and she couldnt get free. She could feel the wolf still pulsating inside her and his sperm had started steadily trickling down her leg, she reached out to touch the fluid and brought it to her lips to taste, when she heard a noise.Her head snapped up at the sound and her panicked eyes met another set of human eyes, the camper had returned and had been watching..

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    1. 10 out of 10 for that one shy mmm a few more please

      Comment by GeorgeSmiles — October 25, 2005 @ 4:09 am

    2. Thank you, George, glad you enjoyed it, I might just finish it off some day

      Comment by shylark — October 25, 2005 @ 5:03 am

    3. very good, sure its a first attempt? lol

      Comment by Hardhot01 — October 25, 2005 @ 6:57 am

    4. Nice story. I liked it alot. I can understrand raw lust come to cross roads with the power of the wolf.

      Comment by shadowdoglover — October 25, 2005 @ 1:07 pm

    5. Very good – I can’t wait for the next

      Comment by woodwolf — October 25, 2005 @ 4:39 pm

    6. Yeah, people like it, that makes me feel very nice, thanx guys xx

      Comment by shylark — October 25, 2005 @ 4:52 pm

    7. Thx.10-vote for this great story.

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    8. Excellent story thankyou very much for taking the time to write it out for us

      Comment by curious4dog — October 26, 2005 @ 5:25 am

    9. Your nice comments are inspiring me to right some more, thank you, it feels very nice, believe me.I think I feel another story coming on…

      Comment by shylark — October 26, 2005 @ 3:05 pm

    10. Very nice story…PLEASE continue

      Comment by froggy57an — October 26, 2005 @ 9:50 pm

    11. Love it

      Comment by yak — October 27, 2005 @ 3:19 pm

    12. great story, thanks for sharing with us.dilligaff5

      Comment by dilligaff5 — October 27, 2005 @ 3:41 pm

    13. What a hot story…if that was your first then i will be looking for more from you.Thanks Hazel

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    14. Great story. Very well done. Thank you.

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